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Western New York at Work
Sunday, April 9th

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Here's Western New York it worked with your post dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happened. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031528. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western New York or work your Sunday morning. Business friendly conversation mules del Martin's. With my co host mr. Franklin Tempe at the third and today as a legal matter show on western new Yorker work and you know what we talk about we talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. Frank good morning good morning Dell it's going math is a beautiful day. It's one of the greatest days in sports. Masters. Is master says there's no better day to exit around your house. And we drink. It's better than it some articles and there is ten times better than Super Eagles on days and times. I think rivals days. Opening game. That's about it in opening day for the Verizon's. If you're an actor yes okay. Cold outside it's snowing and once the Nazi baseball with snow around. In. In studio we have to expand it two ways to schema but that's last week or last month. David this is younger brother. And yankees came into office in he has been here here here year in office. Probably maybe more so and David. Probably Davis does he. Outlet I. I'm not that I'm that I you can dump the Nazis last night's this is the US that your two US units. By JK's take you know rejected those the work with me objectives are commercial. In a court work actually does. Jack does everything. I didn't know. How good that. Someone can be inject his chest pain. Actually. He's radiation and you really OK this he's one of the guys in our office that if you really need something. And you go to Jack jacket to time and he's Geary and incredibly incredibly thorough more thorough than me I mean he's a perfect. I think. Jay and I we're very well together because. I think immigrants scheme can inject it into the needy greedy so it works. Incredibly well. But getting back to sports so now that we introduced Jackson and I are taking as the masters is the best. I am. So questions have a box on I've taken off the flavor for you were completely over hyped it's just. Is suitable and all right it's over it's just it's just you know the game usually stink so. And I halftime no mistakes while the hip as it was this is a problem by the weight or to think. Or to the surprise here there's a problem he can get on hand it's just a spectacle I much prefer the playoffs. So I just an out and it's not. Must the bills are and of course it's been a long time it was in the bills irony you know maybe I don't I think you're I would I would put Masterson. To wild card weekend I think wildcard weekend. Last week in sport because. In all those wild card teams are watching football from. You know Saturday it for me indictments and failed to pretty good what about what about first Stanley Cup Playoffs. Well if the sabres Ernie yes but if there are not in it I am I mean I'll watch it. In buffalo you know I don't know but oppose the nation's largest market for. That I didn't whether we're in it or not. Its largest market for player market for her I mean that's that's incredible I mean that that that's a testament to the people injury he asked me this is definitely means. I think it's I can count with a football problem. I think it's I think it's a hockey town once football lines mean I think clearly the bills the team around yeah. And certainly keynote speaker that one of the relations we've been able to brain meaning Thomas you know receive either accidentally and it was here. And hockey some hockey competition has been here finals shortcoming they think in frozen tours coming growing organically as I say they want your money and that's fantastic. We I saw that as she you know that I was here. We I watched her talents and great for minutes or. Sequentially from Florida last night. Did that he's I would bring him back would you bring him no no I would not bring mr. and act like easily see in my opinion. Now it absolutely now now now and I agency that has been exemplary skills gifted players pictures listening right now so if he is. He's got a great player. He's a great player but he's not somebody who I would build my franchise around tampering is a veteran and put us over your amazingly as an Oreo that or upper and we it was day. Man among sports. Yet I'm told news very. You know is kind enough to see. Oh he and nobody hit fifty users use in the 44. Deadliest warrior class player remember hitting fifty was LaFontaine right or McGee only 76. Rookie see him and he was any chance of these. In his rookie year. So. That he was this he was this that now for our current transition will it boxing. And mixed martial law action we can throw our day and we can throw our shot. PC sponsors. Not the US team guy but an MMA guy Shonn super fight Felton yes we did that apparently did did. We sponsored him for his arm. Fight up in the the cynic in your casino and John one well that that's because we don't lose an attempt yuppies and that doesn't happen. You don't lose that now yeah so we we only ally and I only sponsor winners so. That's where we go okay well you brought a winner's story with you today at Singapore for a list is out there because this is our today's legal matters shelter but. For broad a term he said on commercial litigation. And so can you speak for community what exactly is commercial litigation. Commercial litigation wonder about the whole thing comes as a whole bunch of things and and you can have. Businesses who are suing each other companies is are suing businesses. Just commercial entities basically. You know. You can even see the commercial litigation would encompass going to small claims court if you're representing a locally privately held company. I'm so it shouldn't it's it's for every man is what it is and every woman who doesn't necessarily mean. They legally represent the people at the top we represented the people who are you know mom and pop stores as well collection matters. Various things breach of contracts out restaurants. All kinds of all kinds of. And questioners ours are huge you don't realize it because hang in only talk about this every day. A big companies. 101000 dollars doesn't mean much to a big company right and so sometimes when a big company we'd Reich big companies. Look at new to that the scares me 101000 dollars let's go assume. And reject having that went into the cars just six rate is just who this guy it's not worth it so a big company will. At some point times say you're probably right I mean as much as we want to. As we talk about time we're in the business of making money also. But we don't want it we don't want our clients to waste money right and paying us. Sixty get for it doesn't make sense but for small I don't know you know for smaller business that we represent which we do represent a lot of small businesses. 101000 dollars is a huge deal it its so it's someone's payroll what our week's payroll it's it's you know it's figure so you have to do it and we do it very. Affect cost effectively for that you know smaller businesses we Taylor. We tailor. Each our representation to each client and each client problems not just not just. It's not the same formula for every commercial litigation here to really can know your client what's best for your client which is what we do it. Yeah it's a very it's very practical approach I mean I nobody should ever be shied away. If they think they can afford a lawyer let's say if somebody knows their business money or somebody owes them money will. Wilson on we'll talk with them and will will figure out a plan and we'll do it cost efficiently so. Give us a call if you ever want to if he if he can we do in the top with you but don't be (%expletive) don't be shy because you think it's gonna cost. Too much money NetSuite. Where were there for everybody sell okay that telephone numbers. 8553761. That's 8553761. That shows on. The well you know he's he's. Yeah Cardona and data and a lot of while he thought about only having gotten in ridiculously gives you wildly and he gets up. You know before we take our first break we know we got a live question. I recently fire at our view it as a that we state. I feel our calls unjustifiably. Fired. What can I do. Less well so they date Brett Gardner handles that stuff and his. Helmets are in our office so New York is now well on state so there is no union. And there is no. You have no individual contract what happens is is that you. You have to go. If there's discrimination or they're summaries and that you are unjustifiably. Determined itself. First off its date if you think it's based on race creed color religion sexual orientation or sex. Then the first thing we always tell people is to go to. Your state division human rights or the OC and you connection to a dual file and you can file at the same time with both organizations. They do it an investigation. So it doesn't cost any money they prostitute to help you fill out the forms we help you thought it forms a partial of that money. But in you can go and do that and then then at some point time you can hire staff and for another reason. There are wrongful termination cases. That are based outside of those factors such as race creed and color and then a really have to know what the factors you can. Feel free to call me. Tomorrow or brand by minority 553761. At the very least. We will give you you know a five minute pinging intimate kind of make you feel a bit better knowing that you at least culturally and talk to somebody. In and we can do for its problems. But just make trio with Colin to appease you any problems. Fantastic profit you listen to Western New York are working visit from a conversation today is legal matters with dale Martin and frankly to be the third. And mr. Jackson chance partied a very short break don't go anywhere we have more great conversation on the epicenter of this very. The time GOP she was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is has grown. Based. Relationships. He's built in this news. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. What Franklin tapped Leo junior or any attorney in this firm is with market somebody else. People should choose our law firm because we are completely off for a class a complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aides were Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. But most importantly they're trying to scare our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them at the end of the day knowing alive is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too getting in no people getting familiar Klein. It's taking all these variables. Concentrate them on a single problem that your Klein's presented. We help people when they're injured to help people in times of trouble when there. Get arrested. You handle these natural mourners in the Stanley court cases you can imagine the emotions going through People's Daily flights and when you can. Provide them with some solace. In some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Great day. 34 dollars. The DW lives. Stuff out of our last 101000 dollars using designated driver to buffalo to debut in your car host. Flights maybe. No matter where you are designated drivers of buffalo will drive you and your car home safely 7137703. Save your job seep your reputation. But most of all save your life. Designated drivers of buffalo free drive you and your car home. I mean these are. Welcome back to Weston near your work your business from the conversation I'm holes dale Martin with Brinkley took you there and mr. Jackson as we refine his studio today we he relies the mics were on so I'm pretty sure we can't edit that frank I'm glad Edward. It at an insane isn't it Frist time in studio in nice on the producer win animosity I don't do that now these guys have talked him. So happen on my parents so we we will be back in time right so we have to obviously talked about it in April 21 huge day for prize at the draft. Which is that your. Mr. Gere pretty sure this matter is April 27 28 and 29 it fat so there's an article in the paper. I'm going to say something if we drafted tight in the history after the first round I will. Absolutely issues I may go out there and we mean I'm at at that for public wreck and yeah. I'm not I don't know if I'm comfortable in doing so the. But I will say this OJ Howard. Might be downloaded ten because I remember when we drafted Sam Lockett back in 2000 fortunately Eric you brought their. I didn't see the same kind of while Specter that they do with OJ Howard. But there is something to your point frank about the fact that you know tight end is actually did deep class here you can get a guy like Jordan Leggett from Clemson in the third round. And have a great number two tie and furthermore that you have nick O'Leary and Charles clarity on the Oscars here. Jesus Christ is coming the tide and are you kidding me at first but I don't know accurate I don't know much about who I don't know JC's coming up play Thailand's man I don't care. We go first thought if you watch a few killer probably church and different. Padilla got it that it here this is this. You first about you watched and you did this this film like you use was does that all 22 and stuff like it. You just mix up. Or maybe who would you you've mixed up so popular Jones Saturday and Australia I think is left the studio rate that gap so anyways we got to. Charles clay is is instantly open with his arms in the year we've seen them. So why would we need thing. We have a guy advocates open irony we elect hunt them on two years ago in our quarterback can't throw him if you draft drafted guys that. Shameless. You ready for shameless plug time share. WGR 550 dot com tomorrow there's going to be the roundtable mock draft sap a pot just releasing it along with neat Geary and myself. On a trio of mock drafts and spoiler alert I don't have been taking OJ Howard but I do have been getting some help at wide receiver usually. I know she's in Toronto check that out on FaceBook page SO check that out on WG Arafat would dot com tomorrow. I think which go running an act of and we had a fourth straight this now I'm turning your Mike off noticed the chairman out there now. We draft running we have Marshawn Lynch we drafted two wins and we draft McGahee. Yeah he's at Tennessee and as he's getting it is those particularly I was I was okay he. Then who's the guy who you Chad they can and members shot and they can't CJ Spiller is again so when it's just a running back let's keep this thing going. Com you can never have a direct you can never have enough running backs which is keep going generally I derive permission to turn it mica now he's obviously been quite does not just a. He's being quite facetious I listen. You view someone's got to convince me and I aimed not. So would you convince me that you don't take that Sharon Watson and and that some into convince me why you capability to turn lots intent. I bureaucracies my top cornerback. And means someone tell me tell me like we've look I think he's gonna have to. He went in the corner I mean I think you need to draft a corner. This is what you did we needed to get to bite you got out Ohio State like we do every year deep class but I think there may look and I mean. Stephon Gilmore was very serviceable for the for yours is here yes I'm you know I think in thinking now I am spinal therapy he's been a great addition. I think we need a quarter I think they're incredibly important positions and a passing league I'm we also need depth and the line's still offensive defense line you can never go wrong there. But I should get back to my running back pointer and from. The more running back you have on your roster. I think. Will will be will help you win it's a war it's a running late remember were running team and it's a running league so we. And next we get a look at Doug Whaley in what coach McDermott in studio on the I don't matter as well during the time will tell you this though they are coming out next month I went on we gonna go after them so but you need to come back history with the so you can say to him yell reactions and I don't wanna hear it when you don't want him in the same room the other. Oh yeah that's right across by the way I look for you this though the with the with the running backs with the running backs. So we really never worn rushing offense and the question right if if we have a coach that has any idea what he's doing. We are we were ten and six last year there's no question in my and we were averaging 25 point two game and this guy's defense. This guy was such a buffoon. I mean it was coming has ten men on the field. They what I I think that you can win with the right. That's right for your film doesn't hold that the hope that comment because we have a caller that's been holding so called we apologized. But I what's your question or comment thank you for calling into what's fair gone they're gone home one we missed them. Nobody has any patience anymore to see some things. I'm by the way I don't think Rex Ryan is going to be calling the attempt Il PC units for chart and I don't think out he's going to be analyst super Klein's parties he was an absolute before making him and his blow hard rather they were they were this capsule this. Designer is similar to both of them two out of remember when his father Obama the other guy now but I don't think the violence and I was buddy buddy. We're gonna guess what hold that thought once again you know what we had our second break buffalo don't go anywhere we have a very colorful conversation. Now sports. Pickett and traffic in particular set up our popular magazine millennium collaborative care. He Piaf in partnership with greater upload ignited ministries. And you're never looked over there will be hosting five million hearts how you can. Throughout the month of April at buffalo area churches and communities have. Adult eighteen into the east you know their attendant at howling and we hope street. I April 15 from noon to 8 PM mount olive Baptist Church at 701 key element at the box well. April 22. From 10 AM to one can say yes a flow Harvey off and 140. I sycamore avenue or Friday April when he community you can have Friendship Baptist Church. For a U Clinton street in buffalo. At least five additional stations including Chris Rahal survey heightened way along with education and replay it for nutrition and exercise. For more information visit millennium PC dot org or contact Peter Kyoto. C I OT PN eight at 7163. Port act. 6511. What Courtney McDermott at seven rang. Me and fix it it buffalo healthy living is proud to be what you have seen near free health. And interest magazine for people Ali is with Oprah and I 5000 meters and thousands more who lead on line. The right up topics that matter most are. Look a couple of healthy living magazine every area why didn't have. Along the river is out and other locations. It ended that line a lot of it and act come or follow us from things that can trigger and doing how your life without floor puppet of the. If you missed any of our episodes. Well a little bit of patience might be needed as we are going to be loading up the new ESPN 1520 dot com new website interface. And soon enough. All the existing shelves. Mean she had a ESPN fifteen Tony dot com or. Our FaceBook page at Western New York network or on Twitter at W and why at work now back to dale. Frank and Jack. Welcome back to Western Europe and work your business from the conversation. Live in studio here ESPN 15:20 AM. And cars we want to hear from you join the conversation telephone numbers it'll 31520. Again it'll 31520. And tore call appeared no we hate that we mr. Kuo please give us a call back. Are you call because you have a legal question or issue and we want to make sure that that's address if you. Cannot reaches in Steele frank what telephone number what we like for the caller to commentary. 855376. Point act and let mr. myself on them 24 hours a day much does this mean in my wife which happened. And about ten phone calls on for an eight. Much to my dismay as well anyway the couple phone calls from frank yesterday. Stranded famous Saturday and barely matters when some time trying to hit. 5747325. A we actually by the way at their reaction going past and start streaming and mine. I don't know that answer well wellness and unfortunately dad that I don't know I can find that out but. As of right now the minute you asking us I don't know. So so that we we could talk a little bit more about the and that drafting tighter. Were running backs are running. So tell the subject also does or family court work and that is probably. One of the toughest areas. Applaud practice. It is really. Almost at times mind numbing because you're dealing with situations where. People are not together a lot of times. The mother and father. The and that really disliking each other it is theories. Alienation issues we we've actually done a lot of alienation stuff where the mother or or the father. Starts. You know kind of filtering out this. Awful things about her the other parent and and they start alienating the other parent from the child and he inherited ticked sift through that takes a lot of time I checked. Yeah I mean they're they're very emotional cases in family court custody. He had somebody else has a judge making a decision for you on where your kids are gonna go. And then there is parent parental alienation I mean there. Some people out there have kids who come home from spent the weekend with mama and then dad's telling them what a bad person ma'am as in vice Versa and it's unfortunate but. We do handle that they're difficult situations people will walk you through it. We're gonna get you the best possible results. Were practical and our approach to it. But you know at the end of the day you need a voice for heal and that's where we're here to deal we're here to stand up for your rights as a parent. Com if you're single parent and somebody's not paying your support. Everything comes through the door I'm Stanley Mel Blanc manners. Everybody's. Involved grandparents can even in Viles. There's a whole a whole bunch of issues there there's. You people are the grandparents can actually. Petitioned for a right to see their grandchild. But what's interesting idea dj talks harder approach of these cases and we due to first for we can go very practical approach these cases were also very. We we beat we wish we established different relationships with our clients because we can actually talk to our client. I think we talked our clients a lot different than most lawyers do I think we talked our clients like. Sometimes it's it's it's a friendly advice like that listen. You gotta stop doing this too we told people you knew you get stuck in this too because. It can you do that day in the long term your kids eventually figure out what both parents are doing. And they may start to resent both parents or warn parents the other parent but our our approach a lot of times is we're very practical word and I think. One of the compliments that we you know at times there were incredibly reasonable attorneys you know we can negotiate with anybody we can come to a very good resolution that's good for everybody. But one thing we would do we do is that we're reasonable. But Burnett I don't know. Yeah reasonable for a long look at or reasonable so point yeah you have to you have to put on a different path was an especially when you have an unreasonable party and the other side so I don't want anybody out there to think that. We're not going to be on your side you know that's I mean that's what were their foreign that's why you pay gases to fight for what you're rights are. And yet. They're happy say Europe for a listeners out there someone who's at home have a cup of coffee or in their car. He might be contemplating a separation. Legal separation or divorce what do you say to that individual that's you know contemplating. That particular sort of circumstance for the kind. First of limitation can go get some marriage counseling you know I act that we tell people why are we people come in our office at times it can be exhausted all remedies. Because it's very important. The family unit is very very important as we talked about the actors volatile time this yes yes we have right. But you know the sexiest come and talk to us we we sit down with people in the go through everybody's. Your problems your situation. And then we can map part of plan look if you wanna hear your options. If you want to do this we are here for rights. In which we've you know we've seen it we've if if you have a crown that you think is unique. I am sure I'm about 90% sure that some other person has and that same problem and we've dealt itself come talk to us were there to talk. Will discuss your issues. Obviously nobody out here to recommend you getting divorced but if if the marriages over. You know and what it will take care of it but you know we're definitely. We're definitely prepared and willing to speak with you on all levels and can't counselors. As as legal professionals is just people who see this on a daily basis so people need that then we hear that. And we are at your Jack was right there wouldn't expect that we are reasonable to a point this we we do have a mind though. And our office and every one of our attorneys say okay let's negotiate in and it. If we think that there's a point we tell our clients and that were sent down for trial. That's it let's go as it is already divorced long and drawn out. Well yes sometimes it can be. He can be in a lot of times it's because of the two people who on the other side. They can be in what people want is. Sometimes people just want a fight. They don't they know they don't want closure I could have a client command and say hey we've got you what you want in the clank it so I know what you're doing I totally. Well he asked me what you want it now here goals have changed so. And so it's some people just love to fight they wanna be in an all time. It's been about change in on a good note we are angry at party talks international professes. Thirty minutes and on radio history frank. Any party talks yet creature project it was a great that that you need something new car office every single turning we have we really. We have we have morphed. Over the last two years especially over the last three months into it just a tremendous tremendous law firm and I'm very very happy with the people that I work with. And they're great if you need something you costing time. Jack thank you for having me it's been a pleasure to do it when I apologized to Thomas Manning and Rex Ryan. And to any believers and JC so I'm sorry that. Those we got a little pain while happy to let them that I. Just say no I went to church irony. Earlier frank I did you or to the golf course not now Masterson aren't gonna go watch the masters now okay. What buffalo thank you so much for listening to another episode of Western New York where you business from the conversation today it was legal matters slash sports update. I'm your host del Martin and you'll do not forget April 22. The west New York a word partners with the sure vision business approach will be at the probably suites hotel. April 22 from nine to two and we have some great sponsor of two PO PC local zone copy. Hope buffalo buffalo new channel 7 AM buffalo biewer mayor Byron brown will be speaking out Delores and will be speaking. Patrick Taylor visit buffalo Niagara mist of BO William Kunstler who is the president of the commercial no New York State commercial real face of socially. Be very get your tickets give me a call it several wants 6563023. Buffalo have a beautiful day a great Sunday and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter right teeth and other successful business partners. Tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. 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