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Western New York at Work
Sunday, December 31st

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Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning western UI and welcome to west and York network I missed nearest 2017. We at west you're at work where dedicated talking about sports jobs economic development that people that make it happen. And I am into this morning with my wonderful cause. Carl Carlos Del Mar and happy New Year's Eve Dell happy New Year's Eve to you as well Lauren the key how is how hot is that. Excellent absolutely Axl I mean the weather has been attacked Cole and me as we don't know ports deal. If you're on you're ready physical it's been like Nino four degrees ten degree offered. Hey when are bringing out now instead of in July and it would make sense in July. So I elected seventeen. It's been our interest in ride. To say the league's I've experienced a good to bad the ugly. But overall I was say I surmise it to be a very good year for dale and Wes new York at work on prime example of that is. Yourself coming on board in part as a team and helping to screw the business so. You know it's been a good year ask what you ports in 2008 team. While so many it. Exciting things. We're going to be launching a TV show. That you and I need to talk. Maybe so. That's a conversation that we need to have. Answer you know many opportunities have started to present themselves I'll what's New York were now being in his eighth year. Is really become a I'll say a fabric of our community and with the means to me is that now is. Because of that you know eight year track we've opened up some of opportunities indoors. In fact today's show is going to be a prime example of that because our special guest is also someone. Ice ice at her she has her finger on the pulse of this community. I think she's also heartbeat. Of this community and I'm talking about no other than Marty Gorman and will be talking tomorrow into tomorrow. Let's just say. Two at seventeen is an awesome year for me a lot of highlights. Most Avery yours yet. Because of watching your network and equipment is in step buffalo so it's been an awesome year and I'm so exit 2018 and see what. Al Annika I know I'm a huge fan even numbers in 2018 and even batter mark and cannot. Yes and what are the thing I like to mention before we move on try next compensation. Is that how we haven't talked enough about jobs on our show even though it no it's a part of financial sports jobs economic development and always to people that make it happen. One of the things that we're going to be doing especially with our partnership. It's hoping more on Oxford doors are right status of business but also on. Being a bridge for individuals are looking for the next career opportunity. Yes I mean that's the thing with in buffalo you see so much growth. Over the past few years and growth coming in the future with new jobs. New startups in the area and you onto the viewers really taking that opportunity that it is present in buffalo and Western New York to. Grow their business expand thicker so it for me especially sap offload so much fun to see all these new companies that are forming in creating your. Feeling and businesses looking to grow and expand and find the best talent so it's it's awesome. Very emotional some time but without further do well we have the win and when she's a publisher geez. I am which we do our sports not to everything that's right the end of an Ares I try to see what I think is crazy. In army that you're taking a whole lot of mr. Y a lot set when it GR. I really like yet. Antoinette you know he did but then I took a step for. Because it is yours I'm wearing number 34. Teen agers right you know. Is wrong people. Talk up. I'm alone I hit. Yeah well what happened was I was buying majors hitting fairly. Public it is no riders. And that what do to make my coworkers even angrier. He they're strong in the league and American born player Austin news. Soul why went ahead and shame. You knew eerie thing isn't that your madness. So I I'm I'm getting lit up on the text line out to do it here because of the fact that counts that. Why did you really cool I I think your cool the game itself was. It higher with the snow the environment. All the Canadian fans around there were super nice super cool and when they lost shaking hands on. That was what that game. And anyone crying sour grapes story is just exactly the Christ are great cake and a loss yet you know what it's not because of the outdoors does the US had planned price. Lows it was a great spectacle. And now no one like going to one now like it's why here or all of these outdoor games every year because they really are agrees spectacle when it's done right. Yeah. Apparently we need to write it. A great job with it the IRA savers the bills. They really hang their hats on this whole term that this was the big event and he hated without a problem. We barrels. Being taken on the ice to get the snow off one because it was snowing much accidentally seller list on awesome on the side of the I asked them which. Folks are waiting at the bills game today. It starts ago. Buffalo bills' week seventeen for the first time Gulfport it. Something to build or alive in the playoff race. Start today Miami Dolphins do from. The other games at 45. Baltimore. Jackson built and Ellie charges against Oakland Raiders all lose the buffalo and losses from chargers end. Tomorrow savers they played at Citi Field in New York City we'll go to class. Rangers and have that. We'll have fun. This golf important fight of your better. Sports that they brought about. Gordon. Bryant bills regular season games and nicely files. OK welcome back to western new York at work with dale Murton and Laura Lewis wife her ESPN 15:20 AM. And today is our New Year's Eve. How are they show. And without. Again without further ado my good friend Marty Gorman Marty welcome to today's sure. It's a pleasure to be here is in this great a lot of the outfield field here and welcoming in the new one I now I love New Year's Eve. If there's such a great feeling around its beginnings in something yeah important their rituals there you. We can't enhance him. So market share with our listeners I mean you are very well known throughout the community. But you know it just kind of give us army maybe bring us up to speed on some new exciting things that you are part of. Well you know I continue working on them the city ration newsletter which is of course built on the buffalo five dot com website. And down that's a very very powerful tool. More than 65002. Unique viewers to each month. Stuff I buffalo five we have found a wonderful event in China but also very good content it's it's Butler centric it's. Everything you wanna know about buffalo and every every Thursday this integration newsletter goes out with at least a dozen great things to do this week in another dozen great things to do in Butler next week. And just when you think you cut your breath. Yep more step to do about club and of course the theory is that this is placed making if you give people enough things to do in Bethlehem. This is where they want to be so it feeds into the hole bring them all back and to keep them here's a retention and attraction. I'm tied up nicely with a little bow in a wonderful missive that reminds you to get out and enjoy this place because it's great. Yet and I are talking before the show how lucky Arlen an awful there's so much. Rich cultural history there's beautiful and it's beautiful building beautiful seasons and it's there's so much going on in the he's had to get. That's at a welcome wake city patient has. Always been about it's been twelve years and I can't believe it. Isn't saying refi apple and we from 1907. The only time that it was epic gone. And just went on an on and it was just a wonderful thing seated so that a hundred years later 99 years later OK it's just missed just feed that you can't really. We did this Centennial as well okay in 2007. But it it then we reply to it 200699. Years later and it was in tip that in nineteen less than an effort to ice it was designed to bring them. You know they Pan American exposition was financial catastrophe. And people started leading going to really parlay places like Rochester and Syracuse. Area and so what impact connecting in 1907. Postcards. Or how people communicate it was the Twitter of the day and so people sent postcards. And thousands of them there were at least eighty different designs and and tens of tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of both parts come compete. For September ones used Stanton. Of 1907. And that was the first. Documented we've been able to kind. That we had a population loss that we wanted to bring them. And so it seemed very appropriate. In 2006. To go back to an interesting event. A critical time in the flat and replicate. The you'd be okay for people to applaud the time that this is happening across across a city I was attended the from Niagara medical campus event last week called home for the holidays with that it was done. Wednesday morning and now 981130. Days. In the innovation center it was them beautifully done and they showcase. All those things about buffalo answered. Some of the questions people had but what about this but what about now and and aren't rental prices going up and they're really jobs in this field and in an appeal. It was very well done and secondly it is concerned a lot of people moving back to buffalo is can they find a job. In the field at work and on a lot of people who worked in the entertainment. Production of its key production comes photography production it's hard for them to try and find age back in buffalo. In that calendar it worked in New York City year I'll play another huge Hobbs for energy production. In 2007. Before about the it was cool again and let let the lawyers still working and changing image. Which twit has been an incredibly successfully over Berry. Very short period of time. Due to the efforts of many. On India to external circumstances as well but they didn't do a conference up week we are leveraging this. On urban chic this Rust Belt cool you know yeah. An and drew bringing in millennial sent a second 2006 when I was doing this. There was a real question about jobs and at schools. In the land deals and their two demographics of course. Who are moving active in continued to move your minute their category element in a minute but animal and kneels that. In it to 2830. 2030 somethings who are on just start him yes and they really want to come back to. Uncles and aunts and grandparents and cousins and great houses with yards and marks and you know that they really want to be your dates that Tenet went out and what about schools right and those two questions were very typical to answer. In 2006. And 2007 the ticketing much easier all of these anti these days. The epidemic graphic that is coming back at the masters and say you're gone for twenty advocate years. You're in Las Vegas you have you know five bedroom house it's too big it's a track in during the housing catastrophe. That was it was very difficult for him to unload. The house that now that the housing market is that you're seeing more and more empty masters being able to sell that house house where it. Elsewhere and come back to buffalo and they wanna be here because it's less expensive. Because they can live downtown around a lot different walked everywhere but also the aging parents. They need to care for and so it makes a huge amount of sense but with a 23 professional theater companies. You know like come back to buffalo is always something to do here as a kind of things now. And that their demographic of course our our new Americans are refugee community and their playing a huge rule. In the upswing in buffalo and in stabilizing. The population. And I can't say enough good things that the work ethic and how much are contributing to that. By currency and the diversity there community it really and it's interesting cases I've noticed that the refugee population. He just unaware. Unaware carton. They don't care if they're making ten dollars. That's what that's a lot for them and they just really wanna be part of the community. And we're card which picking learned. What shocks me is how many are engineers. Doctors. Lawyers physicists. And they're cleaning bathrooms. Happily it just shocks me that you're able to say. In good time when I protect my language skills doing these low level jobs I will. Once again qualify in my profession and become a professional can't be the stock broker. Who has a small retail outlet in as a refugee and says she's an article you're here but in Indonesia she was a stockbroker. Interest in his. Amazing it gets while it what it thinks are earned right. Kind of touch starling Lisa I thought I heard you say. And maybe this my own personal pain but from may not yet be the the destination of choice but this is a location of choice people are purposely choosing buffalo because of the quality of life we have here. Death my understand I don't think I have any data to back that up but I think the debt that the influx began. Nearly a decade ago and has only increased I don't know that we're seeing those numbers because they don't senses yet the 20/20 census I think is going to be. I think it's going to be surprising on yes he still lose people every community does. Mom can group losing fewer upper college graduates after we invest on all those dollars. And all that effort in educating them so many it automatically went elsewhere making many of looking. For ways to remain in buffalo and and it and it's a great place to stay and now they're recognizing that there's actually a city. You know if if our college students on our we have 21 colleges and universities in Western New York. It it's a remarkable number. And for many years they had no idea that there was a city here. Personal experience I was putting up panache he teamed together for CEO at the center prompt pinheiro leaderships in 2009. And I hit a graduate students from UP from north campus. And they had been their for their undergraduate and graduate program when I brought them into my Pappas at Allentown they weren't shocked they said. This whole sick here. No white tee that this was here. They've been there for seven years and never got into the city of buffalo. I think this is not as true today I think that the colleges and universities are making a very proactive effort to integrate their students into our community. Yes I would agree with you could go as well with that and I would also say this is somewhat on the downside. I think we're seen a transformation. Are especially in that and would village area. That know some of the residents may not be embracing because it's taken away from what. With a true essence of what the community has always to a foreign and been like and you know. You know I'm a big proponent of economic development but some development takes away from. Know from that and often really that the true culture of the city of the community ashe's. There is that. I've got a book coming out in April of the new year at 2018. And my other hand is and the publisher and publish our powerful stories that need to be told and not let. The book is called becoming omelets waffles Austin park neighborhood and it looked document with Elmo at the historic only district from. Before Frederick Law Olmsted from the days of just a delicate through contemporary in its history that we need to know in order to intelligently. And thoughtfully. Embrace some changes and say no this change is not in keeping with the character because now we know that character we know where it came from. So there are ways to inform ourselves to. Make good decisions. Using the green code etc. to to determine what direction he's snippets take. That's fantastic really fighting that's a perfect spot right there love to come back and talk with you more about a published your publishing and other books and where going as. 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Seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It's as much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. This is frank puts her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. Welcome back to question you find out where I am Lauren Lewis and studios my cohost down my and and we with Marty Foreman this morning. And married been sharing so much insight to us and a how old are Buffalo's come over the past 101112 years and really re growing and resellers yourself and it. Awesome city and 1 of I am Marty's. Other size has she where is is it with a publishing buffalo heritage press. And the mighty proud and several books for up to the studio B is for buffalo in Allentown and Albright. There are many ways to tell powerful stories in retail culture you tell powerful stories on this program on the radio. And that's that's one way to do it another way to tell the stories is in book form. So I've chosen now taking applications college pressed again in 2006. When them keep act of up to 32 years away. And it's a dubious about that but he happens to have won a major national award. It's drawn to Tucker pipa and starts without trying to and it goes through the alphabet. All the way to temple that cyan. Showcasing his greatest hits I mean he is for is for right now XP is for populous City Hall cius for central terminal dias at my house. And I'm finding that many professional service firms. And realtors. Corporations. Using this looks at this put to them to put their corporate local on the front they're using this looked to send out potential talent. To say look at this place is that something she would love. To so I can tell the powerful stories of each of these buildings. A company with a beautiful drone photographs of beautiful panoramic view from the and it's very impressive it makes it and instills pride of place. In those of us who live here and it draws those who don't know we're up is to say. It. This priest asks via the air. So this just one of many books that is the one corporations are choosing now. But you can tell our stories like the story of John gee I'll break out between Albright is because we have a gallery with that name is is the guy who brought steeled about right. They can't it tells us or mystery. Instills pride of place so it in the and so important. Therefore anyone who wants more information or would like to purchase know what can they do they can discuss about the heritage dot. Easy either Allen nine but if the analog that the complicated dot com. Have a certain line down our last show of 2017. We are talking at the break about the new year. And you're all out here. And calls are coming into the 2018. So had this kind ritual. That I wrote about in this city creation is that it that deal and to read because he's when I subscribers and agreement. And it is describing how. I am how I really need to. Clear the decks and clean out the old year before and you hear began since I spent a lot of time. Cleaning off my desk leaning out the closet cleaning out the culprits in the kitchen and just kind of getting rid of the debris. Left over from the very very busy year. And what do you do with which you find that you don't need anymore so the logical thing to do is to pay for it. And to give to those who don't have enough. See you box it up and in this blog post on unpopular side. That appeared in this integration as I said these are my five favorite places to take the things that. I really don't need because we live in such abundance. In this place. I want to contribute and to folks like they're like refugees from hurricane Maria. From Puerto Rico that are writing into rolls and pop up sometimes in a classroom in about the public schools. There will be five or six new Spanish speaking students from Puerto Rico these are folks who arrived here with nothing. Absolutely nothing so there are many places that we'll take those two nations at a great way. To clear the decks welcome in the new year with a petite little podium that where do. I agree with that but I also think that when a war when market share with me on her intentions I saw his. No clean out that no clean off your desk cleaning out the closet being sold universal because it's applicable to every aspect of her life what would you say. No I athlete that I've kind of spent the past couple days. Just mixing gratitude as well and going through them when they most thankful for in 2017 and I'm internally and writing it all down and really turned it just. Being so appreciative for what I have in my life and getting ready for a clean slate and you know. More pretty great before in 2018. Sighted idea that ten and the year reflect and prepare for the new year. There's so much of that you know energy that's happening in general are our city you know cleaning out the goal starting the new. I mean you can't go to web site oracle to even watch TV channel without listening or hearing something about you know how to know. Objection your starting in our fresh start. You know myself for example when things I'm look at I'm looking at our strategic planning for 28 taking. And I'm excited about that you know I mentioned earlier about the launch of the TV show but there's so many other things that we're going to be doing. And I'm most excited about this the work they were going to be doing in the community. Outside of just being on here each and every Sunday there's things that we're going to be doing and looking to work with you even more so Marty a bar how what's your work can be. And wall with some projects that you are in over taking. Wonder this is great eight and two. An interesting year in a start. And new years it will be. It will lift up the list let us how you can start the new year right of the superstition and went. When it start the new year the wing and want the new year to be. And so I'm gonna start with friends and family house party and Richmond avenue and in the same at a friend's wedding tonight at a mansion on Delaware sol with I am only in us and it's paid about my families out. Well equally the same quarter a time when my mother. Them bring in the new year with him and from there to see how open house night progresses but it'll start with Stanley. Probably in that we're friends but it's it's going to be a joint news act amendment. Now I analysts everyone a very very happy new year and help I don't has a fantastic night be safe. On these are my keep warming us fund our eye on 2017 was awesome and I can't wait for 2018 self. I've when he has had a has pretty years I have in which everyone and faster prosperous and healthy and happy new year that's great and you hear mark Yost was saying any parting thoughts happy new year to one NIK happy new year. What Buckley been listening to Western Europe network live here ESPN 15:20 AM with dale Martin and alone Louis. We had just another great show we've had the winner only now Marty Foreman and studio with us if she's doing some remarkable things and you know what. We've talked to you next and they enjoy the game enjoy your New Year's celebration and see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part five of ten field PC law group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. 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