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Western New York at Work
Sunday, April 23rd

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Here's western new York at work with your post dale Martin. Join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning about what welcome to west and here you're working your business friendly conversation. Life here ESPN 15:20 AM where we talk about sports jobs economic development and always to people that make it happen. I'm so excited this morning to some meetings where are we talking about today we had a great Western Europe or work week. And no we gonna get right into it but before we do that I'm gonna say hello to my producer and different. Mr. Cramer get the morning and Allah it's a good morning indeed it started out a little frigid but it looks lot better off her and how. It is a gorgeous day I was gonna say you that you guys have been out their outside more recent and have less that was outside with 6 in the morning I was scraping ice off my windshield. So. I think it's spring is here hey it is and you know what all I'm all for it. Okay war in we have thus forcing a day before the show were really atropine was really happening in the world sports. Okay that's house for us for our for street. Yes mostly because of the sabres. Cleaning house is not a fan of getting it to Murray buffalo had a Beagle reset button and I'm wondering what's going to happen now I'm. I'm unaware that worked at Reese because companies and organizations they do all the time you release it. That's you're pretty. Sport. Will sport makes you want to cry sometimes. Dress on Thursday. At a that's always good that's a good way to keep me back is we have the raptors on Thursday. We have the opportunity to pick the best yes sort of things are going to be talked to part of today's show picking the best OK and that best represents. Our guests that are in studio for the second time inside cells team in their leadership team. Rico Brooke gays welcome back hi dale thank you had to be here this this park north of my tong for me. Really hated her toes and be back OK so note to restore round on table just introduction we have a studio today share. So this is. Scheme and deem low I directorate eyes he had a Ian recruiting and training for the company. And now team and the newly appointed head of marketing in itself. For the week here. Now you know I am in the corner. It does not actually running out. Make progress as of this as it. And primary accountable and that president and a team. You. We have congratulations. On your great event yesterday we Wear. Wheeler at partners with a shared vision foundry and is fantastic. We've had a great time payment it. He will fix the hair and a fantastic celebration. And for our first beekeeper much. It took to look to be in a position to look in the in the audience and see the that individuals that were in the wrong we had the mayor of the year we of the risks fantastic company and I'll mention them later in the show. But I wanna say you know two to our listeners entrance sponsors than tour vendors. Thank you so much for supporting western new York at work and it's indicative of Paul we are how we feel. Where we're going to have and and that's part of today's conversation and it is really about it's myself team in terms of where you're going because you feel you're building. Our great culture not just with the you're internal company. But you're doing an external culture as well you actually you you you'd be changed your business monitor how business or operate. Gamble thank you for saying that the would be. Just recently relocated from higher. Our office at the track main building on main street to use the canal side. And we love the training but we are seeing the energy of what's going on accounts side are really excited to be a part of it. We're now on the first by the Coughlin is building. And one of the things that was important to us about the move flag is. You know we really believe that buffalo has a lot to offer people and we wanna to be a work environment where people get the chance to experience that themselves and the idea that online she could go for a kayak ground I hated me it. The all the new restaurants opening in that kind of thing is really exciting to us so. So we're we couldn't be more pleased to be down there and we'd love for people it's happened and say hello and he didn't stay the absolutely. Okay calmer calmer over to you because you learn not new but. New studio with the last time could I get your guitar so I'm not gonna miss this opportunity. Off. So sure that listeners your listeners. Who you are what you do it and it's about the culture. Yeah I mean I feel really lucky to be a part of it especially. And I need to actually just graduated from college two years ago. And I came into the as a role completely new and open to the speed beast sales and marketing around. And I have had on me. Opportunities that I am actually really thankful flat. And mostly I think it's just so different than some companies. Out there and I have worked around a little bit of a flow by in here I feel like I have an impact. And that the decisions way. Let's carry you out there this story. You know you're not based on Leno. Just. Well worker bee and the team you kinda get to have a say in the company that's what's cool cause but a growing where. An entity in eighteen years as we go man management team get to where it is is open. And just the guns and Francisco. To try to help track yes com. I got it buffalo takes you out to the West Coast. There's a rumor here that there's nor are harmless and see you put these are rumor. That you hear you are what we hired Alaska school in East Coast class action out that it act out I would love it. Okay what you know there's a gatekeeper. All there's always a gatekeeper. His name is gay. You don't get me could have broke or Frederica and as you go to game. Yeah so and so you with recruiting and training it's it's been fun I've been with IST now for three years and it's just been an apps that growth. Opportunity for a semi and number one concern is this about. I think ten or eleven people in the office and now you know where you approaching seventy people clustering are doing a lot of recruiting efforts pressure forecasts about 25 news. Opportunities to you know bringing you candidates and you jobs for buffalo over the next you monitor throughout the summer OK and so whatever skill sets are you looking for absolutely so with sales development which I know we're going to be talking about today it's really exciting because. It's a role that in anything positive attitude you know he needs someone that is you know tenacious and persistent summoned to. Is really you know willing tee to learn and be able to be coaxed to talk to business this because it is and not a normal cells role that we here in buffalo. And where we're talking to the highest level people all across the country in a represented the biggest brands in software and technology companies and you know business to business isn't really an exciting industry now has a written major buzz we are just in San Francisco like Brooke. I'll mention in mere you know a sponsor for a phenomenal marketing convention. And we are aligning ourselves to companies like Microsoft and linked to and discover or again. You know Hoover and Google and you know square all these really cool technology companies that are there. And it's amazing what that in the end is for this role. In San Francisco and were able to bring down over here to buffalo which is really exciting for the new graduates are people looking to make a career change. So for someone who's listening to Aaron Carter whom they're okay what are since our camera here and sites hosting your business development opportunities okay. Home. Talk to the Kennedy yes so sales development. The way I like to think about it is. And if you're in sales development what you're doing is you're creating curiosity. In prospective. Buyers. And what that often teens age you're helping educate them about the fact that there are solutions out there today. Business problems that they had it won a year business problems is growing revenue of one of your business problems is. Managing your sales pipeline if one of your business problems is communicating with your employees one of your business problems is. The time it takes these close and sign contracts. That there are solutions out there and it those problems your key years are solving those problems and so we just generate that curiosity that the solution is out there. And then we set up time usually a very short amount of time 1520. Minutes. Three had a conversation with somebody about your challenges. And what the solutions that are that that might help you move through those challenges Marie what I'm hearing is that not only do you have opportunities for new hires. But you also have a business solutions for companies. Yeah but absolutely still a lot of companies house in all complex product that they're trying to sound. And on they've gotten really talented sales executives that can meet with customers and close that business. But oftentimes the people that are good closers. Aren't as good at the prospect and and it's it's pretty rare to find somebody that can master all of those skills because. The kind of different motions developing curiosity is one thing and then bringing that sale closes and other things are different activities and so. Yellow we do is we specialize in. Prospecting in part that developing curiosity hard and just getting that initial interest started. And Allen and so. Certainly there's a lot of businesses out there might be thinking hi could use some help with that prospecting for sure and we find. This is an interesting statistic on and T did you know that career web site indeed dot com. They're over 53000. Openings for sales to Allen and representatives. Replace which to me just sends such as signaling while businesses are struggling with this prospecting right they want a lot of help and that's really powerful. Those positions a lot of them are out in San Francisco all and Connell Seattle out on the West Coast a lot of an area near city. And down. And and we're proud to be able that provide that solution. Right here and awful well for a company. Think Richard Alpert is that this is very important. 53000. Openings which means that you're looking for the right fit in them for the right candidate gate was the right care. The right candidate is someone you wants to work hard you know someone who wants to you go through accountable. Waltz to you you know find that prospect is someone I I like to call hunt you know someone who is this tenacious and willing to go out and find those people that where we're talking about to treat their curiosity. So that's that's we're looking for that's rhetoric or get what the right fit right now is for me to take a break because we hear from our producer. He's asking me to take a break you listening to Western New York to work your business from the conversation army is still burn and today we have as our sales team talking are bound. Great opportunities that they have within their organizations perform don't go anywhere CS on your side of this break. Do you remember where you work for who we are aware of the fast work out of your life. I'm Amy Wendell and when I think after I'm only big kettle of fitness. With his trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and magic different fitness levels motivate me to be had passed version of myself. And when someone hit their Boldak the energy I paid to heat catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get results subpoena for Saturday walk into any capital vocation compatible and I weren't needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. Well you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve cafe. The fact certified trainers team training classes that no flash Iceland indoor turf area. We lost programs Hydro massage recovery and felt much more so now I need my make you Amanda. Had a look at everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project now in 99 and I'll fix the location is it catalysts that miss buffalo got pounds activate. York this is frank put her view of the third. The term view PC log group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 8553761. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty campus provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're going to few miles were long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curb that and get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Rival with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Molly how are you I just getting by K I sought only to and they. IST how is echoing couldn't be better for the first time I look forward to going to work every day really what's highest tea iced tea Stanford inside sales team we're sales and marketing agency working with some of the best and most advanced technology companies around the world either great environment productive culture with a lot of fun to cost them are even higher angle actually that's the best part we're growing like crazy to apply good inside sales team dot com that's inside sales team dot com. Welcome back to western new York at work. Right here ES PF 1520. Day he was what is it what's today's date. April 20 work ethic and play there is great to. We are we are Americans really interest and excitement yesterday we had the purpose for sure vision business front of the problems we salute to our. And we have a Paterno we have some amazing companies in the wrong. And I can't you know I just wanna say thank you if you were at the partners with the sure. Business brunch yesterday. Thank you and we have some exciting companies that receive some awards and one of those companies. Is gracious enough to be right in studio with us today is in charge sales team and they receive the the extinguish. Business excellence award and you and that means something not just me but you know what it means something to the people who were there. Distinguished business of excellence. Because they represented excellence they're looking for excellence in it looking for the right candidate and we talk a little bit more about that. Because you know you are you looking for from great no you look for great candidates. And Ukraine are great culture. You know it. I'll Brooke mentioned we are out in San Francisco and we had a chance to visit personally some of the customers that we work it. And one of our customers think I've got IT. Are we we'd. Went to visit there office and things I was really impressed by and excited I why is the fact that. Day our new company that's got news venture capital funding and they are so ill. There don't we are an important part of their business strategy. That two employees and an inside sales team that work on the happens ain't doing this past acting in this development are critical to their six acts. And it's so nice to be a part of some pain. It's it's like figure even and your neighbor bigger and your neighbor it that. Actually be having an impact and the success of this new start up company that's so cool are you bringing it works pulled culture through to east. Yeah and I think we are because they're working and all these start up companies and so they bring their energy in me you know it's a really funny she. Yeah definitely. Absolutely I mean come and work is is definitely fun. You know we had a casual dress in the world and size of him Greek culture. A we just purchased or second ping pong table that you often just go to order taking part hurts competition. And people to build upon schedules there are have you ever heard of this you can go to work and play ping pong. I mean. Maybe maybe aren't there is a ping pong table here and a humble heart and I don't know if that hot tubs function of. We had a cultures awesome man and we have a lot of fun and you know we we have a really interest in schedules so when I interview people like take them through what artists do you daily schedule looks like in its interest in because. Most people never heard of anything. You know we have a sprint scheduled throughout the day we're we're working hard in the we have a fifteen minute break and we continue that process. On the and we leave early on Friday's and because it's a business to business environment you know no nights no weekends of people really like you know once they calm work hard and have fun and you know be really but close friends with your your you know coworkers. But the same time we don't burn people out you know we focus on you know life work balance with the ability to makes them a serious sentiment there iPhone. It is there and this is something there. Please chime in on this but I think the Warren are characteristic that your organization is looking for his dedication dedication to yourself. Dedication that you you're professional development. And being willing to embrace. That the culture of fun culture that are very different atmosphere can be speaks that speaks at that. Absolutely I mean the cultures Austin we were just discussing and it's really exciting to you know come to work every day and have fun wired and and also you know when we're looking for candidates were looking for someone Tia go through our training system and you know become you know. Of important to me like Marie to assay and it's very very important to these clients of ours. Our role and so we have an opportunity to train people get them up to speed dating and really be an extension of our clients what's exciting. Agree Norton on what can we talk about office here. This is not the kind of sure we have the Rangers. However Brooke is raising her hand. Yeah well. It's it's definitely. Says it'll spoil me I can't sit more than sixty minutes. And movie Peter had to let. Yeah I think if you're sitting back at home you kind of listening. That's how I am. Sales hate sales I always I grew up as. So again I gotta tell our CNET on the radio but what Amy met and it's like I heat. What I scared right now to be thoughts now. Smooth talking a fine Meehan and you really had to push people to buy something that they weren't interest and but this is. It's on me all new new ways of thinking pass some more about listening and talking and listening again I go from here is solutions. Yes that yes these ugly and out here on earth today you you you provide solutions and but I think I love what you're. To sabre which is like this idea that we're calling companies that have like they have a goal they have a you know I've got to grow high revenue by 20% this year and they do they've got a budget to make that happen. And and then looking for a what's the best option to make that happen so yeah we're sharing an idea yeah. And can take us. We don't powerful. Stay listening to us we have some great consolation. When listening to what's new Yorker work your business from the conversation I'm you know still Martin's life here ESPN fifteen tweeting here. I'm talking with insights those things don't go anywhere. Guess what if you're looking for career opportunities you wanna pay attention to this conversation you know a decider but we'll have to live. And that's. The departure of healthy living. Very from ability. Range of motion an injury. But including beauty. Is important how the body and I actually. It relaxes them and increases plus and you and you're currently. It off opposite other benefit encouraging optimistic outlook stretching didn't have to waking up. Can help them back mind body. Loosen tight top of which increases blood flow and encourages the release of endorsements for writing and tranquility. Can help the process. That can help from here correct plastic slightly mean a couple that whole area of the body weight the hand and that. Stretching muscle to the lower back chest and shoulders. Can help keep the finer and better alignment and improve overall posture by relieving pain to promote my speculation. Also promote let's speculation stretching cuff and feet blood stipulation which I'll come out felt that if you are in talks to. The heart rate was also lower than it doesn't have to work a chart. And blood pressure may become more each and every kid that collapsed on paired with a healthy diet. In thinking along stretching exercises can help reduce cholesterol body that could prevent an even expert hardening of arteries. How can one little boy at heart a healthy living and how did you plant in premier free health and nutrition magazine for people volley. They built a 125000. And thousands more broadly outlined. We write about the tactics and the started book a couple of popular thing magazine at every area wegmans and tapped along with other hit thousands of looking. You can visit us online at fox we'll have to think outcome or follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and enjoy it calculates that problem calculating things. If you missed any of our episodes. You judge southern FaceBook dot com slash 1520 WNY at work. Ron Twitter at WNY network and also you can find any of our past episodes on demand at ESPN 1520 dot com. Now we go back to Dell and the insides LC. That was fun it's Indians and now. Or break it if he does that people could see us. I actually works near. At work will be on TV. More to come on that topic but I think weight aren't why no one told me that my ugly face is going to yes Derek yes. You get it are you getting a promotion. I don't know if people can handle my pages on comment I've got to that they people tell me have a face for radio. So. Speaking of that OK are you listening. I'm gonna change the channel which you know listening to work embassy. And as a college student yours are. What have you hurt that. Attracts you or interest your questions. And watch. He wasn't listening no luck like. Attracts me or interest in terms of the company's constant because we know we talk internal audience or older white organs did you hear anything. That would help you applied for opportunity incisive. Are OK okay I mean you know something along the fact that you know they like to have fun they'd be like to enjoy themselves but at the same time. The life skills of being able to work hard stay motivated you know being diligent everything like that. Gave your saying earlier about being a hunt you know looking for the right fits in the right clients and everything like that. Those are some sort of skills that young people mead and white who let alone if you guys but if they don't stick at highest he's an he's an array and keep it elsewhere it's all right. That's playing like you know there's a lot of people graduating right Howell and there's a lot of people in Western New York that are sort of he they had a job but they're still not sure if they found there. You know calling a professionally. And alma I would say is that it ill inside sales team can be a great spot to sort of personally get to work with a lot of different companies which is cool cellular you'll get exposed to a lot of different companies out there. After working for Microsoft when that Indian buffalo restaurant where exactly and I'm just you got an exam. I work for Adobe you know or don't worry it's no big deal with the fact that I know that is a big deal. And get some stuff that's a great company and I put rhetorical bit more profit. Yeah I well I like to think of myself as an extension eighteen is a marketing. Professional there I get to kind of dabble in every client where sales team he gets an a one claim really well. Content and be part of their team that we're we're running from sprint do B and in communicating with their top executives all the time. And. I'm thinking with one of our other customers Cleveland golf and yes. It's as a really cool to really equal golf equipment manufacture. Date and and Brooke is is probably tops them every day. About health promotion and about there content Harrington and it's really it's really neat till I think you know it's a great place to come here if here. Looking for a career change if you're graduating. You're not sure exactly what you wanna do will help expose you to some relief corps creek core professional skills. And you know you'll get to learn about a a lot of others a lot of other companies that are out there and what they're doing so we have listeners out there there right now individuals. Are in their car or at home and listening to that show was the cause action how can he contact you. Yeah absolutely so you know years listening to this in your interest that are ready you know what you reduce voter website real simply go to insights LC dot com. And it's click on occur occasion you can look at the different positions were actually actively seeking fell. And you can apply right there smear resonate don't come right to my desk and will reach out. We'll set up a to kind of walk you through like what the next steps are because you a lot of people are. You know looking what do I expect to fight it is out here and you know what what can my outcome be over the next 306090 days so. When you reduce you would need to go to the interview process argue we actually have a really cool interview process we. I had the team meet with you you can actually shadow one of our STR which is ourselves Obama wraps he can actually see a Dana liked what we're doing. And we have the ability to you like give an idea of it right then and there you know this is a role that they can see themselves you know doing long term. And then once we bring on board we go through a training process less by ninety days. I was very hands on training your first week is is classroom training where you learn technologies like Salesforce.com. Which is an amazing technology to happen and very rare here in buffalo. Our other apps and and and saw for peace is that we offers while you're gonna learn. That we can then use our transition onto one of our clients like focusing you have an ability to really hone in on one client and learn it inside and out he can be. You know an expert in that in that conversation to these executives you'll be reaching out to. And over ninety days or help you ramp up in and you know work with you and train and coach you with their you know our director of sales and our team leads that are there and all of our other. You know managers so it's really exciting that you debt first ninety days to get rant up and learn the skills that you know Meredith discuss in that you can try answer. RT higher levels within the company that are growing rapidly as you now. Where even bring it to somewhere else in the most exciting. Where you know where when things that you have a great culture you have a great team. Anyone that anyone part of your team wanna say this gives me now Christmas too I mean these higher or. Absolutely absolutely well. You know let me give you a couple stories of people that have kind of grown up with in the organization. On. So you know the great example is Brian vital who's now on our business development teams so he's actually selling for inside sales team. But on he started as a sales development represented. And moved up to be eighteen lead meant to be a sales manager in the organization and now is in this new business development roles so. The great example of how your career path can really expand and gave mentioned that he started and sales development positions now have our recruiting department. You know Brooke mentioned that she started and it's an initially an entry level marketing position and now have our marketing department. We have a lot of great team leads on the team as well so. Alan Hal asks who is that the partners event yesterday he's one of our top sales people is actually sales person of the year and when he sixteen. It's amazing art programs I don't know this is the past three minutes regular history cape party thought Brooks what do you. Okay. Follow up and getting warmer and come right side I don't know how there can exercise its team. Market why Atkins knows that bones here. Good and that's not a dot com force has jobs and comes and we can debate you care plan and ask for you come on okay. They'll invite because you know I wish I look at I would be the white guy that we sort of dear we think about today's show I was gonna say don't take that I can't do the show law man. I think I I need you here. Butler thank you so much attuned to what's your work your business from the conversation. Is tumor and write your. ESP 15:28. Am and distinguished business excellence in size of those teams looking for great courier or opportunity. You need to take a look at and side sales team was there aren't together date. Guys and his eyes or else change. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go fire sell a business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB and every Monday night between 715 and 730.