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Sunday, November 19th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning west in New York in welcome to west near cat where. You are this Hispanic conversation dedicated to sports jobs academic development and the people who make it happen. I am Lauren Lewis you're co host my Carlos Del Mar and even mosque this week. He's been working pretty tired. So I on a given day off so I aim is to get this morning with Sophia Marcella who is a sales manager at the millennium hotel in buffalo good morning Sophia. Murray and thanks for coming in this morning and I'm excited to have you on I think there's a lot plan buffalo at a lot of conventions. Tourism. So much is happening in buffalo and western area in regards to you people coming in and experiencing all the we have opera here in an animal on him a huge part in net. So and I thank you for being here and have a great conversation about. Let's talk about what student helped bring. And drive that or tourism economy here today from the you know so before you started I landed a sports update. The sports update is brought to you dial attempt GOP seat and back she pizza. And and of course the front ESPN radio we had talked about her bills and sabres last night sabres. Came up with a loss again. It wasn't that pretty at this second interfere real exciting they were and it. And then McCain had two goals the second one within ten seconds he kicked density denied that and tackle. Unfortunately which I think have been turning point in the game for them. And today the bills pick out in California taken on Alley chargers. There's been quite a week for the bills as they decided to banish Tyrod and bring in Peter minute QB. Does a deity of any U. The bill stand at all I am I am a map from the area that academic converted. A candy have been guaranteed commitment areas and it became a fan of the fans first and you know later on the team. Yeah and Ed what's the Buffalo Bills have that perception in that and it bounced bills mafia. Absolutely as a drives us and then the team and it. Is second nature and exactly exactly well under heaven did season it's easy on the bandwagon and have fun in this earlier in the season that's what we had a lot of swings. It was exciting and in the past few weeks against the jags. Last against the New Orleans to. Terrible loss as they can have already turning point this week and really needed a win. Them hoping that they can do it out on the West Coast. So. That is our sports update for this morning and I'm so let's go out to Sophia and talking about the money not tell us if you went to a background about the millennium. And can of where act today for. For business. It's hard sell the line it's been around. For for ten years now. Their puny issue in that house for those in an area for a long time. That's what they recognize the property has. Now the millennium is kind of freeing the rot in TU this new aids we've recently re branded and kind of re introduced ourselves and them again. Hard and what the I'll Leesburg is how to meet be competitive when it you know the big name talent Mary Katherine and then. That's like that in the area so what we'd do is you know DD de five for the team a lot different initiatives. Are always going routes on earth sales cause Q. Well companies. Who maybe have heard of science and others have not. And that's really where we're trying to capture rate now that kind of bulk of the market is that going especially when Tony teen. Is that new business. Especially mentally. That's something we've downward right now lowest rated town week. At odds are cops that and in terms of other hotels that are full service properties. Three paths ours. And really what we're trying to stay you know Hayward here I mean we're not in the list in the race by. One thing that year's super it is quality timeliness and past service. Huge gaffe game and for people who don't know it millennium hotel is when she's give us that click. Update at. Where is the millennium a tough sell you passed it once or twice actually we share it with the art gallery in new. So it's red apple an avenue Alpine and her fact that they really can be location for an incoming to the area. On business. For tourism. We're just shopping area exactly that's that's huge especially now Canadian named Paris and Nino weather here for business and leisure. There ethnics and ma are you having a lot of and Canadian visitors coming in and staying with you at the millennium hotel. I am where I mean with that market. Because of where the dollar and yet apparently. We started seeing a bit more of an increase now and I think it's currently just because of where a flow is that and kind of been quiet reverence and yes. One and if it's not happening sport. And teller I mean these. And yes we're definitely seeing an increase in viewed. And show a couple of years ago on Canadian dollar was much stronger. Answer occupancy was crazy it even at the Molly woods yet Eric. A lot of in choppers and elegant a minority they're being summoned from the awful I was there shopping. On the weekends at a lot of these are coming down in which really helped by the academy of the mile and a hotel as well exactly exactly and Dan. Yes an hour's sort of trying new ways to capture business. We noticed alive and that meaning travelers actually coming down for him sports weather and hockey year's soccer. I work with a sports park and actually partnered with him. And for any tournament that they had on the Nadine teens. And some of them and areas and ands buts and the familiarity that they said that's what it is the months Ella. Let Indian offensive line they know them all it immediately an attraction of finding a millennium exactly and knowing where to say. Now how are you driving new new business coming to use the millennium. Sell this last year you know pretty much brings out team. That was good because I hadn't seen the and team. And for example we've done a lot of scenes columns. That's pretty much ego we had you know advertised fees and we're pretty much on doors luckily seeing now hey. Have you heard and seen as we do. And any pain for Halloween to tune national popcorn day and any skis here you know. Bring it in action. Personally I have been a lot this year and York this past July to you it's a partnership and comes back. Which is the largest sourcing before. And hospitality and global Hughes. If it's on meeting planners and cleaners and safely down just very dame really making shaking hands and actions. And we were able actually get a lot of physicists from. Because those people handle clients across a Mac and I mean internationally. And man that was relieved I think beneficial for us. And aside from the right now we're teaming they passed for our. And actors are. There's still time we have a lot of space and where actually. It's patents that facility. And we can do it and she's six. With the smallest size of an eight India's image it's a private room for something. Mean there's smaller company what. With that point there. I mean really at TU. Week are Smart eighth. Weary just need a conference collar you can do that for him. As. Awesome and the price point for anti different levels of pacing for their rooms. Actually sell you know being from the hi I'm extremely well I. Incredibly. It's it's quite the difference I think for the show in comparison of rent. Absolutely and exceed a couple of Alex. I mean literally like a fraction of the price. For him whenever the lines visas for example. I'm at the hundred. I am plus tax is that there and I'll learn a couple of hours for the for the holiday while that's really afford at that degree actually a lot of businesses 81 do an off site meeting exactly. T a lot of local businesses that are. Using you guys that. Wheat. So were huge sports. And also do a lot business when it from the medical industry which is he. And so one of buyer regular. Catholic health. They just had a meeting with. We Wear it quit Keith TP. And and then let's also work with a lot of just. Want to do you reach treats more training reunions. What year you know religious and a ton of different markets and religious entertainment. Companies that are. With in the past year we've seen Brantley and drastic change in how they've from Thailand the eighties for outside of just meeting him BP now. Average tree that. Time. For them for the team you have reality you you app TT news accommodate her. Packages for an overnight and conference that they're bringing in a whole team and they want to put him up for an acute hotel as well. And their conference unsightly packages for that is last week ill we have package I think. That's really CU what you mean are you because of that flexibility. We've done and you know a few lines feed that program go on earth from space program Steve. And averaged. Persist you mean as a whole inclusive package and that's something I'm in where someone find that information. I'm seeking its web. And Ian hotels dot com slash in pay and then you'll bring that whooping it it's. Awesome that's a great way anyone's looking to do a business meeting in the buffalo area. At the millennium hotel need to write to their website and check up on into the pricing options there you reach out to Sophia as well. So with that we're gonna go to our first break and we'll be back in a few minutes it on one other question you act. But stack up up up at women on that and prize apple Apple's service the national staffing firm providing. Tired in exhibitions and players. And the surrounding areas outside of our client with a bat candidates for each job as well as treatment solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Out acts at buffalo. Step buffalo where buffalo sports. Popular connect. Seeking simple form. Important we'd help maintain healthy weight and prevent disease. Buffalo healthy living magazine want to eat healthy that party. And you get ready to terrifying to think of ingredients. I have and her performing here because we'll. Simple much heat and throughout the week nobody can enjoy your Thanksgiving favorite. As fresh food that about your daily diet and so I'm about has broken hand that the food and water without he had kept it. Within that Walter Reed with the driver and couldn't be home for our group that and and I am. Back up I love that we'll have more. Only this rough week for Kerry. People have been bad but for those painful. OK you know guy. Wheat and I'm hoping to live as her I mean maybe. Buffalo Hoffa sitting next part we left her premiums for health fitness. And his. People following. Of the 200008. And thousands more my regret about how the minimum. Look that every area of lightning and half among the thousands of other locations across all I wonder what in north. He ended up I'm a book of giving back or foul him he's performed better. Have a happy and didn't join it variety feet. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watching. Cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson gem but we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started watching cookie so started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little respite. And it was the backseat car. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are. Seven years later serving takeout pizza to locate them really at noon at the Joseph bought cheap pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. This is frank put her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete Caracol TV beating your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 3761. Did make me. Welcome back to question your cat where. I may. United every week and really loved going to the shots on coming back from tree to the that's. I don't know what they're talking here. But welcome back to last year at work I am learned this year cost Micah hosed down Mac and had the day off today. And we are in studio this morning with Sophia myself from the millennium hotel. In buffalo new Americans have yet been giving us an awesome rundown of all the things on hotel is doing to you. Comedy. Gas and tourists and businesses in the buffalo area at Hugh. Hosts. Business meetings conferences. Teams coming in for tournaments. Amateur not that they're doing at the monument is helping to drive tourism. In the apple at this appeal and the public is doing and asked packed. Serve so a lot of people don't necessarily think about plus a global test to do you know people in the states will come. Did he defaults for example. Or sometimes he'll have travelers come from abroad. But. People really need to start thinking of that asked that you know for example Ebert just voted. America's friendly city by chaplain leisure and I love that. You know over 500000 international travelers who visit buffalo annually. So it's really about capturing those tourists and making Wednesday is used so whether they're here to attend a convention and are they just here to take in the states and the history what have you. And that's through layer called the so for example I just attended a conference in Cincinnati. Meant it was a reverse trade show and I know if you've had the opportunity to attend any of those bank. And really reverse trade show. It's speed dating a guy on which I've never done that I have seen their identity speed networking and just kind of heat. Yeah dating and so awkward it can be it can be. But you know as. You know trends show that we've known consume information way quickly mean when mark and he did you know even two years ago. It basically gives an opportunity to make your pitch for. Your property your destination in this case B word selling awful and so each and I'm planners from all over the country. Over 300 people attended. And really it's you know this is when it's in this is ours this nation and I asked her what was here. What is your speed dating pitch for buffalo. That's everybody's cell first of we. Actually use that you know attacked and you know America's families city. An and second really pushing the value. Eat yet for coming here. I'm on materially you know I'm you know you know even going north to Toronto. Vs coming here in your savings is and exactly exactly. And then secondly talking about that diversity. How we've and in past years. A lot of the reproducing these old industrial buildings because a lot of people still think him you know this. You know factory city and down and vacant. Old factories exactly exactly are really talking about how you know they distillers industry is come one way. With some reeker and yet I'm an old first ward areas there's a lot of old warehouse is at a turning it distillery is on there exactly exactly. I'm and then another big pushes the water and how now is on the line you know that's nation itself for patents yeah cultural answer. Concerts or something like that. And you know being kind of a more scenic place to that people might think of apple ads. You know the most gorgeous destination that kind of really explain people you know he haven't and they each common view of the few years ago. Which is often the case yes felon of these miners. That it's at that time. Yet come back and see how different is even from five years ago it's past ten years ago I know. In this city I'm for striding down Allen. Towards main street a couple weeks and I live in that area site I that a lot and I've seen. You these medical school kind of develop. Driving down Allen a few weeks ago and seeing. That and a T station miserable Madison about it it has changed so much about it it's kind of complete absolutely it's not done yet but. Just the growth and where it is now compared even a year ago it's easy and that's what we try to communicate and who. End. We are you working with any. Of the organizations within buffalo and helped drive the tourism like as a problem and drier. Anything like that absolutely so we worked. Really closely with the media and non and it's really their job to you attracts these larger groups that are coming. To this city who often times are looking at. A few different places I'm you know with buffalo but in the neighboring area you know be looking at buffalo Toronto and you know Erie Pennsylvania in Cleveland even. And dam at that time it's really for them and say you know this is why she's she's thoughtful. So all correspond with them on a daily basis. Whether it's new client that they just sentenced or if it's an initiative that you know they're trying to push and they want hotels part of we actually just participated in any customer advisory council which is a way to you. Measure how buffalo compares to other cities. So real meaning parents participated. And I think we had to pretend hotels participating. And what we did was kind of mocked I'm saying this that they toward the properties and then after we can mean at the convention center with the media and and they went over the results and basically either feedback you know how how how would be shown compared to you know some of these bigger cities. Where we rank. We actually did really well also I think you know aside from the value I think it was affiliate out you know the friendliness yeah people in this area. And fact that they were genuinely interested in building that relationship with us. How there's so much that apple has offered promise that you know from sports to theater to the food how do you guys work with. That with in the area to. Drive tourism or it's a London town for a tournament. And they haven't and I offered day off Howard you it's an attempt to let them know. Other options they have to go out and do to explain buffalo. The question cell and Shays for example and they do a lot of different events every year is now. So pregnant. Visitors bureau. Were able to you know not only get that cast and crew for the shows but also their friends and family. Yeah we're coming nice day in the area. Aside from that we're working way is a lot of the local entertainment organizations. And academy is with entertainment. To really get them. To see you know case that you're here for the shadow Matt let's me get a weekend to write you know what else can we do aside from go to Steve the child. So whether it Sina and arts I mean uneasy and score you know they're going downtown for the feud I mean you can literally eat your way through buffalo. Oh yeah I have not been to address here yet. We actually like yeah yeah restaurants they're amazing and it's it's not the chains such if you're a buffalo is not a big chain restaurant area and we app they'll locally run. And then a lot of sourcing their food from local farms. As well which is amazing thing exactly yet and backed if I governments and Tia on the path killing two you know Friday's. Instant reaction I get is like an. You don't we don't. I although I did reading your bio you don't eat chicken wings I aids talent now it's I am that kind of Latin in the sense of with my any instant gratification. Sometimes when meeting I think today she edges. But any case and if there's less work involved for me the better I do like boneless wings and I don't think it's. And LA but expect back. But like frank how iron on them and blue cheese and it'll it'll suffice I say not the real thing IRA. Maybe had a light and I mean originally lettuce is on at any time there's funny guy and I think the I am so going back to everything there's your monopolies a meeting destination for. It beautiful place we do nagger there is delicate illness the ski resorts down as botrus Deepak we asked to name a few. Everything that apple has to offer round the area and how do you liquid gas coming into. Tighten those places as well. So so. First is really just to conversation and you you know you're not just selling you know on rails cars in your house getting to know the person. What is important Tia my income to the area so you know for some people the history so I just had a client you know who's really interested. In. You know the railroads in the area and a well kept it interesting very different yeah so it gave me a little bit homer to do. But it's between that and Dan and also an east of where there's against Hughes. Historical base for the right to stay right yes beautiful that aren't exactly so pan am pointing them in the right values and based on those -- little points and I'm asking open ended questions. That kind of leads UTU what their needs really are you know sometimes they don't even know. What they wanna see right when they come about well so it's just a matter of change reducing them and point them in the right direction right. On some awarded to I second break and don't go anywhere rescuer will be right back with Sophia and finishing up talking but the money is what. And with that stack up up at women on that and a prize at applicable service the national staffing firm providing too tired in exhibitions and players. And the surrounding areas outside of about our client with a bat candidates each job as well as Chris treatment solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out cats at buffalo. And every week to ride it well. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned Liberty Capital flows largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure and comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Courts download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. This is frank puts her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 3761. Welcome back to questioning I can't where I am Laurie and Melissa I'm here in studio with Sophia Marshall from the millennium hotel. And so isn't filling us in on other ways and when he Mattel is really working with buffalo Niagara region and hiding tourism. And gas and businesses to the millennium hotel so as of yet. We talked about conferences we've talked about. It is meetings. Teams coming into tournaments. On other any other great. Events that you can hold at the line without. Actually so. We've done in the past a lot of retreats four. He's companies from airlines. Run them down to news you know your local church. And really anything in that scene. One of the things that we did this past year which was a little bit differently posted. Clank cocktail hour. And that kind of show did he attended that for even if it's just you know after business Tyler's. Ayman events C news you know network connection. You know you only have so much time off and and it is a really weird just tiny home or you know everybody has a lot of things going on outside of that so. That's a little bit different than normal policy. And other kind of larger spaces downtown comfort on the Stadler. They often do it you know at a place like ours. I think hurt courtyard which is an open air each and that you know a bunch of real vegetation and right answer for all. In surplus. Indoor pool that's great he is it's nice in the clincher and he has you know different from your tip at book that he either. Meetings insert families with kids love coming and when your time very even a weekend get away apologists going to use the ball out absolutely and I Corey your greens which are just off of the cooler usually the first ago because. I passed them. And what do weddings and and planning a wedding do you do weddings the millennium absolutely huge wedding a town in fact and I started most of the people when I mention millennium had said -- Clinton laying there like Mary there is a thorough and yet with a line history for weddings. You know and again we can view. When things to keep awesome. And if people are staying in the monuments it defying inner out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport to provide shuttle service for them. We see it I'm a complimentary shuttle service when he first and and we all support by cup match service locally. Or if you're going to say sabres gamers something that you know we'll take. Awesome that's great. So if someone is once you look an event at the millennium hotel balcony in touch with via. I'm so they can contact me I mean number. That sentiments X 61 and 24. Or you know appreciate the team now. He can reach me at Sophia to Marshall Islands and hotels dot com and we've got to have. Cause some this has been a great conversation thank you so much. For coming on this morning to be any at last where it's. Think you again for having neon. And again at the millennium is a special place and you know he went and needing just one out of state quiche and let us now be an awesome while we are gonna wrap things up this morning at westamerica where you think you frivolous thing this morning and feel badly as a wonderful things giving this week and go bills as always. Thanks for listening to Lesnar can't lyrics. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cannot access CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.