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Saturday, September 8th

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Bartender is that the the course that it is our earlier this week. But I wanna kinda lay out something for you sort of thought. He's for you and and get you guys to react to that as we talk about other things. Two day. Do you remember that president trump started claiming to his faithful so called base but the Access Hollywood tapes were faked. Yet. Trump is on tape acknowledging. Not only the authenticity of the tapes. But also apologizing for what he characterized. As bar room talk. I make this point because president trump seems to think that the truth is just beside the point that mommy kind of roll this out. President trump has built an aura around his base supporters. Through which he projects all of this sources of reasonably researched and vetted information. That doesn't. Conform to the world view he is selling he he he he projects that SP news. Trump actually said in response to Trump's authorizing his immigration. Rock and customs enforcement agents to active storm troopers. Arresting people for status violations. Kidnapping people's children. Not clear evidence of trump laundering money on bribing women and acting as an agent of a foreign country. Trump serves don't believe what you see or read echoing a line from George Orwell's book 1984. The media seems caught. Between telling this harsh truth about this. Holy disarmament. And placating. The thirty to 35% of Americans who want to stop the trump says to be true. Otter populations like. It's hard to know whether Trojan lying and deceit are a sign of a deteriorating mental state. Or conniving plan to distract confused and so just distrust. What difference does it make. What does that population may. But if he is a lie and deceive or due to mental health issues that he's unfit to senator. With so much obvious verify proof of his low character and his contempt for law. How can so many Americans. Are still be supportive of him. Who were these Republican legislators. Back to a man continue to support him and justify. His actions. People that claim that they were. It's not supportive of trump for a year and a half ago. Like. No good news North Carolina congressman a congressman. Or senator. Are now saying bad well. I trump is gonna be able to return to fire. Our Jeff Sessions and higher you know our an attorney general that that he could support. It's this is sort of you know I duplicitous in his that's going on that seems to characterize. The dominant. Being here amongst the Republican legislators. That so many Americans are willing to see that trump is. Only about trump. Says something important about those Americans as much as it says about trunk. Folks trump is not insane. Trump is not daft. Trump is simply a very despicable human beings. His supporters are people willing to accept anything he does as long as he appears to be are working towards rock turning. Our or working towards insuring. A concussion will be game. Will be in the firmly in control in total control of non minority people most Americans agree. There trump is abusing his power as president. Most Americans agree that trump is a congenital liar. Article that I just about pulled up in the community ARP pop out on a blog website. Says that. Where the the the blogger says and I just like his characterization I think that Donald knows the difference between what is true and what is not. He just thinks it doesn't matter. He said that out loud and in public. He he said even if they year they won't believe it and even if they believe it tomorrow they'll forget it. He he says it's from pass an amoral cynical view of the world. He says well a psychological state. Deviated from a norm is often seen as a disease. I think that it is sometimes too loosely applied. To excuse behavior that shouldn't be excused the presumption. Being that if someone is sick. They would behave that way. That's simply not so. There are lots of people who were not mentally ill who consciously lie deceive steel bribed cheat and more. But it's not just truck. Real clear politics in the most recent poll shows for up with a forty for a 45%. Approval rating. Despite all of what we have seen and heard and learned. About this man's behavior in his current actions. The job market in the stock market are writing the nearly eight year. I'll wave. Six years of which began under President Obama. With the lowest unemployment rate in thirty years and the highest stock prices ever. Corporations who paid less than 6%. A premier can taxes before now are paying about 4% of Americans tax are taxes and their loving life under truck. So despite the most corrupt and despicable person to sit in the seat of the presidency. Since I would say you know Warren Harding in the 1920s. As long as it appears that most of the people being hurt by Trump's behavior are nonwhite people. 44 or 45% of Americans are willing to go along with. The idea that congress will serve as a check on the presidency. Only works if the members of congress placed character and faith forum has two them. Two to the nation's institutions above politics and their own self interest. This clearly is not the case today. Every single Republican in congress who was not resigned or promised not to run for reelection has stood behind this immoral man. This isn't there is no level of behavior that he appears to be able to engage in that is low enough. Not to make them react I cannot say whether Democrats would ban this way around a democratic president however history show. That during. Bill Clinton's troubles. 31. Democrats abandoned their party's president and supported the GOP proposal for an investigation of Clinton without limits. On it's X it's the length and scope. All Republicans voted for the resolution offered by the judiciary chairperson. Our representative Henry Hyde. And so I wanna get us I started on this this this point where the Republicans today. Who placed on or before self interest the record shows that there's simply aren't any. That should be the real test of these mid term elections it's not about impeaching Donald Trump it's about putting their country back into the hands of honorable people. And of course the real news in the days. Alan Weiss why some Byrd BC FOR chief financial officer in the trunk. Our organization. Is now getting immunity in return for our testimony he's gonna give to the mower investigation. And David Pecker who's the CEO of The National Enquirer. To call newspaper called it tabloid. It to your truck comes as the newspapers that he did it's got credibility. Right you know what your. Alien heads and tails of. Deli shop. When you come out trafficking in children it's on our our pizza parlor sex rings and so on. So let me get started here with our callers I think we've got enough to get ourselves going let's get Tony first or mortgage on a long port Tony are you doing out there. Well I was dead Beatles are playing a concert on my role in my rose published today. Right mixed feeling. And are gonna come forward slightly later this afternoon. So I encourage everyone got. But there are doing. Well that's no mistake. Third thing is quiet but it. It's The Beatles. I don't push. Ireland yeah yeah yeah yeah. I I agree totally lecture positions. And think that was of the season. That we had it at the department of the United States bluntly what steps actions. A point that it immediately and it's up boy be accompany the Judiciary Committee. That's likely that. Sturdy that's what outlook by the doesn't get a lot Jeff Sessions. But that's what we're talking about early. How they changed their blue. Debt that it Asia. And I didn't get caught them on environmental concern that without a little bit about that right now. They know that this administration is currently do. Probably accused standards on relations standards on. Long term health care problems especially for the elderly. Yeah there. The instinct how much more money that is coming at this cold spots of this agent. As big evidently and that it. Unless there's a cost that they're an aging population. And now we also didn't like the fact that. We asbestos problems. Back. I think you probably don't know is that wanted me hospital dedicated around like where they in 1940. Hospitals want them abstinence and then it pop that's a lot of we're almost certain. Sections now who I beat Hillary ability hospital. There's also a bit. Political that they stopped at that and some actually are unsteady about what light. Weapons. How about the type course up they California and the locks and what I want so outrageous that we at browns let. Medical file that Ali stocks and upbeat guy that he actually. As. You know that's a jury and he'll probably talk again about what's going on with my child relaxing or abolishing almost. Clean air dry them. Beat like. But just they got a long term up fact that I have ever helped out here saw that. Any. Idea actually. Let's let's take the money for the kids in my guns are. Teachers. Probably in Australia a couple of since it and that this as they are actually benefit our homeland security and yet. Education. Education and. They're also there is money that was attached to the every student succeeds expects that it's the act that replace the No Child Left Behind act. And she wants to take that money which doesn't have any prohibition. Because they didn't even consider this there's no prohibition. Against using that money. To buy guns and trained teachers you know on how to use guns so because they can't do it with other resources they're gonna take money. That was designed to help prove education outcomes offer kids and re directed into this you know Koppel on Cassidy. Public school program as she wants to to to redirect. I want to support that was on MSNBC. Earlier in the week what you announced at. And T that bad teacher can't undergo training camp like a police. Why. Why it should be strategic and can't really stop. Where is that money coming up and it's going to be a boat but I don't get so horrible one that the artist and. And don't tell me just just just just thinking out the reality is if you were a person who is thinking to be become a shooter and a school. And you now knew that the teachers likely were harmed when you came at that school the first people you would target would be the teachers. You know it was elderly you're actually making putting the bullseye on the teachers that so I that you should never do. I also you put up those ion Andy external debt that particular student does look like. That it becomes totally. That we talked about the main function a couple of putts that does he keep our nation safe from at this very collect. That's what that's what the rules say yeah. That's what a bloody good when he got the population that I end up collecting and that broke up Nigeria. And at that you know this site picking a policy even that's a possibility that hackers. Well yeah I'm about about our budget hacking and different places at different types. Nobody in charge of the in the Homeland Security call it an area I don't site where we're only. Right there. Acting. Director. This is ridiculous. In not keeping us safe you do that it is a problem. I have a big question on everyone's on their. Certainly that's got to adequately splash here at. My best try and lobby and legitimate. What's he really legitimately. As well not act that. They odd department that just. Instead automatically sit on pit stop flat out get about sixty or investigating that trumpet the number. I election I organization. And beat data integrity and that's I. That did not tell them. A lot of things about you and yet I would be big sword gun and I like covering up and they knew all about. Right at the same time that they were allowing Oliver is. Almost illegal. Disclosure. Information about their investigation of mrs. Clinton. And then reopening the investigation to eleven days before the on November elections and then not saying that there was nothing for them to actually I investigate. Two days before the election when you already turned she was five or six points ahead in the polls when that occurred. And is she dropped to three or 4% behind in the polls after that occurred several. Clearly that was manipulation on the part of him and Tony is a reason he's not an innocent party. He got. Of course of course let them are even more so at that they protected. Clinton and the and play at that fact of the matter is that they ignore the Russians are operating they do because I actually manipulate somebody eruption. And eighty kidnapping robbery and how to get the most light and actually meet. You you'll get beat Italy to tell the public what's that hot begging for a but that question I have is. Election legitimate I don't think so it would be at the public's help. He at all at least people helping him I. Hit a lot ever get a lot of help and get everybody stay get elected thank you. All right thanks Tony when we take a break and we'll get John on a given some times and you all stick with us. We were seeing recited to bring cure think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. 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So anyone who's not very interested in the actual running of government. He hired his cronies. To be the heads of the various departments of government. He hustled girls well you know he was a woman arsonists in that way. And he rented that on the country to the American oligarchs of his time period. The federal theory and reality show. By. His behavior just seems to pale almost two to a tee. On the behavior of presidential. So I want to get your guys thoughts about a re John to limit them again frank on from Niagara Falls let's give John Laporte on real quick and give us roster are you doing out there. And it has yet it mattered to us harding's. It was involved with the people that don't. T trust him as a senator and Cameron house and in the reform and. Is it different though with Nancy. He was just looking elf himself been in and and let let anybody else do what they want to do that all these crooked. People under really undermines his administration. Image is exactly the same as trump Trump's more aggressive in this. They had that parity just sit there and nearly died in office to. It you know Coolidge took over anyway. The big milk truck broke the book art of the deal. He's really showing any heart attack because what he's doing it he. He kept. He had ever goes rigs or they. Divided after what does he liked to held here now he he's he's come up with this new health care. Insurance where it's going to be really low rate. You can get it. And because we have big deductible by 6000 dollars is a lot easier it would undertake a chance that you don't get sick. It's probably a good deal for some of these people's blogs you know it's sick until it's answered one you know look at that because if you have a pre existing conditions. They have to provide insurance but it'll be so it is so outrageous expensive bit. People with preexisting conditions will be able to afford it no one is he he's satisfying. One crowd. And at the expense of the other it's the same thing with Medicare. He's he's he's he's he's proposed this deal where right now Medicare pays. Country different levels of the actors. That the lowest level as like an opposite and then at that big a little more firm immediately. A procedure whatever it is. The highest. Amount they paid to specialists in more more. Complicated procedures. Well what he's gonna do is is this is take all three indices of one payment. For any. Any of those factors is one thing I've ever been out well the problem is. What's gonna happen is that the giant apple was getting let's say 500 dollars from Medicare where procedure its really gonna get the 300. Well I. There's not a case that would normally get you that for 500 dollar visit. The doctors just not gonna take their case and dangerously right. Does the same thing in and the others fear too that the coal where where he's he's hit assign people West Virginia and he's hurting everybody else. Think he's said that the terrorists. To help some. But her others. He he he does this deal where where he is only the fighting and kind of an attacker you know. He's he's gonna do things for people live there are with them and hurt other people that. As in instead of the being president of the whole country. You know he goes into it is. Again it's so. And read these evangelicals how in the world they can support this guy. He is such it there they are such hypocrites and I I always they're just particular. How how they could support but it's immoral character. Just because they're being court justices. Him. They're willing to make that tradeoff they set it out while obviously we know that he's an immoral man he's a horrible person. More at peace for our he's antiabortion you know he's. This you sorcery says he probably is not anti abortion when it comes to excuses he's Isa. Sure he's hit the vote the bush has done. So for women at city. Unfriendly. Yeah and in. That's just the these evangelicals say they. How do you tell your sold out on the settlement. You know for a guy like that they via write a column in Nick Price. How do you feel you're so they could steal it if faustian deal please tell your soul to this guy. What is it terror refuted these people are not operating on faith. You have to have faith that right if you're damn right if you do with the text tells you to do you know I waited text allows you to do it. That even when it seems like you're hurting yourself while being attacks. You still got all day and trust that somehow it's gonna work itself you know I'll I'll Writely for you and for people. But if you start trying to manipulated I'm gonna pick and choose what parts of the tax and an honor what parts I'm not. Then the whole world starts to fall apart around you then. It's like that it it is. Sessions said about these quoting from the Bible when he was justifying. Separating family. I mean. Some panic it should I guess you can just buy anything with the Bible I didn't murders somebody and it is going to be just cited in the in some text in the old testament you know. And I mean I think it's that they they never admit it but this deal as it is so it is the antithesis of the new testament. If you if you look at both studies that you want you'll see that this tingle as it was the opposite in the new test that just doesn't make it sent. But they quickly be pessimistic connection. All right John down around I got two more calls aren't aren't giving to give in before this on this business segment. Appreciate you call a charge you next week let's get Franken Niagara Falls and I think we'll get is is. Jerry than Kevin yeah right let's get frank on Niagara Falls frankly do not care. Higher rumors child had all the clocks are moved from the White House chicks kick kick kick it. One he's improved. I got back to New York just in time this year that lunatic Rudy Giuliani. Whites aren't zionism real prize. Use that instead facts are not facts. I mean anything with bluster. The. As. For a plot that's the world Republicans live and it's it's six say this world war that. Don't tell you to actually isn't a crime while choking air guard noted that Purcell and loose cigarettes. Now that that's a crime. And that's and that's a guy who didn't even have any moves sabres on him at the time they choked. Come back lasted here was quite shocked yet to spend an obvious look radicals in Boston Massachusetts where the we evolution began 242. Plus years ago. You know are unsafe products that first encounter beach weather. Pilgrim who's met the local NATO's been destroyed their land and culture Atlanta the built in patient that was out. President. So what is thanks for another revolution has. Anyway I decided to not use the trump name again after today. On the I don't tour order that I know there's. President individual why. And does that the two scoops call from. Forty. And I don't look at that what we purple proposed removing that sharp AM all of New York buildings. You know the shop oral towers site will be replaced by a plaque explain how the doorman repealed. Individual want got a house may pregnant then they covered it up. The problem executive won the all right thanks Veronica appreciate you let's grab our jury where senator first that would determine on Jerry are you doing out there. I'm going to resonate that I. I'm doing great. Although I gotta tell you Jerry I am terribly worried right now he Karen. When did see we don't we just think it's issue dropping with this why should mean. You know giving immunity to testify and for Packard gave immunity to. To testify. But that's not issued sharp drop. The issue is what they testify about if it turns out to be the kinds of things it appears implications are gonna testify about. I guarantee you Donald Trump. Is going to start abusing power on a scale that you've never seen before. He's got a using the US marshals to go and arrest people in the I'd Justice Department is in the is just no telling what links he's likely to go to when he realized that the gig is is about to be out. This is a very touchy time period we're about to go into here. Yeah I know. It's scary it's scary you are talking about the people that support strong enough. You know like you were these people are tired. Gentlemen there was talking about it you know local militias. I that religious Tokai that we talked about this before in my life and her friend in the church are all there are they're very religious and I hate hill I do really well. Get involved but I like you know she's able on the Churchill called Churchill vocational. Or they want you know I don't legally they'd like problems. Regular church or some of the pocket of people opting interest maybe I can. And that changed their minds about their religious beliefs changed their mind about what they like I was in the dominant player. And all Clinton and the Republicans are now legal why me why they voted. And I hope you're talking these people and I I brought up all kind of question I get beaten like that much good I didn't go political or they're incompetent legal age do. I talked lately you know. I didn't feel they like gave up again a couple of Google titled I'm not around people anymore England electric guitar is a war. I don't believe the way do I could go to church that being around people of this kind of situation cushy you want. You know she's she's she's got her life so why go online and sent. Good. I'm talking. I'll look at cherry on. What. With so I don't know what you have to do what you don't mind my wife is very. If you say written or religious she's she's. The news director and a church you know she. Is involved with the women's. Caucuses and in the church and so on. So she's very you know. Involved. And so I go to church and you know a lot of times I hear these pastors and they're talking. What we've been talking about here and they keep giving you soft so Pino to justify why they stand with. With trump because he says he's gonna be this you know hard drive on abortion you know in the cement. And they're willing to trade off. His behavior for what they think is a greater good. I just try not to get along myself to get into that kind of conversation with people. People that wanna talk to me you've got to hear me TARP the way I talk I'm not gonna talk to you around. I. Logic that's just completely illogical. And which you can't allow yourself to get them out of shape about it you just gotta. Gotta be patient people you don't know what else to do you know that you can't stop you for being religious is there. Yeah aid if it is the Israelis something that people can't. A lot of these people there in all educated people and what they wanted Conosoga. The critical thinking are becoming so how are they dangerous game daily tech and I mean. I don't little yield don't generally talk about guilt us into a little bit like this kind of operate pocketbook. These people it. I mean if you believe in the testament got to believe it aperture. I can't defend it but that was in this murder to me but I and then they get ticket anyway kite why. I think it will get over what would you elaborate get over it yet you celebrate England. Look at that the danger that occurred. All the innocent children that you just battle and what you thought red. That's who's in the drive you crazy you know it it you don't want it. You don't wanna give into the text in that in that context and we don't have enough time to talk about it in broader sense maybe you and I can talk at another point off the air. About the current. You know that doesn't that gets into. A different. You know sort of existential metaphysical kind of context in terms of how you have to understand the text itself. So. I'm distributed that council you know that we we should we should love our. Our our forks and those that aspire to whatever they feel. The religious texts are telling them. You know you shoot you should work with them but the one thing you have to be for his honor and you have to have faith and trust in your values. And if you do that everything else will work itself to your favorite you just have to stick with it. They don't work itself out. Sick sick lately it that you also have to question. Everything true in this UK registry that book and believe everything that and then you can at least listen cure cancer believe everything you say you know what the church and you can't. Look at the whole picture and then you have to question what really happened and what's real and what is it real. And yeah when you thought you'd as we've got to vote. We had a vote Jerry got a run I gotta I gotta get two more cars in appreciation and I'm a much documents we normally get Ron on before we get that break. Or Kevin Rose OK let me get Kevin. And then we get to the bridge in Antigua okay I'm gonna get Kevin and gentlemen first Kevin are you doing out there. We looked up at they can get you greatly you illegal. OK okay yeah this reasons why but hurt public. At a club and pop. Okay I'm not gonna leave out. You're never going to be believe that OK so what would you discuss they treat you because you just saw that I'm ever gonna relieve the. You won't go portrait trees there's the argument could be a paper. But it will complete job to you got to be to read a yoga somewhere. It or a Republican. Poppy chipper is certainly not. Alter ego and sure certain Diet Coke. You these. A conflict of interest. But it missed by definition. How do you cheer the Republican Party and also be the person that runs the elections have. And examine just what. But I would be in the country. Where you can read about. That. I didn't say it was corruption on this but it yeah because I wasn't I was. You can't have gotten better and I wasn't conscious about it you're just how digital right now. I was not conscious of nicely I'm I'm not I'm not into an intra party stuff that you're into so you can. Trying to expire there on me. I keep telling you that I'm a progressive and you teach on the right a different script for me. And I don't feel like arguing about it so you can say whatever you wanna say. I don't really know about but I do know that if you're the chair of the Republican Party. You have worn Centre of interest for you'd also be the head of the elections themselves. Creates a conflict of interest for example like we saw in Africa it was it wasn't just decided the I'm on the race. I yesterday. Where did the race was a sign about last and a half a percent of our our problem vote. You know the if you're a bit did the chair of the party who is candidate is in the lead. And or very close and you also get to determine which votes get counted. We eats at least the appearance of a conflict of interest for them. Your question gotcha question and Arabic culture though gonna quote you a bad. The company as this becomes the chick but yeah Democratic Party beast reported. Well you don't know. Are about to do Republican. Sure what picture up and ready to go eat right. I know if I want to do against Chris Collins the moon. Makes the club. The club because if I want it hypocritical its Olympic break. I'm not a. Help me im saying what you are saying. Chris Collins is a national office holder so be allowed to destroy him. Articulate unquote did you. Figure out in the street that I'd. Let you know. Got that behind the scenes that he. Makes it up themselves despite all the usual bid. Again I I I. I give fabric that you were were getting too far into the into the knowing I guess that that issue that John. To help you help me understand I thought you were saying was that the head of the Republican Party. Are the odds on does the are secretary of state who runs the elections in in a state. Earlier than that that fear of the same party is that what you're telling me. The 88 opportunity and edited out populous country. In other populous country it is. Okay where that's not to say before you say that that is happening right. I get you well actually give it out surely knew that this is what if you want to we picked. But look at object let's make another topic to talk what makes but I. I'm in Manila. I think that's a good point that things are good point that's something that we should try to get some actual. Our traction -- Kevin stick with me for next week I'll get on that. For next week should we take out last break. Let's take our last break that I give on opposite get about a time and again John process around our yard stick with asthma citizenry. Here think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sale home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you wouldn't completing your applications now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn about Oklahoma proven programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. 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Homemade breads Christie desserts and cocktails into the deal of the day for my buffalo perks details of my vocal opponents dot com I'm gonna again. My Max hi Eric that night fun. That's not good. All day every day this is Buffalo's home for ESPN radio on. Thousand watch ESP. And the Smart. Pain. Well the history of hockey and right now. But it just feels really Dicey right now. Let me give Iran on the chief Jordan did his drug runners already called you so long we are a lot on our on the put it this morning how are you doing. Or one who always gets the impression that when cabinet calls and it's like you Robert John Cameron Swayze. Because it says it was famous for. Giving people what street side and nervous and ask them questions and make it looks so but what did they mention that that's what is so would you. That's reduced stroke engines group or. Anyway ask what. The book thing that that was I lit up with this whole. It has been through this before but it seems more and more evidence now this. We've heard computer business the more stuff that's been coming out about it. You know they have stepped shooters if you sit under investigation Weiner or from 2011. OK stay at his computer now in 2015. They are Hillary Clinton email. Scandal when McAuliffe that whatever investigation. End toward the end of 2015. They have that computer. From just before that time period now as they try to make people believe that they suddenly discover on the seventh of black over. Bet these extra emails. Evidence that after the July investigation that risk marks its ally has been closed. And they're they're trying to yet they expect SW that they didn't realize that the guy. The court husband live in the former husband of oh which are gonna get. I'm John Muhammad back. About a former husband of a perk that there might not be some. And correspondence and ending that was an up or. And Enron they took Uma Aberdeen is a computer. Why would they not take her husband's computer. If they know that she's back and forth. It out had it but they say they didn't check it that's. If this investigate everybody seems to be turning states evidence that I wonder if somebody I'd love to see an investigation over that. Well so east that the FBI in New York City and it's this it's neat. What they knew when they know why they actually had a and it would seem that it did they work with this the big suspensions followed up on Giuliani. That he was the one that orchestrated it simple things ardent trumps supporter was involved in the campus. And how much was he involved in in suppressing that until the last minute to try and affect the election. There's probably just before he lost his mind for and forgot what truths and and an honor lies and really resurrected himself as the the new lawyer consultant. Consultant. Had to remember America's mayor after an idol though like and how how low the mighty have fallen reported that yeah. And and to the point that frank was making about religion I've made deadbeat despite the drama. It's hip to it as there's there's simply no evidence. For any of those major claim of a viable visits the exodus from Egypt there's no archaeological evidence for that. The it is history is all wrong in the old testament. That was messianic prophecies that were taken. In the end there it's taken to be met yet provinces in the new testament we're not about the suffering servant was a nation of Israel it's clear from the the tax from the people understand it did not predict. He's suffering servant the crucifixion resurrection Christ. There's very little to verify what goes into the wood wood was an economical gospels outside the clinical doubtful. I mean I can go on but in the problem with that so I said many times is it is that just wasn't. In this country like religion was a private matter if people want to their church and they. And they don't believe that stuff and Sunday and it gave them some triple roots are grounding a moral ground but no. People are now that's being now pushing into the mainstream. All the Ulf. Fought all of all of which can only describe as it's irrational anti intellectual. It has become a political context you you've been in that context right. The idea of alternative facts and and and and that and that would win at this most discussed they'll hit you where this goals being. One of these new evidence helical types. He's actually been saying. That the Holocaust and Hitler was an Asian. God. Knows Crosby and if you lose so that they could. The revenue that would go back to Israel. What a sick and Peru are great yeah this is this so this slumping the you'll just it was a slaughter all those used is that they couldn't figure what better way to do that I mean that. This is perfect gap which is going to believe in but this is some of the sickness which comes out of his. This is wrong is it intellectual anti rational thinking. Then. And so reality is that you can't just a lie you so I always tell people this always read your Bible to yourself. You can listen to people telling you what's in the Bible or he could speak to you during the course of years your church services. But usually read your Bible to yourself and everything that you don't seem to take to grasp. Go get a come cordons and help yourself do the translations of the tax yourself. Then you find that was being said to you and what actually was are two different things. When I was governor and myself on the values that I believe and if you're telling me something that just fundamentally contradicts. My values. I'm gonna go with my values on the ground and going with what you're telling me because I think that my values. Help us to produce a just society my values are based on the idea that we deserve a just society for all of us to be able to work. Well what I was grown up to you from the Catholic Church seem to be a that would go through Vatican two and it's going to be a little bit more. All the aid. Of a confidential or are pretty bad you oriented church. That everybody's as is upon us all if it's flexible it's a critical. Of belief in the words it's not. How you behave it's what you believe this more important. What raped her neighbor and indeed and steal stuff. But if you repent of it I guess every five minutes that you're still in good standing with god rather than preaching. How to help your fellow man how to build a better world now. That's all kind of pass say that and the sixty's hippie liberalism or something now that it's what you believe in what you hate that we judge. We're in the end times and that's that's what this is the really really is as and that. Dovetail with the politics it's so it doesn't matter you can be you know that SOB but if you believe the right things and some are you okay. It would be good for us to get you know Pasteur the deacon or somebody from the church who. Can talk to us about that that context and in NY Leo I'm themselves to be herded into this sort of trunk. You know ma I'll show you what you want you let me do want you know kind of kind of mentality I gotta run I got that problem on in this hour. Who gave John wanna Rochester for us to the edge on him or get Johnny on. John are you do not. Yeah you do out there. Good nature I'm doing great doing all right come on now yield time Taiwan was console. Really nice I hadn't seen it game I heard yeah hurt but he came against them. We played OK mark you know he does woody always does he gives you one good drive cage is score he tries to military ones score for the rest of the game that's that's not to Wear these things most of work. So a lot of scores. I'm still I'm so cold or what you were thinking the other night but you know make that you mention that you're here you or Egypt he should be worried. The Obama administration. Told the news. Because this is the crux of this whole Russian collusion in the past due to us is who and how much Justice Department asked the guys. The intelligence that you need an unbelievable. That two people right now under criminal investigation. Are brutal are audited Justice Department Obama's Justice Department. Nick Cave the FBI. They're under criminal investigation there are others right now that such and looking and. This is not under criminal they're not under criminal investigation due may be under any investigation of your armor investigation. By your DeVon knew we ask congress. Met McCain McCain is. Under criminal investigation and bring sore is also. All others are. Wonder what what what are you get where you're giving them firm because Bruce or. Wall Street Journal I'm I'm I'm gonna go see whether there under the Clinton would go much appointment I'm gonna. Well what my point is this. This system than this and go blue lit up. The Obama administration's appointments in these intelligence agencies. But James clapper lied to congress. Brennan jab Brandon yeah or American academy it is in 1980. Of scored some more. Are sort through all of although probably all of this has all of this has something to do. With Michael Cohen in pain and hunted down 250000 dollars to a woman. To keep her quiet to do us on non disclosure and political literally finished. Let me finish my point lead that was my point. To the debt that he paid that. Then he went to. On why sober her aunt or ice over where his name is on the Trump Organization CFO. And said. I want you to pay me. And I some murder paid him 420000. Dollars for the 150000. Dollars he said he spent. For somebody and have anything to do with the Trump Organization in the first place. How does any of that have anything to do with Obama those are. Money laundering and bribery crimes. That are rooted in Donald Trump that have nothing to do with the Obama administration what are you raising those issues that. Don't even sound like they mean anything when you got something that you have absolute textual information for right now. All they don't have anything to deliver Russian collusion that's why holes. But the but the good Russian collusion. You know number one rushing collusion is not a whole deal. Dealers you had a corrupt man has the right now you have a corrupt man has the president of the United States point. Our criminal investigation against UMO point gain market. Right now so I'll. All the watchers say all of what you're saying John that that just overrides. All the what's going on that we discovered about Donald Trump. That's that's ominous stuff aside if it's not if it's not collusion that is if it's not collusion and hit it is a loser and it doesn't. So even if it's if it's not collusion that you can't OK we hear liberal talk to the same time. OK if it's not collusion Muir asserted that if what you're talking about is not collusion that she can't talk about it at all. What I'm saying is if I rob a bank. But I didn't help me collude with the Russians but I did rob the bank. You can't come back and tell me I'm gonna ignore the fact that I you have ignored affect our rob the bank because you're having to do collusion that's on Andre Agassi. The source of the biggest doesn't give me the biggest collusion. Criminal story in American history to Obama's appointees. Are all the CIA the FBI the justice to it and I'm I'm told there right now to tools that are under criminal Lessig and. I see you internalize just who you're talking points for this weeks ago. Regards Edwards is these Arlington national enquirer to be honest with you. Let me get value our first ever did Marco forgive him as our Donny you're out there and report. Yes good there have a this probably would trial he can get this terror war blown. And for years they wouldn't that he would have been dispiriting. Public totally Great Britain started by a Republican in the fifties. And yet. I saw them move them around and give it a bit of books from the Chinese and more internalize. To prop up production in the social. If it weren't for our cars. Of course. Mean how can you not. But no that did what the Chinese would do if you start putting up barriers and allowed them to be able to import products in the United States. That they wouldn't say what okay let me figure how to make this stuff myself and I just make him pass. Of course I mean there are consequences to decisions. I don't grasp that you are so right I mean I mean you've got your thumb on it. Doing these manipulative you know chair kind of things may make somebody feel good. In Pennsylvania because some thoughts and that they would they do. Becomes more lucrative. But it becomes less lucrative for everybody else in the country sooner or later this stuff is gonna catch up he's the one who's our truck is when I was picking winners and losers loses the same things. Then John would say Democrats had an. I don't quote and our part that quick. He is somebody put 20220. Billion dollar packed terror when you. If you if you could afford that there a lot of credit they belong to all the nations seeking users there's a leveraged. They can buyout nation did this sort of new trade pact and everything else until police cut America out and contribute joke I don't understand it I don't get it. Well you know you've got your your your thumb and that is exactly what the the paradox is the policy of on the child administration. I wanna get Marcum before we get down at this hour on the regular market opportunity we have somebody else trying to get into its privilege it is great mark are you doing out there. Hey they've alienate them yes they. A job projections. Up. I believe that's what it is you're right you take you were there what what we're Charles administration is doing and you know. It's I don't blame Obama right and like Obama made him a quote may trump a criminal. Enter in you know. You helped that thousands of all other. Yeah yeah all of it and you say you know that they Utah mother church the problem with the churches and make money they're god. I mean. I try not to characterize things like that but but what I am concerned about a car right I what I am concerned. Right where I am concerned about. Is is that we have people who have sort of put on the cloak of the church. And they're using it as a way for them to be able to gain political power. And in doing things that are hurting huge numbers of American people in the name of what they call Weaver ER the evangelical. Or the evangelist. What. But don't even better church. Preach the gospel of money. That's that's a I would say they would say that might ask what you can look at it right you see these great big 20000. You know person churches in Latin and you saw what happened when Jim Baker and. But don't let this guy you don't give me over my big that I need a new job. Yeah it's it's it's a real story. And about it but by the moment but stay tuned thanks mark. All right folks who got a lot there's going to be on the play here I'm real concerned about where we're going but what we can do is stay into him. And stay in touch we do that every week on the struggle we look forward to talking on this week. Here I think again. Think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again. To. A.