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Sunday, April 30th

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Here's western new York at work with your host dale Martin. Join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning Barbara welcome to Western Europe or work your business from the conversation. Live here ESPN 15:20 AM where we talk about sports jobs economic development and always have people that make it happen. It's a rainy Sunday morning here in buffalo when you know is still gorgeous in the hearts of all of us. And we have right very anxious to show there's a lot of things that are that are happening that are going on. And with that being said our water our kind of reflect some things that. Wes Muir has been too went in the community recently we had the partners with the sure vision business Bryant. In many businesses and professionals support us in just one name a few of them. And if you know I won't forget anyone but him when its name a few of them. But our zone copy. Are any sign company on the buffalo new rules are we know we have an appearance on. In buffalo we actually two appearances. In buffalo and so we wanna see you think you are today and bustle team and their and their Stan. Pardon me a seminoles started singing for a selected okay. I was wonder about that abruptly I knew it was going to be an actress she's still OK okay so says okay he wanted to say something. DC welcome to today's show. Oh thank you thank you mean almost saying you know everything you say so low we think about the whole program. All program you'll resume program and so I don't know how are arguing zone and Zuma was beaten. The anyway. If it. DC welcome back studio Q thank you okay so we're seeing the injured. The zones to be one of the big is children. Program ever it's. I'm previous. Year was. One of the biggest. Nobody. It was report and time is. It perfect no bottle whenever zoom in as as DC. And maybe okay. And that important. So okay since the room off. And practice. Oh come back. Incorporate current. Cap itself. How ever. Day we talk about sports editor human beings is. The judgment and news that what's your. Team has been rolled into that rhythm of things as mr. for good morning. Horizon zone while local news or whatever that. You know if the department for. No idealist and had no idea you know OK so you're thinking. Is like a girl well. I. Here in Europe my cats. I have no idea what to say what had happened that morning. Suffer nor sure a little bit about yourself and you know in a war you. Well let's see here I do I usually over at. And 9:30 AM to BBN. Due July worked there on the weekends sometimes worked where a guy in the afternoons as well. I graduated from awful statement just saw last December congratulations thank you. I've been working here at Entercom four by the year now a little more than a year. And I've you know one of the big things I wanna get into in the in the industry is. Basically we you guys are holes in show is really broke and again you know we were doing in ways yes and do enough sports supplement play well for us great. OK well that's certainly and one of the things we don't talk about north buffalo you're listening to Western European work your business from the conversation army holes still mark. Don't go anywhere we have a whole lot of things we wanted to share with you we're finished very short break in this unit on the other side. The time GOP she was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is has grown based. Relationships. He's built in this yeah. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. With Franklin that Leo junior or any attorney in this firm this with somebody else. People should choose our law firm because we are complete law firm classic complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aides were Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. But most importantly here attorneys care to our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them into the day knowing a lot is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too getting you know people can do you know your client. It's taking all these variables. And concentrate them on a single problem that your client has presented. We help people when they're injured. Help people in times of trouble when there. Get arrested. When you handle these matrimonial and family court cases. You can imagine the emotions going through People's Daily flights and when you can. Provide them with some solace. In some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Great day. I'm doomed and loves who you. I'm doomed and it was. I don't. And working this. They'll work and live here as you know 1520. You talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people. And make it happen and talk about that ace Cole that deals. He's a whole lot whaling is you know and I need to hear from people who follow sports. Fluently. So I have two rinks like today aft break as studio editor for me differently to appeal to an effort to PO. I'm hit I'm here it does our identity every action you like bring. You this morning fantastic just get ready from our morning workout. That's about it. Okay well you know I apologize for interrupting you for a however I know you weren't add add add this or Spain and I know you have something to say about. That is this is amazing I mean this is this football I think with this was. Coming I think we all know what it was interest in an article last week. That one of the scout said well get fired and and they knew it I mean they knew this is coming and it's a long time coming this guy should have been fired. That day he true. Traded up to pick Amy Lockett. Or wow she yet he's probably shipments fired when he went they went traded down to pick Jamie annual. Okay we're offering our people back to us and we want to okay. With Sammy was healthy he played well. He played great but sort of three other -- back on the other guy from Tampa Bay you have to give up a first round draft pick for that. Absolutely not those guys were just as good they were there and they're. A leak receivers that were going to be there are kind of epic election which I believe with each side panel we have but it it's like me here he. Trade the first term bet terrific which is right in the face up and I think this strip this year was phenomenal. Now totally with what the first round in the second. Although I think you Reba. Great I I think even if you go to the fifth round which is that Peterman from Pittsburgh. This guy if you listen to people you talk about Jon Gruden talk a couple scouts think that this guy is. I mean he's this year is Kirk cousins and I would take Kirk cousins all they want. Okay or while we are also we have frank in studio with those that are from from very interested to hear when he gets it but I think he just never aren't just took another call what frank. Do you okay you said that Doug Whaley. Was there is kite who should have been fire. Should have been fired a long time because of the way they're running it. There that await their readiness organization take if you watched it in this morning Herman Edwards is talking about how poorly. Executed that fire in my I mean. They they quite a bit higher before the draft but this case should have been I think it was too much to fire him before the draft I disagree. They should have kept them up to this point because you probably did although they worked on it and let McDermott handled the whole thing which I think was brilliant because she saw. Instead of making a big splash McDermott did the right thing is filled all of our needs with very well executed tree. Summer McDermott has the power. That that that that that's definitely what it what it seemed when it seems like he he ran the draft this year. And I think adding that Google has had had the faith in him to beat be able to run the show. Yeah so it's nothing that's been the problem to now we've been hearing in terms of people been kind of quit to kill a smashing down on the blue goose and an insult ways I think they've come in and have done. What we've been asking. On our previous. Deal administrations and owners to do that they would not do which is what what they have a tendency to hang onto people Ford's long. Bet that there's there's there's the problem you eat when these when you buy a sports organizations. Are failing sports organizations beat the sabres for the bills. What's the first thing you can do as a business owner that's failing. You get rid of everybody. Sort of action. And you do it immediately because that's the best excuse there's no better but would like to fire anybody like I I heated. Everybody they hate the first of it but you know it when you calling somebody's office and say. I'm on the new order are changing things everything Capello would just start from the bottom that's it and he held on to Rick here Darcy figure for how many years. Three more years of bad draft pick you buy their horrible now and I kept our squarely in Australia and around in these guys and it's it's been awful it's. You know something and I agree with you for me a lot of times what happens. Not only does this happen in terms of well it's forty. Franchises. But think about this and you don't talk about it in terms of radio for instance view in a medium for instance. Look a new overcomes this and new program director comes I admit. Everybody is all of I hear check it out and backed it up at al-Qaeda and especially if you devastation that has pretty much have been in ops I mean why you don't like to eat this thing. And stay after it. You know. If if if that businesses failing and you buy that business do you keep the guy who is managing to keep the president who was running if they beat me. Before a transition period. Maybe a tiny transition period. And that's about it I mean otherwise you're just talking about the leninist anymore. But it's it's the same old culture and the bills and sabres but since they've bought it now it's time to change all. Just the time I mean it's going to be interesting what they do with the sabres are. Yeah I definitely grew about I've follow the savers religiously pretty much though. A win at whatever that whatever is up to try to pretend to be on top that right now in terms of right now they're. Just looking for GM which is which is we wanted to you can't worry about the head coach ray head coach right now the the people that I've seen. The approval is in your view for that sabres GM job. I've really liked your likening guys like Mike food on a valley who's been who's in the assists and there. Paul Fenton who has been the assistant general manager of the Nashville Predators for ten years you don't really see that all that often. Because a lot of guys will be an assistant for 34 years and they get a GM job somewhere else he's been is this for ten years so. He seems to be acting I was more than ready for GM job and he's number one on my list. I think it's a great I think that's a great Mo. Yeah I you know it's fine had they they were talking about Chris jury yesterday and I he I think he even self admitted the which is redundant he admittedly says he's not ready for pole position yet. We which is that which is understandable he's he has it been in the ring in the our front office position for all that long right. And I am I in this injuries case of you know all hell he wants to learn the ropes first before he takes a job somewhere else. A pretty good source to that is quite it's not a big fan of Bob fully certain that. At all. Put it that. That always plays into it it's not that I have. And easily like right in it to redeem suspect but I think I am very. Very happy being municipal I think you're I think you're starting to figure out. How to run of sports organization it's not like gates it's not like a regular business there's a lot more involved and it. And and the figuring it out finally at this pick in this McDermott I actually felt good this morning about the bills I actually felt gut. Site. You know sultan I really think the problem is though he is and you know don't let. Doug just had too much in this play you know the bottom line. You know I'm hundred. Give him you can't believe I am happy you have too much you play you can't beat John Legend and not eat. And dug well yeah and they've done. Yeah. John Legend true. A legend and they don't compliment it is good maybe it was just me. What do you always look like he just came off of French bong on the OLE. A little. Me. Assassin is here I've just. He looked. Like Manny got fired after not you not say when he was I John. I just. Said that what I said that in the middle of the season. Think I was over his head low when it you know and that it did again because of the because she could've. They could've gotten rid of him from day one but he's good friends of ross'. Brandon debts are states that railing we have three bad years of draft you know that. Last year we hit the least amount of draft picks are all traffic on our teams still in the NFL. Then injured are drafting well. Okay speak the draft. Franken studio what are your thoughts about the draft. I love but the bills that trading down from that tenth spot was. Brilliance because you get that first round pick next year right. And your it would make your would've have more chance to bringing guys we're gonna contribute right away whether that's in the quarterback position or any other position you. That you need. You straight down at twice having you still gain a solid cornerback. Who will who will work well in McDermott system intro devious lights then on day to your trade up in the sector which is a bit of a surprise slide. You get it Alex A Jones who makes the team right away. Probably. Is at least you're number two receiver to compliment Sammy. And then. They get that out and you get the offensive tackle as well. Trading up in the second rounds and tiger skipping on and your third round picks but you're getting to sack around talents one of whom could have been a first round talent. So what are here are your interpretation is that can we are playing annually. For not not just this season before the following season where are we're talking about 2000. Eighteen and nineteen. I I think it can make the turn around very quick look at this this Internet site you can make the turn around very very quickly. Right in the in the days of parity is so lead with a couple free agents you get a couple first round draft pick educate our. Like I I agree I think that technology you know what I was watching and you know some tape on him when they true and if he had if the guy that did. He's got that ability of the Detroit and almost and he's a great guys it seems like they're building a bit different culture and they have to do that yet quite frankly I think as I've said this before. If we had good coaching last year we were tiny insects that coaching was so bad last year that we lost games because of it. As dear Cramer was instantly with this also chime in on this conversation because then you follow the bill's very fluently as well. It has been a bouncy mourn for me I was over at WGR. And helping out with that and then now I'm back over here. So we are. It is Whaley mania here and frank I gotta say that you're absolutely right that the coaching was the biggest problem Rex Ryan. Trying to set the franchise back a couple of years it takes two years transition to a 34 defense. And it might take just is on transition back. Well I can't really sick just a lot of the pieces are still here from that defensive line so wouldn't worry too much about that applicable line backing core right now. I have a question market the strong side and weak side backers. I totally create I was very happy that we did not grant which Rex Ryan said individually addressed with him because that would have changed now we're gonna go back to that 43 defense. A couple of guys here and that they've been here I mean ourselves Kyle Williams he got that guy Jerry Hughes because I think guys already deployed. Doses it seemed that they know right right. Yeah this is definitely going to be you're gonna see a better Jerry Hughes you see a batter marshaled ours you'd see the same Kyle Williams. Hand. And then you get checked Lawson playing a 43 defense than what he did at Clemson. Right that they get wrecked train guy I totally yours you're I think he says that two years a couple of years just because he. We try to stick to make players play his system rather than. Then use their accounts and that was a huge deal he sought to get people going in and out there's ten minutes on the field it was awful. But every so that's not what we know what we'll take a very quick parts when she herewith are both will have to live and frank please stay with us. We want to on the other side of this conversation don't go anywhere but it. The pension chat at circuit culture buffalo how the living magazine. According to Chilean and rock and the trial content between South Africa immediate and parties practically at Catholic dangerous actions. Garlic. All known as the thinking rose garlic has been used in the eighteenth century Atlanta that's next campaign action and capped it by. Garlic contained Allison and active biological component which is responsible for the antibacterial activity. The nutrients antioxidants. And aunt paint an accurate count until garlic. Make that kind of meant a remarkable natural remedy start to think that sort of narrow like top in the aspirin plus they're very good such as pregnancy. These six and name it alpha contains different kinds of natural centers. Including glucose and hard. And my Africa at practice known for its high polonium contents and essential Trace mineral important for cognitive function. How lenient to them and fertility for both men and women that are at higher concentration of the money than any other plants are. It rocked. Cut quit. Like it. And enjoy how can just apparently at buffalo healthy letting it tried to be wet and you're actually you're free health fitness and nutrition magazine for people violate it. With over current playing 5000 meters and thousands more who I am mind. But it right about the Catholic man and a Smart meters. Looks about healthy living magazine at every area Biden and perhaps along with over 2000 other locations you can bet that our line up out of pocket in tax plan. Or talent and take a Twitter thing populated with upload popular things banking. If you missed any of our episodes are on demand. At ESPN 1520 dot com run based at his dot com slash 1520 W on one network. We're also on Twitter at W and why network. Now. Backed the depth. That's. Yes the song is so that he beat the bills making winners out and that's reached about a lot of bills compensation for what to appeal the third Ariza with us. I am. And I am. The bills make you so that we usually make me wanna puke orbital and twelve cents. I mean I ate some of these teams have been so when when this season ticket sales rep was a great guy Sean O'Brien. Called me this year I said China where it started out by Tanya. Are renewing my tickets just because we enjoy it it's here on the fields and free is renewing waiver we're renewing I say it but I I what you know it something. That this organization that you work for is harder garbage and you know those are my exact words that this is the product is awful. The management awful I know what guys I mean it's just. And yet you think that's kind of course it's in our team right it's actually can't I can't wait for the people that start. So. I think. Defined as an abusive relationship frank. While it is it is got fits the definition of insanity also right. Now in a different result. During the same thing expecting a different result which is your point with a pogo is a point that they should event is that bad cycle along time ago. Now guys I don't know if you guys gotten the discussion with the pedals themselves but at this point I don't know if fans can feel any safer about the security of the two franchises because. Within ten days we've seen three big figures fired. Tim Murray damn house mode now Doug Whaley and if you go back to December there's a fourth in Rex Ryan and I would even say technically a fifth with Anthony Lynn. Not giving renewed and it's just one of those things Regis. Good lowered the insecurity there is baffling and definitely troubling as a fan. The masses if you don't do your job well and I you're done. Right I did that but within two years of extending people I mean timber it was extended back in October. I agree. I agree it is with regard to it it's their fault. I mean it's clearly their fault they need they've made a mistake at first about the what went went went point rest. When they got in they should've like we had fired some. How about. Right erupted you hired when you know you're part of football team you call. I don't know. One of the share and hand you called Bill Polian to bill look at I'm trying to run this organization what you think I should do you know call rest Brandon because obviously must bring has no idea what he's. OK so what do you think Russia's next. As you know that's the question guys is Ross next I don't know what he does. I don't think so he'll make some a lot of money I mean he does a great job in that marketing. And he does a great job. He just should not be involved football operations. Received or or hockey operations should or shouldn't be I mean he does a lot for this town and he does a lot further those organizations. She just should he can't too much of a hand in. Football operations in Iraq effort and he should have nothing that's like if he's one. And I would be art would be skier I would I don't know we don't I'm not out of skin that are us tremendously if almost brand I'm not scared because. At this point he has done much he's overcome much worse states. Then than avoiding getting fired here he has dodged firing. As a professional. Frank I out imagine you agree with me on this I don't think anyone's gotten better at avoiding getting fired and Russ Brandon. All absolutely. So anyway. What that. I I guess who that he is I mean look if you're looking at this at this objectively and believe me I know Russia is a great guy. The problem is is that your fear of these organizations are failing but. Are the organizations there because there's two it'll look to ways to look at this one. Is our work bearing on the field but two would they're making a lot of money the business itself and brought the president rough isn't a target net I am assuming. Although I am more why more than those people that say it's very. Easy to sell sports in this it's this is doubling surgery right I mean you know if they keep you know going into. Asking an alcoholic wanna Klestil line. Rice that we eight. Think we have loyal book that we just it was just a Leo community chorus of course the winner Louis. He gonna Betty Ford clinic with a a case of vodka because it well. I hated that fits so I don't think this is bringing certain. As the most interest in analogies you or mr. DC yeah. Either way either way it's accurate what should also think look I think what he's saying those are valid point of these guys make a lot of money. Okay and that's my thing if a lot of money you should always been secure. Okay and the reason I went on sale and make a lot of money should we be if you're you're working for someone. And you make a lot of money. Okay you should always be insecure. I understand and that and the reasons and that insecure in this sense. That if I don't keep doing a good job. Then I'm not on TV that I'm not going to make it to me. I'm a lot of money. And here's a thing they want some of the athletes make a lot of money would they still want to do sums it. Okay and they don't really doesn't securely I don't know we opted to bottom line is what have you definitely. Next what they're definitely lately is losing there guess what you're days and that's right. Yeah I mean I great but they can put people of the people arguing it's a very good argument when you talk about someone like last. Look at what's he helped with the cooler though right he helped with. Giving the Wharton that the frozen four back here we're getting nit tournament. The world juniors in Everett rich stadium and he's done he's been an integral part of that it just. He should not be part of any hockey or football operation. Because I was being absolutely opposed to the expert you're an expert in business people football hockey too. Whoever quite an enchanting hands. Bill Polian whoever it is viewed those decisions of those guys. Wrinkle to deal. If it is unique if you have a legal matter was it that you bring. That appeal it. And that number is. 855376. Frank thank you so much for being part of today's show. The expanded version in conversation. The sports update your thank you as always and shout out to frank are carried. Yes colorful and come employee because of frank was Integra today as I was running around my had cut off. Frank got the show started and so thank you to frank Q frank to DC to dale. Obviously for all you've heard. Chipping in helping me out and having patients through today's ordeals were great. Recover before we are being touched. I. Don't care to different. But we've been listening to extended version of western new York at work sports update life you're ESP your 15:20 AM when we talk about sports and sports. Doug Whaley and then more sports hey. Technically it's sports jobs and people that make it happen because we really did do his job and it Terkel made it happen. So you know it's still it's still the same team okay so you know before we sort of guys very quickly. Who agrees with the way you know let's let frank at the first time in here frank are here are curious as a okay I'm okay with the fire at me as it was is that what happened. On Greg would no doubt Obama. I have mixed emotions I think that he did enough to get fired but at the same time. You better make sure you hire the right I've it is Whaley as a town valuing it was so much better. While incredible great north guys but what they sort of between into Western Europe they weren't you know here are here in this. It. Knowingly. Music in the bag count but we'll have a beautiful week with him next Saturday. I. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter right teeth and other successful business partners. Tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yet. Every Monday night between 715 and 730.