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Sunday, June 4th

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Welcome to ESPN radio fifteen twice a national powerhouse in sports talk radio brings to buffalo. One of the most avid sports markets in America. Top interviews from around the country and even more can't miss national contest and we are proud to be the home of veterans' life radio. And educational radio program devoted to our veterans community. You computing every Sunday morning at ADM. Now let's take a moment and observe the National Anthem. Now yourself a pot GO. I want to welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans like radio here at ESPN 1520 Manny was out about you join a studio once again. By my friends Chris Krieger and Lynn magistrate Alley and thank you very much all of you for coming in of these so many things going on. This summer. With the veterans in Western New York hero's MetLife radio so we're gonna talk about it we've given a lot of people some really cool events but you guys have a lot more things of people being involved in so thanks. Absolutely as always thank you for evidence here and am I know Lindsay anxious to get them the Mike here and talk a little bit about we love what comes on the might look like to hear thank you very much Grammy ticket out about it on. Tell us a little about the heroes star campaign what is it where to come from in. What are we gonna do with tackle forward absolutely we started heroes. Start campaign a couple of years back in you know you go out to tops are Weytman answer. He semen banks it's a sham Luxor. In the picture of the sneaker forward. Juvenile diabetes and and I figured you know we got to come up with something ourselves. To throw out into the community aimed at the community behind and we came up with a star. In their logo. The stars in the middle of the oh for heroes and and I thought this is a perfect way Amer got called the heroes star campaign. And basically same thing. Guinness and then out to different. Businesses small and large and see if we can get them behind it to sells tires and help support donate to western you're here. Sounds pretty cool. Tell us a bit more about it to and you know the program itself and maybe how people can really help out lending housing involve things like that. So we have a bunch of organizations that jumped on board right away on such as Dunn tire Pavel Wayne north West Bank we got to go and meets. A bunch of their staff as well. And by as cycle city major Toms and Jim stake out have all come onboard as well. You think every time I talk to you guys are so many different. Sponsors and groups and people and businesses that keep jumping on thing yeah and meanwhile and that's important because it's it's truly excited over and over again it's the community. Small and large businesses individuals that really. There are being pushed through the reason we're here than they're the reason why were able to continue on without them we can't do and I notice the dates on your sort of in this Alterman. Are all through July. I'll through July and September 11 through November 11 and I'm guessing there's no coincidence there. Right right. It's you know it actually was trite distributing because they've been issued each sponsor of ours as well since 2000 and time. And it was tried distributing the came up and said you know what we want to finest our campaign and we wanna do this for you and couple years ago they started it from September 11 to November 11 and they raised over 20000 dollars and just that short span forced. And obviously with trite distributing having huge. Push with all the different restaurants and in the bars. Between here and in Pennsylvania. It was huge in and tried Tribune has agreed moment to once again ports. And that's really cool so. Tells you what time this can the overview of the program what happens when you go there and you get a starry night what how does that impact question your hero. Yeah well you know. My staff and I came up west may be what we should do is the stairs that are red blue and gold. May tuition so each their for different price. In and talking over what Don tire engine stake out everything we wanted to make sure we stay consistent with everybody and decided that instead of trying to sell the blue star for five dollars in the red stunner for ten. We just gonna keep it at a dollar star crossed the board. It would be a lot easier for everybody in and really when you take that college kid that's going to Jim stakeout at 2 o'clock in the morning thank. Not are they more apt to give you a dollar firstar. Or do you really think they're gonna take that ten dollars in their pocket put it towards a sub or a star it's gonna go towards the sub yeah so give everybody did that freak chance of it. That are good chance across the board to. Have that opportunity don't. And obviously I was gonna very successful programs so far that you guys have talked and as it it's been a slow start but it like anything else any other programs out there it's always a slow start off the get go owned. And each time you run it and encrypt a little bit more momentum and and we tried to really get more of the community behind. We just talked with and other programs Terrie prosper vase. Cycle city there's so much going on this summer I mean you guys have a lot of events different things like that and things it did just got to remind everybody needs some of the things that that are going on this summer. You know what we have the Thursday thunder got going on with actually Thursday of every month absolutely no. Com we have a fishing excursion coming up that we talked about that a couple weeks ago as well and down. Obviously the lesson you're here is that condom in my heroes come all the stuff is gonna be there there's lots of different dates in different that's going day absolutely it will albeit there and I know them too if anyone is interested. What's coming in the office for one reason or another removing. Again OK so we just moved into the location that we're currently at a year ago this past February but we've outgrown. And that's a good that's amazing. But we're moving we're staying in the same park. With north force were just moving into the building behind this because it's much bigger so we're able to go from four offices to twelve which it will allow us to bring in more services. But north forced you know it probably one of our. Another big donor they've donated our office space to us for four years in a row. The no cost us and obviously that's a huge savings tops. And allows us to take what money we would have put in the grand and we can put back into the community so we are working and it's. Building something so that we can and continued to pay back to north forest right. But it again it's we're looking at moving into the new office space in June or July 1 actually Jennifer's more in the. So Lynn you've been involved as a westerner here as for awhile it seems like every day every mother's more more on your plate and hit it's exciting but it's got the ultimate as well. I had a spending and any basis and if I didn't have a calendar on my phone and I and had trouble adamantly held in LA times he's like. Did you do this which I checked the calendar and I think yeah there's. I always forget it but there's so much going on yet do it our staff is on with just for a month. On a shared calendar and we'll remind each other he'd taken calendars in a new identity and so will jump on their check right away and make sure that we're staying consistent and Spain on time as much as we can and constantly running and I would have no other way are you gonna be right now Blake and there's thunder so we go check out. And a banana apple boulevard absolutely and you know what I gonna be wearing is my brand new other vast problem. All right so I went out of Dallas probably is blameless in your hero on the back of that Beth I'm really excited to put them on and I hope that they'll bet that very very cool. As someone who obviously is really involved with the on the community aspect of it people come and you just panic. Tell people out there who want to get involved what's your here's what they can use the call you email web sites of the -- people every day I hear about. I go out in the community people say I hear you on the veteran radio program and there's more listeners coming in more people who might not know exactly how to get involved with. You can get all the buzz says 716630. By 020. And you can also stop in our office you can send us emails however you'd like whatever is easiest for you. And we will be sure to get back in touch with you walk walk ins are always okay absolutely we welcome Watkins always copies Dolly's on being counted for curing. And and Ella EE eight year old girl dress up they always do something always meet with people Wear and you know what I have to say cell hate wearing the suit. It's. I put it on the morning and I'm like you're not fear not it's not. You know even whether or new commercial it's out now on fox. In it starts out with me in a suit and as I'm talking am taken Massoud off. I'm we're just not all about the suits and for veterans tired enough for them to come in and ask for the help. Let alone and have to sit there and talk to somebody in the suit he'll even last known so. The whole purpose said that the commercial is that a start on the suit but at the end when I take the suit off and just and I west near cares T shirt jeans and and we're no different than you so don't feel humiliated don't feel like you're any less because we truly are no different than you sort of just. Mine in the office and we're here for you we've catcher back. 6305020. As the number to call you wanna get volley anything going on lots of Gaudin. This summer I think slot guys as always I you're doing you're you're doing great work out there and am I wish more people know about it but hopefully that's our our mission here to get more. Absolutely overtime you know little bit at a time but every little bit. Means more success Chris Krieger the measure I thank you very much thank you so an expert on the Kleenex salmon Wesson York euros veterans like radio. 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They are the newspaper for active seniors and proud outlets. Hi everyone good morning welcome back to Western New York hero's veterans' life radio here at ESPN 1520. I'm so out of pot GO Chris Krieger is here as well. We a lot of really really exciting things talked about all throughout the summer some great events going on you can be a part of it that's as the time a year to take advantage of the weather's turning to me really nice out there. Of course every time we take advantage of something going on. With Western New York heroes and veterans like radio you're getting back to our veterans. As we really want to make sure we get back to those who gave to their do their their countries all of these things are going anchors are so important to really people it's not just an event it's something that's helping people. Absolutely and you know it. So it's you know we tell people all the time and community that. Yes it's a veteran Hemmer herself and actually serves her country they went down may sign the papers they volunteered to do this. And we've had people all the time make statements about what you volunteer drafted. You're right we did balance here because someone has to do it. But let's not forget that nowadays it's it's not just the veteran Hemmer self serving this country takes the family is hole. To serve this country when something happens to that individual. Or it happens to the Stanley law that veteran has a ways serving it affects everybody. And when you'll say that if you've seen. Volunteers and drafting I'd say that's right because that means they chose to serve this country and anyway that that was the high that's the highest calling. Of any citizen should serve the country especially in time warned time battle which you know we've had several of those obviously over the last several years of people go away and they can put arms way to do this. Actually if you look at Vietnam Vietnam was you know for the most part. You served one tour and came home and everybody was count down their days it was on a points system you got so many points you got to go home. Where today I Iraq Afghanistan and probably moving forward with any current wars. People don't realize that your national guarding your reservists that are. Are probably taken the biggest beating with with serving today because. If you look at how many of these soldiers are now 5672. Hours. In on and come back home unexpectedly just re acclimated to civilization and people at timer well which problem. That's right in its not that easy and that's why we have. Programs and organizations like question New York euros to be at play here is that or. And also with the veterans outreach center we have a a couple of guests here once again Stephanie slow a ticking and Mary answer not either both here in studio with us. Today and I know that time they have some great things to say and we want talk to them alone more. Absolutely yeah we had them in the studio last week we forget we bring them back and not I just wanna can as Stephanie in and Marianne. As the spouse of a veteran. Toss a little bit what it's like to serve on that. My husband is a 26 year veteran. He served this contingency meanness for four times. And and three of them were with the patter child and then one was with her child. So AC a single newly married. Spouse. And just knowing a little bit about the background of military but not the experience that I have now. Wit it was it was an indictment. IE. I missed them terribly hit. And I'm sure other batch other pressure spouses can feel for that and but the biggest was when we had our son and then he had to go off again. And it was washing my sign trying to stay divided his dad. It it it took collapse a strength for myself and that's when I started becoming. More involved with the military as Yemeni prime coordinator. And then I Oslo did a lot volunteer. So I would not run the different gimmick programs. So with that and in being a spouse you know the one thing is that you build your strength you bill and you know they act when it comes to holidays. Christmas may not be on December 25 when your military spouse. It may be and you still have Christmas that we still have and where no one has ever forgotten. I always say I always thank you tell our service members. Men and women just thank you for everything that you do because you know what people look at that piece of when they're serving in there doing their mission. But what they're they're moving away your gain away from their families and they're leaving and then the families that are backed trying to keep everything together until they reached return. So with with that being said when Chris and it asked what is it like it as being a spouse. It has made me stronger woman me is making more of what I am today. I'm either working with fractures now and families for eighteen years. And I wouldn't change any of it I hope to just keep retiring and I hope I don't have to retire doing this that is why I always been filed with and their theory because I don't think. People are truly realize. What is truly given up. And the feel my side in on our service members how to use them. Comes out look different from Harry and an M has spent after he was parity discharged from the Marines. And that's kind of flat let me to whining to work with veterans. I soggy struggles that he went through on after returning and hearing stories back and his friends. On that really led me to. Just on Orkut actor and he. The police officer now so he continues to serve. Burned and just kind of an inspiration. To see what they goes through and also heartbreaking but. On its chest. Another really no words for our. But actually one of the things it always you can talk about is done the Finley bond you form with others. Other like minded people similar situations I'm sure you've met how many friends you become probably really close these people are. Sure have and when I was working with the family's very closely as a balance here. We would get together I monthly basis. It is sometimes the center more than Matt is Wendy family members needed it is not necessarily me but maybe that. Bullet like you know what an a hole we on the week we need to know that somebody understands what we're going through. Is there isn't much has even your two family members that want to be there in care for you but they don't understand and that's say they've lived the life. But does it mean they can't help it doesn't mean that we can't share with a lot of times RBIs when doing this for so many years the one thing we always hear. Well I I don't know what you've gone through so I can't help you. But you can't help just being there and helping these these military families in our veterans. And all the situations that they're going through here in this and what they're saying if you see something different happening our there. So things change with them. Let someone know don't let it go. How we responded. The SS the F grant that we do in the buffalo office at 43 main street near Brisbane building. We Aaron SS PF program since its foresters has threatened families and we're funded through the Patriot Act. But the actual fashions are reset or started in Rochester it's 44 years old. ENDI where now for profit organization so everything is through strictly through donations and it goes right back into the hands of reference. Well that's that's why we do things like he's doing you guys do they can do it. Make sure that those donations can help I'll because obviously there for great causes Christmas that's that's what's important. Absolutely you know I'm just gonna piggyback on something that Marianne had mentioned them as a soldier when we serve our country and where away. We only have one thing in mind and that's to stay alive and come home we don't really know what the families going through back here I know at the time when I was serving. You know my family was constantly watching CNN and Fox News and and it was a while before we get to make your first phone call home and I remember Thomas Hanley than you know stay away from the TV watch the TV. It's only gonna create more stress and aggravation. That no one needs right now. And and that came even if that it was a really shares to. I'm what the famous for going through two I believe in secondary PT EST absolutely. It wasn't until. 2011 when my brother who. Mind you was serving and it is still serving. A special forces third group at a Fort Bragg was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. When he was deployed to Afghanistan Chapman. It wasn't till 3 o'clock in the morning when buying some cell phone ring and and realized it was my sister. You know instantly you get that cut feeling you know this isn't good. Him and answered the phone she says you'd rather just shut it. And I think that just gave me at a slight. Glance at what it's like to Pia and the other side of the fence now. You know because before I was the one serving national with the families going through now. My brother serving and again a small taste of what it's like to be on the opposite side of the fence in the mean time it's not a good feeling at all. Now I can I can imagine. Telus. Told the veterans not a scintilla of people out there who need help where to go what to do what are the steps that need to be taken. To be part of Italy they say they're listening this program and other people driving around right now listening Marion they're like. I need something I need help for the family member says I've a brother sister and uncle aunt that needs help. What they do I love and coming into the questions are resent her once again at 43 main street reasoning building our give us a call. And they'll command are doing and take notice that it went thing is is that we say they can come in and do an intake and is sit with her case managers and truly work with all the different. For writers partners that we have in the office which is neighborhood legal services Bellman housing. How we have the VA representative we have an appointment and we also have credit repressed and it's democratic house in they do budgeting but if they can't command we come to them. Our case managers will collapse then into a mobile intake. The only thing our program we can't do them are not allowed to do is going to homes but we can meet chick at a corner and it sounds ready can you share your porch we can do whatever. What ever it takes we're here about the veterans and their families which got the phone number. The phone number is 7164241892. In effect decide the plug in house so that we have a battle buddy program for the veterans to have camaraderie where different trends and mentoring. And also. He went out west your heroes has a similar program once again that's in never another collaboration that we do. To get our veterans together to work with each other to be able to just talk in to communicate. Is all about what the fat Chinese at this time and that's the goal line and move forward with. How are there any other organization people in the ocean one thing before Reid and I hear they did mention anything but it works with the use of like that I know the he had a couple of your mind last time as one make sure that you get in those were our Arab our programs are okay that was registered user rights one picture of our. If you north seller real quick as I know we have to going shortly put them there's another program out there that. The register VO OC had pulled us into cult near excerpt so if there's a veteran out there who are family member who feels that they need help but. Maybe it's not a service that western mercurial loser in Rochester can offer. It's OK you can still come into the office we can put into the state wide program and you know it. These veterans have gotten back to us a signal within an hour of putting me in the program. On the phones just been ring and and and thank you because I got the helping needed so again just because it's not something that. We might ourselves. Finance over her find connections financed but because we don't fund it doesn't mean we still can't can to help you just have to come into the office inspection program. To be and why heroes dot org is where you go to learn more about what's New York euros in all the different events they have going on. And you guys have any soda the website with the DOC RO BOC. ROC dot org is I guess if I make sure VO CRC dot org for the outreach center veterans outreach center Stephanie. Mary thank you very much for coming thinking I really appreciate that Chris for the toward a lot more great things going national this summer and you know sequel others as to whether this or want. You know I think being a weatherman is the only jedi can and we could be wrong and and still have a threat because I'm a service post arraigned today or not. I know exactly I know in. I'm looking out there and mechanical golf's brightest you know I needed that aren't they get very much for tuning in today we'll talk to you next week in next time you're in western York hero's veterans like radio and ESPN fifteen to. If you were someone you know was addicted to drugs or alcohol please stored this number or call right now 1804177740. That's 1804177740. 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The boy screamed as the doctor pride to braces from his teeth. If this 22 performance made you feel something imagine what an entire audible book can do this audible dot com to start your free thirty day trial. However 1 good morning welcome back to veterans like radio of course now Western New York hero's veterans like radio here on ESPN. 1529. Amos Alka pot you and of course as always. We talk a lot about the things that really impact our terrific veterans here that served and gave so much. Two United States of America and you're locally as well. Especially health and wellness issues business to career opportunities legal and financial place navigating the BA all very very important really glad. Once again to have our title sponsor. Back here with us today. Chris Krieger he's gonna join us here every week and veterans late radio Western New York here is veterans like radio Chris thanks a lot again it's gonna give me a lesson time used to saying that I'm really glad I'm saying that's a thank you very much thanks for having now and it no problem how how is the response been so far since. You know you've been attached year to veterans like radio would question New York hero's. It's been good we've been haren a lot of feedback whether it's. Twitter FaceBook phone calls. Of people coming in the office and sending you know we heard Abacha on the radio on my ship keep up to work and I know that you guys are really doing a lot of great work out there what you tell us about some of the things he really done. In the community to really help outs with the veterans yeah absolutely has absolutely. As everyone knows that a 100% of all funding stays here in Western New York not a dime of leaves that are guaranteed promised. And now in February we gave out over 151000 dollars means. Last month was over 101000 com and all that money goes to help veterans with a mortgage the rent utilities and any other life necessity needs that they might need at the time and we want everybody. To make sure they help out as well and you can. Go to WNY heroes dot org that's WNY heroes dot org you're listening to this program whether you are a veteran or not a veteran. If you if the only member if you don't give a friend who or you don't that served. Anybody we all owe. A debt of gratitude to all of our veterans who served in the armed forces they gave so much and right now here on western York euros veterans like radio we wanna make sure that we take care of them and we start by going to WNY heroes dot org and that's a big reason why Chris is here he'll be here every single week to bring some special guest to tell us a little bit more about this program and I'll let you reduce our guest today. Absolutely number honored to have Alex mills who's the director of playing your camp out in Angola that'll only is he the director of the camp but he's also a chaplain and and served in the united states army himself retired major so it's an honor to have them here but. The reason we brought him in was to talk about playing your camp in the relationship between them in Western New York hero's and we first got involved with them in 2012 because we heard about eight. Military children's camp that they put on and knowing that they're nonprofit we figure they can use funding as well so we can fund it through our kids are here is to program. Which allows the kids to come to their camp every year free of church. Well thank you very much for coming in Alex thank you it's good to be here so Alex I am with the relationship. Between playing her camp and question your care rose. I'm how many kids are able to actually go to camp because of this year we're going to be serving about a 150. Kids youth and teens from Western New York. And also from other areas around the country. Thanks and you know we touched and you yourself be in a the soldier and an a veteran non prison book thank you for your service and can you tell us a little bit more about that. I yeah I've actually served about little over 28 years in the US army absurd out as in this at soldier. And then in not 2004 I entered into the chaplain corps I served in. I Iraq Afghanistan I served anti ground zero in New York City and then mobilized a few other times as well I. Retired in by two years ago until got to ask the question that almost every veteran gets nasty illness. I I actually do miss that it. I'd miss him most of the time I don't miss some of it but I missed I missed the the soldiers I served with. New Hampshire and we we all seem to miss it and tell us little bit more about the children's military. We have been doing operation purple camp in partnership with the national military family association for. Ten years this is our attempt here working with them National Military Family Association is a organization out of DC. They this year they're doing twelve camps across the nation. And they it's a cost share with them so they provide us a little bit of funding. This year the funding they get is from wounded warrior it's a national organization. And so it's a it's nationwide. But Tom. A 150 kids ages seven to seventeen they will be coming. To the camp from a Sunday to. To Friday and they. Pretty much common is this like our other camps. The interest thing about these kids is that they are in the deployment cycle their families or somewhere in the deployment cycle. Meaning that they are their families are either have been deployed are currently deployed or are about to be deployed. Within the next fifteen months. It's interesting to watch these kids. Come together because they have something in common some of the kids when they come to our camp they. It takes them awhile to gel together because they come from all different places who knows where to its Christian campaign. The kids come together they can come from all different areas but when military kids come together they have a bond and that bond is is the military connection. And it's interesting to see them because. They kid just like with military members. There's a bond that chair they may not even know we teller. But they come together because the families know each other they have this instant connection. And the connection is the and so when they come into the cabin. Pages channel and that connection is just it's. Its interest and it's in the counselors who some who know nothing about military. They comment on that. So some of these kids don't know each other but they come from the same base. And I found it interesting at Fort Drum I was doing this once session with them when they we say where you from what unity your dad from and other bunch of teams there. And one kid said are from fort drama my dad's a commander of so and so unit and sell tickets at Fort Drum day unit. My dad's from the you know from fourth round. And their five kids from that unit. And they didn't know they're from me they're together they left a unit altogether knowing each other. The campus as a wonderful place for kids to be kids the armed. I'm slogan for that campus. Kids are heroes too. Because the kids who threw a lot of stress. They go through a lot of anxiety. When their families are deployed when their when their loved one when their soldier. Whether it's male or female mom or dad. Our overseas those kids go through a lot of anxiety a lot of stress. And this camp helps them select going to be a kid. And that's what we structure. For let kids be kids during that time. We want to reminder we were talking right now with major Alex Knowles from the pioneer camp. That military care for children. After military children to the party came for military children easier with a us. I'm Wes New York bureau veterans' life radio here and ESPN 1520 with myself sell about you anchor streaker so Chris little bit more about maybe what Alex does here to help Alfred for the children in. Maybe let the overall real goal is the mission and vision you know what you wanna what you wanna do here where you wanna take this whole thing. Really what we want with these. With these kids is for them to be. Comfortable to be in a place where they can just let go of the anxiety collect all of their their fears. During this camp they go through. Really they they have not treated like I said afford to be kids to go up the rock Walter do you zip lining to go out to being too. To archery kayaking paint my all they can't do they only owned the paint ball but excited you are. They do a lot of stuff that that that it air soft. Do it in a lot of fun things that they kids have an opportunity. To do but then. And MFA National Military Family Association. Does the other. Does some programming. To help them to deal with the anxieties. That they go through. Four. During these deployment cycles my favorite one is the top ten. Where the top ten things you like and don't like about being a military family. That. Goes through some very deep. Discussions. Why ruin like the PX I love the commissary and love the discounts. That we get at the movie theater. I hate it when mom is gone and I hated them when dad can't play with me anymore because he's injured. Or I hate when mom is her dad are are always stress. And things that that. And the bonds at that connects between McCain's. A lot of tears a lot of laughter. And a lot of connection. Think it's very deep a lot of just as a great opportunity for the counselors and for the staff members to. To canoe and communicate and connect with the kids crystal askew was the relationship than it was your heroes forming. With pine I knew him. Yeah absolutely well we've reached out to Alex and in the camp and 2012 so we're going on our fifth year supporting the camp and Alex had made mention about. In other slogans kids are yours too and it's funny because our program. For the children and our questioner Carol has called kids are here too so through their program were able to use that funding to help support. Alex Knowles and and the camp out there so that we can make sure that these kids get to go to the camp free of charge and I'm I know last year and this year we donated over 121000 dollars. And into the camp because again we want to make sure the kids are being taken care of in this is of no cost to the military. Spouse or the veteran who served. And by doing that in onward. We're able to expand elk that are even more and we actually had a chance to go to the camp last year and experience it was their own kids. And it was a great time you know the kids got to take part in everything that Alex had mentioned in very laid back. It's not like there's a schedule. Laid out you have to do this have to do that and it's just show up and have fun and get to meet others who is yeah absolutely no doubt as adults should get to be cancerous cells. A we we wanna remind her way to go to W in my heroes dot org of course to know all the things that what's your kid is doing. Especially for camps and kids and families like this but Alex real quick cup how can people get in touch with you with the camp learn more about the camp and thing like that. The best place. List ways to go to our website at www. Pioneer camp that's PI AO and EE RCA AMP. Dot org or you can call us at 7165491420. That's the best way to get a hold of us and our email is right on that website as well. I always like hear more from Alex and where to do that won't return next time I'm question York hero's veterans' life radio. My name is south of gotcha thanks to Chris Krieger has always been touted and much out those were gonna talk a lot more with the UN learn of him a little bit more when we come back next week thank you very much thank you. Do you suffer from peripheral neuropathy in your hands or feet. One drug after the other continual numbness and tingling burning and balance problems and decreased quality of life. And you understand the plot of the system you're locked into hello. I'm doctor Anthony Bianchi one issue that has long frustrated me is that many neuropathy sufferers. 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We talk about so many different really really important issues for our veterans community whether that's helping you. Or recognizing other veterans within the community. Or really just an opportunity for you to get involved within the veterans community so many people out there who really wanna do that health and wellness issues business and career opportunities legal and financial waste navigating to BA it's all very important course. Chris brings his experience and everything that they're doing over Western New York hero's. Each and every week curse good to see you once. Yen in LB had a great week are absolutely as always it's always great to be here of course you know again it's raining and I know April showers bring me flowers which you know. What's ironic about that we didn't plan the weather but we got the Coast Guard and air quality during and so my case I'll say it we have to build a boat we're okay animals so regret that we iron that's right they're gonna help us out for sure. I am. I'll let you introduce our guests and I'd like asking a little bit about the Coast Guard before we get into account what he's doing with what's New York hero's absolutely today in the studio we have with this command master chief of the buffalo sector Christopher murder. Chris congratulations on Jiri a your career here in the military and everything and thank you very much for what you do and thanks for joining us now. Having severe writes a tell us a little bit. About you yourself where you grow up in how did you find your way to Buffalo, New York is part of the Coast Guard. So I grew up in I'm actually from New York from a small town saint Lawrence Seaway why into New York. And missed in the coast are around eighteen years old actually in listed here in buffalo. When Mets it was down in Seneca tower. From there I went to our basic training Cape May, New Jersey. For kinda odd my first unit was station Cape May, New Jersey re cross the road from basic training so that was. Not very exciting at the time of it turned out to be great place. From there I went to machinery technician a school that's my rating in the Coast Guard them machine technician. From the and I've been and crisscross the United States. Washington State Alaska. Virginia. Then back to Washington and now I'm here at sector Buffalo, New York. And what do you think about buffalo new York and being here on the coast there we like the area I love the Coast Guard and and I love being near buffalo. This is where we want is my number one pick coming from Washington. In my life I planed to retire here. When. When we're done with the Coast Guard. Have two more years left here like I was near because you have everything here you know you have. All the stuff of the large city. Without having a large huge overwhelming city. You can go ten miles and any direction and be. Ian in the country. Right so it's nice we like of course the food is great about food at great thus far right of food is great and the schools are great answer right there and two small kids they go absolutely. Guide Chris I know you wanna talk a little about what the Coast Guard is doing and how we can all help each other. Yes absolutely we know that again the Costco trader in buffalo and a lot of people on the community really sheer with the job of course it is. Can you touch a little bit more and then maybe something you guys have come and OpenId case have something come on for next month. In contention and a little bit like yet thanks so the Coast Guard has eleven stance toward missions did the range from recreational boating safety. Search and rescue all the way ice breaking. Anti terrorism Force Protection we really we really spanned. Anything you can think of on the water the Coast Guard is really doing it. Sector buffalo. The current sector commanders captain Joseph refrained. Was so we control everything from Lorain Ohio. Which about a half an hour west of Cleveland all the way to missing New York well we have a marine safety unit Marines say to detachment. The dealing would we would call mostly the prevention mission. And then we have who called the response mission. Which is search and rescue law enforcement and we have multiple stations. Spanning the entire sectors are there like they are and how are they divided up. They're divided geographically. Mostly. My statement. Not. Not always by state I don't even know how many sector could you have more than you seek a multiple states right you have multiple new Yorker multiple in Pennsylvania let's say sectors are yes so for New York we have sector buffalo. And then sector New York actors in your city. But like Michigan. Would have. Sector Lake Michigan insect Detroit and actually sectors who see Emory so district nine has four is made before sectors. Each under the command of captain which in the Coast Guard captains go six. And then obvious sake recession about as some events that are coming up there's something next month the wanna promote as well a six year here a veteran like for you today yes we do is is very important for everybody to know that. May twentieth 226. Is national safe boating week and it's a it's a big push. After the Coast Guard and the rectory water recreation industry. The boating industry. We really wanna push to people. The importance of wearing a life jacket you noticed that. The in the Coast Guard will only get under way on our votes we are aware are light jackets all the time we have our personal flotation device in addition to that. We have. Personal pyrotechnics. Signaling devices. So no we're professional mariners. On state of the art votes. And and we're aware light jackets. I really do I really would like to push the public the imports of wearing a life jacket is not like they were. You know years ago where there's so huge bulky and you can't get around in and you can't do anything. When you can go to any any local store and with the daycare is building supplies and find something that's gonna fit. You know what you wanna do on the waterways skiing to being fishing. When kayaking. Which is another big push Democrats safety for us to inspect about a. We are talking with Chris Maarten he is the master chief petty officer of the US Coast Guard commander master chief command master chief of sector buffalo. Damaged at how. Different is it. Being in his coat in the coaster of a city that borders another country compared to many other cities around the country that's got to be. Quite different about some of the things you have to watch out for some of the rules things like that it's got to be pretty interesting. The aid it does for burn a lot of different things in the play for us actually 1000 washed and I was also a sector along the border. Sector Puget Sound. But it really. Where international law enforcement agencies sowed the border. Really represents. Policy challenge but it's deathly something that we need to keep in mind you know. We run into Canadian voters American voters. You have this smuggling in transnational crime concerned. And the northern border just like you do on the southern border. And we do a really good job the people a sector buffalo do great job. You know we are partnered DHS agencies Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol. Air marine HSI. Along with the local law enforcement agencies to make sure that they were doing everything correctly. By a by law and then we're also not providing the best surfaces that we can to the citizens of the news of the US. I got to ask you so. Just just out of curiosity you know everyone's all about. The movie partly it was the finest hour. Yeah and the movie the guardian it's about Coast Guard divers. But movie Garrity and is that it all even close to a troop Coast Guard diver. Would dogma rescue swimmers aren't so we call them aviation survival technicians and then when they qualify. To right and to be in helicopter they qualify as a rescue swimmers to have those. Rescue swimmers rate near buffalo our closest rescue swimmers would be air station Detroit. And in some air station Detroit provides the majority of their coverage for us. We also get a lot of help from the Canadian Coast Guard out of there there airbase in Trenton they did help us with a lot of a search and rescue case. They took a lot of artistic license in the guardian. For example they don't train in Louisiana they train North Carolina. But the training is intense. It's a pretty pretty rigorous selection process. And and our rescue swimmers are. They're very fit. And a jump out of helicopters in to some pretty pretty. Interesting and difficult that. Can imagine I can imagine. I'm just read a couple minutes left here in this in this segment and we're wanna bring out again we're to talk a lot about the armed recreational panel craft operation things like that things that people need to know about that. There may be people listening are now don't even realize about you know the career opportunities might be the coaster because we always hear about the army the navy the air force Marines. How would somebody go about that you know if they wanted to be part of the Coast Guard uses the same type of recruitment process and going senate just as you would any other branch of the military and you know I RE ice of the high school teacher I don't remember the Coast Guard coming. In our high schools like the army Gator than navy did. How they go about that. We'll do the Coast Guard in general we don't do haven't done a real good job approval of promoting ourselves but are close recruiter in this series in Cleveland -- so what you need to do is go do Coast Guard dot com. Our go Coast Guard dot com pardon me and click on find a recruiter in you finding your stricter and you fill out the form and they'll give you call and and they'll each start in the in the process. He you know list with a recruiter either Kurt can also help you. If you inches in going to the coast guard academy. In New London, Connecticut and a lot of people don't know we have our own service school Alec Annapolis to West Point. They're similar. If year cut in college or recent college graduate you can also. Top recruiter good officer candidate school. And and commission as an officer in the coast so there's multiple ways do. I listen I know while we this was really passing the board to bring out again we talk like a relationship with a question York hero's all the things you guys are doing how they can help you and you can help them and we Wyler along the more about that especially the recreational. Panel craft operation and how that's really blossoming here in western new York and what we need to do so Chris thank you very much Chris thank you very analysts think as college absolutely great show and we are. Have Chris back out again very socialist and into Western New York veterans like radio here on ESPN 1520. Well there you have another great episode of veterans like radio. Thanks for listening to be exciting new radio program that strives to educate our veterans community. Each week we're working hard to new local and national experts with a vital information relevant to your life. He if you appreciate what we're doing have some suggestions or would like to participate in this program pedestal and our FaceBook page or contact us and our website. Veterans like radio dot com. Join self podshow next Sunday at 8 AM for veterans like radio on ESPN fifteen point.