Western New York at Work 4/16/17

Western New York at Work
Sunday, April 16th

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And do you get your buddies to watch some games here this or you know and this offseason here what's New York this army has got time now last week we had the masters. Sergio Sergio yes the. If there. I unlike frank do not Tiki. Majorly in the gulf. From frank had masters day or he just sat on his senate counts he watched the masters all day. On the day that was beautiful outside by the to watch sports it is nice visit carbonated if you want to take the time to to watch the masters. I I will go ahead and say hey if you got a moments and on watch what you. Noticed in French debt. 900. Mobile devices. Called unit. The Leo he's watching what I why is it generally doesn't have time to actually sit down exactly. So everything is on the move. Yes was speaking about on the bull what's New York is on the move and that's one of the things we're going to be talked about today show. And so mr. Cumberland are asked to become a chime in here and really just kind of you know get this conversation starter in terms of the up new direction to that was taken. Well I mean today do we actually talking about. The event the brunch that's coming up. And then if you don't know about the bronze she really need to know is gonna is gonna take place. Next week here and is actually called on western new York at work. Our presents part of this with the shared vision business brunch and networking. It's only a great event. And many are actually will be one of one of the main speakers there but it's the premier Byron Byron brown. As well as LP. Lucian our viewers it was OK CEO leadership buffalo chorus Patrick KO present and field visit buffalo and right and when you. Kessler a K president. Of the New York State commercial association of real slow that's a long title 888 X it is. But now as Eliot grade. Opportunity. For everyone to come on now give a chance to actually know. These group of people and not just you know hands off. To expand on that are you you're absolutely correct gonna meet. If you have met him here you have an opportunity to. Here premier speak about its leadership. And the reports the new buffalo right buffalo really has as its auspices. That he is really changing. And it works have effective change it starts with good leadership. And mayor by Ambrose and his staff can one man connect to a bar him so. What I think the changes that were seen in the community. In our city is indicative of leadership style his leadership his vision. And that's what this business is called partners with this year vision mine and we're no longer working in sight low. In the event so we think about the are the group leaders that you just mention you now feel Orson. Okay CEO president leadership buffalo and Patrick Taylor president CEO of visit nine. There. Are parts to hear just from. Tourism. It's economic engine to her candidacy can he going to put this region and the article is quickly or quietly apparently look at. Really become a destination point. We have our Africa the number we have maybe eight million plus right there are visiting Niagara Falls. But people come to buffalo the house and in so. Patrick will talk about. The transformation that the city is experiencing and what you've seen recently we have the NCAA tournaments here at war through the third time. Apart from a mistake. The NCAA tournament that was. Recently here are yes yes. Pixels so that comes up under his leadership right so again we are from the mere two to risen to nonprofit leadership. So this whole some things that. There that you experienced but profitable talk a little bit more about that after a short break don't go anywhere you listening to western new York at work you visit from the conversation would deal Marten. And it's the wing commander. Do you remember where you work for who we are aware commitment fast work out of your wife's. I mean when me and when I think after I'm only think catalyst that there. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and it's different fitness levels Mo would be able to beat it back version of myself and when someone hit their bowl ban Ki energy I paid the heat catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get results subpoena for Saturday walking to Penney catalog location compatible and I weren't meeting some direction we will have a perfect trainer. For you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve it happened. The fact certified trainer team training classes that no flash. Cycling indoor turf area weight loss programs Hydro massage and recovery and feel much more so now I need my make you remember. Had a look at everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project now in nineteen kind of six locations Fisichella fitness buffalo got pounds activate your house. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure and comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath and get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Welcome back to western new York at work your business friendly conversation on the whole still Marc why if you're ESPN 15:28. Am. And today we're talking about an update. Partners with which your vision and dry environment co host has to do wing Cumberland to win yes no well since you've been in that your preference. Yeah and it has been what what to do or. I guess time. And just the right eye and a and a few words does the right to die out who has the best one liners either you are dear. It's almost like OK I ask you guys in question. Are you surprised by. Meals and I you know I expect the course I think I'm gonna bring back DC's. Theme song for a moment that that's. A man of few words a little bit of this a little bit back and hit. Thereafter. Sung asset program have fun this morning at exactly he's the present or do an orthodox hey. It you know the thing is is that this Western New York that word. Project and it's on this coming up next Saturday is actually I mean and we joke and I am a good time we're gonna get time here. As wild play we're also going. To have a chance to talk about some of the exciting things. That is actually going on in Buffalo, New York we have come a long way from Jamestown. And the original name. Of buffalo. Instead. Africa he's a history teacher. Who. Buffalo. Or blow for blow engines. So and that the time. We had aforementioned flux. But anyway it went from wolf hello to buffalo. And you know this content 85 year transition. OK because we actually celebrating on June 85 birthday this year. It's grant yes okay so this is van is very fitting. Because what you're saying is it is neat transformation. Of sue where we actually won Alina. We actually coming into. City ever size that we are finally starting to do the things that people expect. And in particular in New York City. A New York City T. In New York State to be doing okay are confused. You don't is Ford when people come to buffalo if you notice a lot of times especially. I'm in the south we're witnessing our city and is in the state exactly so what would you say. Where you from you say while from Buffalo, New York. I'm from buffalo. Okay. Soul I think we're siding to do some things that people expect affinity. To do. Within the state you absolute wreck and here's what our own and and we want to community come out and support us and what mr. our commanders talked about is the partners with which your vision. Business rock which will be held next Saturday at the founder suites hotel. The event itself a go from 9 AM to 2 PM and we have. We're going to be giving away some wars we talked are some of the leaders that will be speaking what did we have a full agenda and it. And I hate is not a hate to see what I have to admit. Ross I have a wine tasting as well so. After years of great leaders. Experienced the awards. Hear from some EU leaders. That are part of the whole buffalo and Clinton and some business network. There will be a little wine tasting. And for those individuals that. Would like to drive safely. Wherever were. Sponsors and one of our vendors will be designated drivers able drive your car and drive you look so you decide to have little line. And you boots and short and I. It if they would they would take you and your car off solo and maybe things are here's the thing. Won't. As a matter for the I want you to collaborate. And tell people exactly what. The brunch is all the Bowden will you know woman's account world. The brought this aid. A mixture of a leadership. High level leadership discussion. And again we have some some apostles most influential leaders we have nearby or brown we have our LP a horse and from. A lesion buffalo Patrick Taylor Rick and from his apostles now and mr. Beale has always from the he's gonna talk about the commercial real estate. Sector light and when you think about all of that mean those four industries really are indicative. But what makes the fabric of this community work right and so we don't find though. Where we are. But more importantly where we're going. Exactly and eight in each of those areas and I have to say this were also on an address an issue that is that he talked about. Austin enough. Our teens we have we have high teen pregnancy rate. More highs in the state he you have. Albeit epidemic that's occurring in our city. So we can't talk about to go out talking about the day two right okay and and we gonna bring all of those voices and conversations and one wrong. To at least hear the message. When you know I think. That's what has been a problem and passes that we have its tendency to talk about the good so much that we don't. That the bear actually just scrape up on raw. On a particular you know the thing is with. Economic development of gays in this is like we're talking about. This has slipped from home prices okay as the organization's club yes he what do you Iraqis chapter president chapter president. On the interesting thing there you know buffalo had a high rate of blight. Okay. And soul in other words where we didn't have development where people didn't think things. Could be developed. Is now. A little bit different emea area our city areas of Mercedes that had not been developed for people were not willing to go and now they are willing to Google. And develop something. I'm meaningful to sit well yes absolutely and we have the west's argument that you sign as I am we fortunately we have transportation. That is. Is within loses what's happening is is the truth it was one on. And it's also the truthful was in line nation as a whole not just here so you know we can't make it. Like buffalo as I'm standing on doing something different we not wouldn't you know just kind of follow following. On the general thing that has been going on in general throughout the country is already happened. And Washington Baltimore Cleveland Cleveland in particular are why account put the finger there because Cleveland. Are spent a great deal among the money on 01 front just like we. And so we just to see yields some of the great things from it but also we're missing some of the things that's happening this way that's. This event is is being partners. With the sheer vision rock and there's a number of companies and organizations and individuals and people. That make up their sheer vision he he. After you know if I can just name a few you know some companies there or represented a note that our support. You know we kept channel seven right inside sales team are. Hate ES PF 1528 hours a right support and sponsor of these dissident. The city of buffalo zoom copy. Hole buffalo. On its bark USA he buffalo helped Hewlett APA solutions. Look to deal walk. Mean if the companies that are actually really have been guess our show are really behind. This initiative. Against targets with a sure vision next Saturday April 22 at the foundry suites hotel from 9 AM to two Pia is a brunch ten years. The thing with such a song ironic I was thinking about this just this morning it is kind of ironic. That we are actually having. At the foundry. Because that was that was another project that was kind of work. A development situation than you think about it that. It had been the ONW. Yes I think where house for a long time. Had been there only WS warehouse for a long time had been clones. And then it was converted. Into a hotel boasts base was smartly. Use and converted. Into La hotel. And recreation place so you know that's a great thanks as really ironic that we act and it. Very very interest you know what we want to end of a short break this you know kinda what buff who have to listen and talk about today. This can't happen in a poster at buffalo popular in nineteen. Strap manifests differently and that's something mark common symptoms include headaches. Inside each muscle tension campaign. Asked optional add and depression an awful low with our immune system and made a mark Arnold Al. However there are many things that we can gear to combat advocate including mine comment medication. My meditation can help each saint Elizabeth has in common studies show that this type of medication and resultant increase hearing if he's healthy. It decreases stress increases worker productivity. And creative thinking you can Medicaid animosity to shipment. Including nature find beauty in simplicity of the everyday and that it felt and so it EC here now taped and hot. You nature quiet and mind and Ian Pratt on the other alternatives are kinda quiet your home at. Sit quietly and focus on your natural green I know where or Marcia that you repeat our. Allow us to come and go without judgment and return your focus on the track or not. Notice subtle body sensations such as it came without judgment. And dramatic. Let all found cast by all sides to cast through your mind freely. Allowing emotions you present without judgment and recognize each person. And then except Sam and Matt and now medication opera many physical and emotional hump on that. It's a great way to start her on each day allowing yourself to its present and try to refine and the positive after that. Upload ability and proud to be questioning our senior free health isn't negative but overturned 25 aren't configured and thousands more who do you mind. We've read about topics that matter most our readers look awfully happy that the magazine every area like this and half on the day of the 2000 murky. He convinced that online offer popular intact has. Alison can perpetrator and a healthier life without locals feel living magazine. If you missed any of our episodes bleacher ticket on demand at ESPN's fifteenth when he dot com. Like us on FaceBook at W and watch these that dot com slash W and why at work. Fifteen point and were on Twitter at WNY at work. And now back to step. Wow I needed that music because I was like you know I was almost asleep. Yeah how I was I had nightmares of meditation meditation. And as soon as. But it. What is this healthy heart I know I really if you're here you're released. I think the world. She. If they're going to be there on Saturday she beaters and just ask one of our premier responses buffalo he'll let me. And you can find your publication. Locations. West New York that you get this month addition feel happy. That's both with Mac using. And say that music just maybe ones on the screen about you know that rail act of you know it is like team and they. Hey this is your glass map that you think I. I've heard he's he is going. But with a selection of music. Comes there action. Human have you light pole lived news. This. You know. I'm all excited and things Ulysses a question to new York and work your business from the conversation. Today our report Dave Wood dale Marten here Kramer in mr. Dwyane could always bring something extra. To the show something different. To. I'm having to pick a new vocabulary words that I've never heard before or some Adam. A re introduced are sometimes little business is open and I. You know so so what else. So it's a little bit of news than a little bit to that today. But I mean. Next. Says. Okay this time you will be able to actually experience. I'm a little bit of this little bit going on. In terms of city. And and that's the thing about this event to think. You know that your problem. You know share partners is just what is here partners with this year vision as we are very partners with pressure gauge exactly I mean so everyone has a piece of you know and basically what's. Being assembled in the rule. Is that different pieces of the yes it's are indicative. Different industries because Western Europe or buffalo or this region has now. Just based on one industry's many industries and we and and what we wanna do is help the public. Get in touch what those industries are more help to pocket. Get in touch with some of the leaders that really affect change this. Responsible for take that's what brings to bring us where we. And take full. And I think that's very important because a lot of times. You know most felt since I mean being that person as well. You know we don't realize. What everyone brings to the table why is that important. To you know have a name that you might might not normally. Here you know on the are that you're now familiar with it. But they bring a serious piece of apartheid. To the table. And so I think is important that we start to know who's who. And what they do and one need. Everyone has him by now make sure that I know we pointed out everyone in the community is invited to submit to this event. Western European work partners with Jervis I can't believe we're our time while OK so let me just say this once again. Partners with Fisher vision next serie. April 22 at the park suites hotel 9 AM to 2 PM awards leadership speak teen summit discussion. Just a wholesome meaning of its business network and give the phone numbers about where they can pick up tickets and all information yes absolutely want the opportunity to get meal called 7165630238. Again. It wanna purchase a ticket to the partners to assure vision. This is brunch at the front suites hotel next Saturday. Several more 6563023. Dirt Kimberly officials over. Hey you know what it is it's a fast thirty minutes and radio talk me python's got well I mean I think you've pretty much. At a Mon that's of this most important thing on the table right now is that everyone. You know that you do trying to make him out. To the event next we can't and argue say the event and see jumps on. Times I should say of the event is actually 9 AM to two premiums so you definitely need to try to make it. Absolute buffalo won this year there are final thoughts well happy Easter to everyone anyone enjoying a practice or Easter brunch with your family enjoyed. As the agency would say a little business and Luna. Okay fine both think it's more between into Western Europe can work your business frank conversation on the holes still mark in no way have a beautiful day. Happy Easter and we'll see Nixon. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buyer seller business shatter IT and other successful business partners. Tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB and every Monday night between 715 and 730.