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Only you can. Sports network from the earlier fields live from Santo was until probably grilled corn transient world. This he's UV football leagues either with a landslide goals presented by Santoro is still holding group. Also brought to you and part by our teen movie partners and pro sports column done. Like WG RC channel two Nike. Pepsi. Like tone BMW. And by the new America. With the big boys guys told about them several lineup change. Now the broadcast via live like we'll show. Live from San northeast of grilled on Clinton wrote about those original Maria all pac. Is out sunning himself in the Cayman Islands awaiting a basketball game tonight so I'm Brad writer filling in for Paul and coach told. Well just they are overdoing assistant coaches cycle through a few of the guys that it's it's rare opportunity that is leaders. There aren't we can handle this or can do it Oprah. Next man up right after this children of the lord so coming up we'll hear from tight ends coach Alan Hansel here from quarterback coach. Jim Rouse. Christensen first hello Howard you. I'm great I'm great doing well. This season don't talk about you but I acute. Can't not just jump in with this season. And how good it has felt to see I'm eating my perception of it you tell me how far off by. You're hearing your third year along with plants like gold in the vast majority of the coaches on the staff. And we knew going you knew going in it's a process to get this whole thing over in in the Q bureau. On it feels to me like the wave right from the first game of the season against Minnesota this team has been so competitive. And so ready to play that you almost I passed a step in the process. Tom this you know maybe four year term in port you're getting all players. You tell me if I'm if I'm not for thinking. Props that the progress has been tremendous this year even if we're still looking at that slightly losing record right now. This is gonna pack your balls. Yeah you know I I really do think that that process that your effort through the problem started last year believers not. And I think some of the stuff that that's coming from which it now. The ground work was really lead. A year ago and guys by name. You know that this season didn't really go the way I wanted to. But I don't know that there was ever a situation we shall fight in him shall you stick with goodness yes. It but this year. The guys are really bought in fully lauded. And I and the system as to what were wrought and I think that the troopers on the same page. The defense help from the offense off office until the defense as much you can do well. And were we're certainly competitive in every game. We need to get to eleven games into the season without having won re walkway on. They just had our number today if it hasn't happened it you know it's happened for our driver to at a time it's happened for. A quarter to at a time but you've done that seemed to others mean your really you look at five and six in the opportunity go to 66 this week. With a win over Ohio at home. And I I think that tells of pretty true tale maybe doesn't even tell the full tale of how much progress you guys have made because it legitimately you could walk away from. Every game saying at least we could've won that and maybe saying we should have won. Sure they're there has a better game. Obviously government in game going into it there has made game throughout the game that I haven't felt personally that we had a chance to win and that's a good feeling you know if you don't you don't always have that. Certainly going into every game Ethiopian Christian shoplift but as the game progresses and you kind of its few people give him flow. Sometimes it feels like its start sort of away from I don't know that I really felt that at any point this year. And matter of fact even in the games that we did lose felt like so the very end here we're still gonna win this game. If there was something in speaking with Chris Simpson Bowles linebackers coach here on the landslide pulled shall live from San poorest transit road. Ian Williams bill that's Buffalo's original pizzeria Altec usually cause that's like vultures leave here now not today we got something going on there will be just fine. On the broader in the big hitters there that's right on. Tell me about. The difference. Division one. University of buffalo athletics. Transferring lands like bolt hole. Meaning white water ways keen to you know viable deep one program. That bit about that process and kind of the mindset coming in back when you guys first got on board here. Well I. You know I think I think winning is winning and and winning breeds winning so what. We're coached like apple was able to do aisles with the most fortunate to be with him in his first year as coach at Wisconsin Whitewater. When I left after that. It was an opportunity to go to some other schools division choose one programs. You know what I think is really really impressive about what would coach we will do when it Watters map that we were able to win. It also speak but that there were able to sustain that if I think personally that it's much harder to stay on top it is to do not. So right now we're in the process of trying to get on top using that model. When I assume that model talk about that dated days. There right doing their job working hard. You get the kids to buy it and and you know he has there's simple monitors beyond tired coach aboard and do just assault in this news on an effort. And we do that we can win. How war how was your relationship with him with the the overlap you were all over the place including eastern Michigan they'll bomb at that point between but. For a guy that you only kind of match in passing. How did you maintain that relationship and how did you come to be that you went. Well we're both we're both Macs and Whitewater alarms so we played for the scene head coach Tom and I coached forms as vehicles while Apple's. And then he went out and kind of his thing. Ortiz he's the little little and I am so we played together or anything like that what's. You know coach why apple when he came back to Whitewater. We had a great season and won this championship. Team from Nebraska Omaha I am actually last. Whitewater Dakota Nebraska home also winnable switched right just battle and I'd almost bet that John I generate. We're kind of ships in the night Baird and and I you know went from there are two degree of honesty we kind of just kept in touch him when one of my home moderate. So it was still matter of me I pumps that I saw him best pitchers of all things that we're going. And it would keep until it's coach and I had nothing yet eastern Michigan. And and quite honestly while at eastern we we won two games in buffalo with one of those games. Some obvious knowledge and the coaching career. The previous Grand Valley State coach them good and it's all right a lot of connections there are some ways but. But you know when he got yup jobs yours you know on in the conference. In Michigan and and I'd it will coach Wyatt pulled out files growth world wondered if that were either. For five years that Whitewater that there and we. Salute you if you're there. Let's let's touch on that the stint at eastern Michigan a little bit. What. You know about the ways that that program has gotten things turned around from where they were. When you were there just a few years ago sure well I would say it starts just like those that at. We're we're acknowledged and receive buffalo its not prepared copes with with coach gruden and our country agree may have him. And he'd ask coach why apple doesn't Lugar clear vision as to what. The program looks like it fuels like him and and behaves like him. And is able to implement that. And he's don't agree job you know it's it's but that's that's how that's been in my opinion are and that's how anything happens is. My stick to your plan whatever your plan it is it's taking that plan and and me to work. And then did you accused of Kuwait so to speak. I don't care what music should do if you can you make that happen to be. Successful missile that are prepared to pull linebackers coach Christensen my guest here on the Lance like old shell I mean for Paul back broadcasting live from Santorum speak to Robert pub and grill. On transit road in Williams cells. Something's a little too loud beating you to a micro. Sorry repeat back. One of the they surprises but. One of the pleasant. What's the word that I can say that means surprise but it's not insulting. Because the run defense last year scared me going into this year and it became apparent very early this season that something had changed. But I don't know what it is wonder what changes it personnel is it is just about buying in the music I don't know you tell me. Yes you know I think in the first year over you know maybe it should take on board but you're trying to figure out who you ourselves we. And what's your players are able to do capable of doing. And to be honest with you the first first year and you're half maybe we probably felt like we needed. The trip from notre our players should go opponents at that stuff. And how we're to look forward to say if you listen we've got players that can execute what we need to do. So I would say that perhaps the biggest differences that we sent. Okay we've simplified things that we've got to where we can just allow guys to play faster and that there's gaps. And and and make tackles and not be out of position to be able to vehicles please. Which is all those tournaments. He got a linebacker include Hodge who is amongst the leaders in tackling in tackles. In all of college football. Is that. In the individual accomplishment is that it team accomplishment because things are funneled toward the guy who's playing that spot. It's absolutely a team army and include a record here last year too in terms of number of tackles but. You also to look at it and say well maybe we were on the field too much and there were too many tackles to be made. Bought. That being said our our our defense and Steve I think helps that I would say that that our defensive linemen are are are doing a great job for him. Witches allowing him salute the state for eons they have blocked him and you know I think you'll agree offseason and in these movies much better than he did a year ago. And he's just more comfortable nor he came in from from junior college what's it look coming entered spring ball and him and was. I guess I mean the starter during spring ball and keep him last year. Started the entire season he's able populous lined up but this year it's really becoming. You know his defense so to speak he's moving much better is a physical thing and apple. Both both it's both physical and mentally. He changed his body a little bit trim down. Which helped him you know we have been through this economy since it was since. You know you're out of big body linebacker which is a good thing. But you. Could be more effective if you could move about so he should now. You know our strength staff in a great job with with strength and agility and movement tables such things but it's also mental because. Again he's able to play fast because he understands it better and any scams all postal say that. I believe we simplified the institute to allow all of our players to do. I asked. We'll take a quick break we'll get back more with Chris in cities the bulls linebackers coach. I'm Brad writer in for Paul actually broadcast live on the UB bulls insider football show. Live from San Taurus pizza pub and grill transit road in Williams village Buffalo's original pizzeria and wanna remind you. QB football team one win away from becoming bowl eligible just the third time in school history. Posting Mac rival Ohio that is this Friday 1 PM right UB stadium. Think it's just working boxes to order call you be taken out of 1877 you be there. Or did it UB bulls dot com back at you from Santa or is he just a moment you're listening to the UB bulls football insider radio show. Buffalo sports fan why don't alumni arena Saturday December 2 when you beat men's basketball team was big for rival saint Bonaventure. Tip off is at 2 PM. We're tickets and more info losing UB bulls dot com or call 1877. You leave there. 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The Hyatt regency buffalo is located within walking distance to over fifty restaurants and clubs and has great amenities like a 24 hour fitness center free Wi-Fi and a full service spot on property. It's perfect for your parents and just far enough away from UB to eliminate those unannounced morning to rob is on YouTube. The Hyatt regency buffalo yeah. Buffalo's. Sports fan why don't alumni arena Saturday December 2 when you beat men's basketball team was big for rival saint Bonaventure. Tipoff is at 2 PM. We're tickets and more info visit UB bulls dot com or call 1877. You leave there. We continue with the UB football insider yourself. Hours he. Because rail transit road easily build Buffalo's original pizzeria. And while it you know there is brought you in part by pound BMW. Omnia W the official auto partner you via athletics we love our town. Joined right now by Apple's linebackers coach Christians have just discovered during the break that between two of us. We have six kids and all of them are boys who puts a lot of thought to yours there yours are a lot older than mine minor 53 in one year old leaders seventeen. Fourteen intent that's an entirely different light. You know I did the hang out for a long time and then throw kids yourself and destroy everything I've YouTube with the kids early out. Early yes and our back that we were prepared her first one's seven yeah prepare like 38 network so. I haven't let up now Euro zone shut down by that I suppose you're down by that. So you're Yuri you'll be okay am surprised this thing yeah I would say you'll survive good luck though. All right speaking of good luck I would like you guys a lot beat Ohio. Ran Friday. On when it it would be fun. And I because it like to see it to six wins mark. I'd like to see it become bowl eligible and at that point you gotta just kind of crushed fingers and hope that things go right that get picked you to go somewhere but what that means that this team. Talk about going to Opel but to know. Good to be in that. Yeah you know this this team this program. Even in the short months from that we we beg you with regard to a lot. Pixels on you know with with for example parents installment Jackson. Last year in. And and I believe it's this graduating class would have been solved classical class so. You know it's it's things like that that would make you really special I do think that RC. Classes there is a great group of guys. You know sold sold so goals are things that you you really want it for about as much is as much as anything I mean. Shoot I'd like to get that win and make that happen as much as anything but this is kind of what we do it. And and we're trying to win every game what did you really special for for this ink for this senior class and and really for the program for everybody and everybody involved. I know that I go into a season looking at. Two major goals. One being getting to Detroit. Which is winning the MacKey and the other being going to a bowl game you don't beat the opportunity to play fourteen games instead of twelve games is a huge one. Not just because it feels good but because. It's kind of a key to building program and getting. Sort of that mentality out there at this is who we are recruiting players and telling them this is the kind of stuff that we do. Once that was taken off the table want the Mac he's taken up that actually don't let me ask us. Do you feel like you're sitting here knowing you're not going to Detroit. Does it feel like you absolutely could be because I'm looking around the MacKey think I don't see a team that's clearly better than the bolts. No I don't I don't know that anybody is completely dominant. You all Ohio I guess I would so Ohio is probably equals is who it is and they are poker Berger former coastal that are great job. Bjorn is the restoration time he's been there. What I felt I think we felt there. For the majority of the season we were completely in contention for for for B needle beat a team that could represent the instant access which it. And then with some of the losses that we've had him were close calls to be able makes them that stuff happens what. Again every game has been a football game I think any of our ports would have to admit I've spoken to put it after it. You know we had a shall be awful today it was the Jews had to. And you know so there's progress being made sure. Want. What impact has the change broking through. Rotating Q during a purpose but I'm moving through three different quarterbacks on the opposite side of the ball. What is that meant for the defense anything you approach things differently when you're starting a freshman as opposed to here. Redshirt sophomore who's you know kind of the start of the team or the guy who comes in afterward. And shows you know what's on the that the kind of display that your Anderson did she what does it mean going to game and your linebackers coach. But it's not Perry Jackson show and now after Anderson it's Coventry was that eighty. While I think all three rules guys are very talented first one and markets and earlier in the in the first segment. I think all year part to halt their offense or offer altered defense thirst Gaza this all that. I'm thinking hey I'm glad you guys are too. Because I wouldn't want to have to defend them you know. AG's moon. Swords and nicknames and hope with the the Eagles Google's guys that we have over our viewers them or are doing a great job but in terms of our mentality. I think we always want to. Do everything we can't help our offerings to get the ball back as much as possible to give him again if you position. You know I'll all of it when Powell had to step in. We're seeing here really gonna have to. Have to step up here and then and help. Help him out as a young player right now because he doesn't have the ability that are just because cities have stepped in as a first time starter. And the city's true freshman we got to do everything we can't. Where you know the older guys might be able to bail us out a little bit. We're figured we're gonna have to relief help Kyle. To get the ball best position as possible and most parts. Yet and yet like you say it's no knock on Kyle it's just that's not the place you got your quarterback. He got your back up quarterback from time to get to the third one part this is and what we're planning on doing in October the Ganassi with bullets that's that's that's wife beats you you said. And then thinking about. Competing in the Mac east to me and I. The night maybe and is calculated but I see a one point loss to Akron and that goes the other way. This game could be for a trip to Detroit this game coming up on the wild you know so on talking about Ohio Ohio and you mentioned for segment two. The most impressive thing is not to get to the top but he'll stay there and what frank sources done since what 2005 he's been there forever. Especially in a conference where coaches. Rising yeah leaving our children to be he saw the the bright lights are ready and settled in and he's done a great job in Athens but. And tell me about that team that program and and what sort of problems they present for you this week. Well I mean that's that's part of the reason why their pencils successful or figures because they're doing to sustain you know sports. From the head coach perspective as well as their systems the computer system so there. Together for quite awhile well and you could tell you can you can. You can see that on tape because they're all on the same page coaches players offense defense special teams. They really do present a lot of challenges because they are just not. Going to they're gonna make you beat him they're there they're gonna take advantage of your mistakes than Mac and the states themselves. Ever discovered he would beat you. And suit me when babe make a mistake we're gonna take advantage of it that's exactly what that he they'll they'll do to you they won the ball really well. A quarterback who were kind of split time with the quarterback. Earlier now that kind of settled in on our sophomore quarterback Nathan worked as a great job it's accuse these authors wrote top. You know he's he's got his main rushing touchdowns down in putting the country. Especially if you're the quarterback position I think to market top actor with Russia but felt countries. That change your approach at all dealing with a player. Who's going to play in that way. You know again the way officers are any more news is so you really gonna to be able to defend the on the past. Not everybody runs their quarterback but that certainly those presents some some extra challenges. You Arctic achieved actually and I think that she mixed rules against it personally don't. I remember back in the days when that like you play Madden on line against somebody loses you know 1015 years ago. And you know is one of the Atlantis and use it so they can run you know analogies used to think that I want to play football what you're doing uterine and now that's the picture the way it is it's a game. It seems you speak you know it used to be you don't wanna run your quarterback is so fearful of getting hurt. But not just with I think with the strike programs and conditioning and and you know that there thirteenth athletes at their positions arsenal durable. And handed game as as shown in our case. A high rejects gets hurt mr. Anderson stops it you've got stuff at that position. That allows you to sort of you will be okay if if anything happens will be all right. But it certainly presents a lot of challenges offensively when you're when you're able do that with corporate. Coach Chris Simpson your time is done your aren't girls that line and it could work. Christensen thank you very much your time appreciate the on Friday yes America presents in London source horns up Golan going for the sixth win of the year. On Friday. 1 PM kick the stadium against the Ohio bobcats and that it's not working box. One ED UB there or you people.com the places you pick up the time I'll be right back. Live from Santorum seemed to be joined by. UB quarterback coach Jim to browse these guys are virtually gone. I have not I have not I've not met coach puts it oh. But there's a lot talk about what gifts are bought your kids good luck after. Believes we fees that we got three of his kids to talk about do it at quarterback there's an accident we will do it. I will bring back Brett Gardner in for Paul backed his thing with the UB football insider shall live from San towards each other grow on transit road it's Buffalo's original pizzeria the right back on the UV Sports Radio network. You felt like closest you can get you people call game with a big screens. You can again. It's safe and secure. In the official ticketing partner of the university of buffalo. Save the suspense for the game not think gate over surely your tickets are 100% authentic guaranteed under. Can he keep you from seed. He lives just goes to commit to dot com search for UT football and be a part of the big game. Buffalo's sports fans. Let's make alumni arena loud when they UB men's basketball team most big 40 rivals saint Bonaventure Saturday December 2. It's the annual wideout alumni arena game and all fans are encouraged to Wear white to the game. Don't miss out on the chance to catch a regional rivals compete on the hardwood tip off is at 2 PM. 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Public service announcement brought to buy that the National Association of Broadcasters in the ad council. We are back. I've read write affiliate bump back broadcasting we're as a tourist department Caltrans road. It's Buffalo's original pizzeria. And it is typically the all packed with like pull things but it's that it's Pall hanging out in the Cayman Islands checking with him at the tail end of the show a little long. Beyond 7 o'clock because. There's a basketball tournament down there are things got pushed back so we have the opportunity to check in with Paul sunning himself somewhere. We'll we'll check in with him into that facility here from Alan Hansel bulls finance coach now joined by quarterbacks coach Jim to browse the is your business cards accord ex coach or passing game coordinates that apple makes the littlest makes a little more cool that's right you add more subtleties of debt load not a but that goats pass in court and I. I like that that does that imply you if you get into a fight the running scene coordinator no no all together on all government the other plan advocate that you. Have. For mr. for shooter bulls. In mean you've got some some tools to work with the this is. From before. Perry Jackson came to buffalo. We had our guy out here and this guy comes here I think this could be a program changing place. And if he walks in just watching him on the field in warm ups. Where it is true freshman year. People were gonna quote. Whose three. With that that tight end I just don't throw the ball 65 yards trying to put that guy and you know explain to. And then last year we watched a lot of news is Ross skill on display and you didn't think any less where there's things going. But the difference between Tyree Jackson when he sixteen retired Jackson point seventies. Eased immeasurable. In my eyes. So I'm going to assume that was kind of which were gone with the. I do know I thought directly. Optical liquor that's got nothing picker you know knowing you know it. When I saw his own obviously knew Lance coats and losers Whitewater with Lance for three years and a lot of guys that staff. Route through Whitewater into the next time diplomats called. So that we have opening. You know Jim ignorance I think we have a group of quarterbacks have had a chance to Christmas. You know and love for your work and he knew it out as have done with them at Whitewater Minnesota that kind of stuff. That's what's our budget typically hang magnolia 66 skated the other six or get behind him and I watched Kyle van trees on them. Is high school highlight tape and goes sorry you know they. Great job Stillman falls. They almost be seen as the play out hugely you know huge you know huge tight game. In plea from a well this is encrypting your chance to see those kids and a good chance of Needham and worker in the spring in my wildest things there and big thing with ties to the time I was. He was long a little cities along released long strike a note to the big strides made. May things lonely you know and it is you work out levels bicycle accounts house probe. The windows Sri. And the longer you. You if you can't get rid of it soon enough you're late in the overthrow sometimes sometimes you some balls that are. Account all over the place you know table. He is overthrowing this stuff like that and there's a lot of its been known yet again thrust in the situation where there super natural pressure at you and all that kind of stuff and does so. So I just look at that the years I'd go to learn a lot of these and I've been able work as a kitten and thankfully they've had a lot of success in my. Days it's all about your feet lovely guys you know just trust your eyes and has great feet great balance and all work review some mechanical stuff you dropped the ball a little bit. I go I UN for your outlook to go to the partisans and wanting to become want it and to know what he needed to work out of what. What have I seen the place that in salon and what can I do now you know that's but it was that those are things. But lobbyists for the kids who want. Do they want you know some kids don't. You know here's some things I think can help them and then they got this I do so that the work they put him. Well I think everyone who watches in his thinking the same things about where its future could land him. And it really. It seems to me and again we haven't spoken prior to today I've never spoken retiree specifically about working with you but just sort of body language and he is the way he looks so ready to talk with you on the sideline right after something happens out there. It is showing need that. The relationship that you guys have used a big deal. It is I think it is an and is to me to you know obviously but it is a yankees were rate cut from those guys everyone's different you know high coach I'm one of those guys were. It is the together on his lap and here I go it is what it is you know you make a play go on the next play I think people live so much in the past. What happened the last play through that pass that. Can affect your next path as I watched it offer is one bad shot out of these and I know but the pros. They thought to cook in the woods and next hooker could hear them and I don't as a lot that's what I think he's. I've I'll go and I'm not a big. Rip what he's doing most of them like Kate actually okay here's what is that's what let's put it the next place I think that's real long animal hide behind. Just competent guy the key is do we have finally go there you only live like Europe once and you'll get chance for college football. I feel wire we stress in doing all stuff mine does enjoy the moment and I don't you play sports teams you play sports for a lot of with a reasonable time if those moments. You know you're a chance to. To make moments like coastal enjoys any that your me along so well we we have the same type personality America elected let's go let's doesn't thoughts about placing a silent. It's not they use this as anybody who worked with the thing. One of those guys we like it like I love it I'd love to regulate how it goes to a filming her coach goes on that you can't like playing college football. You have to look if you like you were not going to be. You have to love it you have to love the grind it looked. And I never looked at his work you know it's like come on now where we're coaching young men Hitler Rocco we get a chance to author and and coached football. C'mon now like it was say how are yet there there's that moment obviously you know it is that they coached football. At moments like I don't know an injury that seems to be here and just through what this has been like. Going from you've gone through three starting quarterback this year outfit. And you know there are a lot of emotions involved that in addition to the football aspect of it it. You're you're kind of managing personalities do yep we'll do anything in the springtime was really cute for me obviously you circuits that Kyle graduated early. So he could be users and all three of those Q let alone on the comic Johnson is another united at first I had those kids in the spring like that would help. Company a chance to watch these guys in the way we practice we to hobble us stuff so. So the ones and the accuser Guinean. A similar model reps at practice this tree down those dollar ties it 7% enters in third. They get a large amounts yeah a large amount of work to to watch her a place to watch seeing go. I told you much is Johnson I look at times like gods of another dangerous are wanted to as spring ball in his government. Yeah that is it that you take characterizes. In that would knows right away he's extremely accurate yet. And this so it's a unique team and people who watch pro ball bark collar football if you like some kids can make he throws some kids can't some. It it is totally loves about his life just act as a kid that is accurate you're more accurate than others and they will with what I. What we've what we've brought in his past games is more. Progression path ability to be accurate but I. So I look at those get them like. Through as this thing go to the good junior once Napoli. Are you gonna be ready when that moment on there collier two steps away and that's all accounts of the receiver. Where they routed by security or do you like the rotating him. That's about their maybe sometimes you just received her weave and more tight ends up not party yet go down person. While lectured once now once after a big York Eaton once. Or does not like don't want to play it's one place I go and then kind of got you down at three. Are you we you'd WB for you for putting it. I feel are you ready to be ready but watch entered through prepared to come watch T. On his opponent and the like that you need to prepare like your starting. So when your moment comes you know be ready for you know and and he. He had agreed Kenya in the summertime going Wheaties Nike he just kept coming on me I think he's very comfortable we're gonna ask him also helped him month. So I thought it. I know that people get off. You know it is like that duplicate. Public I'm like. It didn't days ago obviously you know I love almighty here I can IQ level quarterbacks and I know when one goes now an excellent got to go I I'm not nervous about them like. My job is to coach because it is you. Can be I from the W everything I got to do. So I expect you to play well when you're in the cycle and not to give her so it doesn't I think that's hopefully that's helped them not yet. Oh my gosh him there and it it's almost totally. We are gonna say I'm trying to drive from eighth at the BM and I hit a two way content of the roast close them. Well against them turning now to put certain habits are heading back toward me through thick and if I let her again we'll just keep going to get over there. And it's kind of way this season has gone for the bulls. And it's been that. It's been very impressive year obviously the because there's things that. Stuck with Kyle because he got thrown into the top spot. And especially as you know suddenly looking around expectations that he hired because of how well things are going Brackett of screwed up had had enough you know have been. And I think he got that pretty well and working backward looking through and specifically that we. In Michigan game which was a the most fun I've ever at a sporting event at. I know it didn't come out right in the room if you had flipped around it diseases that completely into it which it. Not with and yet that was. That's the thing we're all gonna remember pregnancy and hitting and then prior to that you read Jackson operating at very high level. These greens coach Patterson a that he was back then and this week my yard touchdown run. So I took a lot to talk about the future path we get back on the other side quick timeout envelope will do this more as we continue. With the UB football insider show live from him towards the public real. On print road Buffalo's original beaches overcome we'll hear from finance coach Alan Hansel wolf checking hall packed sunning itself in the Cayman Islands. Getting ready for a UB basketball tonight I Brent Wright alive and exit doors you're listening to be UV Sports Radio network. Support the blue and white fun. The fund raising arm the view the athletics. And help build a strong foundation for years to come and you can play a critical role in making unique New York's public powerhouse. Investing excellence. Invest in the future. Invest in UT athletics and our student athletes. Water on the bulls blue and white. For more information. This meant that town begins W please it's when he seventeen BMW three Tony I extracted an opportunity I'm not only to be on serve until 5052105052100. Plus stuff like 8215 mainstream and Williams film today tell BMW is proud to be the official auto pilot. You via athletics and our special pricing can you be students and employees. Prices performance we got this coach join our hometown team and let's have a winning season we'll. 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Right now your mouth to be tongue waving and refreshing citrus kicker Mountain Dew instead of feels like you've been motor boating can cut sarcophagus. Sure some mercy cracked open an ice cold mountain do you think. How key you know remember wants you to. The deal. Live content source pizza oven drove the UC football insider radio show Brad writers sitting in for ball back today. And a few assistant coaches sitting in our coach Michael. Already heard from Christians and linebackers coach kind of him to stop buying still to come Alan Hansel finance coach he'll be here as well. Paul pack is gonna be years coach Haiti's economic announcement for basketball game and right now I'm joined by quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. Jim's a browser so it wouldn't let go last exit before with the reckless dogma. A good Perry Jackson looked prior to getting hurt in the house that I felt. Because that Jesus vehicular for a and they came back he's better what happened between the time he heard the it's Florida Atlantic. And the time he returned to the lineup and started like up. Throwing for you passing records very you know personal personal best passing you know you search shown. Like I think you know quote me on this but. I think before he got hurt at the end I think it throne like about fifty yards it's your behalf that you refer to her so. Those kind of you know start to kind of come and that they would start to have was emergence of he started giving like they that would cover us. You know those are acutely aware of aging and KJ. And tone and wound in the tight ends and college kids who are given more chances to make plays like those guys are in the ball and these are realized gosh I. This guy get in the area code from those it knows a lot. Of the when he goes down another half a ticket as he goes down and your steps and place you know spectacular does played unbelievable. But you know just to watch sometimes realize and his kind of Washington times. Realize how much of this number one and realize. Used or it's like you can see things from different perspective and realize. Okay and in your Washington he's paid in an all time and he kept working on them I'm not on the mental part of it. So I think when he got that time we come back and realize. Many soldier making all these plays all these are these academies spectacular catches teachers he extremely actor authentic guy you okay yeah. These kind of blog relies I mean I have to do we mean now that haven't much. Design QB rocket we mean we can just keep throne they are doing that kind of stuff for say so I think that helped a lot more. And I think you know part of it obviously is the injury that would be hip it's go through that the outfit to when he two hecklers. But also. I get the sense that Canon and you're sort of shrug and think that. You know it used to be that he was in the you know that's actually done it right insurer in the little it. And if he's looking at dumping the ball on the field five yards. For what I can just write it Annika and instead put it would've been the government to do that I can it goes from I can just running to. And Veronica just give this guy is at these important and that's the that's sort of the way that might perceive him playing the game now and it is made him you know. As far as asking fans are dated just such a more impressive. Figures which will be you know that he's got the ability to run an idea never got that until your gut. And if that people are still have to say you can still take off whenever he needs do so yet they used to not be ready for it just like you said that they that made you more like. While we take that we're gonna come after him. And produce he's gone are we gonna hang back and try to cover but he may extend plays and we've and then what do you do with the kids are trying to cover yes so I think all that's gonna help out. Who do the thing that I noticed specifically this past game. Is that if he's using his feet and it was always my favorite thing about. That as far as mobile quarterbacks or conversational mobile quarterback the guy who always like the best of the group was Donovan McNabb yet because he was the one with most inclined to use his feet. Predictably the czar here and I start I'm starting to see a lot more of that. Out of Tyree in that. He's. He knows he can move. That is backed it up field. And that he can give himself an extra whatever 23 seconds what does that deeper into each Huntsman who's covered entity Johnson. In addition they can't cover of awful lot. I get a cover for six it was. No you're the balls that as an example let's get pocket. Around curled ages turned to solve scrambled turned it up and don't you know it was gone. So. So no it was it and I agree with what you're saying he's learned that by time it's about buying time in the pocket minorities gays and got a chance bill. But the X gatekeeper I doubt you'll meet with things that. Coach McDermott your time appreciate it all right thank you so much school's quarterback coach gym to gym to Brodsky also passing game coordinator felt that if they're as I hear a quick time out right back live from UV aired live from saint source because while the drill on transit road at the UB football. Insider show will continue in just a moment on the UB Sports Radio network. Used up my closest you can get you people call came under big screens you can again. Fast and safe and secure. The official ticketing partner of the university of buffalo. 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He's late every morning okay swirled the forest has been preparing just for you to learn more about cool things to do in the forest visit discovered the forest dot org brought to you by the US Forest Service and the ad council. Buffalo's sports fans. Let's make alumni arena while women UB men's basketball team those big 40 rival saint Bonaventure Saturday December 2. It's the annual wideout alumni arena game and all fans are encouraged to Wear white to the game. Don't miss out on the chance to catch regional rivals compete on the hardwood tip off is at 2 PM. For tickets and more information visit UB bulls dot com or call 1877. You. Gyms or browse the Chris Simpson. For joining us. Rusty the Porter coach. Reserves in the linebackers coach and now we're joined by the tight ends coach when told and it's or more duties than just fight and duties. I couldn't I can imagine there are a lot of things that ball. Under the umbrella of assistant coach all right but you have had a lot to do. Not just plug and but with sort of remaking and reworking the overall vibe of the it's it would be kind of helping. Really just make everything new and shiny for a. It's gonna you know we've had a total overhaul of our own football complex and it. It looks totally different from when we got there two years ago three years ago it just test it to our administration. We've had other people heavily involved. It's just a beautiful. Beautiful night in different that it's just. Shy of years a little to keep it. There's there's and overall sort of modern look. To the facility. And him if he started on the field house right on that that's but also I think a real nice. Sort of reminder of the people who have been here. In the recent past you know when you've got a guy who's defending your defensive player of the year in the NFL he should probably show that off and right. They'll Mac is much more prominently placed them. Yes you know players used to be you know hole. I think one of the biggest changes. Even our current players that are safe if you've seen here. They see it in they have to constantly remind our younger guys just did here semester. Hey you need to be proud of what you have out because it did always look like this you know. No one guys that coached the fifth year senior he. Totally. Brace is what we're doing used to show the rest of the guys. Where we still go I was speaking with coach browse the about the group that he's got at quarterback specifically this year. You've been here for three years and you cranked out a couple of real star players still blows my mind that lyzard didn't. Particular real solid yeah in the NFL right at least track. I'm angles that well hurt but still. And you've got another player I think in Tyler may greens got all the skills but continuing to watch him develop you know we. You know first two years we had our our team to a very good situation with a map wiser mis Shrek. And now I. Have a very young group but it's a very exciting young. I have guys like I would agree that LaFave. Julie ross' who's getting richer right now we have some guys that. We feel really good about going forward the next four to five years. Yeah you know the first couple years we have tremendous production. It's it was an exciting time. You know we might not have as many catches but we have the past couple years but I feel really good going forward. You know. With everything what is the job of a tight ends coach as it pertains to sort of the who personality upright position and only had to do that yet one it's one of the more unique positions to coach. On because the tight ends are so heavily involved at both the run game. Passing game but also they are asked pass protect as well like offensive line so. Are they get stretched really thin. Knowing so many different things and it takes a really. A Smart guy and an athletic guys that are asked to do so many. Things if you Alan Hansel have the opportunity to build a perfect roster. You want. Three or four the same tight end or do you want one that specializes in this ones as well it's it's that's a great question I'd like to have and I think the best analogy is that like to have made. Basketball. Roster terms of what that user is a you have a starting five you have a sinner you point guard they're different body types and that's what I think you eat. You'd like to have you know the reality of having. You know five guys that are all 65. To fifty. And sometimes not always realistic. Hand but I figure if you have different guys some guys are gonna run this summer block that are others you just have to be able to. Put them in the best position possible. One place they point for him be successful when you're looking to build the roster you thinking about what have a quarterback here what do I have as an overall I'll write deepened my work Nader the kind of stuff that you think I'll ever hit you athlete is exactly yeah exactly you know bases Jewish try to get the best player possible. Ian does sometimes the best player possible might be 62 or you might be 65 just. You don't know that and now I think you always want guys that you have something like that can run. But I also because nowadays recruiting cited as one more unique challenges it is. Lot of high schools don't use tight ends you know there so which front office is out there that you have to project. And receiver kid maybe kids grow between two and you know then you university of blocking you know stuff like that is that is. Sometimes very tough evaluation process what has made. The offense particularly the passing game. So successful this year to the point where I haven't seen the rankings of this week that you were. When I write in the nation idea last week and obviously things went well last week there's no question you know I think one of the things just for me seeing. How we mature in his office one understating. The offense to. Having really fast players explosive players on the outside and just it's been awesome for me to see Arnold. Final coach I read but seeing his development. Com for accuracy standpoint but also. See him you know just. No offense that are just haven't seen dean starts owners felt that perhaps you know is they are the saints with the game. The program. Single that I had every now and then you have to remind yourself it's the chops a sophomore to you've still got in theory we hope. Two more years of this guy definitely questioned yeah that it which makes a really exciting you know we have vote though you know it's just so exciting you know we are talking about Tyler me Greer who you know he's a redshirt sophomore are the same ages I eerie you know. Exactly later released a redshirt freshman be an easy receivers. That are redshirt freshman Richard soft juniors. I mean there's there's a lot of excitement on the office side of the ball. You need to be fair you I mean on Friday. At the thought that doubt doubt be present this to death just. I just I think it would be such. Real credit to program to get him six wins. At least for me a years sooner than I thought I that your supervisor picking a couple teams and winning the Mac east. It became apparent very early this season that you guys were going to be. That level of competitive you know I just like to see that being closed off with a just eccentric look so much better and my beautiful right no doubt if that's what worked for guys have worked so part of the earth put themselves in position to get that job done coach Alan Hansel tight ends coach thank you very much for your time thank you appreciate it got lucky ones that are at they have talked up all package. It down at the determine the Cuban council talking in just a moment that you now one more segment to go live from saint or is pizza pub in realty QB football. Insider show line. Round Santoro France wrote locations Buffalo's original pizza. Off original media agency. Sports Radio network from. Buffalo's sports fans. Let's make alumni arena alone when they UB men's basketball team those big 40 rival saint Bonaventure Saturday December 2. It's the annual wideout alumni arena game and all fans are encouraged to Wear white to the game. Don't miss out on the chance to catch a regional rivals compete on the hardwood tip off is at 2 PM. For tickets and more information visit UB bulls dot com. Or call 1877. You. This meant that town begins W please it's when he seventeen BMW three Tony I extracted an opportunity I'm not only to be on serve until 5052105052100. Plus stuff like 8215 mainstream and Williams film today tell BMW is proud to be the official auto. You via athletics and on the special pricing do you be students and employees. Prices performance we got this coach join our hometown team and let's have a winning season we love. 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Want her never faced a water damage luckily the Geico insurance agency makes getting coverage or snap does a Geico dot com to see how affordable renters insurance can be. If you were murdered them all back I'm Brad writer broadcast my billions for fall back here on the U people ball inside of July it was a group. Conference road bubbles original pizzeria and downward check in now from signatories to Cayman Islands where Paul. Is hanging out Weaver that's my fault. Hi Brad is at two tours is kind of the Cayman Islands of Western New York sort of it's certainly can't islands of prince will I look at them but it's a it's a beautiful and it smells delicious and on all Holland wouldn't be here. Without eating budget pizza but how are in islands street. It's wonderful down here this is it's it's as glorious as you might imagine it is the whether it's outstanding it's great. Island so sparked a terrific trip book. Nice little anniversary get away from my wife and I phenomena hang out with Josh here for these radio was excellent and be back in time for Friday's game so it's all it. Good week. It's a whirlwind. But it's going to be good ones are right Paul we will hear from you in just a moment. As you guys get sat for with the TV game down in the Cayman Islands and that's all coming up right here on this team your radio stations. Thanks for checking in what you mean just a bit. That'll do it from here at San Taurus thanks to all of our guests are. Threes as the coaches were kind enough Jonathan thanks to our paltry one. The Cayman Islands in the cancer community and that's without these guys can do this radio show that'll do it from Santoro is thanks for listening UB basketball is next. Here on the U people's football networker don't you peoples radio slash sports network. From Muirfield. Only UV sports network live from San tourist pizza pulling grill. All the insiders with the lens like he's been resilient place and toys and simple. So who do you have court by an hour. And close sports. The preceding his familiar feel presentation. You obese fortunate work.