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Sunday, October 8th

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Cast for advertising. And complete seven feet and left in new York community. Then you flap off of healthy living next to. Click over a 150000. Enemy and in over 35000. Kids it. Buffalo how does that mean in the Western New York fire just three healthy living magazine for people of all region focusing on health fitness. Christian and vitamin business and community buffalo hoping that thing is dedicated to providing well written and claiming our. That affect the proper places are embracing the highest standards of corporate person. Accountability. And transparency buffalo profiting off it hasn't social and environmental impact. How you can Western New York premium free help won't it mean for people. Buffalo healthy living right about the Catholics and had not that the finding that the area lightning and half. Along with thousands of other locations throughout all make hundreds of western north. Think it's good advertising contact 71 that's huge field for eight days he. Mine mine mine up we'll have you been cast come forth followed him unfit for considered in good health and life. With thoughtful healthy living next. Here's Western New York could work with your post dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin good morning. Welcome to western new York at work your business friendly conversation and we are like your ESP you know 15:20 AM talk about sports jobs economic development. Always to people that make it happen as exciting crazy morning I'm John with Natalie well a team of people started with my car all sort of morning. Mining and a fun morning answer for us today yes we do the party in here that's right how are is how to hear her affair got a toasty oak it's a two week that. Okay great week great weekend so far it's been beautiful anything you can cheer clinic on the ball past. Like great day asked him off around and went out for a lot and has part was gorgeous old. There and are today is legal matters but. And we know what that means we have frankly to be the third yes audio eyewitness today good morning good morning commute first talk about how great that western here healthy living commercial his with the Foo Fighters I mean you don't like them who I. There's seriously something wrong with the right to me the Foo Fighters are fantastic apparel. And incorporate as I've never seen accounts I got. I betcha there and now they are phenomenal I think what did you produce that did you put the Foo Fighters and that yes it's been. I'm proud for them pretty impressed that's that's nice. It's not my fault that gave girls rock legend well might that limitation than my wife hates the fact that. My program my daughter drives me she's your music stinks it's awful. And I teach my daughter every day about YouTube we ventured into Pearl Jam this weekend the way to school. She's four and immersing interprets as. The princess her favorite time is something dislike this will play in the chain smoke on law that's Ollie asks mom like that we get it going and tries my life absolutely it's because of the country music and and I tell give shots to Gian every morning and country music and miscarriage. And to his surprise. Readers. She knew that there's no question Q there's absolutely no question she's we're gonna get there like you know maybe I'll throw the Foo Fighters may go through that's on into the mix this week at school. Hey there's nothing wrong during any two fighters and there I got them the likened the new the new album is just as good as I haven't heard it yet fantastic. On earth sky is the neighbor skies neighborhood probably the best one on on the. What do you. Know I brought Michael Rossi very good friend of mine Michael owns Stanley medical pharmacy. And Mike is just an all around terrific guy he's by the way he's incredibly there to be sure to be brown paper. We brought you carry your tactics that are invited me what it is today so. And objective way. Yeah yeah yeah we're gonna companies are to lose a few. Clothing items aren't you yeah I'm gonna take it all firsthand the show gets us again I don't. Activities and difficult but give you tape record what went right away again. Are welcome to today's show always show a little bit about yourself in your business. Yes and it co owner failing medical pharmacy located next to dashes at Hopkins inclined. We've been in business or over fourteen years mrs. pretty tremendous considering the the landscape of what's gone on in the pharmacy industry. I mean my partner Dennis Clouseau were were tough and it around and going head to head with the big boys and we've been surviving so it's been a good good fit we got a great business. We're very family or and it. And currently we're offering flu shots which are usually free. With insurance. But all vaccines and it's very important that everybody gets a flu shot. So it what do you contribute to your sustainability in terms of being able to not just compete what is you know just remain competitive. Yes let's there's that question too because I mean you think about you think about CVS or you think about right did you think about even now wecht right wegmans and you know it's so all my god and pregnancy yeah. It just goes back to Google fashion service going above and beyond we week two on call your calls and middle of the night. People are discharged from hospital we meet him at the pharmacy image as we deliver. What we do is do you get a little military home delivery issues we have a lot of elderly population and we've gotten into doing some blister packing for people that are having trouble remembering it take to medications complaints is huge so. We just expanding it we're just. Doing everything we have to do what you're doing a market that pretty slick what do you do when you're doing the market's view. Your starters get it we've done we've done at all. And the best advertising seems to be just word of mouth and neck and taking good care people and get now in the community and I do flu shot clinics at churches I picked up more business just. Just be invisible I go to employer groups into flu shot clinics. And just being involved in the community helps. Handle fourteen years ago before you started. Your pharmacy where you written before that I was a district manager for record. How accurate and I managed to 42 stores from buffalo Rochester Jamestown so. We honor and a lot but that's on the road a lot and I diskette kind of fed up with the corporate mentality. Because it would we're still health care business but it was always the bottom line. More with less and you can't give good service and don't have anybody to take care of patients that point and I think that's a common theme were right in this room because we're all business hours things service cut great customer service is probably one of the driving forces. That keeps us keeps your business unique and which now are deceased and above the competition are we sure I mean. It and it is that that service you know look at people come back Q. And people's and other people to you when they feel like the good service from. But it can be you know though owning a businesses we you know all I'll do. It is so difficult. To. Do your job like as a lawyer you know you're doing I I have two cats right here on the business and your running the business and then you have to be lured him to go practice rightly can. You know that I I kitty and I see my office manager what's going and what's in the bank account. What are we what's going back today and I'm my and she's eight she's telling me as I'm running out the door to court ordered evacuated as a trial court appearances. And Michael Cahill talk about it later I mean it's. You know my and my wife is our marketing director now and that's what she's actually Phnom doing a tremendous job for us. And she will always tell you though. She heats working with lawyers. She's like she she's like that you you people no one takes that kind she says at this and someone you know we send them that she sends out an email. Give me something to talk about. On the website something case we won or something like that. No one response known response to make because everybody lawyers actually email yeah I tried right we should. I tried but she's no response because everybody you know. Reggie each lawyer in our office is handling. A minimum of 100 cases and when you're talking about a hundred cases you think about probably. Fifteen and a day and you know so when someone sends an email that what you do you know it's there in the top 55 minutes on your primary and. It is good that it was speaking at a time because this is going to be a very fast patient we have a lot to talk about. What the first thing we gonna talk about is the sports. Mr. deer Cramer what's happening in the world of sports. Well plenty going on from buffalo scene right now and most especially the bills angles. Week five of the NFL season coming at you here kick off at 1 o'clock and hear the game action over on our sister station at WGR Sports Radio by fifty. Meanwhile last night. Not everything is coming up. Roses for the Buffalo Sabres right now they fault or one and one on the season they fell behind big last night to New York Islanders. Down at as large as four nothing. Before losing en route to a 63 loss. Four shorthanded goals that actually ties and any cell records were scored in total in this game. To coming from the series Evander Kane Jack eichel also adding a goal and assist in this one. Last night. The sabres don't get much rest time they play tomorrow afternoon matinee game. Against New Jersey Devils at 3 o'clock on Columbus. The sports update is brought Q five boxes of pizza and enjoy your football team today with a nicely societies and them your peace your locker now. We go back to dale and more. The good the bad the ugly and certainly the sabres look ugly it was it was. I I was looking so forward to hanging out last night we actually hit in the right to stay home with nationally recognized it that this is great. My wife is making this tremendous meal. We had frank coming in town later in the evening I'm like you know that port myself and the Crown Royal and the Iraq faces sounds and next thing I know I'm not it was for nothing and I was screaming at the TV I was man Alex equity and we're having a nice night then make up. And guess to have to stop watching this game thank you. Also shame on me I forgot to mention you bees abdic overtime glad that I. I used. I've we we by Mike please. Some and down that Al developments the game yesterday. But it is pointing it was so disappointing. It was at sixty point physically it was incredible it was kind of off it was a great lions game in instantly history tied for on really us seven hours times. It happened over seven it was that Hitler it's too bad someone has to lose well I think what they should have mutton I. My personal you know as I think they should have gone for it on fourth down and it says you can you be sure to kick our protection kick the field. And there's also horrendous. Nine call on when master master rich and got that ball there is holding this can literally heckled. And Charlie Johnson and McCain and this has that it was great but it's different this guy. He's a VQ. What is it came prepared today in LA here is that voters of nervous. So what are your caucus will pop up about the bills Mike what are your thoughts about today's game just over your. Position on the Buffalo Bills. A. Think there are churning. Coast McDermott's really got them on the right track very disciplined. Which I feel get some calls look at a couple calls last week we and never got that would Rex Ryan coach football team their. This year they're very disciplined they know their assignment. So mom. I need to you know that there are ten guys on the field I did hear that. That was an and that is I wish I was shocking new mansion if they would have. If they would escort a touch and again the first down there in the first and then you're right I did I did hear that. I was at I was a little. Unnerved by that by that I think I am I think I'm okay right. How good the defense if you manage to make a fourth and one stop what and guys well not not to mention that it is if you look Iran crying during that play if you look at that under the pressure he's under pressure. And he doesn't know what to do with the ball and he threw them but I mean clearly. Who who is who was covering that guy in Dallas today it is like there after Davis right and he grabbed a little bit ditch Jersey there's no question about that but that always. Nowhere close to being caught I mean it was just an overthrow. But down. I agree I think McDermott fantastic. Think Atlanta would learned her lesson from the Super Bowl just from the long run the ball right. It's that's what I think. They finally figured out what they need to do was tyra. Significant date they finally figured out what to do it tyra they need to keep woman the gun they need to roll amount. He he cannot do with three step drop piece too small lines that keep and the guys out so we figured it out and I think it's gonna star opened up the office at. Talked about it this morning on the radio right here with me and maybe except a Procter and I don't know he said you have to give Dennis and a lot of credit. Because they came out those first two games. And they try to run that West Coast office work with those three step drops and he's too short you can't do that that's that his. That's not his sent right that's not his government and they changed up and they start rolling them out and it was phenomenal mark any thoughts. I'm loving a lot of meaty. The players whose names you don't really know they're Connecticut's huge pleas is here in the Micah Hyde yet another player Wear off in a two week. Favorite this year and that there's no question about that those guys are mean. It's nice it's about it's a team right look at it and never I know of that that. The standard the gold standard is is spell check right. And taking guys who have no. Known names there'd be you know getting rid of stars like you know look at he got real Vince Wilfork you get rid of that Wes Welker go he that you know. Because that but we only get this is a system. And if you play the system we're gonna win and that's a big big deal right. And they're really just building yes you can feel it you implement. You feel these players there's and then he moves into it feels more like eighteen yes who's. Really gone out to win yes like they're put it all out there I totally agree I. It's too early in the season 31 deep currents and see our society today predictions or thoughts. Turn to days. I think it's going to be competitive game that the Kamal with a three point one. They had a list and am ready we're gonna get trapped and while it that's that's for. Look at everybody's been talking again and I would go back I can't I can't read yours. Too depressing just came up. What I'd do it anyways I reevaluate what you talked about this scheme like we the the many. We won at Atlantic team. He wrote an article talking about that this Cincinnati games now trek game and we're gonna we can potentially alienate for attracting. Maybe straighten out because it potentially right but you can't that we should go out today this is a bad Cincinnati football team and if anybody tells me that Andy Dalton is a good quarterback than they they have no idea what they're talking about four. He's deeply horrendous the defense of Cincinnati's defense is third in the league in points against fumbles top button. He often has a tough job ahead of them today as well. Yeah I think I don't disagree with that and and I don't disagree with that there that it is a good defense but that this team is out I mean it. Any don't mention that score a single point and yes I think. Right with that pierce hit those are final thoughts for today's sports update you're listening to Western New York or work would Kilmer and and Laura Lewis mr. frank but to do that third. Right here again at ESP 15:20 AM buffalo don't go anywhere we have more great conversation on the other side of this break. The time BO piece he was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is has grown based. Relationships. He's built in this. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. With frank at that Leo junior or any attorney in this firm. This with somebody else people should choose our law firm because we are completely off for a class a complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aid's we're Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. But most importantly here attorneys care to our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them at the end of the day knowing a lot is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too getting you know people can do you know your client. It's taking all these variables. And and concentrating them. Single problem that your client has presented. We help people when they're injured. To help people in times of trouble when there. Get arrested. When you handle these matrimonial family court cases. You can imagine the emotions going through People's Daily lives and when you can. Provide them with some solace. In some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Great guy. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watch. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. clutch. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the butt cheek club. That it should head basketball courts and the story goes that they were experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are. Seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no not a joke but she pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty campus provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath and get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Anywhere. We iron into this morning when del Martin and myself or live with differing points on the other very for legal matters which happens every second Sunday of the month. And this morning frank Pratt Mike Bossy with him Mike Massey is the owner and pharmacist at Stanley medical pharmacy. She never did a great urgency about it. Well. At. Least. That. That spot I know well off the cops she. Didn't prepare for. You he wanted to I. And no question about it pedals. The press I am. Not to mention I wasn't the one run that board just now for everything there we got a training you did you did pretty well. Sign guys car talk guys just that part question here it works team so now. It got to get more credit certificate call there really that good were rookies this. So let's talk about your business a little bit more of the pharmaceutical industry. When that question I always have is is talking about you know obviously this medical Merrill on you know and in what weather. For so what are your thoughts about it sex while how would you and your your pharmacy involved. You know just give this -- and especially that you let me ask as to which you think you lose. Other clients if you stay at third advertise that your sound medical marijuana like from your own declines maybe they take offense to it or something. I'm definitely a proponent and I think it has its place her. Com there's a lot of individuals that are in chronic pain there are have seizure disorders that are clock homeowners cancer and it's very highly regulated. The state never give us an opportunity to open. To put it out to bid to like five. Five different depots and there is a bid. And you put up worse who lost 250000 dollars put your proposal and it and in the state only picked five companies to do that. I'm anywhere local Muster New York. Right now there's one local it's on the corner of union in north force Steele who pulled lifetime service building really down and it's an all cash business they don't take any credit cards. Yet this is federally it's not. It's not legal to radio also known can you can't take any insurance it's all cash out of pocket. But you have to you have to have a script and you yeah you know I did have a tired from a doctor. Yeah authorizing you get that medication. So other there are a lot of hoops to jump through to I think they regularly are people starting our doctor starting to prescribe the far more you know I mean it's something that's local handles the the group over it then towers. In our own wrestler the abductor messner and his group are are being prescribed and right now yeah well them. Hired this is a few years ago that if you Wear one of the medical errors distributors you have to have a certain type of building. That it's like deceit within it has to be. A certain location where I don't know it most she no doubt the animals there appears that. You know bus routes that release dispensary there over and you hero and a Flynn has an armed Garrard. Already well at all times. And you can't get in until you show your card a friend of mine went into a place in Denver where it's legal right thank you can just going taken smoking there he did every every right there with frank. And he said it was like for Macs he's he's said lately when ingested. Just take Taylor case there was like four noxious it was incredible. Armed guards no cameras allowed. No phones allowed you know it's it's it's really amazing. So. Yeah I definitely feel it has its place and I mean I see a lot of people in chronic pain that are. Taken Haider coat on and actually cotton and its system monthly thing they keep taken it and and who want to live like that to survive. Even in pain medication that's unfortunate epidemic. What in the country huge Germany started the soapy crisis and a tiny something I really think and throwing out you know we see all the time and our. In our innocence we do we have a criminal practice. We see addiction has I mean people just giving out those. Look at Brett Favre go back to the sports like a Brett Favre right thing and he gets they've they've that was pumped those guys up so it can get back on the field. And the guy becomes addicted and it's not that hard to get addicted to these things at all I mean that he knows it's it's an elite father. It hard drugs so well actually learn is you can't get your script and you gotta get the EU you know industry to turn the streets and into heroin and had been zero problems are gone wrong. You know loss over 300 lives right now and a it it's crazy heroin overdoses or don't do it every week you're hearing someone policies and I did so. Romero has not physically addictive from from what I understand it's not physically addictive and so it's not something. You're right sometimes they call on the gateway drug I I'd I'd nets team. That in my twenty years or pricing on doing a lot of criminal defense work I've never seen them and it really is a gateway drug I just I just have an interest. But I don't know enough for the stats I'm sure somebody else switched from Margaret Colin and disagree with me. Or no the only the only practice legal as the TEC component in on oil and in north all right he's squeezing under your totaling two or three times today. They will be coming out with an oral capsule. On the road yeah but right now it's just a liquid that you put under your tong. Well I think I would say this you know that this week of this conversation about guys. In sports anyways. With this Maryland that obviously and that to issue right. And you guys get suspended for him with Eric on disease who's wearing it on center Anderson yet. And head and used in this Maryland it has. I first Bob. I I don't understand the difference. In announcing this facetiously I understand that different between now. There's there's zero difference it's in effect. I would I would venture it. That the people from my office who. Mayor won that your users. There's no points and unknown comes in my office and says oh my guess he smoked joints and beat you can take that right there you see it. So I think it. Well no I'm seriously get domestic violence cases we get all that stuff knowing. If they say. I was drinking. And again and an argument and something happened and I'm telling me it's very funny I I think there's a huge difference between. Action on probably. And some level. I'll speak for the god really is. And that's another thing and honesty with his sports so so let them or to others it's suspended for four games rate for Merrill money's. Oh why can. For all war why in the NFL didn't sit there and advertise. Budweiser. Miller Lite and that which they make millions of dollars that's the reason they make millions of dollars office that there's no difference and the guy. Going. After game having smoking. Earned partaking in Maryland or whichever Foreman is. And what's the difference between that and someone monitoring 27 Beers or haven't tend Martinis and it I just something and explain the difference in. Maybe I agree with him I because I don't think there's any. Joke I think. I think the whole thing did you write you know hearing that and I just I mean for Roger Goodell for them to take this stance. I mean. It it's it's just it's there's no difference to me. Frankly I think the mindset altering change over time. At steadily evolved slowly changing out already. Yeah I mean it is what scares me is that. You know and me and partake of this administration has turned a Rhode Island Jeff Sessions aren't just are rolling back then Merrill lines start. You know I mean. The states. It's amazing how that that this administration is that is the State's rights advocacy group that now when they went. Legislate something that they regulate something that they want to do that in the states now should have the right to do its. The hypocritical but this whole. That the whole other subject. Where it was time to do things that we talk about in terms of the business. Come back to you were asked to this year with Russia with our audience some things about the business to a forest now. Just that we're locally owned and we take good care which. Let the generations of families criminalists and they're very satisfied and they know they can count on us we're. You know fast accurate property get deliver. How firmly you know it. Will deliver anywhere we need to. And take it we we do whatever is best we can't we have customers that have moved to city of buffalo. Don't town Clarence. And we we have to delivery drivers out. All day long I think you have do you have someone and staff as a driver six days a week no kidding we're delivering them and you mentioned earlier he employee. Yes employee owned now. Actually two retired gentleman there that are excellent. And you mentioned earlier that. You've got your failure on business your local how many employees you have working at the pharmacy be in about ten. Pharmacists for you tax me in my partner Dennis. Well for pharmacy tax the two drivers and threw three cooler. So you know. Pretty evident that that's during the Manhattan personal obviously about him on businesses and me. So I think you're god like involved in this. She never took an interest she stared at work in any see I think she sees what's Conan and therein. And me may spark and interest soon so. Yeah and matter yeah right immediately and take overs here it's that that's one of the greatest Chase's dad opened more houses Rama four. Nor an electorate at any thoughts about expansion. We have. We're always looking for opportunities so. And when and where you. Right next to dash isn't doing is Angela Hopkins inclined. Elect. We do it's WWW. Stanley medical our acts that. He had looked at before. Yeah I'll let you figure is look at read the paper the guy doesn't know his website address it. Got another national art credible. Information for closes out. Yes great show that's and we have to go four and one today we have to go for one we like me that this is. This game is critical going into the by right America. Okay what you've been listening to Western European work with the Elmer and Lauren Lewis Lauren any final thoughts go bells. Yeah game called bills buffalo have a beautiful day be great week we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter IT and other successful business partners. Tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yet. Every Monday night between 715 and 730.