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Sunday, June 11th

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen points a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the homeless veterans life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You computing every Sunday morning at ADM. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now yourself a pot GO. I've won a welcome back to veterans like radio here on ESPN. 1529 and sell pot you as always here I'm veterans like radio we talk health and wellness. Business and career opportunities legal and financial place navigating the VA. All of that with our Western New York hero's partner. From Western New York hero's incorporated his name is Chris Krieger he's here today as well and we're talk a little bit about some the things that are going on. Not only some of the upcoming events as well woodland managed rally will be here in a in a second but when I get with Chris about the reflection of this week and what it means because. We are recording this today indeed even though I know that where people are hearing the senate Chris a little late but obviously your position. On. I mean obviously means much much more for those who actually were there. We all know that the veterans who were there. Many of them have pastime is is they get older but that I myself you know what I'll I'll met I didn't realize there were so many beaches have writer. Did your sorry about Omaha restaurant yeah Gold Beach and a means to I was reading arm operation bodyguard people get a chance to. Look at this looking up operation bodyguard was basically. The it was a big military deflection and they wanted people to the one of the Germans think they were doing something else right now they're really gonna storm those beaches and a in France and and that's what they did in Bakke think about the technology there was not canned technology today so he had to kind of be deceptive and money get many different ways but obviously Alex did thank goodness for the way they were able that planned out. Yeah and then in Germany and I believe only had like 50000 plus soldiers compared to the 156000. That was against them so easy. In so many people lost their lives and we're talking a forty. 443 years ago now by the this happening to 44 by anything I've seen a lot of movies nothing you know if you experience with this nothing can ever truly depict what it's like there's no doubt salute only I can savings credit round that's I think that is that to mean that is the most unbelievable. Gut wrenching realize type of experience but even that I can't imagine what that would be like being in one of those boats as and to these units yet I. You know but even watching Tim Crowder and I can feel my own blood pressure and pulse rise. I can't even begin to fathom I mean the minute those gates came down. Guys were getting killed. That's right in the water running that but you haven't seen it check out if you wanna see I what I think is really maybe the best depiction of what it was like maybe. I'm those beaches in France we want to thank all of our actions were all of their service. Here on this week of without. Doing what they did and showing the bravery they showed Crist in France in 1944 and to be very different in this world today absolutely absolutely yeah we can all be speaking German that's right no doubt about my wife does on its okay let Israel amnesty to just on my son so we want to do that but. Awful time here United States I I I enjoy the over the course of commercial lot different languages share absolutely I'm with Jim all right so let's now yet limit strongly easier as well. And Ashton tells let's of the upcoming events. Here with Western New York heroes and veterans like radio which we wanna obviously the apartment sponsor and I know some have already happened so. Welcome back how was your Memorial Day weekend. Is excellent too at. The lottery. On. Its its weight and well thank you it's it's it's I'm glad you're here. Tell us about what just happened yours at a meat raffle was all about was public enemy wrap eight I'm sorry let's in New York ATM of the moment. At that price I don't post one. And I had government's use all the hours though being diapers and I'd like to expect. Lot of guidance from my table and tell me and for my money in the hair and pulled down. It was rate everybody was having good time and winning and even though that there is having fun. That we had we had definitely good turnout and really if you walk home with a whole bunch of meat. I absolutely did and I eat nothing but tick and promote and I want all pork I want a fourth line guy ribs which mice on it's going to be ecstatic about and act or those on the ground. And pork roast I was all parties allied in Egypt and it toward the end I was able to do grab bag and I grabbed the bag chicken beautiful girl at my table one and it's so bad though. I could take it home with me had to get over future. I can imagine when are we down. We go down to the job growing market a lot to get Amy and even then the people it's just that the meat that you come up with an and you get psyched him at some point that people are probably. Trampling over each other to get some of that me. We had a vegetarian rate energy dollar and she's our money up in the air and she she's not a big more than I did. And you know no doubt about and I believe it was at the brunch at a post in Taiwan a hip and was at west or ATM what Chris this. Answer yes it was Western New York ATM who decided you know what they called us up and said we really like what you do and we love seeing what it is that you're doing and we wanna get behind in support just so they put together this meat raffle that was just unbelievable. Right now I got a few things coming up I'll try and work our way back because there's a really big one coming at November we wanna start people. Knowing about now that is on November 10 that is your red white and blue gala what is that all about. Yes so we're having it this year at the casino in. Now are false Niagara Falls thank you were having an advocate for now I just completely went blank for a second there. And it is a very very formal. And dinner here. It is it's very ceremonial and actually the word I was looking Maher apologized. And it there's no words to describe how beautiful they turn casino into we've added and other venues in the past and this past year. We we are numbers almost doubled to two having a bigger and you and having it's set up at the casino this year. And what. So what does the red wing gala do like who you'd just as for every veteran honoring veterans like what is this all of well. We have veterans coming in we have sponsors that come in we also have. So it sure is George is washing our heroes basically shore event at your event planner. They clearly know who you are what you're doing what you're doing for. Yes so this'll be the eighth here running the gala last year we decided to move it to the casino because. The past venues were just becoming too small for the maori people wanting to look and so we did move it to the casino it was the best choice we've made. So that's why we're gonna continue to hold it there. But it is it's it's for anybody who wants to come you don't have to be a veteran to attend this. It's for the individual it's for the small business large corporation. You know you can buy a single individual tickets or you can sponsor table and you know of course the sponsorships movement up from the. As many people who know listen to me on the sports side of things and the PGR you don't twist my arm to go to casino Christina has come on here anyway so he breaks that go behind that it's right on entity that a for me guys having out fishing excursions coming up on June. Thirtieth went on Hillary about that. Yes so we partnered with innovative outdoors. I have known Diane Steele who is. One of the owners of innovative outdoors and she has been fantastic in reaching out terror organization after seeing. Our social mania to include my own personal page flooded with westerners here residents. And she thought to be agreed idea to come along and come onboard with us and partner with having their boat captains. Volunteered their time. And bring in veterans. All all parents do we have veterans from most recent. Still serving time frame 20 we have I think about six veterans from Vietnam. War hero coming along what path. We have 32 veterans and our dependence coming along this ride with us. And they are all US Coast Guard certified boat captains that will be right. In working with. It's really cool so obviously all of this is available at WNY heroes out of work people can find out more about these are from these events and what people need to do to be a part of these events. There's a golf tournament coming up as well Cheektowaga chamber is up witness together helping out with this as well all right. Not that he Cheektowaga chamber of commerce golf tournament a 32 Clark subsite it would it took place on sat down it's only about that yeah it's their second year doing it to raise funds where's. Obviously we can't say thank you enough again like we've always said in the past its community that gets behind us it's a community that drives us. Without community we wouldn't be able to help the amount and we that we continue to hope so for that we just wanna say thank you. That's Chris Krieger we have the magistrate later as well ultimately about cellphone repairs CPR and what they're doing CPR is located over on Walden in union. And they are Branyan just opened up and it will fix your cracked bones which they fixed mine while I was there for the immense right and they will which many of us do. And almost a daily basis tap our phones and it cracks they will exit Oreo and they are great awesome staff there they are also looking forward to sponsoring one of our service dogs. For the service dog program. And they're located in the alleys parking lot at union and wall and again. All right that sounds excellent anything else sitting on on again this summer you know is there anyone I touch on largest wanna make sure what he has a really cool fund clean summer and out there and be honoring veterans when they come does. EMC you know that added another big event that we had that was huge it was a second year doing this for twelve gates are OK art and realized they were kind of tucked back in the corner it looks like a storage unit to beyond race yet pulled what we over there and I hear your hard drive off of swirling here in Williams felt. Really never knew that they were there but it was their second year doing the the rock the gates austerity and we shoot it in Winamp from noon to 11 PM and the whole point of it was to train raise funds for Western New York hero's and and it was nice you can sit back there you can listen to the life spans and all the food trucks that. Everything going and and then all of a sudden you get that airplane that just comes. Pass and already in a land. And I guess for those who. Number of vendors like women dying before and scares the ahead buddies is not necessary. Stick a sub back into the that the the builder because I was expecting that plane I felt like I can reach up and touch it comes a lot of things but it was it was kind of cool at the same time. A little hot to keep the dogs out there and I eventually we had to put the dogs into the air conditioning equipment. You know again it was great event and number Ganassi we can talk them into doing it again next year we have a lot. More events coming your way we are a lot more people to talk to throughout the summer we thank you for joining us here on. ESPN fifty toys veterans late radio by Western New York euros. And thank you much thank you Chris as always during summer and actually talk a lot more than two of them all right thank you very much for joining us we'll talk to you next week right here. On ESPN 52 point Western New York hero's veterans like radio. Do you suffer for. The debilitating condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Are you depending on drugs such as Lira forget the patent. Are you experiencing continual pain numbness and tingling. Have you waited so long that it's affecting your balance. And stop what you're doing and listen hello. I'm doctor Anthony Bianchi. One issue that has long infuriated me is that many neuropathy sufferers are unaware of the potential dangerous side effects of their prescribed drugs. 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You'll find a wide range of local articles and features of interest to seniors such as curry defense. Health travel senior living room dining and a full calendar happenings around town contests and giveaways and much more. They'll provide the best in their newspaper and online at after fifty You can find after fifty at all wegmans and tops dashes and feel right. An already locations Walgreens restaurants coffee shops medical offices banks senior centers and hundreds of retail locations pick up your copy today. After fifty will never shy away from their position. They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud outlets. I want. Welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans like radio minus Alka pot you're gonna be here with you today. As always we focus on many different issues dealing with our veterans community how we. Our community can help the veterans' community and how we can help them help themselves in the that's a really. Big important part of helping the veterans community Chris Krieger is here as well you know how tough difficult that is sometimes Chris because there's so much pride we talked about but tell I think we've come a long way or washing your heroes and veterans like Freddie and help us. Absolutely evidence you know what as we've discussed before that in the military when you join the kind of beating Q that a few. If you ask for help your week and her you know and then once the the government of the military's don't feel there's really no boot camp to switch you back into the fun loving. Guy that husband that dead that you were before they got their hands and so it is hard for many of the veterans I know I was tired from myself when I first came home to ask for help until I realized. A truly needed to help. And for many you know you've northwestern here cure is being here for as long as we've been here now it's we still see it today that. You know it takes usually the spokes or family member or friend to reach out to us and say as a possible can you reach out to so and so I maybe if you reach out to them though. The looks up though. And it's not like this ends late this is on these ongoing will be forever and as you keep growing because it always be more more veterans who need help. Absolutely is as long as we have a country that needs a military. And somebody who needs to defend that. We are always gonna have veterans who mean that I don't care what anyone says and obviously every veteran is different. I'm not saying they all need to help thrift many of veterans out there who don't. But for the most part many of us do. We just he missed the last episode we talked and reflected a little bit about on. Because we did record the episode on the day of the day what is the same thing here today so just so everybody knows who wanna reflect and say thank you very much of those brave brave souls. Who stormed the beaches at Normandy. Not only for United States that is true all around the world loot it saved. Our freedom really absolutely United States especially. Those guys it's really one in those beaches that they were just amazing. Yes as an unbelievably milieu and I talked a little bit before going on there that I just cannot stand them be in on those. I'm most boats in the previous holidays again this year I don't know I was army so I don't know. But it to be out there and and think that you know I wanna be the guy in front to grip and get off and realized that there was that the men in front that. Took it redolent. It was and I'm obviously grip the greatest sacrifice of all. To maintain our freedom here in the country and around the world. Or he will management strongly as well she's here and veterans radio west your heroes veterans like radio. Without us today we wanna talk western new things are going on with west here here's veterans like radio including a new location guys what does this all about why we don't. Yes Celso this'll be your third location that we've been there and our new address is going to be at 8205. Main street suite number eleven and that is in Williams now. We really rate behind the office that we. Our injury now we're going to be moving out the backdoor into another back door awesome. An hour where it takes a lot easier you don't call movers bright colors and haven't it would never an assembly line we tell everybody of people. As bodies just standing there to grab a box and as aunts and experts and if you need help on the pillows big takeoff we hit. Are we don't have now I'm Aaron and I know. That we are going to be in this in a news we and we are in 33 suites at the well where and a sweet half rate now. And moving into three suites and it's very exciting world. That sounds excellent. Is it just need more space because of the company growing. You know I mean you just want to upgrade the big show wire you move. We are climbing over each other in the office and on points especially at Christmas time when the the families are coming in and dropping off gifts or picking up gifts and we'll have more storage space for that. We also are going to be bringing in new offices new UI strategies if you will to help honor veterans. In in the community. One of the things that the reason for making the big move to is that we want to bring in a resource. That would only mean that resource and is gonna end. Designate part of that new office two you know new computers where we can bring in veterans and allow them to staggered to a job seeking and there. We're gonna bring in an outside service so that they can help with Reza many ratings Austin teach these men and women today and it from any of them they haven't done a job interview when I here's right so kind of brush up on. Interviewing skills and so on so forth but the big part of the move is likely in statins were climbing over each other and we're staying in the same part we're just taking over the building behind us and all this really. Is a because of north forest north forest properties the Jordan family have been tremendously. Huge huge help. To western your cares and make picture that. We have top of the line. Offices of some of the this is our third movement and we thank them for their continuous support. So physically you have to make changes and adjust as you move and grow the pressure technologically you also have to make changes and just as you grow the web site. Place where guys combining user accepting on there as well. The web site is it's it's time to and a renewed the website again it's outdated. So our IT guy is almost done with that that's going to be launched I believe in the next week or so the same name. Keeping the same names have addressed WNY heroes that dorks are Reno's WNY here is that address. There's going to be the only thing that changes 8205. Main street suite 12 and three. But the the website and everything will stay the same just a home and make over. And you'll find on there everybody. All the different events coming up. You'll have links to this program. Things that we're doing here with question your heroes and veterans life radio so make sure you don't check that out that is WNY heroes. Dot org Aaland. Lots of things and about sponsorships I'll be able to gain involved how about. They're leaving got to give people just a thumbnail sketch maybe there's some people listening for the first time they're just learning about washing your cures they say. A guy on a business or know someone who doesn't want to be a part of this what do they do. I absolutely. We have rain on our website at PayPal. Donation button that you can click on very easily some people are a little bit hesitant to go that route and with like she would prefer to mail and attack. To us or we even have just yesterday somebody stopped innocent and they make a donation. So there's many different ways you can definitely get a hold of us through. Through mail email or calling or just tapping in we're very welcoming to everybody. That's for personal or business anybody just constantly and that's that don't have Libyan business none out and to make a donation and how about we wanna make sure people on the absolutely individuals can do. This time we tell everybody all the time you know what we get some publicity and I'd like to make a donation but they clearly can't make that amount. It's not about the amount that's about the continuous support. And creating the awareness out in the community of this is who we are in this is what we offer. Whether it's a five dollar donation or it's a 50000 dollar donation. We don't try to. Minimize any type of donation we accept them on just disgraceful. We are talking with Chris Krieger who in my destroyed divorce in New York euros and they are part of veterans like radio as always there's a really. Big event coming up you've been a part of this you've alluded to this chorus it is a film. The new that is iron well and now you're telling me this is in the final stages of being ready to go and launch. It's Len and I got brought to Minneapolis. Last October for the opening premiere the film festival. You know like you are nice. We're discussing that to actually be in the movie and and be part of it and then watching yourself up and I movie screen is completely different. But yet it's you know talking with the executive producers they are bringing it to buffalo. In August and the whole point to bring in it here is they won and triumph put on. The biggest fund raiser they could. And the proceeds from this are gonna go to hope. A basket more service stocks to pair up with veterans while its causes yeah it's. It's great if you get a chance to review it it's called iron will movie dot com is the the link. It's just that's out you know they're now watch trailers and the trailers up a movie that dot com iron when we got a connection that that's today that's. It's powerful emotional right and he's yet Tony lit up the air mainly eat in the first few minutes and you were. You were pretty emotional. Within the first few minutes I could now my composure is very heart wrenching and it is very real. The the people. Within the movie destroy you rate and and you feel what they're feeling as they're speaking to is that a movie. A documentary is it like how how do you like characterizes. I'm probably gonna have to characterize it is as a document they're okay. And the title of it is a veterans battle with PT EST can. So the director. Himself Sergio is also a record veteran. He was the big power in the push behind it and and the executive producers Robin Judy. We're actually gonna bring them in Austin and the twentieth here and too little than with them on on the screen so. Yeah. Experience last week I was in a movie about young basketball star Mo flow that is documentary on Richie Campbell who is. Great that he was convicted of manslaughter to prison for a long time and Italy has movie. I had an in studio interview room they had cameras here. They showed on the big screen what we're doing here it's kind of like Kevin this as the movie rip your right you see up there you're like. God then they're right I mean I guess my whole life but to be and something like that it's crazy what's like to see you. Especially in an emotional vulnerable state like you are in the movie Hampshire. You know it is making. Making this was very emotional for all of us it was a lot a lot of times where we have to take a break. And walk away from it. It's actually and then see it in the movie theater and see even everyone else around you getting emotional breaking down from that. Every veteran that appears in this film. Obviously as you know men of gold. We all had different views. Of what. Our experience in war was. I would never. The numbers say the mine was more powerful than the next wars war and I don't care how big name band. You think yeah there war's gonna break it down and take you from a man to a little boy. And we think that this is going to be great eagle and obviously for people who actually watch while that is. They won't release release it to the public yet because I know there's. Some fighting back and forth over who's gonna take this okay which is good I am absolutely but. It has won some film festivals are and I know there's a big nomination for it coming up in LA. But they have agreed to bring it here if you buffalo in August and again the whole point is to train raise funds. So that we can continue to pair up service dogs with local commitments. We will definitely keep everybody updated on that I know one place you can go and find information on that as gets closer. Debbie and my heroes. Dot org new website can be launching soon as well when Chris thanks a lot as always thank you so I'd enjoy your summer enjoy a early listening throughout the week here NE SPF 1520 and we'll be back on Sunday of next week with what's New York hero's veterans like radio. America is time for some straight talk you love your phone look at Q you're hardly put down when you don't love that expensive wireless plan doing so what if I told you can keep that phone network and number two for a lot less well this is me telling you it's time to switch the straight talk guys bring your own phony get unlimited plan starting at just 45 bucks a month on America's largest most dependable Ford GL TE networks straight talk wireless only a Wal-Mart. 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Amos Alka pot you and of course as always. We talk a lot about the things that really impact our terrific veterans here that served and gave so much. Two United States of America and you're locally as well. Especially health and wellness issues business to career opportunities legal and financial place navigating the VA all very very important we're really glad. Once again to have our title sponsor. Back here with us today. Chris Krieger he's gonna join us here every week and veterans' life radio Western New York here is that translate radio Chris thanks a lot again it's gonna give me. Some time used to saying that I'm really glad I'm saying that's what they do very much thanks for having me now and it no problem how how is the response been so far since you know you've been attached year to veterans like radio would question New York hero's. It's been good we've been haren a lot of feedback whether it's. Twitter FaceBook phone calls. Of people coming in the office and sending you know we heard Abacha on the radio on my ship keep up the work and I know that you guys are really doing a lot of great work out there what you tell us about some of the things he really done. In the community to really help outs with the veterans yeah absolutely has absolutely. As everyone knows that a 100% of all funding stays here in Western New York not a dime of leaves that are guaranteed promise. And non in February we gave out over 151000 dollars me. Last month was over 101000. And all that money goes to help veterans with a mortgage the rent utilities and any other life necessity needs that they might need at the time and we want everybody. To make sure they help out as well and you can. Go to WNY heroes dot org that's WNY heroes dot org you're listening to this program whether you are a veteran or not a veteran. If you if the only member if you don't view a friend who or you don't that served. Anybody we all owe. A debt of gratitude to all of our veterans who served in the armed forces they gave so much and right now here on western York euros veterans like radio we wanna make sure that we take care of them and we start by going to WNY heroes dot org and that's a big reason why Chris is here he'll be here every single week to bring some special guest to tell us a little bit more about this program and I'll let you reduce our guest today. Absolutely number honored to have Alex mills who's the director of playing your camp out in Angola that'll only is he the director of the camp but he's also a chaplain and and served in the united states army himself retired major so it's an honor to have them here but. The reason we brought him in was to talk about pioneer camp in the relationship between them in Western New York hero's and we first got involved with them in 2012 because we heard about eight. Military children's camp that they put on and knowing that they're nonprofit we figure they can use funding as well so weak and a fund it through our kids are heroes to program. Which allows the kids to come to their camp every year free of church. Well thank you very much for coming in Alex thank you it's good to be here so Alex I am with the relationship. Between playing her camp in western air carrier rose. I'm how many kids are able to actually go to camp because of this year we're going to be serving about a 150. Kids youth and teens from Western New York. And also from other areas around the country. Thanks and you know we touched and you yourself being in a the soldier and an a veteran around prison book thank you for your service and can you tell us a little bit more about that. I yeah I've actually served about little over 28 years in the US army absurd out as in this at soldier. And then in not 2004 I entered into the chaplain corps I served in. I Iraq Afghanistan I served anti ground zero in New York City. And then mobilized they are few other times as well I. Retired in but two years ago until got to ask the question that almost every veteran gets nastiness. I I actually do miss that it. I'd miss him most of the time I don't miss some of it but I missed I missed the the soldiers I served well. New Hampshire and we we all seem to miss it I'm Telus little bit more about the children's military. We have been doing operation purple camp in partnership with the national military family association for. Ten years this is our attempt here working with them National Military Family Association is a organization out of DC. They this year they're doing twelve camps across the nation. And they it's a cost share with them so they provide us a little bit of funding. This year the funding they get is from wounded warrior it's a national organization. And so it's a it's nationwide. But Tom. A 150 kids ages seven to seventeen they will be coming. To the camp from a Sunday to. To Friday and they. Pretty much common is this cycle our other camps. The interest thing about these kids is that they are in the deployment cycle their families or somewhere in the deployment cycle. Meaning that they are their families are either have been deployed are currently deployed or are about to be deployed. Within the next fifteen months. It's interesting to watch these kids. Come together because they have something in common with some of the kids when they come to our camp they. It takes them awhile to gel together because they come from all different places who knows where to its Christian campaign. The kids come together they can come from all different areas but when military kids come together they have a bond and that bond is is the military connection. And it's interesting to see them because. They kid just like with military members. There's a bond that chair they may not even know we Tyler. But they come together because the families know each other they have this instant connection. And the connection is the and so when they come into the cabin. Pages channel and that connection is just it's. Its interest who's in the counselors to some who know nothing about military. They comment on that. So some of these kids don't know each other but they come from the same base. And I found it interesting at Fort Drum I was doing this once session with them when they would say where you from what you read your dad from and other bunch of teams there. And one kid said are from fort drama my dad's a commander of sorts so unit and sell tickets at Fort Drum day unit. My dad's from the day and I'm from fourth round. And their five kids from that unit. And they didn't know they're from me they're together they left a unit altogether knowing each other. The campus as a wonderful place for kids to be kids the armed. I'm slogan for that campus. Kids are heroes to. Because the kids who threw a lot of stress. They go through a lot of anxiety. When their families are deployed when their when their loved one when their soldier. Whether it's male or female mom or dad. Our overseas those kids go through a lot of anxiety a lot of stress. And this camp helps them select going to be a kid. And that's what we structure. To let kids be kids during that time. We want to reminder we were talking right now with major Alex Knowles from the pioneer camp. That military care for children. After military children to the party came for military children he's here with a us. I'm Western New York bureau that translate radio here and ESPN 1520 with myself sell about you anchor speaker so Chris Lattimore about maybe what Alex does here to help Alfred for the children in. Maybe let the overall real goal is the mission vision you know what you want it what you wanna do here. Where you wanna take this whole thing. Really what we want with these. With these kids is for them to be. Comfortable to be in a place where they can just let go of the anxiety collect all of their their fears. During this camp they go through. Really they they have not treated like I said before to be kids to go up the rock Walter do you zip lining to go out to being too. To archery kayaking paint morrow they can't do they only owned the paint ball but excited you are. They do a lot of stuff that that that it air soft. You do it that a lot of fun things that they kids have an opportunity. To do but then. An MFA National Military Family Association. Does the other. Does some programming. To help them to deal with the anxieties. That they go through. Four. During these deployment cycles my favorite one is the top ten. Where the top ten things you like and don't like about being a military family. That. Goes through some very deep. Discussions. Why ruin like the PX I love the commissary and love the discounts. That we get at the movie theater. I hate it when mom is gone and I hated them when dad can't play with me anymore because he's injured. Or I hate when mom is her dad are are always stress. The things that that. And the bonds at that connects between McCain's. A lot of tears a lot of laughter. And a lot of connection. Think it's very deep a lot of just it's a great opportunity for the counselors and for the staff members to. To canoe and communicate and connect with the kids crystallized it was the relationship than the washing your heroes forming. With pine I knew him. Yeah absolutely well we've reached out to Alex and in the camp and 2012 so we're going on our fifth year supporting the camp and Alex had made mention about. In other slogans kids are yours too and it's funny because our program. For the children and our. Westerner Karo is called kids are here too so through their program were able to use that funding to help support. Alex Knowles and and the camp out there so that we can make sure that these kids get to go to the camp free of charge and I'm I know last year and this year we donated over 121000 dollars. And into the camp because again we want to make sure the kids are being taken curve and this is of no cost to the military. Spouse or the veteran who served. And by doing that you know word. Were able to expand elk that are even more and we actually had a chance to go to the camp last year and experience it was their own kids. And it was a great time in on the kids got to take part in everything that Alex had mentioned and very laid back. It's not like there's a schedule. Laid out and you have to do this have to do that and it's just show up and have fun and get to meet others who is yeah absolutely no doubt and as a Belichick it to be kids so. A we we wanna remind her way to go to W in my heroes dot org of course to know all the things that question your kid is doing. Especially for camps and kids and families like this but Alex real quick cut how can people get in touch with you at the camp where more about the camp and thing like that. The best place. List ways to go to our website at www. Pioneer camp that's PI AO and EE RCA AMP. Dot org or you can call us at 7165491420. That's the best way to get a hold of us and our email is right on that website as well. Art always gonna hear more from Alex we're gonna do that won't return next time on west York hero's veterans' life radio. My name is south of gotcha thanks to Chris Krieger has always been touted and much out those were gonna talk a lot more would you learn of him little bit more we come back next week thank you very much thank you. Do you suffer from peripheral neuropathy in your hands or feet. One drug after the other continual numbness and tingling burning and balance problems and decreased quality of life. And you understand the plot of the system your locked into. 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Michael host Chris Krieger thinks Chris you do a great job on this later having to learn a lot about this business side and I'm learning a lot about the military and a lot about what you do in. Yeah after the honestly I so much respect for what you guys do and I'm sitting here in online at home and I mean so here thank you very much. Where to get a lot more into everything it's that's going on there's one thing I wanna bring up that we have a touch and wanna. Quickly say out there and all of our condolences. Go out to family and friends of the naval park director colonel Patrick Cunningham who passed away that is 78. Just a couple of weeks ago he and a bachelor's degree in sociology at conditions when honor an MBA from Syracuse University controller ship. And addition he completed the US army command and general staff college as well. And down he was battling respiratory infections wholly from Agent Orange. He went through that you know what he never even took a salary to run that annual party and me for many years because he wanted to do it because it was such the right thing to do and we all miss him and I know that. And as a salute part of of your life from what you do as well share yet he you know he did wonders what that park and and just to see the amount of people mean the outpour of support that showed up at that park. Not even just the summer all year round that's amazing. We had in here and he was a great man he was great to us and and we just want to remember his life today. In the meantime Chris do a great job he's runs a special guests and today Alex Knowles is here from the op pioneer can't know for military children. And you're gonna tell us a little bit more about that but. In the meantime what about kids are heroes to what it what is that'll about Kress. So kids here's two's one of our programs that we started in 2012. Now. Because in my own kids and minor injuries when I came back home kids erosion on and it wanna play baseball wanna play hockey play soccer and the answer was always no because. Living and that set income that you get from your military disability and worry about keeping a roof overhead lights in the gas on before. And the extracurricular activities so 2012. Is where we started putting has together and came up with a program called kids are heroes too we did a program which sent a note and the NFA DA. They were the first ones to get behind the Niagara frontier auto dealers association and the games the first 151000 dollars to launch. It was great number sense and it's just it's taken on and it's blossomed and and that's allowing us to take these other military families the children of military and say you know what you too. If you wanna do and extracurricular activity you can afford it now you can we're gonna give that up attorneys say and that's where programs like Alex absolutely absolutely. And you know Alex touchdown. Last week about their motto being kids are heroes too in salute because these children. They don't have a say if their mother father decided to gonna join the military they just basically have to go along for the ride. And its its weight there to these children especially. Once there their parent or parents deploy and you know god forbid something happens to them they're stuck walking the rest of their life. Without apparently without their parents and now it's a weight that these children are too young to be Karen. So with Alex and and pioneer camp and the programs they have I know that they have. Military family week but I also know that they they have other camps and other programs going forward military children and and that's something ninth when a touch unknowns. As a social tussle about that tell whether you know activities yo can I get is clearly more broad robust in the things you guys do and a daily weekly monthly yearly basis what your campaign and in other programs. Or area where full year. Organizations we offer. For rooms throughout the year. For the military but also for other organizations. Specifically for the military we have our military family week which will be this year July 16 to 21. That's for any military families veteran National Guard reserve active or veteran. We have our operation purple camp which is for those were in the deployment cycle as I mentioned last week also. We have operations stark campus a survivor camp. It's the family lost a soldier in whatever means. It's for families or for use their teens and that in that situation and they can catch tech pioneer. Offer any information on any of those camps. As you know we're talk mug kids are heroes to Chris and US interest in my daughter who's 21 this year. I deploy a couple times the military effort when he was an answer for twenty years. She just recently went to college and graduate college actually all about fair college. And it's interesting. She will receive the GI bill my full jive like he returned and she deserved it because in that time when she was in her teenage years. I missed about six of them or five of those years I was gone between my deployment my mobilization and deployment. These and she didn't have if you think you have a choice in Akron and she my my one kid who's just going in the college it was like. While why don't I get the GI bill. The light and I get that he's all jealous saying why you should pay for my college to Bryce and there you know. Which you saw me more than than she did she she deserves that because. If she missed dollar. I've seen her dad all that time here I don't think people in the community actually realized that. When you're serving your country the amount of time you are away from your family as opposed to here being with them. It's takes a poll on families hold it takes a toy takes on those kids and one thing that this operation purple camp what we're trying to to do with this. They say give these kids that opportunity to be that Q when they're away from that their their parent. You want they had I said when I was away from my son one for eighteen months house on from him that that one time I asked. So members of in my car creation some male members with his family females at that point only girls as to. We please. Once a month we go away with him do something male all with him just. One time a month because he has nothing to do there so what we are trying to do with that opera from purple camp is to give these kids a chance. During that week during that summer to just be a kid has some of these kids all they have when their parents is gone. All they're doing is being that some of them being that adult and that and that house share. So this is a chance and be kids again any kid to know while we're on that. Where is the camp exactly it's great question if it the cavs and Angola New York exit 57 day off the through way it's our right on the lake we have 800 feet. Of beach front so it's right in Evans Angola. It's a beautiful location where about 75 acres. That's a really it's it's a beautiful little camp and an angle so we drop the kids up for the Campanella street Mickey rats for us all camp. Six. And that's a great question OP see most of our camps. Are just a drop the kids and and head on home. It's noted that the camp for kids but also we do have those camps and family camps. And us have cottages for families so. If you want to say there is a family. That we have opportunities for that we have an award winning shaft to. So it's not just camp food it's a I've been replaced with great food you know you'd you'd talk about that nine I have to say when we are out there last year for the camp. We were amazed over that we are expecting. Camp food you know. It was like eating a high. I do like the brightness. And as you shouldn't it was amazing food zone. And when he's just to get over it against a people who are just joining at what ages are you you can use and kids opted to a lot of these guys care most of the men ages that we serve are seven to seventeen. But we do serve. Age is really the 7UP to 400 is what we weekend you know we have a lot of dog how how do you divide the ages up once there at the camp. Youth and teens so. Seven fur like OPC at seven to twelve and then thirteen to seventeen. And Tuesday. I near camp dot org by the ways website once again pioneer camp. Dot org feeling pastors churches youth groups business and leadership development corporate retreat to do all of this. They have the summer camps church picnics and conferences about waterfront weddings and even says on your website what is I don't know. We have it a great place for weddings that Saddam. Is loved were on the beach at her feet beachfront. And the sun sets in July. Right off the camp and so it's a great place for weddings for retreats for events for picnics. Anthem it's a beautiful location. And anchors away askew because you know as a military veteran things you've gone through. You know how important is it you know when kids go there they may not know kids at first but then they they form these bonds at last coached her long time you seen that happen in your life. Absolutely and seen what the kids. Most of all the ones we have to really worry about because like I said earlier that does take a poll on the kids and once the kids begin to feel that. They're alone and there's no one else out there that's gone through the same thing they stick to distance themselves from even the family. And it. You gotta keep that camera strong especially if you are still serving and new are in the middle of the deployment the family staying strong together is very important for some rival. And families with each other not just the kids that the adults thoroughly become friends and form bonds and maybe like there's people who were different branches of military the families and things like I can you cannot speak to that little bit Alex. We do the families also become very tight together we have a family that comes from New York City. And every year they wanna come back because they get to know other people. The military community is very tight because we have experiences. That a lot of other people don't have. And Chris knows this too that we have experienced is that won't allow people don't like don't understand and so. We don't necessarily talk our experiences. But we understand the experiences and so without even talking about them we just know. I'm a graduate and let me ask this before we head and I Wear terms aren't sure what town. She EU there's people listening all of the world worldwide FaceBook by the way eagle like us on FaceBook you can let's dollar shows. If somebody doesn't live in Western New York you just said you can be a part of this right. Yes absolutely okay how does that work. Just come somebody camp okay give us a call email us or deserve FaceBook and and and are faced with is our website and register. He come on out I mean obviously our first priority are those in Western New York sure so it's first come first serve for westerner is our priority but it here in New York City or. Somewhere else. Come on out to pioneer and visit and become part of our community. Pioneer camp dot org it's pioneer camp dot org and don't forget folks. WNY heroes died or won a driver buddy there to that website go to your friends about it. So they're in the about it Tom all the great works that question your heroes is doing so they're part of that translate radios while western York euros veterans' life radio. And again July 16 through 21 as your. Military Joyce succeeds when he won as to what how what do you call that just Amish regular family camp military family camp and we wanna make sure that your military family. Veterans someone that once again involved with that but to Chris is a great program and in and I'm sure you're trying to be a part of it. Very excited my whole our board of directors is very excited to be apart of it and I know that we're going to be able to really broaden their programs and bring others in the community that are. Doing veteran related programs out there and really helped spread the word for the veterans who are really sure what's out there for them. Western New York hero's veterans' life radio will return next week with another special guest just like major Alex knows we thank for joining us here today thank you thank you very much I will talk their way next time and ESPN 1520. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to the exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to view of local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing. Have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program pedestal and our FaceBook page or contact us at our website veterans like radio dot com. Join south of podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.