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Sunday, June 11th

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale Martin. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York at work Europe Sunday morning in business friendly conversation. I'm your host Phil Martin's wife you're ESPN 15:20 AM were we talk about sports. Jobs economic development in all ways that people that make it happen and today. While what can I change our favorite show that we have each and it every second Saturday of the month. Legal matters so you know what that means my cohost mr. Franklin tip of the earth is live in studio with this habit for good morning good morning there what's Goran that. I'm so much is going right now and I'm sorry I missed last month Mother's Day does that. Does not bode well for. Keating out for a radio show I can tell you that I I understand act try to make it up to you a target or little bonus there and get you are. You know get the wife. Sponsoring I know I know that was it weighs in with that they we were swap that day though I appreciate it they're really appreciate it so but torn island sports yes and yes I you know I love. We kept the coach it's time to win this the draft the draft is I do believe. Two and a half weeks away okay yeah I think you have to have a coach in place but I regret stray from. Based somewhat. A lot of people are saying TS sends Bob McKenzie and Darren jagr both of them saying that. It's gonna happen pretty quickly. The minute the cup finals are over in an interview with bill houses in an interview with Rick target. And they're gonna finish this whole thing up because they've interviewed for other coaches before this and not many people really knew too much about it. The team has been pretty close to clothes off on us. Which with the with the with with lunar being John Herrera he had judged a coach. Mean I know that I think I get some of these guys. But Buddha was now one of the guys thoughts and and maybe I mean maybe hit a much better hockey mind and and his play hair showed but I will tell you this I mean he even packing a mean. You know people talked about him and he's a great motivated and I think hockey is a efforts sport I think you can have. Hockey team with less talent and win the Stanley Cup. I think it's one of the only sports that that's possible where effort can beat talent and then. And and night to night basis not just me you know. Just a one time thing because if they can't look at in the NBA talent is talent. Five guys are on that court all the time what power after disagree with that statement because the sabres we don't have we have mediocre talent. And what we could look at what we are well we didn't have much effort and we didn't have proper motivated her eyes there's no. No we didn't we hid that this guy was an absolute I mean what recapping these two years. This guy was just not. The right guy I mean he's he seems more effect I think he has the personality. And the can analytical background that he logs that I'll throw isn't he's he's more of it I think in the role of the general man. Juror system in general manager into play very well and Freddie is a coach who is he was. Yes frank the other thing to look at here look at this cup final as a matter of fact with Pittsburgh with Nashville. You're looking at two teams that don't play a system heavy. So out of hockey didn't like who let their guys go. Have foreign. Go out there use your speed use your talent they allow that to happen but they also properly motivated that that not only the talents there the effort is. I quarterly review and I think system makes tacky it's awful hockey and that's what the house rolls on I'm out that's exactly what he was running in the you know I was remember listening to a couple. Of his old defenseman. In Pittsburgh. And they were talking about how he'd want him make a lead pass from defenseman to. The forward like it to right pass and one guy one of the defense after his name. But I think. That's not my skill set that don't make me do there to break this is the thing that this is not my skill set. You or me throw it to line to ask the somebody to Sidney Crosby and the tape it's never gonna happen and was shoving Beckett and guided down guys. -- step further you saw it with a guy exactly goes that's not his skills at the ghost and stronger skater than most people like to think absolutely in Bogosian means he's better suited to help out with that sort of thing you know. And with transition in that regard he's not a stretch pass guy not many people are funny thing is that Emery. Accidentally dish their best stretch pass in mark plastic. And vials of the system. Yeah that but again it just it's one of those things were like you said to some hockey it's. He's also boring hockey it's awful hockey arena and watching the devils of those years on the outlets or all of mine the Ottawa Senators made it to the Eastern Conference final. Because all warm air Carlson's hockey god and two in a major event with a lesser talent that they had. To play a system that was moan boring. Yeah I I totally agree and and and sometimes you have to play that system to take heed to kid your team in a position to win. But that's not how are you that's how you should build the team first of all that's you should. Play that game it absolutely not what spit assistant. Guys it's kind of changed the channel a little bit who has the the best system the best player. The categories of the National Basketball Association. If you go to state or is it clean it all hang out and let before before that DC was saints up and over here in the studio to me just a couple moments ago. Because we are talking about the system. System hockey and then DC brings a system basketball Boston Celtics Beckham back in the day they are boring to watch but they. Where assistant team. The San Antonio Spurs. System. And that. And roaring yeah but I also went outside Tim Duncan no Long Island off the scene victorious spurs are boring to watch I thought they were they were. It Immelt oil which almighty god watching them play basketball. And I was AG upset when they when did that too when they locked the door and they were lost that first game game mourn and they were up 23 points in the second half for a third quarter. And they lost I think eight. When that came I think they can I think he could hit. Golden State but obviously Golden State I would resident it's not these spurs the spurs of you know of the two thousands give it the system but it's Popovich though it's still operating he still run in the same thing that he's been doing. For years but edges it's funny Tim Duncan's nickname was mr. fundamental right yeah right I I. I get it and but that guy he knew how to play that's on the new beat that guy knows how to coach it and he does use I will say this if you watch proper at all. He definitely uses the camera around that he has so he doesn't. He doesn't force I don't think he forces them to do things though. I think sometimes fundamentals can work in basketball because. In his system invesco because. It's a smaller. Area that's that you have to run. Place right you view you have to run plays in this arm after just the ninety lakers running and gunning her whenever they Wear bright bright but. Basketball is that system. Com has a system hockey is again hockey's effort you're you're you're getting the puck out of the zone your own zone. It pushes up the ice you're getting in yours you're you're circling near moving around. So I really think I think that. Well let me get your question. Who's the best I me player right now yes. It's got to be the brown James I is it's got to be the Brian James I just don't care what anybody says see. He's being a little. Over me and in this final having carrier ring can step operate catalogs get a step up these guys get it. If they wanna get to gain Tristan Thompson's ghost a ghost but in game four by the way it's the dollar about it. But yeah I agree but this is. The NBA playoffs it was a very interesting. Here. Charles Barkley was at that hockey game about two weeks ago our army to two games going Nashville and Charles Barkley said. This is so much better watching NHL hockey playoff hockey. Then the NBA playoffs you said the in the NBA playoffs are garbage and they are they have been they have been awful. Haven't tagged up. Yeah they have IC Dell's face in a look of disagreement but frank at the end of the day everyone was waiting for these two teams and now. Shouldn't they had it they had to break a historic pace in the first quarter in the first half. In order to just beat on state are now I agree and I have to agree with that and unconscious 57%. Shot from the three point range. That's for debt that's not gonna happen again. Who LaBranche set the stage though OK if he set the stage for the super teams. And when he would be you know that that decision which was. I don't think I could ever forgive him for that decision you know that it telecast to him saying I'm gonna take my account the South Beach I I almost. If I had to jump through the TV strangled them and choked him out I would I would instruct him there was but it worked forgo. Wolf well a heart attack and it worked for well he's going on the play with Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh. And and like I should hockey is gift and won a championship and the way chairmanship. Hockey is different than although they lost to Dallas to before they won the championship. Hockey is different case you have to roll three to four lines in the NBA these guys are on the court for. What 90% of the game so your tail and it is not your arm best talent is on the court 90%. Of the game. To huge huge different than having a team. Like atmosphere and cocky and when you get effort when your fourth line beats. Though other team's third line that night and they score a goal and you went to a 21 I mean that that's that's hockey that's that's where I effort can beat parent. I will say one thing though on. Yeah LeBron James may have really kicked everything into gear at the super teams. But I would actually like to blame the Boston Celtics for that with the Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen group. He asks it they they did it technically first and then made bootable brought out of there and the browns like well I can't beat them from Cleveland because I'm not getting any help. I'm gonna go and form my super team to combat they're super team. I mean there's and there's an argument for that there is an argument that but I don't think Paul Pierce. And I may be wrong but I don't think Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were superstars. I think those guys were in effect errant wind when. When LeBron if you put LeBron Dwyane Wade in. Chris Bosh against those three I take the prime. Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh all day long and three at three got smacked a term against the history. On that note guys know what it's we've been talking hockey today. Hockey people like an excellent game sixteen yeah you think about gifts I actually get it. What is a part of this is hockey and that's with games hiking in June as does not. Very bright for tumors who wants to go off local talk Tiger Woods golf and his legal problems behind that there you go. Buffalo don't go anywhere you're listening to western new York at work today as legal matters show with Franklin to feel that there don't go anywhere we have great conversation and we wanna hear from you. If you have a question or coming give us a Carly April 31520. Again it'll 31520. Whatever legal comment or statement you elect to make we wanna hear from you. Talk to you and others that's for. Whenever you need a ride ride local. Locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure and comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles for a long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Courts download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cab Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Time BO piece he was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is it has grown. Based. Relationships. He's built this. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. With frank attack Leo junior or any turning in this firm. This with somebody else people should choose our law firm because we are completely off farm classic complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aid's we're Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. But most importantly they're trying to care for our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them at the end of the day knowing alive is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too beating you know people getting familiar Klein. It's taking all these variables. And then concentrate them. Single problem that your Klein's presented where we help people when they're injured to help people in times of trouble when they're. Get arrested. You handle these matrimonial family court cases you can imagine the emotions going through People's Daily lives and when you can. Provide them with some solace. And some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Great day. Right what do you make it out I got the airline is legal matters I have to taste in my life. When we first started dating. She was obsessed with online order and you have no idea where it's like to come home and watch what you do every day and it was it's it's painful we. When she no longer on the war on our kick think. I obviously heard Carter occupies most of our time it's instant love Gardner but now that they the tables had turned because. Now we put our darted down and we automatically give them bad and it's. It's like 8459. O'clock earned an arraignment where actually look at the Munich were pathetic it's go but I love it. And of a yankees game goes and the hockey game and so it's fantastic. It's fantastic but lots of stuff going on in the legal community right yeah yeah us locally on a national level regionally and locally we actually just finished a very very interest in case. We just actually in the murder case jacares changes and I where just about to pick a jury this weekend. I'm murder trial. That we felt self defense case Karim. Dean and it interest you let me ask you some sort of things or hear the facts. OK we ended up pleading to man one because for a number of different reasons or other charities involved that that it was a second France but. Arm so two guys give them our guys house. Where he lives okay if the beef before. That went through on FaceBook. Came to his house. Get out of his raw but they do actually tortured or there are truer form right there or down and around his house. Couple times before that day they finally see him as he's outside this house. They do him a real quick three point turn head back up. And and there's a shooting our guys story is. That they came out firing. OK and their story was our guy goes back into the house. Gates is Karen comes out and then starts far. So we had an issue of what we thought I mean where is he that we had to prove. Whether it's the he has a reasonable belief that he had to defend his life. And it was it was interest it was very very difficult IE quite frankly both. Check changes and I. Really wanted to try the case but the way that ended up with it was a much better thing. Which you be enabled sedan that jury think. Listen effects yes that word yet. Yes and it certainly and on and an attorney for listeners are there but I do follow the law and there's a couple of things that are wanna ask put on the table. One does. History. Into convenient to play a role in how you would defend your client. Oh absolutely I mean you know so. So we had it in this case. You know we're sitting down. And we're trying to were really ready to pick the jury. And it was really really interest team. Our re picking a jury and then how we got to pleased to be wiest are negotiating a plea. Two have the man wind. And then which is was eight to 2010 to 25 he gets if he gets me and once he gets commit to the murders 25 to life but there was a guy in charge on there. Also which was a mandatory minimum 715. So Q is definitely give it to that because right as we had to admit he said the guy and we had to admit he would shoot somebody he shot these people so he was probably looking. Asked. Let's say he gets convicted that the judge probably sentence him from ten to fifteen years so the question really was. Do you wanna gamble 25 to life over. Eight to ten. Years I don't right so for Francona hold you there because actually we have a caller on line. Carl what's your question or comment. I ask a quick question. Dad is starting to show our alzheimer's disease. And I do want to know kind. Like to document do we need it happened I want they'll act it's you know faculty about. A couple of things were first I what do we do is the power of attorney OK that's your first. Problem step however attorneys are pretty. We do those in our office mile swingman prepares in May actually. Anything coming you have him sign the document that can you can control his mental health decisions you can control is any health decisions. And also any of the financial decisions but keep in mind. That he hit they have Houston signed that document. When he has a lucid moment he can't me you know if we we've had situations where we've had people come in. To sign either will or sign a power of attorney. And we found that tells people you know we can't do it right now because he's not having that lucid moment he or she is now having them lucid moment. Writes a before they get so bad and her I would certainly call our office. And and it's from mine and get in the iron to a par returning because. Once he didn't when somebody is them in Q let's say that the full blown alzheimer's. What what what happened is that he would probably have to file what's called an article 81 with the court in an article 81. Is a a petition that you petitioned the court to take over guardianship. Of a person who's incapable. Of taken care of themselves so what happens then is that you petitioned the court the court appoint today. A third party to investigate whether the person isn't capable and who is the best person to. And I deserve Garrity and so that that if if if your father still lucid. Generally lucid I would what I would definitely do is couple things if you think there's a beginning of the stages of alzheimer's. Key to his doctor talked to his doctor ever father allowed you to talk to the doctor. Can you note that he is mostly lucid and getting. So that's what will will interview room beside the power of attorney. And you'll be with a take care of his. Needs frank please provide your contact information you call 88553761. It's really important that you do that because. Sometimes when they start slipping away. I'm in you know what's very interest into we've seen a lot of fraud committed an elderly people with alzheimer's. And so when you're when you're not in control of your parents. Or whoever's. Financial and health situations. And they start doing things Iran is that correct behavior comes back you know people's estates can be lost in the can be stolen and and you don't you certainly don't want to you wanna protect. Yourself and most importantly my protector father. Who. Government they appreciate your help. But players are great car thinks martial art but you're listening to Western European work relied here ESP 15:20 AME today as legal matters without taking very short break don't go anywhere we have more good conversation. On the other side frankly to feel that there. This attention back to look at publisher about little puppies living magazine. I think eight in June 18. And what father doesn't love a great summer meal opted for Al Sadr army of proud buffalo owned family business. Offered a high quality and friendship me. And last night as we hear about it they plan. From the greatest star of caddie can blame. And half of there it. You'll find what you need to in everyone's face federal meat is the finest quality lean meat burgers and made by an individually wrapped. Securing you think the best quality and that he partner you can also pick up ready made side. From the valley fourth fresh cut off on looking for rat wife yes. Tried grilled shrimp with lemon Ekene bust and our oil and healers or. Welcome Jeanne can you burger that Turkey bacon and sauerkraut copper nickel rat. With several convenient much Haitians. Federal health he'll gorilla see I asked him about his day visit their website at federal me. That come through weekly menu specials and who plan offers. Buffalo healthy living magazine as proud to be questionnaire premiere free health fitness and nutrition magazine for people volley. We don't 125000. Spectators. And thousands more who we mine went right about that happened that matter most for readers. Look for us that every area wegmans and passed along with a rich 2000 of those patients. He can as a fan mine at buffalo popular intact. Or file and I think but with that there. Enjoy how you life without a healthy living magazine. If you missed any of her episodes to come out on the men at ESPN 1520 dot com. Or you can find us on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash fifteen point WNY at work. They can also follow some Twitter yes right we do the treating things sometimes. At WNY at work. And now we go back to bill and for. Welcome back to Western Europe and work your business from the conversation and today it's legal matters you know what that means we in studio lied there is at 1528 and with mr. Franklin to appeal the third. Complete legal counsel. Handling all of your legal and east for. We have the fourth quarter of The Today Show can't you can't stay at it again in an hour. Well hopefully the powers that be are listening. And Western Europe at work there's been a huge requests and demands for a one hour show so the powers that be that are listening fit. I will give you caught a long way for you economy. Suffered by the way great our question. That collar so. Please feel free because there was this great questions are very important topic. And it's up you know it's interesting because. One thing I love about our law firm. Is when he should return that completely firm is that we do everything in you know and we really help. A lot of people analyze different situations are a catalog that I can aid in I'm I'm very hippie. That you know I can at least talk someone intelligently about that topic be it be even though Miley. Does most of that type of work for a lesson and now about the ways. Tremendous she's tremendous. Very quickly what are the various specialists nations it. Firms specialist so we do a lot of you know a lot of our work is civil litigation sort of personal injury that engage in any corporate litigation. Anything of that nature we also do this the State's real estate. Commercial and residential real estate it does about workers comp worker's comp a man is a fur does it for a says she's fantastic in doing it for a a number of years now. We do David Sanchez does matrimonial. And and the core work along with Jack checks changes does some work. We do criminal work. So we have good. Stable of who mourn me were great civil lawyers in fact we're looking for weren't right now. We do we're we're we're very fortunate and documents to be that busy. And so we do everything you need a lawyer tell people you need to where you call us first is if we don't handle it which is very rare. Then will will find the right. In a telephone number again 855376. Point oh okay great infect for you brought up something that Western European work you're gonna start to do a lot more room. That intro you hear us talk about sports jobs. Economic development and people that make it happen what what when of the segments we are about to introduces the jobs component. And so. You just mentioned actually looking where you've got to hire an attorney can you describe. The typo was a good fit for you or it's a plumber right now what's a good fit in a worse so that were were over. Loaded with our litigation. Running a business law businesses. In my father said to me. I know we government's thank you talk about this forever proud said to me about three years ago. He said I don't envy you choose to do so for another 25 years geez thanks to look at. It's very difficult business is business has changed. You know we're doing a lot of marketing as you and I talked about all time. Would never thought never touched marketing has -- he was going out meeting people doing that. When you go to Europe on your website. Who's up here today Karl Karl was saying hello my name is our. That's right you know us as he and that's great live chat which my wife. Actually my wife does offer marketing books. You know we actually she spends a lot about 220 to 25 hours is now more week. Doing that for us and its allies it's a big deal. As game changer to game changer and first are very fortunate to have her she's very much smarter than I am and we got to ramped up. So. I keep that they show is thirty minutes long and everything you see they're extra get angry that's. There have been up rip it up. I wish that they outlets they control we're now my producer is the one who tells me he's in control. Well you know we still have a few seconds. And as we always do. Parting thoughts were parting thoughts we have seen for a listeners out there it is Father's Day next week so well on the door. Let let me tell you this through. Go enjoy your life go enjoy your day. Go enjoy and be happy because this every day is yet there's no question about it you know I get older and older. The more I can whether it's the just enjoy yourself be happy. And call us if you have a problem you have a problem that's one less time for today's show. 8553761. Of Tempe a piece you under paid your party talks. Go breads yes I'm on a mound without a toll on a feisty Sidney Crosby went another championship I'll shoot myself I think are. But we'll have a beautiful set that we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB and every Monday night between 715 and 730.