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Sunday, November 26th

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen twice a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the home of veterans' life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You computing every Sunday morning at eighty. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now he yourself a pot GO. I brought you more welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans like radio here NE SP and potentially program. Devoted to helping our Western New York hero's last year veterans can community. With lots of different ways and heroes by the way because they are veterans there heroes but lots of ways we do that. With life. Issues that might be going on you'd need to contact somebody that's what we have question your heroes and here. Legal financial advice and the UN BA all those things are very very important match for joining me here for important airports in your heroes thank you again he always seemed so happy. You have to be yours as well you gotta be yet to be totally for a lot of people and that. That might be a tough for you but I think you put it things of perspective because of all the things you know others are going to. Now adopted veterans and huge program for the years counselor about that what was the impetus for about the better how they'll start you know. Well when Chris started the organization here ever wanna have to tell his children know he'd seen other veterans that were struggling as well especially at Christmas time where. The children don't quite understands that mom and dad earn just mom or just data are struggling. And so we wanted to make sure to help. With that effort and it to be able to make sure that there Christmas presents under that tree or whatever whatever you celebrate whatever it doesn't have to be strictly Christmas we have. People with every different belief I just that time of the year is a big focus and we made sure that our veterans world taking care at that time. I'm so what exactly does adopt a better induced Marcus through the the process the steps and what what the result is for people. This two ways of looking at is whether you won two adoptive and her family or if you are a veteran in need in need to be adopted her. To adopt a veteran family you have to fill out an application and it's just a short one page. Application you can get raid on our web sites at www. WNY heroes dot org and and the application is right there for you and you fill it out and sent in you can exits military means stop by and drop off. And you choose what you wanna hope single by earn a veteran with a family if you wanna help. Ten families whatever it is you choose we have businesses that come on board the casino for instance they adopt ten families. Are we have veterans that come in and say you know we don't wanna give a gift to each other this year we wanna adopt a family in stat and that's their way of giving. And again it's based on what you are failing conform beetle ever one is the you to go without as well. In a time you know in a time when let's let's face it prices right crazy and and its tactic its hectic these days. So we do have a deadline for sponsors after they'd. Are selective selective family and are paired up with a family to drop off their gifts by December allotment okay. We also have the option if you're a veteran in need to do you know the family do this or is it Mora would be two weeks and actually physically meet them or if you like are. We don't meet every single one of the families on some of the spam is a reach referred to us by the V game by a but the TV senator. A lot of different avenues that their referred to us and they're working muscles. Sort of what is the what if I was to adopt a ME two I meet the family I see the failing to do I just know that there is a clearly hoping that is a very good question in because I'm on the inside I don't ever think about all these questions when you're on the outside looking and writes I think you for asking that. There are families that want to remain anonymous I wouldn't she's very hard to ask for help yes and it's even harder to seat. The person that helping you sometime right. So we do have veterans that want to remain anonymous and those are the ones I can usher. Our community that we are adding we are making sure that there and need. We are making sure that if we him personally meet them that they were referred to us by and other veterans organization or another organization that. They are working with the social worker or. Case worker when Everett maybe we understand with some of the veterans are. Are welcome to that they'll allow them to come to their homes they'll welcome them. Deceive that they really aren't need to personal choice to sport that works both ways writes in okay. And what you are veteran and you wanna be adopted you are veteran wanna be adopted you it's the same thing it's a little more extensive application. And you also have to with that application needs to prevent your pattern so we ask that you submit a DD 214. If you're still serving you can submit copy of your ID card that your active military. And we do screen all the veterans we do screen all the applications in we do ask that you know physically do that they are an interview process or is it. If there applying for financial grant they do come in for an interview process that is definitely a process they have to go room. Of which that adoptive daughter and family application is attached we figure you're looking for finance program. In your hardship and you're behind and you rent mortgage utilities or other things that are ears and he might be struggling with chances are come. In two months from now you are going to be struggling and anxious time as well. So so. But you don't have to listen to meet with them with Brantley threw for the vetting process right again depending on what level it is what they're asking for what they what they might get things like that. You could do the screening process without ever having to physically meet right again if their referred by another agent got exactly what we rely on them to do about it and OK okay and then I'm so it in and then if you are veteran you wanna be that is just not just future and we as well current rate absolutely so any any dependents or any of the patents that view of a spouse. If children. After show percent to advocates mayors licenses. And now there's another program going on and by the way when amount Astro is here this is -- nurtures veterans like radio south departure with the tiniest and 1520 thanks for joining us today. We can go down the rabbit hole about. This because you or tell the story I didn't realize the story Jonathan Cote de but we we can you can kind of set up. Operation automotive and why it's become even a little bit more special here going forward with the cardinal. So jumping coach Hayes was in. In the military and he then got out and went in as a civilian contractor western new Yorker in the military yes from Williamstown. And his family still lives here and we definitely. Like have them. Common talk about his story and more and now he was kidnapped and ultimately was killed racquet in Iraq. And tell us about operation automotive and then at the end can Italian how Jonathan Cotto de fits in this right. So we have had several people call our office saying their cars broken down they don't have a car. The need Carter work they need a car it's used to transport their family the party it's a doctor's appointments. That was never something we can do. Until we had a couple people saying hey we would like to donate a car. So we are able to pare their car with a pattern and then another one he we have a part of doing it's in the area of an apparent act are up. Well then that we decided. Why not have a program where weekend. Pair upper veterans with these donated cars and why not have veteran. Organizations. Are veteran companies that are in the business to. Work on cars and their veterans themselves and give these cars are once over and give them the blessing too weak to had a pair that up burden maybe we should junket. So we partnered with Anton auto and we partnered with is veterans automotive and a couple of others that have graciously come on board. To donate their time and donate parts and look for donations as well they don't carry them to fix these cars. And then we what took off before our very eyes meeting there realize it was operation and I motive. So you just isn't they have to prove that your veteran you have to be a licensed driver you'd have to have know who convictions. In history. And vehicle convictions. Okay and they see what happens and someone donates a car right of what would I what do I have something I wanna. What I wanna donate how does that work right so we don't really have the space to rent a car and our office right you're nasty threat to sit down. We will send the cards to one of our. Partners and they will take a look at the car and then they will determine whether or not it's fits. All right so and you guys are giving away a car the first time coming up in November act and is a truck right it is to track and is doing. To a Finley to tell somehow tied John Johnson coaching here in turn out why I brought him out to for this so Crisco. Oh Tay is something coach his brother and he is the one that will be donating his brother's turn to music so this will be Jonathan go to instruct it will be John and that is the very personally you know absolutely. And what we found out in this process and I was flooded with emails an eight car and you track I mean a vehicle. I a hand selected because it is a standard in it is a two seater so the family of five I'm sorry this thing gonna work. So we had to go through that we have a look and we had to that and we've been we've found a married couple that we felt. Where the best that they are borrowing a vehicle at this time while their Brothers deployed. And once he returns. They have to get the car packed. So this fit perfectly rule won't be hold after fining outs. With a family was and getting hold them and telling them a little bit of background of the story. The tears started sure they realize that they went to school which can think oh my gosh. In limits as well so. It wasn't planned it and others not at I had no idea I absolutely had no idea. That's amazing just amazing and I am I know his parents are are still around the area and that they have to. And as much as they are grieving and in a disease such a tragic story I'm sure that they're in no way they're they're obviously happy that they're able to help out. If some other veteran somebody in need to cancel the Jonathan's legacy can be to help others and somewhat. Absolutely and it's going to be an emotional exchange overall but I think it's also going to be healing. Assuming the first one of many it is the end of sand and sit back up a little bit this is the dates that to Jonathan was captured that we are going to be turning the scar over. To this family so in November 16 it's gonna happen in it's going to be at our office. So anybody is welcome to common. And support. Yeah thank you very much for coming in today. Q for all the knowledge you give us all the time you're on here always appreciate that thank you so much and yet happy holidays coming up by the way do you and everybody else thinking all right the very much for tuning into west here here's veterans like radio and cell compaction thanks thalidomide to strongly for coming in today. Sherri all of the things you need to know make you go online a bit visit us on FaceBook at veterans like radio and that is like radio. Dot com I'm so much. Do you have degenerative disk disease are you suffering from back or neck pain sciatica herniated a bulging disks with no relief in sight then the Dionte pain relief institute may be your last chance to avoid surgery are you dependent on medications can be tried epidural injections chiropractic physical therapy with little or no relief. 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Their mission is to publish accurate beneficial and informative news for all active seniors in Western New York. You'll find a wide range of local articles and features of interest to seniors such as current defense. Health travel senior living room dining and a full calendar happenings around town contests and giveaways and much more. They'll provide the best in their newspaper and online at after fifty You can find after fifty at all wegmans and tops dashes. Feel right. And all Rite Aid locations Walgreens restaurants coffee shops medical offices banks senior centers and hundreds of retail locations pick up your copy today. After fifty will never shy away from their position. They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud outlets. However one welcome back to Western Europe euros veterans like radio here and ESPN 1520 issue dedicated to our veterans community. Help with. Anything they need and their personal lives. What weather comes to navigate the VA health and wellness business career opportunities things like that. All that was available through Western New York years of my heroes dot org. We love having Chris Gregory here as always. Christian high education in this that we talked a lot about the issues going on with the income of the protests and things like and I Portugal is that I think to be educating for a lot of people and I think it's good day. Have a healthy discussion about that a small side that national everything we talk about Chris relieving that's really what this is all about. Absolutely and you know it sell like we said before I will never sit here and claim that. Whenever I say is is right amount of one sided man I will never did it even try to make people think and I. Always know everything I'm all about education and the late show you completely educated well. While I present I don't either and I get educated every day and I think the key for me is I learned a lot of things over the last few days. And the key for me is when I don't know something I admit I go look written a salute their people need to do that just digging your heels and saying you know that you think you know so I think that's good that. We should have that when it comes time for anybody in any issue. That we discussed the meantime. Lynn mass rallies here and she is gonna talk about some different things going on including. The terrific operation boots that we touched on a couple episodes ago but we really didn't get into and so thank you very much. I'm glad to have you here and it's been interestingly for all of us I know that. It has been very interesting and on a more upbeat note guys like to bring into operation boots on. To the forefront here it's been taking off greatly Wii's started operation boots the beginning of the year. And it exploded a lot bigger than I had anticipated people reaching out highly involved title sponsor of the program highlight participate in the program. If I'm not a veteran it what can I do to help this program grow. We've had a great feedback and last month we were able to do scuba diving and what an awesome experience that one's. I a used to be in the navy as some of the amino and I have this horrible fear of being underwater. It absolutely makes no sense at all Emeka visited in my mind and anybody else's mind but I went incidents in a pod that was illegal. You hear the incident but still I and in Judaism and such a hypocrite and pushing out this awesome program and I'm not participate. I thought hey someone's got to take pictures and mind. Cameron doesn't go underwater so I will be picture taker. But somehow they convince me otherwise and got me in the water. And I'll tell you they were fantastic they worked with everyone of us people with any take special needs if they. Needed and in my case the fear of being underwater and it was a great success. We have a lot of families saying that this is our date nights which it was during the day but. The third date nick coming together. Both veterans and spouses that are non veterans as well came mountain had a blast with that. So going for we are a lot of great great opportunities going with operation that and we're always welcoming any feedback for the program and ideas and people that want to sponsor a program as well this this year I'm sorry this month we're going to be doing the great pumpkin farms so we're pretty excited about that. We had just partnered with them for the first time this year and the two in a military weekend. And that was a huge success we had some of our veterans come out in part tends to of the bars that are there which I didn't even know that they had bars. At the great pumpkin farms of that I didn't know either they're little to list they have everything from pumpkin beer on these are a lot more business. It was great and I couldn't believe the amount of people that are participating. In the bar area as well as they have a live band going through there. And a lot of other great events going on rate around that area as well. For all ages. And so coming up next we're gonna have some snow issuing once that snow hits lord knows that's going to be how many gas nuclear gonna have a couple other bands that we are working on at this time that we don't have specific dates for. In the as Christmas it's coaching things yes absolutely and that's our on a roll right into that as well are backpack program was huge success this year and that just got wrapped up. We still have supplies laps of anybody does need them we can we can on earth those. At any given time. We were able to give a 101 backpacks this year. And two years ago when I started for west your heroes we had eight in please come through for backpacks. So that program has tremendously ground things to use our sponsors and social media and word of mouth. Throughout the education system. So that was great without coming to and we're kicking off the adoptive daughter and family for Christmas time. Pretty quick here last year we are able to help 162. Which was phenomenal. We were really excited to see that we help that many and issue are looking at potentially doubling its with. The word mound and with social media with our sponsors on board. And everybody are ready reaching out to us looking to adopt a pattern came clean or to participate in the receiving gifts for their families. Telling how is the operation automotive zoology has called operational mowers that. He had a rumor that exact game yet operation automotive business is what we're gonna and decided to go with last week that the that the board meeting but. No it just this program just actually started and flew right now over the last couple years we had three or four cars donated. And we took these donated carriers and we kinda gave them once over tune ups things like that and then just give them a way to veterans who. Needed care and and over the last couple weeks we had four more are donated and actually got a phone call on the way here this morning. From someone else in the communities so that they would like to donate the suburban. Thumbs. In on and that's what we do so we have our mechanics there's three different. Mechanic shops in west miracle will go pick up the vehicles. Bring them back to the shop in the once over and really if it's if it's worth us. Taking them and and being able to fix them up at a pretty cheap costs and good morning. And that's what we're doing but we're actually trying to pull everybody in together for lunch on collier. The three automotive shops. And much to see if you know how we can expand the program tonight to needs tires may be done tired. Look at putting a brand new set of tires on your help keep the cost down and you know we have veterans automotive and we have and times and we have. Traveling to his last name but is cliff owns a garage in there and Niagara Falls. And what we want to do was also pull in adult son I didn't realize a timeout with them without the sonic actually ramps vehicles. So maybe we can get dealt a sonic to read each vehicle with Western New York euros and throw all the sponsors who had their hands on that vehicle to make it happen for her that's. And you know now we have how many moving billboards up like. I really didn't need to realize how big of sonic was either hold that rally in practice yes absolutely I mean that and done tires that can be captured no doubt about it. There's so much going on and you guys have just recently from the complete your moving all how's all that going hazard if you all settled in is there more to come up. We definitely are settled for the most part all of our offices are pretty full we have also added to me. Job search area has been a huge hit with our programs on imagines in our program also an army veteran. Is running their programming he's helping reach out it's two difference local organizations and whoever's in Justin hiring patterns in different types of educational backgrounds and what not in training skills and pairing them up with the jobs that they need to sustain themselves. We also partnered with the lawyers project which has been huge success. We are gonna doing workshops with them starting. This month acts I'm sorry and October were Ernie. Guardian October himself think and whereabouts could take complete halfway through September where we're rolling this October pretty quick. We're gonna have a wills clinic setup mid October with the lawyers standing by to help. With works worksheets to get you through the program in and get to feature will also add up if you need one. Also they're gonna have powered attorney clinic setup and then more more. Seminars and sessions coming up shortly after that to help our patterns. Sounds really great around when things don't we talk value that's going around us also but remember that there's a lot of help or people just need some help with something going on as a veteran. If they have to call us I just about all these events that we might get people out to draw attention to human health an outlet if you just a veteran who says lake and actually some help with I don't know. I got a problem with the problem financially. Think there's people there you guys as we do back. Yes absolutely now when it comes down to the veterans who call us because they need their benefits right. We know where boundaries and I and I feel that strongly important we're not gonna try to. Taken to task that we know very little if anything at all. It's not fair to the veteran Hemmer herself so we do however have different connections in the community. With people who actually seasons and point in the direction yet they will. Like ours is in Williams fell. I mean street. In the tone down the veterans service applicant so we will take the vets who will refer them there to rob. And and let him do it that's his job that's what he does every day and that's what he does best. That's matters on a naval wanna try to pretend that we know what we're doing when it comes to them. And one lead so that we talked about last time with the intimate stuff like that. New media event in and did you tell us or somebody of interest in this have regular citizens called you just event. I'm really citizens actually veterans and veterans' college event or have regular citizens even for that matter to I don't media you're getting and anybody wanna share. You know it's funny because like you made mention that you sent out a tweet and it got a crazy yeah you retracted it believed it. Just because I didn't wanna deal with a cherry picker didn't retract like the words between guys didn't wanna deal with what went along with. Yes and people misconstrue. Yeah absolutely so I did the same thing you know I I posted something and social media and it just kind of blew up and I mean blew up well. The foul language with everything people come and am mean my condolences. And wanna deal with that either. Magistrate trek to the whole thing and deleted it and you know it. Now went on and and and life goes on but that said I'm socially can be effective and powerful tool for what you guys do. Asia by discouraging me from it from being but. I think it in his teenage a lot of educational being using it responsibly you know and not that you learned or I wasn't. But you know you see other people don't and you say why did you go down that rather all right and but it is important for you guys to use it effectively for your organization share. And you know what I will admit usually when something happens. I'm sure you feel and do the same thing that your blood pressure instantly goes through the roof. And I know it's me there's a lot of things that echoes through the roof and I can't think straight and I just a wrecked an impulse that ashtray doing them like. Well you know there's a speech is a great speech that former. Former coach. Herman Edwards gave to a bunch of rookies. Believes that the rookie symposium for a while it was all about that it is his three ridiculous thing was. Don't send. That. Think enough delegates that I try to make it a rule that I would wait at least 24 to try and I right now and see if I start to think we actually do a segment on the beach here in the morning now it's hilarious it's your anyway there's a thing called. Tweets I didn't say. I'm an artist go head to her sport where they say I was gonna send this I thought about it shares needed in the lap of I read while light incessant kind of funny and obviously that's it's in the sports room but listen I mean I think we all can agree here that you know. We all just need to kind of respect everybody's. Point of view their place in society what they're trying to do here in China being nice to actually do and if you don't. Agree with somebody please let's have a civil discourse about I think that's what this but some will be in the Q correctly that extracts of being keyword thinks like guys Jack regrets all things going on and we'll port talking again next week in Atlantis is here here's what you like radio here on ESPN 52 when he thinks that. Lynn master Ali Chris Krieger ourselves about GO. Are you ready for Lincoln black label additions. Vehicles designed to impress those with truly discerning tastes unifying and elevating design and service featuring a curator collection of interior themes and a host of exclusive membership privileges like a private in dealerships fitting room. Or a mobile show room that comes to you. And remote delivery up to thirty miles from nearly in black label dealership. Membership offers premium four year 50000 mile maintenance package covering all recommended service and replacement of where items. 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I want to welcome back to question are heroes veterans like radios out about you hear any ESPN 1520 Chris Krieger. Joins me as well and obviously a Chris is a big part of Western New York here is that a big part of this radio program west are curious veterans like radio. For quite some time now I welcome him back in I'm gonna give a proper introduction Chris toll magistrate to because they didn't last time yeah that's a must c'mon have to give her props election. And how are you glad to have you back thinking so much for having me Taiwanese in your welcome. We left off last time you and I spoke just the two of us about how people can get involved we talked about. The important financial component of Western New York hero's it's not just about. You know money of course but money obviously helps the machine run hitter you need to really. Kind of push for a lot of the things you're doing to help our veterans community. So now we have a little more time you can NN meanwhile people through how they can help financially and otherwise was your hero. Them people are asking us all the time you know way. I urge you not speak in their eyes saw that you are out at this event and in the dog cop mind and what can I do hope I am an animal lover I love veterans but I'm going to be able to give back. You know we discussed before that the money is what truly makes the door rebels with us. But there's so much more goodness than just the money we need the volunteers we need people who are gonna give their hurt. And come out and help the events be a success. Help our programs. It's all the boats. Donating that just the money but donating your time in and your love to the veterans here in western here as well. No doubt about it if people just want to walk in and say no. Here's a check for twenty bucks or looks they can do that if they want to be a major sponsor of something they can do that as well at all and now is right. Yeah we tell people all the time that no donation is too small then we've had people walk and on site area I wish I could do morbid. Twenty dollars is all I can afford. We don't tell anybody how much you have to don't you donate which you can afford if you wanna donate. That twenty dollars can go and help a million different ways when they're veterans so we don't really put a dollar price on your donation. What about. Material goods and things like that people it maybe there's a lot of events that easily valley Glen it's not just about the money it's about things that people can also help to donate. What he needs space for something or actual goods for something there's always events going on we can use things a decade maybe gives an example or something like that. Some of the donations we do except at this time are anything for a backpack program which it's anywhere ranging from backpacks to gift cards. To a box of pencils. We we don't have a large storage area. So anything bigger such as furniture or not people donate. Lifts if you will for wheelchair lifts in those are all acts wants that we don't have the storage for that. So we can put that up on social media appear willing to donate something along those lines are we also do a lot of partnering with and that's. Where we will. Tell people to bring their items there and let them know it's where west you're careless and they will in turn. When we have a veteran in need come tar op as they will give them vouchers to. Quote unquote purchase these guys that you will end in receive these items for free. What about. On people who might wanna help and an event volunteering and doing that can people get involved that way of saying it like at a time when maybe help out with John Minko tea runner something like that the micron. If there's any events going on the summit to simulate KV need my help I'm available that day. Absolutely we have an application online or you come into our opposite fill it out. We have our events for the most part listed. On our website we we just put the whole website through. A beautiful transition and is so it's still in the works as well. And if you look at her website you don't see in their please feel free to come in or call our office and will be ale to help you out on filling out the balance your application and let you know how you work. A lot of times even people wanna have their children getting involved. Let's on the side what that experience in the web site and knew what that means to kind of going forward this is 2017 you always have to stay up technology wise. We're always promoting a social media FaceBook of course west York euros on FaceBook how we're doing things like that all the time why is that important tells what the new website will allow you to do with people. We wanted the website to be easy to navigate that was the biggest part of of us learning the ins and outs of computers and whatnot so we have. Dan Rossi in our operas who is a Lancaster high school teacher that has spent the learning the programs themselves and as a researching it ins and outs and he has been doing a fantastic job and updating the web sites with the assistance of our. It's Saturday RIT guy that's like ending the ninety guys. So let them in it's it's come along way and it's pretty easy to navigate but again there's something you don't see on there you see a date that's blank chances are there some open. Potentially going commenting gives the only on the help you out. I saw how did they call you how to think in touch of the let's talk about the contacts how we get in touch a westerner heroes website why is. Contact number wise obviously we those of all the really important details. Where people begin to what's your hero. Yeah obviously you just go to WNY heroes dot org and get a hold of us through the web site. You are able to email us through there or you can just color number it's 6305020. Our office email if it's even easier it is just heroes at W and white heroes dot org. Heroes at WNY heroes who dot org and then if you only in touch you guys they can do that through that avenue as well write these. Sent an email there they wanna touch with talk with you about something like you'll see those emails that come through some we'll get them to you got. Yep and any email comes directly to our office assistant. And then she will basically. Distributed from there if you will but you can also find everyone who works in the future confine their individual emails on the website as well. OK he's Chris Krieger she's when magistrate I would talk with them today about. Questioner here as veterans like radio the resource center Tony about the resource center why it's important and what's happening with that. Or you hear of so many veterans coming back home getting out of the military. Basically getting out and having a job and having that paycheck coming in anymore that they had coming. You know twice a month while they were in the military and what do they do you know so the unemployment. Amongst veterans. Session. We should be out there pushing and striving to hire these guys and these women today getting out of the military making sure that. You know they're not going from. Being employed. And protecting a server in our country to being unemployed in Lebanon street. And that's that's a big goal of ours as well we do deal with a lot of homeless vets are. That we work it get them off the street and a lot of these men women who come in for the financial assistance. Don't have a job. You know and so for us to give them financial assistance today come next month or in the same predicament so we try to really. Resolve all that for them and we'll give you the financial assistance and while we're and it. When electrical employers 12 and three because an older looking to hire veterans. It's amazing the summit of that you guys do we touchdown throw the months we've been together the paws program do you guys have is amazing. The you know hop out with homes and you know getting people you know in someplace in working with different lenders and things like that to give them. Good rates to almost everything that I don't think you'll realize all the different programs but they're all year round or go take a lot. Absolutely absolutely Aric. Nor airmen and women are serving and protecting our country every day all year round right so our services to them our everyday hero. And now I know you're very very proud of your program with the dogs and helping him out the pause for heroes. How programs they have on the talk about that a little bit again they can remind everybody what that's all about. Yet the positive for heroes. Started in 2013. State Department together. And on the veterans administration cut out their funding in October of 2013 that's when I went to my imported directors and said you know. Let's just picking up where they left off because and believe Imus know can work and know it will work and we will make this work. And today we have. We have 32 veteran and serves on the program five brand new veterans for starting this weekend that's awesome good for you guys get for you guys. And others about a lot of things. That it happened lately with the on openly crisis and has been a lot of veterans that people really want to reach out open that's. Obviously very sad situation but as a lot of things being done in the community to maybe. Reach out help and he has been involved with that too when you've been reaching out of the organization they are reaching out to you to help out any veteran who's in that scenario and I say that you're bringing up now because. It might not be the veteran is listening that maybe someone who loves that action needs to get that person. Yeah you do hear about these veterans that. Well a lot of the veterans that are committing suicide right and a lot of them maybe accidently committing suicide. By the opiate use and we have partnered now for awhile with horizon health culling and hackworth horizon therapy dogs. And we've teamed up Len denying taking service dogs with Colleen in their therapy dogs and go and in actually two. A lot of the schools were invited in to talk about the difference between therapy and service and and the use opiates and these students today not realizing that. You know that simple Motrin bill is really no different and that line cocaine. Right it's it's amazing my wife works in the field and I know you're absolutely right about that. Look we got about a minute and a half left and wanna cut short of some events because we'll we'll definitely touch and then as we go on and our other and we'll let you know what there are some of the things club August that we can. You know let people know about some real quickly we listen and run through maybe a little bit a caller's some things coming up. Yeah August 16 win of the celebrity by attending event at lackeys OK and Niagara Falls on military road also August 16. We have the buffalo metro federal credit union golf tournament at chestnut country so. And then August 12 we have the PG annual golf tournament. At Colin hills country club and then of course we have the big injury coming are coming up and we always need volunteers to help us with. Yeah absolutely that's usually go to some of my best memories as. Young boy were every year one the year coming from my father and my family was great and it's a great time out there and they're always open out and do things I know for a lot of different organizations so. Chris and when thank you very much as always it's my honor to speak with you and I appreciate you being on the program again as always and love working with. Likewise things right thank you very much the very nationalistic too. What's New York euros veterans like radio today here and ESPN fifteenth when he my name's out about Joseph. Well we talked to the Christian when a lot more it was a very special guests headed your way here at westerner here instructions for. 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They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud outlets. I've won good morning welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans' life radio here on ESPN 1520 my name to south about GO. Along with Chris Krieger Chris last time we are on here we spoke with doctor Thomas maul each chief of gastroenterology. At the BA Western New York also professor of clinical medicine at UB. Very informative about absolutely I I learned a lot. Yes that's a look at some of it's a little gross but you know and that goes along with the. No doubt in it's really important for our veterans community we talk all the time you and I do with our guests about veterans maybe not. Seeking out the help they need because social pride Fuller they're taught to kind of do things on their own this is one of those things where if you think you have you need to go talk to somebody. Absolutely I would certainly know what actually airing this I think I'm gonna go to the VA area this week and let's go check that out good for you I mean he's he's. -- last thing is with us about people walking around for 35 years maybe even having. Hepatitis not even realizing it now I think this is why we need to what you know. If you take your at risk of the symptoms in any way you should need to see your doctor you need to go to the VA and doctor Thomas maul joins us again. To tell us all about it doc thank you very much again the chief of gastroenterology. At the B of what's New York a professor professor of clinical medicine at UB really appreciate you joining us or what's your cure as veterans like radio. My put yourself and that person thanks for having me back. Let's start off where we ended the last time we spoke with the U. I asked you what our veterans community needs to know. And down you know he really gave us some good information about them and going to get tested and things like that the our streets of symptoms and you gotta go over that getter at any more pieces of the puzzle to that particular situation for any of our veterans listening. Sure you know the risk factor for hepatitis B. Happened pretty mostly well now we know that anyone who ever. Shared a needle. You know. It in the sixties and so peaceful there are so. Sure what kind of a popular but certainly at that particular. Other positions that. It's expected at the picture once told me that when he was again. He was in separate Cisco living under the tree in Golden Gate Park that was a different of a slight and so he he did something that experimentation. That. I I'd say so anyone that ever used. Sure needle and it's a transfusion. Particularly. Of any kind of blood product or any blood or 1990. When the blood supply was. Much higher risk those people definitely need to be tested the channel. Kerry and so of course some ways that people get it that we don't know. On sexual transmission it turns out not a big thing but there are. Lots of ways I'm getting that and we kind of decided and I certainly decided in might. Professional practice is to Castro brought that. And Enders some. One of the things we do wish screen every day people. Anyone born from the out mid forties through electing its 1963. Or sixty or that the definition. Just greet him because they if they feel they could have the privacy and not have any symptoms and we want to pick those people up. So I really firmly believe that mr. curious if anyone had any risk factors in the past. Anyone that is a big. Talks with their next routine. Or their cholesterol checked. And there get their prostate. Check. While. Tennessee. Again as quick question might be a little off the wall but is this hepatitis is a painful. So it and in Arizona. Got. After not getting older so there's really very air you are pending on the. Then and so that's closest. Call miserable problems and hepatitis that also but it's not typically. Painful. These and a one of the conundrum is no law to the Arctic dock at Gaza terrible pain in my belly and bigger arc discovered. I'll discovered too late so it's cast a broad net and to really. Four people even without symptoms. Doctor Thomas maul joining us here and washing your euros veterans late radius out about you Chris Krieger along with UN ESP at 1520 what about the treatment is that. Painful what does that entail tells a little bit about the treatment kind of the how long last and what people go through. Well we insight seven collapsed program we've entered a miraculous phase in the treatment. Hepatitis C a few years ago at four. All twenty years all we have it was a little girl worst drug called interferon. Which interferes with viruses. And that's how data Maine Tom. And that's what medicine that we used in combination some other medicines and you know all we are really good candidate we can even sure maybe 50%. The problem most people were excluded only could they have been liver disease or they have a cold morbidity illnesses. Few years ago. Companies develop what we call direct. Acting anti. And so these compounds these medications act right on the pirate. Content have. Almost no side Terry very few side effects it and pure. And I talking eradicate the virus or ever. In about 95% of people. Which is unbelievable. And it is certainly changed. You know I grew up when we didn't even in medicine and redo needed funding for that we call on me now compete and now we're puritan. Just about every. And in. Is there a risk to you know have come back in a lot of times obviously people have cancer in. The arc cancer free and then years down the road months down the road doesn't matter sometimes you know cancer comes back is this is how what is the risk factor for that. And it is almost never comes back Whitney would be real old and we came back but with these new drug talk and eat and people cured that virus on never coming back no recruit. I mean you're you're really impacted by needle sharing something that's always a risk. And that is in I think it could become a brisk and now let me share something a little more popular but no talk in the virus. Now sell ought to be clear that. You catch this early liberal go back to normal and hepatitis they have a habit she will be a thing of the past four. Because. Patients don't have symptoms of poems too late if we catch them when they're too late we can get. But. And he. Little might be permanently damaged you know you can put a hoax and that the great thing but I'll be bored now. And so we did these folks these veterans before that are Lipper use Roland and it doesn't ability to regenerate liver does regenerate itself so there's not much cart issue in the liver and that cirrhosis scar tissue and liver. We just pure cynical ball back to normal if it's too late and unfortunately it sometimes is too late and I have built cemeteries were people. With hepatitis C successfully in my career. But generally am. The pure. Commitment and I must say that there's a couple drawback or problem apathetic seek treatment on it costs. Now that BA has it on the outside. It's at least a 100000. Dollars worth of drugs. Twelve weeks. 2000 dollars a pill. Or is twelve weeks some people the 24 weeks some people make me need eight weeks of treatment but treatment short extremely effective but very expensive and by. That BA has given us our money we've got this we've got step. I got they attacked we can do about it and so were cure people of Tennessee. From that from oh lead in from Jean Stanford Dunkirk all by over elements in its. So I think if his era veteran your driving around it now what you just said it's kind of scary with the cost and things like that so. Can you put them these and say like look known these are these are things if you do this there's obviously. Avenues available for them to be able to afford this treatment right. Oh absolutely BS of course that that BA except for sometimes. Cope rates which are bigger ten dollars. I'm told that that the day. We cover your soup to nuts and I don't all the financial. I admit but I know that there's not one veterans that we will put because that. In our system in order bowl veteran because. They don't have enough money except the sides have put. A lot of money behind this and we. I think get the ball below the eight week short 80900. Veterans already I think cure rate is better then that you see in the literature about 98%. So it. Yeah businesses if you've got to be at your record in Europe golden gate here get rolled VA care I got your baby will I got a team of door Ian and and pharmacists completely dedicated to eradicating the Odyssey in the Patrick. We just called Dorothea pat like we just got to direct line of them illegal online what are we doing here for a veteran. And practical through your primary care provider. Burglary but at the simple thing to do you might even after seeing. The the provider just call their officers say eight cent meet hepatitis C a clinic or two might might well offices and a whole team of trainees and fellows and you know the whole group of attending so working on that so. Of course we would like to see people. After the other routine testing done just a couple blood test can tell us if you have hepatitis C. Bad year Odyssey is. The spiral low Gena types and other technical things we need to know. And then you get set and blew it might take you are a couple weeks to get a appointment but not too long and we'll get chip. Treated and cured. Well we thank you very much for being with a stack Kamal very informative and now we hope that if anyone's out they're listening in their community specially are veterans that they go to. See their primary care and get checked out today. Yeah absolutely were or. Our Thomas multi very much chief of gastroenterology. At the VA abortion York I had to say it again because I think I got it right it's a tough word but we got it. Also professor of clinical medicine at UB thank you very much in doubt we appreciate you coming out of the education lesson today. Thanks so much doubt thanks Chris or have me on thank. We'll be back again next week right here I'm western York hero's veterans like radio and ESPN. 1520. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to the exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to new local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program pedestal and our FaceBook page or contact us and our web site. Veterans like radio dot com join south of podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.