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Saturday, September 8th

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that they don't 31520. All right. Here we go think again think again. Welcome to our topic discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty. Now in our fifties or year. Each week we talked about issues events and trends affecting you right here and right now in buffalo and Western Europe community and in fact connected to communities all across the country. I'm your host Ellen they can hear presidency of the community action organization. Make us apparently Saturday every Saturday ESPN. 15:20 am on your down from 1 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Today's program is lines you can call and you can join our discussion you will. Our number here again is 8031520. That's 80315. Torre. You know he's prepared these programs about 45 days before week we hear. And and so many things come out during the course of the week after catcher of the programs apartment stark almost all over. So. Although I wanted to talk about. Charles Wallace secrecy coming down in how the NAFTA deal. Is it is is cock or at least what's in the negotiated deal with Mexico on a compares. With what the current NAFTA deal. Has been over the past 24 years. I wanna do some quick notes first get a discussion going and there now we're kind of pick up on these other issues as we go along. So quick notes just in case you forgot. Our president Donald Trump held a news conference in Puerto Rico lavishly praising himself. For the great job he and his administration did in handling the hurricane Maria disaster. But there are torn up over a thousand people he bragged it nearly 2000 people died in Hurricane Katrina disaster. While only sixteen leader rise to the 69 people. Died due to hurricane Maria. And they have kept those statistics. As the official record of what occurred as a result of that storm you know up until a few months ago. Setting aside the groat business. Are talking about the deaths of human beings. As if they were points on some scoreboard. When The George Washington University study of the outcome. Of her came Maria disaster revealed. That nearly 3000 people had died to be your number 2975. People. Donald Trump didn't have that common decency. To stand before the public and acknowledge the extent of the disaster and how many more people were killed. Then had previously been believed. He just sat before reporters like a petulant child with his arms crossed and his face puffed up. Refusing to answer questions about a starts. Or excuse just as he sent out before reporters like us a pass petulant child with his arms crossed and his face puff puff up. Refusing to answer questions about a stocks concerned and adapt our Senator John McCain. Donald Trump has yet to speak. To the American citizens of Puerto Rico and share his empathy. For all of the losses that they have suffered. To this day he still doubling down on these claims. That he ghetto greater job than anyone else in history of handling a disaster like it is this is where and an island of American citizens. Lost virtually all power for like 45 months. And didn't give all power turned on almost eleven months after the disaster. Didn't get power in all parts of the island. Until this past month and until a month of August. It just says something about. You know who this president is. Or what does it say however about a 40% or so of Americans who still avidly support this man. Possibly evidence in some erosion in that support the Washington Post ABC. Poll taken August 26 to August 29. Says that only 36%. Of Americans approve of the job trump is doing while 60%. Actually disapproved of his his work. Second wanna talk about DeVon newness. Our. That your chair of the congressional oversight committee to house oversight committee on intelligence. Who also candidly stated that. Maintaining. The GOP majority in congress is imperative. Not for the good of the country but to protect charm from the Russian investigation. In doing so I'm. Excuse me it it points a way that Democrats can make the mid term elections are about trump corruption. While also making it about the Russia story. Newness has perverted his oversight role in a nonstop harrassment campaign. Designed to. A legitimate investigation. He is engaged in any bad faith saturated effort to mislead the American people about the origins. Of the investigation. What Americans should be campaigning on in my view instead of being sucked into the perception. That a vote against a Republican. Any Republican congressman. Is a vote for impeaching charm. Democrats should simply say that the impeachment discussions are not be force yet and until Bob Mueller completes his investigation. We don't even need to talk about the impeachment issue until we have an impeachment is a set of our issues around which impeachment. Could occur could rise. Art is before. The Democrats should run in my view on five things first the integrity of the congressional role. Overseeing the conduct of the intelligence agencies. Not for the content before the the intelligence oversight committee. To become a tool of the president of the United States. Second the on election. We should be beaten or Democrats should be are working for the election. Of a congress. That was serve as a check and balance on the power of the presidency we have a presidency who just seems. To be completely out of control and does not respect the idea of law at all. I believe at some point. He's going to be found not to have violated our several our laws and when he's called to account for it. He simply gonna puff up and say that I'm not gonna allow you to hold me accountable for it he's not gonna respect judges he's not gonna respect our prosecutors. And this is going to have to come to a head at some point. That the need to Democrats should be campaigning on electing a congress that. Will serve as a watchdog against rampant comes out corruption. In the White House and among those people the white house of points to lead the executive offices of government. They should highlight to America that virtually every single Republican legislator has either endorsed trumps conduct. Or stood silent in the face. Fifth. That the Republican Party has instilled does stand. Against national health care for all Americans against erosion. Of americans' Social Security Medicare excuse me. They stand for the erosion of americans' Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. Environmental protections consumer fraud protections protection from the consequences of climate change. Support for the for America's public school system and the stabilization of America's population. Through immigration reform and the integration of current immigrants into the American social and economic structure. So given that and it's just so much more than we can talk to them just hit this quick quick point. This mid term election seasons produced a record number of women. Winning Pratt primaries three African American democratic nominees for governor ships and primary winners with nontraditional jet gender identities. Jeremy Peters writing in the New York Times. Says it's silent in the Republican Party are taking their cues from president charmed. Embracing messages with explicit appeals to racial anxieties and resentments. So I needed to to get my arms and what do they mean they talk about racial anxieties and resentments I did a Google search. It states that racial anxieties according to them refers to the heightened levels of stress and emotion that we confront and interacting with people of other races. People of color experience concern. That they will be on the subject of discrimination hostility while white people are worried that they will be assumed to be gracious. This statement does not suggest to equal opposing realities people being concerned. Or this strange definition and seemed to suggest that people being concerned about being targeted for discrimination or violence. Are people concerned about being victimized. While people concerned that someone might characterize them publicly as racist term not being victimized they're being perceived as someone who victimize his other. Others it is important that we put these that these things being expressed to us in a factual context that we think again. But legal and grab our first callers get our our conversation Garmin did tell me first then Rambo GM and Intel on a lot of Mattel and and in Clarence first Tony are you doing out there. Tony there allusion. And that's three hours delicious. Because I woke up but it soccer sorry compound and a beautiful day and I'm grateful would be aligned factor. Watching the McCain. Tributes that I'm gonna leak. First of all that well I want to distinction that you share point how. Is that intentional or protection they're less violence in part on how people complain just. Is history being like I talk. Well students who are being up that charge exorbitant interest rates. Which started on addicting one that was like I told you that one person. They are. A 181000. Lightly I'm you know right. I don't like your. Well what this side of the bill. How bad person that's how they agencies. Lately who think the strange sport truck. The Maldini is just trying to get attention. Protection. Detroit didn't you rich culture. That it just like EPA is being destroyed. That's right so does everyday at the Education Department. Literature and against. They don't you're about urgent action lockstep. I probably speak well you see a lot about them at a compound to do that. He's not a good for a passer from the every students succeed. And normally. Think about that they're good people that have. This particular. Process. I bet that we can't. He does not only might get better as a teacher has been paid 40000 dollars a year sometimes. Gavel I really. That become policemen. And the compilation that about their Japanese teachers are a bit lusty cheers. My point. Here and that and I hadn't thought injury there are saying that. That all of beat that god earlier none of these world and so that they employee. Somewhere facial. That's probably do. At an ad that bid battle in the Al I'm getting excite your. And as you're so that'll work. Eight. Years in your. Attitude now. Two point 1% in pre. Full artwork and the millions. Or workers is going to be canceled. And yet it. They're taught me how to your support person and California and Texas. How would you like decade India. A circuit where we are the only in certain resentment or any person like that. You're. A lot. And in bad knee tolerant. We're not at this tax bill that we work to do switched to become. An enormously rich. And ordered that the dollar is weakening it cost of living increase can point 1%. You do not balanced on one and a half trillion dollars of additional debt that you put on Americans. Which is unnecessary. Tax cut. You're gonna balance that on the backs on the on middle class workers. Taking away dear Colin not even though. Fundamental pay raise you're just talking about a cost of living the ward off this group of workers. We think will happen at any worry that I sit here. Even more. I mean in what can you imagine now what about best. Yeah probably be 200000 workers actually actually I'm gonna say the litany. The only do we really want to support the Greek Bible at. This. And we when he says he is entering the same thing happened in Wisconsin in a debate that Scott. You don't go ahead. Thank. You less step and yeah on the same line diet that's another Rico where it's forgotten. And you're not illegal I this administration. Allegedly being sent. Governor the governor that we're out around the island cent domination people are. During this period you'll write the product that we're sending out how close to that person be hungry. There will be people at the end they beat a dead heat them and so I see a lot of that each and every one of. Think of the image of that you know you're you're here aren't. These these conditions and his message to you is go wipe yourself. Well here here's the real accurate. I absolutely true and they're devastated. And a onward in Portland this country. I spoke at BP about a lot of people out there that. It always has a foreign country. It certainly can work best bet I don't understand. It can be buried that he did a spot that his legacy. He. And negotiated settlement building out a lot with President Clinton and John Kerry. The settlement. Out here Islam and I don't understand. I considered. They had enough that people let their. Owners. And sorrow people who live in New York stayed in in in Ohio and live in Michigan today. Have to have the same kind of view. That's right. Well but a lot of voters yesterday. And what this president and that and as. And I'm going to be at the that's eight turn he contrary. Eighteen art terms stellar week that they have totally potentially. Are. He says that without knowing that people we're gonna repeat what he says that he. It did. Well let the style we boarded. He sent it in about I'd say that at some sure the Giordano. And other people like on how eat here. Turner got it we got a real real quick Kazan it will more Carl before the break right. Yeah I bet against this I yup army unleashed people is dangerously. Don't know any retreat and I have million. I'm a lot been out there we go immediately lower IQ and cat but act like weird. All right do the same. We take our first break of your be the best way to do so Rambo general offer once second religion two minutes of luggage unlocked for CO senator break your big again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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Ever prime getter with this prime deal from anti hate crimes get 50% off a 75 dollars gifts are dedicated and TK prime. Just 3750%. 85 dollars. It's a big deal of the day for my buffalo herds details of my buffalo perks dot com. I'm gonna get my hips my neck and my son. That's no good. All day every day yeah. Lowe's home. We also don't. Build Boris how much he loved her more slow term memory and I'd much appreciation for all the people that put together the home going celebration for. Aretha Franklin that was. Probably the most. Produced the records say it that way. Funeral that I have ever ever seen. He remorse over and Michael acts with a fire by quite a bit of going to be honest about that. Let me grab. Is it right at Wrigley Rambo Jim in north town wanted to first mortgage on analog port. Rambo agility and it's out there are you feeling. I'm doing great work of art critic nick and a double a bit about me. Lindsay says it's working now. You're on top mobile. I'm an old band. Collected Social Security elements about. (%expletive) You have a feel good about it. Rapper MIA says there. What's the arrangement. You guys are all of Hertz was still hate and anger that you heard. All president Jim Jim Jim Jim what's the hateful thing that I. Eric no no no no no no imagine that doesn't work doesn't work many of the hateful things that I said. About the guy. So if I say that this guy. Is attached to Michael crowing. Who. Used his resources. To pay off aid a woman who had sex with Donald Trump. And then got prepaid. He paid out in 50000 dollars that is woman but got paid 420000. Dollars from the trump campaign organization. Does that make me hateful person because I point out this fact to fax represented eight. It's or whatever what what what's the hateful thing that I said as well what do you say to me that I characterized try to do that called me names. Lou. That's a point to point it is that. Our job thinking thinking again is to help us to look at. What's going on and see it from other points of view. That's what I try to do not many times when news of very rare time Mitchell doesn't and I agree with appointed. But that's not what we're talking about where we're talking about are things that are factual. Realities things that are being done Troy got up. When he found out that there were 3000 people killed in Puerto Rico 6069. Instead of saying my god I didn't realize it was that bad. You know we didn't do was good a job as we had thought we had done we're gonna do everything we can't help to people on the island of Puerto Rico because they are Americans. He set missing something like that. He pops up crosses his arms. You know growls. And says we did a great job he's the best job anybody's ever done in history of the disaster that is an outright line. That's not did this not me saying something bad about him I'm actually pointing out he did it's an outright lie and in fact why are you upset. That this man is lying about something like that. If trump as a compliment of the upbeat social got. Are gonna do it the weaker outlook but. Okay ourselves or as far as you're concerned it's just aren't sharp all the time. And there's there's no criticism of a man who was cut this man is actually acting to take away. Eight cost of living increase for federal employees starting October wind. It because he just now discovered that the countries is facing a budget crisis that he created. He created the budget crisis to one and a half trillion dollar hole we have on our budget right now. He created that hole with a tax cut that was passed in December of 2017. Now he was told at the time you and I talked about it we talked about it during the fall of 2017. Several times. That what this man is talking about is gonna produce this hole in the federal budget. Now the hole is here and he's gonna blame it on the people who had nothing to do with it he's gonna victimized. Obviously these are American citizens and still keep. The 33. Million dollars in tax cuts that he personally is going to get or is getting as a result of that tax bill. That is just as. A despicable pop up thing is somebody can possibly do how can you. Claiming that your part of the middle class America and you'll not objective that how could. How can you not feel how horrible and how deceitful. And how corrupt this is how can you not stand. Against people doing something like that does mean would you Jim. You want like this when you were union worker. I can't walk up to big guy. To write the bread delivery truck and they collect it at an actor under five bucks a month. I bet you clubs you know you know. I can't get so worked that a guy could get an extra 105 dollars and. So what are you gonna say to the guy who's not going to get an extra hundred dollars a month because trump is taking away his Cold War. In order to pay for a part of the credit of one and half trillion dollar hole he put into the federal budget would you say you what do you say to him. We they academy get it cut and it is roaring a lot what we ever. Before it's dark and got right up. OK so so Jim I ask you questions. That are the obvious questions and you never answered the question. You always go off on something completely different. Right I looked out my when builders are any. Air the built for guilt treatment I never thought that that might light. And what's that got to do we're talking about. What does that have to do with taking money out of the pockets. Well people. Who have not had any structural rays in five years who only get a cost of living award. Each year. Taking the money away from them to help pay for the tax corrected shifted one and half trillion dollars from the American. The federal treasury and put almost 90% of that money into the pockets of the top 1%. Of income earners in the United States how does how come that's not what you're talking about. Why are you talking about fanciful stuff this is the concrete real stuff. Why aren't you talking about that. You know rockets that are all these people are going to check it out. Output that looked into the radio in there ever I think for help but think it's got my hip and to a tackle you've probably Evernote that but I have they think. We will train you. Because the economy roaring yeah. But what about which also mountain I'll recognizing there June is that trump is actually defund being. Most of the federal training for funded. A training programs so. It's even the training staff is not all of that but but I get when you come from I got three other girls I gotta get on I appreciate your work will continue jock. Let me give John a lock for first and then we'll grab we'll grab Franken we'll grab Ron John are you doing out there. Good and they said yes I eat it doesn't understand. The academy grade for the tapped 110 of 1% that. It has to be in troop numbers the wages. The middle class have not gone up. So this great academies in opening up and who's benefiting by the top 110 of 1% in the numbers. It's apathy the top. 110 of 1%. Is getting 83%. Of this trillion. Right exactly. So over time but the top 110 of 1% yet he he he probably would fit in with traffic kinda cut. Areas that we can pay for this thing and one of them is exactly what you said about the federal workers across the land is taken away from. Myself and let Lincecum mentioned about what he's doing with health care he's coming up with. Lower health care. Costs for these ridiculous. Health plans. But also taking money away from Medicare I. Awarding back instead awarding actors three different rates. Right he wants to pay that debt that sort of June generic rate. City do you don't have the lol you know 75. Dollar per visit rates and you don't have a 500 hour. Per visit rate she just get like 200 dollars or whatever it is and you know what's gonna happen and the doctors aren't gonna serve the people that are don't lower than. 200 and the people that would be 500 dollar rates in docs are gonna wanna serve those people either because they can't you pay for. But how well or don't do things differently doesn't realize is that. That the cost of yeses go out. So much that it's heating up a lot of these. Accept the bargain as well as the cost of living through and end. And then think oh I know people that are indicates that they're gonna end up paying more. So it isn't it isn't like everybody in this except in this instance in the once again hitting it and get cute and I think. You know it's been it's gonna disappear. But except for the. And just keep him on all chickens come home to rooms because that's what chickens do. Sooner or later you've got to pay a one and half trillion dollar debt so we hit October 1. You you've already lost money because your code you're taking fewer dollars for people's checks. As they get paid since December of 2017. Dad you're going into a year where you've got structural. Our expenses. Which you don't have structural revenue coming in to a to pay those expenses. That's gonna just doubled the impact. I of these the these tax cuts. And what you gonna do was find yourself in the situation where what Paul Ryan. Wanted to have happened is is likely to happen Paul Ryan said over a year and a half ago that at some point we get done with these tax cuts. We're gonna have to come back and look at social security and Medicaid. And off what is it Social Security. Medicaid and Medicare. And we're gonna have to take you to look at those things with the idea of taking the money. From the shortfall in revenues from those sources. That's what Paul Ryan has been just loving from the past to get to 1520 years yet. And don't forget now this is that went down side here for them to look that up 1%. Into the that you mentioned about some credit for coming up. There are already using this other we've parity talking socialists and I think people have to understand what socialism is not an. And that is leading totals socialists you know look at the social democracy in Europe. And people have to understand what package and I think about communism where. Everything's controlled by the government but was only the only as a few major industries are controlled by the government if it doesn't have to exist. Really as one of the tenants. Albeit European countries and Canada and Australia they're all social democracy. And Baghdad all they are there platform our platform to be based span and their type of social democracy. They're where. Medical settings universal medical care. You know what would we if social programs right now it bitter socialist. See what happens in this country is if socialism. Benefits. Masses of the American people. Like Social Security socialists like Medicare and Medicaid or socialism and benefits the masses of American people always being attacked. Right. But what what price supports price supports for milk. I'll subsidies for oil on either don't those kinds of things. There's no problem with those cut back kind of socialism it is there are fine with that it's socialism for the rich is great. Socialism for the American public is not so good. Right it's also the military is as socialist organization as being the police police air costs mean. And so I think the platform should include these social changes along with raising minimum wage. And for in college to immediately in the country in the world his streets alleys or at least as subsidize Alec we shouldn't do it in afforded. That the first thing education of their strengthened in the if it can't go out that they can afford it really hurt our situation. Absolutely thanks John I gotta run I got to hit a few more calls enemy get rot as Ron right. Oh sorry frank first in in Niagara Falls in motor program on frank are you doing out there. No worries the aptly Garland that wrap. Up Al. Gently. Yeah let me give huge labor week shadow workers little enough right. I think we're well it just well enough for these authoritarian. Billionaires that are away you know of course I'd like most let's hear what Democrats to take back congress. As the checked against the actual agenda out privatization. Tax cuts for the rich I guess places inflation lake. Wage stagnation and racist policies. Environmental degradation. Among other outrages. You heard. Your listeners through the I heard this. You don't went up as one of the rallies to support candidates were his wanna be clones and make sure that the local county state candidates and local newspapers get this one very important question. You know sent that fax. Both seniors supporters I imagine where they wanna they want to know where candidates stand on the Republican congress. Well at the gut Medicare. Social Security. Veterans disability. AKK the balance Roger man. You know this. You know the GOP proposed adjustment concept of blowing up in debt deficit with their tax cuts. If I'm that I challenge that it down actually crowd. The independence and this front so progressive Democrats. You don't think it bit as voting for Democrats as much as well according to destroy the GOP. And I gotta say. With a little less like establishment Democrat. I don't need no violently Nate then the Democrat party officials say that these sabotage in the blue wave. You know I can't explain why Senate Minority Leader shut bleed and Schuettler just made you mentioned oh. That Shaq they're seeing light time judge appointments for nominees. You know. They think they wouldn't we wouldn't notice because that's how do we get a look and latching change if you are well. You know luckily to reporters some Huffington Post are you were doing their job to look forward to stay. You know. And here's. Why he's not gonna get me out of this he's not gonna get anything out of isn't he thinks that's gonna allow him to slow tracked. Cavanaugh test that was gonna happen mister Campbell's never gonna keep his word for anything that he may have promised us our Chuck Schumer. And Chuck Schumer just gonna be run around saying oh my gosh. You know La we had a deal in Mitch McConnell didn't honored to deal will make you think he was an honor to deal in the first place. You know that it's. How quiet this for drops Supreme Court nomination Brent Cavanaugh. Any political strategist and so you normally senate rules require thirty hours away any time. Reach those fifteen nominees. You know this kind of style. You know the senate GOP Supreme Court won't know until I have to let 48 in that search. But the Republicans don't have to deal any delays. Are inside that word again. Are you that the begin confirmation hearings are cabin on that report. Well it took in as warmly and democratic senators that happened saying now but not this. You know that's not resistance but the Democrat gave each other. Leslie frustrating. At the Republican star Obama's pick Merrick Garland for a year and I can only hope the senate switch sport like chocolate. Outlet Tuesday morning to cut deeply into. And reluctantly let him out right now frank thanks man ready to talk to you next week we'll begin running she do log a record. He wasn't a break first okay Ronald offered for a couple of minutes we'll take a break so I give you more time with C decided to break here I think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn about Oklahoma proven programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. Proxy by the community exit organization. Of Erie county. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my website wouldn't bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday morning. And why you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And did a recall on your auto and homeowners. That's the doctor. Write your own kids. All right. It's over awards member appreciation month that O'Reilly auto parts stop in today and check out storewide savings plus earn double points of over 250 items it's our way of saying thank you if you're not already a member sign up today during all the rewards member appreciation month it's fast easy and free O'Reilly auto parts better -- better prices every day. I don't know blogs. All day. Every day these these Buffalo's home for ESPN radio 50000. Watch ESPN. 1520 yeah. I used to. So I news I. And what. And to raise enough yeah. Here's a man. Yeah. New moms. Today I. So yeah. She was. Hearts and much reason. So let me grab. And I got to ask runs on the real quick shoot his thoughts. Rhyme. It's even mean come Donald Trump and Sarah Palin we're not advocates do what what does this signify. That that's. Well. But it McCain. We. Obviously he where he wasn't wanted. And invited. That. That'll buy out of the skirt that Boehner the Republican Party in the the right way way quite right wing for eight years was invited. McCain family. McCain. Is invited controlled visit I find it an interest in the anyway. Right here. I have sympathy for the guys it's horrible people you know it's happened I think is this how do you think that the guy everybody in mechanic. It would. Whether directly correlated at Jones that it really I am become. I listened to a motor mile down there and 930. Meet and beat. To and bad. Obama for eight years calling all sorts and ask its. When Limbaugh for the first 23 year. Referred to Obama as the little boy president said he hopes he'll fail. Here right wing Alex killed these people screaming about all for eight years. That one right here. Trump calling Mexicans racist. Muslims all Muslims terrorists try to bid everybody in it would it was a white from it and calling. African and ended Hispanic countries as whole country. And I hear people say. A book elephants or you you liberals are so full of hay is so the heat is so full of it when I hear that I take one. Its as think big think is cool way to test apparently. I I. It wings it he's just justifying himself he knows that there's no. Factual or sound rational basis or where he's saying he's just justifying his position you know. He doesn't sound like a bad oh that's. Great yeah. Wife beaters or child molesters or devil worshippers. A victory this. It's a clever manipulation by the media what what a terrible shape. You know as speak and at that I'm a big you know all the big Yankee fans and I I hope listening you don't hear it yet here. Boy the New York City radio stations they beat boy and a Coke Brothers and he's Republican dark money things. What are they slam I mean it's one thing they have. And they can protect it you know that I entered Delgado. I yeah it WFA and the Yankees is stationary like Alyssa but the Yankees a game and then every three bits. More homework after all work they brought this and so that would protect them against don't doubt you talk about where all that a lot of that tax money is going. Doubt it Delgado is the audience and all this. Every three minutes and then it caught built as a doubled to get anywhere you know use the airport WFAN dot com if you have one of these up echo devices or who assist ask that the plea WFAN. Sports Radio 66. Hear this every three minutes they're running this this is this just got a because somebody like millions of dollars a day. My state. And it's. Man this is what should I look at the scene that much in areas of smaller market. It's like every literally everything that commercial break they throw that commercial for hour after hour crazy crazy stuff. And this is what they know. You've got to try to hopefully. If we ever do get any type of democratic control of the congress to try to put limitations on this mrs. But the yeah I mean but the live with a hateful liberal we get our one hour of programming and or call people. Nineteen station. There's nonstop you don't trump. Republicans programming alert. On the media the enemy of the people. I guess what water to networks until I can with CNN and MSNBC. I got this case certainly would he got a lot of friends on the radio here that are talk and talk show that's for sure. There. Are appreciated humor I talked to next week let's grab John in Rochester giving a stars. Hey John you door opens you're. You know barking up against you know what's going on with your your your your friendly White House president. Because he's. He's isn't far off to Rios as you can possibly be from my point of view. Beats the other night that he did in India. He was phenomenal that's. A boat on a book written 82 who's. Getting goosebumps listening. To. I listened to the same speech and I promise you you're no goosebumps on my. I think you have academy there about right now or there was like you Joker two week. Actually I I saw I don't know but I'm little beat these guys recruitment and hopefully a lot but but but it all I know church runs literati told the caller. Our guy like mark. Well look talk and talk about drinking the Kool Aid don't suit I am at most analysts DI caller ID eight. They're listening to these leftist talk children enough propaganda IV talk about treated equally. What's what's her problem was to propaganda that you heard that you felt was propaganda. All the all the biggest issue one that won't not biggest get low light probably wanted to talk about our. Detect a little. Bit if you look at tax revenue tax revenue is increasing. What truck is doing what Reagan failed to do when he and his big tax cut pick in the eighties what he. But. Liu was not allowed attackers to reduce the book just. So John. Not on your unit of factual statement there and you said that tax revenue is increasing. Truck and just got through saying on Wednesday. To tax revenues are down. Over where they were at this point last year. Talking about it than that. I'm talking about the being gross revenues come into the gallery you look at the statistics it's been increasing. And what he's like I was in that. So sure that you know little drizzle again right every I don't have to bet that stat right immediately in front of me but I'm gonna load this up. Because I guarantee you I did visit with this a couple of weeks ago and tax revenues were down they were not opt. Can't protect or did you did you look over 2070. Over 2068. An increase seen. Our bureau insult other reasons I'll Reagan didn't get what he what it was he hit. Oh. What are the Democrats and there were controlling I think yeah at one point all pulses and he could do that. Reduce costs but we'll talk the second big great step in reducing the federal workers compensation a whole lot of privacy. So social what you say. It but don't judge are down Obama for second just listen to what you're saying. Trump reduces the revenue coming in to the federal government by one and a half trillion dollars. And then he goes to the federal workforce. And says I'm gonna take a piece of that. Lost money from you by lowering my expenses and have to pay you. By 2%. What a male is wrong because tax revenues are increasing. They're preaching there anchoring. So why who what why did trump himself righted trumpet. Why did trump himself justify. Why he was gonna take away this cola firm he said he was gonna justify taking away this coal on the basis. That the federal government is facing an impending budget crisis. That he said that he said. He said the crisis was caused by the lost revenue due to the tax cut that's not me saying that that's his exact words he said that. It. Why is your expenses okay so you're just gonna revise what is the most to me or annual increase. John I'm gonna have to rock I gotta get through work calls reporting the design appreciation that. A million other John first mammogram. If I'm not mistaken regime will get to get Johnny other John are you doing out there. Pretty well they've improved all right a couple of reports surfaced he had wanted to register claiming that restore. And Nick Cave where charge. Right what is not so. Right they were you they were not charged with anything yet. And will not be charged with anything because they didn't do anything other than do what. Any. And an attorney or an assistant attorney general supposed to do information comes to you generosity FBI. Period. And I don't know orders because he's just a liar or delusional but series absolutely certain raw and it would respect the W. I wonder how if you look at callers Social Security co host yeah. You go. Exactly. That's a great point. That. Take a look at the media the wage numbers according to pew research. Four dollars and street sense in January of 73. He is equivalent to 23 dollars and 68 cents per hour since day. It. There's an air of the other people can actually say that they make 2360. Me an hour today. Today. Just to be where you would have been if you're making 4000 hour. Good for for forty years ago right. That that rates the same old boxing hours seven victory. Don't quite have trouble Jerusalem. Ghraib for Asia thanks. Our charge you next week yep let me give Richard Niagara Falls and go grab on Donnie then we're trying to get Kevin's question and. And that mark is still. Buying an American. And we never hear about Trump's daughter I believe and I can make. He has another daughter right we never hear about her she's not I guess. Well enough in the way to achieve. For sees himself as Ibaka and Don junior and Eric perceive themselves say they've been sort of our. Our players and charms arch to the Trump Organization. That Tiffany is significantly younger than themselves. It may be that they wound up getting positions in the Trump Organization. There have been a part of Trump's business organization for some time. And and and Tiffany. You know she's she's younger so she hadn't. Risen to that and that status within your organization. I was sick and have gone up there audience say it ain't gotta get your daughter calls you looked bigger. You. I I'm going to have is doing okay can kick it. Yeah I pick you it like it just play the best way to watch Fox News fox blew which has. Get away strapped ya Dodgers then and good looking girls would greatly exactly the best way to watch that didn't want to destroy the sound on what I think turned the. It's a I think deadly two way I want to just who are it. Look and I got to get this right I guess stay yes and how they forgot what what country. I thank you ain't gonna do have a good palate. I appreciate your original reality too and limited dining room for a day we're gonna try to grab cameramen and mark got to go quick down Johnny are you Dorothea. Ideal I'm doing great. Have a question here shell or statement who we live in a country of over 330 million people. We got people. Federal stadium even counting city prosecutors. Could repeal a new war in court however would get a president like this and why can the Democratic Party get a super candidate. There's oversee anything 'cause you got people spent their whole life and federal government in the Justice Department and it you know Pakistan here. I can and I can understand what it can't get somebody better than Pelosi embedded Schumer. But the truth is we we've kind of gotten trapped into a war in there we went through the stuff would mixes and it was a reaction to him. Then Carter didn't do all that well so there was a reaction to him that gave us. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan they felt great you know. Mr. Berger wrote Gorbachev tear down this wall you know and all that love you know for offer something he didn't actually do what he gets all the credit for. That gave us to first George Bush. And then of course the economy sank and we want to with Bill Clinton who did a great job with the economy but didn't do a great job as a human being. And as a consequence we end with the second George Bush. You know in reaction to Clinton you know and an and so on UC EC and I mean so. So we sort of gotten on a track that we've not been able to get ourselves off. And so I agree with you what we got to do is stop along ourselves to be driven by the media's politics and we got to start driving ourselves around. What's in the best interest of the American people and fight for. So I got run down I gotta get two more calls in before. Well we get down let me get Kevin intelligent person would get mark. Kevin are you doing out there. I you know I looked up. I looked up your issue that did that you you ran army about the chaired a Democrat or the chairman of a political party. Also being the head of the border board of elections I just want you to know that in New York State. At the state level you have a bipartisan. On a chair of the board of elections. Any and every county level in New York State. There is a bipartisan chairperson. Of the elections commission meeting that you have a Republican and the Democrat. Who both have to degree have to agree on any change. In any policy or procedure or regulation that affects elections in their jurisdiction. So that he literally faced a conflict of interest issue that you were talking about. All where you see that's why people are what's his name our guard keep its key in. Because it just confirms what pregnancy in Tokyo say the Internet Portugal parties where we're at one guy I say that I'm not like the other guy if seems darn thing so he knew what I'd ordered by practice I all that confusion. Politics. Has the exclusive club I'm sorry. I can't believe you characterized anywhere you want I'm just anyway what were you asking about how to do research to find out what the reality why isn't the reality now what you said. Open to because Republicans. War along with it values it is our practice and so that's OK it's fine and you think that's right. What I'm is not a question of fine and find the question is that it's not a conflict of interest. Even though it it is not the case that the chair of the Republican Party is also elections a commissioner that's not even true. What the point I'm making is that even if it was sure you have to have. Person represented the top priority in your your your jurisdiction and the second highest. Membership party in your jurisdiction or who are voting party. In your jurisdiction you have to have. I'll both and both of them have to agree so therefore that eliminates the conflict of issue are of interest issue that you had you talked about. So number one it's not to solar. The most and need and what order a sweet part of bureau exclusive club which is Democrat or Republican Party. Look creatures of the reps have. You can't have every single party. Co chair of the other board of election. They're both. Everyone outside and sit for every single proxy access our commission up for everybody counts to me. Or. Again and who who decides who that commissioner is it is is going to be it's it's still. You know 88 a distinction without a difference but let me get mark real quick before I get to be good let me get mark brokered forwarded to me that is our mark are you do out there. Access government. And very tough to get tough you know you can have your own. Opinions but you know the rules are you know additional fat. Doesn't matter what the rules it is long in my opinion. Kyle. Has the that if I go to jail. They like differences jail. That that's that's likely gonna happen to our Michael Cohen appreciate it is not careful. You know you know it's it's amazing to me that. That lying is equals charisma. Yeah you know or who is so he spoke he got so much written and this is lying at the I heard guys heard the Canadian they're doing to deal with Canada. I did then guys. He got no child. Can't tell you mentioned that you can you do you will demand hotel lot all the you can yeah you know wages now. Two point 9%. So you think you've got to act Newton and this the strength that they have is they bought the media. So wages are down inflation is up 2%. Head mounted to absorb administration wants to take away the the cost living awards for. Immediately the American workforce. To pay for a tax cart nobody asked for and that we did meet. So ballot and that they wanted to do another one at every day wanna go round. He'd be the the prop them up how you do it just happened time and then lieutenant Scott. Almost the rich and they're not even saying it goes to anybody else but the rich. Good luck America. There aren't. For happy hour renewed every Labor Day. So I just wanna quickly that you was something. John McCain's words my fellow Americans. Who smiled gratefully sir for sixty years and especially my fellow mayor there arizonans. Thank you for the privilege of serving you and for the rewarding life that service in uniform in public office is allowed me to lead. I am trying to serve our country are we have made mistakes but I hope my love for America will be way favorably against him I love my life. All of that I've had experiences and ventures and friendships you know pretend satisfying lives and so thankful we are citizens of this world's greatest Republican nation of ideals. Blood it can not blood and soil. We are blessed and I are both a blessing to Emanuel we uphold the advance and address those ideals at home and in the world we have helped. Liberate more people from tyranny and poverty than ever before in history we have acquired great wealth and power in the process. Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promising graves of America because nothing is inevitable here Americans never quit never surrender we never hide from history we make history. Farewell America I'm comment on the Americans god bless you and god bless America. See you on next week. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair response to by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again. I. But it.