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Sunday, May 7th

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and work your business friendly conversation life here ESP in 15:20 AM. We talk about sports jobs. Economic development and always the people that make it happen. It's an interesting morning and buffalo this week I just today but just this week with all the rain. But I have got to be optimistic and say east rain will be economy bag song is I hope so. Didn't put much so we don't let me say good morning it's our producer. And friend mr. Cramer good morning once again. Hey you know I mean after after last week I wasn't here and start the show you know can I could forgive you for not saying hello all right that's fine you know but. To answer your question I have no idea it's raining it's not stopped raining and I mean programming note the horizons would like the place in baseball today and that's later on today here he has been fifteenth when he bought. Rain might have some things about that yet again. That's one thing that we've been very predictable. In terms of you know meteorologist it is rain more rain accessory after Ali from family and when it comes to looking at the weather. What's the weather like now is already okay thanks Ali and then there you go it's it's over just like that the weather forecast has done. Hewitt who thought and we don't be so accurate for buffalo. What you never. Know when it comes I will. I will weather but with that BS that we bring a little business sunshine into the studio today. And when I refer to when I mean by that we have a local Oxford nor. Allison to pony who's live in studio with us today and Alison just really comes with what the welcome professional knowledge and experience. She's been in business for and a professional service and reflect over our twenty years. It was a guilty and bring in Atlanta new interest seen businesses to what she is a true. One in this business owner and Oxford Newark. Alison welcome to today's show. Thank you again thank you for having me it's about time you and I've been talked about you know having you on the show we you know. A number of years now it's finally happens they bring us any others you know I mean I was late for my invitation waiting impatiently. What thank you so much through hip patient on here that went too often ditto what are going to be on but you know I'm lecturing us deal with this before listeners that. Com or not for me with who you are a type work that you do give us a very brief bio of yourself. Well. Historically. Come from the insurance and finance industry. He and four years ago I decided to make a change of my professional life. And I started urban fruits and veggies which is an urban agriculture company. Located in city about. Okay youngest actor first businesses decorous know what I I had a partner wonderful partner. Out on the sonic. Characterization. He's Seneca native and we had a collection agency prior to that I had an Allstate agency and Cheektowaga. And so then after after my house state agency and went back to work for other companies laughed again to. Partner with my former partner Eric white house on the reservation. And then after I left and act I decided to do open urban pretend that he. OK and so now you are you eight risk taker. Which you low risk taker is a compliment because some individuals wool business owners entrepreneurs will look at having started. Multiple businesses to grow their professional career. And do not always. No one to. Put together their exit strategy and move on to something else in this house like. You have you have mastered that when it's time to. To move bought something council new business endeavor for whatever the reasons might be. And you know I I really sometimes hear don't even know that your searching for your passion and then all of a sudden you find it. And I think cat that's case with her pretend it through okay. Well urban truce and express our very catchy name is sure to exactly what it is what does it mean what do you do well as I said we're an urban agriculture company and we have and urban farm. And mobile pro this market. And I like to envision my company as like. A wheel and at the center. Of the wheel is our urban farm and then we have our mobile purse market. And we have our corporate wellness programs. We have our farmers markets. And we have our education and nutrition education and gardening programs. That I do with at an after school program at the map urban center. And partner with two other entities. And we bring a holistic approach to healthy living. To these children ages 814. And then. From that we launched our product lying this year. And were also going to launch home delivery. Division this year self folks who have a reason or no reason at all but just want to have some fresh produce delivered to their home. They can contact I think it's kinda on our home delivered left. And that seems to be a trend in multiple industries where our weather beat them fooled or other services that you brought directly right to the home. And your businesses an example that yes it is and. You know for awhile now I've been getting requests and questions about that but. You know timing is everything and you know I have to be positioned and ready to take and those particular services so that we make sure we deliver a 100%. For our customers. And we make sure were delivering exactly what what they're looking for and mom and fulfilling the need. Okay now you also mentioned about are you said there are Garten peace can you speak to exactly what that is sure. A lot of folks are our theory interested in having some type of home garden. Ease her raised in a raise bad form or teaching gardens and they are looking for some type of instruction. And help and just. Move forward how to white star that's. Right very uninteresting and four in before we took a quick break this one on the court someone asked. There's seems to also be a trend where because we have so many busy lives who do not have time to cook. It's our interior space. That urban fruits and veggies caters to that population. Absolutely. I've just been in talks with a few. Organizations that are looking to ramp that up or improve. In that area so. Right now I am a few months away from getting my credentials to be a certified plant they shafts and certification in culinary. So that will be something that will take on the whole life of its own. Come and sit. LaBeouf wasn't going anywhere we talked Alison to leave the owner operator for some fruits and veggies don't go anywhere we have more great conversation for the start of this. Spinach are made of his publisher of a lone healthy living magazine. You know that remains that there is purposes is beneficial if god. Just as it is for humans according to and he worked well. Alan that the association of canine water there seeing quite unfair he helped hampered straight at around here and can be used for injury prevention. Obesity that's for Asia. Allen and coordination. Among many at a fat. Veterinarians recommend therapeutics plans when recovering from surgery. Rehabilitation. And scary action. However. How he died also promised that creep me came they just there to promote joint health. And so the lymphatic system and can also benefit circulatory. And the men say chess set and never at turn dot here and Western New York. And the answer he nines from there he Orchard Park offers one on one try that when their teeth for your canines and and this indoor warm water facility focuses on your attacks physical and emotional health and well being. And while improving and expanding your keen and quality of life also confessions are guided by a third a I'd warm water swim specialists. And designated specifically. Done individually. Question often include a combination a specific exercises. The flash their T and a regular. The pull it meticulously. Temperature and ethnically and sold to ensure healthy safe environments for every. For more information. Visit WWW. That went background. Or call 716. 3808. Q4 four. Well we're healthy living and proud to be western Europe's premier free health fitness and nutrition magazine for people volleys at. We're about 25000. Meters and thousands more who we am mine went right about the Catholics that matter most readers. Look about the popular they magazine every area what have been caps on more than 2000 other locations. You can that there are lined up to a popular than tax plan or follow up front in the contract. Enjoy how you might without low popularity mega. If you missed any of our episodes. There are demanded ESPN fifteen point dot com. We're also on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash 1520 WRY at work and we're also on Twitter at W and Wyatt work. Now we go back to bill. Welcome back to western new York at work your business friendly conversation I mean holes still mark and we are wide here ESPN 1528. Count. And we certainly what we have Allison go home. With some one of those individuals that's making it happen. In the city of buffalo actually grow all of Western New York airport listeners out there if you have a question or comment we want you to join the conversation our telephone number is. It'll 31520. Again that telephone number is it'll 31520 if you have a question or comment for myself or Allison. Now Alison you has some some great dialogue adorn the break and it. Your business is so unique and I know we have hit a no we haven't touched on everything but can we go back to that cooking piece you are describing. Yes. I think it's very important that. We try to help individual families get back into the kitchen. We you know got away from. Someone in the household being responsible for the nutrition of our family members. And that's it's a huge undertaking but that means that. It requires planning preparation and time. A lot of what we don't have a lot of us don't have a lot of time but we need to make time because our health depends on. And people say you know it's expensive to eat healthy but guess what you can't afford not to eat healthy. You can't afford not to make that time because the results are things like obesity diabetes. Cardiovascular issues. High cholesterol high blood pressure affects all of us. Ultimately affects all of us and it takes us on a path. Of just an amazingly. Awful. Unhealthy life. So to stay off that path. What do we have so much control of what we eat how we prepare. Where food comes from that is all within our control so do you go to a consultation with with a you know with a household members. Actually I I took on there was a friend who has some serious health issues. So I literally commandeered his kitchen. He and you know. Cleaned it out through way. You know freed knows men and chocolate chip could eat. Other things that contribute our. For help Allison hope that the right there because we have Michael who's online holding Michael which personal weapons of west new York at work was your question or comment. Good morning how are you. Are we just like you know a long time president and any member massed in the district unity. How do how mean people like myself school well. Supporting someone whose mission and believe social thank you. It of course I thought it was directed you here thank you Mike on good morning. Well there are several ways. We have. The neighborhood has been so wonderful to us with our urban farm and we have. Folks come and volunteer at the farm. You can volunteer our farmers market which is gonna start June 10 at. Corner of mean and Fillmore every Saturday from eleven to two. On our if you're interested in our major project which is the Bailey green project. Which will be building. Greenhouses. Both soil and hydra Connick. So if you're interested in the Bailey green project please feel free to contact me and now we can discuss. In detail on what we're looking for as far as support. With that project and you can reach me at 92. 1270. At any time and I thank you so much Michael. For just saying. That use support. Our business. Great Michael Oscar and I think he smokes were calling. Your your business appears to be very simple but there are some. It's a complex components to it and NASA complex only because people don't understand nutrition. And healthy happy healthy eating habits at the level that you do and you're doing so many things and for listener out there that maybe. And his or her car but when he gets home they wanna go a long line and get more information on what is sure your web address sure it's. Urban. Athens and fruit villas and vegetable dot com. Not before the caller you mention we started talking about one of declines that you assisted and started to remove. That to unhealthy things that was in the within their household right source little bit more about that transformation sure. We did that. I it I dictated every single thing that this person eight for three days. And this person. As diabetic. I I I am not I was never like I am really. You know had the opportunity to sit and watch those numbers as a person and test their blood sugar. And this person's blood sugar at the numbers that this person was getting. Was like mind blowing and he emailed his doctors. To let him know that we've been trying to get these numbers for like seven years through medication. And I mean I it I am not saying that this is you know gonna work for everyone but it's a start and he was able to see. Okay what if I eat we ate fruit we and we didn't cut out you know he still had its coffee. We ate fruit we ate vegetables we eat seafood. We had no red meat. It was it was it was a pretty inmate amazing experience for both of us because. You know this person was really able to see how the effects of eating healthy diet. Are directly correlated with you or any on health disparity that you may have in house the senators are doing today pretty. You know you hat but it its work and an act and have. You know. Sugar coat it I'm not gonna you know try to say it's easy it's work because you're changing your life you are saying no to lots of sugar lots of salt. Quick fast food on your saying yes to. Planning and tying him and redoing my kitchen. And you know taking a hard look. At water that's what am I gonna substitute for all the things that I love one of mine and a substitute for greasy chicken wings pizza. Greasy hamburger. OK you know up all of that be insane because I'm seeing it myself saw a sign up as your next line. And what do mean by that is because he came with some. Some goodies some helping goodies so what we have with us to. OK so we our product line has started with three products. Ian. We don't have her her healthy salad dressing here today because I'll outgrow. Get a chance ever South Africa right now exactly what you lie right there like a good step for breakfast Archie what the salad. I we thought it worked. Out OK. The hour. 100% natural raw honey. And this funny. Comes from six wonderful bee keepers that I have the pleasure of knowing hollow call. They calm they're geographically located in the southern each year and in Pennsylvania. He's the keepers appease keepers. Asking me important it's filled beekeepers. They work together. To produce this wonderful honey. Ian. The we will have two types of honey. Forced sale for the rest of the year down for her. My wonderful customers to. You know technique and try and experiment with and and then we have our current fruits and vegetables I've discussed during. In it has ginger in which injures theory good for her for them by ID. So we have discussed. Which dale you have try. Try again. Now you try V sweeten its. But we now have an eye on unsweetened beat ties with I prefer sweetened because I myself. That have been addicted to white refined sugar. And have issues with that that I work at everyday and some days are better than others. But for both of us who are lucky enough not to be addicted to white refined sugar. We have our unsweetened typist is strength or sweeten and unsweetened you know what we can talk. A little bit more about that we have to take very sure bring powerful don't go anywhere cius on the other side of this kind of break. And I conversations with apple Allison down. So you remember where you are. Or who we are aware. Commitment fast work out of your wife's hi I'm Amy when me and when I think after I'm only big kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and magic different fitness levels Mo would be able to meet its back version of myself. And when someone hit their bowl ban Ki energy I paid to keep cattle. Fitness while winning the best way to get results of the PMA group that they walk into any capital vocation compatible or not or needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. Well you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve it happened. The fact certified trainers teen training classes who has no flash. Cycling indoor turf area weight loss programs Hydro massage recover and feel much more so now I need my make you remember. Catalyst has everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect fit for your project. 999. All of six location Fisichella fitness buffalo dot com activate your. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned Liberty Capital of the largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're going to few miles or long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Or download their new curve that could get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. This is frank puts her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. Welcome back to western new York at work your distance conversation I'm holes still mark. Lifers ESPN 1528. And to date we've with Oxford or business owner. Allison and here's the owner operator should president and CEO. Urban frozen veggies. What an amazing company things Allison is doing in the community. And it Takashi we've shipped back to community because I think that's an important piece that you business really represent. We'll make sure there listeners. Understand what that means when it looks like. Cat we we are all about the community. Where about the health and wellness of the community. And one of things that I am so honored that I'm apart is the daily green project. And that is partnership with homes several under other. Wonderful. Organizations that cater to the community. But at the Helm of the daily green project is tarmac medical products. And harm Mac the president of CarMax started peeling green and invited several stakeholders and into our revitalizing the neighborhood at east fairy Bailey and Genesee area. An area that's been sadly neglected for. I don't know 20/20 five years so we wanna bring a revitalization to that area and what urban fruits and veggies pulled to. Is filled greenhouses. Both soil and hard to panic and community garden. In phase three down the road is to have a healthy cafe in that location at some point. But the immediate. Phase one. Of daily green is that we want to get greenhouses. These are job creating greenhouses. These well service the community. Folks will be able to get a job. As a top maintenance delivery people. Gardeners. Garden managers so and that's a career. Career where culture yes absolutely. And so I want to be instrumental in bringing some careers. To. To our our inner city areas that have been so neglect. Did okay well you know we have another call who's been holding call thank you so much for calling western new York and worked what's your question or comment. Well Campbell make a quick here Allison first bother you gotta. I had to look at noon on quorum millions endlessly. I mean you are young Chinese store there would McDonald. Finished off the road together at the the one that they so I do wanna say is that it is that I know is very easy for people to tell people how to. Nor that easy but a little easier actually lower your blood sugar by the international fools. All know there's very few. You all you flu. Right into higher and so while the word election out and on the immediate threat or you can take certain things closely if you sugars low. You can only entry into the candy bar culture goes right out. Bullet what are some pools they can do that thinking that you don't count as quick an animal. Oh yeah you're leafy greens IB start with your leafy greens every one should have something green on their plate. Every day. You know. Cano swisher Collard greens mustard greens turnip greens beet greens. There that the if you just start there. Step one. You should see a difference you should feel better. Then you can move on to just incorporating lots of fruits into your diet. It and and and started breakfast. Lunch dinner just leafy greens are there. When are things I'm thinking and I hear you say is in order to eat healthy you have to start making healthy purchases capsule and I believe you mention it at some point in time doing the show. That there's going to be farmer's market yet enough story Anderson can use I don't. Our farmers market will start June 10 at the corner of main and Fillmore. And you can purchase your leafy greens bush beans. Which will be growing and our Ater urban confirmed so. In addition to these vegetables being healthy. And their own right we have no pesticides. We used seeds that are nine. GM most seats they have not been genetically modified. We use healthy soil this year I was so fortunate to partner with and organic farm mountain Eden. And we have organic fertilizer. So while we are not organic because we use municipal water. We take all the other steps that you otherwise would take if you're trying to. Gulf for organic certification. So. It's the soil it's the seeds it's a lack of pesticides. And then you're already dealing with a healthy item. So all those things together if you come out on Saturday mornings. Maine in Fillmore eleven to two and we can talk about it you can get good information. We'll have some other some insurance companies there will have some health information will have since food samples. And we can have a wonderful conversation because so many conversations about nutrition health. Healthy eating healthy choices how to shop happened. At farmer's market. And Allison are I can't believe we're shorts. Quickly coming to an end there's one thing we have not touched on and that is taking these healthy habits into the workplace because if you have a healthy. Employee base in that brings on the cost. For the employer cancels her message out there for the employer so many of our wonderful companies are are seeing that this year we're going to be with new era cap company. We're going to be with tenacious college work at Blue Cross and Blue Shield and those companies. Our theory interested in making sure that there employees are healthy so they bring us right on site. And gives the employees an opportunity to shop with us and they get benefits just just from doing that and doing other healthy things. Cell. It it's all around from you know economically depressed areas all the way to our amazing. Corporations that do great work in our city as well and for anyone who wants more information about urban fruits and veggies and like to speak with you what should they do. You can call any time at 7169821270. Or go to our web site. And it DRR send me an email I'm sorry at DE HL and and at outlook dot com or go to our website and that's urban. After isn't fruit villas and vegetable that cop. Alison thank you so much for being a featured guest today you've educated not just myself what all of Western Europe airport we wish you continued success. And buffalo thank you for tournament and we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yet. Every Monday night between 715 and 730.