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Sunday, October 15th

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale Martin. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031528. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York at work your business from the conversation. I mean holes DO Martin's life period ESP 15:20 AM and I'm joined by my beautiful and wonderful call holds. Complete recipe of. I don't know endless and the car. My wonderful COLT born Lewis well good morning I'm now I know I'm doing well on your weekend and it's been interesting. Yes you ups and downs. But on the aisle here this morning yes we act for another week for the week you came back I did the recent RL the. I didn't get rid of it just like no. No no we're now you know and our net debt. We got to continue to have fun throughout the race the rest of this year movement between eighteen and just have a ball. I can't wait I can look at Georgia OK now you didn't come alone today April before we introduce our guest wanted to start to very quickly about sports. And cause I know you are very avid sports fan. And so I see where an eyewitness for the bills what's coming out of the loss last week. I hate going in and I we after a loss it's. An easy for me an account with some of that momentum they had going in the season. But I am no aptly the sabres games it was on the West Coast toward. Playing a late last night. Still can't capital and for disease and what's going with the sabres other than it was and now. Their music and he has to keep plays coming from. Haven't. Michael. Forgetting. An. INS stats are you to go to think that. And I completely forgot. What don't worry about that because we have our. In house resident mr. sports master himself mr. dear Kramer so we'll talk to go to find out what's happening. Thanks dealt with sports bills they rob finally why buffalo safe. Plenty busy throughout this weekend. Last night sabres after dark Buffalo Sabres they felt from Los Angeles Kings by score three to two special teams he used. Problem last night. Well we're going. Alford plea on apple the power play and the penalty kill. Austin's going three power play goals to win last night Jack Uggla had a goal and assist in this one and now roughed up for. Different sabres scored goals on the season after some experience and added his first of the year. What's next for the sabres while another West Coast game another late night game tonight. The more sabres after dark warrior there in Anaheim tonight puck drops that would at 9 o'clock here. Pregame coverage on her sister station at WGR starting at 8 o'clock tonight. This what's that they've brought you buy buy cheese pizza enjoyed bills by with a nice slice of bodies at about them if you see you look through your complete. Legal counsel dale. The incident things have his back this morning we have a great cast in the studio I'm super excited about it we have Matthew koehlke who's a correspondent for upstate Specter can act. That kind of guru in the start up world right would you say so Matt. Yeah I don't know why I started like her around in public policy and economic development and over the course of about fifteen years it just sort of found my natural evolution into the startup world. And it's been a space happy to be apart that's changed tremendously. In Western New York upstate the last five to seven years. And you know we still a long way to go but it has been and agree and so far obviously I'm fully invested in this space personally professionally yeah it's on. I'm betting on succeeding. It doesn't have to just move this. I've seen it change so much in the past five years what has been some key. Components and really led to this change yeah I mean there was. You know there was a natural push for this coming out of the Great Recession. You know looking at 070 lead in realizing that the way we've been doing things really wasn't sustainable and it works so we started it. You know as countries are reevaluating. You know what we do for economic development and I think that's we started seeing a much more you know concrete focus on entrepreneurship and start ups. And here Western New York you know you had some pockets of onto new orders that were doing open coffee club goers star weekend it started to think about seven years ago. And you know that started building this sort of grassroots entrepreneur who worship but then the same time you had New York State in your town mean buffalo. Recognizing the important role this plays and changing regional economies so you know the public policy started putting a lot more effort into growing this ecosystem. You know which obviously I think his is a great investment com in terms of public dollars. And necessary if we're gonna see truly sustainable growth over the region. You know that's that's kind of where we were and you seen. 43 north rollout. You know buffalo billion obviously helped you you've seen him. Launched New York come out of it which is a non profit using start a new York and and let's none of these are perfect there are things we talk about the have gone well that knock on well. But as a whole. Were all at least rowing in the same boat were working towards the same goal and you know that we've come along way in and just you know five to seven short years in a certain look forward seeing we do over the next pockets. Yeah I think only continue to grow let's talk about what he's been going well. We really what is the difference maker after. The start up community wants you are doing well. Yes I think what's really been you know I hate to use a cliche game changed really was a game changer was 43 north and you know that really brought a focal point for the ecosystem rally around. And you know you've seen a lot of developments. Out of that you've seen the innovations that are on the awful medical campus. Really take traction. You know Digg which sort of co working space down there you know develop and around and you had all of this come together in a very you know small concentrated geographical footprint. You're getting collaboration you're getting that sort of momentum and a critical mass so that's been to me game changer you know launch New York is doing great things. You know they're deploying seed capital to start ups where that wasn't access the capital previously to grow their businesses. You know I think you know parts of start a New York have gone well I think there are room there's certainly room there for improvement. You know those are the ones that pop out to me it really made a positive impact you've also seen the local investor community. Step up. The buffalo angels which as a private investment group about lines of haven't heard of them so it's an it's an investment so. The local investors. Either former Oxford and hours high net worth individuals. You know the aid. You know historically were investing their own capital. Just privately in transactions and about. I think four years ago five years ago. They decided that they would all contribute towards treating fund and it's called an Angel investment Bondsman to invest in early stage virus companies. To help them grow and you know that's provided source capital you've got the labs. Which is also investing in Western New York companies so eat this all sort of culminated at the same time and I think. If you're gonna create a successful ecosystem. That's what needs to happen it can't just be one component it's got to be all these things happening simultaneously. A dinky you know. University of buffalo is sort of probably the next. Major step forward in and they're taking a nap but you know obviously one seed you know he Republicans academic institutions more agents. He's been with the many entities have. All of them and ask the question do we have a sense of redundancy something that's the case. I don't think there's redundancy I think we we have enough. You progress yet to me in this based network. That's the whoever's doing it you know. It's welcome it's helpful. You know we certainly haven't reached a point of saturation we need investors. Take interest in starting businesses. We need professionals and service providers who are supporting those businesses so. You know we've all got to contribute this to hopefully tree growth that sustainable. And it it's happening here Western New York. Because the point of all this you know is that in that they were creating jobs creating. Vibrant economy for everybody and if Jeep eagle. Buffalo. Place as a waste to other markets around country. So you know I like to look at that from a couple different. It's Adam. To an article for start grind. Two hours ago four years ago. And we looked at the objective factors and cost of doing business here to cost real estate the cost of hiring people. And there's actually a lot of advantages to starting a business and awful you can do hack a lot cheaper and in Silicon Valley Austin. It requires law last capital because of Cosby or I think where we act challenges. He's in the availability of capital for those companies. And then also launch maneuvers in the hate the you've seen tremendous progress aerial. There's a statistic. Now through 43 north him. You know I think you look at. 2014. It's like. Six million dollars investment capital and companies work two sixteen it was all. So that means that's new money that's coming into the economy it's hiring people you know you look at some of the company's easy options the box and. Day 143 north tune in now with two years yes. Don't two or three Beckham he's really growing and they are. And they you know right now they are sort of the darling of the startup community. You know they've hired over people they've raised 21 million dollars. That's new capital coming in the Western New York nets new jobs you know last I heard they're poised to hire another hundred people in the coming year. You know so that's that's what you need and he needs some wins because you know as we have winds as a success. That growth begets further growth you know those people who were part of that team go rounds are their own ventures and you sort of create this critical mass that's ripple effect throughout the whole community. Until with the hiring we got to see those start up companies are starting pretty small and continue to grow and grow what kind of trends you see in hiring is it. The difficulties with hiring their employees there. It depends on the space. You know you do see a challenge in Western New York. You know in terms of some of the talent that's available in particular industries where you mean that other markets but I think one of the nice things about Western Europe is we have soared this history. You know a very diverse. Academic background we had manufacturing. We had power. Pat medical. Tech so I think when you're looking at the ecosystem it's not going to be a replica of silicon Alley right pocket just all we tacked programmers. It's going to be something more complex. On and you see that play out so you know finding people for advanced manufacturing can be tough. The you know keeping talent here and I'm sure you retain them when they are top talent becomes a challenge. But you know I think your also starting to see people who are valuing other. You know sort of hiring. Considerations or just money right then yes you know you can absolutely go to silicon Alley and make a lot more money but it's a hostile. I don't think there is now aren't you go to new York and make much more money but it's almost gonna cost you a lot more so and I know you know Lorne you know I talked about this. There are people can come back to yeah having people that apple they made they were making more money in New York but you know the willing to take a bit of hate to come back years have quality of life. To have some of these intangibles that that. You know we talk to them and act at buffalo we talked Kenneth all the time people who won back to bath seats. There is surgeons at the city's experiencing wanna be part of it you know they laughs and fifteen years ago. When there weren't many great job opportunities for them here. And now. Ready to come back either burned out I was New York City your living that rapidly rat race and lifestyle in big cities. And the consulate and wanna come back but. It is hard hugging them at the salary is making win money than they can make care and it's kind of we get to help talk them through. He may be making 200000 dollars in New York by here in May be. What it's funny 151. With any five depending on sure the situation and it's a big difference. It is but you know when you talk to bow okay. Your rants and power. You know you're you're going to be able to have to pay dollars a month program I thought. It doesn't seem I remember it was parking at like you know hotel for one day in New York it was like fifty box out and that's it I'm. I thought I think I got crowds there. So let me ask you this in terms of new emerging technologies. Are there any trains Specter started the seat with a different startups and and entrepreneurs that you work with in the past or currently working with now. Yeah you know I think it as I said you get a really nice diverse mix here upstate you know I work with everything. You know from you know agricultural technology companies which you know growing up in the Adirondacks islets soft spot for tax you know. Companies like timber finished honest awkward companies got vertical fresh arms you've got grateful and you know Cornell and Ithaca area so you have. The nice thing is you have this network across all upstate and that's one of the things upstate interconnect it is is really working on cultivating you know and it's been Corey. You know just from me you know once I obviously was you know immersed in this in Western New York to be able to build that network and see the bigger picture of what's going on in upstate New York. You know and then we also do have technology companies and apps and more pure tech companies you know obviously Western New York has as a heavy influx now of Biotech and medical companies and pharma. You know you've seen at Phoenix and you know IPO this year yeah that's been a tremendous he's Alex. You know Don Kirk. You know is hopefully going to be able to benefit from Max. You know. It's surprising when we got in Dunkirk. Yeah I'm happy for that area my my wife's from that area so I know he's gonna keep I keep an eye on what's gone down there and die but it's it's great experience I'm on there but finally in beautiful area and courts sort. He Buford Sonia. Yet so it's agree with this area at some more development. This is why it. Start ups and entrepreneurship to write you that you take something from nothing you create value you grow that value and it creates jobs and growth in the community. And we just need to keep doing it over and over and yes you know and at some point he's sort of create itself you know momentum. That keeps growing so. Signal. Boosters as I'm talking too much. And that's what you did. You're listening to Western New York were like yes you know 1520. When dale Martin and Lewis. Don't in where we agree conversation with the man you know this sport. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned Liberty Capital flows largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure and comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles for a long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Courts download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook pizza started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the butt cheek club. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified woman owned business enterprise. Jack up the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about you like in the surrounding areas. Which excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities. We love to make people happy please check it out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo. Where buffalo works. Awful tough losing sleep or in this is our local community. Buffalo is brightening rallying every day and nothing showcases that wrote that there. In the rat popping up across our great city. Combined with you what you are the local politicians. Created by 2010 team like fun and then yes but he video about. An heir apparent Sunday morning I count that's at 11:30 AM. Post can't hang him out there from the federal commanders are female walk past this ad even need a healthy thing. We can make right now. Does he think that. And and then you let you are marked him and asked. And I think he's feeling some of the back nine deafening. Thoughtful house living at the corner and partner without. I mean people know me impact. I think doing can thank me crew as the food player in the new I think I'll move forward. I think monetary. Union by telling stories. I'm from Brandon is the food and thinking you're an incitement and the there. A landmark re about a mile an hour and a ovary or look and I need. Buffalo hump you're living magazine how he let me senior free health fitness and decision making our people about race. They put 200000. Computers and thousands more of the mind me by about half an amount very. The fact that after an aerial went missing. Along with thousands of other locations across all kind of what you are. If you that's us I'm fine with us we'll help visiting back or follow that it the better. And yeah you liked the thoughtful of you living at it. And welcome back to Western Europe now where I'm learning your icons down my aunt and in studio this morning we had mapped out he who is a correspondent for. ST inventor connects having. Also conversations in the startup world in western new York and how pirates come in the past. Five years and we're gonna go. In the near future and think different yeah I think B this morning awesome. I needed break after the super excited. So we break him down a question for. Yes arms and Matt yes he's our written several articles and I just want to I guess asking a question regarding the one article how community. Capital models can regenerate upstate New York Connecticut touched on it a little bit but can you were maybe reflects some things that war. Against resonated with your shirt yes so one of the things to think about when your. You know looking at the space is there there there's a distinction between high growth companies like Phoenix and like Bok and like ECB auctions where you can go out. Raise money from investors and venture capital firms. On to your business but then there's sort of this other side of the equation and that's you know closely held businesses it and we businesses lifestyle businesses. And that seemingly wave in his community businesses and you know it's something that. Isn't always as easy on how do you go around pine capital T you open bakery now industries. Tom when I grew up on the index there was towns correctly who department store clothes and you know the fear rule mark coming in destroying the territory in the town there. And a lot of historical buildings and what they decide to do you was actually raise money. Through community business structure actually the people in town owner department store aisles and cats it's a great story. Well the two New York Times article and read it on. And you know those types of models which are traditionally used. I'm really commute green wave for some of these on high growth businesses to be able operate and function engage people in the community and happen. Asset backed communities and asked that. Financially emotionally personally. And it's worked very well and so currently. There's a couple of efforts here in Western New York to replicate the same idea and now. You know it's something I've had the pleasure being able with. You know I think it can be agreed tool for certain business it's not for everybody. But basically your your raising capital from your neighbors from the community itself and there having an ownership interest in business. Now are you referencing jam him I thought I. So that's lovely amber than this idea that in the planning and in some social media and take Sarah's. But let's talk about what Janet and you know what you're sure that we live in the parks and open in buffalo and Adam. That are there was store from the closed and you know the community was talking about oh we do something you're displeased be taken in and in. You know and and literally around a bar neighborhood populace what if I put it Arafat in my eyes it is a great idea. You know none of you guys a coffee shop and get out. A group including my wife came together and came up with a plan and executing an in and they're taking in this community business models. And and and you know excusing it well. And you know looking to use opened probably some time winner. But you know again this is something that ultimately create jobs or even if it's small even if it's not 500 employees right way you're creating jobs and community years here helping prevent blight in and strip that you know would otherwise you know sub subject that so. Arrow into the vacant buildings in open bring back late to act right. Absolutely it's a community. News Oz it's and it does CNN even have a busy right there apps there's other great. Establishments restaurants shops in the hurdle parks an area that the Morey had the batter. It brings up the whole community. Absolutely. Entry jobs on Rochester which. Very much has this mission and goal investing in businesses that are in underserved communities that have this impact. You know I reached out to you week later after I wrote this article like we'd talk had to pay out. This is absolutely something we try to utilize in Rochester. You know it doesn't it's a great fit for every race does work for some people. And I act on. In communities that that certainly that. Laid up when he a community where people are truly invested in their neighborhood apps in their community and I don't act Avery is affluent neighborhoods and yes buffalo. Really is. Aid neighborhood in a city that supports. Local business it's. You know a lot of times the teens don't do so I'd rather go to like the smaller locally run. Shops and restaurants for you and you know the owners you know other people that work there and laws makes you go back. You saw Lexington co op little when their girls are very supermodel yes no other co op but they had a tremendously successful you know capital campaign Aaliyah and you know Brett I've has a similar model. So you've got a couple these businesses around Western New York career adopting similar sort of community based businesses and they've they've been writings and tosses them grow and how you argued in part with a statement to connect. So we always have a website were on social media. You know there are events held in Western Europe periodically I am you know it's across all states no way you know obviously follow us on FaceBook. Follow us on Twitter at UB connect yes and them you know follow me on Twitter I put stuff out periodically by them. That Matthew Turkey that. Perfect says absolutely so you know that's the easiest way and then now I am you know look for opportunities to more involved. If this is what we. Even on. It. Neighbors felt I I'm not even if I can itself. I have to go now and you know like I wanna I wanna compliment. You know on point now blocked US and they really have done a tremendous job and one of the reasons they came here was start a New York. You know when they're up to eighty people they just received an additional fifteen million in in funding from a group. Led by Hassan Al. So I mean you look at these successes and yes you can always look at you know what hasn't gone right. But the reality is we're we're making gains in there is traction in the space and from an economic development perspective is Al. Absolutely worth investing in this very committed to now community. And and the reality is. This creates growth that wasn't there when you look at attracting companies just through tax breaks and tax credit to media operation Ohio. All you're really doing is transferring growth from Ohio to New York. And calling it growth throw away your your your sort of playing a little bit of the shell gaming other benefits Western New York but you know for how long rentals tax credits are up you know it it gets difficult. You know when you're actually creating companies who create value that didn't exist before. You know that's organic sustainable development and and that for me it is you know the reason we're putting this much effort in two starts. Met me at her or Goran I thought that I was asleep arm. We have up and coming generation of new entrepreneurs coming out of anyone affirm local colleges and universities absolutely do you have the opportunity to work with. These emerging leaders off a moment think tank. To kind of pull that idea even more so than in previous start right awful may be something else. So yeah and I think you know university buffaloes to on a great job of recognizing the need for the us on the created Blackstone launch pad program you'd be it's meant to be this sort of incubators think tank for for students who have ideas. I personally invested a lot of time and mentoring those students meeting with him for coffee helping them sort of figure out their idea. And actually led to meet teaching part time at the university of buffalo or write teach start up law so there's a little bit of this you know. I understand and fully believe that that component passed to reach its fullest potential. For the entire ecosystem to thrive so you know seeing those programs not only start. But now progressive think you b.s looking at doing you know a larger scale program and in the coming year as well so you're seeing a lot of momentum in this case which which is great. As a sitting at UB is kind of expanding growing there they're curriculum and. Well a phenomenal I'm not from there I spent the better part of a decade and you see. You know. When I was there there was a lot right there was gas EL but that's more targeted towards the center front per Norbert leadership. That's more targeted towards established businesses right it's a great program I love those guys. But when you're looking at somebody who doesn't have an established committees have an idea right it's an entrepreneur or maybe doesn't even know what that idea is that he's got some kind going. You know you need that space where you can you know. You can capture that you can cultivate that you could help them grow and then hopefully. Starr's successful that's a lot of it is a lot of times you have these people who have ideas sort of business but the how where I start absolutely. Now and it's not easy and I got in your eye it's like pulling it through and. And I always say you know listen great ideas are welcome but aqsa fusion is where we need to be focused you know there's a lot of people with great ideas but we need people treat terrorist acts cute and happiness. And stick with the student population. Do you feel that we're now starting to retain some of that talent we've. Groom and cultivated from academic standpoint. Well I certainly hope so I think you have seen the millennial population growing in buffalo at a rate that you know was was you know losing before oh without a top cities for millennia all right so you know at least anecdotally I. I can yes we are. You know and I think. You know we need that to continue absolutely and you know that's encouraging. We were seeing those numbers would be obviously topic Perot. What would come down to the other last week as the pressure listening to dale Martin and Lewis like your ears you know 15:20 AM. Before we sign a peace we have a quick question for lower myself ormat. Give us columnists have won 631520. Against have 61520. We are coming down to that the parting thoughts on the show so start with you. Anything happening in the stack and world that's when you're with our listeners. Actually it's just been really interesting without a lot of fun recently within. Staffing and recruiting because we are bringing on these people coming back from out of town a gain in jobs in buffalo we're talking more and more people who. Really that's an artist community self. We've had a lot of fun working with those individuals and moving them home and we're hoping to do more that. For any implored that's looking to partner with the staffing. Company can make contact you staff buffalo dot com. Staff possible. Matt when it sounded off with view thank you for being a part of today's show and again so he now wants to be a part of a signature connect how can they. What should they do nice things absolutely feel free to reach out to me at Matthew felt he'd you know so you can email me Matthew capability gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter files on FaceBook. And look forward hopefully working folks the future. Fantastic thanks so much for being a part of today's show thank you think I'm okay abruptly and listening to western new York at work which Kilmer and Lynn Lewis. Right here ESP in 15:20 AM. Enjoy your Sunday have a beautiful week from the CX. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buyer seller business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yeah and every Monday night between 715 and 730.