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Sunday, October 8th

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen twice a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the home veterans' life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You computing every Sunday morning at ADM. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now yourself a pot GO. However one welcome back to western York hero's veterans like radio here and ESPN 1520 issue dedicated to our veterans community. Help with. Anything they need and there personal lives. What to weather comes to navigating the VA health and wellness business career opportunities things like that. All that was available through Western New York years of my heroes dot org. We love having Chris Gregory here as always. Christian high in case you missed that we talked a lot about the issues going on with the income of the protests and things like and I Portugal is that it got to be educating for a lot of people and I think it's good day. Have a healthy discussion about that a small side that national everything we talk about Chris relieving that's really what this is all about. Absolutely and you know it sell like we said before I will never sit here and claim that. Whenever I say is his right amount of one sided man and we'll never hid it even try to make people think that I. Always know everything I'm all about education and the late show you completely educated well. While I present I don't either and I get educated every day and I think the key for me as I learn a lot of things over the last few days. And the key for me is when I don't know something I admit I go look written a salute their people need to do that just digging your heels and saying. You know you think you know so I think that's good that we should have that when it comes time for anybody in any issue that we discussed the meantime. Lynn mass rallies here and she is gonna talk about some different things going on including. The terrific operation boots that we touched on a couple episodes ago but we really didn't get into and so thank you very much not a lamb have you here and it's been they should we for all of us I know that. It has been very interesting and on a more upbeat note guys like to bring into operation boots on. To the forefront here it's been taking off greatly we started operation boots the beginning of the year. And it exploded a lot bigger than I had anticipated people reaching out highly involved title sponsor of the program highlight participate in the program. If I'm not a veteran it what can I do to help this program grow. We've had a great feedback and last month we were able to do scuba diving and what an awesome experience that one's. I used to be in the navy as on the amino and I have this horrible fear of being underwater. It absolutely makes no sense it makes incidents in my mind and anybody else's mind but I went incidents in a pod that was illegal. The incident but still I and in Judaism and such a hypocrite and pushing out this awesome program and I'm not participate. I thought hey some of take pictures and my camera doesn't go underwater so I will be picture taker. But somehow they convince me otherwise and got me in the water. And I'll tell you they were fantastic the work with everyone of us people with any type special needs if they. Needed and in my case the fear of being underwater and it was a great success. We have a lot of families saying that this is our date night which it was during the day but. The third date nick coming together. Both veterans and spouses that are non veterans as well came mountain had a blast with that. So going for we know a lot of great great opportunities going with operation that and we're always welcoming any feedback for the program in ideas and people that want to sponsor a program as well this this year I'm sorry this month we're going to be doing the great pumpkin farms so we're pretty excited about that. We had just partnered with them for the first time this year and the two in a military weekend. And that was a huge success we had some of our veterans come out in part tens at two of the bars that are there which I didn't even know that they had bars. At the great pumpkin farms that you know either many little to list they have everything from pumpkin beer on these are a lot more business. It was great and I couldn't believe the amount of people that are participating. In the bar area as well as they had a lifespan going through there. And a lot of other great events going on rate around that area as well. For all ages. And so coming up next we're gonna have some snow issuing once that snow hits lord knows that's going to be gone and yes nuclear gonna have a couple other bands that we are working on at this time that we don't have specific dates for. In the as Christmas gets coaching as a Christmas yes absolutely and that's violent rover into that as well are backpack program was huge success this year and that just got wrapped up. We still have supplies laps of anybody does need them we can we can on earth those. At any given time. We were able to give a 101 backpacks this year. And two years ago when I started for west your heroes we had eat in. And threw for backpacks. So that program has tremendously ground thanks to you our sponsors and social media and word of mouth. Throughout the education system. That was great with that coming too and we're kicking off the adoptive that are mainly for Christmas time. Pretty quick here last year we are able to help 162. Which was phenomenal. We were really excited to see that we help that many and this year looking potentially doubling its with. The word mound and social media with our sponsors on board. And everybody are ready reaching out to us looking to adopt a pattern mainly or to participate in the receiving gifts for their families. Telling how is the operation automotive is average guys called operational mowers that he had little glimmer of exactly yeah operation automotive business is what we're gonna and decided to go what's last week completely at the board meeting but. No it just this program just I actually started and flew right now over the last couple years we had three or four cars donated. And we took these donated carriers and we can give them once over tune ups things like that and then just give them a way to veterans who. Needed care and and over the last couple weeks we had four more are donated and actually got a phone call on the way here this morning. From someone else in the community so that they would like to donate the suburban. In on and that's what we do so we have our mechanics there's three different. Mechanic shops in west miracle will go pick up the vehicles. Bring them back to the shop in the once over and really if it's if it's worth us. Taking them and and being able to fix them up at a pretty cheap costs and good morning. And that's what we're doing but we're actually trying to pull everybody in together for lunch on collier. The three automotive shops. And much to see if you know how we can expand the program tonight to needs tires may be done tired. Look at putting a brand new set of tires on earth and help keep the cost down and you know we have veterans automotive we have and times and we have. I'm drawing a blank to his last name but is cliff owns a garage in there and Niagara Falls. And what we wanna do is also pull in adult son I didn't realize a timeout from the panel the sonic actually ramps vehicles. So maybe we can get dealt a sonic to rent each vehicle with Western New York euros and throw all the sponsors who had their hands and they vehicle to make it happen for her that's. And you know now we have how many moving billboards up like. I really didn't he took me rise of the eagle summit was either hold that brightly in practice yes absolutely I mean that and done tires that can be captured no doubt about it. The so much going on and you guys have just recently from the complete your movement all how's all that going out there if you all settled in is there more to come. We definitely are settled for the most part all of our offices are pretty full we have also added to me. Job search area has been a huge hit with our programs on imagines in our program also an army veteran. Is running their programming he's helping reach out it's two different local organizations and whoever's in just in hiring veterans in different types of educational backgrounds and what not in training skills and pairing them up with the jobs that they need to sustain themselves. We also partnered with the lawyers project which has been a huge success we are gonna doing workshops with them starting. This month acts I'm sorry and October were Ernie. Rarity in October and still think and whereabouts did it complete halfway through September where we're rolling this October pretty quick. We're gonna have a will clinic setup mid October with the lawyers standing by to help. With works worksheets to get you through the program and engage you get through will also add up if you need one. Also they're gonna have powered attorney clinic setup. And then more more. Seminars and sessions coming up shortly after that to help our patterns. Sounds really great around when things don't we tell you that's going on this also as remember that there's a lot of help or people just need some help with something going on as a veteran. If they have to call us I just about all these events that we might get people out to draw attention to and help an outlet if you just a veteran who says like and actually some help with I don't know. I got a problem with the VA and it probably financially. Think there's people there that you guys as we do back. Yes absolutely now when it comes down to the veterans who call us because they need their benefits right. We know where boundaries and I and I feel that strongly important we're not gonna try to. Taken a task that we know very little if anything at all. It's not fair to the veteran Hemmer herself so we do however have different connections in the community. With people who actually seasons and point in the direction yet they will. Like ours is in Williams fell. And main street. In the town on the veterans service applicant so we will take the vets who will refer them there to rob. And and let him do it that's his job that's what he does every day and that's what he does best. That's not tires on an even wanna try to pretend that we know what we're doing when it comes to them. And what they need so that we talked about last time with the intimate stuff like that. Mean media men in and did you tell us or somebody of interest in this have regular citizens called you just event. I'm really citizen or actually veterans and veterans' college event or have regular citizens even for that matter I I don't media you getting an edited by amortization. You know it's funny because like you made mention that you sent out a tweet and it got crazy yeah you retracted and deleted. Just because I didn't wanna deal with a cherry actor didn't retract like the words between Ashton wanna deal with what went wrong yet and people misconstrue. Yeah absolutely so I did the same thing you know I I posted something and social media and it just kind of blew up and I mean blew up well. The foul language with everything people come and am mean I'm like canola success and wanna deal with it either. Registry trekked to the whole thing and deleted it and you know it. Number went on and in and life goes on but that said socially can be effective and powerful tool for what you guys do. Sure it discouraging me from from being but. I think that in this day and age a lot of educational being using it responsibly you know and not that you learned or I wasn't. But you know you see other people don't and you say I wanna get down that rattle right and but it is important for you guys to use it effectively for your organization share. And you know what I will admit usually when something happens. I'm sure you feel and do the same thing that. Your blood pressure instantly goes through the roof. And I know it's me there's a lot of things that echoes through the roof and I can't think straight and I just a wrecked an impulse and then after a doing them like. While in there's a speech is a great speech that former. Former coach. Herman Edwards gave to a bunch of rookies. Believes that the rookie symposium for a while it was all about that it is his three ridiculous thing was. Don't send. A think enough delegates that I try to make it a rule that I would wait at least 24 right and I right now and see if I start today we actually do a segment on the beach here in the morning now it's hilarious it's your anyway there's a thing called. Tweets I didn't say that. I'm an artist I'm happy. The first sport where they say I was gonna send this I thought about issues are needed in the lap of right rental light incessant kind of funny and obviously that's it's in the sports room but listen I mean I think we all can agree here that. You know. We all just need to kind of respect everybody's. Point of view their place in society what they're trying to do here in which would be nice to actually do it if you don't. Agree with somebody at least have a civil discourse about it and that's what this but some will be in the keepers correctly that extracts of will be in the keyword he thinks like guys technocrats all things going on in. We'll port talking again next week in Atlantis near here is legends like radio here on ESPN 52 when he thinks that. Lynn master Ali prescreen her cell about GO. Do you have degenerative disk disease are you suffering from back or neck pain sciatica herniated a bulging disks with no relief in sight then the Bianchi pain relief institute may be your last chance to avoid surgery are you dependent on medications can be tried epidural injections chiropractic health. A physical therapy with little or no relief. 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Haskell the director plans for the army. This portion there's section I should say of the Pacific Command. Thank you very much for coming in we appreciate last time and you coming back in again today yes ups aren't so you brought up some interest in things. Last time that we wanted to open the door to a talk to a more abouts we brought in when minister Ali from last year here she's here as well Celine. Thank you know we have a good summer thank you thank you absolutely except for this rain that and having in looking. Or to the sunshine and while they are coming inland and I want to kind of get your. Take on the relationship. With colonel Patrick Haskell. And what he does with questioner cures and where this is going right now. We actually were able to meet last year at the gala. For our ceremony that we have every year and I it was a pleasure meeting you sir absolute pleasure me union you speak in hearing about. All of the past and present and future events taking place. Now we talk about the gala this is again commute a year big part of that tells what happens and Galen it's coming up again soon this year. They share gala again is going to be as Seneca Niagara casino and it is November 10. And it is a very ceremonial events it's. It's not all about the partying in the dancing in the drinking is more focused on our veterans and our ceremonies. And reduces the flag ceremony and and really recognize all of our veterans tree here in western new York and how we're helping them and patterns abroad as well now can people or listening the apart they'd like how does that work invitation only how does all that work with the gala you everybody is invited is welcome to the public we have. Sponsors on board and hopefully future sponsors as well. And the general public and we also offer up. They discounted price tickets for our veterans. Here and those serving here in Western New York how they go about getting that anybody want to be part you can go ahead and get our opposite call at 7166305020. Or you can get on our website at W and my heroes dot org. Colonel you as. Part of the Pacific Command know that a lot of things are popping of the news every single them here I've read about one of the things that really. I always in passing with is how do you manage to balance all the different countries and different cultures in the communication. So give me example of what's how's it different in dealing with the North Korea vs China. Or another country. Right it's you know. I look at look at the world like Liggett chests ward right all rubber being you know all the pieces connected by a rubber bands. So when you do something insult Tennessee it's going to have an effect literally in in Russia somewhere so. And you limited resources. Soul you know obviously the president's policies has and they must drive what we do and how we respond. So we wanna make sure that we build capabilities be able to prevent first so that's why for instance North Korea. We're building on the defensive capabilities you shoot down one of their missiles. They'll at least buy us time to find a long term solution to. Korean issue. Without hope China of course now flip that. China is trying to help of that but on the other hand the building islands and in disputed waters in the cell Tennessean excellence oh. We want to maintain freedom of navigation so we send you know ships through through that and that's totally different. That can be you know submarine wore her things of that nature solar or two in the same area within a few hundred miles let's say but they're two totally different spots. Can imagine that's very quick to balance. How you mean that it's amazing may have taken it one delicate line each way right. Yes and then you literally could go around the globe and point out you know Pakistan and you know Afghanistan and I talked about the you know fights over water resources. You talk to them vote flights vote. Oil. And cal rates social well I mean you go around the whole globe. Ukraine with Russia and Crimea and so is China friend or follow me that that's one thing though all existing you know they've been there. I don't wanna seek to face but there's kind of two faces to them you know all of the other friend when it works from there. The agenda other very agenda driven in if it works for their agenda will support it but that doesn't and they won't but. I think. China is eighty. And emerging power. A rising power you know the talk about to cities and that's a whole you know Athens and Sparta back and year by price and power vs. So that's that's another that's and in an issue but to a North Korea you know the nukes and unpredictability of his actions. That that skiers ever. No doubt about it no doubt about it on. He talked last time you read here about going forward more troops in how this is. Going to be something that is a part of west York hero's what's gonna happen there and Lynn came and I Nolan was so when listing that as well and part of the thing that you bridged in this what he had to say about that as well. The more troops at and I'm just one you know China maybe touch on that. Absolutely. Has Carl passed has mentioned that deer are going to be troops still deploying still going overseas. And with that to returning and returning with needs. Hopefully. Not severe needs but if there are severe needs we're there for them. We do have a service dog program for any combat veterans coming back with posttraumatic stress disorder. We also have financial assistance that we can help. With the burden that they may come back to once they get back and settled into. To react remaining to Western New York. When you started question are heroes and you saw the immune Chris were part of this he saw the demographics how they change of type of the veteran demographics. People are taking advantage of what the services you offer how that shows a change over the years. Well I I may add a personal basis have dealt with a lot of I Iraq veterans coming back and what they face. And a lot of them being a younger generation. Having a hard time asking for help with an intern I see the Vietnam veterans who were. Sean who were spent on who are treated less once they returned. So I actually see very unique comparison between the two if you will. The fact that one is afraid to ask for help. In one doesn't want the help because of the way they were treated mr. coming back so we do have an outreach and one that is. Crucial to both all generations if you well and and it is difficult at times and very heart wrenching and emotional to watch these veterans pushing back and suffering and struggling and not. Accepting help and when they are struggling to that extent there's still stating well you need help my friend. Who is struggling in the sense and they are always looking out for the other and sometimes not so much for themselves. Right in you know colonel one of the things we talk while a lot here is exactly the distortion on his. You're trained military not to ask for a trading day you know basically push through all the time and that's going to be a pretty big adjustment to come back here after all that. Right at what point do you use it and eat some but me Ernie you went on what point do I say hey that's just temporary in a minute drive around. But at some point to win the battles over with for the deployments or west. There is a period of decompression and that's a period that we really are concerned with from an operational. End up personal point of view from his leadership as leader. It is you know during the during the deployment. They're holding him back for holder Brendan. And then when they get back. That's when we we start seeing more issues than we do let state in a year or so odd that gap between two believe teen. You know the visibility of the VA services leaving the visibility of some active duty services. And they come back home to buffalo let's say. Into and they start having issues in and we need. We need failing members friends to identify and help identify and talk to talk to there the friends the friends of the battle buddies. And imagine you could tell if I'm wrong in imagine that even some who come back. They're finally seem finding your fine and years later they're not. Now think that that that that delayed onset of what they're going through May be because I've got to mentally depressed because he pro we see people. You know what I was fine for years now not right is that something happens. Absolutely I in you know I'm looking at you making as much I can tell if I can because then seen I just recently had a situation in for the sake of disclosure in privacy and don't want to elaborate too much but it was somebody that I admired and looked up to. Was superior was big strong. Yeah healthy came back big strong healthy. And just recently reached out and I was completely blown away and it was eye opening and I do with this every day for the past two years since I retired. And seeing this big strong. Human being coming and asking for help I thought holy cow this is even more real and I knew it was rail but now I see is even more rain. Am I can imagine so one of the things you wanna do all time is make your family knows that that's why we're here as well fans friends. Punitive action doesn't reach into the face of someone's listening this radio show right now listen you. In their thing again I have somebody I know somebody like and that's why the support Rickie has just touch and why that's important how they can help. Well you know like we said before I mean sometimes it's pride in pencil treaty or he thinks out of office which may be you know sometimes they do. But it's a time when we see a progression getting worse and in the field and number I would say contact western heroes and fantastic. Or the VA you know however however you know they see whatever how it fits with the problems and. In west or here's how you never got a couple of them they'll be a part of that you guys work with a with the VA in. All the tennis what you do right that's right we make sure that if they are getting certain services that we direct them in the right way because we can't help with everything that we don't cover every angle. And so will will help guide them what we don't. Times. Is when you get back from deployment on they the you have like four days of briefings. On your benefits and you know kind of telling you what's available but I'm telling all my deployments when I come back. I'm just thinking of coming off I don't you know I then briefings all the PowerPoint slides. You know so you don't even really know what you what is available. Whether it's the VA the army the navy or west near here also. You know it's done till you get home and start. You know hey you know having. To out serve things that are going on you realize geez I wish it would pay attention to those briefings but. You know you wanna get home you wanna get home and. I understand that completely. As around time here are men please because we don't do this enough time but he again coming touch with you. How was your heroes and you know can adjust or view of really what you guys are about and how people can get help that they need it. Absolutely so again you can be reached weaken your age I apologize on our website at www. W and like heroes dot org. You can come raid into our office which is going to be moving this week a guy next week. And we will be in transition that 8205 main street suite eleven and just you can walk Crayton. And you can give us call. Shout out to what ever and will make sure we get back to you right away if we don't answer 716630. By 020. Always good to hear from you don't have enough on the radio audience I appreciate it Patrick colonel thank you very much for me thank you for your service as well. Thank you very much for listening I'm south to pack Joseph this is veterans like radio here and ESPN 52 when he we'll talk to next week. Shop blows all over fall event and find great deals to spruce up your great outdoors. Who calls the perfect time to focus on your lawn and now you can get up to 30% off select Scott seed and fertilizer from. Your landscape looking at bats like cleaning up the leaves with a hole and broke backpack blowers now a new lower priced at just 199. 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Hi everyone good morning welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans' life radio here and ESPN. 1520 this is an educational radio show devoted toward veterans' community. We thank very much Western New York you're wishing that it WNY heroes dot org to learn plenty of information. About the events and the community that really we've. Than in part of here on this radio program Chris Krieger who is there really spearheading a lot of different things that are going on. Natalie the radio side of course out in the community with our veterans community all of our veterans that we honor. All year round here on ESP at 1520 and hopefully wherever you are Chris welcome back to the program thanks a lot for joining me as always yes absolutely so I appreciated enough. Always a pleasure. We have a lot of things going on in this radio program we talk about our veterans like in the service after the military we cover topics such as health and wellness which will be getting to today. Visiting career opportunities legal and financial place navigating the game. He like to listen to a previous segment of particular gas just go to our website veterans like radio. Dot com everything is on demand right there can also lakers and FaceBook again head over to Debbie and why heroes dot org it's a terrific organization. And Chris is doing a lot of great things along with Lynn who we heard from many times in the past as well that put together tons of events this summer that you could be part of to honor. Our veterans in the community we wanna look at me today. Thomas maul. Thomas is going to be here to speak about a on a really. Good issued a kind of covered topic to cover as far as our Western New York hero's our concern our veterans and that is about hepatitis C in the VA. And what people need to know about that type of situation so. First of all wanna welcome you and thank you very much doctor mall for joining us today. My pleasure to be here at such an important time for the topic we're about to discuss it. It's really we're in a miraculous state so I'm glad to be here. Well tell us a little about yourself before we get it to the actual issue at hand. Sore losers are familiar with who who speak. Sure I was so one east and near a World War II veteran and a along time patient. Outpatient the the buffalo. VA hospital. I ya get my undergraduate work. The university of New York Oswego. And then came back about look to do medical school or spent four years a lot of time the Villa in mettler it like working in the PA system. I then went to the universe you Connecticut. Where I was an intern and resident chief president and then just on the road to Yale where ID. It my training gastroenterology and liver disease. And spent much of my time as he watched tape in the worker at that time it's still our many of the world's experts in liver disease and so wrote that wouldn't. That's kind of what it might be areas of real interest so wonderful training there. Came back about all in but in 1990. Joined the faculty at the university about what most of the the position. Yeah and then that BAR. It view the universe you applaud the Gallup poll out professor clinical medicine at UB and RB at the day for three years and July 1 I crashed it might 28. Year. That the so. Looking at some tension pretty certain. Good for you good for you know what it just a question and what the segment being on hepatitis. And what you do there at the VA. Tell us a little bit more about hepatitis had a somebody contract hepatitis. Shall tied to a doctor like myself hepatitis means inflammation in the liver. Insult hepatitis from eating poison mushrooms they're hepatitis from Turkey too much alcohol. And there's all. They want their current hepatitis. A lot of things that plane lever that arm viral or so these are tiny little germs. And they've been very. Conveniently labeled alphabetically or hepatitis day that you get relief from contaminated food or water but it would be. Something that it's extremely common not so much in the United States but in in Asia. Hepatitis C but I did the pathetic the and the real topic that we like to talk about today he would have liked to talk about today its appetite at the which is. It inflammation in the liver caused by tiny barker. They. Are. I know everyone here's it isn't any of the hepatitis curable. Is is being here bouncy is non. Pretty much true. Hepatitis and just about there are one get sobered by himself and as one vaccine hepatitis B most people get over and so then there's one back in the Balkans and New York State. About the past 25 maybe 27 years have been. Required be vaccinated according to the school and these people that you have that excuse me we can suppress the virus very nicely now with where. A variety medication took turns out many UB. The anti viral that treat HIV also treat hepatitis B Kawika old. Most people are not sure though it is our long term in the liver it's much much harder but not a cure. I think this thing. There's apparel. Have a knee. Fortunately there is no. Vaccine or hepatitis C in Carolina will be want to speak at the characteristics of the virus. And up until this point but few years ago Tuesday we have very limited ability to treat. Bit of problem we used a drug called. Interferon that most people couldn't tolerate it caused innumerable. And now we have just wonderful occasions. Will cure you and your infection. Tell me a little bit about some of the maybe misconceptions of hepatitis hepatitis C or even have hepatitis overall I think you know when I hear the word. It's scary doesn't necessarily have to be from what you're talking about what some of the misconceptions that maybe people need to realize about it that they might not already realize. What I tell you the biggest misconception I counted in my life and work with. The public is figures are gross that your liver disease take it out. That's just the knee jerk reaction is that you get cirrhosis. Bar drinking alcohol and so. If there is you know jokes that conclusion which is not true certainly alcohol. Does a lot of damage the liver and the rest the body or many other ways to liver disease and but it will or things that your exposed to chemicals in the work football circuit differently. The only disease tap the it is. The biggest misconception but it hepatitis C. The most important misconception news that I feel fine I can't depth hepatitis C. And patients think that all they feel fine and not draw on that. That they they can't cap this buyers but the BM unfortunately. There are many. On the chronic infections in the liberal like hepatitis B or hepatitis B you really don't you back on toll it's far too late. Can people can walk around liberally with hepatitis C for thirty years feeling entirely well. And then wake up one day and advanced liver disease cirrhosis and you know that horse's barn and well on the street. And the liver is irreparably damaged. So be with very few symptoms and bury you preclude symptoms. We really have to rely on casting. People at risk to discover those who have a papacy because almost never the summit in your office they got them the only little. Appetite today could you check me out he usually we discovered that. Happily in the when it's not too that we could cure. And and being tested and are there any symptoms that people can. Come down with and say hey there's a possibility it can have hepatitis a should go get checked out. Controller and and and you know there's acute phase chronic phase at all sort of different things were tied at the it turned out so that you get it if you're exposed through needle sharing or some other routes I'm. You might get John you might turn you know your right might turn yell you might feel really run down tired now wanna eat. Just overall fatigue that picture relies. They're kind of like flu like symptoms but mental problems that people with acute hepatitis C wake open. I got cold org bargainers don't feel right now a week later it's gone and that was the beginning of the week people might. Egos and that and more common with the other types of hepatitis a hepatitis B your appetite that day where you might feel. One down and might cease and yell. That you might have some pretty discomfort. We're here are like. Burke offered to your belly almost underneath your reps. It's it's very interesting they weren't you feel when you get it sooner you get an incubation period the more likely you're gonna get over. Force out at the you're cute symptoms are so mild but that's a great load to keeping it. 203040 years it never goes away by itself after the keep base. And most people keep it forever slowly damages the liver. A doctor we only have about a minute left I'd like to bring you back out of before we do that could you please tell our veterans community what they need to know on this are is you know getting tested. Where they should go what they should do in maybe taking those steps. Sure certainly the BA comprehensive. Outplay him for testing and treatment and I got a great team. You're seeing you're basically darker and you think you might be maybe we talk about the brace. You should get tested idea at all especially if states were treatment. Is miraculously. Successful and easy I just sat here. Be drawn to the blood your urged partnership drop two or your next routine check yourself for hepatitis and you know. Check sober for HIV to look at. It's very simple habits are very Satan and simple thing to do. Actually now that we have so much to offer in the past but we couldn't cure many people. Search searching for people. Was frustrating you'd find people could do about it now we do. Doctor Thomas small thank you very much very informative but don't go anywhere we're gonna bring you back on this program we appreciated. For now organist take simple wave or every back obvious this is very very useful information. For absolutely absolutely I'm sure there's a lot of people like you set out there that might have not realize it. And now we're Judy go get checked though. So thank you very much doctor golfer coming out and now we welcome you back again shortly thank you upper listening ever wonder Western New York hero's veterans like radio here on ESPN. 1520 will again speak with doctor Thomas Vollmer returned next time. Did you suffer from the debilitating condition known as peripheral neuropathy are you depending on drugs such as clear cut again repented. Are you experiencing continual pain numbness and tingling. 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With Chris Krieger from Western New York hero's go to WNY heroes. Dot org and also get a couple other website you can go to because today we have a special guest we re invited back into the studio because it's a much fun with him. The last time he was here absolutely we got and with us again this morning Jeff be back near ex state police. From my troop pay out of Batavia but you know what before we get started or even just wanna say thank you for your service. Terry country you yourself serving in the army first and then switching over to air force correctness or how rare is that the due to different. Military actually it's it's it's its charter but it's doesn't I'm Dan Herron about it more and more I know link from our office. Originally joined the navy. She did thirteen years in the navy and and switched over and retired from the air force. It's amazing. That it didn't realize many in the among one Frenchman that's. Monogamous one policy or military branch I can absolutely. Yeah but I think you very much Jeff for coming back and we really appreciate to a lot of things we didn't touch on. Last time here that we want to make sure. Yes the biggest thing you know we are thrown around is what are the qualifications what you need. In order to be in next trooper. Well it's early age yet to be at least twenty years old to take the test. You do have to be 21 years old to be a poignant but by the time you take the test and actually get into the process to iron processing you know. When he won that'll work so but yet to be at least one years old to take care task. That keep in mind. You cannot be older than 29 years of age at the filing deadline married so for us this year are deadlines can be September 1 he cannot have turned thirty years old but parts of that is that change if you have a military veteran pitcher does Richard does in fact the New York State Police you know we really look out for our military folks and we honor their service and what's prices we actually offer an extension I'm honored down our age our requirement with the filtered folks and basically what it boils down to it's a one for one. You're active duty service and we'll expand that so for example. If you have six years of military service active duty service will actually extended all the way up to 35 years old for you to register and take the test. But that is where we will stops at 35 years with a maximum one for 16 years of service. You know for the for the Meltzer folks that are out there but it has to be active duty service and now a quick question because. And obviously we know tattoos are huge in the military and how to tattoos play out whether you qualify or disqualify. Okay tattoo we do have a tattoo policy and you can view that at allied www. And wide trooper dot com. Basically what it boils down of the tattoo policy is nothing visible in uniform. We changed from a summer you know two on summer uniform to a fall winter the only real differences as longs teachers opposed short sleep. So where you'll see it is mostly forms. You know the neckline is opened up on the summer sure you can have anything visible bought. That being said. Even if you are in violation of our policy. I would highly encourage. Anyone to come and take the past I would highly encouraged because what the state police can offer you in benefits and salary in a career. We offer you the opportunity your own expense to have that had to renew removed so that you can get into the process. And while I do sympathize a lot of our veterans that have gone out there and had tattoos maybe in remembrance of of some on the last comment. And it's just our policy and you know we we have to that we have to adhere to our standards dislike their standards in the military. And that's one of ours but you can have their attempt to remove so my point is to our military veterans come out and take the test even if you're in violation take the test. And if you do well I call you Colin process will then you have an option. You can and attempt to remove your own expense and you can never wore anchor with the New York State Police are matching don't have they have a ten to. Just can't have a visible sign on the options state police gave me that can be the option to Wear long sleeves in the summer no Serwer all you know Armon we we all change to our shirts at the same time and I uniformed forces what we're. I'll say have to be a US citizen correct in what is a timeline and that. Correct you do have to be a US citizen and it's got to be all done at the time of application as first US citizen. Those folks that are out of state. You know we encourage folks that are out of states of Europe about turn appear civilian and your Anderson Indiana law enforcement officer. Can't take our tests but you do it you'll have to be in New York State resident time appointment. That is pressure and and that's just where our requirements but we encourage folks my state tell me about the down educational background and yet to have to Paul. Can we record sixty credit hours in college from an accredited university or college. That sixty credit hours Indian and he career field doesn't necessarily have to be in criminal justice. And if you look at some of the opportunities within the state police you know that those folks that are just getting into the at the college career right now you know. It doesn't have to mean criminal justice if you are you know a lot of folks a low on the forensics. But if you're gonna do if you if fierce demeanor may be a forensic investigator and you might wanna change you don't go on to a science biology chemistry physics some than they could definitely. He'd be used in you know in your career. So it's first the credit hours at sixty at time appointment so again. If you don't have even one credit hour I still encourage you to comment take this past. You know the we have we offer deferments for our so that folks that are lacking in the college credit you know area. They can take a deferment get their college credits and still be on the list they don't lose their space so if you do really well on the exam that's why say come out even if you eat you know what your tattoo violation. If your rabies electing a little bit on the college credits come on now absolutely but there are. For our veterans specifically we actually about thirty credit hour waiver which is nice of you have at least two years of active duty service within honorable discharge. You're actually get a thirty credit hour waiver toward your sixty so now you're only you know thirty credits away. That's not too bad you can definitely do that or. So any chance in you know the city of buffalo now has waived education to hire on new officers any chance of New York State Police taken and that same. Possibility that same Rolen and hiring for the sake of higher and. Well not every now it's not on the table was that I am aware of when our agency. You know it that that's just our policy is that we record sixty college credits. You know I I think we have such a great pool of candidates to begin with. And I just think that sixty college credits and so much I mean. It that we value education that's one ever our core values is continuous learning and improvement. We value education. I think everyone everyone doubts and you don't have that it did a college degree make somebody better than. Another someone might have real life experience someone may have joined the military in May not have gone to college. But that military veteran and bring real life experience deal with people. And dealing you know in different situations that somebody sitting in accounts classroom has never doubtless. That's why we offer that thirty credit hour waiver toward military veterans. Because those folks those both of them was that people look at obviously. You want people with good moral character that says right there on your. Brochure but let's put that and action in Munich sample of what would disqualify US cars good moral character is cancer. While as a half stars good moral character. I I think it's it's pretty obvious you know we're we're looking for folks that do the right thing. You know when it comes the real everyday life a felony conviction is an automatic disqualifying. Factor of misdemeanor. Conviction here in New York State misdemeanor violation. I mean they're gonna be heavily scrutinized there's no doubt about it we have a thorough background check. Where we have one of our New York State Police in mass is that will that will be your background check in addition we also have a polygraph exam. He'll have an interview with a medical psychologist and all these things come into play there into weaved but as far as that good to moral fiber. That you know we're looking for the person that's gonna go out there with with a genuine interest in serving the people and in doing what's right in the community. I've known a lot of mom. Police officers whether state or local police officers are towns cities. Seems like there's always different kinds of ships and when you work days nights weeks things like that how does it work with near to place. When you sir up as a trooper year we are rotating twelve are scheduled. I generally generally the shifts or 7 AM to 7 PM or 7 PM the 7 am. But it's a twelve hour schedule if you look at it on a two week rotation. One week he'll actually work five days the next week he'll work to. You're still getting the same on ours you know that it that it's have played our guy or would get a burger girl would get. But the twelve our schedule. It it really works out well but you will rotate. You know it's unlike any other career for February he will work weekends you workout is it is unfortunately. You know crime dozens that's right Christmas or Thanksgiving so. You know it. Is it safe to say that and maybe I missed despair when you're hired on what state we should always start down. Like New York City area. Well you know I did times change in its kind of cyclical and that in that manner I know when I started seventeen years ago I served just north of New York City. In a small little town Allen only York I'd never even heard of it but it was a great learning experience. Today you know it's it's kind of all over the map we're gonna put you where we need as far as manpower what manpower dictates. But you don't for somebody like myself in the Buffalo, New York area. A big majority of our troopers are actually from Western Europe to start which is interesting. Most people wanna come back to buffalo I get it their family and friends here. But the interesting and I think though one of the greatest aspects of the New York State police's New York State is a beautiful place yeah when they say I love New York I mean we really need it we love New York there's so many different places you can go in New York State. And you know you may go somewhere. You may fall in love with the area I mean hey you know off anybody you've been up to the Lake Placid area up in all up north it's beautiful Saratoga Springs Albany. We actually have a very large contingent down in New York City now. I know myself when I started out an Allen though I'd never been the sitting in at 27 years old I can't believe I never been of the city but lucky for me. As some great fellow troopers than they took me down CP times. And it was great we had an awesome time I made a stop in plaster and New York which is just north of Syracuse. Finally making a home now and Allegheny County in and while snow and then my last Apple's Niagara Falls and it's it's been a great ride and for anyone that. Would be discouraged about the travel folks. I can honestly tell a you're gonna meets an interest in people you're gonna see some interest in things and again the opportunities that that we offer outweigh that little. A sacrifice. It's it's a fantastic career and it doesn't even have to be sacrificing can be an open opportunity apps absolutely. There's no doubt about that. Ali we have to wrap up here though but it just won't let you know there he talked about the on education and there is a written test results of physical test and medical exam. Things are day to check out obviously physically to be able to be able to do the job. Absolutely we have a if you go to our website again and why trooper dot com. You'll see with the standards. That we. Recorder from our candidates of all men and women. You'll see broken open a gender and age group it's it tests of pushups. Sit ups and a mile and a half run you can see all the way I'd say what the sands are for your age group in your gender. But we do have a physical agility in the what. And we didn't touch on the I'm sure everybody's wondering. Starting salary over 53000 dollars that's not too shabby New York State. That's not Touche area in New York State law and if you go to our website again you'll see all the sellers list and what's interesting about that a seller in academy. Is once you know I don't when Yuri when you get out that can be number one. The feeling of accomplishment. Is is almost better than Friday. But when you do get out there's a pretty big substantial pomp and I I would I would recommend everybody get to the website check it out. Yet it it's pretty it's pretty awesome pretty rewarding and I don't know if you can tell us smiley face level they do. There has been a day that's gone by that. You know why ever. That I mean Iran's decision the best. The Basque her house. Thank you very much for your service and everything you've done thank you speak to service us out just one or make one other point to is those military veterans that are out there. Folks if you have them yet there veterans points you know and being deployed to different areas and whatnot. All the rear quarters yet your DD 214 and copier order shown that where you were deployed one not. Use those veterans points. There to your benefit whether it's by ten anything as far as disabilities that you may or may not have you know what it's all case by case basis. Come check it out and why trooper dot com and now looking forward a great turn out for the exam this October. I that is Jeff B that New York State trooper thank you very much for coming in Chris we'll talk to you again as always look accord are they very much for talk tuning in today I'm washing your heroes veterans like radio. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to be exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to new local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program. Let us know on our FaceBook page or contact us and our website. Veterans like radio dot com join south of podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.