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Sunday, October 1st

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen twice a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the home of veterans' life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You can cutie every Sunday morning at eighty. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now yourself a pot GO. Good morning everyone welcome back to western your heroes veterans late radio. Here at ESPN 1520 minus out about GO. We talk less so many different things going out with our heroes our question your heroes and our bats. Around Western New York around the nation really ways you can help. Things that we wanna bring awareness to Chris Krieger is here from Western New York hero's always been a big part of the show Chris is really great to have you. This week I know that some last couple weeks we have many of them. Really do this together Studio One of the reasons is because. As you always do you go to New York City for 9/11 you know I think that sounds pretty powerful that you are able to do that I don't know. Emotionally you know we'd like you can even handle doing that so Peter go back there. Purcell says a lot about you know what. You are about as hard as you honoring those who serve and those who died. But as far as Europe you know going there and you know the emotional part of it knew what is that like for you was like for the people you're around. Yet it's. You know it's become. The tradition I guess it's pressure to say to go there sure especially being in them. That the unit I was with at the time you know we were activated and sent to ground zero. So. It is kind of I don't know if even humbling is the correct word to say but. It does it brings back a lot of memories. It's really never really the same every year we go it's there's always something different. They get bigger here you know it this this lady and I really been absolutely I some videos and music scene really packed. I'm sure whether complete pardon you know if there's enough you know is really nice out you wanna another gorgeous and dry of it is if it's a day's drivers and wanna do that. They look ahead but it seems late is getting bigger and bigger and also the noddle memorial is becoming me. And they every year I make a point to go through that and then every year it seems like they just continued and more to it and the one. Fire station across from where the towers fell. No we always make a point to stand there in the corner and watch all the different branches of the military. And top of the fire hall. Who come out and they raise a flag in the lower the flag in the salute the flag and on the next. A service member walks upon another folded flag and they canceled it and hang it intrepid saluted. So it's my understanding from what some of the NYPD said was that they do that. For each individual that was killed on the towers. I know the exact fire station you're talking about there on the corner yeah it's great as you walked by and they had and what I guess. Six carries I believe that's the station because they were the first to respond that lost the most yes I think so too and there's a there's a plaque outside. You know they do great job my son was with us when we were out when we're there on. They let you take pictures with with the fire truck that gave an item they give media coloring book a fireman's color look things like that but. For those guys there who we're still. Do they understand if you walk by and I'm sure that every day other. It's on the they have to live through every day but I think that buy maybe seeing all those people kimono comforts them as well to be honest with yes absolutely it's. I'm. None of the firemen there have an issue with talking about it and I'm sure it's. It's emotional for them to especially if they were there they lost their friends their family and friends but. Every year it's like we meet somebody new somebody different we hear new stories new. And memory as to. Where somebody was exactly to the minute and it's amazing that when you look backers think back you know exactly what was going on where you were and we're real. I was actually the time I worked for rural metro ambulance and I got up in the morning and turned on the TV I thought I was watching die hard. And when they realized that when I turn the channel without the clicker. For batteries died in the clicker a change up the batteries tragedy and it was the same thing over and over and that's when they realized. This was ruined when you turn on the TV we're both towers are struck. Her no just a month for just one tower had been struck because that had been laid out in the morning the second when in comes over an hour later. Or ill or so. Say in the I was I was living in Florida and I was actually. I was actually taking some college classes at the time as a Mac school for a little bit. And had a roommate and she comes energy. A woman with her son and she comes and says hey I am too cheese it. Two planes collided over the over the years and I think she understood what happened she was and a true I said one that's crazy sort of turn on. And she won't want one must have hit the tower and then as you're going on C the other thing and you start to realize what happened and Malia and I've always school today like oh my gosh you know he's sitting here. And this thing is I know friends or high school teachers. That. They wield TVs in their rooms or they turn on the TV you know everybody everybody got engaged and I think that. That group of people high school kids a lot of them are the ones that then. The next few years are the ones that saw that in more spurt to go into the military because of what you saw on TV that day in their. School class structure I was in the military before this happened. And it's and it's funny because we have just gotten back from Bosnia. I remember correctly I wanna say it was may of 2000. And then obviously September 2001. The towers and I remember being down at ground zero and a reporter coming up and and then she must have been a reporter that interviewed their unit when we came home from Bosnian Sheen asked you know when you compared. Ground zero now to being overseas and another foreign country what's it like there's really no comparing and I mean the devastation and destruction still the same. But it's completely different now that it's on your own homeland. I've select him I can imagine the other thing about that day for me was George Bush was literally about a half hour away from him because he was in Sarasota. At the time which are definitely not drilling tested Booker elementary school and down and he was airing soon we'll all happened so that was a big deal because we were right there and I that the president was right there kind of in town. He actually and is family they still vacation out of Boca Grande which is right on the corner. From where I live so I think it was a big deal these people knew the bush family and they should he he's right there are so. Obviously LE cigarette but it's crazy for me to think it's been sixteen year success and now I mean. And that the wounds are fresh the memories are fresh but is it's been sixteen years that's pretty remarkable. You know I I asked the reporter at one point. Sixteen years later and they still talk about and memorialize. 9/11. Company you don't hear anything anymore about Oklahoma sitting right in that bombing in the devastation and and April 19 1994 Billy Brett and the one reporter it actually stated that is because not as many lives were lost. I don't get I don't understand it it was still. An act of terrorism that's right you know still American lives were suns lost senselessly. Short wire thing not being remembered. Well hopefully they'll programs like yours people that. Take part in the west near heroes in this in this program I think that many of those are the people who try to keep the memory of those alive if you prefer for situations like that. He said he do meet new people. Do you mean anybody this time it was new and your story something like that that all analyst. Always yeah we always meet. For lunch while we're down where we decide to go to. And one thing. The Irish restaurant that's rated next to the fire. OK lately I I don't know there's that there's a pizza joint right there that I love till they are right there you go to realize just that's that's right and I know it's what you thought I wanna say. This Irish pub. Was a Riley's. And that's where we always go for lunch and that's weird. You know we've vowed to go there every year and 9/11 for lunch and meet up with the same group again. But every time we go we meet somebody new we meet somebody different hear new stories and we met a family from Florida who comes up. Every September 11 because their son was killed in the hours what was he doing you know. He worked for one of the companies that was in the towers he happened to be up on the ninetieth floor. So clearly never you know. Oh well that's that's that's unbelievable and those to come back and have to have to live through that and see but I'll tell ya turning to you know if we can looking for to be more positive what they've done down there. It's remarkable looks great and it's a great way to memorialize. The new building looks amazing initial building. Yet it again every time we go doughnuts there's more and more. We're even inside the mall. Well you know come out of the gap anymore so right when you look up and up it was a Mazen. That is I was in there as well we were when we went this past summer we took place on them to a yankees game art so. Let's turn our attention to us on the Nat Nat that's quite a somber and her you guys have a lot of different programs coming up but also some things that you done in the past is a kind of contortions of something I really some successful stuff that's been going on yeah the guys here including the expansion obviously. That's an again we just had the grand opening or an open house if you will. Last Friday and that was a huge success and where we invite him a lot of the community and politicians mountains see how we've grown since making the new movement it was a move that was a much when we needed it because we are growing. But we are growing so fast that it is scary for me at the same time but again it's a much needed. We just added a new program. To our current programs and we're gonna call it operation automotive art what does that so over the last couple years. We were getting these phone calls people wanting to donate their care. In the beginning I was like well that's nothing really we do and Manolo some light went off we said well we'll take the Karen just give it to a veteran who needs care right. So we've had four carries donated over the last couple years in the knowledge the sun about three weeks ago. We get for a phone calls out of the clear blue with people wanting to donate their parish to us. So it just can't expect us to start a new program called operation automotive. We've talked to three other. Automotive shops. Who are willing to actually pick up the carriers given the once over inspection oil change make sure the tires are good the brakes are good. And then we just give the fairway. An amazing in Western New York cronyism that's amazing program it's great to you guys are able to do that. There's some budget things coming up off for you I know you are traveling once again why don't know New Jersey. Yeah I was asked to save the PTS the journal. Christian Benedetto who is the founder of the magazine to come to New Jersey for this veterans conference and be one of the speaker actual opium. New Jersey in October 3 through the fifth follow. Good good for you and I know that tell you spread the word out there that's something that Christa as we wanted to hold Chris you find that Western New York euros almost a phone number there where can people go if they wanna talk if they want to. Donate some operation automotive they want you ask you about speaking anything like that. It's 6305020. Is the office phone number. He can actually speak to anyone in the office regarding our programs and see you may be which program best that you. The website is W and my heroes dot org or us on FaceBook Twitter and mr. Graham. Mean we're just continuously growing in and trying to be everywhere well. The fact you guys are all over the social media is Nellie and I know that your your your involve your engaged because not enough companies are doing that they don't understand this is a way. People communicate these days at this now engines out Twitter everything right now it is out there Chris thanks a lot. We're talking Gamal tell us more veggie guys have coming up including as we get into the Christmas season and that's a big deal for you guys will do them we come back thanks a lot as always thank you our interest Krieger west York hero's and west are yours veterans like radio we'll continue again next Sunday right here NE SPF fifteens one. Do you have degenerative disk disease are you suffering from back or neck pain sciatica herniated a bulging disks with no relief in sight then the Bianchi pain relief institute may be your last chance to avoid surgery are you dependent on medications can be tried epidural injections chiropractic health. Don't physical therapy with little or no relief. The Bianchi pain relief institute has the answer to relieve your nagging pain without breaking the bank and allowing you to get back to doing the things and activities you enjoy. Spinal decompression that they highly effective noninvasive and drug free message they can relieve your pain. 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They can meet other veterans that you meet people wanna help them for families of veterans anybody who's. Got a veteran a loved one that they are at all be concerned about or just think that they could use something that Western New York hero's offers we are here to help you with that. Here matches like radio Chris Krieger joining me. Chris of course is a veteran and he runs it's what are your stupid director sir I don't wanna say right the other part of the president of these president hope owner of Western New York hero's. We talked a lot about all the things going on we're talking now about some of the things coming up. As we get into the Christmas season I know there's lots of things these guys are going out one other person is one touchdown. Because I don't think we do enough here is. People don't do enough is is voting season christening in his voice seventeen. But it's an odd number which means not as many elections but just the importance of people. Voting registering to vote and things like that and this is isn't that the time we got to tell people this. And you're right I know some people it's you know I don't even bother voting my time that's gotta hurt as McCray I imagine. As crazy because those are the first people that you hear complaining absolutely. So if I'm not gonna vote. Don't complain that's right so you should vote the issue absolutely should one of the things I did I was I schoolteacher for ten years out of Florida and every year I I talked seniors and on every year I would have someone from the local elections office commend explained how they register to sign up and right in the classroom I would register all my seniors are eighteen to. Absolutely. While ago it was great and I never do that now said that now you know excuse you're registered to vote we just in the process and they would have to wait for their card to come there to learn and now I just. Read there's a law being proposed actually like this law. That says they're going to allow seventeen year olds to vote in primaries if they turn eighteen by the general election. I think that's a good at it's it's a good idea right why not you're gonna go to the general election usually have the opportunity to vote in the primary who. You want to before the general election absolutely so it's good it's always wanna get the word out their people go register to vote mr. you know where you're voting places are polling place. And I think that. Whatever side you're on the last election kind of proves how important is right that that they only politics absolutely any you know about the signing up to her to register to vote. It's not as tired as people think it's at all. It's free Utica and actually found usual round I move that's right that's right. I didn't have to re register anything in my ear holy place they know that some of my polling place is literally about fifty yards from house means at the end of my street. Yeah so it's easy for people all right Dana supply there's no excuse. They sure get out there and I'm by the way. Specially because you know you're doing a show veterans and this is what this what people like Chris and others. Fought for give their life for wounded four in. When the service forty give people the ability and the opportunity to choose our elected leaders and yes we'll take advantage of use absolutely because we see a lot of that we see a lot of police are on the world where they. They can do things like that. You know when I was in a talk about Bosnia but when I was in Bosnia. One of the things we learned over there was that if you do not when you're done with school if you do not give two years. Of service to the country you're not allowed to own a vehicle you're not allowed on how ocean analog to vote you can even leave the country while so. Yeah they are judicial America's Got Talent and a okay well there was a great dance group these kids were from South Korea believe they're amazing. They're all young and one of the stories every every has kind of a back story in their story was. We wanna do this now because an in a couple of years we all have to go in the military reasons retired and we can't once we do that we can't do what we love which is dancing share. Now so let me ask you do you. Do you believe that everybody here should be forced to give minimum to use I don't believe that but I think there's absolute value in. Doing that I I think it. There's a lot different avenues that people should be allowed pursue I think this is why we have. People who serve in the country we have enough volunteers who want to serve. In this country who do a great job I don't think we need to go to that I guess is what I'm saying but I absolutely would see the value and any person I did not serve. I don't think it. I think their pride parts of me that would have. Absolutely benefited from it. But I also see the value and effect and I went off and went to college did some things to your tribute to our society that I need to do that. That's different you went off and did something so that you can contribute to society that's correct. There's many people out there that. They don't write I doubt that I area right I advocate a candidate and maybe if they were forced to serve maybe their attitude that entered the way they look at life would be completely different. And I know there's no draft we don't sign up for selective service's you do so that way it was like the service is basically works in case there is a draft and not enough people than they have to kind of dipped in that polls are you actually if you don't here's the good if your if your doctor listen your kids in high school. To give up PSA Natalia. Or viewer can listen if you don't register for selective service that you cannot get financially to college you rent so that's why it's important like they wanna make sure you hear in the system. In case it ever comes back to point ever error word there is actually some sort of world war three and I have to start drafting people. That's why we do it but if you don't do it you could really be SO while a lot of different areas. Yeah I mean I served myself so that hopefully my boys don't have to correct. I'm again I'm losing Watson us yet I would never and I had people ask me all the time if you're bush commune. So hey dad wanna join the military would you stop them. But I like to see them join the military. I don't know it's if I stopped and might be hypocrites absolutely so I would completely. Support them by all means I would support them but if they have a different direction they want it taken life I'd support that too. No doubt about it I agree percent let's talk about some of the things you have coming up. The great pumpkin farm what is that old. This salute this past weekend was the the opening of the great pumpkin farm out in Clarence huge I don't know if you've ever been there I have his amazing yes I would take my kids all the time when they were injured and stranded take them now and Ehrlichman and removal tool for this. I don't think you have to know pumpkins and you know try the Jonas trying to outsider and they've added so much out there. I like just looking around and all the Halloween decorations and it's amazing just the stuff that they've added there and they're actually supporting Western New York hero's every week and for the next seven weeks and that's all they make a donation. Stuff by the boot sale. It was not just Halloween it's before that and you know really answers your timing out there. And time decently that. This has been some great weather and where the middle of the year in late summer and believing in the fall. And I know me personally I like trying out golf a little bit before it's all send on it so I know you guys got some golf things you've done. And some others are are coming up. Yet the state police. Troopers for troops. This was there are sixty years there seven years total but sixty years doing the golf tournament to support Western New York hero's. Every year it's amazing they're usually sold out months in advance. And this is probably been the biggest cheer as they care and it again every time it's just amazing and they have given us 181000 dollars just from that one golf tournament and just before them we had the buffalo. The buffalo metropolitan federal credit for in his right. And downtown they did a huge golf tournament course which. Was amazing. And then they raised 151000 dollars force so these golf tournaments the amount of money and support we get from those. It's amazing. I can imagine that's really awesome Chris green you're here from Western New York euros what's there here's veterans like radio journey has been 1520. To some degree galas and dinners going on one of them coming up at Michael's. That the wanna Michael's we have we already had are out so. And again one of fired. One of our volunteers that is on our gala committee for the one in November this was her second time putting this big benefit. And she did it at Michaels and again the first year she did it absolutely amazing people she was doing pies people were buying pies at 900 dollars of I just want him liquid money into. Just spent 900 dollars a ticket home shellac it put in on the shelf for 900 dollars. He set eyes on our support that's right there's no doubt about it so this year she did purses shoes auctioning off purses and each purse. There was one person had diamond earrings and another one handed iMac while so the purses were going forward. 56700. Dollars and if you get the purse with sun diamond earrings it was a a bonus for. Again just amazing it it continues to grow just wherever quilts for charity the quotes a charity Mazen isn't ladies. They do the quotes every year forests and we go to there their church Presbyterian Church out and root site and and I bet you without an exaggeration we're picking up probably a little over a hundred quotes. We just we give them on Christmas time to the families that. Come to us to be adopted we make sure that they all get a quilt at the same time that's awesome I know there's a lot of different things coming up about the the backpacks. That their program just ended because now schools kicked off and I wanna say what that program there we've handed we've helped 130 families which is brand new backpacks and school supplies which. Surpassed the amount of families we did last year I think we only did sixty families lecture. So again it goes to show that with the community getting behind us and supporting some believing in us our programs continue to grow because of the community. And we talked last time wrestling over real quick again a new program we have just launched operation automotive can connect. Case anybody missed that last gas operation automotive is a new program we launched I think it's going to be an amazing program I think it's gonna really explode like every other program we have. But that's if you have a higher. And you think it's a junker. And his coffers listen no one of our mechanics because. We could probably take their apparent turnaround and given away to a veteran who needs a pair so and so and obviously we would give you attack trying to forge for your taxes at the Kelley blue book value of course. But it. What are they saying one people and one person's junk is another monstrous task so that's that's going to be a treasure for somebody who doesn't have a pair just allow us to come out take a look at it and consider donating. All right now I know you got some things you don't you on the little Lewis speaking I can do without that he's going to be good state of the ball and. 1010 and a half years have been doing and I still can't get comfortable yet it's I think the biggest one I did was and come. Rich stadium. And I got nowhere on the field January field. I got down and the field and nobody told me there was a delay. I'll let totally telling me on as an echo read it yet totally threw me out but when I ain't got down and I turned around looked up. I felt all the blood rushing for my head and if it again it was amazing I still think used to. It's it is kind of funny because people say they are timely. You talk on the radio or not. Get nervous or swear go on TV normally it's just kind of what you do but at least got what they do great threat whatever is eating I don't know honestly like. I don't know how you go into combat and have to carry a gun in. Have to defend your own life and possibly taken elements like that's just what you're trained to do. It's amazing people have everything they're trained to do but that's it it's a different world when you locket that other around the more respect for what herb. Are real stress shared yet it's. I know some people that you would not believe what you can do when the time comes staff to do absolutely no doubt. Our Chris as always thanks a lot appreciate it a lot going on. Western New York hero's veterans like prelude to the NY heroes dot org. 630. 5020. You wanna get involved with anything going on at Western New York hero's we think Chris Krieger as always for joining us here and veterans like for you today. 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About the events and the community that really we've. Ben and part of here on this radio program Chris Krieger who's there really spearheading a lot of different things are going out. Not only the radio side of course out in the community with our veterans community all of our veterans that we honor. All year round here on ESP at 1520 and hopefully wherever you are Chris welcome back to program thanks a lot for joining me as always yes absolutely so I appreciated enough. Always it's a pleasure. We have a lot of things going on in this radio program we talk about our veterans like in the service after the military we cover topics such as health and wellness which will beginning to today. Visiting career opportunities legal and financial vice navigating the VA it relate to listen to a previous segment of particular gas just go to our website veterans like radio. Dot com everything is on demand. Right there can also lake is on FaceBook again head over to Debbie and why heroes dot org it's a terrific organization. And Chris is doing a lot of great things along with Lynn who we heard from many times in the past as well to put together tons of events this summer the you can be part of to honor. Our veterans in the community we wanna look at me today. Thomas maul. Thomas is going to be here to speak about a on a really. In good issued a kind of covered topic to cover as far as our Western New York hero's our concern our veterans. And that is about hepatitis C in the VA and what people need to know about the type of situation so. First of all wanna welcome you and thank you very much doctor mall for joining us today. My pleasure to be here it's important time for the topic yeah whereabouts disgusted. It's really we're number secular state on that to be here. Well tell us a little about yourself before we get it to the actual issue at hand. Sore losers are familiar with those who speak. Sure and I went so at least in west near a World War II veteran and a along trying patient. Outpatient the the buffalo. VA hospital. Idea that my undergraduate work. The university of New York Oswego. And then came back about look to do medical school or spent four years a lot of time at the via Ian Butler group like working in the BX system. I then went to the universe you Connecticut. Where I was an intern and resident cheek president and then just on the road Seattle where Heidi. It might trainee gastroenterology and liver disease. And spent much my time as he watched tape in the worker at that time it still many of the world's experts in the liver disease and cirrhosis wouldn't. That's kind of what might be areas of real interest so wonderful training there. Came back to buffalo in the but in 1990 I'd joined the faculty at the university of both most of the the position. Yeah and that that BAR. It would be the universe you applaud the Gallup poll. Opera archer clinical medicine at UB panda. RB at that for three years and July 1 I crashed it might 28. Year. Now that the so. Looking at the federal pension pretty certain. Good for you good for you know it and just a question in what the segment being on hepatitis. And what you do there at the VA. Tell us a little bit more about hepatitis had a somebody contract hepatitis. Shall I get to a doctor like myself have a tight means inflammation in the liver. And so there hepatitis from eating poison mushrooms they're hepatitis from Turkey too much alcohol. And they're all. Different different hepatitis. A lot of think that the plane the liver that are viral orchard so these are tiny little germs and they've been very. Conveniently labeled alphabetically or hepatitis day that you get relief from contaminated food or water but it would be something that is extremely common not so much in the United States but in the in Asia. Hepatitis C but I did the apathetic the and the real topic that we like to talk about today you have liked to talk about its appetite at the which is. An inflammation in the liver caused by tiny by aimed at. I know everyone here's it isn't any of the hepatitis curable. Is is being here bouncy is non. Pretty much true. Hepatitis and just about that one get sobered by themselves and want vaccine hepatitis BB. People get over and so then there's one backseat and all kids in New York State. About the past 25 maybe 27 years have been. Required be vaccinated according to the school and the people that you have an excuse me we can surprise. The virus bearing actually now with where. A variety medication took turns out many could be the anti viral that treat HIV also treat hepatitis B a week old. Most people are cured though it is our long term in the liver it's much much better but not a cure. I think this thing am. There's apparel and other knee. Unfortunately there is no. Vaccine or hepatitis C in Carolina will be one just because of characteristics of the virus. And until this point a few years ago or should set we have very limited ability to treat. Bit problem we use a drug called. Interferon that most people couldn't tolerate and caused innumerable side effects and now we have just wonderful medications. That. Will cure you of your infection. Tell me a little bit about some of the maybe misconceptions of hepatitis hepatitis C or even have hepatitis overall I think you know when I hear the word. It's scary doesn't necessarily have to be from what you're talking about what some of the misconceptions that maybe people need to realize about it that they might not already realize. What I tell you the biggest misconception I avid in my life and work with. The public is figures are gross that your liver disease picnic. That's just the need jerk reaction is that you get cirrhosis. By drinking elk all in Seoul. Terror is you know jokes that conclusion which is not true certainly alcohol does a lot of damage the liver the rest the body or many other. Outweighs to liver disease and things to look more things that your exposed to chemicals and work football circuit differently. And so liver disease tap the that is. The big misconception but it hepatitis C. The most important misconception is that I feel fine I can't step hepatitis C. And patients think that all they feel I'm in or not draw on that. That they they can't have this quarter but they'd be ten unfortunately. Many. The chronic infections in the literally hepatitis C or hepatitis B you really don't you back on toll it's far too late. People can walk around liberally with hepatitis C for thirty years feeling entirely well. And then wake up one day and habit they have delivered the sort broke and you note that horse's barn and well on the street. And the liver is irreparably damaged. So be with very few symptoms very few preclude symptoms. We really have to rely on casting. People at risk to discover those who have that it is almost never the summit bureaucracy I am the only little. Hepatitis today could you check me out it's usually we discovered that. Happily in the when it's not to a secure. We're talking with doctor Thomas small hepatitis C. In Norton speaking of the symptoms. And and being tested and are there any symptoms that people can. Come down with and say hey there's a possibility it can have hepatitis a should go get checked out. And and you know there's acute and chronic pain at all sort of different things but at the it turned out so that he gave at your disposal through needle sharing or some other routes I'm. You might get John you might turn you know your eyes might turn yellow you might feel really run down tired now want to eat. Just overall fatigue that juncture allies. They're kind of like flu like symptoms but that's what the problems that people with acute hepatitis C wake up couldn't. I got Cole got a bug in his don't feel right now a week later it's gone and that was the beginning of the week people. Egos and that and more common with the other types of hepatitis a hepatitis B your appetite that they were you might feel. Rundown. It might cease and yellow. That you might have them create discomfort. Where your clippers like. Clobbered your belly almost underneath your ribs. It's it's very interesting they were you feel when you get it sooner you get the incubation period the more likely you're gonna get over. Worse at the you're acute symptoms are so mild but that crate load to keeping it. 203040 years it never goes away by itself after the acute phase. And most people keep it forever slowly damages the liver. A doctor we only have about a minute left I'd like to bring you back out of before we do that could you please tell our veterans community what they need to know on this car is you know getting tested. Where they should go what they should do in maybe taking those steps. Sure certainly that BA comprehensive. Outplay him for testing and treatment and I got a great team. What you're seeing your Bentley darker and you think you might be it maybe we talk about that after the race. You should get tested idea at all especially if states were treatment. Is miraculously. Successful and easy I just ask your. Beat. Drop to the blood your partnership drop two or your next routine drug check yourself for hepatitis and you know. Check yourself or or HIV travel. Can be very simple habits there they're Satan and simple thing to do. Actually now that we have so much in the past but we couldn't cure many people. Search searching for people. What but frustrating you'd find people could do about it now we do. Doctor Thomas small thank you very much very informative but don't go anywhere we're gonna bring it back on this program we appreciated. For now organized take. Simple label every back obvious this is very very useful information. For absolutely absolutely I'm sure there's a lot of people like you set out there that might have not realize it. And then we're Judy go get checked out. So thank you very much doctor golfer coming out and now we welcome you back again shortly thank you upper listening ever wonder Western New York hero's veterans like radio here on ESPN. 1520 will again speak with doctor Thomas Vollmer returned next time. Do you suffer from the debilitating condition known as peripheral neuropathy are you depending on drugs such as clear cut again repented. Are you experiencing continual pain numbness and tingling. 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With Chris Krieger from Western New York hero's go to WNY heroes. Dot org and also get a couple other website you can go to because today we have especially as we re invited back into the studio because it's a much fun with him. The last time he was here absolutely we got and with us again this morning just be back near ex state police. From my troop pay out of Batavia but you know what before we get started or even just wanna say thank you for your service. -- country you yourself serving in the army first and then switching over to air force correctness or how rare is that the do two different. Military actually it's it's it's its charter but it's a dozen of them Herron about it more and more I know link from our office. Originally joined the navy. She did thirteen years in the navy and and switched over and retired from the air force. It's amazing. That it didn't realize many among one Frenchman that's. Monogamous one policy or military branch I can absolutely. That thank you very much Jeff for coming back and we really appreciate to a lot of things we didn't touch on. Last I mean here that we want to make sure. Yes so the biggest thing you know we are thrown around is what are the qualifications what you need. In order to be panicked state trooper. Well it's early age yet to be at least twenty years old to take the test you do have to be 21 years old to be a poignant. But by the time you take the test and actually get into the process to iron processing you know. When he won that'll work so but yet to be at least one years old to take care task. That keep in mind. He cannot be older than 29 years of age at the filing deadline married so for us this year are deadlines can be September 1 he cannot have turned thirty years old but parts of that is that change if you have a military veteran pitcher odalis Richard does in fact the New York State Police you know we really look out for our military folks and we honor their service and what's prices we actually offer an extension on honored down our age our requirement with the military folks and basically what it boils down to it's a one for one. You're back to duty service and we'll expand that so for example if you have six years of military service active duty service. Well actually extended all the way up to 35 years old for use it to register and take the test. But that is where we will stop site 35 years with a maximum one for 16 years of service. You know for the for the Meltzer folks that are out there but it has to be active duty service now a quick question because. And obviously we know tattoos are huge in the military at how to tattoos play out whether you qualify or disqualify. Okay tattoo we do have a tattoo policy and you can view that at applied www. And why trooper dot com. Basically what it boils down of the tattoo policy is nothing visible in uniform. We changed from a summer in two on summer uniform to a fall winter the only real differences as long sleeved shirt as opposed short sleep. So where you'll see it is mostly for arms you know the neckline is opened up on the summer sure you can have anything visible bought. That being said. Even if you are in violation of our policy. I would highly encourage. Anyone to come and take the test I would highly encourage because what the state police can offer you in benefits and salary in a career. We offer you the opportunity your own expense to have that had to renew removed so that you can get into the process. And while I do sympathize a lot of our veterans that have gone out there and had tattoos may be in remembrance of of some on the last comment. And it's just our policy and you know we we have to that we have to adhere to our standards just like their standards in the military and that's one of ours but you can't have they attempt to remove so my point is to our military veterans come out and take the test even if you're in violation take the test. And if you do well and I call it a common process will then you have an option. You can and attempt to removing your own expense and you can never reward anchor with the New York State Police I'm not saying you don't have to have that tattoo. Just can't have a visible. So on Ollie options state police gave me that it can be the option to Wear long sleeves in the summer no Serwer all you know Armon we we all change to our shirts at the same time and I uniform forcible we air. I'll say have to be a US citizen correct in what is a timeline and that. Correct you do have to be a US citizen and it's got to be all done at the time of application as first US citizen. Those folks that are out of state. You know we encourage folks that are out of states of Europe a veteran of your civilian and here in Houston Indiana law enforcement officer. Can't take our test but you do it you'll have to be in New York they resonate time appointment. That is pressure and and that's just whoever requirements but we encourage folks my state tell me about the down educational background and yet to have to qualify. Can we record sixty credit hours in college from an accredited university or college. That sixty credit hours Indian and a career field doesn't necessarily have to be in criminal justice. And if you look at some of the opportunities within the state police you know that those folks that are just getting into the the college career right now you know. It doesn't have to mean criminal justice if you are you know a lot of folks low on the forensics. But if you're gonna do if you if you mention me in every different to invest here and you might wanna change you don't go on to a science or biology chemistry physics some than they could definitely. He'd be used to you know in your career. So it's first the credit hours at sixty at time appointment so again. If you don't have even one credit hour I still encourage you to come and take this past. You know the we have we offer deferments for us so that folks that are lacking in the college credit you know area. They can take a deferment get their college credits and still be on the list they don't lose their space so if you do really well things and that's why I say come out even if he'd do you know whether your tattoo violation. If your rabies electing a little bit on the college credits come on now absolutely but there are. For our veterans specifically we actually have thirty credit hour waiver which is nice of you have at least two years of active duty service within honorable discharge. You're actually get a thirty credit hour waiver toward your sixty so now Euro at least you know thirty credits away. It's not too bad you can definitely do that there. So any chance in you know the city of buffalo now has waived education to hire on new officers any chance of New York State Police taken and that same. Possibility that same Rolen and hiring for the sake of higher and. Well not every now it's not on the table that I am aware of when our agency. You know it that that's just our policy is that we record sixty college credits. You know I I think we have such a great pool of candidates to begin with. And I just think that sixty college credits and so much I mean. It that we value education that's whenever our core values is continuous learning and improvement. We value education. I think everyone everyone dots and you don't have that it did a college degree make somebody better than. Another someone might have real life experience someone may have join the military in May not have gone metallic. But that military veteran and bring real life experience deal with people. And dealing you know in different situations that somebody sit and accounts classroom has never doubtless. That's why we offer that thirty credit hour waiver toward military veterans because those folks those goals at the polls of people looking for. Obviously. You want people with good moral character that says right there on your. Brochure but let's put that and actions can Munich sample of what would disqualify you as hard as good moral character as cancer. While as the fifth. The stars good moral character. I think it's it's pretty obvious you know we're we're looking for folks that do the right thing. Who you know when it comes the real everyday life a felony conviction is an automatic disqualifying. Factor I'm misdemeanor. Conviction here in New York State misdemeanor violation. I mean they're going to be heavily scrutinized there's no doubt about it we have a thorough background check. Where we have one of our New York State Police and asked is there will there will be your background check in addition we also have a polygraph exam. He'll have an interview with a medical psychologist and all these things come and play there into weaved but as far as that good to moral fiber. That you know were looking for the person that's gonna go out there with with a genuine interest in serving the people and in doing what's right in the community. I've known a lot of mom. Police officers whether state or local police officers are towns cities. Seems like there's always different kinds of ships and when you work days nights weeks things like that how does it work with near actually place. When you sir up as a trooper year we are rotating twelve our schedule. I generally generally shifts or 7 AM to 7 PM or 7 PM disseminate them. But it's a twelve hour schedule if you look at it on a two week rotation. One week he'll actually work five days the next week he'll work to. You're still getting the same on ours you know that it that it had played our guy or would get or burger would get. But the twelve our schedule. It it it really works out. Well but you will rotate. You know at some like any other career for your aware you know he will work weekends and workout is it is unfortunately. You know crime dozens that's right Christmas or Thanksgiving so. You know it. Is it safe to say that and maybe I missed despair but when you're hired on with steeply should always stacked on. Like New York City area. Well you know I did times change in its kinda cyclical and that in that manner I know when I started seventeen years ago I served just north of New York City. In a small little town Allen only York I'd never even heard of it but it was a great learning experience. Today you know it's it's kind of all over the map we're gonna put you where we need to as far as manpower when manpower dictates. But you don't for somebody like myself in the Buffalo, New York area. A big majority of our troopers are actually from Western New York start which is interest in. Most people wanna come back to buffalo I get it their family and friends here. But the interest thing and that I think though one of the greatest aspects of the New York State police's New York State is a beautiful place yeah when they say island New York I mean we really need it we love New York there's so many different places you can go in New York State. And you know you may go somewhere. You may fall in love with the area I mean hey you know if anybody you've been up to the Lake Placid area up you know all up north it's beautiful Saratoga Springs Albany. We actually have a very large contingent on a New York City now. I know myself when I started out an Allen though I'd never been the sitting in at 27 years old like it leave I'd never been the city but lucky for me. As some great fellow troopers and they took me down CP times. And it was great we had an awesome time I made a stop in class and New York which is just north of Syracuse. Finally making it home now and Allegheny County in and wells though and then my last Apple's Niagara Falls and it's it's been a great ride and for anyone that. Would be discouraged about the travel folks. I can honestly tell a you're gonna meets an interest in people you're gonna see some interest in things and again the opportunities that that we offer outweigh that little. To sacrifice. It's it's a fantastic career and it does mean that to be sacrifice can be an open opportunity apps absolutely. There's no doubt about that. We we have to wrap up here though but it just won't let you know there he talked about the I'm education and there is a written test results of physical test and medical exam. They take you to check out obviously physically to be able to be able to do the job. Absolutely we have a if you go to our website again and why trooper dot com you'll see with the standards. That we. Recorder from our candidates of all men and women. You'll see broken open a gender and age group it's in tests of pushups. Sit ups and a mile and a half run you can see all the way I'd say what the sands are for your age group in your gender. But we do have a physical agility in the what. And we didn't touch on the I'm sure everybody's wondering. Starting salary over 53000 dollars that's not too shabby New York State. That's not Touche area in New York State law and if you go to our website again you'll see all the cell Angeles and what's interesting about that a salary in academy. Is once you now don't when Jiri when you get out that can't be number one. The feeling of accomplishment. Is is almost better than Friday. But when you do get out there's a pretty big substantial pomp and I I wouldn't I would recommend everybody get to the website check it out. Yet it it's pretty it's pretty awesome pretty rewarding and I don't know if you can tell us smiley face level they do. There has meant a data it's gone by that. You know why ever. That a mayor Ron decision. The best. The Basque her house. Thank you very much for your service and everything you've done thank you speak to service us out just one or make one other point to is those military veterans that are out there. Folks if you have the view of their veterans points you know it's been deployed to different areas and whatnot. All the rear quarters yet your DD 214 and a cap your order shown that where you were deployed one not. Use those veterans points. They're to your benefit whether it's by ten anything as far as disabilities that you may or may not have you know what it's all case by case basis. Come check it out and why trooper dot com and now looking forward a great turn out for the exam this October. I that is Jeff B that New York teacher Bert thank you very much for coming and Chris we'll talk you again as always look accord I think you very much for doc tuning in today I'm washing your heroes veterans like radio. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to the exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to new local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program pedestal and our FaceBook page or contact us and our web site. Veterans like radio dot com join south of podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.