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Veterans Life Radio
Sunday, June 18th

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen twice a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the home of veterans' life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You computing every Sunday morning at eighty. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now he yourself a pot GO. I want to welcome back to Western New York euros veterans like radio minus Alka pot you're gonna be here with you today. As always we focus on many different issues dealing with our veterans community how we. Our community can help. The veterans community and how we can help them help themselves in the that's a really. Big important part of helping the actions community Chris Krieger is here as well you know how tough difficult that is sometimes Chris because there's so much pride we've talked about but I think we've come a long way your question your heroes and veterans like for help. Absolutely evidence you know what as we've discussed before that in the military when you join the kind of beat in tune that a few. If you ask for help your week here you know and then once the the government of the military's don't feel there's really no boot camp to switch you back into the it's fun loving. Guy that husband that dead that you were before they got their hands on and so it is hard for many of the veterans and nose hurt from myself when I first came home to ask for the help until I realized. A truly needed to help. And for many you know you've northwestern here cure is being here for as long as we've been here now it's we still see it today that. You know it takes usually the spokes or family member or friend to reach out to us and say as a possible can you reach out to so and so I maybe if you reach out to them though. The looks up though. And it's not like this ends late this is on these ongoing will be forever and as you keep growing because it always be more more veterans who need help. Absolutely is as long as we have a country that needs a military. And somebody who needs to defend meant. We are always gonna have veterans who mean that I don't care what anyone says and obviously every veteran is different. I'm not saying they all need to help if any of veterans out there who don't. But for the most part many of us do. We just Ivey missed the last episode we talked and reflected a little bit about. Because we did record the episode on the day of the day what is the same thing here today so just so everybody knows who wanna reflect and say thank you very much of those brave brave souls. Who stormed the beaches at Normandy. Not only for United States that is true all around the world -- it saved. Our freedom really absolutely United States especially. Those guys it's really one in those beaches that they were just amazing. Yes as an unbelievably milieu and I talked a little bit before going on there that I just cannot stand them being around those. I'm most boats and the previous holidays again this year I don't know I was army so I don't know. But it to be out there and and think that you know I wanna be the guy in front to grip and get off and realized that there was that the men in front that. Took it anyway. I was and I'm obviously grip the greatest sacrifice of all. To maintain our freedom here in the country and around the world. Or he will management strongly as well she's here and veterans radio west your heroes veterans like radio with us today we wanna talk western new things are going on. With west here here's veterans like radio including a new location guys what does this all about why we don't. Yes cells those that look your third location that we've been in there and our new address is going to be at 8205. Main street suite number eleven and that is in Williams now. We barely rate behind the office that we. Our injury now we're going to be moving out the backdoor into another back door awesome. An hour where it takes a lot easier you don't call movers right I haven't it would never an assembly line we tell everybody of people. As bodies just standing to grab a box and as aunts and experts and if you need help on the pillows they take a week. Art up. There right now. That we are going to be in this in a news we and we are in 33 suites at the well where and a sweet half rate now. And moving into three suites and it's very exciting girl. That sounds excellent. Is it just need more space because of the company growing. You know I mean you just want to upgrade the big show wire you move. We are climbing over each other in the office and on points especially at Christmas time when the the families are coming in and dropping off gifts or picking up gifts and we'll have more storage space for that. We also are going to be bringing in new offices new new strategies if you will to help honor veterans. In in the community. One of the things that the reason for making the big move to is that we want to bring in a resource. That would only mean they resource and is gonna end. Designate part of that new office two you know new computers where we can bring in veterans and allow them to staggered to a job seeking and there. We're gonna bring in an outside service so that they can help with Reza many ratings Austin teach these men and women today and if for many of them they haven't done a job interview when I here's right so kind of brush up on. Interviewing skills and so on so forth but the big part of the move is likely in statins were climbing over each other and we're staying in the same part we're just taking over the building behind us and all this really. Is a because of north forest north forest properties to George Stanley have been tremendously. Huge huge help. To western your cares and making pictures that. We have top of the line. Offices of some of the this is our third movement and we thank them for their continuous support. So physically you have to make changes and adjust as you move and grow the pressure technologically you also have to make changes and just as you grow the web site. Place where guys combining user accepting on there as well. The website is it's it's time to and a renewed the website again it's outdated. So our IT guy is almost done with that that's going to be launched I believe in the next week or so even the same name. Keeping the same names have addressed WNY heroes that or certainly knows WNY here is that address. There's going to be the only thing that changes 8205. Main street suite 12 and three. But the the website and everything will stay the same just a home and make over. You'll find on there everybody. All the different events coming up. You'll have links to this program. Things that we're doing here with Western New York euros and veterans' life radio so make sure you don't check that out that is WNY heroes. Dot org Aaland. Lots of things and about sponsorships I'll be able to gain involved how about. They're leaving got to give people just a thumbnail sketch maybe there's some people listening for the first time they're just learning about washing your cures they say. A guy on a business or know someone who doesn't want to be a part of this what do they do. I absolutely. We have rain on our website at PayPal. Donation button that you can click on very easily some people are a little bit hesitant to go that route and with like she would prefer to mail and attack. To us or we even have just yesterday somebody stopped innocent and they make a donation. So there's many different ways you can definitely get a hold of us through. Through mail email or calling or just tapping in we're very welcoming to everybody. That's her personal or business anybody just constantly and that's but don't have Libyan business none out and to make a donation and how about we wanna make sure people know absolutely individuals can do that. This time we tell everybody all the time you know what we get some publicity and I'd like to make a donation but they clearly can't make that amount. It's not about the amount that's about the continuous support. And creating the awareness out in the community of this is who we are in this is what we offer. Whether it's a five dollar donation or it's a 50000 dollar donation. We don't try to. Minimize any type of donation we accept them on just disgraceful. We are talking with Chris Krieger who in my destroyed the Western New York euros and they are part of veterans like radio as always there's a really. Big event coming up. You've been a part of this you've alluded to this chorus it is a film. They knew that his iron will and now you're telling me this is in the final stages of being ready to go and launch. Yeah it's Len and I got brought to Minneapolis. Last October for the opening premiere the film festival. You know like you are nice. We're discussing that to actually be in the movie and and be part of it and then watching yourself up and I movie screen is completely different. But yet it's you know talking with the executive producers they are bringing it to buffalo. In August and the whole point to bring in it here is they want and triumph put on. The biggest fund raiser they could. And the proceeds from this are gonna go to hope. A basket more service stocks to pair up with veterans well that's causes yet it's. It's great if you get a chance to review it it's called iron will movies dot com is the the link. It is that's out you know they're now watch trailer load of the trailers up for a movie that dot com and when we got a connection that that's today that's. It's powerful emotional right and he's yet only lit up the air mainly eat in the first few minutes and you were. You were pretty emotional. Within the first few minutes I could now my composure is very heart wrenching and it is very real. The the people. Within the movie destroy you rate and and you feel what they're feeling as they're speaking to is that a movie. A documentary is it like how how do you like characterize this I'm probably gonna have to characterize it is as a document they're okay. And the title of it is a veterans battle with PT EST can. So the director. Himself Sergio is also a record veteran. He was the big power in the the push behind it and and the executive producers Robin Judy. We're actually gonna bring them in Austin and the twentieth here and too little than with them on on the screen so. Yeah. Experience last week I was in a movie about a young basketball star here in buffalo that is documentary on Richie Campbell who is. Great that he was convicted of manslaughter to prison for a long time and Italy has movie. I haven't studio interview on they had cameras here. They showed on the big screen what we're doing here it's kind of like Kevin this as the movie rip your right you see up there you're like. Got in at the right I mean I guess my whole life but to be and something like that it's crazy what's like to see you. Especially in an emotional vulnerable state like you are in the movie Hampshire. You know it is making. Making this was very emotional for all of us it was a lot a lot of times where we have to take a break. And walk away from it. Detection and then see it in the movie theater and see even everyone else around you getting emotional breaking down from that. Every veteran that appears in this film. Obviously as you know men of gold. We all had different views. Of what. Our experience in war was. I would never. I would never say the mine was more powerful than the next wars war and I don't care how big name band. You think there war's gonna break it down and take you from a man to a little boy. And we think that this is going to be great eagle and obviously for people who actually watch what is it. They won't release release it to the public yet because I know there's. Some fighting back and forth over who's gonna take this okay which is good I am absolutely you know but. It has won some film festivals are and I know there's a big nomination for coming up in LA. But they have agreed to bring it here if you buffalo in August and again the whole point is to train raise funds. So that we can continue to pair up service dogs with local commitments. We will definitely keep everybody updated on that I know one place you can go and find information on that as gets closer. Debbie and my heroes. Dot org new website can be launching soon as well when Chris thanks a lot as always thank you so I'd enjoy your summer enjoy early listening throughout the week here any SP at 1520 will be back on Sunday of next week with what's your heroes veterans like radio. Do you suffer for. The debilitating condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Are you depending on drugs such as clear cut her get a patent. Are you experiencing continual pain numbness and tingling. Have you waited so long that it's affecting your balance the stop what you're doing and listen hello. I'm doctor Anthony Bianchi. One issue that has long infuriated me is that many neuropathy sufferers are unaware of the potential dangerous side effects of their prescribed drugs yeah. 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You'll find a wide range of local articles and features of interest to seniors such as current defense health. Travel senior living room dining and a full calendar happenings around town contests and giveaways and much more. They'll provide the best in their newspaper and online at after fifty You can find after fiftieth I'll wait weeks tops dashes feel right. And all Rite Aid locations Walgreens restaurants coffee shops medical offices banks senior centers and hundreds of retail locations pick up your copy today. After fifty will never shy away from their position. They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud outlets. I going to morning welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans late radio I'm so out of touch you in this is ESPN fifteen point. Every Sunday morning we appreciate you joining us we talk about a lot of issues doing our veterans community. Life after the military legal financial advice navigating the BA always a very. Important topic Chris Krieger here as always from Western New York here is go online to be and why heroes dot org deposit for heroes program as one of the big programs that. He's involved with that does really. Really taking shape here in Western New York it's awesome to that kind of continued talk about this. Especially having our our friend there who's come in this this morning that he's really back and talk a bit more about. This particular programs epics like Chris appreciate it. Yet as always selling you know we can't say thank you enough to. The radio station for having us and obviously the first and foremost as the community because I know I unity. I'm looking around like a dare she with a dog Lindsay here with errors you're here with yours officers don't care. All shapes and sizes and breeds death just kind of cool to. It is and you know what the funny part about it is everyone hears today about discrimination. While. Under the federal by the 88. They also have a part of discrimination message you cannot discriminate against size or read service animal. So for the longest time when we launch the program people all the time they were saying while. You know your dog is a pimple that's not a serviced out service dogs are German shepherds Golden Retriever eclipse. That's 'cause what people were used to back. Now it's. You know again you can't discriminate against size or breathe and just treat the training is is Katrina you absolutely yet but you know what it's going. It's going so crazy now that it's like where do we draw the line we're seeing people on the community with pigs and goats speed is and parents that say you know listen my service. Murdered my service of goat there's no such thing the federal law states that service animals are only dogs and believe it or not. Miniature horses. And we just saw last week and a woman putting a miniature horse that was her service. Horse in the back of her vehicle I never thought. That would oversee it. That's unbelievable. It in again it goes to the harder we talked last time we hear the education it the more people know about this the more education more we can educate the entire community. The better off we're going to be in these dogs can be treated properly and do their work properly. The goal here. That that is always first and foremost the goal that is you know people in the community have to remember that when they see a service animal while there. This isn't again like I said last. This is New York. This dog is here to do a job. Let them concentrate and do damage to us about our guests here today or reintroduce Derek who came along yet and again we have Derek Fogarty from who's in our positive for heroes program. Also an employee at north town to Lyoto and again like I said last time. North Tom being one of our sponsors and because of that week we can't say thank you enough but. Derek again you know I know we touched on. You being in the program and how it has helped ju cents returning back from overseas can you tell us little bit more about that in and the difference is you've noticed even in yourself. That's sort of been on the program since about January blues when I started and the training and personal little tough just the city state and you worked through put the stuff that helps is the progression do you see training the dogs. Training yourself honestly and the relationship excel saying that. You know. You create with the dogs. In his hope that Tom when he first come back you know you're kind of and while I'll Bannister is oh and wanna just in May or may not have happened but. You go on public and get that first kinda. Where am I am what's going on here and it's sometimes it's tough just be by herself and Kevin. Who's with me and evidence or restore with mean no one that. If I'm wrong look it up her shoes at ease in behind me watch another way. If you know around a little fancier. Some wrong he jumps on it looks mean out his knees so it's. It's all just going public in general go from all the movies just simple start that you know well suited for in a tree in the dug yourself or do you guys send the dog somewhere to be tree program featuring him fully go to a trainer when I go with mentoring them got you okay tobacco chris' saying that. Not to steal your thunder fans honored by all means this is you appoint a service dog isn't edges. Pop online press certificate and take your dog I wegmans it's it's not the point so the point is that. The dog is there for you it is usually it's there for the daughters are there for you hope it's not. You know too easily current daughter thought Carter Arctic and went Manson's. It's good to train dogs to learn more about yourself so that's gonna help you with the dog and vice Versa. Assists don't understand you just online for off certificate and simmer dogs. A lot of these dogs are going to be with. Families that have kids younger crowds and things like that so. In the dogs have to learn to navigate that as well regrets yet absolutely there's a lot before we bring a dog into the program there's a lot that we look at the dog would look at the demeanor we look at the temperament. You know will Tug on its paws and its tail on its ears and you know stick your fingers in its mouth and see how it's gonna react if it's ever stepped on the less than we want is to have the service animal specially one of ours and our program. To re act to something and do something normally. Or do something normal which would be to bite someone writes as an innocent reaction to the dog necessarily mean that no it was a reaction. But that's still gonna come back to bite us no doubt not intended. And that's something that we can we can't. Derek tussle about yourself you you obviously thank you for your service first of all if you could done. Kenneth Olsen about your service you know growing up here and getting into the military and then kind of your your service through there and I got to this point. I've had been in buffalo my whole life I'm group on the covers a source to implement. Kind of won out of the way and turned when he one's kind of player of the party in and turn around and told my mom any members to forget she put two and two together and and during the marine so actually signed up what you think about that she trend in the normal month Shapiro pat about it but. The big thing was that. There was just making that change nearly signed up active duty that I found out the reserve unit in buffalo which there is one I don't think a lot of people know that there's a wrinkle in buffalo. Fun out there and appoint Afghanistan's sort of switched. Signed up then pretty much the first hooters girls gone and so. Those in Afghanistan from 20102011. Men most homes and so. Soaps and reserves a whole time. The the one appointment but. Compared to those elements. Came back in 2011 you've been here and you got back in the car business yet I closed door and so right. And obviously everything's been been been. A pretty well Korea in that regard me obviously the service stock elves and things like epic. Apple meaning back to the community. We hear a lot of stories of why this program exists for the listeners yours how people actually bound by. You act actually been able to do that you've obviously seen that where you've we need hope that. Exactly and again if if there's any vets out there if you do. Think you have you know PT SD anxiety whatever it is just. Let it go and involved in the program get a dogged trained it will help you on their tires more benign with Eric's. I'm gonna actually piggyback off of that. We need people understand that having a service dog is not to cheer it's not the and LPL either so we don't want. Veterans coming into the program or people in the community thinking that of veterans and our program wheat cured them that is not at all true this is yet to look at this as part of the treatment. And obviously. Costs are incurred to do things like this so yes we needed. Make sure people the community knows that you know show you gotta have some help on this as well Kress yes absolutely calm. Without the community getting behind us and supporting us we've we can't to assume that there's so many businesses in the community that wanna get involved break in bags down main street mowing so. Great great restaurant. They love to see the dogs commend there. They're great supporter. Howling rooster in town Wanda another restaurant. And the reason why we mention those restaurants is because there's so many restaurants out there buyers and things like that that one night Europe time that you can't come in here because a New York State law. With a federal law supersedes any New York State and local municipality law. But those two restaurants have always above and beyond and really go out of their way to and not just accommodate you but to accommodate. The dog as well and obviously findings of a part of it you want people help out with the funding is absolutely yes item again were constantly fundraising get out there. Without the fund raising efforts. None of our programs would actually succeed because we don't get any government subsidy of any sort we have to depend on the community. You know large corporations small business individuals. It's we left to see everybody get involved in. I think primarily everyone gets involved because they love to see that a 100% everything we do. Stays in her in her own backyard here now an opinion that leads western here thirty. And why heroes. Dot org what's really wanna emphasize of people on pay attention to these stories are out there and other than a couple by the fake service dogs things like that it should kind of educate people about all of this and what's happening. Yes it's again you know we're trying to push that it should be criminal. Composure dog as a service animal when it's not meant and one of the reasons why should be criminals because for a lot of the municipalities if you have a serviced on you no longer have to pay. For that dog license now. Don't misunderstand you still have to have a dog license for years service animal they just don't charge. So to oppose it as a service animal once not Spaniard really the way I look manager stealing them from the town in the village of the city should be criminal which anything else. No doubt and one more question for Derek freely -- excited about Sean McDermott has the new bills head coach of course all right all right so Derek some board a Islamic terror or onboard the positive for euros at west Yorkshire is that or. Thank you very much for coming up right thanks a lot Chris appreciate it and obviously this summer's coming up be a lot of things going we want deeply involved as much again. Absolutely we're always getting involved especially with the weather changing and we have our first golf tournament but the US co scared us this Friday. Always looking forward to the golf tournaments even though I can't swing a club to save my life that's okay just do it for the fun. That's our did nothing wrong with that lots of people who think they can't really caps don't currently talk every next time NE SPF fifteen Tony's west York hero's veterans like radio. I'm done again. My prayers I extend my another. 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And Sarah as the VP and associate broker with a company now they have a terrific program there are part of buffalo advantage in the buffalo advantage dot com it really helps out our veterans. And they're to explain a little bit more about that process because we've heard some really good feedback about the program but lobbies of a lot of questions about it so. We'll have them here studio today again and we'll chat with them for another of did ten minutes or soda can get more in detail and depth. About this particular programs thank you again for coming in and now welcome back to the pro ranks them all three of you so on. I'll start with you is about being got to give us one more time me an overview of exactly what's buffalo advantage is and how it helps our veterans community. Well broke a tie relocation policy is as a full service real estate firm facto weave fabric going to be some celebrating our 25 anniversary. And I've been able to real estate for over thirty years and with all the experience that we have. We've developed imperious programs that fit period situations. And wonder then that he won in the last several years it's been not helping military families and and veterans with there. Home sales are home purchase and at anything else everything becomes more more complex and we know that the actions. Have. There be a housing programs. And a lot of benefits that may be hot. As aware of and we can recommend. Various local. Borg each and bank representatives that will sit down and actually do their evaluation and to and and give them the details of what's really within that mortgage program. Op oftentimes there's a 100%. Financing for purchase of first home and that's with no down payment. Which isn't really important because some veterans may not have that extra cash to be able to put down. But once the move into their home they'll have their their their funds to be able to do things to the house. Now what we offer is whether you're buying or selling is we offer a portion of our commission that we put back into. The towards the to assist with these veterans or military families with their with their practice and it's that with a buy home we act closing looking of them welcome home check which is the press tent camp percent of our actual earned income. And commission and you know it's nice to be able haven't next a little bit of money for curtains are birdies terror or anything else that you meet for the home. And that really makes us feel good that we're we're putting something we're helping them. And we're eager to assistant manager selling home it sustained it's a 10% rebate on the commission that they would be paying. All of our agents who are you know there are mystified by commissions there. Fully. Endorse with this program they'd like they love the fact that they can get back to this particular community. And there are a lot of things it. The veteran needs to noted kind of due to be prepared for all this I Sara what would you recommend the at least you know have have done at least before they come CU. Should they kind of have any documentation in anything like that that they had a have to be prepped for before they come see before they give you call or anything like that. Now come and talk to us or let telephone conversation. You can call us at 7166333226. Or you can log onto our website ROB real estate dot com. There is a section there at that is called. The offload managed. And you fill out a form basic information. And to them we will reach back TO and set a time for us to use speak to each other. And then we can go through the process. How does a portal actually work in Windsor it's really simple all they have to do name phone number email just your basic contact information. And two we will reach out and start the conversation. There's probably ideal driver onto who say OK I'm not a detriment of the in the number Ruth who had a friend who is. They're need to know this information too because as we've talked about as I've seen many times and here. The nature of a veteran is not to ask for help and all that's so true you know social and educate and connect tub how important it is for the families to be involved in this process as well. Well you know again. A wee wee breeze just all the military family and if they have a say fifteen year who who was a veteran and one of those those wars. And if someone posting to this and they know that their parents are indeed. Adjusting to a different lifestyle and that activists called public stand against it and they are veteran isn't what we want to do is help them to move on my father was Canadian veteran. And my parents are both deceased and I was amazed at the opportunities that were there for the veterans that they reaching. And how they. And simplify your life and it till we looked into it in Canada we didn't know really what was the field people have to investigate we can. Pointing in the right direction here in Western New York. Once again the iPhone coming columnists and went 663332. 26 and you can get in touch with the program online buffalo advantage. Dot com I at LA turn a Mike for this question about how important is. You were involved in team sports and this isn't you know this is a team as well as you got your team here of course. But the team that's gonna take to put all this together that's got to be a pretty good undertaking a program like this the VA's got to get involved the buyer the seller the veteran that's had a pretty important for everybody. Willie it is important and it's very difficult to Detroit duke by yourself but so I'm. This it goes pretty slack and really amazed how quickly it's only is Sarah in this bill that we'll have a dome patent. Doesn't take nearly as long and it's very very helpful in the freezer mind up also on their fears and everything else that they have to deal with it and them make a pretty easy and very comfortable. Atmosphere in the offices Sicily sitting in your living room and commitment chat talk and there's no pressure. And I will go at your speed to doesn't have to be. Sales and have to be tomorrow next week concerned thinking about it now maybe sitting next year I think we're gonna do it. And analysts are prepaid pre planning right now. In the as a guidance I know she's gonna say that you know we have a wonderful. Team of agents in in my office and the we have a few that are actual veterans themselves and this is so dear to their heart. They almost come to tears when they think of various situations and the this is something that they eat they gravitate to very very easily. They want to help wanna get back. Talk about the demographics of the match and you've helped because it is now we live in a time where younger veterans older veterans everybody can across the spectrum men women. People in a single people the only people it's it's gotta be different you know it's not like. You just helping people who obviously came out of a foreign war we have had no wars like that we had a lot of domestic things a lot of people that went into the military in the eighties when I was graduating. To wasn't. There was a whole tiger there whether we're world wars going on people when and at the military for college and things like that's the demographics have to be kind of a wide range for. Well there you work with a young family does it very recently was settling in he was working out of the thankful airbase near. So he came and I received a phone call it was referral from a friend if it's actually my neighbor who also works for the air base and he called me he had to moving here from Arkansas. Head to a five year old daughter single individual. And needed some help he didn't know the area he was just. People on the base would recommend different areas around town and where he should live. And CU hasn't and and ease his concerns especially about his daughter. And where she went to go to school. And we provide them school information the the different web sites ago they can our school systems are phenomenal. And then on top of it who he should speak to. About notes financing how our tax structures are here. What he can have for tax breaks also when is he is with is income. So there are a lot of benefits to be me a homeowner. Which ate even for the general public. Two to have those. Tax breaks are huge and especially in New York State. We do have those property taxes but the investment really outweighs. Any type fierce. And I know I think it's important about anyway buffalo advantage dot com once again buffalo there's a comes the veterans advantage program military relocation rules that we wrap up with you know. We talk about the veterans program but you've been arrested a long time but I just the that you help anybody Jewish just everybody I might make sure that your people know to. That this is a program as part of your company or that you are there to help anybody who's out there who want to buyers don't own home. Well that's corrected actually even though we're centrally located on main street Williams bill. Our reach is quite broad our agents are varied very knowledgeable about all the areas we I can think we can handle. It worked within from Lake Ontario all the way down to Angola. And we of agents to live and all of these particular areas they all worked together. Sharing information Tara and as far as we don't leave your children went to the school I would want to talk to Mike my client about that particular school system. We don't do work as a team it's is that is a beautiful island. Atmosphere that we have within our office and we just like reaching out helping people it is is Sarah Spencer before. It's fun finding the right home for somebody we also know what they're selling home that. That's another difficult situations a lot of emotions evolved. And we understand it. One more time phone number 7166333226. The physical address 5684. Main street and we as well of course online. Buffalo advantage. Dot com where the work in the yard reach Israel which I relocation real state of its independent of the of its program he has have a website as well just for the for the actual realistic company. Yesterday general website and that breaks down to us that's what it is that addressed. The website. We hear your general RO CK real estate dot com Terry or are we realistic that counts and actually go there. And you'll find everything else you need as far as this program anything else that they do. As well thank you very much once again for coming in here we'll tell you we'll talk your way next time on ESPN 5020s veterans like radio. Do you suffer from her for. Neuropathy in your hands or feet. One drug after the other continual numbness and tingling burning and balance problems and decreased quality of life. And you understand the plot of the system you're locked into. Hello I'm doctor Anthony Bianchi one issue that has long frustrated me is that many neuropathy sufferers. 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You'll find a wide range of local articles and features of interest to seniors such a scoring defense. Health travel senior living room dining and a full calendar happenings around town contests and giveaways and much more. They'll provide the best in their newspaper and online at after fifty You can find after fiftieth I'll wait minutes tops dashes feel right. And all Rite Aid locations Walgreens restaurants coffee shops medical offices banks senior centers and hundreds of retail locations pick up your copy today. After fifty will never shy away from their position. They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud of us. However one welcome back to veterans like radio ESPN fifteen twice out of touch you here. Talking again with a couple of very special guests here from the VA Western New York health care system Jill lime and Tia. She is the women's veterans program manager in Julie Scott for an attorney care coordinator she's an attorney care coordinator she's also army veteran we'll talk with her about that but. They're explains of the women's veterans health care benefits available to so many are veterans out there. In Western New York who might not even be aware they have these benefits available to them of course we cover that all the time here and ESP entity twenties veterans late radio again you like to listen any previous segment if you like to hear. These particularly is what they've spoken about previously initiating go to our website veterans like radio dot com you can listen I demand there you can also go to our FaceBook page. Give us a like there and you can navigate your way to finding a lot more information about what we do and once again ladies welcome back lot of great information last time and thank you very much coming back and think Q. Right I wanna start this time we Juli because you are an army veteran and I think it's really important that people know that. Not only are you here for this a service to help them so much. As the maternity care coordinator but you know you're you're one of them and the one of them the female veterans who can make it kind of gives you back on in the military. As I commissions out of college inside join as a second lieutenant. And I am did Matt as a nurse arms on an hour and so I did four years active duty two years at Walter Reed to lean on to cervical nursing and then my passion is labor and delivery and pregnancies so. I who was trained by the army to do that and then worked in Louisiana for pole. I'm for two years on the came back into two and a half in the reserves what the same time was tired at the VA and started working there so. I really look back with finest my time I you know I learned a lot of things and I'm really appreciative to. What army gave back to me and I love that I can give back to veterans every day it's a it's a great connection I really enjoy that. These are you came back where you from originally I'm from here from grandma Grand Island and where you from jail from Snyder I silly total local people here who are helping our our local veterans as well which is obviously a a great thing. I'm just gonna tell slid more he explains some of the maternity benefits last time but kinda get more more in depth of the if you will Julian tells little more about that. So as my job as an attorney care coordinator. It's my job really to be your liaison to the community so we do not per provide prenatal care with in our wall that the DA believed financially provide consumer choice program. So I'm sort of that that go between that liaison. And it worked very closely with all of our pregnant women to make sure that they're receiving safe care that the medications have been addressed. You know especially the mental health medications. That work with the firm says we work with and psychiatry and behavioral health providers who work with primary care. I'm and then I helped kind of bridge that gap with OB provider getting them set up for their appointments in the community. We'd Leslie said before we do cover financially. Prenatal. I don't care delivery and seven days of the newborn but we have a lot of other packages as well on that I'd like to mention. Anyone who's breastfeeding we have elect teaching package that includes a metallic double after press time three nursing bras as a part about re Islam or simply had flannel and that's a total 400 dollars or more. Value that you get for just for being a veteran. I've you know I've used this package as well that's great so. I'm also a lactation counselor so you get in nonconference I mean whether in person over the phone through your pregnancy after you've delivered. We also cover educational classes if you wanna take a specific childbirth class. Breastfeeding classes which I provided the VA if he can make the VA we pay for you to go on the community. I'm like did you support as I mentioned nutritional counseling and so we offer all of those things. The pharmacist. As well as doing the Metairie hue and providing. I'm guidance to the primary care provider we also can provide to the pharmacy press smoke storage bags that's a huge cost savings on prenatal vitamins. So we have a lot of additional services. And at the we've. I'm partner with community organizations like poison control center Eric context for BB. Went. Perry need to Peri Natal bereavement network if there's a pregnancy loss. I aid to education and car seat safety. Safe sleep. You know it just goes on and on so these are all services I provide. I create a very nice time with a pregnant women and then I continue to follow them for his life as a breastfeeding. Many many whenever women breastfeed successfully and breast feed a two to three years of age on so that they want to. I'm and we deathly support that. After they deliver we've received so many donations impunity community partnerships. Lots of baby things diapers clothes we comically that program so Oliver women receive this nice care package. And after they deliver with all his wonderful things. Obviously I'm more time you can get time we got to get in touch with you and what to do in Portugal from their because a lot of you are listening is saying oh my goodness I never knew all this is available to me how to go about doing that. So if you I think here pregnant I think you might become apparent in the future are just not more information please call me at this 7168628567. The call center you can reach them between Ian for thirty some and always answers the phone. And just asked to speak with me actually got. And it's interesting as we're talking off the air a little you know those commercials they're not only. A member also quietly you're Europe he didn't realize you had benefits I was told it to you actually did this. Right so I started at the VA six years ago and I had no idea that I can get on benefits for free so I am also a patient and that's it I'm gonna let it work that's that's amazing thank you very much for sharing that. Jill allotment Tia she's here as well from the women's veterans program she's a women's veterans program manager I should say of the VA Western New York. Health care system this is by the way veterans like radio ESP and 1520 cell departure here thank you very much for joining us and lots of really really fantastic information. And I don't Jill has a lot more she can expand on animal idea that now because we just touch on some things briefly but gonna give us a little bit more an overview about some of the other things that are available to these okay. Don't you may never released a week serve almost 4000 women marrying. We've got 40000 men in about 4000 women so our building is by 10% women that number's gonna grow until at least 2000 details 35. So we get new women every day that is our passion and that's her specialty. On behalf of our women to the mental health diagnosis so it's a little different than the private sector. And about 30% of our women to document military sexual trauma from the military but we have wonderful treatment I've had women and a seat tell me. From. Korea and Vietnam you know heiress that they never told anybody else in they've lived with this for their whole lives. Now they're getting treatment and their lives serve him in a much better. So we had a beautiful women's center at the Buffalo Bills Dane Richards and realize we have a whole waiting for women. And it's beautiful we have all women's providers so when the females come for their primary care visit. UC FEMA provider who seasoned hunter percent female seed never did that and private sector. There's also kind of colleges couple days a week if you needed there and we have three game tomography. Bone density ultrasound most things in the building that you would need. If there is something that we do not have in the building we send you out in VA VA pays for so it's it's in a two great great benefit. We to hamper we call a pact teen missed which is the patient. Medical home so every provider has a teen and Aaron an Al pennant clerks sewing you are different than when my dad was there 1015 years ago. When you call you talked to the other people to you know and everybody knows join that team so it's it's much more of an intimate relationship for our veterans. You may not know what do we have a beautiful kids coroner. The first one in the country only one of three it's a drop off for any of our veterans. Whether Richard crane kids who you babysit somebody could drop your kids. For 234 hours it's an indoor I never thought I might veterans pediatric and Everest not like Julie that we would be she'd be an attorney current Maynard and I would. Oversee all these you know young women with young kids over the building I just couldn't believe it but on things have changed so much so that is really nice benefit. You know they can have approved a break without the kids we also have a homeless program which you may have seen about and the newest. Right now there's a 55 of our females who are in that kind of advice homeless program. It station actually mean in Bryant. We've about 95 kids in the program so people committed to not realize there's actually a total of 300 but 55 of them. Are women but that's more than 10%. In the program. So that's really are not. You know very fragile population. We also have one of the few in the country. What we call PT a steep post traumatic stress program for women in Batavia the building is brand no. And it holds nine twelve women in twelve gorgeous rooms. And that's long term treatment for post traumatic stress but rate here in Western Europe we've pinnacle longer all over the country for that. So a lot of people don't really is also our sights we talked about from here indicating and other we'd only in their outpatient clinics. Each one has women's health provider. So that they sealed the women in that area pissed we still only have 10% women excellent write little less than private sector. But there's a women's health provider who specializes and that provider does all your yearly. Tapping your breast exam which is nice so relieved somebody any outside wanted to keep their pro primary care provider. It to come to VA Hewitt actually get to Giuliani and with the scene visited so he still would only need to face its year. To providers has had a nice for the females. Because that you would need extra point. And I'm William Odom editors left but when I just. Ask about technology in that the role that's playing and how people can really kind of tapped into some of the resources available and okay. Well we've had any electronic medical record that is tapped still. 20/20 years old. It's cause he parents and we also have my health keep that in that's our portal for all of our veterans to get into their record. And it's great they can we get instant messages every day from the portal. You can make your appointment or your mad it's. It's just great in other veterans I visit now my women up in the floors today this morning for came and they can go right on line and she was gonna and so we're really is nice for education and communication. And they're not calm us on the phone you know it's just such a quick way to communicate. Well I'll tell you why as you sitting here he said there were a few times I can tell your passion and equitable deal he's a passionate you are about what you do and how much it means you it really comes from the heart what you're doing. And I'm I'm sure that you. You get a lot of great choice see these when hell helped a lot because the news obviously it's our mission yet and an and we can tell that for sure one more time phone numbers let's give those out obviously do you wanna call the veterans service contact center. 888. 8239656. You gave your personal number of for an alleged that again please call me at beef you're male or fee amount of watch your right to what you need to do. 8620. 88. 91 and as far as Jewish concerning Merck attorney care coordinator a number for the pregnant women even call me at 8628567. And just thought the nine need to speak with the maternity care coordinator and of course you can go to buffalo dot VA dot gov. For the veterans west's New York health care system. And also you go to veterans life radio dot com if you missed any information today. Thank you very much ladies once again happy holidays and thanks for coming in again I'm south of Roger we'll talk to you next time on veterans' life radio. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to be exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to new local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program. Pedestal and our FaceBook page or contact us and our web site. Veterans like radio dot com join south of podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.