On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, October 8th

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This is on target with any Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hi everybody. Thanks so much for joining me en and target we're here every week antennae Wolfgang. Hi antennae Wolfgang forgot that part and we try talked to you as subjects that we think Gary interest staying in education on an entertaining. For all of us who live here in the western new York community. Introduced you to people that we think are making a difference and tell you out of Vince that you might be wanting to participate in or know about. And all of that it applies to in my field as you know entertainment because I love everything to do with the theater. With the arts and with aside from the law that's my passion you know. So I actually have always loved WNEDTV. Because they have such different programming and PBS has such. Wonderful programming in and especially on my gun and learn how I've managed that Downton Abbey I guess I'm not the first person to tell you that right. But. It may affect me say PBS I think right away masterpiece theater just constant topic everybody's mind my guest knows more about that than I do. But anyway they have a lot of there's a lot of programming interesting programming. And they have such a bond of locally to so many important people like you know Mark Russell has been so devoted and and other people. From buffalo. Then have contacts with PBS and with WNET we Philadelphia instinct to find out about. What programs are coming up and what are ongoing and in the studio with the CA is Kathleen re so young who is probably well known to all of us from. How many different in in the indentation is already alana and I guess when you're there. Other physicians in places fancy state anyway a community figure for really long time we've difference on time so Kathleen is so young is now the corporate communications. Director for W any DW BFO but I say now is probably the. Awhile right well I hear but it only had to avoid that. And it was a bank shallower many years in banking almost twenty years yes they and Diana and the board of WNET. For for many years. And so when I left thinking they asked me to come and do some consulting with them on some of the big projects they had going on and I have loved the station for salon I said I would love to do that inside the merits it's been a whirlwind but absolutely wonderful. Because there's so you meet and mean math explain to our listeners who might it be familiar. What the unique like mission of the station is sure I think is the unique thing about public broadcasting is its mission is to educate to entertain to engage. And I think the variety of programs if you think about the different kinds of networks we have now on all the different kinds of TV programs are. You know PBS was doing a lot of those things before they had their own network if you think about it you know I was doing kind of this old house before there was HDTV it was doing. Theater before there was Bravo mr. you know there's lots of different sound aspects absolutely in the forefront and really the amalgamation of all of these different. Pieces of our culture and arts and history. And to documentaries and science children's programming so it's really vengeance is wonderful collection of broadcasting. That attracts a huge audience. And and from we're very proud of what's done here in buffalo because. In addition to the PBS programming that we show land. Not only WNET TV but you know there's a PBS kids' channel now holds news channel of PBS kids program train for seven. There's also create witches lifestyle programming cooking travel woodworking shows. A whole separate channel for that so it's really grown over the years. And and the nice thing about it is that in addition to that programming we also create a lot of programming so over the years I'm sure you I judge it seemed. The Olmstead program that we dead or the Frank Lloyd Wright program or the war of 1812. Then buffalo is known throughout the country for creating shows that can get a national audience on PBS. So we kind of have the best of both worlds we get to watch the PBS shows but we also get to. Contribute to the PBS program into the schedule. Creatures about buffalo that your case western new York and hopefully bring people here to visit so it's a great combination of the two. You said they knew but they don't Karen heck. That's because that's why you're here and yeah I didn't think about the fact that which is even more exciting that we that you can't like produce something and in buffalo. Even about buffalo or not even and that would be shown all across the country try in all the other networks. That's right and we have a really good track record in buffalo you know a lot of stations put things together and pitch them. In buffalo we have a very very high acceptance rate of getting our shows accepted into the PBS schedules so. They've been just a number of wonderful shows and actually the great thing about that is that those shows are available on our website for people who want to go view those documentaries so. If our water could talk about the wonderful efforts are river keeper to clean up the buffalo river. They're Alan WNET got to work so people can go and watch those shows that maybe they miss when they were on TV which is great. Now we have to tuck the bath at the controversial part of there is so he's a controversial part of everything. And with PBS. And W indeed being kind and it always has to do this the issue of funding doesn't it. I mean who funds it where they get the money should the government. Give them money for me you know that read I mean I'm not phrasing. I'm paraphrasing the issue single or no there is an issue. It is here I think I think there'd been some really great points made in the discussion the nice thing about it is that there's support for public broadcasting and both sides of the Nile. What's interesting is in rural America out where you are in a lot of places there is no cable. Public broadcasting is her. Is a lifeline and and people don't think of that but a lot of times you get the world elected officials who vote for this because of that they know how important it is. To their citizens they know how important that early childhood programming like Sesame Street is to pre K. You know so there's a lot of great factors that I think sometimes it's just like. You know the funding issue kind of overshadows everything but when people start to really delve into the issue NC. How many millions of people are watching every day and the public services this provides from educational standpoint. It really has become a real is something in our society that that has served huge purpose so the nice thing about it is yes we did have a controversy a couple of months ago but. It it you know beyond the budget was approved. And that happens kind of every so often an and that the good news is it brings out people who talk about how important it is so that's been helpful to us as well. You know you mentioned something that I wedding and forget it but I was going to get back to it when I said hello what innovative program and how important it's been in everyone's life growing up. Thank you mentioned Sesame Street and wasn't gonna get it past should be like. The a rigid you said. Like our house old house and senate paternal Sesame Street was like the original children's per but educational children's program. In the world. Yeah I mean if you think about the shows that were kind of preceded that you know you think about kind of the Captain Kangaroo insurers like that what Sesame Street party to do what Freddie did exactly luckily I hear about her let you know what I think through what's Sesame Street really did was to say. If we bring in educators to the creation of a show like this. We can really make a difference in children's readiness for a pre K for kindergarten they will know their numbers they will know their letters that. He's sitting in their living rooms and it's really been astonishing the adds a difference if it's made so. That's something that we're very very proud of and this new PBS channel that's Kyle PBS kids. 24/7. And so if you have a cable station in buffalo you habit and also if you don't have cable it's over the air which is great so we can get that as well. But the nice thing about that is it's 24/7. High quality educational children's programming with no commercials. Nothing that anybody has story of there's no advertising and it's I'll high quality educational programming in an industry. And that's a big you know for a for folks in this teenagers now I can't afford cable bill. But I want my kids to be able to go to pre K and be able to watch educational program at home it's that it's a big big advantage. And furthermore they always complain and rightfully so that most is the power of most of the chose from and it's on the commercial networks. Trying to China which they have to do because a commercial to sell things to kids that are better bet for that children think that games toys food. Things you know that I gist. And you know not healthy and good for them and PBS and never does that. No it doesn't and I think what's interesting about the PBS kids' shows twos at. You know they're not content to kind of rest on their laurels and Sarah viewing of Sesame Street you don't have to worry about anything else because. Some of the newer programming Jim Henson's. Family created a wonderful show called splash in bubbles which is no puppets and marine biology for little kids. They've got wild crest which teaches kids nature and takes him around the world to look at nature of the of science shows it's really it's really amazing. The caliber of programming so and of all ages of kids you know not just preschool so it's some really proud of that station and I think a lot of. Just changed my picture yeah you know because they watched their kids in the summer and they said and then I had to watch other educational even so were you what they were lacking right now I don't gas commodity is like they had for kids not not good I just went throughout. If you just tuned in today he'll listen to on target. With your host penny will gain we are talking today with Kathleen Russo young who is the corporate communications director for W Nadine WB SO here. In western Iraq we're talking about their programming I know it's late but I do is say that it was quite cool. For the station to get the premiere of and Marcia hill which is. He think's going to be when his biggest hits I I believe from what I've read that's ever been filmed in. In buffalo but also you know a meaningful educational in many ways. Film is appropriate for this very station. Well we have who we have a wonderful relationship with the buffalo Niagara film commissioner actually housed there tilting. And it when Marshall was in buffalo WNET studios was kind of their home base so we get to know wellness folks is it over here for months and months filming. And they as you know fell in love with buffalo. As there's a magazine interview the other day it had something I didn't know and Kate Hudson's that I didn't know that I would found love with buffalo and Alyssa little Aaliyah and but so that didn't movie I agree with you I think it's meaningful and substantive. You know it it's an historic figure but at a part of his life that isn't well known so it's not something people already known about. And again today had the addition of buffalo actors and actresses. The wonderful central terminal in all the different you know buffalo locales in the film so we're really excited about that in and it's a it's any coup for bus. It is in real stars I mean that I you know we've had a lot of independent programs and movies made here we have a lot of wonderful movies but. Lot of times these guys have not been a year and you. I don't know who starred ninja turtles the heck I've never seen it but I mean whatever a lot of them did some fitness empire was filmed him but. Anti that's the real stars like you say Kate Hudson says that. Only sterling sterling hit frowning and so I had after them I don't know how he's listening in this and so would let him from justice CSC's wonderful. I'm low assists and you know even at the same person and a great part about this film will be. People getting to see these actors in different kinds of animals read history theories he used asset of the great yet have so I know is that the program in this coming up that we wanted to talk about. And death well. Moving ahead there is a classic Coke fabulous forty yes celebrates forty years of classical music. And the radio yes so. Note WNET FM with forty years ago was founded this year. And at that time I was pretty radical there really weren't a lot of classical music stations in the country. And silly has survived and thrived for forty years. And you're hitting a big celebration. On November 4 at concert entity any he would never done anything like this before. But these two extraordinary violinists. And Justine how to link and Tim fame Tim feigned played on soundtrack of twelve years a slave from. Moonlight and three pictures that won the Academy Award for best picture Hugh I said he must be the lucky chair and is soundtrack but he'll be coming to buffalo along with a gusting Cadillac and they're both going to be their extraordinary violinist two of the hottest violinist in in music today. And the reason they're coming to buffalo which is really interesting is that. We they're coming through the strata very society they both play extraordinary instruments that are on loan to them through the stradivarius society. And a buffalo Iranian family Karen in clan heiress and are the owners of those violence in alone on these islands so we're extraordinarily. Fortunate to have these violinist. Come to buffalo to do one hour concert which is. A huge coupe so that's going to be a great event for us. The folks in the PPO will be their Dennis Kim concert master will also play. It's really going to be a really lovely event so we're looking forward to that that son on November 4 on Saturday afternoon. This kind of interesting because last week and on target we talked to Martha. I'm gonna think of the list named Jim Thome the last thing here and she's the base what it was to Croatia plays a big big thing being instrument. Had a baby soon but assumed her and that just means that not just deem this suit like this at the biggest one that there is. With a breathless yet appealing as telling as it at this season it was fascinating yes yes so exciting there's a lot of ex. Thank classical music going on and what was interesting was the now though it's not going to IAA. Always exciting way for me. The philharmonic has been so forthcoming in saying. That you know having a classical music station and is thriving orchestra. The two are really wedded news you know we used to play a lot of the music that they're going to play and so it's it's been helpful to both of us straight I just trying to and they had to my favorite to win a favorite subjects in the world. It has to do with Broadway yes I know her Larry where do I know because it. If you do a couple of years ago they were each day you offered aid. Sent a Broadway. Tune us in a news of the and it was fit on my favorite shows Oklahoma from the fifties everything. And Michael surprisingly fit from it was that easy to get back his regular Michael surprised that we get for. Christmas or are. And they they are actually doing great performances straight from Broadway still this is huge in this this fall is the highest. Quality of musicals that we've gotten and also it's interesting. Is that they're the quickest turnaround I mean indecent just closed on our way so. A Holiday Inn was from last Christmas says also this from last year present Lester that's what Kevin Klein just won the Andy tonight Tony for yes cities are all brand new and he's well I'll be running on Friday nights at 9 o'clock and great performances. Through the month so starting in October November and December so please mark your calendars to an end but that is to get. You know five Broadway shows until the little cheaper than not and what you pay if you're in New York or understand exactly hammering it down as you speak things that is so exciting. Now I know there also was a program. And people were talking about it all over and writing about it to do with the Vietnam walking these I think usual because nobody really. Done a shill or coverage in any depth. You either the ratings on the show were some of the highest ratings we've ever received even though judge it was eighteen hours I mean. Ken burns and Lenovo worked on the show for a decade. They were committed to attacking all science to getting the perspective from everyone who's involved. It was really extraordinary show and it's going to be re run now on Tuesday night and that may be a little bit more digest double honestly. To have one episode at a time rather than you know eight nights within two weeks it was a lot. And a lot of people say they had to DVR it I couldn't take it out once because it's very emotional. We get a screening at the studio we invited some Vietnam veterans and and they were so incredibly moved by the show an end. Some of them are saying how much he appreciated just having the outreach and be able to come in NC privately. Because their families didn't understand what they had been through and they're hoping by watching the show. I had one tenancy me I'm bringing my wife and my ex wife. And he said because of what part of the reason my ex wife is my ex wife is because of what I went through a war. And we're all good friends and I want them both understand it was really very very moving. I was and a like a knee a meeting this event is Sunday night six in my mind. There of the very first night when he first started and the people of said we have to be we have today I guess they want a dvi or are you anyway see the first one we have dealt with this meeting by iron or 910 whatever it was it really and that's a kind of thing. PBS really does well I mean eighteen hours 100 so you know we mean television is because if people you know but it's it's the in depth look at an issue that. You kind of can't get anywhere else we know we're you know we're in that sound bite society everybody wants everything to be a 32. To have somebody commit in nineteen minutes and then two hours and death on tonight the big difference. And speaking of which is it shows how. Different this state PBS and end any of the station giving Denny do his. Then from you commercially as you would never probably seen a panic commercial expressed at the television station I don't have the time if he did you do any kind of amber yeah so classic you know had a short commercials and in 81 more thing about theater while we're on the subject of that is that and we're having a local feeder program so last year. We took over the Irish peace. Which is wonderful we had a great experience a site there that was great and have. And so we're celebrating this year 25 years is theater attack Tony chase Anthony chase has been doing theater talk for 25 years even though he on. I even that algae start actually it's okay he's sitting he started. As a child or hate Aaron let me tell me everything how old he is but where it's gonna be a great night we're doing that in November 6 on a Monday of course which is yelling at other theaters are dark anything differently every afternoon and Monday. But that'll be great we're doing that rader studios lots of performers. Videos skits musical numbers and I'll kind of an. And we called it a gentle roast that time so gentle roast of entity chase and that's on. On November 6 and I have to say he's easy terrorist I can't wait I can't wait to gain their wish I let us India's is easy to roasting heat and I think people have been waiting for lifetime to you have saved up commons for him so we some. I know and especially when he was a critic I have it down let's invite any of the people that you music critic of yours but it's funny because we had all the. Peters. For the program we have the moll kind of bright with Peter tuck has meant yes to their theater and you know we have over two when he theaters and yeah what they were saying is you know part of the reason that were all able to survive is that. You know we do get attention and we do get that kind of visibility especially with the newer theaters shining the spotlight on them. Telling people where they are what are all of encouraging people to go in and that's what group shows like Peter talking do is really encouraged those in those theaters to get new audience. And he is so knowledgeable I mean I'm really excited and I knew intimacy on serious because he's so smooth I exactly so if you just tuned in again I want to remind you listening to on target. With your host penny Wolfgang re talking to Kathleen risen young about. PB SW Laney DW. BFO all of the programming that you can look Foley to an events that that. And all the they have contributed to and are that are around the quality of life here in Western Europe and in the whole country we must say. So we mentioned we mentioned the the great performances as we've a couple of inches to yes there's some others that I want to move coming up. Hasn't yet so coming up knees this files so starting this week is finding your roots which everybody Valentino and it SA jacket and the DNA and finding out about their history. And this is sad this is season three of finding terrorists have believed. But this year it's going to be leery David Bernie Sanders. Bryant Gumbel. Amy Schumer your singular so these are folks who grew Henry Louis Gates goes and looks it's you know I'll aspects of kind of their generations and generations back. It's been very very interesting these they're all nervous about it that they Al learned so much about their pasts and it's also been part of all encouraging people to kind of look into their own histories their own family Stanley trees and so that's hot thing right now on the show is really very popular do such a big. Again thinking I might do it but haven't if it if I want to know. So then it is their return of dark. Yes hold a simple art is popular is very popular show in that that started again last Sunday so that's going to be on Sunday night's. And that is season three. Victoria oh which way it was kind of the turn it was interesting because. The thought was you know what is the Downton Abbey audience looking for and so many of them came back for Victoria. And what's interesting about that is that. Do the Victoria show is going to have. One each season will be a decade of her life. So she had six decades is queen and it will run for six seasons and each season will be a decade so. We have her first decade and now in January will come her second decade so. That's a great kind of nice job as an actress to know you're gonna be put expert present tax okay you know and it is such a commitment for the PBS because. It's complicated. It must be spent is very it's costume in an actors and whenever. Together it's very very popular and again that audience. And you we have a huge Canadian audience it to be any. Our our hugely popular happened Britt comes the people love and our audiences really significantly we have that very very large Canadian audience for WNET. I have friends who I know Canadian who elected brits and I was doing there is calling me in timing issue and mysteries true Afghanistan. The mysteries. I will tell you that I am. You know if in that we do we have an interesting thing where we have an audience services lines have some because of the like. When is it showed in the on again and missed the beginning of it to work asking questions are can you get this show and there's lots of give and take lots of you know comments from the audience every day. And we had. Kind of pick your mystery we showed little clips from six different mysteries to say which of these mystery should we die in the fall and it was so cutthroat judge it was his stick people aren't your cup. Calling up with these there are so passionate about it people are very passionate about their mysteries and at W needing yeah I think I know they access content friend who like. Always civilian authority and that sudden snag tentative but there always so you should watch. And they need them to mysteries and until you know it's hard to Tony in the middle that's right have to go back conceded beginning well what's funny was it bringing up. In the middle and also Florida so we have a passport program so for donors over a certain amount to the station and that's any station and but if it's sixty dollars or more than you have access to the whole pass for the whole library seek a much down nanny for the seventeen timer you can watch. In some of the current shows but also some of the past shows. And a lot of our snow birds do that because they wanna be able to take their shows as they wanna take it shows without and then be able to say OK you know especially offended people and occasionally to didn't lax elicit laughs on every night exactly so. So we found passports really popular there snow birds and my friends actually moved applied that it's popular with them. And so and there's going to be maybe a new channel like a lifestyle Chandler asked those coming are well it's it's started already it's called create eight. And you know we what happened with the channel seventeen is that there were so many different types of programs. In the morning was caught up with kids program and then you had kind of your cooking shows on the weekends and then you had. New PBS news hour at night in public service programming and then you had your nose was at. And it was there's not room for everything so another three channels there's a PBS kids' channel. There's and main PBS channel OW NED and then there is create and that's where you'll see a lot of the cooking shows a lot of the marathons in the weekends. Myself lots of Christie's travel that's hugely popular because he goes all over the world and makes people feel like they're traveling with him and then they decide where they money now it sure is true that in any decide where they want to travel based amateurs cantv it's. So so we for a lot of folks. A lot of fun excitement around those that create channel again it's a lesser known channel. But for 72 like I'm on Verizon's bios for 72 which is kind of an odd number and it's but. People really love it and check I was at the car dealer and this man's and you mind if I change the channel and I I don't know what to conclude. Annie put don't create so I was as I said. I should really use your adhesive that my wife and I lacks the two and nine so that was kind of front mice and rats Mary she latches sixties in the Gaza says oh we should let us please go there agency or or he has been where we've been let us as friends. So except for that people have to do people she'll also latched. WB BZ TV if you absolutely Glor isn't Smart and it's anonymously send. Need TV which is mostly channel five and if you back out there that news in the new screwed him over at 10:30 am I in perfect. Thank you so thanks so much Kathleen was really attack into doing. I hope owed anything else likened to a website your as a New Delhi ready yet. Or just one place for everything he can get through all the stations on the offense and the best thing about it is that the schedule for every station is out there are so. You couldn't put in a show if you want to find out when is the Vietnam War and when his polls are kind when assigning your roots on. He just type in and everything will pop up and let you know when the shows around so that's great. Okay well thanks again it was really funny how you don't know me. And I hope you have enjoyed our conversation on the target and we'll have a good week and listen to us again next week. Same time same station by everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.