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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, October 14th

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program call now 80315. To money that's 8031520s. All right here we go think again think again welcome to our topic discussion programs sponsored by the community action organization of Western New York. I still fighting the war on poverty now in 52 year. Each week we talking about issues events and trends affecting you right here and right now in buffalo in the worst in your community and in fact. Consecutive communities all across the country. I'm your host elderly can hear presidency or the community action organization. Make us a part of your sanity every Saturday ESPN. 15:20 AM on your job from 11 o'clock twelve noon each week in today's program is launching calling you can join our discussion of that you will. Our number here again is 8031520. That's 80315. Torre. Three bigs basic points you're gonna kind of outline in today's program by. Of course you're the callers and sorry we are. We're gonna be responsive to where it is you want to talk about. But everybody's basic points number warm this is where Donald Trump calls green health care. Just put that in years and has now host and are in your mind second. While we're talking about king's you'll remember all of them. You know the key Republican talking points Barack Obama. Tea Party people Barack Obama thought that he was a king he can rule by fee. Let's talk about that and how that applies to the current administration. Third point the question remains can Americans pulled themselves together enough to survive Donald Trott. Because this is what's in front of when I'm asking people to do if you are on the side of people who are progressive. And you want to see progressive change preserved and then continue to grow in this country. Then you can't sit on the sidelines like you did in 2010. What you did in 2000 twirled like you did in 2014. While he did in 2016. You have to make a decision. That you're going to fight to create their future that you say you want if that's what you really want. That means you're gonna have to change to congress from being a Republican ruled congress to being a more balanced congress so that you can give me. More centrist. And a multi perspective. Are all set of policies that govern the people of this country. If not you gonna have to continue to see things going down the path that they're going we'll talk apartment. As we go along in today's program there's an article in the hope I'm hive where web site. It actually was produced in our vanity magazine. We're Donald Trump is quoted as saying. I hate everywhere in the White House trump sees as advisors fear the president is unraveling. I don't know how much of this is you know absolutely verbatim the truth. It sounds like there are a lot of people who are around. The White House who are around pomp. I'm Donald Trump who hear him talking. And dinner picking up. On the idea that Donald Trump is kind of coming apart at the scene as one former official. Even speculated that Kelly. That's a lieutenant John Kelly I'm the chief of staff and secretary of defense James managed. Can't discuss what they would do in the eventual ordered a nuclear strike. Think they said would they tackle him. He controls most loyal backers are soaring public doubts. On this morning the Washington Post according to this article. Quoted longtime true friend Tom Barrett saying he was shocked and stunned. By Trump's behavior. This just begins us along the path of understanding or and make your cells begin to think about. In a different way about what's going on here wanna refer to an article by Amy. Our Goldstein. Talking about are about halting of Abbas subsidies to. I health insurers and what this is likely to do to the insurance marketplace. Before I give it to that I just need for you to understand truth again. Most people in this country aren't sure. Large employer group health insurance. Or they're insured by the VA. Or they are insured by Medicaid. Or they're insured by Medicare. So that the portion of the market the insurance market that is governed by the exchanges. Only covers somewhere between seven and 10%. Of the total. Population of people who were being insured through health insurance. Given that. And 80% of those people who get the insurance on the exchange. Through the individual insurance market. Also get subsidies. Directly from the federal government to subsidize the insurance premiums. When you're telling you about these big increases in the cost. I've insurance premiums they're only talking about big increases in the portion of the market that is covered my dad's seventy cent to 10%. Our people to rest of the people aren't seen those kinds of cost increases you know good well. Employers and I incurring a 100% increases in there insurance premiums from one year to the next that would just completely. Do you you'd see armed revolution discussion before that that would take place. Employers around one of the employers you're seeing 456%. Increases in the cost of your your your health insurers two providing. For your employees to stop letting people keep saying to you and that the administration in these people that control our legislation of people in the media keep saying to you insurance premiums keep going up in opposition. This is. The dominant thing is going on in the should insurance market. These are cost increases are affecting somewhere between 710%. Of the total number of people who are poor are getting health insurance. I need be and understand that. Trump is keeping his word that he would use all of his executive order only got a few minutes. I as executive authority to destroy America's health care system to satisfy. The blood there's of these so called base they cannot stomach. It's something so transformational as the Affordable Care Act was brought about by President Obama. Since he couldn't get the Republican national congress to do it. He started to use executive orders to get around what they affordable care law requires is executive administration to do. Stop letting people tell you that this is something that congress is supposed to do its work Republican controlled congress must do. If you could get. A balanced discussion and involve Democrats and Republicans in the same room hammering out to same thing in you have conservative and moderate progressive positions. Being. Oh. I've discussed and coming to a conclusion then you could say this is something that the congress needs to do but that's not what's going on now that we have a Republican controlled congress. We have a current Republican controlled congress that will not put anything on the floor unless a majority of the Republicans themselves. Are willing to vote for cynnex not congress that's a Republican controlled congress trump has ordered. Health and humans are just and federal car sharing reductions are on payments to health insurance as early as November of this year. This will cost something this'll save on the administration something like seven billion dollars sounds good. Except that because of of him doing this. The cost of the premiums and people have to pay are gonna go up by twenty or so percent. Between now and next year that's on top of the premium increases that already were approved. Rob by the health insurers in the air regulatory agencies. In anticipation. That truck was going to do something like this that are gonna actually increase premiums double what they otherwise would have done. Guess what that means those increased premiums again are going to be increases. I'm virtually across the board and so the seven billion is going to be saved annually over the next ten years. That that certainly is going to be offset. By twenty billion dollars a year. Every year an increase subsidies you're gonna have to pay. Two individuals because of the increases in the cost of individual health insurance. This is penny for penny wise and absolute idiocy you're gonna you're gonna save seven billion. And spend twenty billion in order received seventy in what in the world kinda businessman. Is that. So I mean people understand who's getting the raw raw deal here and of course we have I don't have time to get into this we have Tom. Some states and several such a thing fifteen states are pursuing. The truck administration over this issue. We talk about this this executive orders issue for eight years Republicans slam former President Obama for use of executive order saying he was. Governing like a king. And yet it hasn't been nary a peep from GOP leadership. As I Republican president Donald Trump's group scribbled his name on a bevy. I'm executive orders that seek to circumvent. Laws put in place by congress. For example enforcement of the Affordable Care Act. Demanding on the start of construction. Of the council called border law and so on Disney for you to understand. That there is a a section of the law that requires is a duty of care. That was created to ensure that. Yes I'm missing his right yes there's that there's a take care clause. Of the constitution which states that the president shall take care that the laws be faithfully. Executed there's also the administrative procedures act. The lava DK out details how federal agencies do things like make change in repeal rules and regulations. And so essentially what is going on is our president trump feels that because he has. The back I'll backup of the Republican controlled house and the senate. Then he can simply ignore the constitution and he can eggs ignore on the law and he can just. Eviscerate. Laws and and regulations passed by previous administrations. The reason why those laws and constitutional provision exists. Is to ensure that you have stability. In the transition from one. Our political administration to the next that you wouldn't have every four years or every every eight years the complete disruption of everything. And starting over is if there was no previous government before they they showed up. That's what we're we're living with now with this current president my time for this to corporate particular social cui is overly Graham. Tony real quick and get his thoughts. Tony are you doing out there. It's good to hear it and back the way. Little old crop about last week. I'll probably quite out that the but it also. Got to say it is similar. Outlets world Andre and world. Moon. Exit several places in the bottom right. Credit crisis and why is that this site oral. Our Big Apple. Actually my opinion not yours. Is here's like well I don't know what has said that will do. I don't know probably get time out but other than just seeing people. It was said that earlier that's all people and disregarding everything in this way. That no I don't put a precedent. I hate president who is what he's not mind. It at this audio or eight. He British god fearing me. And you bring down the list that they think he's already. Got our example not only that. Or literature and children it's called the trip to age. Factory you look at. The whole article hasn't done. Rick Stengel. Torre nutria. Opera. But I didn't do OK and that body and it extravagant. Instead golf course this all over the place now that accident could add to already committed an impeachable. And I believe the point it out to you BK what cup. He will bring you speak to right I'd mention it Affordable Care Act. Angels. And I'm a little while I broke up pretty. Let me point out that it got it up there and I can't let that south loop itself should be not legislate. And the House of Representatives. However. That ruling that you hope that it is important. It that regulation is still on the back. I'd brought may yet executive order that it is now make himself whether you wanna look. And I guess I I wrap up. Pretty general anarchy stayed in the petroleum by that they just right now. And the power he looked up biting let constitute. What they say ST you. Actually and it didn't end as saying that the the agreement. Good luck knotty tree Daschle an agreement. That they get it. It is ill. I and China and one other I just forgot her second love it doesn't matter. Yeah. France and on the new. Yes that friend that you and he is now saying that they are back. Writing about it because of the walk. Our he had no idea what they agreement about. They don't snickering and the thing that's important to get him out. He comes here. Doing things like that by political legacy and Obama. He has there and they can't you don't want to say. Remind you think I'll. Alito or another country that to me like amber. We saw that I mean that's not made up we saw back. That's on repairs on video. Today that atypical of a problem out of prime minister of England yeah. And we had consulted and neck and you don't want element now what do you go to wipe out the internal error. That. They would look at it look at that podium and and does not present. The majority of people in this country. Interrogation mr. percent. Why do you despite bit like an up and really how does does this come out so well he doesn't. He brought and that's. Right he said he was gonna MTV swap so we feel to swap out with the same people who said he was gonna empty where. Ready to congress on how long do you can't eat Roma got on the average credibility in the outdoor representative. In fact collins' staff are bragging that. I'm the most serious charge against Collins was never actually dropped so since the other charges were less serious in the warm. I'm the biggest one at Louise Slaughter was accusing him of that means that he somehow our hero and he's innocent. I let the latest on how he lights dying do you mean why it's step 1 I am glad I was younger. I mean like I am not that sort of like Donald did a good eye on these street. And mom in me. They're not the strike not that I knew why we lifestyle and I argued well. I was is an issue he's the Harvey in the army quarter. I doubt they bit and accept democracy in the area. What they'll do it and I'm like indicate record he ties. Harry lifestyle is a graduate of the university of apple. The now about the Tony it that well at least let it all these complaint just like they had. The comedian Bill Cosby and they beat Rauch got. Yeah that hiding behind. At the lady get represented them. And blew. It. They got the sheet she spent god allowed the other week. Right I thought our table the names boom. No one does that Burgundy I want got a tip earnings. But I'd I'd forget your name right now but don't act that a man period. At least limit our common I would look at the great lol sorry lady you met I limitation I'm taking all these complaints. In new flat at actually. How I am somebody or show. He remembered the director how unique it is Ali. You get a job knew that the problem child sexual at what they do or. I'll come out idiot out of what happened at thirty. Yeah. One I'm not defending partly why he died by any links. However he'll get yourself there's speculation. That you'll are accusing this man out. And I knew that reporting yet immediately. All right we'll I guess I gotta give some cover you know to them. In the sense that. They knew that it would be very difficult for them to be able to continue to to growing your careers. If they told people what this guy was doing and so. You know a lot of African people. Basically didn't say anything about racial stuff that was being done around them. Because it was a difference between keeping your job and not keeping your job and I see the same kind of situation you know for these women. So I don't wanna take us either I put my stake in the ground on back sign it. What I do wanna put my stake in the ground on is that. Men as well as women but men particularly need to be to backup. You know for women I can tell you this. When somebody step to my daughter in a way that was wrong my daughter came to me. And when she came to me within 23 minutes I was in that man's face. Trust me he never brought that kind of action around my daughter again under way for the police and courts and our staff last step to this man myself. And you know men have to step up. For the women and airlines you know you just can't let stuff like this go on period as to where I see it. I okay what would come or that run on us when we take a break and we got run and we got John grownup so what was your stick with us we will see you Sunday break here think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn a lot of home improvement programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. 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It feeds and replenish his New Orleans roots grow deeper and stronger still next spring house grass grows thicker agreed. Guarantees. This is just don't feel good pick up a bag of Scott winter guard today all day every day. The east is Buffalo's home for ESPN radio. Thousand watch the SPS. Twice. And the world as we now I mean it's. It is field. Oh excuse me it feels like it's hard. It came to court. Our direct number of course you know as a you know 315 point as you know 352 point. If you're not able to get through seems like to present we have some weather versions Richardson is worth of you know that the cobwebs in our system but you can't try these monster numbers 80303218030323. You know 3032 for those lines are open you know 30 through three. 0321230323. And you know 30324. And I don't wanna we was talking rock and on the song. About the car on the eve of destruction and on the island hurricane. Don't forget what's going on in Puerto Rico right now you are governed by a president. Who actually thinks. He team refer to the governor of the Virgin Islands as the president. Of the Virgin Islands. This man is so. I'm president with reality. But he doesn't understand that he is the president of the birds Virgin Islands not somebody else. Reporting these ease the the president. All of the Virgin Islands he treats Puerto Rico is if there is some foreign country. Doesn't realize doesn't seem to realize that this is a part of the United States. When we were talking a little bit earlier about. General Kelley in general Mathis and how these people are looking at the behavior Donald Trump. Six Steve Bannon who is no friend of democracy in my view on this bright mark you know. Executive. Are all right you know executive. He told Donna. Trump to his face that impeachment was not the biggest issue facing him the largest threat to his administration was of the 25 amendment. 25 amendment is the fitness. Amendment that allows. People to on the cat and mouse is to be able to come together and vote amongst themselves. As to whether or not the president is actually fit to be able to continue in the office of the presidency. And that that likely might be good things he gets called. What was soldiers are it's. I forgot exited to speak to their rights torch arms response. Was what's that he was not aware that there was such a thing as the 25 amendment he might even be aware that there were the bill writes. That the spirit it's the first ten amendments were the bill or rights. So this is our our president I mean just see you understand how other people in the world are viewing. How do you think other people feel about a president who is not. Just in into what lovely man likely focused on protecting the citizens of his own country. He won't even help himself. His own country while what do the people think that he was held them let me get Ron on their mortgage on on him and keep continue our discussion and Ron are you doing out there. And mission do we re doesn't. Did mention that we re when you really directs this. Our first of all I cut no slack for Harvey Weinstein owes somebody new element in college. He was nothing like that in 1971. Just goes to show area. That power corrupts and pop absolute power tends to corrupt the. This guy apparently was a big shot mogul and he was able to do this and he it's apparently went to his head. He's fought in and this is what so many emails. In this society they think that when they get powerful that they have there's a one of the perks is they get to do anything they want with women it's not that would probe. He's seen it with you know it would agree with Bill Clinton is seen in this special shows how far we have the goal. With man woman relationships in this country day. Like that and I will cut him at least what interpreted Democrat. He noted that it ironically last year Lady Gaga started like a little documentary Dokic drama thing called like it was called hunter's. Where it was about dobbs sexual predators on college campuses. Undated. What do take what a fool to think that guys have no no sympathy for him at all I don't blame. Women equipped to make these career type decisions of their struggle in the living in the north third floor walk up in suburban California. Trying to feel where their next meal is not that I I I can understand the put a terrible position is politically anyway having said that. I don't. 1974. Federal administrative acts. It came from a a buyout as a result of Richard Nixon's trying to pile on top of five and six billion dollar which we were so consider real money back. There's a problem with that with respect to. Trumps. Love lack of hope I was appropriation of the fondness for the subsidy. In that law it specifically says. Like to be functional the congress extra appropriate. Has to specifically earmarked. The monies for the bad debts and of course that's one of the weaknesses when you read through. The affordable health erect its 4800 pages in us. It does not specifically. Say that that money paid largely by the pharmaceuticals. Is to go directly to that subsidies. It is it because it doesn't. So far one. Circuit Court federal court has already said that it's up to the congress to make that decision if they didn't then it's within the way out of the executive branch in order to that they have discretion so I think is gonna walk down that. Most of these judges. You'll remember that when you're parliament democratic it's an apple would Clinton apple will Obama. Still the majority of federal court justices are Republican appointees. Goal I think is that a walkout that it's up to the people. The call their representatives and say the congress got to act that this and and and mandate put. It's been that law mandates that bad money being of them give the money paid by the pharmaceutical. These steps up. Quickly adapted for the subsidies to low to the exchange as it without that he's probably gonna walk and they probably gonna gonna get away with that in the court and. I'm sorry Iran I think what what we were in order to do to make happen what you just said. People are gonna have to get different people to become the congress people and the senate. It's absolutely well it's true but I mean at. But he info right now if you that you know anybody anywhere. An Atlanta based Saban a preliminary analysis of this is that it's gonna hurt. Wisconsin. Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Minnesota North Carolina is bad is that people thought that trophy won by an island so maybe it's a lot of these people in those states. Called their Republican I was in maybe they'll get scared enough that they might to do Betsy Africa for the short term. The long term obviously gotten somewhat the tigris and it's gonna be so hard with voter suppression and all this crap has got you know hit it up also the war wise probably earlier but at the latest earlier to try to distract and you know. In that time period but. Yeah its it's something we've got to keep fighting for and mapped out. You know. That is certainly the long term we gotta get a congress that that's going to be more. I just don't see the Republicans in congress as being responsive. To the people 80% of the people on did not want. The repeal of the affordable care they wanted to those things that were. A little wacky to be fixing your only wacky because women were due to legislation was voted on. In order to get these compromises and Obama had to give them order in order to get the legislation. Wacky things were put into the on the legislation loopholes and put into legislation. So to get that stuff fixed. You know you have to get to be the current congress to to vote for but the current congress doesn't seem to be interested in that. Well they won't affect that initially obligates orally when something like that that happened. These solicitor general for about how is appealed. That. A trump. Announcement about it would holding the cup is all right and just without any spare part gotten old. No. Some you gain drop the appeal. Bill. That's that that's the thing that does not you know that it's going to be is going to be dealt with people after a public. The big promise the media isn't even giving national real quick picture which happen. Right. And that that is a lot of the problem the media just reports the fact that something occurs. But you know if if people give you facts without time to get the facts together so you understand. How these facts relate to each other the facts don't always tell you things that they don't they don't provide a sense of what is truly going on. And the media is very guilty of that and I think it's because the people to control the Republican Party the people that are controlled media are basically the same people. Well yes it erupted that you put the local reporters and all the beat report. Are afraid of being labeled with the L word the or total bias you know they're they're very paranoid about that no doubt. And all right appreciate you talk to you next week okay let's grab you and see what his thoughts imagine you do here. Right. Here. I thought I thought that was crazy and I didn't think that was possible. Yeah I saw. When they were timeout in the at the end of the second quarter. I think it was Tony for Tony for. And then Syracuse got out in front again in the early Parra went to sleep tokens I was just worn down. And I didn't see the rest of what went on masks on went out I turn on the news this morning. And Syracuse beat Clinton that Clinton and notre to a new country. Real questionable luck coaching but he Clemson coach I guess and they lost their quarterback. Some yelling it's coming to enter hurt. The but again great great jab orange. That what I like all right I saw a guy I mean Cooper was was. At least that's the name us on the down the Jersey of the good. They won last year and they ought to you before they played Alabama plays corona also. Crazy yeah yeah actual championship but yeah I heard Tony mentioned that out from. Didn't understand the cat part of the constitution I don't think he knows that the constitution is. Or cares or cares that's what I think is more details he just doesn't care. So we went from a man who is attached to national scholar. Two men who. Doesn't know what the constitution is unfortunately. And doesn't feel bound. He doesn't feel bound behind knowing things he's he's he's he's. He is so insular he he thinks that he is the king. Other things the accused Barack Obama about and keep in mind in the last time in twenty years. Barack Obama issued fewer executive orders in any other president that last 140 years. Did he was being accused of being the king Akamai to king. Sure we'll let FOX & Friends for a. Exactly and you see the trial rules by executive order does he can't give into legislation passed. So he rules by executive order but they don't call him you know king himself. I guess I guess they got what they wanted this is I guess you'd say the first Fox News president. Actually that they actually influence the election besides the Russians to work obviously factions there's a big yeah. I think that's on this program was before I mean my father wasn't the source of this whole pleased to see it to me all the time. As I got would be you know a more mature professionally says. This time you vote for a government that you want to let you get to government that you deserve. And that's what I think he's got hurt our discussion right. That we do. But so the guy's name but Harvey was Corky. The court he went the well. Yet they were countered promoters and so I made a littlest heroes listen to talk of the things. That Republicans now are forced to support and I'll call them them. Billion millionaire party mentioned Chris Allen's. Simply you have to be at least a millionaire billionaire. To be present. In their administration like. Who'd be EPA guys Pruitt. Who fought against the EPA the new air zoom up his business. So I'll use that example of what you have to support now. In what they call it OK so I'll start with that when pollution you have to support pollution. They're gonna call it deregulation. But. Let's face it they wanna pollute Morse to save their company's money to be regulated they what do they wanna pollute so to be have been the billionaire millionaire party now you have to. Battle of Fallujah to sport match these. Because well. It's an equal rights issue for them Nazis have just as much right to speak is anybody else that maybe you don't agree with the point of view. But you have sport that is just to sport police brutality. Now they they say they use that as patriotism. It sought the nonviolent protest protest police brutality specifically against young black man. But. You betcha patriotism news. Well obviously you have to sporting operatives. Because you voted for it incompetent mayor to run the country. You have sport taking away health care firm lots of people especially kids with a chip you mentioned earlier. I guess they would call that fiscal responsibility. Just like you said any light on foolish. By that having the health care they're gonna have worse health they're gonna have when he finally do get to a doctor it's gonna be more expensive and get. You can even throw in supporting gun rights with that too because. Who paid for all those people who didn't have health insurance that gets shot in Las Vegas is that that's pretty expensive tree oh boy and I was edging. And if you think you need that Clinton people need to get shot. Carl we call it tissue trauma. At least people could have health insurance. And they like to. Of this thing political spectrum thirties to the people who really kind of complicit. That wanted to look alike Hitler. There's a little called the America first letters and it's it's just you know he's using man again. And they've American first there's still want to get involved in the war and they actually went to Great Britain decided they were fighting in. Washington to get Britain to sign a separate peace with Hitler. And that was America's first in and basically when we. If we wanna throw our allies under the bus. Especially need all I mean yeah obviously. And I also did read an article about what this would he did with. Do you funding that are around. You know the subsidies for obamacare. I guess it won't hurt poor people originally reported so it was gonna. Mainly affect low income people but it's that it's been effective regular middle class people the most because he can't do away with the part that says. The subsidies for low income people so they that seven billion would have to be added that some people's costs in the deductible. Always good people 400% above. Poverty level and make fifty the Findlay where they make 50000 dollars to go to the people. Right right to do these are people that are there have there. Small practices where you have your own little jewelry business are you clothing store and things like that your beauty salons. It's gonna be those kinds of people. The lines are Republicans traditionally supported. He's. Hero and ahead. All right thanks John while we take our our last break and we'll get Lambeau gyms around what Jim just Angola. Hang on our number here again is 803032. Whiners you know 30323. 8030324. Of course you know that they remain number 803. 1521 more time 80303218030323. 8030324. Army number 80315 torn C arms under break here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resource is you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your applications now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn about Oklahoma proven programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. Trustee by the community exit organization. Of fury coming. I'm Robert half we know finding the right employees is that job in itself and it's a job we'd love to see Robert half isn't just a staffing firm where people. People who believe in finding the right people to fit your company's needs because employees who are good fit more productive to engaged finding a great candidate isn't easy but it Robert half we know it's possible Robert half the experts and accounting finance IT's legal marketing and administrative staffing. Learn more at Robert half dot com slash radio. Aiko presents on helpful home improvement how to use overhanging trees present a real danger during high winds falling branches can damage roofs and windows so today I'll show you how to protect your home by wrapping it in bubble packaging all you need is a staple gun. Ed 142000. Feet of bubble packaging let's get started. You could try to protector. Home with bubble packaging or you could get covered for personal property damage through the Geico insurance agency called Geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be. All day every day. These skis Buffalo's home for ESPN radio 50000. Why I. ESPN 1520. There's people learn Aniston best that we can do glad to have you all back except for. And so on. I think a lot of grab before I go back into a subject I wanna get Lambeau gym on and I hope he's got an answer to me about this idea of Donald from being reported by people in his own administration who are around him. Who say that he is unhinged. On his ramble feel about it ramadi during our. Good art that. You guys are lower. Although no vote Europe ought to watch almost didn't. The most I have no problem there you go. They protected by the first of baton more. They grow. The track haters to throw everything but the kitchen sink. While at work now. Now that's one of the men and mule. Back issues so you know let's not working on. Would you do know that these are not trove haters that is that are saying these things. This is the stuff that's being said by the people appointed by trial and not even people that were already working in the White House. These are people who trump hired theory is employees. They're the ones who were saying this is not coming from the street from progressive forces in this street. These are reports from people who trump higher. Directly. Himself. He appointed to. Locked cabinet and sub cabinet level positions who are around him those are the people that you hearing these remarks from not from people in the street as we should be clear about it. Yeah that's that's a while that fight but. I know him well and kinda coach you said it's been told you said these were trucked Peters he's unnatural painters. These are good people that trump himself a point that's a completely different point in the point that you may. And it's a very you're talking about people better and better masterminding and pulling the strings. They are the most it will exclusive club on the face of the earth is there not having your. Any outsider coming in or opt in or albeit they are. All about. Lobby and we're not Lleyton Hewitt. But these are the people in his club. He's the one who led these people in he hired these bees do it we're not talking about Democrats were not talking about. You know we're we're ready to talk about Steve Manning all right people we're talking about the people that trump himself higher. His people he's the one who put to people in the club it's his club. What one aggregate number I argued that. That is now going to be president. For. Years people. Or eight years he's automatically guaranteed another another term. I would make and I do not make an attempt you know what people call me on the altered I've lost count how many of financial donations I made the president truck. And if people called guy like medium all of it caught what we're thinking you have no idea how loyal we are the. But we do we are completely. Quit completely clear. You don't care what trump says. You don't care what trump dies you don't care how vina he presents himself or how stupid he presents himself. Or how I'm constantly immoral he presents himself. How he can actually think that the people in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico where people in a different country. Then the United States that he thought that the governor of the Virgin Islands was the president didn't even know that he was the president of the Virgin Islands. You see this. And it means nothing to you you still are loyal to this man so no word people are not sleep too that they know exactly where you're coming in for a absolutely. It. I'm sorry it thirty percentage of people. Roughly 30% of people represent the core support of Donald for a 70% of people are not the core support of Donald Trump. It used to be that this country was it was a democracy and the majority rules when it didn't turn out to be the case in the last election did the majority did not rule. Well we have something called the electoral college and remember what trucks. It ain't not to win the popular vote campaign to win the Electoral College. I just what you do know that it I don't I don't know what. It better than Hillary Clinton you're saying this about you be saying the exact opposite. I would correct the ultimate all what are your callers and wealthy America first people. All those they weren't a lot with Hitler Null Null Null. Right elation is some with a direct result of the terrible water in the trenches in world war wants. One week when it went well saw comedy aren't born British born in American board was slaughtered in the try to. They did they said that that it at the bugle warts and all wars and we're gonna stay at her side of the ocean mine barrel business. People calling older it. That's that's not that's not true you're only given like the first part of the story the second part of this story is. A lot of the reason why we have World War II is because people who were the America first type people that you're talking about. Took the view that we live on our side of the Atlantic Ocean and what these people are dealing with on your sanity Atlantic Ocean is bigger problem. As a consequence what was going on. On the east side of the Atlantic Ocean end up becoming the problem of the Americans on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean. An epic day it is also yet understand when you talk about World War II here's the bottom like what. Stock market crashed in October of 1929. Hitler had back total Benito Mussolini were habitable. Because you don't want him back towards OK and the power to. Economic riots in the streets. Are you aware that the. I understand there but but again again again. Think of things in balance. The same kind of depression and he'd everybody else in Europe. That same depression hit people in the United States. The United States did not turn into Franco's Spain may not turn to Benito Mussolini did not turn into Hitler. So just because of depression happened and a lot of people were hurt. That's not the basis on which we have something like. Terrorism take place risen to place on the basis of any racist ideology. Where people thought that if they can protect their race. They'd be able to insulate themselves from the economic chaos that was taking place in the world at that time. This was nothing but the first you last that's what this was all about. What got them at its roots in a tank workshop of the you're not in the religions all. OK all right. Yes outside of siren right out of your tumor cause and I'm before the break. And so when the Kevin first in the C regret grandchildren if we get down the lead Kevin's thoughts first Kevin what you think and we think about it. All right guys doing. And get. Enormously. Who. Create it don't know what. I see rules. Like republic. And don't choke is that what you which is equal in a statement like I don't Q import from leaky moms. Well guess what okay. If he Q now that Mickey balls in the air right now this is only. I don't I'm not quite sure I. I follow that the Democrats are dying children. Critics think you got it OK we. The league sends. Right. You are in a report he can turn here are right for a rhetorical. You had any you have what he had one Clinton you have eight years of Clinton. The other Clinton was in appointee of the Obama administration. That was not the administration and she didn't win her election she only had one Clinton. Well it would effect at this point it's still all of this scene geek article and observe veterans who. OK so what what what is it that create I'm just asking the question you stated that the Democrats. Are co responsible for creating Donald Trump. I just didn't I just needed to understand what you meant by. We're not certain and I like it great champions right yeah. Yeah you doors Politico monstrous. Right. The Democrat or Republican Party really hit the Greek standards under Donald Trump's that we got right now. And that's the real teacher people who could reach a state to myself until you what I CE OB. What makes you all here OK I mean that people who got to get used to each. That these days it. I haven't candidate or what's happening is you're you're making an argument where I'm not quite cities seeing where your point is. Debt that the issue would Donald charm at least as I'm perceiving it. In terms of how the public is is a large chunk of the public is looking at Donald Trump. Is that number one he appears to be an incompetent man he doesn't seem to know enough. To be the president of the United States. Number two he. OK so we could do just that let me just finish my point you know it seems to be a person who was inconsiderate. He seems to be a person that is immoral. That doesn't have any sense of he has not temperament he has no confidence he has no on the set of values. That he is committed to that he's trying to to pull together. That's not to case with Bernie Sanders that's not to case. With Hillary Clinton. So you may disagree or agree with those people's policies. But those people do not present themselves as stupid. They don't present themselves as in considerate it a present themselves as people they just don't care about anything other than themselves they don't present their way. So I don't understand what I don't understand your. Oh yeah YouTube is it that. He locates figure oh you're great you'll Hillary Clinton has integrity call. See you you you take everything that somebody says to you. I wouldn't you were you replace what somebody you replaced or somebody says we your words didn't argue about your words I need to save the word integrity that's not what I said. But yet it becomes an issue that you Greg you advocate that are just I think he's arguably adult that you crave don't let the door trump. Don't care what people jittery kick his book equal rights. So so what's Margaret so so what's my basis for saying an end in what's my basis for saying that Donald Trump doesn't care about people. You have three and a half million people who are American citizens on the island of Puerto Rico that he didn't even odder. To get his administration prepared to serve when he knew for. Opt for several days for at least six days. That hurricane was going to hit that island was going to hit those people he didn't make any effort what so ever to organize from. NATO and or kicking the can be more because according to a credit particular are you personally. Feel we have a question profitable on a torrential forget I give them another four years. Right. Nor did front is no different than than an electorate that I don't know what you know what you think it. I don't follow that but okay I'm you know expert from the free speech your right to say whatever you wanna say I just tried to explore out your arguments are to understand with the bases west of what you're saying. Simply repeating the same thing over and over again is not an argument changing them that the the the deep point to something other than the point that you first make. That's also not an argument but. You know that's tends to be what Tea Party people and Republicans do. When they come on the air and they talk about stuff they try to keep deflecting. Until they can get on some ground but they think that they're comfortable. I don't know what the point is that we're we're we're trying to get to hear what I AMs really clear about really loosen them. Is that a man who doesn't know. I'm their constitution. A man who doesn't know that the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are part of the United States. Our man who doesn't organized his administration. To prepare itself to deal with a disaster that he had more than six days. All preparation time for. Things like that a man who was. He Visser raining the help our care system in this country solely that he could tell his people they killed. A what he considered to be a legacy piece of legislation. I'm mounted by Donald Trump. A man who is exposing the country to a new nuclear threat but tearing apart a six nation agreement that delayed if not completely. Stopped the development of nuclear weapons by on Iran that he is just throwing away with nothing to replace it with. Just put in a world back into uncertainty and potential chaos again a man who's sitting on Iraq and lack a little punk. In his conversation earns his dialogue. With the president of North Korea are acting like a person can't control himself not like unimportant little brat. You know that is what we have is a man that kid can go on and on and on. Those things and I'm talking about and I'm not talking about the rest of the staff. Kevin I'm so I got I got two more people like and you know before the end of the hour really appreciation. Let's get mark real quickly we're trying to get Tony mark give give me your thoughts are different. I'm sorry I Dupree had a priest so much has got a little bit you know I'm going to sign. Well you get tired of the what about it. Always whenever you whenever you start appointed a Republican results when I spoke. A couple of the moment we're Obama. Right it's never schools it is never about the person that we're talking about. Utah. Utah but serious in many he's destroyed the country about. And then little Obama. Clinton. And you it's it's somewhat tumbled. Twelve point about. The different. And in you know. What I did I think he might keep. Mikey yeah he. Mikey he'll have to sit Mikey well I can recruit there was a commercial. Yeah they're not if if Mike you like the doors or care for. And you know what I think I think he knows he's guilty on Russia so it spiked to. When you're gonna sabotage America and Americans. And he's not in America. You tired awaiting yet. Exactly. Good point Mark Kirk all right thanks. Whether graft donor look forget about a minute totally do it again. I just to add but after tiger kill the last two college were so high. I might migrate not coming back because of that I mean Al Rambo got into it and Tom just. It got docs in talks nobody can understand it meant Kevin I want you get better and so likely you are what you have to say. It spent eating your damn thing. He had a forty seconds look at the. Well I mean it is considering one point that I made. This little that the that this city should be. And the congress however. Yet. Judgment this big deal why why I don't go as being appealed the obstacle is it outback. So that the private evidently used that until I by the provisions of the Affordable Care Act on subsidy is violating the law. A lot of political hourly because there's a lot judgment because its main appeal. Anybody under. That's bill that's exactly you're exactly right sell the book. Attention to our I'm he would probably was talking to you about that legislation that what I need to people work. I should I shoot across Canada and then respond in that way. That's right speculate LA didn't. All right take your time. OK we got a good good good tart conversation going on here we're gonna give on Everest stay on top but it's only two people. Pay attention. They were going to be able to have the kind of government that we say we want to be electing them the government that we see that we we we deserve. We'll see you all next week here I think again think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. He. It.