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Or let their women aren't into the entertainment. And back it is part of data from the number one killer of women. Causing one injury deaths each year. As a hockey for one woman every. But it doesn't affect all women like yeah and warning tonight for women and I'm the pain as a mad. There's settlement conception about heart disease planet and that's why the American Heart Association had to go back and look. Advocate for women's. Swift action. And more I mean there's and women heart disease. And February 2 at some lack of clubs the buffalo Niagara go red for women together would Catholic helpful for the annual go red marks an end. Bringing together to pass companies and hospitals in the area after accounting. On average about 300 people participate each year to celebrate her health. And or recommit to take better care of themselves pregnant and are encouraged to join the mission and help spread awareness of women's number one killer. Together we can change the eighth different. For more information call 71 fans in point 3460. Night. Or look for their cash in January issue of buffalo healthy living magazine understand math. Buffalo Hough living magazine and Western New York premiere street health. Fitness and efficient magazine for people of all ages with over 220000. He had. And thousands more complete online. We write about topics that matter most readers to look for us at every area pregnant. Perhaps along with thousands of other locations across all age coming of Western New York you can visit us online at buffalo I'm giving back plus follow up front page but better enjoy how their life was about 12100 living magazine. Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western New York can't work your business from the conversation. Life here ESPN 15:20 AM were we talk about sports jobs economic development and always have people that make it happen. Am a joint history alive. Here with my wonderful cohost Lauren Louis going to morning. Mining I'm so excited this morning yes and you bills' playoff Sunday and feels now how cool to say that. While it's been seventeen years in boxes and you're only seventeen years I'm at the kid on Christmas morning. You came in bills tires I did I am object out slipped teacher knows now that. It is just. Commuter remind me today there's no man loan needed for bills. Like I should just from our bills and really hasn't. Built out and unite the bills and bills that apparently had an amendment to renovate and after a phenomenon I get the dust cap the car. So what's in store for today only the group rates show this morning is studiously kept former county executive told you amber let us until recently announced. He is going to be running for. New York State fairs that think coming into this morning to all excited Leo all right let. To be on the show with you guys and hopefully we do more yeah campaign progresses. So let's talk about that the campaign. The campaign progresses. So what does that mean duo. Well obviously knows my it is easy. For Republican nomination. New York. Spent eight years that's lower. And I have great affection for public policy. Politics is something about the competition for public policies. Really enjoy. And the last ten years being. You know I still had the itch and desire and passion. And since I had a career politician looking for a Republican to do. To try to bring issues to the forefront. Elected officials here for. I really ruined. The campaign finance reform packages for your microphone. And I still hear you got game. Six campaign finance reform isn't the issue for me and Andy in the incumbent protection plan. That exists in New York State on real though that many people seek public office in New York and luckily. And it's very difficult because of the campaign finance laws. And the fact that incumbents. Running for office so it is ultimately. More people who run for office. Stimulus. Package in the east and Europe. I had a mix to be your major career in politics we had a very successful career than the political field. How do you see politics. I'm. Sitting in the future DC more for your politicians get back in the game are staying in the liberties he more. No outsiders but it business people. I am. Anyone his really worked another type of career getting in politics what use what you thought on that well Israel others. How much turnover where it comes elected office incumbents have a huge advantage over anybody wanted to challenge. Campaign finance saw a lot of you to raise obscene amounts of money in this one of the reasons why are running. Andrew Cuomo our governor. Has 26. Million dollars in the bank. So mr. that's impressive I think it's obscene. And it makes it very difficult for anybody to challenge and that's part of what I call the incumbent protection plan. You're raises much as you can dispersion of her body from running and you do nothing you just take people's money and do nothing to the end of next year. So I thought it's time to it to bring some new ideas and fresh ideas. Into the discussion. On I am not. Anyway she performed. Intimidated by the fact that that injury has torn six million dollars as a matter of fact I think. We're gonna analyze and I think once the campaign continues to develop. We'll be able to show that the majority of that those dollars came from people who have received some benefit from government. War are looking force and and that's wrong. So by changing the rules and preventing politicians from being able raise obscene massive amounts of money we have to change laws. And once we change the laws I think you're gonna see more people ran for office more competition. And better outcomes. The whole idea here is to achieve better are pros because Israel now. You know we've heard that Einstein's theory is this and if you think you can do things that same note and engine different resolved. Saying well unfortunate they're still wanted elected officials from changed how to Montauk. Who believe. And I sensed there are concerned thinking you can use anything is off. I know you can't so I'm gonna person different ideas out there. Isn't a different vision. And see if we can attract enough support to win. The office of governor leaders from the Greek speaking of change Joseph what are some of the problems that she was say there are state com. Chris is facing that you would like to see change. Well the whole the whole topic corporate welfare. Mentality that exists on I for for many years as a member of your own induction element agency. It was very vigilant in trying to prevent government dollars from going through very wealthy people. I'm with promises to create a large number of jobs in the never achieving. Right here we have a very fine example of the buffalo billion over a billion dollars are spent to try to stimulate. The economy here in upstate New York to Western New York it was a huge public. Failure was it was experiment that went bad. Where there's nowhere integrating new job expectations that were originally talked about. And unfortunately that's not just buffalo. There's a similar situation in Rochester Syracuse where the government tries to artificially influenced that market forces. And when you start to do that you're upset the equilibrium. In the market forces and then you provide winners and losers in government shouldn't be deciding who the winners and losers are by subsidizing one business over another. We see it time minute timeout if we really want to stimulate jobs. And we want to change the economic conditions here or anywhere in the state you've got to lower the cost of doing business unfortunately. In New York State. The lawyer for property taxes are very very significant issue for developers have provisions people. And in New York State where Ehrlich 42%. Higher. And the national average and won't be charged people for lower property taxes so that's one of the main reasons were all right we're not seeing new job creation. And new businesses looking to New York State senator effect has our report. Last week where. I think in the last since 2010. New York State has lost over a million people. So we're still seen our young people leaving the stage for her for opportunities in other parts of the country. So we've got to get serious about changing economic conditions here and we're excited to have by artificially. Influence you know that the normal market forces. Incredible Ann -- imagine that you could be taking your message across the state not just here in buffalo to Rochester Syracuse and other municipalities are cross. New York State you're one of the things I try to do here in your account you might remember is. It's are reduced to look for property tax burden is too humidity inefficient redundant. Structure governance. You retaliate if the party executive Nader. We have 47. General purpose governments within a thousand square miles. You have 400 elected officials Medici. Those government entities you've got organize pictures that's. A scene. It's expensive and it's causing us to not achieve the economic results for life. So much ideas to create regional governance. Crossed your state taking a 62 counties. And beginning to talk about getting rid this redundant inefficient government. You know democratic governor now threatening to suit Federer government. Over the assault provisions in the tax law I'm probably mean the stage playing in the government's. The blame game needs to stop. And we need to take responsibility and we need to come up with a new agenda a different agenda. One that's scored to give us a chance of fighting chance of achieving economic success. Not the stuff that we've been seeing for the last eight years marvelous experience for some. It's mentioned to within New York states a very unique state because we have New York City. And all the people there the businesses there it's almost a whole separate entity compared to what the other parts of the states are like how do you see that playing into. Your campaign and your goals if he were to win in governor growers say. In the whole restructuring of ours is is it an issue that is relevant from changed the most. Hardy has seen ridiculous form of ours. I'm yours is obviously very different situation. Yours cities like. Yours day's financial. Capital the world community. And in the last ten years I spent many many days and it's in yours us Aaron and last business oddly there's. Basis. The nature issue right there and there's about. Present his new ideas is prepared to tackle the crisis within an astrophysicist. Yours. It's huge problem. You literally. That follows from trains are. There's tremendous amount of what appears to be corruption. Your accuracy and efficiency. I was reading this story that your injuries. Were the average construction worker and names on your ten dollars hour. And if you're on the regions. You 400 dollars and this report suggested there was some 200 workers 01. Era in those with nothing to do. So billions of dollars to be going into assistant that's on the verge of insolvency. It is fraught with corruption and inefficiency. And over in the present a plan. It. When things are where mixture we mentions cause we want our listeners should be part of your more of your message which we hit you for our entire cherub and unfortunately we do now. Before in front of us that are okay that's currently I got Jack when I have before thirty minutes. Before listeners that are listening to our conversation for more information about. Power to. Give more please about your candidacy is their website is there FaceBook page that we can forever listeners to. Right over the process put together a team. Building infrastructure retired consultant so all the action in the making right now. But right now and follow the sport genre for governor believes the idea is that Pittsburgh tag OK yes. 660. Hours. You don't look at our is. A day and exciting tomorrow tomorrow can you answer you know this guy whose birth. So it was intelligent there's. Guys. Rio will have a full campaign in place is. Fantastic or no we're coming to the the final moments of our interview with conversation to sort. In the final party in that you would like to share with the listeners of Western Europe to know about your yourself or your candidates. While his abilities it we need to be old enough separate. Tribes looking for. It tries seem tired. Solutions has worked so we're gonna be put out new right is a bolder vision. Vision that's roaring through allow us to achieve success and maybe keep her kids here. Rapper parties. Talked about the abuse from new airport run yours. Here children off to other parts cartridge to achieve success. We need to bring us here. He markets here in yours date it to stop the migration. It's. Changing the political process. Because right now. On patent protection and urged. Is preventing us from achieving. Better or worse and I think we're going to be hero. Borrow that jail pink somewhere from in west New York in and make our day. O bills oh yeah installed. 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It was great having Elin due to do anything about. What he plans to view and Manning for her. Your state governor justice and there's a lot more currencies will be having with children in the weeks to come so excited about that yet came to you. Anything I dishonest and love hearing that. The shouts Hong. I don't know I had a plan singularly I appreciate it. The drought is over and Evernote general we can play that song in January so penal there's suspects did different feeling this morning. In buffalo I mean a whole week has been. Insane as the new vibe it's such a great side effect we're still. Playing up to violent urban exposed before I was too well so that they aren't covered are not born in 97 so is brand new territory for me. Another reason why you're not until spam. A big part of it like growing up point oh which is terribly there'd there were a lot of exciting players on the team like there were any captivating guys and I kind of want my own thing too I just. Everyone's a Eagles fans I was kind of an independent kids he went on until you have all I wanted to different but also similar to fill at Philadelphia's fan bases very very similar so that's. Yeah why but it I mean I was accent and one and take that teams. Is like the younger generation people who may be wary alive when the bills where indisputable right there in playoffs like. It's hard to get behind a team that's not gone the post season so our so much about the glory days I with a without seeing it for yourself. And I know so have you always been a bills paying yourself I've always been outstanding innings or so I manner of a liquor all. You know and early ninety's in watching Jim Cali and me. Country read it and Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith and that team going to the force to doubles and rock lake. I've never had multiple parties and mom would pay the bills local on my face and it was just pretty it was soaked stating your hall of famers apple while zoo on the roster. Impression that you're accurate record daddy's little girl and so you're dead and maybe Porsche or had to watch football with all that is now and actually when I was. Younger. My dad and I asked an usher at those games that take ticket so he would always be at. The gay I know I knew there was a football connection and there some and then and he comes home and at the games or non after you know after they he's done it could lead after Denver's corners he'd come home and lead. Listen to it on the radio hour watch on TV and then when I was old enough I than high school I worked for the bills two and I was an usher in ticket take Aaron. Did that through college and Osama breaks and then for your accountant and I can go into the game and I had season tickets and I've. Done away games you're just full of surprises. Every week or finals or learn something new about her via. An arthritic right a volley some and now was speaking tomorrow. Learning something new let's find out what's happening with our sports update and we'll come right back. It's January 7 and it is Buffalo Bills game day yet you heard him write the bills are in Jacksonville getting ready. Ford AFC wildcard matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars the drought is over the pills are in the playoffs. Good news on the injury front for buffalo accord at a phone networks in Rappaport barring any setbacks before take off with Shawn McCoy. We'll play against the jaguars aquae suffered a low ankle sprain last week in Miami. For more reports it's been a positive week of practice from polite but it is unknown how will you be able to cut on his ankle. Which is a really big part of ways game expect markets Murphy the backup running neck to see extended. Snaps a few other injuries to report linebacker Matt or no did not practice throughout the week but is officially listed as questionable while more victories right is officially out. For Jacksonville wide receiver marquis suite is officially questionable. Although the former soccer complex that you will play against the bills the matchup with Jacksonville has some old faces getting ready to face reform team. Former bills incurred had coach project or to admiral who coach against the bills for the first time since opting out of his contract at between fourteen season. Where he took the bills to their second winning season in the drought or at nine and seven also former third overall pick Marcel Darius will face the bills today. So some interest in storyline scripture in Florida. Kickoff is set for 1 o'clock PM with pregame in game and post game coverage available over the sister station WG I our Sports Radio by fifty. This update brought you violent temper your PC water. Your complete legal counsel and our hockey team to enjoy the game with a knife was about. Jews. Welcome back to Western New York or work your business from the conversation. Life very ESPN 15:20 AM were we talk sports jobs. Economic development and always the people that make it happen. And I'm joined story with my co host Laura Lewis. Lauren the drought is over the job is of where we're in the playoffs. Create yelling yes that is so wrong what are you doing for for the game today. So I think when NA I am at my good friends owned mister good aren't omelet and there have been panels parties Iman and clinical there to watch the game with that. I wanna be around people I can it impact and what if like me just hang on home and watch it. What she nor do you normally a solo because that for me I didn't so it obsessive about it that. Animal superstitious are out cars which have to watch it by myself or I don't know it's just the way I'm wired. Keynote today it's like this is a unique experience of feeling and wanna be a giant group of social science. Exactly the same way and that. I'm not. And I used to persist superstitious about where it watch it but I have watched games this season at the back. And we've won some kind of rolling with that it but I am superstitious about what I Wear my teacher and building treatments let's hear it. No I had to actually so it. If my favorite team winners the home injures I have to Wear view wagers and it's the wages aren't really weird like that is the way is once I different. I'm very different when it comes to sports. So it's a what are you doing for today's game I'm going to be here actually. Producing and I are best over and for hundreds I'll have an app on my computer and then non. Got to do the other playoff game after here and ask him fatigued when he saw I'm here for the day. That's our gasoline or the sabers is he shouldn't have and a lot Pearson's Jia ours and at the bills. I dot I wonder how many people actually be watching sabres in that as. I felt bad for the sabres all week I mean that they haven't had a bad season so far but. Even back Monday and I went and classics it would likely the sabres are playing because when it was built me a pass on everything Sunday Monday Tuesday with. All bills. So I kinda got lost an engine bills hike in the shop and in order classics it was one of the lowest rated winner classic financial ever had so it wasn't just them buffalo at that game was just kind of ignored her country I didn't at Citi Field I am. I see a home game yeah why they do. In New York City like. Did it make sense in an outdoor ice right from the world juniors that's also a good point is prepared you have ice ready you couldn't and a bowl games in the same week and it got me and attendants' pay. I've been done questioning what the NHL teams for a few years now and check on them. Still waiting for the game today what are they got one room. Make it way down to seven point six fun last game there. It's a great spotlight as steam built in at one will be a bills attire. You got it will be a goes attire I would not be the only person in the building. That doesn't have a bills Jersey. Colors it is the badly there is something blue yes do Mark Clark him move after the show uncle. Do the drummer and transformation. Yes implement it was here. I don't transmission Angie and hearing regular airing honestly I've built helmets scenario for the game. So we're predictions I use the game. Halftime and in the final conclusion that would we'll start with -- persons he he wants to be different. I'm not there is like the jaguars are not. The typical jet roars have you ever to pay attention to Jacksonville over the past year to what you've seen them formulate and Whipple. Over the past couple years that their defense pairs all pro players at every level. And they're running Bakalar for Nat is a big time players he was the fourth oral like this past year out of LSU head over a thousand yards this year. So on paper in there are really strong team. They don't always play a total of all their talent and Doug were owned four bills head coach has done a good job with that team but. It's all about the quarterback position and I'm just looking amply portals and how the past few weeks he has a five interceptions in the past two games. And the bills were top five in turnovers this past season although the bills' offense and formulate that into points a whole lot this season. If the defense can get a lot of turn over to feel like the scheme is all about portals because of portals gives you. Only Andy Pearman game against the chargers where he has three plus turnovers in the bills have really good field position was gonna need. Because you offense again it's it's the least efficient passing conference in the week. And with McCoy battered up. They're but that ankle injury there again need good field position I feel like it's all about defense and special teams this week they got to go after morals in my opinion McCoy is playing today that is your voice that barring any setbacks. But it's it's a lower it's like to low ankle sprain and mccoys mccoys on a power running back is crying saying his signature. Move brought xenophile. Career has been quick cuts and cut and it and cut on a dime exactly what is his Twitter handle and if if you look at. Those kind of injuries with the ankle. That might be tougher and against Jacksonville which defense and space is great. Attack going with Paul was was me you know miles yet again tale all over on defense. It interviews really interesting to see they're definitely underdogs but I'm not ruling out bills won at all. OK you know I it is Amy including I used to have a Posluszny Jersey. I have people that I had an area Jersey and now those two both play as a lot of former air packs in bell and that's our car with the revenge game no jerseys for me and the dog lying revenge game two of. He just took the four million and walked so it's really revenge for him to decide to leave but. It's the return of the camera around so I don't I don't or you know I think the building and a they're gonna play tough they're going to be and have to do anything this season they've really held our own instant games and if they've laid. To their opponents and it isn't out of date beat their opponents. So I really think today. I don't wanna I wanna make any. Like. Picks I don't I don't know I don't know predictions are prediction no prediction but I really think the bill's economic pre K. RO jags prominent I'll pick the jags but I think it's going to be a one or two possession game it's not going to be a blowout to your I think the offer and it. I'm not NATO big objectives are feeling more and more than anything else. Was he brought our spirits down so I need my spears beat out lifted again so I think it's time for the bills should out song because. You know I just I just feel so good about the Buffalo Bills and I want our listeners of Google about the Buffalo Bills. The bill makes it. Okay. Stone about the. The Pillsbury who want us. An attorney or hear a lot of that and Jackson a minute. And I poppy is taken over that stadium in scene and behind the scenes I'm now via the tail gating right now is NASA and of audio point two record. The Jackson jet the city of Jacksonville. Disallowed people from out of state to buy tables at least. So you're seeing people put tables on like as luggage like bill's easy though one yesterday it is that I don't baton yet it has come out of the plane up. Bills and got into trees in Ottawa but it's not like home field advantage it's not going to be like that and now the bill's gonna. Take up maybe 40% and it's you know thirty to 40% vets stadium it's going to be. Wild. I have a lot of friends that went down in the game they booked flights are there last Sunday I either throw out though it's not to ask or whether it was like thirty to thirty degrees last night and accessible so. Which is bad for the bills of her in the chill with them yes. On my friend down and semi fiction this morning I'll attacked out at 730 is bills Jersey New Castle like all right guys. Are. Well. The bills mafia the bills fans we are taken over we're in Jacksonville Florida today and I am predicting a win I'm gonna say twenty to seventeen. Bills win I like it being summer and formed a pick against them but I am running for saying yeah he's a voice Lou I know that for birdie hole on today. What buff what think you so much in this into Western European work with dale Martin and on Louis. Including skull belt so built by awful thing so much between int with us into today's game and we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by Lou to feel PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.