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Sunday, June 18th

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western New York it worked your business friendly conversation. Life or ESPN 15:20. AM I murals del Martin's. And you know what we do each and every Sunday morning we talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. And it is such a beautiful sunny morning here in the Western Europe Niagara and Erie region. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. What a great it is mr. Kramer are you at this morning reference. Not too bad and very excited right now as you mentioned at the start as you always do. You know sports jobs people at the sports things kind of got me amp up right now the NHL. The thirty NHL teams are giving up their protected lists for the expansion draft. And the hiking or that I am is now going to delve into those. And B rating he's very emphatic sports update here's who knows what the sabres and do with their protection. A lot of a lot of instances where you could see possibilities of Tyler and us being left exposed Zambia's here in sends Johan Larsson. And the question of what they can do it goaltender that can leave Robin Lehner expose. Possibly their starting goalie. You know annexing no he might be take my biggest or is lead is all market going to be the one exposed and sabres run the risk of losing a goaltending prospect so. Yeah I'm might be thinking to a lot of possibilities and opportunities but you know you look popped up don't hold back that enthusiasts are at this is it and it. I am about to go look over to a computer Ryan. OK well great what buffalo once again you're listening to western new York at work your business conversation right for your ESP in 1520. Yeah. And we want you to join conversations the telephone numbers it'll 31520. Again it'll 31520. And as we do always each and every Sunday we always happy subject matter expert. Life in studio with this state is speak about what he or she does the mission of the organization what drives. You know what is there that that fire in the belly that makes them excited in gives compassion for the type work eight. And today we are fortunate to have two guests. Live in studio with us today we have Denise Antoinette and he's welcome to today's show thank you for having me and we also have to Gary Friedman. More and dale thank you hit it. Think once again yes. Like to say happy father's fate now fathers as well as you okay thank you so militarily appreciate that. Well let's get right into the heart of this conversation and first and foremost. Both of you have something unique. In terms of the type of work that you do you both car. Authors and publishers of your very own book and recently I've seen. A lot of interest not only on the local level but on radio national level for individuals professionals or otherwise that wanna write their own book. So as we movements and talk a little bit about that start with share with our listeners will open. Who you're a star what do you do pace. Well yes I I recently had been involved in ministry and work for quite some time I doubt a lot with the home is silent streets. And a lot of other organizations that help people seem find their way who have you know lost in a went through traumatic and experiences. In a result of that that allow me the opportunity to meet people and help them out with a lot of different things and it led me to you. Be able to hear a lot of different stories and also my own story was unique in in in retrospect as well. And I decided that I would go into life coaching because I got tired of a lot of the formalities of religion itself but I want to still be able to help people. So I call myself this transformational coach. And I just do what people on a spiritual level but also still help them find their way. And resolve that like a set I had a lot of interesting stories which allowed me the opportunity to tell my story as well as others in a book. He is caught in pursuit of passion awakening the dream. And it's all about helping people to find what their purpose is in life because we all have a purpose there's always a nation that drives our purpose. And it's a self help book and it blocks them from step by step techniques how they could be able to find what their purpose in life it's. Okay are great now Gary let's I don't hear a little bit about yourself and our take is now the journey of mr. Gary Friedman. It's been a long journey along winding road. From owning my own business to. Working as a counselor. To now being with the federal government the last twenty years. My goal has always been to help people lift people up to trying to make a difference in people's lives. And the purpose of my writing is to try and turn my hip working for the federal government you're limited in what you can do to help people in that way. So the books really became an outlet for me to try and do that and that hopefully in my books make a difference of whoever there is her reads it. Now that's something that both of you have said our and similar tee off helping. Helping others and so Gary just to cover our piggyback on your books because now you've offered several books correct. I have two books that are out to working and a third all from the same series OK now let's talk about the first one provide us with the title and know what inspired you to write their first point. Well the series is called a shepherd chronicles. The first focus called promise. And it's a story of a young man most of my stories centered right here in Western New York. And the young man David finds his way to a difficulty. And the basis of the book the main message the first message of the book was how different would our lives be. If we were forced to keep all our promises big and small limit what we do in our life if whatever promises we made were held to. David held to a promise and in the process changes the lives of thousands of people and himself. The second premise of the book is the difference that you make and people has got nothing to do with. How much money you have your position in life job that you have. The scorecard. Upstairs is really kept them in the number of people you touch in a positive way the number completely stop. And that's the overriding theme of all three books okay now are you by chance state. No no I'm in I've been accused of that and is a little bit of everybody you you write your right. A little bit about what you know about yourself and part of my experience and permit history is in David. But in terms of me being David Davis 25 I got in so ho from their loans. No I'm not the main character. Okay now speaking of dirt as excuse me David as the character. Is it true that. In most cases individuals were called them some time for traumatic experience that will lead some to ask these Denise mentioned transformation. And like you see it our guests are holding yourself to a to a higher standard and being able to achieve. Certain levels of accomplishment. Had more accountability penalty trauma. Is necessarily required to make that transition although I think that some of the promises that we make here at times of crisis. And the problem is that when the crisis sends the the promise goes away. It's no matter how big respond to crisis if you're at the bedside of a loved one. And here they're not in good shape and they may be failing. You make a promise I will be a better father I'll be a better son of hear about her daughter whatever the situation is just save them to let them die. And when the crisis passes you promise kind of disappears with the crisis OK so they Inge is that the point of David is that. He is held to it by higher to a higher standard and he has held to a promising he steps out and faith. And files this premise. Okay great Anthony's before we take our our first break I took TARP to talk with you a little bit about your book are there any examples that you comprised drive for a listeners. That will reflect on you know what they can expect to read and a senior book. Yes there's a lot of interesting stories I use a lot of you know stories in regards to see l.s they have. May turning points in their lies where they found what they wanted to do in their purpose. And then also give out some kind of hard examples too I talk about how ill thought Hitler. He actually wanted to be involved in arts in he would that was his goal but his father. Was into politics and he of course went that direction because of his father. So there's a lot of times where people. They may be inspired by their parents to take on a certain role or I'll capabilities but that may not necessarily be their purpose. And I touch bases on net and so it's really digging deep within ourselves. To find what we feel like our mission our state and in life is too and pursue it possessed Regan happier ultimate peace enjoy. Well guys went under rated take our very first break in listening to western new York at work. Your business friendly conversation on the holes humor and life here ESP in 15:20 AM and again we want you to join the conversation if you have a question for Gary. Ortiz give us Carly it'll three. 1520 again it'll 31520. What's your network is brought you by Astros juice bar and cafe. Located at. 10002. Would avenue right in it and would village but don't go anywhere we have more great conversation with Denise and carry on the other side of this story. Doctor William Harley doctor Ali hurry this morning. I'll go one of what they have estimate earnings pleasure to be doing about it. Talking to a great or the one thing that for a listeners are out there. Doctor William Harley is doing something very unique time in the city of buffalo here and techies bring the community together. But these are going to that doctor Ali I would also like to see you have to start Thursday to you. Brought to you as well it was a. Q. Talked to us issue with this a little bit about the upcoming event that you have put together for the community. Well we have an event this entitlement mold and be healthy. And we took steps from our former first base he had initiative called this moving getting America healthy or the world opium if you live. And we is with took around with and they did edit the part and be healthy so we went toll duplicate her that are littered initiative and in name. But but it is that would be LP which is so great wellness. Event coming together we have a diabetes health walked has taken place from Delaware park. Get on June 24. And we. Continue over the begin registration but don't they have not registered and 930. At Delaware park. Right near the golf course fear its people familiar with the Delaware park just look what a golf course where you've been entry is right there up to 198. We'll convene there. And then from there would've received over two main and mass then and Maine and open those trees sort of intersect. There and we'll have a that whole area will be blocked off. For a variety of activities from. Exercise. To health and wellness information to them estate planning to. Just starting out to make. Groups movies to learning how to grow healthy vegetables and just learning about Joseph overall health that we. I just divided about it is responses we have from Jeep into. What quality units to Lincoln Memorial church to my practice that suit was hopeful here. And that not major sponsor is Western Europe medical group. OK okay great it was house like you have a a lot of activity that's going to be taken place and again that's next Saturday June 24. And our what is the time once again. All it took place or not to register that they will be here with registration. And 930. Seeing clause of the 8629957. And no they give more details and did that you registration forms to which we can say to you. Or are already is on line that we are we have a artist soul to soul ministries we have a the courses are our FaceBook page and we have a registration. Form they are already wearing audit office that we in the email it to you or affection to you or that quite a restaurant that would further people caught it early. To get registered before that in the event. Okay were great. What doctor holly once again thank you so much for providing this information and putting together just such a great event that the community is really in need for from a health and wellness standpoint. And I think he's gonna have some are some great sponsors here that are supporting this event are well along with some vendors. And our before we sign up to Judas or are sure with this quote some of those vendors or activities will be once again. Our weather activities. From zone two. Two. I'm dancing to. Self defense. Briefed the demonstration in that incident would have activities don't put children and I've been out for a his will be it would CU we're looking for one and above mobile player to be on site C. So it helped them win their. They're going to desire to be these sportsmen and how they can do about it nets who have whether it's going to be a great day we don't have that will be also be taking places videos. Great well thank you so much for sharing that information are again happy Father's Day to you I'll be anti us with a look for to see you next Saturday as well myself. And be supported in addition our embassy American. Our post persuade to these authors to make a stop by the event as well. You know it still have witnessed as a rebel of the rise of and it is just to finish at demented that they believe there that they thought of and it's been does that have registered. And we it would it would afford to have a great day excitement is moving and being healthy and is being more concerned almost think it's been a but I felt. And I beat specifically want people that we more aware of that. And to address that condition and recommend. Okay great well thank you so much once again it will make sure we share that information on our social media platform and you have a great cars. You. The news sports update here coming into the middle of the show and the sport that it's going to be a little more candid because I hate the NHL right now. The protection list for the NHL expansion draft has been moved back to 1030. That means that. The question will remain for at least another fifteen minutes will the sabres. Protect Bolton Elaine is former oracle and Robin Lehner. As they have their choice between two Johan Larsson in saying is you're instance are pretty similar players on the sabres roster. The question will remain for another fifteen minutes will Larsson or Jurgensen. Be left unprotected yesterday the sabres. Found their third defenseman that they will protect in the expansion draft that would be. Nathan belliard he was traded to from the Montreal Canadians to the sabres yesterday while who gave up a third rounder pick number 68. In return. For that one so. Waiting just a little bit longer here for the NHL expansion list protections to be coming out here. But for the meantime we just have to hold off. Meanwhile in the NBA the Philadelphia 76ers they trip to number one overall as they're looking for a point guard. The Boston Celtics the other beneficiaries of that deal they get a future first round pick from the 76ers as well as the number three in the 2017 NBA draft. The sports update brought to vote on your PC lark you completely new counts in my spot cheese pizza. Enjoy you're bothers with the nicely spot she's now. We go back to Del Mar. Welcome back to Western European work your business from the conversation. I'm DO Martin's life here ESP or 15:20 AM. We've been talking with a tool authors and publish their outlook. And mr. accurate treatment he pitched something earlier the top of the Sharaud. Wasn't the trilogy. Yes yes OK let's pick up a conversation and move forward. Well the the exercise of operating running to write your own book. Was something that. It wasn't a big issue for me I wanna do is an exercise but as the book came together. It was the message of the book that made a difference and the messages carried through the first two books of the trilogy. The second book is the rules for stroke was the promise of third book is going to be crossroads. And that should be out hopefully by the end of the year what's the are differentiator between the promise in the rules well it's a continuation of David's journey. And in the rules David comes up against his own traumatic experience and it changes his life drastically towards the end of the book. And it in towards the end he discovers for what is him. The rules of leading a better life and their four rules that did he learns through his father. That he carries forward there's a big father and sewing component to these two books and the fact we're sitting here and father stays and is a great concept but. The stories in the big crown of the book for a while my website at mr. Friedman books dot com. You can you can get the books there you can follow through in the message I have a blog there as well. As well as a couple of videos that have been posted. So it's it's the message that I wanna carry forward in the books helped to carry that message out I'm sensing that there is also a leadership component here. There's a big leadership component I don't think you can. Help people. Room. To their goals without being the leader yourself and leading doesn't mean you drag them to their goals that means you show by example you have a life that they can follow. Give them suggestions on what they need to do to get to where there when ago you can't do it for them. But that's that was leadership is all about leadership is about pointing people in the right direction and giving them the tools to get there. Okay here's a question I wanna ask for both of you. In your opinion are leaders born or created so I'll start with you Denise I. Leave leaders are ball line it really is something that just passed a deep deep deep down inside of you. Can a leader recreated. Yes but I think that's where we get the ones that will break the rules that won't abide by them that will lead not by example. It's so. And everybody can edit are not born to be a leader you know there's a lot of times that people will back out of situations because when times get tough. They think they backed out cheerleaders stay in the trenches they don't they don't give up. OK so as yourself being a public speaker but Cote transformational coach. And manager. You were born. And so these qualities and characteristics exactly a from the time and our little girl I just always found myself around people and they were acts mean question. And he would always you know want me to come find that some results from. And you just find yourself going around acted in the grocery store in line someone just act smear question. And it ends up of five many question it would end up to thirty minutes to forty minutes dimmed telling me your whole life story. And I'm telling them how to get out of the situation so yeah covered a counselor it is I mean I Q do you find yourself doing it every whereas like they the universe just. Gives you charge over that particular area so you just can't get away from okay. Here. Denise is a coach and that she she's helping people that way I coached for many years and athletics. Coaching you can't get up and play the game for people you can put him in the right direction put on game plan form. But they have to basically follow through an answer to your question I I agree completely leaders are born. And they have a certain charisma they have a certain drive it's a gift you can read a lot of books and leadership you can read pamphlets you can read. Web sites but it's not gonna make Cuban leader and he can't take someone without those leadership skills and create something from nothing. Their heads to be some sort of innate desire to lead okay. Good now does not of course I want to ask and we talked about this at the beginning of the show. There's a lot of interest and writing a book publishing your book and everyone he or she has a different path that they've taken. Gary can you describe the pat that you take into rate your vote. The shows that long enough for the whole. I can tell you that. Is it is some that the new endeavor. Publishing is matters strong suit in buffalo. No really isn't. There really are a lot of publishers here there are no literary agents in buffalo. If you wanna pursue that direction you have to go outside the city New York city's big. Hub for that awful really isn't. I would say what's your money carefully because are always people there it and to train your pocket Korea and be Smart about what you wanna do. To mean rating is disciplined and been sitting down and setting set time aside to write nothing else and sticking to it. When you get your book in a position to. Published shared with some people get some feedback from others. On that particular director first book. First book I wrote a twelve months and then hit a rewrite it took another eight months the second book I wrote in nine months into these. Put yourself well for me it took me thirty days I just really kind of took a thirty day stand to sit down and write the book but however mine was opposite effect. Giving the book actually in exploration was the part that was hard for me I wrote the book last year. And I've been still going back and forth with Eddie being in like gears that is allotted. He is hard to find that help you know it really is in buffalo. So you find yourself finding resources and help outside which makes it kinda hard and difficult to deal with people. On the outside to make your book coming to flourish and so it took me a lot longer so here it is now a year later and the book is just now coming out okay we're gonna take a very short possibly will be right back. This weekend traffic that this publisher of buffalo healthier living magazine. According to the Mayo Clinic optimism and positive thinking hasn't proven he improves the immune system prevent heart disease and help people cope with the unfortunate. Gratitude is associated with that as. He hasn't determined that great for people I have even received more social support our last press. And my. Other health benefits include increased players and throw everything and that's chemicals and they hit it a path from career best that it is. I've been thinking there's that positive self. Self help but think that that one happened nothing worked. Here and has to hope that he's one up with one thought about your day identify areas for me. What has become more happen at any paid more positive thinking. First saint class I areas that you typically think negatively about. Once I genocide that utilizing positive thinking change the past pattern periodically during the day are he evaluate what you're thinking. If you find any thought been negative for different ways that I would them. It is self image and your smile laugh. Especially during difficult times when you laugh this situation you feel left out. I think for a at least three times that we are definitely effectiveness and the kid just follow healthy diet can heal your body and mind. And surround yourself with positive supportive people that you can harm not. He can be helpful advice and feedback. But what healthy living magazine and how did you question your premier free are important and can connect looking for people volley. We don't reference my 5000 years and thousands more who am mine was right about topics that matter most carriers. Look for us every area like infant half and one and 2000 of those patients you can give us some time at buffalo opposite in fact. What or something but with better. And your hockey life at buffalo healthy living magazine. If you missed any of our episodes. You can get from an amenity is 101520 dot com. You can also find him on FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com. Slash 1520 WNY network and also we are on Twitter. At W and why at work. And now. We go back. Today. Just the way life goes I woke up this morning two of my kids to live with me. Wonderment when my daughter got here just about 738 class and my daughter has to my card companies are before you do anything I've had. She walks in the death of interns and this ticket there's absolutely no water. I believe every one of us has a book it's our life tells the story. While very poetic. Gary please expand on that. The shower this story Kirk and I. Yeah I hit a presentation to make this morning to 120 people and a but kids are coming with me and will we get sent to get ready there was no water there's a water main break on the streets and access and I'll laugh. But as far as the other but I think yes I think we all have one of our life supplies are produced by chapters. We can turn the page to the next chapter in and changed the story but we all have a story to tell you but it's got their own unique story. If you feel it's something that other people wanna read and share than certainly do what you can put it down on paper or taken out tour. Blog about it or shared with other people because through other people's experiences we will learn. Okay current I'm looking at it a quote here. By yourself and it reads as follows. We spent a lifetime looking for that magic moment that won't fix everything. When you into your cross for cross rope. You will be ready to capture your shining star and write your own next chapter. That was something you said yeah. I am a firm believer crossroads I've had my own in my life that. Where one moment kin can change everything but the unique thing about successful crossroads. What keeps it from being a dead end this that you step out on faith and act. I can hit a crossroads that in 1980 and I stepped out and it can't and Anand and as a result my entire life changed every step of the way since that. Hit an addict and and it actually was a radio show and I was listening to it and that connected and that radio show. My whole life would have been different and I think people who run into those kind of situations on a regular basis and then. Negotiate their way out of it that for me at and at the time I can't do that. They talked themselves out of it where instead of stepping forward and doing it. I can walk away. And there's always that fear factor into these outlet for you to join in on this conversation because. You are prime example of someone that has stepped out on street you Michener a transformational yourself off helping others and I'm just imagining that. You maybe had to overcome some fear or develop a new found level of confidence to say OK now we can so. But I can nor McNamee the ten effort to help others. Yes a for me the fear factor at speaking in front of people it was not an issue. It was even that fear factor of helping people but the fear factor of taken a transition from going from being. He missed being in ministry and going into the natural world was just a big huge factor writing the book. I've always journal on my life but just to sit and write a book. I think I became my worst critic and my first writing out I just kept writing and over and over and over again teared up the papers. Until finally I just had to allow muscle. You know flow freely. Split it's a lot of fears making the transition but you have to at the stat is you have to take a step forward I mean feared. Will hold back and you know and I'm now doing a podcast which I would never thought that I would be doing that. You know out of cameras are also stepping out there stepping out in just overcoming those fears in just transforming into someone different. Because you never know what's gonna come out of if you just overcome. And take a step forward. If for anyone who was our after sitting contacting you for more information. Which are here she took. Yes they can go right to my website is Denise Antoinette dot net or the also can find me on FaceBook I'm at the FaceBook account Disney's Antoinette as well. And that is with two and eight in in T all night in ET TE. Because it's a lot of times people you know spell aunts and it differently my mother however she decided she wanted to do it that way. So you can go on my FaceBook or might website there it's okay great we're Kyrie coming back to you were at the final minute of our show. What information what parting thoughts can you share with us about any of your your two books as well as the upcoming book. Well it. It's to me it's it's the message again and his Denise that I know she's doing the same thing if you have a group organization that wants to hear more about the message. That wants to invite either one of us out of speakers to commend your group and talk about her message. Again you can can take me through my website which is carry frequent books that cam or its FaceBook page or my FaceBook page you'll be get that can touch and be more willing to share our thoughts your group. Okay great work too for the view thank you so much for being our featured guest on western new York and worked. I think this is a topic that are we can't do. Once show on I think there there has to be okay yeah inflation and so. I'm going to be reaching out to you so that we can have a part to this conversation I was at Laker forward to it okay great what Buffett thank you so much for tournament to western new York and work your business funny conversation. And happy Father's Day to all the farmers are out there have a safe week a beautiful Sunday and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buyer seller of business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB and every Monday night between 715 and 730.