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Sunday, June 25th

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Here's Western New York it worked with your host dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning powerful weapons of western here at work your business friendly conversation. I'm your host Neil Martin and we are wipe your ESPN 15:20 AM and you know we talk about is always about sports. Jobs economic development and the people that make it happen. And we have a great show in store for you this morning you want to be part of this. But before we get to that as we always do we talked war. Our main guy in the producer of the guy who keeps me honest mr. Gere Kramer Eric I was gonna say I hope I'm not let me ask you not to make art I don't enemy might be opening act. Or Parker or you know. We are we talking about Steffi today so maybe at the end of the show he would have found ways to make the money you know I I I probably did find a way to make money the way I was able flawlessly for announced the sabres side draft class there. It's it's a pretty tricky when there. Local tackle Luke and in a scary Alaskan and we're talking about some and if I showed you these you're gonna do it did you get these for an ounce so flawlessly and I'm gonna go I don't know. But I don't know either but I know I couldn't do it. As a lot there's lot of use lot of k.s going on these man's life action and but the sabres like you like what they did overall and and up about sports okay. Well before we move on our culture week. You know it was mostly. Here copying any self them please don't say a little bit of this and a little bit of that and on I'm not I'm not secret agent man he sealed there. I'd I am I'm not just evolved over the small. Group rose always good to be instantly with few. And I we want to talk about. And as we always do here at west Europeans were we bring you the subject matter expert. To talk about their business school he or she is from a comic industry's perspective. Perspective. And we have the one and only. The one and only I was we have some use to play along with this. Mr. produce agree that we are. He was a prepare for this and there was. I told you show is unscripted panic at the Iraq. Thought. Bill one and only. Lori Lewis from staff but I think I work and yes. Glad to have you in studio with this thing keeping you Anthony Kennedy and and that's exactly what happened half one today. And all adding I'm Simon so along with the point you car in her. In a very good position because you helped buffalo grow and it's really synonymous. With what Western European work is about where we talk about. Sports as you know just her but jobs and economic development and people that make it happen. And that can mean different things to different people what you are though that individual you make it happen you help dreams come true from a career staffing standpoint what others. So sure that listeners first a little bit about yourself. Shares fell. As just that MR in the US I am a partner at staff buffalo which is a full service staffing and recruiting company right in the heart of the city where. Located pat. On the corner mean humble arrayed across the sisters hospital. And accept a full article is really make people happy we. Tryon acts and Rick if you will match make. Employers I mean they're asked employees so we work with Natalie clients which are the companies hiring managers HR professionals. But also with candidates trying to find the right fit for. A position in Europe so you're the dating game force for employers and job seekers essentially asks us. Very similar layman's terms of you when you put it that perspective. OK so when it's stamped buffalo balm for it is its rules are star yes so I'm just over two years ago is. March and April 2015. My cousin I make each day Nate he's been managing partner for the past years. We came we were that cute starts at buffalo make he has a back and she's a CPA worked in. Before public accounting. Switch over there reading side of things I my background is sales as in pharmaceutical sales for ten years. And making and I decided we wanted to start our own company so we sat down we brainstorm different idea is different. Business as we like to start and ultimately came on staffing recruiting as well make it our secret passion about buffalo and not only team. Helping people in buffalo but we want to keep great people and buffalo and bring great people backed off well and there's always. Misconception with people that there's no jobs there's no doubt about well there's actually great jobs in buffalo report. That a surprise that's. And our Nat because you know via someone I have media staff are Korean background so awesome its own very passionate about. Financials hit and job markets or or opportunities and topple the department will report. But before we really get into the thick of things take a shift back sir. I think it takes. Some some very action skill sets to become an expert nor and so if you order reflect back on. Pre. Oh before you started step off and Maggie. Are you went to college which go to college and what are some things that you work on my part because I had some. Some rumors that in my back pocket out of the rumors of what what put you on the spot today. So I went to college in your city went to Fordham University. The judge let private college in the Bronx actually. I ended up at Fordham Natalie they wanted a school in New York by. I was on our crew scholarships I was a rower at times as division one college athlete and while in New York. Il is great I loved it I really wanted to take GAAP teach you. Use New York City to write my fingertips so I a made. I got a bachelor's in communications and I really. Utilize the city for internships. And he brought in all of that energy back to where you're at buffalo yeah. I knew I wanted to be got enough low end. Live Miley you're my family's here at love buffalo is so many great things offering a city. It the waterfront sports teams theater great museum's great. Restaurants yes and what I thought was a rumor guesses snack you are. A college collegiate athlete yep. For a college athlete that's exactly OK so we Arafat's force you back in buffalo you make he had this this vision of star staffing company and what was some things that you saw in terms of maybe you know start challenges for. So what was what would you say it was your first challenge when you so okay I'll get into this very competitive industry. Really you know establishing yourself making a name for yourself that was telling her. One of the things he saw would be a challenge but we've really utilize social media and branding and being on the communities to build our brands. And build staff buffalo for what it is that we wanted to be exactly what any size. Were part of buffalo or where buffalo where X and our team to spy on us we are. Five individuals who. Live and work great in the city of buffalo can now do you specializing in particular areas we do a lot of professional. High level searches so. Specific areas are accounting finance. Emerging attorneys search we reckon real estate human resources. Really anything office level admin up to sea level positions okay permanent placements great. If for your Burleson is out here you're listening to Western Europe at work your business flowing conversation. If you are an employer we want you to join the conversation if you have a question or comment give us call it it'll 31520. Again it'll 31520. If you were a job seekers we wanna hear from you. Sure with us maybe. You know something that you're dealing with maybe it's a challenge maybe it's a success again give us a car Gil Warner Carl. It'll 31520. That was miles well if that's the began well. Well heart thank you thank you very much. Now my next question. Release centrist round. What are some of the growing occupations or careers pictures seen in Western Europe at this point in time. I mean Agassi one of the biggest ones is health care you're seeing a lot with the Oneida Matt Kemp asked there's a lot of great companies coming into you buffalo. Smaller startup helped her company's pharmaceutical companies. That are really seizing buffalo as a great place to bring their business there's a lot of opportunity here with a net industry. Okay and now we hope talking to some of the employers to us for employers are firm listening to today show and we have. A relationship with what are some things that you often will say to an employer because. In orders or earn their business or show how your agency staff buffalo can be a good partner for them. So we really. Listen listen to their needs. Or not just Jenna. Place someone with their company just a place and there are wanna make sure it's an apps it perfect fit to make sure they fit the culture. Q you. People and mufflers very specific about their commutes in what area they wanna Wear and so we Williams asked the question how iron. Deal on a drive how long commute to be there any parts of Western New York that you are not come to local and you could sometimes. Popular north Connors they're north honors the south Connors there's south towners. So. Don't across that bridge. Great when you know there's a whole lot of conversation with and a half but right now we're gonna get ready to take our first break buffalo don't go anywhere you listening to Western New York or work. And we have live in studio Laura Lewis would step buckle we have worked great conversation on the other side of disparate. Eighty geno that iced tea is hiring. Inside sales team dot com is a buffalo company is growing rapidly. As an advance sales and marketing agency with the West Coast five in the East Coast work ethic we work with top technology clients from around the world and provide an unparalleled environment to work hard play hard attitude. So if you're looking for new opportunities in buffalo goodie inside sales team dot com to apply. Again it's inside sales team dot com. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. For over forty years of liberty campus provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles for a long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. This is frank paternity of the third. The term PO PC large group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 3761. What I'm back to Western New York or work your business funny conversation Daniels dale mark ten. Live your ESPN 1520 where we talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. And today it's all about jobs we have Lauren Lewis. With staff buffalo live in studio with this today. And I'm so happy to have this conversation because. This is where Western Europe really had his humble beginnings about jobs and staffing and career opportunities and strategies. And we are looking to partner with. That conversation. More more more before so again I'm just delighted to have you studio with us today. Down to say to be Harry thinks they're having. Me on to talk about staff buffalo and everything that we do you know what let's talk about staff buffalo because often times RO. A business. Some businesses are very intrinsic in the community. If so can you speak to staff Buffalo's position in terms of you know what to community means to you and how you are maybe involved in the community. Yeah absolutely soaked. Bikinis you show us. I get price to earnings at its staff buffalo we really are. Proud to be part of the buffalo community and so we feel a lot of volunteer where we weren't a lot different and organizations around the area. The part excited to work Holmes Ronald McDonald house B team buffalo. Susan komen race taste of buffalo. Tab and Kelly Services is an organization you're in your hearts to really volunteer our time. Within the community help organizations. Around the area. About networks and we really it's a great way to be apparently community. Health community and the other Britons. Yeah and SP so that the culture sounds like he speaks of a culture internally of staff buffalo now let me ask you this. For an individual he or she that maybe maybe there are transition maybe you know unemployed. And they haven't been able to find that to the next fit you but they're looking to volunteer what would you say to anyone who. This. The job seeker can find it what are contemplating. Volunteer somewhere. And you and bounce here's a great way to get your name out there and get involved in organizations meet different people. I encourage anyone and we talked to a lot different candidates all the time and and president to say where matchmaker is where magicians though we can't magically find your job or just as we talked to and you can't please you somewhere. So I always tell people involved in the community find an organization that's near and dear to your heart. Try and balance here there's an adult I'm Mary he meekly people doing volunteer work. Also like networking events we do a lot of networking events we are just. With emerging business leaders on there's an eye on the USS Sullivan on the neighbor our our day. It was an awesome and it was really great need real solid man to look forward to every summer it's just nice to be. In the Donna Buffalo's waterfront. In the heart that can Nelson concert was going on it was really nice event great way to meet people and meet different professionals with in the community. So bitching about Stuart and networking events as are great ways for job seekers to try and. Can act does it help if there are gaps in their rest and make or gaps in employment actions arrest me but maybe gaps. And their employment in that maybe he or she may have had several jobs. And for whatever reason you know again I haven't found that they're great fiddle the best fit. Can volunteering being a supplement. To maybe selling themselves to you. Absolutely and work they candidate absolutely. It always helps you talking to a candidate. And they have a story it's how about the resonate so maybe they have a gap of employment that they. David put it. Themselves out with volunteer work and they have a story behind why that was important to them what they learned from that experience. I love it act candidates and they can fully tell the story about the president not just the bullet points. They have a story about the background or history why they went that direction they did plummeted happens wider gap of employment. That story is huge and it really helps you acted it feeling for who that person is as a person not just as a name and has me. Okay announcing a question here this says I've applied for many positions. However I have been very reluctant to complete. The cover letter. I think his impact and why I'm not getting an offer what would you say that's for the scare. The cover letter raising rates question. I ate specifically love when people. Right cover letters now I know my colleagues Maggie our senior recruiters Stephanie Hobbs. They don't necessarily take that into consideration the cover letter as much. Why you love the cover letter to the gives people more and actually tell their story. Sometimes and say hey I'm moving back to buffalo. This is why. I'm looking for a document it in America may address as Phoenix Arizona okay. It tells more of a storage with a person is so the color is a great question and I think if you're gonna read it cover letter mixture has. Some substance to. Not just high I think you argument resonate. I appreciate your consideration I'm a competent job because. Don't make it a story make it meaningful making it about you and I mean no. Who you are as a person entered some cover so what are we hearing is that the cover letter also can be fluid I mean you can -- different cover letter for each. Type of position to have him for absolutely I always. When I was writing cover letters for different jobs I've interviewed for an passer appetite for in the past. I made it personal use the organization. That I was applying to and I mean it. Add some character to add some flair. Heck I'm writing really make light source the story short this is exactly used to treat your writing skills are really make it stand out from any other cover letter. The most important thing I think team is to maybe do some research on the hiring manager is who the company as what the company culture and it's. And apply that to your cover that really will help it stand out. Way more than just submitting a sub park boring cover letter. Okay our great. Now we talked to cross that industries that you work and are you looking to bring on any new work with meaning this assessed and you'd have to name them specifically. But industries are you looking to grow your clients that you represented. Absolutely and you're always looking to grow it staff bottling it has been around for two years we've had great growth in the past years that. We want to grow more organization and health more companies find jobs we want to help our candidates find their dream job. And we are always looking to grow and work with more businesses in Western New York I don't specifically we're really trying to get in the health care industry and gain more jobs and that field sales jobs looking to grow there as well. In both of those industries are wanna say they're very they're economic engines of Western Europe I'm certainly healthcare is a huge engine. Our ranking in this area so certainly you're hip you're headed in the right direction. So for any employer that's looking to work with oh happy stamping partner how can he reach you and what should they do. Yes so. And you want to reach out to us that we received on social media. It's an Internet website staff buffalo dot com we have a FaceBook page that we utilize instant Graham Twitter. We loved connecting with Annie Carter buffalo anyway so. We always encourage people looked check out our web sites after a flood dot com follow us on FaceBook Twitter to Graham. They can and reach out to his via info at staffed offload dot com for the industry talk to me Al Lewis accept a flow back. Butler and raised it one more short break talk to Lewis who was it part with staff buffalo. And from my position I think it changed the face of recruiting. Via social media and we talk a little bit more about that. When we come back. Unhealthy living thanked them yesterday I magazine he's buffalo healthy and it. Joined over 7300. Writers who helped raise awareness and donations for the raffle cancer and his annual guide her. Our team to enforce this team can't just wanna have fun to help save over in 191800. For pediatric cancer patient. To fund raising effort with the diet rats well thirteen kids who want to have fun has raised over 250009. In only six years. His support pediatric and young adults living with cancer programs. Many young individuals and families rely that file pediatric cancer and it. He buffalo for visiting was humble you heard it's a wonderful event and we are proud of my about the cancer institute. It was a great day filled with fun last year he could Constance and cry from finishing I think we weren't. Hobbled his support for cancer institute and many other programs are buffer communities we think thinking. And thinking to others to continue to support I magazine buffalo hump into the magazine has to be questioned your premium free health they went and nutrition magazine. For people while agent with Oprah turned 25000 spectators and thousands more who need them mine went right about the happen and it most certainly. Look after every area wegmans and how. Along with over 101000 or more occasions you can visit our minds at buffalo healthy living dot com. Or policy I think the complainer. And doing healthier life without more popular thing magazine. If you missed any of our episodes. Check them out on the matter ESPN fifteen point dot com also on FaceBook. At FaceBook dot com slash fifteenth when he slash W and why at work. And were also on Twitter at WNY at work now go back to debt. Welcome back to western new York at work your business from the conversation. Again we're livelier ESP in 15:28. Am and we want to hear from you we we had a few callers are texting and their questions. And what a great question who was as in Reno as relates to your particular. Situation so we wanna hear from you against Texas or give us cards and a telephone numbers in all 31520. If you have a question or comment where the UA. Are an employer or job seeker. Now before we took the problem last break we started touching on your business model that seemed to have. A social media component but let our corporate debt to a site when a parked there for a moment. And talk about some of the other top intricacies. Of staff buffalo because you. You are ingrained in the community in Emmys a lot of different things and has a lot of movement. Absolutely. So we talked earlier about our volunteer gets to upload and networking events where involved and on else wanna talk about. Some acting members and things they've done in the community Al salute her you know the one thing I'm a true believer every good company has internally they have great town. Yes in order to try and yes I'm an awesome talent on our team my partner and his partner may each day she won element of this city. Awards it's acknowledges. Women in the national community to go outside beyond their actual need jobs and balancing the cities and from ports. Volunteered in baton that sponsored the organizations and that he won that award which is awesome. And and most recently Stephanie Hobbs senior recruiter one business verse thirty under thirty is a huge honor. We are we're at the Trout on Wednesday night with Stephanie. It wraps up her award and all the other thirty and thirty arteries and they are all such impressive group of individuals are indeed big things for the city that was under the act. Still tag team act cultures. It's just that it's voting hours and find the words in but we like to be in the community we work hard play hard. Have fun and it's Ali's. Extra special and members of our team getting. OK now let's talk about our if you can't. You've been around for 22 and a half years. And you're eve has some tremendous growth in you looking to grow the business can't talk about some of the industries such as looking to. Become a part with health cure in themselves and others. DC staff buffalo. Having multiple offices throughout. In our our fear city like went downtown one or two par war. Or even going beyond certain borders. So we've huge goals and where. We want to grow right now we just moved into our new building which is on the corner of main humble it is across the sisters hospital. Where we're going into that right now we have a team of five. Including myself and Maggie. He was senior trader Stephanie Hobbs and recruiting assistant and become higher and Aric Tony interns and a Lewis. So well. That goal is growth so what that takes us to other buildings. Hopefully house like very methodical growth very methodical it's very strategic and even our hiring is strategic we wanna have to hire people who. Are gonna be part of our culture throw throw at us and grow within the community as well okay. Great idly we have caller who's been holding on caller are you there was your question or comment. Yeah great we have this morning. Object or the question I got there what do you do for you and you're already. Okay come aboard that. Every little bit and been like yeah. Debt as if they're. Our administration operations. They're but yet. They also. All Ortiz not opted. He artists steal how do you get there or EO. Is. Are there and how you could argue why don't look at Georgia. Okay how's my arm the questioner. And you share with me. This candidate. Has multiple skills and then number of areas. And that's a great question there are a lot of people who meet you still haven't found what they're exact passionate they have a background in. At the collars at public relations. Not for profits. It's really trying to find what you're most passionate about and like I said earlier we talked about the cover letter or the resonate with your if you gaps in the industry you unable to tell your story. Who you are as a person and what your goals are so when we talked to candidates. We asked them questions about their previous employment what they do their previous jobs. What they liked about it what they did like about it why they left positions. Why they looking to leave his position and what they really looking for an hour and tax position. Are you big on some of the let the behavioral testing whether B did score or others do you do that with your agency or now. We should have huge I think there is a lot to say. About is staying and other social professional tests that are out a lot of them out of Stanford and yes you know. I always felt. I look at what against the Dallas got a question of OK I'm not doing this which is reason why and to amount they become get higher that's. And eight Al. And that's just some great stickers at the test and some people out. So that's like to talk to and it really find out. It. When their background is electrical. When on the line. We do a lot of phone. The interviews on screens. Am definitely candidates in present its appeal for the personally talking to them one on one. It's not fair interview with. An employer. It's what passes and it looked like and an honest with us about what they're back and is there but circles. And it comes on the culture of the organization. Type of culture as some players employees going to be successful I actually meet them. When no one really feeling of what they're looking for. And who are experts and Matt and his. Okay are great we have another arm question. My social media pages not reflective of who I am I think is hindering me from obtaining a position. So to me is huge leaves a lot in our searches for candidates. I well. Be honest but I am on the phone with up on screen efforts candidate I'll look them on pace and trying at the from the argue once. You're faced that. Steve RNC Graham TV professionals such appear in the job search. You want to show we are what you're passionate about but you know honestly accidentally out of Korea party and all of against some jobs but that. Nothing around it having fun but if you're in the job searching on face the page to show. What we're at the final stages of our show actually is the fastest 35 I yes it really does. Are what do we want to issue with the listeners that we haven't had a chance to talk about. Son shares you know who we accept a apparent Ahmed enough already. We really have passion about buffalo we have a great team. Here's by the bus may Shea Stephanie Hobbs medi cal cal there he analysts and myself floor and US. We really are trying to just keep great people around buffalo and bring great people of backed up slope. Well being involved in the community and Dina bass for our. Amazing community question mark with sales argued in doing a great opera that is special and all of the awards and accolades that you've been doing in the volunteer work. He's hoping job seekers. And again for any employer that's looking to have a stampede partner. They can find you Wear. South buffalo dot com. No right to our web page staff buffalo dot com thoughts on Facebook's instant Graham Twitter they can reach out to me. L Lewis Al Al EW I asked at staff buffalo dot com and leave that you. Yet can't at any. Employers hiring managers. If they're candidates out there looking for the next best job they can submit to resonate at info at step upload dot com. And if their plot acquisition we have you know we will. Have a daughter figures respect that's. Fantastic market that enough for being part of Al -- told it was going to be fun and with the Belfast. I love that come back we have to do it hard to pass a lion and a great. Derrick any final thoughts. Now just. Enjoy your Sunday after one. A mad man would mean you work. But what thank you so much for tuning in today have a great Sunday of beautiful week. And we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB yet. Every Monday night between 715 and 730 and.