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Western New York at Work
Sunday, December 3rd

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Find my mind if I were confident that come forth follow him on it but consider into it healthier life. Buffalo hope that they make. Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Laura Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and work your business friendly conversation. I'm your host Bill Martin light Perry ESPN 15:28. Am what my cohosts Lauren Louis where we talk about sports jobs economic development. And always the people that make it happen Laurie good morning. Well I'm cast Sealy I've missed you as well I don't you can studio where rumor has it that you want me to take another day off another vacation and I'm like Q what is it that alarm once that is ideal way. Now neither. Ever had to have you back we're glad to be badly did you get much time as needed that we're glad to have you back OK well happy to be here and. We have the allied featuring guest instantly what this today boosted been the president. And owner of new buffalo teachers as well good morning earn good morning video program yes a lot of Marietta had via happy to be here. He thinks so we'd be talking about some new exciting thing now. I'm a believer that insurance. Risk management and having the right kind of converts. It's not necessarily. Sexy or on the dog is gonna change and for a change that he tells by the name you've got flown hair right so but before we today know what's happening in the world sports. Your your sports update I'm Libby be LC it's game day new airfield where the bills get ready for the first match up with its. Rival New England Patriots can be the first content the patriots season and a big one. The bills currently stand at six and five only tiebreaker behind the 65 Baltimore Ravens currently hold the sixth and final playoff spot in the UC. Pirates who have been nod at quarterback for the second week after he helped lead the bills to a victory over the chiefs in arrowhead last week. Overbuilt head coach McDermott was noncommittal retired as starters. Passed this week ago for bills patriots is that 1 o'clock if you come over her sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. It over to the ice. For the Buffalo Sabres once again felt the Pittsburgh Penguins this time five to one is upon a hill scored the lone goal for buffalo his seventh of the season. It was the fourth straight loss for the sabres only one goal scored for buffalo. The fourteenth combined. The favorite now 617. And four on the season next up the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday night the sports update brought to you by what Tokyo PC blogger your complete. Legal counsel defied hockey team to enjoy the game with a nicely so much. Are awesome at this what did you know little tough these weeks with the sabres and not cup not put in some winds. On the board at any point up or roll back so yeah I'd Eric the who really doesn't awesome sports update. It did of their brother Lou the Osce and yeah I'm just gonna make my brief answered. You back to the matter. And it. I mean it doesn't really nothing if you. Paul nobody in the news. We have the bills until there's patriots on a Sunday at this is going to be a best Sunday ever I can't weigh in at that so this. At Dell mentioned an intro we have done and in studio with us from new buffalo assurance that thing again I mean it's like having me on to new flood insurance. Back and when you started you off on turns you just recently. Yeah I was about one year ago exactly. So we're property and casualty insurance agency we also. Handled. Employee benefits but. Mostly. We insure businesses so contractors. Or main street businesses if you will what are restaurants that kind of thing. You know are required to have all kinds of different insurance and we'd be in business and that's what we work mostly so. What size businesses. And stimulate small to medium sized businesses mostly so under fifty employees. A local company will house a mostly we've got business all over the state though. We do some business done and your in the world for but mostly western us some. Background and history about. Knew about lunch and ash are so. My wife and kids we are living away in Naples Florida. And you know this kind of it was time for the next thing was time to it loses take steps though and start thinking about it and read first started thinking about maybe. I'm going out you know our own down there buying something and then. Both look and tugs at you while you're away so we came back to buffalo couple times the the other day when you're at any all of its annual fan base and so old. So we'll. We've as the snow so I didn't write it a little too sunburned how to get back and it all right. Perpetual summer gas. So. It was amazing to come home to buffalo and see everything that was. Happening in transforming. Downtown. Especially in I think I just want to be part of you know. So we can can open this idea it was a. Crazy idea at first nearly. A year later we had a really nice first year we had a strong year and you know future's bright was a tough sell for your wife I mean when he heard two accounts you know come to this commuter I hurt oftentimes there. Are sometimes innovators come here you know kicking and screaming. Beginning they never wanna leave yeah cures passing. We're both from buffalo but you know we really do we really enjoyed. Where we live real nice friends and it's like down there are so. Halloween and the three and a half years out of not a terribly long time look at. But it was nice it was nice where we were on an if you're familiar with that West Coast of Florida it's just they're. So. So it was nice it was a little bit of mental hurdle to get over kinda like another big cross country mum booked. I don't know like I said both look at it tugs at your new kind of you. All roads totally decked buffalo sometimes we are working in the insurance industry yeah I was I was so. I went there for some of the folks in Canada the same thing opened up an agency from scratch. And got that going over the computer time I commuted a little bit back and forth from buffalo down there before moving and a and then this kind of want to do it myself when do them down. Awesome how is business development on for you over the past year. And gaining your new clients and really launching new battle insurance yeah you know there's a lot going on buffalo and they can I think sometimes we get hung up on this idea ever. That you know maybe there is not the strength in the local economy that you might see in some other places or or whatever but. There's a lot going on Buffalo's a lot of businesses in buffalo does a lot of things. I happen under the radar so warm and there's a lot of new stuff going on there's a lot of new. Ventures and just a lot of activity thanks so it's been pretty good you know it's it's always its own. You know. I think a little bit to go out and try and develop new business momentum that's been going pretty well it's been going pretty well and I'm. Apprehensive because it is so competitive out there what would you say that you're fine or you share with your clients and potential clients what makes you unique. And why they should do business with you. Yeah well our business they think it's comes down to service a lot you know to have a client can kind of get a hold view. That trusts you. That can. Get what they need to sort of but keep their business moving without getting hung up too much. In the weeds or something and if there's if there's starting a new project needs you know it's to get some insurance all that kind of different stuff. We try to distinguish ourselves it's just really exceptional service. And. Also and so with. And shirt you know being locally in ideal lottery referrals you does that personal touch a personal care how it helps with the growing your business as well right. Does it does so it's amazing I think when you go out on your own people sort of surprise you a little bit too out of the woodwork so to relatives of fortune how do. And them in some really nice ways so. I just Ted some great support from. Just from you know everybody had known him mentally grown ups so it's been really. Really good in terms of those referrals and things like that adamant prior to committing to Florida where you in the insurance industry. Yeah I was I was actually since about 2000. Nine I've been in the insurance industry. Prior to that. Worked in the in the media as well. And until I was about thirty so of them some 39 now so. Yeah I knew I was in the insurance business about the news how the insurance industry change over the past ten years. Well I think. On the personal lines side of the business we seal. Of online. Competition is developing so. There are different. Different ways to procure insurance for your home grotto on line we haven't seen as much in the commercial side because you still do need that. Kind of personal touch if you will but them you know technology is coming in apps on phones and things like that but. It hasn't changed dramatically not certainly not as much as some other businesses. Yet that's great sit in very. Your client team work when company comes to you what they're looking for insurance may not share exactly what they need how do you help them there I navigate. Insurance wealth well you analyze their business and look at their exposures and try to determine. Exactly. What their risk it is. So. A lot of times with businesses. You know they're required by. A whole bunch of different insurance if you're if you're contractor union commercial auto two insure your trucks so that they can be on the road and in the general liability and commercial umbrella and workers' compensation those are all required. But you know they do all work together these coverages. And you know you just wanna make sure that a company doesn't have some big exposure out there were something that Heather where their body went to insurance but they have some exposures that are covered. And could be you know detrimental to their operation. Okay workers stop what you're listening to western new York and work with del Martin and Laura Lewis and they are featured guests it's mr. duck bend he's the president of the new. Buffalo insurance agency located in downtown buffalo done by the with that being said where exactly are you located at county jail where I east toppers street actually were between Maine and Washington. Fourteen east Tupperware kind of across from the police station parking definitely with the neighborhood and it's. The theater district it's a great neighborhood alienation dad really not a dominant on their tearing now. I know he's on down nice to just take a walk at lunchtime or something then it's. Ever changing you know a lot of those vacant storefronts on main street are all that's again honored and a lot of new businesses going in those storefronts in a lot of down main. Up and down main yen just the bloc remained. Where we are as a 700 block and that's a pretty robust. Commercial district and then. The block where she uses as a lot of new businesses well our compress the restaurant is about that came and ask your favorite lunch spot as that they our than press segment is they're great and good people gather around and yet. Exposed pretty good to get married and Suze deluge is a lot of good. This is Kelly. Then theater place just if you're standing in front of Shays just to the left a club I never heard of Elena checking out. I love on a lot of exciting new stuff a new insurance agency ensuring that new buffalo. Don't pull in anywhere bottle we have more great conversation would duck and Lauren on the other side of this break. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. This is their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning posts it. 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The term deal PC large group your complete Caracol TV beating your lifetime legal neat calls it 8553761. In half for advertising. And complete dedication and left in your community. Did you watch buffalo healthy living magazine. With over a 150000. And accurate and over 35000. Did and buffalo healthy living in the Western New York march it priest helped you living magazine for people have always been focusing on health. The nutritional and vitamin business and community thoughtful healthy living is dedicated to providing well written and only art. The fact that the proper place in Britain highest standards of corporate purposes. Accountability and can't parents thoughtful how visiting often positive social and environmental impact. Proud to be questioned your premium free health magazine for people following. Buffalo healthy living right about the half as the mad at mount that Peter find it every area widening the path along with thousands of other locations throughout always comfortable. What can your. Into the advertising. 71 that you feel for ACC why. Find my mind if I were confident backhand or follow them unfit for consider. Can do it cause you liked the thoughtful healthy living next. Questioning your head or was Gil Martin and Lewis livelier ESPN 15:20 AM. And today we've been talking with mr. Doug best who's the president of new buffalo insurance agency. A new agency. This ensuring the future of the new buffalo that's not like that yeah there's a lot isn't bright future ahead of us here is. Now what are a lot of changes happening and lower brought a good question tourism. Marcus how has the landscape of insurance changed last ten years. What are the things that I noticed recently as a lot of discussion around here cyber insurance and you can issue a bit about that and exactly what it is your organization is involved that. Yes exactly so. You know nearly every business. Is connected to the Internet in some way. And if you store records if you store people's personal information anyway whether it's a credit card numbers for subscriptions. Or. Maybe a doctor's office. As people's dates of birth and Social Security numbers. Or that type of information. You know you have this exposure right that if if you were somehow hacked. And then inform. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. This is their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning post it. Custom design servers and network infrastructure solutions at access CU group they go the extra mile to handle even your most basic IT in business needs such as setting up your internal Wi-Fi system. And they provide 24/7 help desk support and manage services. Stop worrying about the complexities of your IT problems and focus on the solution by contacting your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York. That's excelsior group. Call 5687990. To schedule an appointment or visit them at accessing a group dot com. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watch. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world calls and Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant and it was the butt cheek club. They actually head basketball courts and the story goes that they were experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no not a joke but she pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Hi welcome back to Wesley regular we have positive beyond. You missed out on your conversation we're having a little bit of technical difficulties in the studio this morning flipped a great conversation this morning that Doug band from new buffalo insurance and Douglass talking with us about. Fighter insurance and how important it is for companies to have cyber insurance because of drop connected to the Internet. And it is certainly if you're storing any kind of information. Whether it's credit cards are client's personal info. You have an exposure there. And boy just about every day we see something in the news about some kind of reach some kind of hack. And they can trickle down to your business maybe you use a vendor or something like that you have some kind of software's CRM and they get active and your clients. You know that can come back to you. Maybe you have a disgruntled employee who. Does something nefarious on the last day. Or maybe just something and convert you know earlier yours. You send though list of client info. That's the wrong spreadsheet and the race. That can be really bad. And there is all kinds of regulations that require you to take action and their insurance products that the protect against that so. If you do have one of those breaches to be very costly. Insurance is and asked that question I mean outside of losing important Gaynor are there any financial penalties for not having cyber shot. Well if you don't if you have a region you do not have any insurance yet you know there's that is. There's things you're compelled to do notifications. Are credit monitoring or are reissuing. Credit cards of all kinds of different things like that the can be subject to be very costly so. The coverages the covers lies. We're also seeing a lot of pretty sophisticated financial scams now so. Different businesses account of being defrauded in different ways. And some of them like I said I just really elaborate and they can throw you for a loop so you can you can. Combined with cyber with cybercrime you know you that if I you you know. Read one in the news where. A payroll firm I was directed to transfer money to cover payroll for. Accompanying. That was their client and it was a scam you know mostly moved all the money. Out into the ether sort of and it was gone you know. Any sort of handling is silicon mechanized. That like there while we all get those kind of Phishing emails right but I'll tell you all you need is one that's just a little bit more sophisticated the CD game. More and more sophisticated every time you get Ontario yes they do they do I got one recently. That looked like it was a fifty dollar iTunes purchased you know Olympic and one of my kids by Jonas says something in there he didn't purchase this click here before I clicked and it though. This is a scare you know with a week it looked at gen. Yeah and negative a text message to you that what looks like my beer credit card company telling you there's files transactions there. Right beneath your information like kind of responding back to that I was just called a credit card company. Derrick nix aren't as it looks to do it he asked. To do wrong with happiness there you know for listeners out there we want you to attend the Western European work cyber security our business breakfast. Again that would take place on Thursday December 14 are at the senate cloak from 7:30 AM to eleven. For ticket information just give me a call at 716563. These are 238 we have a host of our panel discussion are around the area of cyber security and a number of and a number of ways. But now and doesn't get it that's right dot I don't know there's. Out of it there's going to be a lot of great folks there excess seam group and folks like no we're gonna kind of try and break down. A little bit what exactly. The stuff is and how worse is to be overwhelming you using. And government is trying to trying to file a little bit and let folks know. Don't even realize that you can get insurance. To protect your you're tiger assets. That's new to me this morning Tyler just really and that yeah and it makes a ton of sense now. It makes a ton of sense and again especially anybody who storing those records you know like yeah distinctive any business that has your information on file or your credit card and while charging your record regularly you know. If they get to someone from the other side of the world that comes in and you know doesn't kinda hack in and and sweeps that all out of there. There's not a lot of legal recourse. You know the local police department. Boom do their best but. That information is gone you know you're compromised spot in the insurance generally well. Yours you have to have a plan and number has talked about that plan on Thursday to some of fourteen. Proper fit in light at that time because constitution was moving quickly ran long ago was what is like to her. To be so expeditiously hear what our dug another thing I want to ask you are about the the agency. Is on your in downtown buffalo there's a lot of new energy new traffic in and in our central location. For the business owner for the start a business school there is a number start businesses around our community. Before that start up entrepreneur that says you know what I nor any insurance but I don't know where to start. What would you say for it kind of information we share with hammer her. Yeah well. You know we can certainly help you can give us a call if you are starting a business and you don't know hours where where to begin. We're at these sort of advise you laid out for you a little bit. So does give us callables. We'll tell you what what Geneva and what number can they give each year at it's 716332. 157. B is our number. And you know we were with startups all the time so it's an exciting and exciting part of our businesses to. Help startups launch you know. Yeah. You didn't look kid and east upper right downtown yep fourteen needs toppers or between Maine and Washington. Again and theater district to as the weeks leading neighborhood to. Be part of medical campus right on our back door. And it's amazing what's going on over there children's just opened last we have executive Fazio I know that's really the medical school's about to open right thing and it's. That's kind of facility again just an incredible time for. Those of us who've been a ball well our whole lives you know we disorders the to see what's happening downtown is like the fulfillment of decades of kind of hoping Washington planning. Yeah that expunge adding that Alan towards main street and seeing them the medical school yeah. And how it developed in house about over that and a TA train station and it looks you fall. I don't just a few years ago I was knows someone give a talk and there are from the medical campus and they are saying man. If we could ever get rid of the train station we can open up the medical campus to Allentown. And but is would be you know long term at a very difficult thing to do wouldn't put the whole train station underground. And here here we have a yes the downtown is connected right into the medical campus student medical schools. I hope to see more people using the train and heading downtown invent you know to get on at UB north campus and all the way down. To the arena. That is pretty greatly and they took it to the sabres game on Friday night it's. It's very easy and hand the economics you're accurate big city yeah that's it's spineless. It's how how did the train. Above ground at three ray yeah and analysis under and that's written in a TE actually might yeah that it was retrieved. What do dot. I was looking to website and I note that you can't you cover not just the Cyprus. Issue but there's commercial lines risk management. Personal personal lines of insurance. He's been intact what this personalize. Each personal lines insurance is just. The home. Auto insurance as individuals have all of us that have. Personal automobile have insurance. You have a home or apartment you have some homeowners or renters insurance. We always recommend people have a personal umbrella which is excess liability. Umbrella policy a lot of people don't know what they but it goes over your home and your auto. And if you have oh oh loss claim reliability is exhausted. Number all comes and goes over voter. A motorcycle or anything like that as well also. Personal lines side of things is them that home auto. Sometimes. He might have a rental property you're too and that kind of falls under the personal lines. As well so blitzes to individuals. Families. Insurance okay and what are the are on the commercial side whether you are sole proprietor Horry LLC does it make a difference. And in terms of handling that type of coverage. Yeah it does make a difference. In terms of how we write the coverage. But yet your business your corporation are now see here even the sole proprietor and hello. The deviate the collar. If you're running your business you know he needs business insurance so. Any business and as payrolls record carry workers' comp and statutory disability. You know again a few vehicles on the road yet they have some commercial auto coverage in place. You're doing work for certain types of people they require you to carry insurance limits that. Mean Dem five more something else with third parties so. A lot of times we have requirements. That we're working with to try and help that business kind of has cost effectively as possible get what they need in place. So that they're not exposed and so that they can do the work they need to do. Sounds a little. Complex when that's the expert and so we will who has an insurance question or insurance needs what should they do. Again give us a call 716332. 1570. Will be imputed give you any advice. So I nine's parents it's one of those things like ten don't have deal at. Be any that nearly eleven forbid something happens you don't at least caught off guard. That's right you need to be you need to have the correct coverage and a lot of times in your pay a lot of money for this stuff so you wanna make sure that it's right. And correct. And the not paying for something you don't mean ray. Or they you know paying for all want to stuff but like me you have a large exposure that is that's left uncovered kind of in the middle of at all so. It's the kind of kind of puts together like puzzle pieces. Next thing out outlook personnel. You know interactions and some and I can really topsy tell my story to what my needs are talking to someone and cause manner. You know who knows where they're located and they don't there's an up to Ohio but I think it's nice user at a local personal. Connection entitlement and really help you navigate your. Yeah that's exactly what we try to sort of also put out there is and not dealing with someone and the end of an 800 number. That you know we're here you know you can Communists will come meet you. You know where we. We're here help you out and give you the advice he. To get to set up. That's prep is anyone looking very. Insurance needs new buffalo insurance. Located right down in downtown buffalo and Doug it's been a great conversation this morning thank you so much or chatting with us and talking. Hi how people there insurance needs. Lauren and that so much for having views for being here. Pleasure you. Awesome thing is some putts and like an awful new insurance agency knew buffalo and and natural gas and he's he's insuring the new buffalo go ahead and do buffalo or and it's and it's a new city that. And really we came back to a new city you know so as that was part of whoever came up with the name I think it was just too different to different ball was the reluctantly. I love XL a dynamic and see where it doesn't. Where others just continue to go. Welcome back and we wish you continued success you've been listening to western new York and worked with dimmer and Martin Lewis who aren't any party taco Bell's. Go bail. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.