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Sunday, June 4th

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York at work your business friendly conversation. I'm holes dale Martin and we are alive dirt ESP in 15:20 AM where we always talk about sports jobs. Economic development and he was the other one. Energizing and that people would make it happen puberty at him franchise. Am so let's remember that because today is franchise Sunday. And we have a great conversation buffalo and we want you also to be a part of the conversation. So what gives a quality having questions or comments in the telephone numbers it'll 31520. Again it'll 31520. Re direct another area. Mr. deer how he took. Not to down not too bad it is a sudden it looked like it might be and I stated it right. And it and it looks like a 5050 on Matt and some rain this morning I know is rains like every two dates since. Like the racists. Rain we don't we don't know coordinate that the that the ball hopefully can drive a little bit there buys and go enjoy some baseball game today. Supplies last night I went to gain stow was night yes Simon heard no I don't care what you people think it. We went yes they won or nothing axes a great game from them quick gain from. Two hours eleven minutes a quick that's football. Advocates via our ports that stood straight the team like we gotta get this horse but that's what these people are really you're exactly so I suggest you go to four. Costume a tiger unfortunately I did not I did whacked my friends with a couple those lights there is that they were given away. I got my money's worth it sounds like this every night to me. While Michaels on. That. Doing great excited to be here Ireland less optimistic about the weather today it and Eric is but. Still stood great to be here again exciting guest today we we've been doing a lot of work in the mobile space and in the franchise world these last couple years so I'm really excited about the before this is out there because once more you know you and I we have the monthly franchise show before listeners or any listener that's you know as for the very first thing can talk a little bit about franchise development. Sure will we do is work with companies that wanted to become franchise. We take him through the entire process all the necessary. Legal work and system documentation. Operations manuals. I'm gonna put a sales marketing plan together and helped to help them go to market. We are working virtually every industry writers haven't been doing a lot of mobile stuff lately food trucks are very popular. Restaurant service industries little bit of everything. Based here in buffalo but we do work all over the country talking speak a full trucks there's one picture are heavily involved with as well. Yeah we're I'm also part of her to get fried food truck here in buffalo. We just an event yesterday twelve gates robbery down in the in the Williams going. The amended twelve gates yet definitely check that out there making some great beer. At some good bands there are a lot of eighty's and ninety's rock on rugged time in French Fries and Beers that was great. I have to get on Andy's a list because I always hear about these good times he's happy after the fact so. Anti. Terror please invite a maturity to Pia heads up next time culture right we'll speak in the mobile business. Art that's really going to be the topic of our conversation today and we have studio line with us. Cures and to Karl who is the president and owner that you bus. Kristen cures text is welcome to today's show. Thanks so much I appreciate and I'm excited to be here I'm excited as well you can sit there and energy is thinking or not me. So we love to save social that are a little bit about yourself with cures that. So. I am the president and chief claim officer of that you must local spot because everything we do as glamorous than that occur and fabulous. I've made ten of us into awards so we actually use that now through a better daily lives after a bus and leave us and the fact like you say. I actually was in the corporate world. For twenty years before doing that. And I was downsized. And there was a bass in my life actually because it allowed me to pursue something else and this is what it turned and you know right. Knew that I wanted to do something to help women and girls and this was just. Turned out in my calling. And I don't have experience in beauty industry and respond to treat this just happened to be something that I was passionate about because I knew that. What was out there really wasn't more about you know common we're gonna make you beautiful and my eighty businesses more Yuri beautiful comment importantly he rejuvenate and we're going to. Give you that little bit of extra and it you know polish or. You know give you. What you need to regular more fears to make you feel a little bit more empowered to go out and face the world and risk an idea half an hour whatever you need and you can rejuvenate the operate and go out and conquer. So when did you start the business. How. We get our first party and October and at that time we actually just blocked off arm aside from which was. Down two boards and males and hit it and at a pretty doors right now. And down the bus was even rapped on the outside Boston even near Grafton until January so we need. Kind of went out there. At that we're gonna let her understand that you have eight bucks I have a forty foot RV that I bought. That's what go to your home your place of business. And do. What we have for a manicure stations we have to pedicure chairs that we do is drive had a here's we have to. Chairs that we do hair and make up. And we have a massage room in the back region table and chair massage so it's forty feet long and and it opens up to twelve feet wide. And we'll go to your home. Quote here business. We do a lot have on birthday parties we do little girls birthday parties I'm going later to two on the party for a little girl named Henry who's turning seven. And who hate to. Weddings which is fantastic as we can come to your house we go in your house so we're not in your way which. Rights mothers especially love. He has go to salon and bring all your girls to this line you can come on the bus and and then go back and get changed or whenever we do on location weddings which is fantastic. Because they're bright can I get dressed and her massage room. Lead to corporate and switches how awesome because you know how important employee wellness. So. Corporations can allow us to come down and be in their parking on their employees can come out. On lines or else the companies want to actually get their employees like massage or manic here which is awesome because we can do great pricing on corporate basis. Please can come down and the companies you know we have some easing companies enough. Get back to their employees and we know that happy employees as of real productive play. So. Down all of our services can be down forty minutes last week and actually do 2030 minutes services for corporations. Where has the market perception that every trip for me I'm excited just to hear about this type of business. And I think the mobile business in general has exploded over the last copiers and what she's oh no. It's hard to take that timeout to go drive to wherever you're in it services and having courage you know I think it's going to be huge advantage. So with women especially. The women know this might think man actually notices well we have extra time we don't commit ourselves we usually do something for our children our friends are handling we give it to other key part time. And so. Going to really high and spies need you know I mean every time I talked a woman there like oh yeah I don't want to spike a satanic so I am times he used. And so we don't have time there was a lot of issues with some of the sometimes when you do go years you know your they're all day they're very expensive. You know I for one when I v.s sitting in a massage getting treatment and my panic panic panic got to go you know I don't have time promised new age music and and pampering because I have four kids. And it's time for this you know. And then when you go to corner salon and their concerns that you know a lot of time is very assembly line you know one person's archer now somebody I'll start you know. Paints them somebody else or something else and he would no longer a finished product you know you're like oh my nails look great and he don't like the experience so the idea for pat do you buy us. Is that you have. Plus environmental plus five I mean people want to have you must act com or our FaceBook page actually has some fantastic pictures not fabulous mobile spot. You can see is really elegant and decide it's it's very plush environment you feel like hearing Spock. But we have the efficiency analysts on and we have praising below spot pricing so he gets that experience leaves and get it done quickly. And our girls it's all about you you know hit one draw starting another girl finishing you and they don't talk about themselves and their boyfriends and their problems as to how you. That's why men don't don't wanna go through in coming years along with their wives significant others because. Of that type of chatter or the stigma out. Yeah we don't I don't. You know when IE it Henry V I'm like man and one thing is I don't hire me girls and I want Alex and a lot of times it sounds silly but you going somewhere and they're Talking Heads like. They're talking to each other they're talking about your boyfriend who were there. You feel judged and we don't you. And I know there's that fantastic. Salons and spas in buffalo and the funny thing is I'm not even really competing with them because you why you aren't gonna come to fabulous and you're not going to Salem and come back and three weeks and get another manic here because somewhere else right and so. I do have good relationships with some of that that is spas in buffalo. Because. If if you want help and happy to pass out your card to your spot because. I'm not competing with you if you want to have somebody that's endearing. Is every three or four weeks I'll give you the name of somebody had a great spot. Because you're coming to me for a party you're coming to me I mean your workplace experience when it comes to you the only advice convenience I happen to be where you are when you're. But I also. You know I'd love to me relationships with great spas and salons because I feel that you know there's a saying it's time that's as I'm rising tide lifts all boats. And what that means as I do my own business you also should be doing on us. Because if my vote rises with the tide you're also in that same play and in the ocean and so you're should rise and so. IA IG wanna get the word out there are two people in the business you know and of course the good ones because there are some that are. Aren't great in any business are. And if so anyway I'm not scheduled what for anyone's interest it and contact you to booking quote party or private I would love to them to calm me. They can call. 1801. Ate pork pork that B bus so that's again 1844. Fabulous. They can go and contact me through my FaceBook page had that leave us mobile Spock. And yet we're also hiring or hiring now tax where hiring make up artists. Hair girls. And again and the other salons that wanna do some cross promotion because I do feel like I want rock bottom hiring women and making other businesses. Work to host a weekly pair up with wedding businesses and things like that because. Com we really appreciate. I'm awful businesses on the buffalo crawlers. Here. I went franchising plan to have early in buffalo component. So really great yeah we've we've LaBeouf well OK and again they market reception two days has been. Hispanics so I mean everything deposit the first thing is when you talking about this on snow you know until they see people like you know. Eight when he tried a school bus around like you know having some girls do nail polish and that box were you when they see at that's why is so important that I get out around town. That people see it because they block on the you know. When people see it just floored and then I have to ask for something community can't believe how negative again when I drive it. See this the most common thing that it is I can't believe I can think of it which is the biggest compliment you can yet when you. Develop a product is an adult products. Okay road to nowhere before we take our first pressure there's one course and talk about what about the man. Beat documents about its women owned business we talked about unifying. Beautification for when it. But what about that man like me we think man her fabulous also. And you're always welcome you can't he felt absolutely. But we're gonna go anywhere we have our unique conversation the concept of franchising. And the mobile space area. Specifically the mobile spy business don't go anywhere buffalo we with cartoon onto this happened the spree. Pipes invented the franchise development group. We hear French as code for we were the businesses that wanna become a franchise restaurants retail service industries we help take you through that whole process through here. The documentation here operations manuals put itself marking went together to help you bring that in concert market. Sprint has development group dot com or 100 QQQ freaking. The time via PC was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is has grown. Based. Relationships. He's built in this news. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. With Franklin IPO junior or any attorney in this firm. This with somebody else people should choose our law firm because we are completely different class a complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aides were Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. Almost portly here trying to scare our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them at the end of the day knowing alive is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too getting in no people getting familiar Klein. It's taking all these variables. And concentrate them on single problem that your Klein's presented. We help people when they're injured. We help people in times of trouble when there. Get arrested. When you handle these matrimonial family court cases. You can imagine the emotions going through People's Daily lives and when you can. Provide them with some solace. In some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Welcome back to western new York at work your business friendly conversation. I'm your host a Martin and we are alive here ESPN 1528. Down. And four cars and our listeners out there we want you to join the conversation. If your question you elect asked cure stent or candy give us calling your it'll 31520. Again the telephone number is it'll 31520. If you just now joining the conversation. We've been talking with Jurcina was the president owner of therapy you bust mobile spot a unique business a locally owned business. Any growing business and any concept into what is it that. Oh sorry I love the concept to near one of the things we always look at is what are some of the things that might make it successful on the broader scale. I its response have you seen anything similar out there in the market in other cities or. So. There are very few things and actually when I started philosophic here's a couple of air stream trailers and the LA. And in San Francisco. Here's a few tractor trailers that two movies out in the west there's nothing in this area. There's a few things in Paris and panhandle around caller's on the there's very little. There's nothing that. That has my concept on the scale that I have so. Now. Yeah edits or it is surprising it is one of those things that when its CEO and oh how come someone didn't think of why isn't this already at things. I'm of that certainly encouraging and another thing were to talk about his. We're seeing now. Almost half of our clients are are women that are that are starting businesses and the federal shift over the last five or six years and is that something you see advantages disadvantages. A little bit of both. Yes actually so when I started this. I immediately looked at it as franchise. Because I again I my whole goal is really about empowering women and the day that I didn't you know I lost my job I have three kids only one girl. And you know my favorite quote is here's a strong woman mean we know them meaning beat them may we raised them. And the first thing I want it is my daughter to see that. When something ends. Something else you know it doesn't have to and could be a big beginning and so that was what I want at this today and this franchise this business every step of the way as and promoting it Eckert to guiding XP franchise. So it is a perfect franchise for women because a slow overhead. There's a you have to have a really great mechanic. And be able to run us you know I mean as a business as a franchise and ninth I'm gearing it towards a franchise my plan is people to train them. Perfectly you know so that they can just open it up and running. Very coolant and that is so important that you couldn't you can duplicate this the need somebody else and it is very similar. Level and making all the mistakes now trust you know don't have. That's exactly what you pay for a friend a source of so the next person doesn't have to repeat those. Right there and I am so ashamed like I will telemann very listening I mainly. Ridiculous that's eighth. The I can tell you it you know being an owner of food truck too that did the mechanics thing it's one thing I underestimated how about that. But I learned a lot like an Ohio a lot of things right now. Yeah I'm sure you do get a crash course in in some maintenance mechanic there. Skills that's for sure. The governor admitted before the next breakthrough on both the I was disinterested in its. That that. Decision when when you do get downsized and we saw so many people go through that from about 2008 to 2012. Effectively I would never lose their jobs and all silent. How'd how did you go through that that process in deciding aaron's time to do my own thing. I was lucky enough to get a great severance package with outplacement. And down I had this idea kicking around so I went to score and I did they're starting and running a small business some honor. And it put this idea through their paces. And it really it you know how water I encourage anybody to use score. In buffalo ridge really helps small. You know which helps people. With that wanna start a small business and it's free all the services are free very low cost for any other part there's classes. Oh that's Carrie admits that's a great opportunity to to learn a little bit against it it's always good to have different set of eyes on the idea sometimes they'll have something that. Maybe you think you've got something you don't or maybe vice Versa you're not so sure and just getting that other set of eyes experience and can be very valuable. So we're gonna go ahead not take our final break now it will be back with a until he's back with a Syrian just couple minutes stick around. Hillary Hillary or. Could this entrapped in the ticket policy problem how to living magazine summer has officially begun and an hour the weather becomes its funny how laugh our. They'll rescue me actress and get ready for many from out in ninth and had. Is intrepid travelers such fertile and all the New York filled with yoga works at campaign and looting crack offenders. His parents are for the Susan G. Komen race for the care. Basis lined up at 7 AM at buffalo river works and how to celebrate survivors of breast cancer and those two tasks. Those who attend are in fact books in the console here and June 17 and eat. Lunch with summer fun to heart disease. Visit all the canals and has offered with new magic and technical cities taking place all grow up. They can now I thought hello GAAP term for Marty count. From white van and obstacles to taking place this can. Visit our web site pickup or street happy as thoughtful healthy living magazine and scanned now. Thought well how is living magazine is proud to be western Europe's premier free health fitness and nutrition magazines for peaceful Bali. With over 125000. Friends leaders and thousands more who lead our mind please write about topics that matter most to our readers. Looks rough every area Wegman and pass along with a over his thousand other locations. You can visit our minds at buffalo Huff hit a gap com or follow us currency for intruder and enjoy healthier life with buffalo truck visiting magazines. If you missed any of our episodes to come out on demand it ESPN 1520 dot com. You can also check amount on our FaceBook page at feast of dot com slash 1520 W and what worked and were also on Twitter at W and why at work. But. I'm noticing something Andy Dell's missing let's see where he is dale. How are you. It wasn't mr. the meat plant currently under or Allah. Oh boy of the poor aren't I want to but I am on the everybody Guinea about such. And all I can say that I don't plan to leave and about any time so. Yes absolutely. Regular. It's not just for the women it's for both the man and a web. And I know I can really relate to what's your and so what you said that goes to bring this to to the corporate office. It's so rewarding. Our loyal packer score with a stat. Not that again not just for the women of our order company blog post. That would end of may. And at that at 1 experience that I am at right now I would be having many more important historical. So Derek how how did this go so horribly wrong forceful were sitting in studio Lola. Dale getting massage I mean I'm I'm not a lot believe. You guys at least have the opportunity I I have to be over fifty. Do all the heavy lifting bill take it easy down there. Okay thank you remedy guide on now and are technically. If that. I dealt with subjective in their before before you go ahead and take there is solved there. And you get to Max and relax it and now we'll bring this home strong and I'll absolutely we got it you just relax dale. This code Q is it if you would if you could developing contact information another time so anybody else enjoy themselves like dale is. So you can call us at 1844. That you bus after. Maybe you beat you. Asks oracle on our FaceBook page at have you some mobile spot. And if you give us a like we have some great information we share election only going to be around we do food truck Tuesday's couple times a month. Yeah we also will be heading up some of the summer festivals and we are open if anybody wants to invite us to some of their festivals I'm hard to their business. I'm more happy to come down. I'm so please give us a call. And I would be as we mentioned we offer manicure pedicure is we do blowouts we do up dues lead to massage or do both table and. Chair and as to how mention he's enjoying a chair massage from Mandy who has amazing hands she's she's been sick so he really might come. Oh no he means he's not coming back and I think he's mean. He's big into. And deepen Israel's. So. Very fast and it. Girls for some. Trees and it is just a bit but yeah I went to work a lot. Trimming can get kids cramping me bath salts later she found. So yeah we we have a lot of and a lot going on but we always have room for more so. We would love to have on you guys call us and nobody give us a call their interest in and booking a private event. We do a bachelorette parties we have a great time. As I mentioned weddings. We will if there's any problems left we'll do those as well. So. Lucas for private event me treat check out our FaceBook page with pictures from weddings we have pictures from all harper they've parties. And I think that is it on FaceBook page won't talk and yet. But what's that dessert sort of a minimum or maximum number of people you typically. The seat for events. Order ultra liken it we have a minimum dollar amount wearable travel war. But a slow what's it 300 dollars for us to come out and to a party at your house which is I mean if and our praising his very reasonable so. You know that's usually about six people to hit that dollar amount or seven people depends on and what services you like to get Herbert they've hurting pricing is very online on FaceBook and also on our website if you going to services there's drop down menu. And we also. Popped her think group rates. I'm so there is a corporation columns that hey we have fifty employees. And you know we want you to come over two days we give the acre tree for that as well. That's not a problem we also will work with like elderly. Care centers so we can go there and we can do now holes. My good manicures or keep my nails we can do chair massage and there are residents can't get onto the bus were happy to go. In as well so we have like to go. On kids that my girls can go in and we can do now as we can do here we can do like Washington sets and things like that we do not cut and we do not color hair. And we do not to acrylic house just because of the size of Abbas we also think that people are really loyal to who cuts in colors there hair. It's really all about rejuvenation it's all about you know like I said we believe all women are beautiful you know you just make you beautiful we just won't give you an election polish it. If you need and give them election pep talks you. Very core through your bigot when in terms of nursing homes and some of those places. Annie Lee you know and again it's like that. That little extra smile. You know an election happened today because we believe that I'll let you know everyone deserves to feel great about themselves and that's we hope that we do that we want people. To leave our spot in our bus feeling like they're happy that they spend time with us and they're happy that they spent their money went we don't ever want anyone to regret that. And there's too much of that going around we think you know I feel that customer service and a lot of places lately. Is is not what you spree and we wanna bring back. Notes security effort to make all the difference for shirt you know you come Borough of western new Yorker I a figures are we will travel anywhere free of charge up to 25 miles an awful city scanner and then we have a nominal fuel charge after that just because. The bus holding at ten miles per gallon. So it's just very nominal field charge. And we have on like Rochester and things like that but I'm only trying to do was like two parties have that part just to make it worth. You don't sort of so it's not huge tires passed. Well that's great and I know we we talked a little bit about your future plans to possibly franchised or expanding in one way or another where do you see this going over the next several days. Illegal to do like Rochester and then go into cities the size of buffalo across the country in the next few years went in on by eighteen you know being like Rochester and I'm watching me are a little different than last year Syracuse. Very cool so we're just about out of time when he Arabic contact information on more timeshare. WW. You must act Massey EU EU us more money for for us. And get him medically for franchise development group if you have a business or thinking about franchising or even buying a franchise. You can get me it 80222. 3251. Or franchise development group dot com and Twitter is at franchise to have DEV. Erica anything you'd like to act for episode well. Andy thank you again for another brilliant franchise Sunday it's and it's nice seeing you dancer and you know looking for the next one and what you are common on ban. Yeah act can't wait and you know hopefully we don't it's. You know. Cool real better better treatment next time when senate bill I just what we work but that's our axes and seeking afford it well and four Del Mar and four and meekly. Port here sin and everyone at that you bus I'm Derek in this is bin west's new Yorker where we talk about sports jobs economic development and of course the people. That make it happen had your cells a brilliant Sunday. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter right team. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yet. Every Monday night between 715 and 730.