Think Again 11/11/17

Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, November 11th

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Welcome to think again with film made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program call now 80315. To money that they don't 31528. Aren't here we go live I think again I think again US stock B a two minute program you do for our. Welcome again to thank again our town a good discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty. Now in our 52 year. Each week we. Excuse me we we. What we talked to about issues and events in terms. Affecting you right here in right now in both for the worst in your community and in fact. Connect you to communities all across the country I'm your host elderly can hear presidency over community action organizations. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday at ESPN 15:20 AM on your down from 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Today's program is lives in colony can join our discussion open to will our number here again is 8031520. Minutes 8031520. The weather's okay so our lines are OK you don't when their lives are but what will the weather is bad realized he'd let me get messed up. Let me just kind of notes are struck some things that we got a couple Carl was an alliance. So I just for a Kennedy tell featuring out to get us going. On this of course through the senate Republicans have their produce their version of so called tax reform I say so called because. We think of reform has improved. Reform is not improvement reform is simply changing something from the form that it is now into another reform that's not necessarily improvement. The north used to say be careful what you ask for you might actually get it right in that may be what goes on. Out right now. I just kind of quickly look at the senate. Version. In terms of what is proposing they wanna continue to have. Seven tax brackets and just as a current legislation. Is worthy. House wanted to shrink the the tax practice down to four tax brackets. What are trying to do was to help people to not take a model and understand. What would happen under these models I took that the Republican. Our structure on the set a group rebut Republican senators are structure. As if you had a household with an a out household income of 100000 dollars. And you would have got a standard deduction of 2700. Dollars. I'm gonna assume that you and itemize and you'd you'd. Get about 8100 dollars in deductions. From you or or 8000 odd dollars in itemized. Deductions. That you would lower your on taxable income by another 161200. If he had two kids it's feats you. Your wife and two kids down to around. The evil we did just this total package or description would would drop you total. Adjusted gross income down to around 55000. You'd be taxed at a rate of around 15% senior federal. Tax bill will be somewhere. Around 7750. Bucks. Obviously you're new artist in this I don't wanna groups roller detail under the senate plan. You would. Give me 24000. Dollars and deductions you say whoo whoo it's that's great that's 111300. Above. What you would get under the current state standard 2700. Deduction. But you would lose your dependent deduction. Which would be for four people and household 161200. Dollars you'd be able to adjust your income you will be able to do acts or going to be injury income. And then of course. Would you bother to to item if you've found that. You were gonna get much. Thanks for your buck optimizing you've probably wouldn't bother itemize so. I would assume that you would not get 30000. I just described in itemized deductions. And some of the islanders Asians are crazy like if you're medical bills are more than 10% of your total income you can't and a rise. Well how many of us have more than 101000 horse he's here in medical bills so. You've you can see that what they've done and as he soared from launched and it. What ordinary citizens would be able to deduct to lower their taxes reduced stripping those things away. And the things that are left that would be adjustments to your. Overall a adjusted gross income are things that most citizens won't be able to take advantage of at all anyway. Insulin a model that I just gave if you're taxable income was I'm under the the I'm deep deep deep current legislation. Your taxable income would have been about your your your taxes would have been around 7750. For the year. And mind you you don't pay a dollar one time your payment you know big time when your teacher your patient. Under the that the the senate plan. You would end up with a tax bill that would be around 8640. Because you and your taxable income would be about 70000 dollars. It would be tax and hit an eight to 12% rate if I'm correct on army's brackets work out and so. You have a taxable income you'd have a tax bill of 8640. Which actually would be eight and ninety more than what you would pay under current legislation. That's to point that I really want people to get. You're being told by the Paul Ryan's in these other very crafty receivers. On to have control over our our legislature and in many ways control over our entire government. You're being told by these people over and over and over again and repeated by the news media that. They are giving you a tax. Reform. That he's going to you. Help the middle class are gonna lower taxes on the middle class but when you actually look at how these the dear dear bills operate. The actually wind up for those people that are in the middle of the middle class. They end up paying more taxes. So think about what's going on here. They've been talking about paying for corporate tech tax reductions and tax reductions for that. On the upper class. And the wealthiest. By attacking Social Security attacking. Medic I met Medicare attacking Medicaid you know and so on. And they found that do that that dog doesn't hunt that people will attack you if you do that. Since that I know west to protected people don't talk too much but that those people to make our 152000. To 1000 years from working. Let's attack him. Because when you start giving up above 30400000. Dollars a year. Those people tend not to get their money from working. They tend to get their money from. Not investments they're giving your money from dividends from interest. From capital gains you know and so on so their income is an effective at all kidnapped in Texas product or pay a minimum taxes on that. In the first place. So that's the beat the big thing I wanted to get to. I wanna make sure we talk about is Roy Moore situation. Help me understand. What it means when you have a state. I'll people dominated by so called evangelicals. Who are sold. I don't even know what the word is it that explains what the rationale is where they would. You lack some it's easy. As former judge Roy Moore and only has he been tossed off the bears twice for misconduct. We find that gears for Yahoo! is still under under. I'm nineteen years ago. When he was in his thirties and it's just that we know right now is probably more competitive and pretty soon. We find that men only what was he pitching he's the the these girls and trying to engage him in some kind of a sexual relationship. What do the girls when she was sixteen. Reports that he you know when her mother was bare. These proceedings outs out of a courtroom and he offers himself as the guardian Angel wanted to hear your daughter warms up to work. And puts himself at court fourteen ports to a charity working in the law Israeli hat there you go when it happened she was fourteen. And Tammy you're 32. How has a fourteen year old match your daughter. How is a fourteen year old somebody that you look at as they say it started you have 32. In this person is fourteen. My oldest child was where I was 32. Was fortunate. It just. Or just trying to help us does that and scored on here right so listen up. I can't talk too much more under so much markets but let's grab Tony first mammogram Stephen in Orchard Park. Tony are you doing out there. Well. I just questioned as much market Hispanic Asian money and a library just minutes ago. And then I agree this is people say this is not Alabama which is born to my way of thinking as. If he did that it was thirty years ago and we really can't. Stop a mind. Can. And chances. Unless it was sort unless it was a Democrat. Then the whole world would have to come to a 222 or stop. Let me go back and exploit something deal. It has a lot as welcome back and say yeah into the white out. There is lots of green light. Because that you know. At the K how were at around claiming victory at the list. Proud Papa Patrick this being able to appeal or imminent deal. Matt you made it right Emmy goes to the Hollywood Hollywood tape. It's probably just the access to. I think about it except I. Complaining period in which the Republicans. Now stay. Well. Two minutes after the act that was really what came out going to be the same pay directly as. I right we talked about it at. I'll work so. You have a president. That. Let me take you debt there's jobs couldn't help and at that people aren't gonna care they don't know carefully. I can't think that it acts thing I thought that this again yesterday and that. This tax break as it's based on assumptions. I'm kittens which basically calling Hillary Clinton thinks. And the question. That the economic console public and charging. Them or something bad yeah. We calling that there's going to be a battle that pits by the race and I did that need workers in this country against higher wages. And Tony Paul Ryan would you just a trickle down. The day before yesterday Paul Ryan used those exact words. I get some pop culture addict can get up get his cellmate then. I think we have a wage increase in this country intent he urged an end and back there isn't a pre selected based on inflation. Canadian government can't legislation. Which currently part at least eight an increase at that wage and can't adopt a working hours and court. They expect that to happen starting and urged. And they're going to be behind the Australians I think the Australians. Is about fifteen right now and they're going to be up where summer around seventy. I let let me get this some other. Kind of tenant trump said yeah I know wars lately knots. Sit stealing all of our intellectual and their. That's that's totally breast right. Well. Concepts. What. I did get elected I'll I'll I'll be big he brings up right. Eric we got it better trade agreement at the previous administration. He couldn't really hit it I neat already being gosh. Because this speech. Can I need he. Will need more intelligent answer in the Asia. And we'll treat it any kind of gradually at forty stealing electoral. Each and more apt because I have looked at at military. Administration. Or a lot. And he Corning that I need to mention it and calls. The key endorsement this deal. Percent typically. Not in Donald Trump's 100. Dollar terms were right. Well I. Got dumped why we ask ball what Ramallah and a company but he never dealt volatility wasn't going to begin play. It's called anchor company. And yet he can't do that campaign bring. Happily down there. At length audio. And bring you milk but even that bit by bit and he never I don't doubt they're on is quite get here. Right he always kept them Leo when you find out about stuff that they didn't tell you about the Meola said it will skew these men have amnesia that. I usually understood elite again you're sure. That Erica did your committee yesterday. And all of a candidate they like actually up a lot I don't know why I'm Angela bishop. Who the the ABA instead was unqualified. Unanimously. Every one of the. I had an actual call but I airport carrying her. Yeah I can't. He campaign etiquette or crop. About their Puerto Rico we just haven't got a birdie birdie that the why because it is important that they can put out a lot and I've heard from some Republican. Bet they were ignored well the number. When I'm Puerto Ricans like point at the United States. And got out pushed away. They Asia and they should be Kurdish terrorist. Hit as an Somalia. Angola hit cents. People are people waiting on W me out or he'll. I thought the election was being I try to work and Donald Trump was a crock. But. She has dialogue broke anyway. I com where I wake of the hole. And can actually thought he changed a little bit. And attack plan that they own and how he can capture part. There and blast. Excellent. Excellent around this economy. And I agree about that I don't double block that guy because I can't get illegal up rock. Would you be careful what you asked where you might get it totally we're gonna have to run I gotta get. Hard braking and we are just I don't know. Gravel trap here. All right take care. Stephen hang on we're gonna get you just a couple of minutes we take care of our sponsors so you'll stick with us who see the senate to break here think again think again. Garrett if you're child struggling with the reading and always complaining it's pouring. Plus the community action organization of Erie county it is still accepting applications for the rising readers club offering free yes that's dead free find interactive intensive reading program for two gaming grades K. Well CEO rising readers club provides small group instructors certified teacher. Next improve transportation. Yes free transportation home. 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Veterans day is celebrated and in fact I was down at the I can now side here was. An announcement. Mohammed or so people attended many there. Larger. Elected officials and our area mark Poland has crystal peoples donors sponsors of this initiative. The first national African American veterans monument. In the country is going to be corrected. In the city of buffalo and will be in the on the canal side in the naval park. And so this is a tremendous honor. For our community people becoming those people that follow this sort of stuff becoming. Odd to buffalo to take a look at this memorial. And so we should just be proud of that be proud of the fact that we have such a strong our veterans tradition. In our area let me grab Stephen real quick a mammogram Rambo against either an Orchard Park are you do not just even. The president I'm trying to do we greatly my remembered. A candidate who is due argument would come by and about the pledge of allegiance I entered. I trying to become maybe during that time of the president Eisenhower. A live report. The pledge of allegiance stated that hip. The race I entered guys if it was edited and there but then later on stage and why. So it took remove quick and date of radio is is that what happens. You've got it exactly right and that was early fifties alana. That day they stuck in. Undergone then they had taken out. Because it it it in violated the principles of separation of church and state. And of course they couldn't taken out because people wanted to you know to not to remain. OK and I do build a very good group better way to and they are and what is actually. I've got to tell you about you wouldn't do bills right now. Think that I think New Orleans is Gary yes. The old Soviet authorities of course OPEC. And I didn't own a total down as well but it you know while in buffalo plane Bob Hope but it's cheap and then go wiser maybe. Where the ball will be here are how voters you know. We might have over whether advances separated prepared. Particularly much. All right Steve thanks to clone a pipe on the grant Graham or Jerry and I know Randall you're a veteran aren't you. Our congratulations. Marshall. Yeah I stopped banks made it and it and that being just a little coincidental you. The guy becomes a how to file child molester exactly one month before the election since Democrat I would think that they. Rambo Rambo a guess that what you just said isn't true you would not gonna say the same thing. Win the WikiLeaks stuff came up at the same time that the trump. Planet Hollywood whatever they call it you know him bragging about grant women in your private parts and so on. You didn't say that at that time we run a radio together at that time he didn't take even take that. That position and I'll say that you would do or not you can read about it and Assad and the Democrats you'd be you'd be justifying what Donald Trump did go that's what you did at the time. Nobody had a kid. Hillary was a child molest her. But my point is my my point is that. You. What you with a time justified. Donald Trump's behavior. You justifying why people should still support Donald Trump because you thought they would Donald Trump stood for in terms of what you're interested in. His objective of preserving this country in the 1954. Is I'll Ozzie and Harriet. You know conceptions they should the country you thought that that. Rose to a higher level than whether or not Donald Trump was AD based chrome. And so you you win with Donald Trump and that's what's going on you know right now this situation with Roy Moore. You know you and I didn't see it. So generally when you look at what what what whether or not you wanna believe something. You look at whether or not they were other people that it happened two and were there other contemporaneous. Our conversations are with people about what took place. The mother of this child talked about the fact it just took place. There were at least three other women who were under nineteen who were pitch by this guy did when he he was in his thirties. When he was supposed to be an assistant prosecutor. And yet he's out here pitching young. He got her phone number he called this girl up several times he arranged to meet this girl. Without her mother's knowledge to it takes her to his home thirty miles away from her home. And attempts to get into whatever he thought he was gonna be the beginning to. With her. My my point is that here's a guy has been thrown off to benched twice. Because he's a lawless person who does not believe he has to be governed by the law if he doesn't agree with the loss says. And now we find out that this guy as you record I'll I'll cross several people. In fact. The one of the women says that she had voted for our Republicans in the last three. Our election she wasn't he voted Republican why she would have been I don't know what she wise. So this is not somebody from the democratic camp you know trying to figure out a way you know to sign. Roy Moore to Democrats were caught off. Guard by this announcement just as the Republicans were on Afghan diet so don't start playing this deity two don't don't do that let's stay within what's true. They've been made it into little. But to meet its so what quote the 3940. Earth zero. Some cases there are lots of cases where people have talked about stuff to Harvey Weinstein stuff you know many of those instances took place you know thirty or forty years ago I mean that that that that's not all that unusual what what what is true is that women typically especially prior to the current era. Typically would be unwilling to tell people that that went down because they didn't want to be put in a position where they were looked at is if they were sleazy. As if they were loose women and whatnot you know a lot of times you find situations where there was a college you know. Campus party and people were drinking and then something happened you know to people who had been drinking. Well if you focus on the fact that the moon was drinking and civil war kind of woman are you if you focus on the fact that a woman was was involved with somebody who she was not. Mary to you. And then you don't focus on the criminal. Behavior criminal behavior went on here whether it's punishable today under the statute of limitations that's a different issue. It doesn't change the fact that he was criminal behavior. Well what I'm saying it it is. If it's 238. Years for people to ever predict remembering to reflect I don't know I'm the thing. Though her own memory was not refreshed I understand that's not what's being said she is always. Had this memory she knew what took place she's been conscious about what took place. She just never spoke about it what's happened is when Harvey Weinstein saying in her. Kevin Spacey thing and other of those kinds of revelations that come about how now you've got people who work. Bringing to the surface talking about steps anymore you know I was. On a campus I was in that office I worked for that company and these things happen to me actually judge. Or giant I'm very famous Hollywood. Actress who you probably would've thought it was a very. You know highly intelligent you know are strong person I remember seeing her. In a picture is in canyon. You know working with. Some cocoon you people and so on you know I mean a very strong you know are able type person. Turns out that she was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. A couple of decades ago so my point is that it it's not a matter of people just woke up and remember stuff that's not to case. They just were unwilling to. Say anything about it because of the consequences that they felt we're going to happen to them if they did now people are feeling less. Are afraid that you're gonna wind up being crucified. When they tell what is happening to hands of other people. I think they're wanting it to somebody didn't know me but didn't have a computer but no. And then again it's only the will that the good thing because that. You're never also but he can make in your computer and number that your that you get child pornography are your computer. People people don't. I don't only we stopped. OK let budget Graham. We're cool man I'm in I love talking to you but don't let people roll that match. Nobody can go onto your computer and put onto your computer. Something that you did not yourself. Access. You don't mean to you and I know nobody in Singapore confine your computer and put something on your computer and then. Ten years from now somebody says oh. I hear something on. On a Rambo GM's computer a site that he was searching that stat that just doesn't take place. Didn't somebody check in what was in it what's the big deal reached terrorist. You can hack into Richmond only hack into computer and signed what was on the computer you can't hack into the computer and put. And put on the computer. Your search you would have to search on the computer than the record of your search would be on the computer. Well I have to be the guy could've been incorrect but the thing get up if people just feeling that it sounded like I. I tell you about this decision the judge went back. Am. Just twice twice what it. Twice or been in the lawless he did something that was not even legal when he started to do it is not like. The ten commandments was already dare he put the ten commandments there knowing that he was going to be a violation. Supreme Court decisions. Separating and on the separation of church and state he did it anyway. Just so that he can get a whole bunch of fanfare. From the kinds of people that call themselves. To cut what whatever it is these people are support. People like Roy Moore. To get fan for fear from from them. He did this so he creek aided the situation. And then acted like he was being a martyr for a situation he himself created. He was just possibly he's just another con man you know who's who's manipulating. Sensibilities and people know different. So what does that make him hero does that make Zorro. Equipped. On line now on I gotta give somebody else I remember that's okay. Religion zero digital book senator I Jerry OP got look around again and the fact that the are you doing. What can log file and are able. I gotta tell you he doesn't have a good spirit actually we yeah. Hey everybody's got their own opinions. You ask. Until pretty critic cataract surgery you're going and being a lot clearer now. Oh and what are they don't like very much time she's gone through these horrible. Yeah beauty that seem to be acting out a regular basis. It can't even go to church anymore and be safe. And I don't know how to wrap our minds around this and I grew up in a world where. Church. And school. When you've gotten a fight you know and things and he. Did you get on to a school grounds or to go to church grounds you can stand right next to pursue her fight with him yet to worry about everything was too. Not to Jason who are. As they hear you know he used that. Didn't hit quite it was just start there's nobody ever pull in life are really remember anybody. I don't remember CNN garner it ain't just hit quite a black everybody know ball would forget about it nobody that I should. And your best friends in life. Almost always turn out to be because you had to fight with you know when you're younger. You know culture in America will 300 million times you know they're there they're not going away and unfortunately we can't get annualized cash. Yeah all true what would that be some. And Jere on that point and I'm glad you said that because the truth is two thirds of American households. Do not have a Garmin. So we have 300 plus million guns but there in the hands of a 110120. Million council's. The wrestler households don't have guards. Light you know right into crazies in order it at an old Marshall Fort Collins and and it you know and apple only because they abortion dinner and obviously they're very timely admonition they had. People funny and are able there in the lobby worshipped and make sure no. Luck get can't can't be oh weapons. A which has been incredible. All too but I mean these weapons were the military. And now private citizen can just go well thankfully the new York and other state taken just going to look on the show. Are you took on shop. And Annie Annie cycle. Should be able by Israeli weapons as they want to walk out there and you know what. Dickerson recently somebody would go and buy all these kind of weapons. They're backed it up I didn't because they wanna protect Oklahoma you know you have to. Every year although it may get a good morning to a long life goes a bit of extra hole don't debater you know it. And the truth is if you have a long rifle. It's usually in your house in a place that's not. Easy for you to get to somebody comes to. Kicked down your front door are lest they kick down your front doors and listen to give you sixty seconds ago five years you're long rifles and you can defend yourself that might work. But more than likely somebody broke through your back door window or something like that. And and crashed into your house. Usually you're you're not sitting next to the long rifles so he is he would have to go to wherever you store it. You know are in your house and get it before whoever's attacking you was coming to its 22 to attack you so this does a lot of it you know logic in this. But. Jim I gotta run I gotta get run out before he gets it or break. Our I talk to sue banks aren't. Let me grab Rodman and under the Saturn braver grabbed an easier Ron are you doing out there. OK. You know. This whole thing this judge. Roy Moore it cannot understand before Warner. Initiative really revealing thing about this so almost in this country before this thing role. But in the news dalliances. Yeah he was. Double digit 1415. Points ahead of Doug chilled. Now you've got to realize. All Doug Jones Walker's here to pro life Democrat. Who was the guy who is a prosecutor. Talking importing thirteen a cold case. OT Birmingham bombing the one that even Joseph bios wrote a full song about possibly meet won't get any got a convection. Now these ads and that's why people that you got to listen to Randi Rhodes because she they add that. That these this morehead. The Republicans got before. This sprawl call about his sexual thing was. Doug Jones. A black and protect all I don't see radical black extremist position. You know there were running as like a reward for those words they were telling people in Alabama they were fifteen points ahead. That this guy was pretty radical black are the only way these radical black guy yeah well I don't advocate. Hold talks the black extremist position now he's got it never BL over anything at all. But his if you cry able and they were as well supported but they never spent this. In that part Birmingham bombing. Knowing you. It's this country is sick Alabama is a 66 state. If they would would rather have a guy there's at least you'll probably get Alou is better or who. Or is gonna win the merely close knowledge within five points but there are people coming out and saying. It had to get ready literally quotes at the actual life voices that they'd rather vote. For a guy it was a pedophiles. I guy who basically I guess if you believe this and there's thirty witnesses by the way that of collaborated these other big stories but rather. Vote for a case file that I diet. He broke the fifty year old case. All of these little girls being killed since this is just plain down right makes me wanna puke. You're so right I mean it that that this thing is is just it it it brings up stuff in me that. I have varied you know from the fifties in the sixties and one that you know he did that that country is imprisoned. By people. Whose desire to maintain. Their version of veered nationalism or supremacy. At the expense of every moral values that exist. It is it I mean would Donald Trump. You know brag on you know international TV I'm not assaulting women and laughed about it. And people that were in his presence also laughed about it. In that did not turn into an impeachment. Free election just an impeachment of his candidacy. That told you everything you needed to know about what's going on in his country. There's no moral fiber behind these people they don't really care about you know what's right run it and think about this run. These people call themselves. Evangelicals. And it is my understanding of evangelicals. I was born out unless I still am a born again Christian. You know promoting the message of Christ was supposed to be the core of what evangelicals were about what. About. Roy Moore. Reflects the the debut the beat the values in the spirit of the Christ what we're as the Christ in. In this fellow at all. Well at that's that's the question at what I that the very idea that he got that trump got what 71% of the Ellen's helical. Even though. It will bright at least set against everybody that believed in that what you didn't know it was just fun and. These and well even though of course that the Chinese head for quite awhile longer afford read about it. Panetta was accused of harassment so. Word is work with a self. Did you hear the other part of the story where. Some I think it was I don't wanna blame Rush Limbaugh are to impersonate but. People of that ilk have put on the table that. Well. What's the big deal about him being 32. And kick him it was somebody who was. Fourteen or fifteen or sixteen or seventeen years old. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was you know fourteen or so years old. When. He married her. What was so so that's the model that that's what they actually put on the table I am self justification are. And the question their but I always say about those old religious up taking things out of a social cultural and I mean yeah that was a couple felt you were people who could be forty in that BP or old man or 45 or fifty. So I mean this was served in the traditional having. All of of being hit particularly in in the least if you. There's some dispute about that or get heavily horn but the idea that is that it's the Bible teaches that people were it'd. If a woman did not compare child it blows you know it was a terrible pain blah blah blah and debt to head to be ditched it was a desperate situation. And she buried this and blob blob and of course dispose of these special case anyway. And it was a virgin birth and in the first place that. Oh is so I incurred are all well and any hearing. He read those fox who is best I think they've got these they've got these these so called legal experts saying that. Almost any debt is based advocates are fake belt women made itself up for money all the time it was an even though. You know these these the FBI statistics indicate differently but the but fox has been really hitting back. On this saying that well the only woman afraid in the may also make it whether just liars. Make it all up. And if debt that's that's sickening that I can't of the world global summit ever heard of apparently its release fox. A specialty people they trot out any time there's. And that their guys get up acute that it was that would lie there all fake and they'll look for money and so just disregard that's a Fox News. Message. There are Iran's banks now charge you next week let's take our last break and they would get midyear and we'll give Tony Johnston you'll stick with us who was sooner or senator break. Here I think again think again. 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Eligibility requirements plus another program excellent what do you by the community action organization appear county. Figure. Out have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. School. Known using lightning stood still feel fangs and good gut freely through. The failure really charming snake charmer surprising what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to Geico. Where they won't have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Whether you're updating the fourth holiday gifts arrive for your shot and don't forget Lowe's has you covered with a great shape. Now get up to 40% also like to play special values on some of the best brands in the business. Or prepare for winners now with the Detroit could push button start gas snowblower protest by now you've. All projects have a starting point to start closed up quite tough for about 130. Select items only expect quite trivial pressed later by location. She's store for details. I did on its very hit the fact that. So listen let me just quickly before I get treated here this one. To help you understand what these snake oil salesman. Are pushing on the American population CDs commercials coming on all the time with that China policy you wouldn't believing that. These tax so called reform proposals from both house and the senate Republicans. Are good for the middle class. Just give me an idea of what their lack of what what the fairness and logic is of these Republican bills. Both versions of their tax legislation Republican senate and Republican House. What you are eliminate your ability to deduct. State and local taxes from your adjusted. A gross income. Yet business owners and partners who pay tax on beer companies profits through their individual tax returns. They would still get to deduct their state and local taxes as a business expense to think about that for a second. You as a business Europe probably chapter as partnership type our organization. Which by the way most companies in the United States are. Subchapter S. Partner type organized. Corporations. If you're if you're in that category. You can take your corporate profits. And pass them through. You as the owners as individual income to be taxed at individual tax rates. As opposed to the current. Max 35% corporate tax rate. That exist under current law. And so what. Where they're gonna do is say to you as an individual. You can't deduct state and local taxes from your adjusted gross income but our corporation. Can take money that they creek it is net profit to the corporation. Passage through to you as a and older are shareholder are bad business. That money passes to you and and you can deduct state and local. Taxes you paid from the past the income that was passed through to you from a corporation. How does that make sense in every which way possible. They are structuring this so called reform. In a way that takes money away from you that takes deductions that save you taxes away from you as a citizen. And then taking the money that saved and making that money available. As. Lower taxes for these rich for for these are corporation and he's very rich people in this country. At some point people are gonna have to start waking up and fighting for themselves let me grab an -- real quick to give her boss the jury you do out there. Hi yeah program as usual. I want to know how can we get democracy back. Democracy now back over a bit irregular brought can't. Somehow we got to start calling the station car in your comments say that you wanna he would have programming right. OK I also don't Frick did to it as colony if he would like to be my phone didn't pan out. Because he's as well that's what broke could be. The other thing is. By the way you know doing any reporting. Broke this story out I'll Harvey Weinstein. Is that it Errol time. OK I didn't realize then. And and you know. They have always saved in airfare outpolled later that she was still sleeping with frank and not try. Think she would lift. Woody because that guy is so pretty woody couldn't have I got that look back to. His. I Woody Allen could be up bacteria on his hands he stopped look like media and from. And you know he's fighting so hard he child not to take Woody Allen. Lack stay. In bed and factual would. Woody Allen is that first inning he gave them all felt and of course Woody Allen very consistent. He has a court in this fight he is doing a wonderful shop and they reality out that he is. Now they're going back backtracking. Through what it felt full of crap when they when he gave Roman Polanski. AEK I'll ask our audience baby I'll. In my mind that's right. Okay and limit the girl that woody I mean Iran Polanski not only drugs. And raped a fourteen. He's now they look that was not saying that's a long time of golf I do that means somebody's been paid off and paid off well I think he had licked. Good foot give Roman Leah. Ski forget about he's been through a lot. Now nobody people break their next to being directed by Woody Allen. Could be in his civil. Nobody's pulling it all these. Off the shelves. Nobody is breaking our it project. That you know what he'd do it years ago I read an article instead of digging capital or in investment. It bankers or venture capitalists. Tibet camp or Hollywood he started going abroad. And that's what his financial. Slumped so he got good sense but the reality is. They Hollywood insult to whom face because now that you wait to the next woody out while they line it up. I. Right now bet they are not if I ain't going nowhere. And so called. And that in the end it's so it's just it's very scary. You don't talk practice and won't forget about it in a couple of markets hot right now because I don't go back yeah it would take on the all these guys. The truth is it Democrats should be running commercials. Now. Just like the Republicans are running commercials or support whatever this man this is that there they're putting. The Democrats should be doing the same thing. That I would say this it is it if I was a political. Either or a politician. What I would do if I was with the Democratic Party is in terms of their direction is. I would have the party meek being a Republican. Issue. I would say that their biggest threat. To the future quality of life for people in United States is the Republican Party. And Obama just take all these things Republicans and doing damage just keep hammering away at all of these things over and over and over again and I would make them the issue. But Ralph Nader made a relief that point as some other people longtime political got. Scott jumping ship. We got to stop going it's okay very and there are bad so the next time local Republicans. Here and there bet the Democrats spent the next time would go to Democrats. The point is to get justice. By any means necessary. And what's wrong with getting just Democrats mean when I say just just I mean the Democrats are just people. The problem is and John Dean is the only reformed. Politician who went to jail and talking saintly. He dictated interview with him in the books right. That dirty that they needed worked in the worked cartel and I sit there is it he said he said they sit have termed. He said because these people find out what all the bodies that they Ares. They work for the government. I'm what all the bodies are buried they already incorporate the polls from lobbyists. And their high finances. And and soul he's that they need to get got a lot she didn't report sick or what should they know if they retire but you make term limits he said. Hall and do what's good for the civic keeps regular. Septic obedient. Militants among these years he did. They cross the street detained three. And like Buchanan it become consultants. Lobbyists did you know that got other names that work what Obama did and he only could do so much. It dates up. And work for K street India's turn against the government because they are now a lobbyist Arab mini Umpqua corporation. That you know how regular people there is com what's so the issue by something. There is what is it depreciation. You drive a lot is decided before you eat at curb. After you walk up and stored and turn it right back while you all three of 4000 dollar in debt yet flat. Yeah corporation and I learned that Q Alec eight L. He's yeah. Said that these corporations give half old Jack. Old fractures old Iraqi note sheets and when they write that off debate it the contemporary. Prices with no age. Because nobody challenges. It did you. Let this happen Wiki fans say they're old sustained as a leader split our orbit to be missing air. I we will all miss DB. To walk on water and what our bit to lay our hands it healed we all went there it does not support via hierarchy. These man made religions. Hierarchies in corporate set out. Between doing your higher power. It's spiritual quality not in May of religious divides are all by apple. To decide yeah. But what if everything and I know I learned in kindergarten. You'd. And and and insects can teach us about living. We are not supposed to be I I I I could skip again when the casino. And I would and I saw these senior citizens sitting there. Yup and. Yeah the press time. They are this thing is that I didn't churches. My high tide tie like the people get ready to hit out at church while he's killing our. As you'd expect live yeah I mean you got their life. He's size will be dropped off if you're not allowed you to return to adopt it only feet. You will do you go out our our blog as a mark real quick can we get a chance of gradually mark are you doing out there. Hey Nate can. I'm a Christian. That I am certain. You know you know they'd they use this thing you notice when you're right wing. Talks you they go the first thing out of remark as I'm look. Christians and so always does. This. Antenna or stuff is supposed to go in and around there's like. That. If they did before it. Of course the Christian and then. And you know. This did allow this shooting. There's this on exact and New York. You know the use of the right to regulate and then and the lack. And learn and to regulate to regulate guns and opted. And the and that. And let you be slaughter each other. Lets you Laden's mountain because right wing Waltz. While jobs won't even eat it can kind of gun control me and the heart of the right wing platform. And I saw that before. You heard it. It's a well isn't it the right wing platform is not much slaughter each other with these gone. And then take an hour in money for it to week. And. You know mark I got our running under one more Karl okay thanks rather talk to sue let's grab John about the real quick. John are you doing out there. Pretty good shape and I you know even a blind squirrel fighter jets. Ed and just make good jungle gym worry a little bit yes it is entirely possible that somewhere down load images or anything in your. Computer hacker could do it easily stroke. I'll also the reason I'm calling it what you may want to consider exploring. Is the pair guys' papers in conjunction with the Panama papers. And that'll reveal a great deal about existing tax policy and then the tax evaders and Reuters. You'll find that. The current bill. Being proposed by both the senate and that the house. Are her dirt just strictly giveaways to major corporation. And or. That is right in the center this week. All right thanks very appreciated. Do we have time to hit a little plutonium OK let's get Tony record Tony I do it again. And can't. And I'm flattered by yeah by error make here is out there and state bank eager. And you can give you you can give and be your number and and midyear and calling get your number from. From Andy that as we could do them on the air okay. Well let me get the what I really aren't about. This country at suited to this country isn't that Biden as well as during this war yeah at some point. And access I want a chapter on law and it'll ever be able. Yeah state programs needed to carry a long gone. I'm assault. Is being yeah no we know unique for our net thing. Background checks maybe. Do you Clinton's people on this city. Yeah. We don't have power that she can yes. Can't spend that state park that's a lawyer that costs can get carry permit twelve. Hours. September first to sit up tees it. Up. Yeah and unrealistic in New York already bought. That charter we got to run out of time thanks man it was good information. Thank you all out here for continue to support us we hope that we're making some kind of sense we'll talk to you all next week here I think again. Think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsor by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. The.