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Only you ABC sports network from your fields can live from San tour is so probably grilled corn transient world. This is UV football leagues later with a landslide goals presented by Santoro is still holding group. Also brought to you in part by our teen movie partners and pro sports column done. Like WG RC channel two Nike. Pepsi. Like tone BMW. All things aren't too. A it's closer to you. Which is where you'll also be. When we keep in with UB basketball insider again this coming Thursday but we're here to wrap up the bulls football season. Talk about the potential for this subject and not be over yet. We've got some great guests for coming up in the next hour including bulls wide receiver Anthony Johnson record setting wide receiver Anthony Johnson the nation's. Number two leading receiver will be here to talk to us a little later Michael Hobbs the nation's number two leading tackler. For the bulls will also be one of our guests will also talk with UB. Director of player personnel rock billet phony later in the game later in the show. And a lot of talk about the bowl chances it will make shake out in the next week to find out of the bulls. Are going to go to the third bowl in school history talk a little bit about that some of the records. We kicked the show off. With a says athletic director for communications John Fuller John welcome. To UB football insider. Lots of talk about here which is kind of fun particularly at this time of the year it's always good to be talking about the possibilities of another game and records and you. And thinking ahead a little bit to the possibilities for next year but let's start by wrapping up a little bit of it it's a simple question for you. Now he had a couple days to let this season and the season opening win soaking it. What jumps out you about the 2017. You before all season. I think resilience is the word comes to mind I mean it. They were that next man up attitude. Was never more true and in this team this year I mean this. You UV football team. Started three different quarter wrecks me if you back in 2004 the last time sort of quarterbacks and the one game a year so it's sort of place or three different quarterbacks. And MB 66 in bowl eligible for the third time's mistress has a lot about this program. And not only just. Start three quarterbacks but. The frequent rest want to throw for a school record of 3400 yards most ever done. Even a Mac champ QB yeah its temperature here in 2008 we played an extra two games. We and so that meant yours that this has a lot about you know those guys in this team his whole route his rally around that guys go down throughout the year. Guys today didn't they shrugged it off rallied around him and that you know whether Rio work hat and boots on every gain came in worked hard in in relief. You've been a pleasure to watch has really been my amendment favored teams Sonoma users UB yeah. And I and I think a lot of it has to do with where the program was last year as a building year and to take this with a four point improvement is. Unusual in college football right I mean you know I'm sure he'll dive into this at some point how many other teams in the country had four win improvements last year but. But it gold from a a year of development last year to the get the four win improvement. And to be competitive and every game idol part of the story this year is the sixth. It's 29 points but you could spin around and say there was not a game that did not go down last five minutes of the bulls didn't have a chance that we. Yeah you relive it Wii tennis as you are season six and six realistically there's. This team could be turned into maybe even better you are you know united returned to him I mean really during every single game even started a season that Minnesota. You go after it was by ten points and but it was really late score by them even did that they attempted. To be extended to ten points. You know you lose a game by ten points at Miami of Ohio which sort of freshman quarterback so that that could have gotten away from them quickly but they're in their teams that played art. They lost to one point gains to. Akron who's playing the Mac championship name this week in northern Illinois who's going to Opel and obviously what happening as western Michigan was in seven overtimes by three point have been there. And it's just so close but I think that's what makes this team great is they could have given up at any point throughout the year thinking cashed out plus another close game that's and that's pack it up. But they set at three and six and they just say. Treat every game playoff game over the last three. And intimidated do and worked hard and people lingering in one at Ball State and came home anyway that's thrilling game last Friday against Ohio and here we are successes yet. And more talk a little bit about we're six and six may potentially picked team in a moment but I ask you one question will go off the board. Regardless of what happens with a visible gay or not. Start to think about what next year could be an and the development of this team assured all those things he talked about when you look at the fact that next you're gonna bring your top two quarterbacks the top two running backs. Three of your top four receivers and three your top four leading tackler are all coming back. Boy it's shaping up that next year to take the next step for this program could be something really special. No question about it you know I think they're gonna learn a lot from this season regardless of when or where it ends and and only and only get better and the one thing the coast like pulled done. Great with his program in its he's finally they have to build some depth inhabit the last few years and now. It's this year younger guys new faces that dead do we know much about stepped up and you know and really go when they need to be. And they're only gonna get better street did it just seems only gonna get stronger we did play a lot of young guys it's guys like Colby green. It plays a true freshmen this year got a lot of valuable snaps back at safety spot we and you need to replace both your safeties and Ryan points and Tim Roberts. You know here's a guy who started or get a significant minutes is true freshman to see slide in there so. You know I think. Did depth that this team's built is really gonna is really gonna help next year. I think it's eight starters coming back on offense six on defense so right off the bat you you you're gonna have this veteran group of guys. That come back OK before I won't talk more about next year because we know that the chance that this year. Can continue and I know that. You know unfortunately. In the way that it works. Every schools do little lobbying and particularly where you guys are right now. In the fact that there are seven people spots. And there are 7019. Currently eligible with 66 records and a chance to three more of them could get their six wins next weekend. Soul I know part of what you win the Mac have to do is convince the bulls that they wanna have the bulls. Com played area and what goes into that a little bit and how you sort of shake out this whole bowl picture and are you getting any fuel for for we are. Things may fall. You know no feeling at all really you know at near record really know until we table we can do is. Is you know to promote our program pro V football as best we can and that's will be rubio are having meeting organ putting stuff out this bowl committees and in and his people mid American conference. Promoting what we have what do we have a dynamic offense we have incredible on quarterback. And we have my best wide receivers in the countries to commit wears you in the country. You have the second leading tackler entire nation on line at linebacker we used to be we score points. You know I have been doing. Just some distances them from one preliminary kind of mapped but it comparing us to other schools and of let's say just between us and conference US saying there are 66. Win teams right and that's really who were going to be going up against others six win teams that. How we get picked over them. Well the only one of all of those schools did finish the season three you know. So when we're definitely you're running up there's some teams and their group their lost three out of four there that are really struggling so I think you know from what I've bird. Is that you yes yen. Once. Dynamic teams they want people to tune their games they want you know and that's why we all watched football games out of the game that that they want Eisner television while. I mean this before a team right now is in Austin on all cylinders and I think you know. Went to agree I mean that I mean I'm himself issue and yeah it's okay curiosity but I yeah I honestly think that. Of the teams that the other six when teams were going up against. We are definitely one of the most dynamic of them in and you know I think it would show yet. And an part of the reason why other two guys are gonna join us for our next segment Anthony Johnson and Khalil Hodge quick comment on both the seasons that they had before we go to John Fuller with the assistant athletic director for communications. Analyst whatsoever from the often sort of on me Anthony Johnson's system. Incredible breakout season yours acute. Transfered from junior college Richard Lester ludicrous at routes and think a lot of people knew even what we had and we knew we had in the sense we saw on the practice field last year but. To see him doing what he's doing changes incredible second in nation in receiving second in nation in receiving touchdowns. You know you average average in between your heart attacks it's crazy to think. Like me every time he's the point could be gone in and that that's it's it's just he's just been a school record for touchdowns yeah broke name and wrote about school record for putts at that he did it in. Twelve games and was put that in fourteen and he almost. You know I'm human ribbing later if you entrap another touchdown at an early and imaging against Ohio you're broke the school record for receiving yards in his season so hopefully get a chance to break Erica is right and game. But he's just been incredible for us think real high to meet new we have in him last year when he was to start last year 123 tackles but two relief. You know he's gotten even better this year and the coaches talked about how you know he trimmed down a little bit you know in India more -- one's position and for him there. I mean it 154. Tackles amendment and let them back by 37. Its factories it and here's the thing like our rates are about to Shannon's are all time meeting. Tax rate is four and four year Q4 tackles. For him to safety so most it's tackles downfield for a middle linebacker whose. Homes in tackles for loss he's getting tackled at the last there's new alliance which was not like we have a good defense a solid organ in the outfield and he's the last like offense I think it's goes to show how much better defenses two and a great job it. Oh called for in his time. You know he's. He's an incredible player to rain and I think we just need to keep known drug keep recruiting linebackers and being real and America that you feed his. The byline and if that it is a lot more light back if you if you know linebackers neighbors via the same way. Right place that he wants the company and myself I hate John thanks good luck getting a lot of work to do it is sort you're Super Bowl ahead. As they are up publicity guy here to make sure the world Knowles why they wanna see you be playable game and what you gonna do a great job the job bowlers Isa athletic director for communications theory you'd be when we continue UB football insider from your exit Torres beat the public grill on Miller's support highly UT UB campus the aforementioned legal hot and it Johnson will join us. Talk about this c.s and their accomplishments that's when we return this is that you football side show up. Probably if you. Buffalo sports fans quite an alumni arena Saturday December 2 when you beat men's basketball team that was big for rival saint Bonaventure. Jeff Walters at 2 PM. We're tickets and more info losing UB bulls dot com or call 1877. 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Trip to wait bowl game in the month of December that did you that was this or that you guys we talked an awful lot about it Harper's segment but. We're gonna go right to the source here on Apple's wide receiver Anthony Johnson. And bulls linebacker Lille Hodge first question for both you we'll let you start on this one. Well as the weekend like after an emotional team but people win on Friday at Ohio knowing that. You're in a position to maybe play some more but what looked kind of what wrapped around your head all week long you on Friday it was definitely. Fun locker room in the most exciting has been a long time and without the budget honestly it was just lost the political war. This just keep scored nudged him. If things in the rubble so you New York had a root. Fort root against whereas hit that golf all UVs wade did not not at all actually yeah I get what would you crossed as some of those guys you may know on some of those teams better. There replied that whether they Peter didn't help but your cause or not it's almost a week it like for you or did you have a chance to reflect a little bit on. What this season has been likened. Not only for you but for this team as a whole. And me ads like that like those exciting moment for everybody you know like it was just amazes don't know when that game in the we've known it was able notable game. No after that lay auto guys hung out you know had a good from what is so excited noticeably. You know it it was it was an emotional season for you guys on both socks emotional with some of the terrific wins emotional with some of the very disappointing losses arm. He's almost better that way I mean is it better to kind of live on the edge a little bit. Amir Abu want to know like issue that we had no light where farmers that was got a bit of stick together through every day you know. Haute everybody down like he keeps his closest fight as we did. Do you think it brought this team closer together Leo particularly knowing that you had to wean your last three games in order to put yourself in this position I think so definitely more gossip before the the senior class just me so much this team and underclassmen and you know we just know them don't some seniors and one mission to get a chance to it will mean to justice accomplishing them action should the one problem. Tournaments and get them what to we need to get the chance colonial to think about this whole season not only for you individually but for this whole team. What's gonna jump out of you the most and and I know the last chapter has not necessarily been written. And our thing I think just the progress image is available on home defensively offensively all phases of the game. I charged remember you know. The game's not really be keep being games remember closest to settle laden this year we've been in every game plan and even within turn obligations to some of them. You know until they've all been really really close and personal with me on this is to plentiful Iraqi plan for boys and those standards are. It was a different for you because this was your first your political hat here to play last year but. But as you reflect on this season was it different for you because you've finally got a chance to get out on the field. It was really different to go you know like news. Where most is when a game in the wind no way faster players guys actually buy like the top when things like Hugo it is a little easier against. But I've managed got him he didn't not like to tackle. Chavez get through a note just stick to our rotating do what I do best. And make a lot of places seem out of office though. Is there a little bit of a different bond between the two you guys because you both did go through that junior college route to get here. I mean not really knows it's you collapse later but it goes to Hussein from an average of cool. Now I don't know what goes on the Cali blame on visas. I'm half on a much coaches like it middleware. And as it was through. What you Leo what you know meet if it is there's a bunch of guys on your team do you know what I don't you guys take pictures together just political level on the yet there. I think so it definitely. It can college. It is news on different you know I mean some listeners I think it definitely did the ball and at least. This district called little chip on both the shoulders speak because for whatever reason I don't they were different pieces. For the two you guys for whatever reason was their some feel like nobody wanted me and I had to go that route. Well this that it to a little bit of a personal motivation. Yep it's going to call you don't really don't like what can happen like what the situation even if you go there doesn't mean you. Get offered to line played really got to push through it like kinda agrees and has to maintain. It is hoped light plus college you play it can go anyways didn't go. About the youth who have yet doubled to Washington. That the easy way. I mean just londoners always going to be in the Bagram on. As high schools on and honestly. Just never forget it right Spiegel bulls linebacker clue Hodge and bulls junior wide receiver Anthony Johnson we're here chip towards pizza public guerrilla Miller's court highway. For the UB football insider show. All right I want you guys to give you little assessment on each others season here right. Are you both number two in the country at what you do best goalie will break down what you soft. Johnson. As Evan great year meaning. You know he's a big part off. He's genome many reasons lines you know we'd be good connections to people owed to. Ortiz a corner in the Mac in the country and from. Have a more marching suppose these are only one linebacker in the country that could guardian. Had a great season you know like he makes a lot of Tavis was it like he's got a slightly distant ball. You want it and everything you can't you know make those who may blaze he managed to get who have make those big plays flow as we need in the. Most yet we're gonna talk a little bit in the next segment with you collegial about your interception which ones will will will really be one of the most iconic plea is that this season. That cleaves is the we in this against Ohio and and I don't wanna make sure that if fans haven't had a chance to see it. There's a great picture taken by Paul Wilkinson. Of UP of you know her hands wrapped around that football with a wide receiver and at Walt we'll make sure liked Altria evidenced portraits of people could see it. So when we talk a little bit about it but. Let's talk a little bit about what could happen here next it is that a little nerve racking. Knowing that you don't know whether you're gonna get that prize that. Could see that prized right in front you with a bowl game is going to be crazy couple days to figure out what only the other. Yeah it is going to be pretty crazy you know like we got so we got to work out of stuff still bullet. He's like we've relief I would deserve you know like where's that we've been too light on a flight all we're gonna put down fight win those games. I just don't usually worry these guys today don't we just loses death that no one really wanna know. When asked is that what you think Clinton is too desperate that they'll definitely has them usually Nolan from on the blowing him away or you know was Cuomo were planned. Images and those of the next it is him. Americans aren't so so fight brought like. For guys who represented bulls sat down right Freddy here exit doors be open grill almost like we're in a courtroom here. A way to make your pitch polio to those guys as to why they need to have a couple of their. A home. I think we're in sight of what's in the lot so I can care for implantable. It's and it's a close game knows what went out alarm can be comfortable. We have an explosives often you know with the dynamic tournament and then she. But Goran about. No I mean it was a great defense agree decent line and linebackers experienced is not doing that of the 616 I think that we. He showed in those soon be picked formal art Anthony woody think what's what's your pitch to those guys all right how else. Welcome Leo what would you say no often get the best offense and we got one of the best for them back. We had like a few issues blew it with all the fault of those who was there of area northward and afloat when he was so where have we didn't play on an annual guarantee that that people want to turn you off early monopoly that you guys playwright the readings will stay consistent. Right till the end of the game right idea which which wears people out a little bit but makes fun to watch a lot of big plays for us and play well there you go art speak of the big plays we're gonna talk with Anthony about his season. About a lot of the peak place. Had when we come back for our next segment where exit doors pizza pub and grill on Miller's port highway and this is that you play football insider show all. Probably your deal. You've got the closest you can get you the football game with a big screens again again. Experience safe and secure. In the official ticketing partner of the university of buffalo. Save the suspense for the game not think gate over surely your tickets are 100% authentic guaranteed in the think he keeps you from seed. He lives just go to Ticketmaster dot com search for UP football and be a part of the big game. Buffalo sports fans. 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Only can we say we are you original San Jorge feeds coming grow great food great people great fear. Okay forest animals and kids are coming into the forest and it's up dust and visited at one sparrow had to practice the most popular bird songs for the year. Catchy I like. River house the temperature is a refreshing 62 degrees Matt Lovett turtle he's not here yet man yeah. He's late every morning okay. Swirled the forest has been preparing just for you to learn more about cool things to do in the forest visit discovered the forest dot org brought to you by the US Forest Service and the ad council. Welcome back to the football side he'll fly in public works. I'll draw upon our sport highway witness. Football insider as we wrap up the bull see to that it did on Friday. Talk about the possibilities of the season will not be over yet. As they only play an announcement that will come formally this weekend. As to whether the bulls are going to people or not we continue to be joined by Apple's junior wide receiver Anthony Johnson and and Anthony I'm what are rattle the numbers off here and I just wanna get you to react a little bit. 76 catches thirteen 156. Yards seventeen point eight yards per catch and fourteen touchdowns this year. Those sound like video game numbers that you actually. Accomplished every one of those away because you're mine. This is a great feeling you know have a court race you know we had a gimme the ball in May be placed this offense. You know I came so out of record you know hopefully this bogeyed his ball game I give you put it. You know about fifty yards shy of this of this single season receiving yardage record set by any minerals that you were number one the back yard number one receiving touchdowns. Number two in the country in yards. Number two in the country in receptions some meet. There's a lot of good receivers in this country. You allowed yourself but not an opportunity to look at it go hey I'm the number two ranked receiver in the country. I mean yeah I know is is other guys out there blimp cow iPhone was all I have to do we know our responsibility. Investigate laws and make plays whose team has scored a ball out of his office. Scorn that's 150. Feel like it got easier for you as the season on. Yeah did they get easier no money I got a better liked about the game I kind of like study corner or more. Like seeing how to play united to combat zone in like some corners likes to open one hole on opposite what I do and that's missed the benefit if. Don't and I thought the office changed a little bit and evolved as the year went on in order to get the ball in your hands a lot more bubble screens we saw. A lot of passes just stuff to get the audience what you would do really well which is one after the catch. On the knew it was to move me around missing like we could be friends how to defense plays in a move around like to slide knows all of those emotions play kind of throws them off. So that's that's a little we stuck with back that there was like confusing the defense wells moved around alive and well. And at that was a pretty good indication for you that when you do all that moving you get a really good feel for how teams are defending you or whether that's going to be opportunities for is that how much that helps. You have allies know you now of aren't most reliable and would Iran do this team and what do. All right well it was a big week last week for this program. The win over Ohio the ability to get to 66 of people eligible and to be very honest with the Anthony what are the other big pieces of news last week was the interview you did the story with a Buffalo News where you've said that you are coming back. Ford next year and I think it's a tribute to you that people were wondering it. Whether you would be thinking of going in the NFL early not something that often happens for a mid American conference player but I want. How how much wedded to that decision how much did you think about it on it was or what time where you where you wondered should I take my shot at it now. I'm not opt out about a lie you know with the season I had but I had to think like as a a home a lot of Gaza's play in light of the vote visions that. Play that's all the years only play one year place Gaza one look at that like SEC ACC list the got a lot of guys a friendly solves like. The rest just come back your way must have been a better predicament you know it's kind of like being some like last round Taipei and I want gradually zone did wonders. Well that that's that's that's good if you're saying that's important now we've talked in the show before you have this incredible. Network of NFL people that you can tap into for vice DP clouding your cousin Johnathan Joseph your cousin. Cordero Paterson we grew up with a place for the raiders Stephon Gilmore who's going to be back in buffalo depleted bills as we get. Talked to those guys at all that you asked those guys what they are vices. But not only does a guy like climbing know what it's like to come out early what those guys are in believe they what you'd be thinking about getting into. There was certainly did my own migrate my track brazen like she was badly they also understand like is my decision blow when a graduate when. And like could now send the same thing displaced in March after he was like 201 gradually. I'll blazes. I'm just gonna stay you know graduate. You know I I I know what talked in a four players before and a lot of NFL guys say the best I've ever had their life was when they were college play college football right it's fun. You're around your buddies your have a ball the NFL's great faith in the money is great but it's jobless a lot of pressure on. Those guys say I have another year of fun. The NFL's gonna be the air you're gonna be in a position to play unit was that part of device that will the guys to. Did it there is somebody you know what are you know like I added to a much of an element colleagues because NFL I don't know. Like is strictly business in north ultimate line basis for a business like to see watches him home playbook and all oh lord. But you can be cut like that so that's LaMont who have not far from now if you'd better learn the playbook and on the. Aren't well we're glad you're gonna be back next year because we like having your round are added that sets up. What really has the potential to be pretty special year next year because as we talk about what John for the first segment. Almost alt key guys in the scheme were back particularly in office almost all the guys that have. Caught most of the passes from most of the passes and run for most of the yards are all going to be back so if you think about. What not only your your could be next here a little bit about what the. But to this team can be next year. You know they'll a lot of guys comebacks first offense they'll lose got on some key guys on defense split. Got to go couple got us up on the offense. Losing like three seniors vote doesn't doesn't like I maybe played this year like tone. Decades in a and got some freshness come into light in a pretty decent like those guys made big plays for this is so for the pretty confident an exit. So so as as much fun as this year has been next year has the chance he could be more special doesn't it. The F like makes it a lot all right well good and we're glad you stick around we'll talk about the rest your wide receiver war as we've seen all year long those guys have made big plays a thought. The body holes he played really well down the stretch AG Oz forty goals and punt return. One of the biggest plays of the season and return on Friday it'd even Antonio got a couple of weeks but made some Anthony Johnson like yeah big yardage plays against Ball State. These sets of what you've seen in the role of the wide receiver corps. On tape they can taste of the big time you know he's he's a fast got physical guy as good as you can see he's made a lot of the players from those commodities came to for us. In the dynamite. Has made it I suck me is tone you know hasn't like who hasn't played that much we came and he went a couple guys made the plays that we think you made was he made before is like big Tom moment. Is Derek guy that we don't know about yet like we didn't know much about you. Or at city jobs or org or eight. You don't next year could be what are the next ones. Well we. First Rodney he's the he's the Rockies got from mark and I he's a good guy known prices or like his routes and them. He's a good route runner up he's going to step well meet the weight room with a mourn all Latin is completely are right there acknowledged. Not like the wide receiver corps needs any more weapons but it's good and other might be a couple more coming hey congratulations on the season. I hope for what for the rest of the guys that it is not the last time we get to this that we're gonna have the chance for you guys showed the nation. Who you are double team and certainly we're happy to note that you're going to be hang around here throughout the year because like you imagine. After all it did this year what the potential might be next year. Yeah I want Britain record all right there you'll see setup and and break him again I love it if they congratulations on the year thanks for being here on part of as part of you people points artery feel like art that's pulls due to wide receiver Anthony Johnson. Good news on all fronts for me at city when we come back we shifted back to the defense talk a little bit. With the real hot gold make sure you check out that picture but decided yet what governor asked about it. When we return to sit towards the public guerrilla Miller sport this is the UB football insider show. Pro player field. On fall Saturdays there's no better place to take in a bulls football game and in addition it's club to get shipments club provides bulls fans when an unparalleled setting in which to experience a football game day thank you. UV stadium featuring club and lodge seeding premium parking complimentary food and beverage service so much more to reserve your seat in the senate club. 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He lives just go to Ticketmaster dot com search for UT football and be a part of the big game. Look in their mouth and poor parched mouth would he relies shock dust to defray storm sand castle. You're being awfully quiet zone because your mouth feels like the business end of a drama saw. Is because you're not just wrote a haiku and all seventeen syllables or dry heaves. Right now your mouth to be tongue raving and refreshing citrus kicker Mountain Dew instead of feels like you've been motor boating can cut sarcophagus. Sure some mercy cracked open an ice cold mountain dealt with. How can remember once you do that do. Welcome back to the union football insider radio show we're here she's tourists means of public girl on. On Miller's court I would not friend this week. But not Miller sport highway here at each other CA source location we're talking. You people's football the end of the season the outstanding and exciting when he gets Ohio on Friday. And the possibilities that this will not be over. As the bulls are apple will to bullet just wait and see how it all shakes out joining us for another segment as bulls junior linebacker Leo hot democracy that you Julio. That it it would Anthony which is read off your numbers and just what you react. To a season that had a 154. Tackles six and a half tackles for loss three sacks two interceptions and two forced fumbles. Pretty good that the standards. You know over the barrier goes that you're you're definitely. Just kept a critical moments of those huge credit is due to launch because of from. Everyone actually mean those votes all want peace you know movement as a you want to be number one in the back in tackles by 37. Over the second leading tackler in the back and you want to be number two in the country right now in total tackles. You know I'm always intrigued by eight. Whether an athlete looks at any of that stuff and thinks about rankings and things like that. Do you give yourself a chance to even. Glance at this sheet that's got all these that's not a seed and that here we go and I highlighted for yet you know total tackles number Google real hot in the the country. I try not to good a lot of Mark Rosenbaum and you know us and stuff. My dad and asked them to easily send me an answer for their air for that have helped send you out of the of the days. Much rather than look at a muscle. I do CO you know bull what does that tell you about the way that you were able to work hard and improve your game and as you pointed out about the guys who have around. Yeah definitely. Mean you know our workers often in our league tried to hone in almost didn't all season. China's trying to become the most complete linebacker Camby and just in terms of defense and justice so many good guys around as a means. I'd like 45 guys on the defense of loans and you know Mac mark you frequently so. I just a credit to the guys all bingo room not only did you have I think about thirty more tackles that you and Lester but you meet or beat place issue was that something. That you were focused on in the offseason all that hard work it interest in it's something you thought about how you take your team the next level yet doesn't know for me toggle as you know I've always kind of been on the ball and under those can be either. I want to view can change you know hope influence and much of. Are well there was no better example you'd be making changes in right at the end the Ohio game. Right down in the final minute their down by seven they have a four to twelve from about what was it about the fifteen yard line. Quarterback scrambles rose to the middle confers tight end. And you're there to tip the ball up in the air and then as you go grab the interception. They're wide receiver comes over that's the picture that I've been talking about all our that we that I just tweeted out on on my public Twitter feed that back on sports. Taken by UV's Paul Wilkinson that shows forehands on the football. Your two and the wide receivers do a white take me through that whole sequence of that play if that. That moment and how it is the you were able to pull that ball way it needs a weak frames after that picture. You know that the clergy and those located in and as for the flow on and that in a couple of new you know they're gonna try to just took it into the end zone. And I'm not going to be almost sacked on in the coming off of it and chucked it of us that are caught the first on. Ball ordered a little bit and once it was a fitting if you don't know anything it is. It. Doubt you even go on the picture that we saw all four hands on the ball. The Q as you went to the ground pretty much is because of simultaneous catch spirals Apple's goal. To the office so everybody's its erotic you know it could call it the other way definitely couldn't lose close school. As soon as symbols and our content which is could. Did you know it right at it you know yeah yeah I think ideally Ohio I know it's I think saw how how bookmark has an oil laden Condit Connick tried to gate group vote that you. It almost felt like I look at that picture and thought of that play. It was so typical of the way the whole season has gone right right down the edge off a finger tip our hand away from one way or the other. In some ways that that bowl with and that sort of typified with the years like August neglect equipment. Up how was like to play in something like that'll time when with every game seem to ride on one player and other all of them honest I mean some again in court. It is. Definitely views Israel full blown up Anderson. What what. Most proud of your group as a defense and you're one of the captains certainly of the team but. Oh lead on the eve of what you most proud of of what your defense was able to do when they took a lot of strides from a year ago really improved almost every statistical category you know I think I think you can be improvements. It is you know we know was when all will be more will be more of veteran group like us and that. A huge credit to you know conflict here for an additional harm you know we are in the in the film room you know countless hours and off longer really understand the game plan and understanding. You know what office and done I just hope to hold decently you mention each male who's one of the seniors and we can talk about Ramon Harris and Chris Ford and Tim Roberts and libelous the other guys were seniors on your team. How much did those guys. How much of the legal way for how much did they push you guys and how hard is it could be seen him go hopefully after one more game. You zombie remarks in a first off. All of those you know than just me so much and he's using an owner around this. Just our class in those armament offered on here. Injured in those first guys really you know Crimean police she can play in the early instead of you know could very competitive little knob. I really mentally an important part of them here. Speaking with bulls junior linebacker Khalil hot here the UB football insider radio show all right you know like dole and I've been saying this because we know that the season. Is not likely going to be over yet. But do you allow yourself a little bit of a time to think ahead to what next year to be like because even though you lost a lot of those good guys there's a lot of core guys on this need for its common back. And a lot of core guys in this team coming back next year has the potential to be pretty specialty eve Fiona yeah. Yeah definitely filled and now both sides of the ball office and defense. This year farmers young group and I think nation you know going to leave Austin in writing. Understand we have the state I think you can designations such. How much is simple game gonna help. Some meant that even more or I guess but if pulpit around and if that if things don't fall your way how much might that be a little motivation for next year yeah I think either way I think is gonna Obama's. If you get global images. Give us more on practice you know more time in the film more times than football as a whole miss another game for a for all of us. If we don't go you know we know more capable of you know that was six decision. We've lost you know filming close games and we know the maxim should not follow. All right well let's I don't BP we watch Akron and Toledo played a Mac team to game on Saturday known to bite you went that far away from being himself but. That could be the motivation for Dexter congratulations on an outstanding season that I hope is not over for yet. Thanks for being a great spokesman. For this team as well doing the Scot Shields post game interviews all that stuff is not easy it would have been our our troop run at all your long thing so. He is a little hot she is the bulls leading tackler at the nation's number two tackler and we hope we get at a few more of those 154 tackle totals. With a bowl game the Lille congratulations on the season thanks for doing so that you bulls linebacker a lot when we come back. We grabbed the coaching staff's perspective on the season. With director of player personnel rock felon Tony when the UT football radio show could change this from any air exit tourist on Miller's court. This Uga football its starters Joseph fraud clear field. You come the closest you can get you the football game with a big screens you can again. Experience safe and secure. The official ticketing partner of the university of buffalo. 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Let's make alumni arena allowed women you meet men's basketball team most big for a rival saint Bonaventure Saturday December 2. It's the annual wideout alumni arena game and all fans are encouraged to Wear white to the game. Don't miss out on the chance to catch regional rivals compete on the hardwood tip off is at 2 PM. For tickets and more information visit UB bulls dot com or call 1877. You. Welcome back this historic feat. The public grill on dollars for highways mean. Football insiders Joseph final couple seconds here before we get out here at 6 o'clock. Talking about the UB bulls the end of their season and the potential that the season is going to continue with football game which the bulls will know formally. By this coming Sunday. We'll talk a little bit about how coaching staff is handling all that. Is I guess the only coach that is an out recruiting right now that view a rock felon Tony the director of player personnel everybody but it looks like pulled her out trying to get. Get the next wave of bulls so you're part of the executive in charge around here right on flights that actually. Could avoid Julie audio yes that it the administrative assistant so so how do you guys as a coach if you'll. With the week that you may have to keep your players focused and locked in a and maybe not and and it's is it a little bit not a little bit. Weird I think it's a little bit we're for the guys they still have their lifting times need to get away from continue to get bigger stronger faster. We told them to use this week as you know a chance to work ahead academically as they get closer final exams and you know just try to stay fresh but the bodies recover a little bit and I think we'll get back to work on the field a little bit earlier in the week yes or and then as soon as you get word on yes or no when where who'll then then it's all full steam ahead as coaching staff right absolutely will get a couple workouts in the end of the week and then hopefully it will stay sharp so that we duke of world war. Be clicking on all cylinders and get back to work one. The nice things you always your coaches talk about the ability to go to bulls. It gives you like two extra weeks to practice which is geared towards the ball game but also can start to be geared towards the future in the season and all that kind of stuff so those can be invaluable if you get the opportunity. Right the extra work with the developmental. You know work that our freshmen don't get that we're in Richard collier they've been on scout team all year they actually get to run our offense and defense. All of our owner we get some live work ethic of the good singles guys to get to a head start going into spring ball as a sort compete for jobs picture talking with the Rockefeller Tony the bulls director of player personnel. This your first year here UV after many years in the coaching business but interestingly enough. You came here from Florida Atlantic where you with a defensive coordinator and the work the schedules. Had you playing year old team I know you got a lot of Rodham a lot of publicity. A lot of you're all players have very nice things to say about you what was that moment. Like forty coaching against those guys this year. I was a little strange looking down at the sideline and seeing all my guys get ready for the game and you know open to watch him play was a little bit different. What it was it was pretty satisfying day hopefully that. And got to see him after the game a gutsy bunch of people before the game supports that and some of the assistant coaches it was it was pretty good catch up with those guys yet. And as it turns out. York team the bulls were the last team to beat Florida Atlantic they would be to know it conference USA. They you know won the division they will play for the conference USA championship this weekend. It'll it pretty amazing story that certainly makes the bulls win that looked pretty impressive. Yeah no doubt them we knew this season was going to be special to you all the guys that were recruited are now juniors and seniors. And it took a beating for a couple of years in the rule we news that your Foreman. It's not doesn't surprise me at all that they ran through a conference this year and it is so I think nice little. You know a good thing for our program that we beat them I mean there have agreed year and we beat him at a conference yet I've and I know it's a little bit of fools gold died too much and all the poll projections and mayors and whatever but I did see one that. It might have the bulls projected to play in the Boca Raton bull which take you right back. The the F that you stating that if you're that Chevy wooded no but I think a bureau with that I drive there myself to play as well there you go so that is a potential. Lenny spot tell a little bit about your background and your career how you wind up. Here this year the bull. It will come from port just in New York which now questions are which the same town as rob Ohno. He's old male model I think it but I think that make it makes the real coaching right there are all absolutely. But you know in 1995 I was a small division three school and he told me use that Wisconsin at the time you get through Omaha. Coast up by UNO one NC Lance pulled the work he's demanded a stop by there one time excuse myself than you know kinda kept in contact with them over the years. I want to Drake university in Matt worked with some great coaches there aren't a lot of football and I went to eastern Illinois. As a defense coordinator and we had that deepest clinic every year brine Portland Christensen came a couple times. So I've known a lot of guys on staff here in new plants we actually ran into each other he tells real time at the Disney World around Christmas time 2005 he saw me it is the and it's kind of coincidence if so. Anyway at eastern Illinois to see you back in the parts of the Caribbean ride across a lot of actors Mexican at a over. But you know outside eastern Illinois. Things you know our head coach retired it's a long story but I went to Villanova. I was here for two years and I want to FA UN in you know coach partridge public goes so we all kind of rout of the job and I'm numb my wife that some adversity whispering in a helper and you know does the time there. Worked out here July. Right well good and it is it's good to have you don't give me a sense of it's kind of dropping into the middle of this program as it's sort of help will be eating itself up under coach like Paul what are your impressions have been this year and obviously not just. The results this year but the potential for next right it's it's been a lot of fun and we have a good group of guys that in the building that I get to work with everyday players. Are hungry to be successfully work our. We've had you know a lot of so a lot of great times a lot of tough times this year with some post losses. And a little Lenovo you know heart taxis and some times true blood you know I think you know a lot of our guys are coming back that are produced wars will lose some very very good football players. But I think the programs getting to the point now with with a couple recruiting classes that they can replace some good players with the other talented players. And I think the potential is there to have a good season next year we have a lot of work to do and have to get a lot better certain areas. Which shall make it you know something's a focus on its horrible how satisfying for this group and how happy would you be for this group if things fall in place and you get to play another game couples where you sorry I mentioned to a few guys. It just wanna be right if it didn't happen with everything they've been through you know the seniors a coaching change. The death of a teammate I can't imagine what are but he went through. At that time and then you know some of the adversity early in the season lose some close games. But continue to you don't fight back and win three games in a row at two different junctures of the season is says a lot about the character of these these players. So I I think it's only right that they get another opportunity deployed its work good football team we we played a really tough schedule and you know being in conference USA I know with that conference is all about it in. I would be afraid of anybody in that league and I think we have a good football team and I deserve deployed. While hope a couple of Laurie you know Ortiz and applaud. I don't bakery and rock volatility of the bulls director of player personnel and we hope. That he'll be over the next few weeks ready for one another bowl game rock book and while all patiently as things I'm by no idle for the fog because apple fans order from watching on FaceBook like right now in baseball practice oh. Go get them boys practice right hopefully we're down there and Florida in the next couple weeks the whole Allen told Yang you could fuel cell sites have deals are immaculate audience the bulls director player for what we come back we'll wrap things up with a Bryant all year on the UB football soccer shelves from your. Buffalo sports fans let's make alumni arena while women UB men's basketball team those big 40 rival saint Bonaventure Saturday December 2. It's the annual wideout alumni arena game and all fans are encouraged to Wear white to the game. Don't miss out on the chance to catch regional rivals compete on the hardwood tip off is at 2 PM. For tickets and more information visit UB bulls dot com. Or call 1877. You. This meant that town BMW please it's when he seventeen BMW three Tony I extracted an opportunity fund per month only to be on serve until 5051105052100. Plus stuff like 8215 mainstream and Williams film today talent BMWs. Was proud of eighty official auto pilot. You via athletics and our special pricing can you be students and employees. Prices performance we got this coach join our hometown team and let's have a winning season we'll. Attention UB bulls fans students alumni and staff for you shopping for a mortgage call premium mortgage the experts at home financing in the official mortgage lender of the UB bulls premium mortgage as local Western New York processing and underwriting and offers a large variety of financing options and competitive rates and terms call now to speak to one they're educated and experienced loan officers at 7166330501. More visit premium mortgage dot com 2150 morally drive suite 200 Amherst New York went fourteen to want equal housing lender licensed mortgage banker NY SD FS and analyst number ninety why anyone. Geico presents a voicemail from your friend tree branch. I it's me tree branch so about the other night look it's no secret your roof and I never quite got a long it's a roof then I'm a branch and that's how these things ago. But I'm calling to say I'm really truly sorry about what I did to your gutters and skylight and also I'm upping the damage that. Sure he's never paper roof damage luckily one call to the Geico insurance agency makes it easy to switch and save on homeowners insurance. Welcome back to the football insider show where a team towards the public real odd dollars or highway just off. Campus my name's Paul Beck now joined by Brian wolf the associate director for athletic communications. As we wrap up this week show Brian we've touched on almost everything we need to football allies and not knowing. What's gonna happen with another team for the bulls we've got a few more weeks that died and that's all in the meantime let's talk a little basketball because while everybody's been kind of locked in on the football. And the chiefs verbal. Both basketball teams do a lot of nice things to give everybody will look you know we're. Things Iraq yeah I mean there are some really good performances this past week you know you have the chance to come down to the Cayman Islands with with the men's basketball team. Start up of before that you know that the bulls had a really big win against a really good Jacksonville State team before. Prepped for UB electric announced that team that won the Ohio Valley Conference last year to pick to win league this year. And the bulls go down to two became an island place Cincinnati. Ranked ranked team in the country plane to six point got it within four it's a Cincinnati team that have been below. In teams out and in the update on the last two games announced by over 25 points each of those two games it won games at home by like 3040 points. On the justice to the city's UV team. Played and to a six point gain in its with him for it was was really nice easy to massacre osment point nine points and rebounds and that team. Then you know it's it's to create departments and you turn around the next day after he just. Latest this this Houston Cincinnati and that was a season it was a physical and were at the football show it was it was a while data on the scout ages wallet and it's. And then you know in the bulls at you know play UA be coached by. Turner battles was there associate coaches Agassi you know former you know you be hall of famers great Steve turner and clear their family. And the bulls fight back and win that game. In overtime in an act in a game you saw which is just an the most exciting second half year old shorthanded as well yet they were you know little shorthanded. Notables laws you know. When we lost proper term in the in the first game in and he's India for a little bit so there really was not a lot of post in the or death votes that should say or post. You know armed and that I don't add depth in the post threat and data date they did a great job in. Then the last day you played or hilly get South Dakota State team the team that also went determined last year won the summit league was picked winsome league this year. They have a guy they named Mike down whose cellular saying it could possibly go to the NBA he had a thirty point game against U beaches that is 868 he would. And he was he was so good at that. The bulls had such a hard time guarding and that also won 61 doctor carruthers the neck deep the player of the year says coach let me guard him. And you know there's when there's a seven inch difference there Eaton gets points let. In adopted in England and let him get anything easy so I thought it was a really nice performance from. From you'd be in those three games now separate before they go to lie to Niagara. On Wednesday for 7 o'clock game up it up in Lewiston. And Gallagher sinner and of course that they won against it on an accurate and I'm on Fridays are too big big format is now at the bulls got locked in and get ready to LA. It's a one week we you know to play two local teams like that it is always exciting and particularly getting Bonaventure here in a lot of pictures coming off of Pete win over Maryland that their tournament. You know I don't know that we'll know whether Jalen out of their outstanding NBA prospect has got a PS plate yet this year. Whether he'll be ready to play for UB you're not remained to be seen but. That figures to be on really fallen up and down exciting yeah it's a big week for saint. I'd venture to you know they're playing Siena on Wednesday which. That's I don't I don't know the specifics but I know that's a wrap or that that goes over really. Long laid back so mean that they they have a cup that that. That's associate with that game. So you know that's scheme that they that you land swap would want to play and again against and then another games you wanna play is a game at UB at alumni arena. You know there's there's big for supremacy on the line you know the bulls and Marty beaten in aegis of the 10 against the big four. Now here's your opportunity for two more games against the four programs and for the possibility to two to go three note it's big for something that you know it has not been done in in a long time. I thought something that jumped out at me at the teams that I saw them in the Cayman Islands with the improved play of a of the two guards corps Brothers and of Monty Jordan. Who carruthers obviously was the Mac he puts player of the year last year. Did a lot of nice things about what his office has improved at about the George looking struggle we'll find his role last year will put a point guard will be shooting guard. He seems much more comfortable and often its play I mean you know. I think rather for you know he had a career high 22 points against you AD. He hits it Big Three pointers he got it we always knew had a scoring touch him when he was that when that east high school and in Rochester and he he. You let your stated score and so. Is the guy he always knows where it was able to score just didn't show a lot last year has felt more comfortable this season and about the Jordan a kid who. If you talked to Nate you know has worked harder than almost anybody in the Aegean. And you know he's already at 73 pointers through the first five games he's yet to all of last year. Yet 56 points already this season yet 76 point all of last year. As a kid it's just finding his way and is really there's no better economic team. It and I'd. Dealt with. At a C and see the success that he's adding yet with Brian wolf the associate director for athletic communications you have on the women's side for it all come off 2 PM power five wins the tournament. Florida wouldn't be refreshed and went back to back it. My dad real real big big wins against the rescuing plants in coach Jack doing an outstanding job of that group. Now another chance to show against top 25 team haven't been on Saturday he made to come home five hours six and others. Two games out there aren't. Basketball this weekend cold whose book on this weekend to see whether we got another game talk about but the bulls thank you for joining us this vision of the U. Football insider phone probably here. Only UV's sports network live from send tourists pizza pulling grill. All the insiders with the lens like he's been resilient place and tallest peaks and the final hours. And close sports. He has been ruining your field presentations told you beasts fortunate work.