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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, November 18th

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that they don't 31528. All right here we go thinking again I think I again. Welcome to our top discussion program sponsored by the community action organization period of Western New York. I'm beating. Don't worry about it that's just. My watch our news forced restart the program record for Iran who here. Footage we've we truck you drug issues and events in terms affecting you right here and right now and ruffled the worst in your community and in fact. Are connected to communities all across the country. I'm your host Al me in here presidency over community action organization. Make us a part of your sanity every Saturday at WW WKB. 15:20 am on your down from 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Not to these programs lives in Carlin you can join our discussion now that you will our number here again is 8031520. That's 8031520. Now we have a lot of stuff that's on the play. Four today and I wanna try to encapsulate. This up. I'm gonna recover title this piece on it. Keystone Pipeline re appears just as we thought it would remember the movie called Armageddon. And here's a scene near the end of the movie where a guy who has been supposedly can't you and I are aliens and released and he had been sort of psychologically damaged from his experience. On and near the end of the movie becomes a hero. To bring down this alien. Apparatus of spaceships. And he flies up into the center of this spaceship and he says I'm back. Well that's what you Keystone Pipeline is about its back taking from. An article written by ms. Smith and our Julie Brosnan. This was in the New York Times are earlier this week. About 5000 barrels or roughly 210 and thousand. Aren't gallons of oil. And spilled out. In the keys seasons aren't rushed out of the Keystone Pipeline. In South Dakota blackening a our grassy field if you could see this in the paper it's a huge. Oreo contamination field. That's very close to the Indian reservation. We're all gonna protest South Dakota up and who tribal protest. Through this area you're gonna end up content. Meeting on lands at number one belonged to other people. Two you're gonna be risky on the water that is in the Obama. Our offer and on top golfer is these large underground pools are fresh water. That seep up and become the ground water. That we drink. And so if the article for gets contaminated in the ground lowered its contaminated ground war gets contaminated. You're going to be like those people have to get bottled water Mateo water to drink because you won't be able to drink the water. In the area date that the contamination is in. This is not a little oil spill from any perspective according to Kim. Mac and I'm Macintosh and environmental scientist for the South Dakota department of and our environment and natural resources. This incident comes just days before I believe Monday November 20. The that Nebraska is actually going to be. The permit process and needed to begin construction. Of a different part of the of the pipeline. What are things I don't know that we knew as a community of people is that to keystone XL pipeline was not. The original deal there's actually Keystone Pipeline system. That has some 21000. Miles. I'll pipes the Kerio all kinds of liquid stuff. Underground. Going through you know Nebraska. And South Dakota and silent. And when I talk about not contaminated some of these pipes about 3000 miles of these pipes. Q are things in an. Oil went the other kinds of liquid. Contaminants hazardous waste. That if they get into the environment we do our destructive things. To our environment inch and two hour. Our our our drinking water. They've Kellie Martin of this year Sierra Club. Who was among opponents. Of this keystone XL expansion of the pipeline that's what this really was an expansion of existing pipelines. She says we always says that it's not a question of whether or pipeline will spill but win. And so today. TransCanada is making its case for on keystone XL has a strong support. Of course I'm president trump. Who seem to support anything. That will allow you to make money. At the expense of the environment. Or the quality of life of of real people his his attitude seems to be if it makes money. The money is better than the quality of life where the risk to quality of life. Nebraska's public service commission for us and think about before. Art is the Nebraska entities and asked to make a decision on Monday as to whether or not you're going to permit. On construction permit to expand on the pipeline with the keystone XL pipeline. And this is not the first time that this happened in his keystone system on the Kalamazoo river in 2010. Million gallons. It's a leaked from the pipeline here 50000 gallons in 2015. In the Yellowstone river in Montana. The thing that we don't seem to be that they don't seem to talk to us and now is that tar sands. Our our. Gypsum you know same made made of gypsum. I'm so it was almost like glass. And you have tar that this stuff is suspended in so it binds this the these these. Tiny bits of gypsum together when their stuff is forced you know with. Water or liquids through a pipe. Acidity can be moved from one part of the country to another. It means it's you've got this gritty stuff you know I'll scrape being at the insides of walls of these pipes. I don't care what you do with these parts you can't stop erosion of apart from occurring. Sooner or later there's going to be a leak in the scenes. Of these pipes if not only right through the walls. Are out of the pipes the Keystone Pipeline would cross over. About 85%. Of the state of Nebraska. Crossing over the Obama awkward for off for about 250 miles. And as I indicated the nearest just so much possibility. That I'd be will be elite trump had hip has actually order. Where he became. President. Two or three days after he became president according to the guardian. Our magazine he signed five and our executive orders one of which involve shifting more than 800000 barrels of petroleum. Daily from Canadian oil sands in Alberta. Power through Nebraska to refineries in the Gulf Coast. Trump has ordered the exposure. One of the largest reservoirs of fresh water on earth. Two toxic contamination to allow Canadians. To build an oil and oil pie. Or to build a pipe to carry oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast to refine and sell oil to non American market. And nothing to America's oil supplies. And generate basically fifty. Permanent jobs. Natural we'll tell you that on this pipeline is gonna involve 20000. Construction jobs in his words he says great construction jobs. But the construction jobs have been in it's it's not the same people thought 20000 people all working at the same time. A long path. Of this pipeline. This is 200 people working at this point 300 people were and display when he moved one point it was a different set of people. So the person started working on the early part of pipeline. That person's not working. On the pipeline when he gets to the intersection of Nebraska and in Kansas that's a different set of people cities are temporary jobs. A permanent jobs fifty permanent jobs were talking about exposing. So much of America's fresh water reserves. To rock contamination. With the suppose that benefit of creating fifty permanent jobs on the Dakota and I gotta go just a second guitar our our our callers. So. Jesse you understand Donald Trump. Is an investor in Energy Transfer Partners. On he put up 502000. To a million. In the Energy Transfer Partners which used. On me into the the operator of the due to code access oil pipeline. That is part of this car keystone XL our expansion. Kelcy Warren who is chief executive of our Energy Transfer Partners has given hundreds of thousand dollars to Republican national committee to Donald Trump's. I'm elections in dollar frontman only does he have a stage in Phillips 66 which owns 26%. Of energy transfer. He owns. I'm between five and a million dollars any energy transfer itself and he actually benefits. Directly. From. The expansion of the value of the stock. I can't get anymore you know distributed peer and so let me get artillery or would get to John and hopefully we can get to address these issues. As we talk a lot Tony are you doing out there. Chess great Allah by the guy I have nightmares every night I think it worked to liberty. Like you know. Stay Christie could you expect. Comic called up administration. Rocco rock precedent. Gloria technology is being co op in Canada so I won't let bad apples and scroll up that's why they let it enter an incredible. Not out. Administration hit advocates say part of the job at sending a timid slow wet court. What that number problem I see what Dell get this procedure has great confidence. Did you know he's suppose we are so they they tracked him out to tell something like five or six. True mobile document though lies a day for 300 identities. It is by far right. Let's comes to a lot easily won a 199. Why illegal total idiots were here. He has also aspect it will be in the senate state. I would never did any good things that he. I. Remember access. Slump in the tent and come out as soon yeah. And need ethnic and he had a got there at the quality say. But Everett going to end and and break it in a wreck. And that could that it will ever admit that he did debt because it allowed beyond being our administration has. And why why would I lie. God that you don't know what it. And perhaps at. Wake up. I didn't quite I don't get that next little. Dead and I'm in September president. Try sent. They. Well we won't let that debt that deep well. Well it doesn't do that at my tax we will let. Debt debt Jack stand on the street are. Sent and that the matter at all certain that taxpayer. In England. Not paying 31 million dollars in taxes. There are millions in this now as I must. Alice guess that. Still got its length as badly one point one billion dollars. That pastoral provision that mr. innocent nine point 6%. All of our hundreds of companies that trouble at apple LLC. LL. Limited liability corporations are. Right it out at what point 5% next. The net benefit of pipe that actually. There was I passed through chapter as organizations whose writings he should appear in the 35%. On our current corporate tax rate. You turn their stuff into your personal income those profits and your personal income. And you end up paying a top rate of only 25%. And Tony I don't know if you know this. The 25% rate that you pay is only on 30% of those those are. Right on the first 30%. Dependent. Upon sitting at his steps people like Ronald AV. And and as a taxpayer I'm saying that this is going to be a benefit that people. Now that it is and they're saying. There are going to have a 315. Billion dollars. That they don't let me show on elm. It that comes I'm thinking about money and it automatically. That's cities that the CD. And almost thirteen. How. The eighteen million people. Don't get a lot of that taught taught taught me and I. That has been a lie it yes lash out and I can't let them get this budget. Ain't right. It. During parts of the Ngo and that you at a local people. At spears and then people don't actually eat an activity access. It got bad calls me. I actually this. Don't give PA. Most are what they church debt. Larry somebody in power even admit that I was which I say he is and I hit and that basically I'll tell you this. Actually more understated the structured a compact that commit a and that you're commission. I didn't really missed this because I couldn't show and not think that Obama just got X. Because they lie lie and lie in that debate last night. So I don't know that they. Are as this ain't. Yeah sure. I just saw the very end and it's a give me your context on. Let me put it this might make it struck this week. That. Is. Keep in mind let's say the money laundering facility. By the Russian oligarchs of Russia and step Turkish all the people. What happened this month I have gotten Indians blog let's say. They are likely buy out our blog reporting by thousands. Our my year. And while a little bit that nobody that they don't look out Donald Dallas completely as don't ask don't let. No one let it get public transaction would read it got to go to rooms. And get settled at eighty million dollars that it could be well. Check out. At eighty million powers. Because that may miss all of that was Panama and probably be Thanksgiving. I was out there aren't girl that was within our program. Bellamy to match. Itself because you're delegates backing their pitch. Let her talk primetime starting. And happy Thanksgiving to you while we take our first break and a mortgage on analog ports in your stick with us we were sooners out of the break here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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Mary's apartments within hammer state partners former comments is now is senior living communities for the incredible architectural significance award winning efforts restoration. Of must see go to buffalo living tour dot net and download your tour guide. Ride the three week here shuttles or drive to all ten locations and different activity at peace including wine tasting craft beer tasting and more nationwide insurance presents the buffalo living toward northern suburbs additionally. A free event sponsored by the buffalo new home finder and blue rock energy today from ten till four. One thing. Not too. To whom he couldn't. Yeah. We can't keep. We eat and good luck than. She'll. To eat. So we. That happens things in my head out. I think that's what we've all that you can't figure. Are welcome back to think again this is only to hear your hosts were talking amount. The I charms on and and and the Republican parties different versions of so called tax reform which is released nothing more than tax cuts. For the upper economic elite of this country and I hope I can get to this this is is not just a tax cut. It's taking the money to pay for the tax cut from the middle class people who are already paying him. What wanna see it paying. When you when you pay your federal income tax in your state income tax you're taking your current income and your paying those taxes dollar for dollar. So when you get to deduct those tax payments from here are our gross income to get to your adjusted gross income. It simply means. You've already paid X amount of money in taxes. Out of pocket. And so. If you don't get to deduct that you end up being taxed on the same money that you already paid out in taxes you get to give you get taxed on that money again. So if you had you are 22% tax rate and you were are a 100000 dollar income. You get to reduce your income by Tony. 2000 dollars for for federal tax purposes. Number 8000 NC state taxes 3000 school taxes and so on you have about a 3334000. Dollar reduction in your overall adjusted. Gross income. So you pay you're that I attacks on 66000. In income. If you had to. Not recognize. Your federal state and and local taxes if you're not able to put it in your state local taxi many would recognize that again that's eleven or or are or actually imam I'll be about 111000 dollars. I bet you've already paid out in taxes that you would you would actually end up paying taxes on that 111000 dollars again. That's just crazy okay and we're having some problems. Every. I tell you every time it rains we who's more to witness. Problem it let me just give you this real quick and others and people were trying to get on the phone we're able to do it. If you're not able to get drawn into a 315 Torino or call 8030321. 8030323. Or eight to a 3032 for a meeting began. If you're not able to get on you know 315 Tony number call 80303218030323. Or 8030324. So listen let me get to I believe it's John analog port for us and them or try to grab. As is Kevin and grammar and I think I got the right orderly get the job for so long for John are you doing out there. It made sense then. You know I have no tolerance at all for sexual silence in the first. And women he would be hypocritical with on this issue any woman. Who knew about trance sexual abuse or or knows about remorse sexual abuse and vote for either one of these guys. Mean is it that. You heard them. Follow women have to. Morally. I think if they're gonna stick by their morals and their convictions in this thing about. How about knows no sexual. Used Halard. They have the vote against these guys. Armed and they're voting for sexual beings I think. So yeah it zero talents this thing is is that you have against the book winner take all politics. As it is so it is so apropos to what's happening right now if they it says it explains everything in the. Meet the original trickle down economics that that Reagan rained down. And it's gonna happen again. Is it you know it if it explains so well. What happens then and and what it clause. Right up until today. And hit it did it resulted in this at this ridiculous. A top heavy. Situation where the top 110 of 1% controlled hefty. It's just terrible. But but it's gonna hit it again and it's they have been even worse than it did before. There's no question there's no question we basically. Apparently set about these they're the people he reversed rather I think they're gonna take from the port that the for the middle class and give it to the rich. When they when they do the reform of the health care issue it's gonna disenfranchised. Millions of of of people on the lower end and people think I think you know I think sometimes I think that. Middle middle and upper middle class people think that Medicaid is just further support people who don't you know that we that we support. That's true it is already. It might have 71 years old. You know I had to take it seriously looked down the road saved by you know I might have to go into the nursing a one. In the middle class upper middle actually have to go into a nursing home. Eventually gonna hit the go on Medicaid. And you take it away and you know again it's just it's just ridiculous. You just become indigent and there's the other Sadr says I'm grad our thanks and as an autograph somebody else before hitters that this. Break. By. Our on John's point that finger we've not talked a lot about yet. Is if you have these massive and I think it's more like 2.2 trillion dollar reduction in revenue coming into the federal government as a result of these. On our tax cuts to keep claiming his tax reform. If you do that you've got to know that next year. Our since you've got a 670. Billion dollar deficit right now next year and end up with a billion dollar deficit. The year after that is going to be more than a billion dollars. And what's going to happen is if not next year the year after. You're gonna have the same people that pushed through this so called tax reform. Coming at the citizens of this country and saying oh by the way we can't do Medicaid anymore we can't do Social Security anymore we can't do Medicare. Anymore that we that we have done a deer gone either way. Add to vary our social fabric safety net fabric. And and the our elderly our our infrastructure that we have built in this country that is sustained listens to Great Depression. So let me get Ron it was a run first as a captain Ron first. And when we get Kevin first and we'll get Ron and I think Ronald B rhetorically a bit more about that issue I just raised Kevin are you doing out there. And then what and do. It did this get here it's so. Great that they say that there it reverses so fortunate that it won't be critical to. Just don't know man they just don't want to hear researcher. Hit man I mean it's so simple you know that. Tony is cricket board seats do you see aggregate view. Actually 2% increase its salary won't ask great year but no real hot and put mark is going to be Kendall. Correct right you don't care review carefully written background similar to mine and so I think you would hear me when I say this. Money counts itself you can lie all day long which you can't lie to the arithmetic money council self. And the truth is the middle class is going to be calm I mean when Donald Trump talk of a summer leading cleaned by this. It's the middle class is gonna line beginning Kramer August and of course people on the bottom anywhere depending on services. You don't don't depend on because and I are going to be here. Air and agency and its but you look at it that you're prepares score RC yeah. That these people who do that dark you know who think that this is agree. To build a satellite that is C a bowl aboard this so quote stocks are breaking news taxes. There's big Gordon bowl city are just let some get global strategy. Because Cindy you know it's it's terrible but anyway that's what they're happy Thanksgiving and that we are in Toledo Ali. We should be talking about a local reports this side of things you know unemployment insurance goal in comedy is now being you know. But let's let let let's give Obama credit because Obama got us along. Obama CC CC it would it would look at what went went Obama as administrators started and we were in the middle of the Great Recession. Everybody was able to note that a boy who currently little boy into recession on Obama. Not you've got to be you've got to give Obama credit that the stock market tripled during the course Obama's administration. Unemployment king I am I. Not by over 60%. He got he got to give credit where credit is due. Yeah let's put all that it doesn't allow is being exposed to big hypocrisy with dolby. 60 you know. No no no because go to the left the left judge. Al Franken the left didn't try to apologize or hide Al Franken they judged Al Franken Andy did uniformly. Al Franken judged himself. What does happen on the Republican side you still don't hear the Republicans talking about Roy Moore. And of course you elected a person who is a admitted professional. Assaults are women. Between Bill Clinton and BK KER language you know that in fact return they're here or you. OK you can listen you do this all the time you always go back isn't it completely different. What are we don't think OK. We got. It. But if you. Are not now. Stopped just you just do what you always do you see each agent point okay. But that's okay rural law Garnett led me here and she's blogger brokered before we get to Marbury can make you get Franken before we get that right Ron are you doing out there. All right I think that it's the height of I from the results sublime to the ridiculous. Four Donald Trump to give Al Franken lessons about sexual mr. Come on I mean the guy is on television confessing. And bragging about his sexual misconduct. And that when called out of B says oh I was just commons. I mean is that it was it was to. Help. But the thing is that they can't beat itself Franken at least admit it I mean I mean that I don't I know I guess they're ready wrote a red arrows who worked with some. For four years. It says in the touchy Feely Chinese ports that are around and clout he hugs and kisses guys on the cheek. You know also I mean now that's not cool is the only apparently a lot of in that can come pick. World these people act a lot of like eight you are. Sir Alex and that but at least he admitted that he's an old. And then a Democrat as did. The Democrats are uniformly. Uniformly the Democrats judge him harshly. He immediately. Okay that's not what's going on with Roy Moore. Went on with the Donald Trump. Everything is a conspiracy have their labeling everything a ticket you know it's funny if you if you dare say announces covered up the debt horrible anniversary. If you dare say. About ten guys were involved and conspiracy to kill JFK all the brightly media comes down ideas and change your crazy your cookie. But it according to trial it's some massive conspiracy. According to Roy Moore it's some massive left wing conspiracy at all. How to get these holy righteous Republicans. Let's really sick man and and the media barely you know they'll mention it but you know kind of click their part the little but they never check everybody who believes that has greatly. And then what about these women that the wife of Roy Moore who are guesses. Almost twenty years younger than him. She she gets hurt her her friends you know her women friends that are in her. Her circles and so on and they hold a press conference and then she talks about how she had been attacked attacked. Let her foundation had been attacked her reputation had been attacked in addition to her husband being into. I don't remember anybody attacking her even knowing who she is little attacking her talent but. They're all applauding when he says I'm still that was she says he's he still going to be in the race. And they're all applauding it's still very issue that we were just talking about that. The EU you've got somebody who is as horde of human being as you can be. That's not even counting on the other misconduct that Roy Moore was engaged in again and knocked off the bench. Twice and so on. Yeah I don't have the one true that he's he's he's he hates gays but. This seventeen year old well connected. Hit it that apparently forcibly raped a fourteen year old girl. He said that if it wasn't violence so he he gave them probation as of the newspaper. Piece. Be consistent with who brought it actually was that this appeals this stuff. Said the Supreme Court and he was one that voted against fortunately the other he'd of voted opposite and I think that's assist assist. This does this holy righteous Christian guy that's gonna I don't know whatever the how far the sex thing now it's interesting the Republican approach this whole thing with state local taxes. Is like Chris Collins is saying all of your support taxes in your wallet be able social programs. So in other words if the Chris Collins formulated are I got to do is have enough health care system like Alabama. The case consistently Mississippi and and will be tried as if that's what sort it the other aspect of police to the bottom sort of a and but I wonder if somebody who dedicated the disabled people. More and more and more. Yeah whole tournament holy cow. As you or me or. OK if I. Our error returned bring you bracket that you had something you're on the air. On your phone by Bart right on the point that Ron was making in you to get that we give them back on. Is that. If you do what what you're really saying what would be the Chris Collins and Tom Reid's and so on of the world are saying. Is that me New York station hey hey Ron. New York State should essentially reduced the amount of effort that it puts into its education systems into a social safety net it's health. I met and so on in order to bring its expenses down so that we will you would have to charge as much. In state taxes that seems to be the idea so let's lower quality of life. In New York State so that affect cats can get more money everything they're doing is raiding money away from the middle and lower class is in this country. Yeah it's another race for the bottom. At the staples. I mean it's the system to another aspect of that is safe and I absolutely dedicated for disabled people a lot of my Knoll. Came from other states to get better serve is not where I got a big thing about this. While back explain how. They tried to pass a residency law that would force the other states that take care of them. Their own disabled people and the mentally ill inept at the thing and that the Supreme Court overruled that so. What it well at least is worth Texas to Louisiana and in Mississippi can send their sick people if say we Everett did do that has stepped the whole thing is just. It it's too bad if people keep voting for another thing. This all in. These type putts that they're talking the subsidy. Gonna cut for the area health care ending. Very since there that's a lot of them. Involve local clinics in parts of the the battleground states that voted heavily for help. How that's gonna go over if it's if this goes through. Early next year somebody's cup these places are gonna Colmes. People in all are here wouldn't iron would Michigan and and you know. A elaborate suffer gonna have to goal in all. 4030 miles to get a doctor click click of a clothing. That they're they're very likely gonna close for now fought it by January. Enron memos when India reports that I wanted to get people to just focus on. That if you take Al. Roughly a 150 billion dollars of revenue from the federal government per year that's on the low end it may be as much as 220 million dollars a year. Over the next ten years you take that revenue out of the federal system. Where do you find compensatory cuts. To take two edged just for a vet that vet to inventory. Plus you've got to 670. Billion dollars in deficit. That you're in right now and not let they're gonna do was gonna correct that deficit you're gonna add 220 billion dollars on topics. And they're going to increase the defense budget we're gonna do so what are effectively gonna do is the same thing George W. Bush that. You're gonna take twenty or thirty million people out of the economic mainstream create a massive deficit. People be able afford anything and then the little collapse and Levin every now and they'll they'll try to blame it on somebody else Obama like they try to blame it on Clinton in 2000. It was the 93 tax cut Lebanon's and I. I militant Republicans are gonna say. You know that we're our. A baby people in society that we shouldn't be doing so many things for people we need to cut back on Social Security. I'll turn into a private you know our retirement system that we need to cut back on Medicaid Medicare housing. Our energy assistance in all these things are going to be. Taken away in order them to be able to find a mommy. Keep in mind that when you talk about the discretionary part of the government and defense is a part of the discretionary power. Of government. You only talking about one point 61 point seven billion if you take. Haas 700 billion of that to support the Defense Department. Where's the rest of that money going to come from in order to close to the deficit to close a deficit you have to shut down every single other discretionary part of government other than defense. It in order to do it. That's absolutely insane but that is what is on the net and noticed nobody's talking about this in all of these articles about. To tax cut nobody's talking about the downstream. Next steps that are going to have to occur. Yeah and they. They continually talk about these astronomical growth rates. Mixed doubles and which is that's never gonna happen. It's never gonna. No no wait that's just and if he also keeps sticking to the properties coming out out with these lower taxes that they they're gonna bring jobs back. From these other countries and that's and that's another thing that's not gonna happen upon the Beagle out of the manufacturing job even in the coal industry industrial jobs. Are being automated. And it's it's the old wages you can't cut taxes enough. And you have to do the work the American workers will have to if they want this job really come back after New York for two bucks an hour at it and can get by and that could. Our eye on our appreciation and thanks so listen. And we got our Franken again Jason come and Albert let's take our our last break in that would give Franken Jason sometimes you yell stick with us. There was some senator break here I think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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I think they'll monogram frying first mammogram Jason we'll see we grabbed Tony at the end over there Franken Niagara Falls I you do younger brother. Failure rate yeah I want shout. But not in the way that bills look like he's. Been a couple those spam out all right but the last few games Datsyuk. Did it it it it wears me out every year. Do you know that the fourth quarter streaker ran for more yards in the pillow. I'm not to Brian's time Johnson runs the ball well. Well you know the Republicans don't understand that tropical air war on the last. Its first week when he that the bidding of big oil opened up the apple and Keystone Pipeline. It is there's a map of oil pipeline spills in US saying there's literally thousands of oil leaks and billions of dollars. Of water property and wildlife there age. And even worse traps that respect yours so my clean energy future. You know nations like Japan and China Germany here are using technology that was then batted in the US and may in an invasion. You know. To use alternative you have to make alternative energy profitable. You touched. Trump and got Pruitt Rick Perry betrayed the American people forward do you helped fuel duty energy billionaire. And you know it seems like the I'm no apple protesters are right you I want a the six fascist police state to go out and beaten guest on Google leaking pipeline right now you know you don't know what kind of sick maniacs. What their own people waters. I don't know if you had a chance to read this I I caught up on the keystone. Pipes spill. Around 9:30 on Friday morning in the in it actually happened. And sometime around 4 to 6 o'clock in the morning on Thursday. And even though there were. Emergency. Personnel out there who were sort of inspector type people. From the there were no people from. On keystone itself who were in a position to actually start to do something about to spill they hadn't arrived yet because they were too far away. To be able to get there by our armed violent point. And that's the problem that's exactly what you've been talking about for the past for six years. You don't even have the read the infrastructure to be able to fix this stuff is something bad happens it's gonna take you to a three days to get to where the bad thing occurs. To be able to address it in the meantime. You putting all of his stuff in the environment Heidi how do you get their stuff out we still got oil in the gulf. From the the BP oil spill that hasn't been cleaned up yet that was six years ago so. Here you go down to the ducks are anywhere along the goals in you you you stick comfort BP. And try to. Oyster fishermen down matter. You'll be lucky to make it out alive. That the whole industry you can even find a place you're gonna actual bar anywhere along the gulf anymore so. Put on another note I think senator Al Franken side up and a political hit job by the likes of bright Bart Roger Stone out Jones. And try out. You know all ought to divert attention away from that no panel pervert who Amal. You know like it was joking around with a former Playboy on. Lloyd more or was it dark Alley abusing underage. Bureau I don't know how well yeah I don't I don't wanna take Franken Austin hooked my. He admitted he did what he did he apologize for what he did he did just apologize. He wrote a woman a personal matter not on a computer he hand wrote the letter. And sent a letter to her on directly. And he indicted himself. He actually said that you should do women in investing ethics investigation on me. I'll take whatever links and I deserve to take from that. Not compare that response to Roy Moore who's got seven marry women who've already wanted to maybe more than that since the last time we looked at this. Who have lined up to say that he had a solitude or sexually harassed down. And Roy Moore and only takes no responsibility for he attacks the women because all the women a liar. In fact the exact same playbook as the person who somehow got elected to be the president of this country. Who attacks fifteen wins and says all of those women are liars and someone so he doesn't even though he doesn't even. I'll come down against sexual. Harassment or assaulting women. He just comes down in his own self defense and attacks the women. Who who have made these claims. I don't understand you know I mean the are women and are lining up to support Roy Moore. On the basis that Roy Moore's wife says you know we're all a close circle we're gonna stand with our guy and whatnot and you actually gonna you gonna endorse. The behavior that Roy Moore has been engaged. A fourteen year old girl frank you've got I don't know if that had been my fourteen year old cousin Roy Moore would animated and an economy. You know we're right out of right. Wrong. He showed character. That's going to be very important and our future. Of politicians. Here yesterday. And everybody had a happy Thanksgiving bankunited. Thanks frank talk to you soon. Let me grab other John and buffalo real quick and we'll see we get Tony and of for the in the two break till our other Johnny doing out there. Pretty well made them lines. A couple of things first what more. I absolve the seventeen year old in the rate case. At what a fourteen year old. It was a four year old is after. Hole yes you know I think we were talking so much about the fourteen year with the four to fourteen sort of squished together right. Right and it is that were both of those through and I and I doubt that it will. It will enable. Millionaires and billionaires in relation to. Completely. Utterly avoid income tax by bagged triple there triplet of security. Okay because there are no longer and AMP. But that means that Sheldon Adelson company. Can say absolutely not. You're a little taxes and all. Straight aunt and an eternally stupid your audience will be paying more than that. I mean it's just crazy just it's just I don't know why people can't. Recognize a name. I'm sure up in an old school environment and I was always start paying money counts itself you can lie about a lot of things that you can't lie about one and one is too. And so if you just count the money. You can tell whether something is for you or against you. You can see that this bill is not going to help people in the middle and the lower class is number one. The people that are in the very low income area. They don't pay any net taxes at all so it doesn't make any givers what you do with the tax and unless you're gonna give people somebody else's money. Did did not gonna benefit one way or the other two people who were in the lower middle and then middle class. Those people pay a lot of taxes. And they get to deduct a lot of our a lot of income from their taxes. If they can't deduct. Those are expenses that came out of your pockets from your taxable income they wind up paying a higher tax. And he did that higher tax only works out to be. You know 81112100. Dollars per person. Here's a lot of people in the middle of the middle quite a strike that's a lot of money and all that money winds up going none of that money goes down. Well it could take a look at the supporters. I I suspect that they are largely air medically challenged. In other words to terminally stupid because. Number one our our bluntly. Legion to V this particular part of the deal. They just they just don't want to hear pats on they just don't want to hear. It's not that they can't hear pages deal more here. Right and and if you take a look at people like more life lower output out fraudulent letters at allegedly signed by fifty testers. Org look over. As it turns out that was an old letter. Whose subject was that something else entirely. Yeah and that was a sluggish U perpetrated that and then some of their investors the I'm the first let demand to be taken off. Look rescinded their or their support. Are you glad you yeah. But anyway that's right to sort through this week thanks. And this Jason. Here is the program. In the grab j.'s Jason are you doing out there. Say get our good to see our what what mountains are you on right now that you are always there. I. Where were you supposed to observers as you can get your. Add to. Be intelligent Butler a lot right interpret you know I don't write a Republican and Democrat equally. If it opened her eyes and realize if we. Borrowing money at all Richard and we are all the veterans are always in federal and printed it. Our cells without interest. We would have no taxes whatsoever. So you know I. Would. We have high inflation if we did that. Billy the insulation because you are currently you actually. A domestic product and an infrastructure back into manufacturing. That aren't. You know because you'd be and be producing Earl again which is really when a country strong you know I mean when a guy could pick up that factory daycare and it would you know. Yeah. You know bite thing. Mean change and it normally evergreen state and the hectic and him. And talk radio in the a to India. And you know I think I'm a little distraught about is. Well. Now with the men and women but. I don't agree at all obviously appropriate action you know I mean by. Every lard later that night school. It okay no actual. You know I think. Intimate guys. A little bit more. Chargers and applauded you know I mean do. You. I feel would use him and I'm telling them talented guy I have are several dollars. And if somebody came in my daughter's the wrong way. You can do good to leave the country 'cause I am coming for you okay I'm I'm not I'm not obeying any laws. I'm not listen anything anybody's gonna say you're gonna have to deal would meet face and it's not going to be pretty solemn. That's daughter from age what you want for now I actually the proverbial red and his stepdaughter was great and bought. I can life be it technical working year old man they are solemn nuclear. I'm so glad you I'm so glad you said that Jason because if you're 34 years ago. And somehow or 32 years old and a arch park child is is around you who is fourteen. That child is young enough to be your daughter that's eighteen years different from here. How could you see her as anything other than a child. Our our our surrogate of your own daughter how could you how did you see her any other way what kind of man does not see the at age 32. C a fourteen year old as a child. What does that tell you I've been. I then waited for use. You'd like. But Mary was fourteen them on their way to the white data files don't you go at more like where you're netbook you know yeah I ordered. And meanwhile the book is talking about all I agree now let's look at government Oprah style. We got a role than you do more calls and on this blog and I are stretched. All right please go back with a get my first that was when John Kamal remarkably good out there. A date here are so it's well it's the source android mores slight. We're which is first of all where Cory he's a Christian. Spent hours. Whatever else does he got to wrap it around. Now in and you know off. Not seeing it on from. Bobby and Al incident at. Is that I would even go at that war. Now they wanna get some sense of our. Her heroism you know for Donald charm because he has delayed. Are making a decision that Matt made the decision just delayed the decision about whether or not did you import. Taxi devised. Post. Elephants and one that are into the United States what what. Wouldn't madness what what what what are we coming from with its. Everything good. This country he wants to destroy it and you know one more thing you know and I junior. Nice yeah it's easier for him because I Africa. They can't even go flew his. To grow who run. They can't quit there's a famine there ought not that's why all this stuff is going on over that they can't quote quote it's too hot it crops can't take it. The abduction would take on the Sino us there are subsidy. In light on the equator runs and that's why can't they can't grow any notes too hot mode but there's no global warming. All right baby. All right thanks mark. We did John okay John real quick or you're out there please don't tell me that your love would you know of this crazy. Tax plan I know you know better. Please say you know. Yeah I yeah I agree I it's mostly due to simplify the tax cuts to alt text categories support that. We've ever all the deductions away they are right now because it's going to stir it revitalized economy. What are due by a gut check Scott. Sure there are simply be deductions way there right now you're gonna keep making ends. In the private sector and out of inefficient government the next key to the successfully I'm against the current and no doubt about it. Thank you. I knew that I know you could count I don't know with the. About Tyrod Taylor. And with the it. I gotta I gotta support voice or because. Oh please please you just children. You can't you can't support or rapists you just can't. Okay. All right Torrie our kids overview tomorrow hooker or our money we ran out of time here. So on hopefully you all gonna have a great Thanksgiving and or its. Now one of our comic nowadays look forward to talking on next week. Here I think again. Think again be well. You've been listening to think again would elevate them there response to by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more big again. It.