Think Again 08/04/18

Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, August 4th

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You re opening kick and think again. Welcome to us and programs that by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on. Now in 53 year. Each week we talk about issues and events and trends affecting you right here right in Norse in your community and in fact connected to communities across the country. I'm your host elderly and your presidency of the community action organizations. Make us a part of you Saturday every Saturday ESP and 15:20 am on your dial. From 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week today's program is why she and colleague can join our discussion of the two well our number here again is 803152680315. Torre. I wanted to talk I guess basically three things. First this. Interesting organization I guess I can problem. Called Q I'm. These these conspiracies fears that apparently are down to president trump and his son Donald Trump junior. And others seem to be a fairly or at least take some of their fox. I wanna talk about in more more detail about the pesky United States' deficit it's important on this program that we. Talk about things we need to think about think again think about what the alternatives or. You know what the implications. Of the factual information. That is before us so that we make good decisions about. There was. Those issues it face face us as a community of people and the last thing I hope that we can get to use but do these decisions. Hopefully remember him he's the author of the movie's trailer that launched air protest. That ended in the bad guys attack. That killed four Americans. Who's being given red carpet treatment trump and his. His his latest conspiracy now and it and just to sues his latest conspiracy nonsense. Let me start with Q and president trump has joined with devoted racist American nationalist. And the same senate foreign powers who have been working to undermine the vary construct. Of the American democracy over the past several years. Trump learned that social media and fringe candidate. Internet web sites have been pushing for a new stories. To get easy acceptance among elements of the population that I'd describe a little bit earlier. Trump adopted the tactic. Accusing others of doing what he and his allies in due to construct barely plausible if not completely implausible tales. Like the so called deep state and portrayed these fake stories is truth. While calling verifiable true stories straight. And industry of propaganda and disinformation is formed. In this country called Q&A. On its forward to pretend to spew stories that suggest that the body of civil service workers. Who actually do the work of government. Is filled with agents of the so called deep state that seek to press America's good people in the interest of America as he deletes. I took my relief from this story from an article written by Isaac Stanley Becker. Entitled we are Q a deranged conspiracy called les from the Internet. To the crowd of trumps on ME GA make America agree on tour. What is most interesting is that when you see these pictures of the people who make up the town of cute and non. I want you put this down if you tie into your Internet. We are Q just to the letter Q. And and colon. Deranged conspiracy just typed it into your your Internet search engine we are cute. Colin. A deranged. Conspiracy. And you'll see an article that was sure well written. Off for the Washington Post and the first thing you OC is a picture. Of the crowd that typifies who attends. These trump. Events. And maybe it's just me. But the images could just have easily come from a white citizens' councils rally in the Jim Crow south. In an article written and I Kimberly on the day ago. On the current US federal. On deficit. Becomes obvious that let me not get access to. Q&A message boards. I'm now spew claims that from freaked the impressions. He and his campaign. Colluded with Russians and wanted. His. Is is hard even expressed in his Q&A message boards are now claiming pitch for a fake. They the impression. That he and his campaign colluded with the Russians and trump wanted Mueller hired as special counsel. To expose. The claim that Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and George Soros are planning a coup. And that you're trafficking in children in their spare time. And by the way JPMorgan the American financing year sank the Titanic is the stuff that's being forced our. Exactly it's also not meant to help sort. It. These are the kinds of or it's it's these goofy witnesses solutions that make no sense whatsoever. Did that he's felt this stuff doesn't sway the people who simply want to believe. That America. Will be doomed if too many more nonwhite or non Christians. I make up a population of this country that seems to be at the rule. Of the craziness that is going on here I mean you can have a policy position with regard to immigration. Without making up stories that you know Hillary Clinton is at a drugstore someplace traveling. Trafficking children in in the back room and that's just not supposed to make to to to be making up stories like that but this is what happens when you hire a person. Who thinks that The National Enquirer is a legitimate newspaper. And who reads and believes that crazy fictions are salacious allegations that it prints these are the same people who believe that pro wrestling matches. Our real. So let me get to the article by. Kimberly I'm dale on the current US federal budget deficit. Just helpless real quickly than we had about three minutes to get into this. In terms of what's what's going on here with this budget US federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2019. Is according to the Congressional Budget Office on is going to come in and 985. Billion just fifteen billion last auditorium dollars. For fiscal year 2019. That covers a period of October 1 of this year to September 30 of 2000. Nineteen or next year to deficit occurs because the US government. Is spending. Four point four trillion dollars. And only has 3.4 trillion dollars coming in as revenue three reasons for the current budget deficit first. The attacks. On 9/11 led to the war on terror. And even though. The war against. Should count toward military intervention in Afghanistan. And the military intervention in Iraq. Even though. Vast majority of that has and he only 151000 us troops in. Afghanistan. And I mean we have. In there are many we have a much lower numbers in Afghanistan. Even though he we've gone from 13050000. Troops down to. The only couple. Odd thousand troops we still have this military budget it's up in the 850. Billion dollar a year range. Before the 9/11 attack occur our military budget in 20034. Occurred in the period just. After. 2011 this is actually the budget year 2003. Military budget was. 437. Point four billion dollar that was after we'd begun to the war in Afghanistan after we beat on the war in Iraq. In peaked in 2011. To 855. So we went from four and 37 billion dollar budget to 855 billion. In 2011. Since then it's seven years later went much of that military activity has dissipated. We still have a budget in 2018. At 874. Point four billion dollars. And it's gonna gore up to 886 billion dollars in 2019. So we're spending 444. And fifty. Billion more dollars just on defense alone. That helps to understand why we're facing a one trillion dollar deficit. In the years it's coming out. The US military spending is it is is greater than those of the next ten largest government expenditures. Now countries. Elsewhere in the world. It's four times bigger than on the military budget for China. Ten times bigger than the military budget for Russia it's difficult to reduce the budget deficit without cutting US defense spending second factor. Mandatory spending has increased. For Social Security Medicare and other mandated programs it exceeds two trillion of these four tree and now. Our US budget to trillion of that is in. I'm these mandatory. Eras in the budget. That consumes. If you look at it in terms of revenue two thirds of all the revenue that comes into the federal government. A third. A factor is that true tax cut which will reduce. Will reduce revenue it's reducing the personal income tax rate. And corporate taxes and small business taxes. To the tune of one point five trillion over the course of the next ten years. That day and you can see is another 150. Billion dollars a year just on. Did this tax cut. So the combination of these things I can just do some to a quick and I'll turn it over to our callers. If we can get rated a 400 some. Four and fifty billion dollars and access. Military spending to 150 billion dollars in tax cut that's 600 the right there. And if we me every. Personal income dollar taxed at the 52 array of fifteen point seven. 0% from the same money that you pay generally out of your your paycheck but that money is cat dead. Only a 1181000. Of that money can actually be taxes on Social Security tax rate if you taxed all personal income you raised that. Income from two trillion to 2.5 trillion. That other 500 billion. Attitude of the 600 vehement just identify. Would wipe out. The entire. Deficit. Would actually have us rock contributing to. Lowering the debt in all of these issues that we keep talking about about the financial health of the country with completely disappear. To issue that continuously gets raised that. If you give the government more money they will spend more money. That's the question of who you hire it is just like you hire people that. Anti immigration people American Nationalists that people that are willing to give away. On the revenue in the country and and try to starved on the country. Of the resources it needs to be able to take care of itself you can hire people who will be. Fiscal watchdogs once you put the country on an accurate and sound fiscal plan let me get our first caller and a Pakistani players have to get the job tell me how you doing out there. Well and yeah it's not like this is a lot. I. To explain. Is. Oh lead to some of the Asian. You want your soul and I experienced now. Well out. There is a situation. Where the presidency. We eighty precedent. Girl dies and says one thing. And I didn't actually let it straight here we got. Not there and other words we have not bipolar trump administrate yeah. Let's act of national intelligence. And it's been quite a keyboard updated Thursday and they may well stop. I buy that car doesn't slow. That all of this star who options that it'll it's how we're loving crowd there aren't soaring and it light gas dirt. It's a hoax. In our. Ability that we need that. I brought about this several times that we can't I tried and particularly the United States government is what this administration. Well nobody right. That's actually right in fact I am not mistaken on MSNBC. They talked about the fact that I'm in we're talking about the immigration issue. Here you've got 88 humongous crisis in the United States being accused of kidnapping almost 3000 children. And nobody in the past remarks has been put in charge. Seemed to the dosed kids are repatriated. Not to toot toot toot your family's. To sing and it's going on what you're talking about right now as to exact same phenomena. About it why not it's just like I want that I had the biggest greatest military in the world. About it. I don't think you. Why that watch what he dies let you know actually we want to heavy diets. Don't watch what he wasn't ready. You. Can't come out desk why does trump do everything NC correct. You know that desert National Archives there's a lot probably aren't presidential hopes. He highlights all of the current. But unquestionably eating and don't forget and we don't transport. Or eleven feet what is being given at these meetings to people like do you agree or Korea or not. And then why is this crowd of people. In Florida jumping up and down because. Donald Trump says that I talk to Vladimir Putin. And we talked about a whole lot of things and they jump up and I'm glad about that without knowing what was the whole Lotta things that we're talking. No because god and so does not being there and it's a violation of the law. Don't do that because Egypt every single product that does add that we are right. Okay. And I'm great I'm trying to tell you read didn't want have been huge army and don't get confident about Obama. What's happened and she added sequestration. That I'm aware of the military remember it. You couldn't could not have a bigger budget or military electrical. But you have to pay my thinking is this step that I always. He can't or in your spell yeah. And 2001. Why. Aren't there there's many suspect that territory. A bit and bring respect you can't go with that portion. I don't think he'd like this war. But anyway I buy a little bit because they do have people. You rally around right. Around wartime president. And that's why I believe there's a lot edit me. Out there's. And tell us what we look at Vietnam and I was part of I was absolutely and that war. Timeout debt. Why do not that I Kennedy Center Islam and how well respected that immediately. Out against it on. We can't be baggage that lying about its issue out there were rooting out there was the panel also met. What about it I'd be upset about that cannot ballistic someone my bad I mean Bobby will be quite well at West Point. We as a commission opposite aren't aimed backwards to what others wait yeah. And we and I and I think I truly selector that when he came back yeah have you appear and use. It like that. Well that was they could they stop I'm not happy about why. But they bury interstate. The end eight final bell do you know it and actually stick for his campaign. Well well it's not cheap and don't trader at the end eight. We do do you. Well actually but yeah camp and hopefully a lot alum I'm saddened that it routine that department was worried it. It was. He put them into an album I mean Ericsson have been ecstatic that organization. You don't cancel or what happened. Piper says that they and outweighed I'm Robin Wright story I suddenly. Why because incriminating information you're up by outlook I'm ecstatic. In your apartment about how that shortstop. Came out. Not me and they only know that. That's all England at least it becomes the next driver at least he was born baby and the price of Whitney don't question to him you know and that I probably about the important. He was he was the all intents and purposes he was he was armed and arms merchant he was taken money don't don't money and using that to pay for guns. That is. I I can't. Who has contacted. Remember any black eagle eyed that senate committee what are they don't work very distant connection. That is why that guy. I let it stay that judge don't have a lot. Tech lab administration and I'm leaving but I wherever the bet he had a George W Bush Administration. Blew out but very important. That's Al Arab opposition and who witnessed that apparently just blanket it. This guy have a pop. Yeah I mean it won't beat this guy at present towards the issue. Sure yeah. As they're trying to beat the there's a lot of Russian government. Palin is good bogey. I healing in September. What I loving people a chance to look at the history. As expensive as the secretary. To George W. Bush. An important attention. Like the legalize it outright ban. Every single piece of paper that the president signs it as excellent secretary. Absolutely see religious supposed to be a finally work file record right. And that's why I remember I get at that was shot with a strong. Being ousted because that is badger we. Are. Total to Tony we got Iran Ahmadinejad I've ever summit or are grabbing at you and of course we've got to get to go to our break right now. We're gonna grab John real quick on your senator break your stick with us who see in two minutes here think again think again. The threat that just relies on her but that it if it. And that the. Are welcome back to think again this is on the familiar hosts were talking about. Her carpet. There are. And just quickly. And we don't we talk about employed means in and that sort of stuff on on this show when I just wanted to share with people and we have a tight. Job market but the community action organization has a number. Teaching positions open. In its head start program. And this might be a good time if you're interested in getting into early childhood education. If you call 88151508815150. S four. Tiffany Ingram. It's Tiffany Ingram. Four positions in her teaching. In the CEO's head start program she'll be able to take your call and help you get started on that process so real quickly the budget deficits. I just wanted to hit on again in moderation deficits increase economic growth. Put money in the pockets of businesses and families and spending creates a stronger economy. When the debt to GDP ratio exceeds. 100%. Owners of debt becomes become concerned and interest rates tend to rise. You should be concerned when the economy is doing well the government should be reducing the deficit on during that time period in an effort to lower the debt. An economy that's turning to pass creates a boom and bust cycle and always always leads to recession when they grab John real quick in mammogram or their car and get our process going here and John are you doing out there. It was Shaq this week we're in the paper about trump wants to. Have another cut. Capital being. A hundred billion Ballard. Another tax cut out the other. Bogus. Six that he would. In this 12. Thirds of the people. That. Get this capital gains. Benefit will be. In the top 110 of one person. So again that's another boom for the for the for 1% to up 1% in does nothing for the middle class except. But has warned debt. And out on top of that. He wants to do this without having to go to congress he wants to do is bar regulation. I and then in order you can see it happening it was gonna calm but he's a fine line of money somewhere so what he's not with what he's. And medical come up with. It Medicaid which is gonna do is it right now. Many key is it there's different levels seen this many kids these factors. In. Like let's say the top that I operate is 500 dollars for a specialist in a more serious. Visit to a surgically. The another level let's say it about 300 dollars they give them for. Support you know and eight net that is serious situation. And then the that the bottom level is 852. With just for opposite. Moon's routine right. Doing is he's going to come he's been to Kuwait history. Levels easily and at one level aim it at this to get rid of paperwork and all that which you might but here's the thing. But people aren't happy that didn't happen I'm gonna get not gonna get the 500 dollars that they were getting. They're gonna have to take the 300 and the what did their name and of their name that is because patients speaks. So that Natalie Natalie is it is it. Cutting money out of Medicare which it will because it'll be a lot cheaper doing it this with his way. And the way it is now at a lot but enough where it'll make a difference. So CC. If you're you're gonna find some of these surgeons are sort of more important factors you're not going to be able they're not as they make here. And yeah I think it did was beaten medical plan is coming up. They are. 88 with a DeWitt is it done you can reduce the medical play because would easily throwing out yeah. Pre existing conditions. So. Allowing these these medical acquaintances they don't cover low and they also think they cost less but they don't cover much. Right you like catastrophic short term you know health insurance. A Russian roulette. She is in and hate it and helping the election like hey you know so. But he these devices actually does everything else. He is he'll get a lot of people because their their their health care rates down. But then these little these people. The people if cancer pre existing conditions. They're going to be fame fortunate and that would not be able to afford the medications that they need to treat their. It is it only people under the bus. The you know get that this is I think he's doing like four. Regulations she's getting rid of you know for for climate change or you know the EPA. All these other organization. Protect our lives of of American people. Those regulations are. I don't know how these people think these his supporters think that he's doing them any favors. Yeah he's doing everything for the top 110 of 1% as well. I'm telling you there is don't do it there's no policy framework. Basis. That ties together his supporters. Support for trump. That makes any sense if you just look at it from me political. Its strategy of how we govern a country you know it it it doesn't make any sense. So you have to look at what what is really underlined. The views and the support by his followers in my view is that his followers are really devoted to the rock claws are preventing America from becoming a majority minority country that's what really is underline. Their support for him. And they're willing to accept anything that he puts on the table. That continues to build strength. Around those people that are fighting that battle. I gotta tell you that. About a minority people in the United States. Are probably the least PP got to be afraid they want the American democracy to be the American democracy that used to this country in the first place they want that more than life itself because that's what they believe in Aspen what brought him here. It's just our hopes that people are giving people the impression that these. I'm new immigrants are gonna try to change Americanism different kind of country they're gonna make America even warm air that's what they want. Great feet you know good things so what it does is he he. He tried that he helped out some people as being at the expense of others like this. These. Economic deal that is making like help about the these steel industry but it killing the automobile industry you know there's there's you know he's and it is trying to go to it was basis is thing's face while. And that is the big thing is exciting country divide it if that's the whole philosophy of Fox News. And of the right wing media has divided hacker you know that they don't wait a a unified nation they want. To divide this country and and they want they want a brain washed the whole country. And just making us an us vs them no no question. Yet. Thanks John I had a run a monogram conferees in India now in the end this segment let me get rotting Cheektowaga Ron are you doing out there. There. The acute they're gonna be buried at the. I don't serve regular beat he only gave up one run and he still lost by ally but at the polls forms forms are. Have a day you know they det Detroit area. At Boston looks like they're unbeatable. Religion and yeah good and this is their stage in the season so. Can mistakes but this is a you know and the one thing about this by itself that you don't know that it'll that they don't emphasize enough whenever they do these. Is these these over bloated cost of the Medicare and Medicaid for a nap because people are are lazier or ship looser all the other racial garbage. But because they we pay the highest rates in the world for pharmaceuticals hydrates in the world for hospital and nursing home care. If you could regulate that price wise it's possible level. That you know you see in most other countries that would cut that down by up by hundreds in the dollar. That. And and we'd ever it was a whenever I hear these things and articles. That's almost never mentioned because that's got to be. A mix is the only kind of privatized it at least in the developed countries the only country that is privatize kind of well. Local. Local health system. The bit where they basically whatever the market will bear thing rather than some reasonable regulation practice when. That your own sons and they of me figure like almost everybody at some time between turn 65 intern and 120. You're gonna need nursing home care of since everybody is gonna need that at some point. Leaving that up to private sector. Profiteering and what that seems to me to be I guarantee. Of having very uneven. I don't care for people in terms of that stage. That your life. And very likely gonna have a lot of abuses in that situation because people are profiting rather than serving. And so maybe that's an area that we shouldn't allow to be privatized unless somebody's willing to pay you know a certain amount of money to do it. You should have a certain baseline care that's provided for as a state or a federal. I found that operation. And you say that the the with this bad drive to deregulate everything. That's of course who's who's going to be vulnerable. Elderly people in nursing homes disable people. They're the ones that it and you know without proper regulation you'll see more of these you know if you ever hear this every few weeks here. This is simple local then you'll hear some real. Person that they're nursing all it was a views. And don't seem to see that in other countries as much were they have where it's much more government regulated process somewhat. And they they are other issues and some of those countries but look that big things shortage of course Canada there was such shortages. Because of a good third at that specialists left candidate for the United States when they set up those regularly ever that would benefit. If the United States set up a similar institute in that these people wouldn't be a way to get a dollar and. Two more people at home. Camera. So you know this is this is one part of the transition they give the it intellectual stuff that's out there now. You know if I still think the basis of this started with. These these these rebirth after World War II alt M and Zeljko kind of christianity because of bad. I know people are so painful what I know assistance and just southern Bubba type you know waits. Folks I know people with six years of a post a school education. That turn their intellect off. And they accepted all the book of revelations of the book of Daniel. To do with. Moderate forty for essentially. A reality it's and the scholars that know this stuff they've essentially announcement. Nothing to do with. Modern gay. Middle all references they and it's in the best proof of that if you followed it. It from the seventies. The group that I did the you'll see that they keep changing they keep moving the goal policy as. It is the end of the world doesn't Thomas and then they redefined. I remember that one big figure Quebec does separate Oral Roberts are their cockpit recording up. The book of revelations guide in the guide to Russia. And as a maverick and that's what now. The Islamic world so yeah I mean you know. The point is this stuff is expensive but we're going to target well intentioned people in the end of this stuff. And they turned him into collect ought to get in Twain my. Ainge said we are now it'll probably. How will that queen Elizabeth the sullen drugstore. And ever running a pedophile ring noble didn't need this get it it it's it's been it's been a trust which is of the conspiracy. I don't go to bleacher adjust Charlotte's ball to. Use the other book I would recommend to reach four it's as a basis but Japan before it's called. Affair with the secret fundamentalism over part of American. Power and it's where it would. Actually says that. This stuff this was supported by several big get our business let's go back into the new deal that were worried about the United States becoming countless social democratic country. And they talked to Candace that this. Who put the start funding these groups in front organizations. To put this type of anti intellectual end times philosophy into place believe it was. Read it read the book NC I don't know like a 100%. Whatever the case it's opportunistic and being abused by people in Pollard. Two to do it is to turn people's intellect so don't give them to not trust the reason that trash rational. Of factional now we get distinct alternative fast should all know this is no such thing as absolute truth and what are the defect such. Trump's alternative scents are better than your alternative facts and that's. So it's really remember cousy we've when you hear truck made all of these like you can't even list all of the outright lies that that he tells. But when the media talks about it they say it as if the they Faxon he asserts are his views not not assertions of facts. And that there are some sort of other way of looking at the reality. And so this is like an option there is no option either something is up or it's down it is something is this or it's back. It's like the idea. Told that he started right with the inauguration now he is the biggest inaugural crowd erupted over the yet. The that is to DC park police which are always been very solid on this court backed up. Probably hurting. Yeah dead poets like there I think there was 200000 people Obama has 700000 whatever the figures were. And and and that was the White House says although all those are what those are there effect we have alternative fact what they did despite what. Feel for what would their source they signal while wolf we just observed. So they don't give most consistently but they exceed our police they would buy a certain you know way of calculating made to tell exactly how they do they checked this area of all the up. A dark rural area and they had they could do a spot check here and has 101000 they do another area it's in the can give it a rough estimate that it is alternative disposal it. But it it's also it's just so crazy to think about this he actually president trump actually asserted. That if he's one of these guys it talks about himself in the third person which are trying really irritating. He says van. They wouldn't the Russians what would want true. To be present they would want trump to be president. That that that what they really warm. Is to help if there is an electioneering going on or any interference going on is to help. Democrats are. Expected to become. Are due to get into power. Despite the fact that poor old Fort Lee says he wants stroked the way these. Yeah I had very little Russian and I figured out Ortiz. At the. Second he says that is racially than Helsinki their best and we'll dish you want trump went oh yes Chris I. Drop you have prepared me yes. Yes yes I mean it's that whole thing but if that's the scary part it would get it and have people and not all southern. You know. The rural midwestern type. That systematically turn off their intellect. Four and I think they stick the trip started with the rise in that well I'm really after World War II but caught really caught fire in the seventies. Of Evansville local Christian yet in the televangelists all the special things means sawdust trail that'll. Beating all over the country and people have been talked to ignore science or reason in or factual reality. We're seeing it's it's the same phenomenon that. When the civil rights movement began to get real legs in 1950s and early 1960s. Leading to Kennedy and then Lyndon Johnson in the Civil Rights Act of 64 voter rights act of 65 points on. Viewers of CD you remember the Democratic Party at that time was dominated by the Boll weevil Democrats. Who were the legacy of costs leave the sleeve part time are kind of orientation in this country and so. That Republicans when they didn't get. Like 90% of the of the vote of African people by signing off on the our Civil Rights Act they decided that well let's go flipped the other way and so they they they moved to our. Become the Boll weevil Democrats themselves. And and the Republicans ever since that time than Nixon election going forward and one man. They've had to southern strategy and so on and I think that that's what's been going on the call to southern strategy but it's really. The did the American nationalist strategy. Is what's been going on. It started really start with gold Goldwater as a guy who came out against the Civil Rights Act based stock took that they stuck to that whole idea. Off from that I could then they never wavered on it and they slowly began with. Two to take over. These this entirely too tired of the itself and it rural parts of the midwest and just as states. A combination would all those up with the with the anti intellectual ovals Christian fundamentalism it's kind of affiliated. That's what it's human rights stuff it's got white supremacy you got fundamentalist evangelical in time for the meanest in the. On all together via Ron I got around I gonna do the hard break thanks man. Let's grab Bartlett let's take our our last break and we'll get Rambo Jim Oz if your stick with us we were sort of senator Bernie here I think again think again. Let's go also plays out I wanna go someplace that we can have like a real conversation. So I'm gonna ask ram or Jim of course emergency response. Where are you doing out there right I am doing great good deals from the opening door well. Yeah mob. My baby girl public to Columbia on the old she's doing out pot roast tonight I am and I'm going over for dinner. And you you're. Nothing wrong with a free meal especially with the baby. The way it. Who is an old issue of course. And just give me a straight answer. Is collusion. Any crime yes and if. Our president answered that's a good to know given a little bit as good as good answer but I wanna ask you now. If I conspire. To. Defraud the united states of its ability to run its elections. My conspiring. Is colluding with whoever our conspired wit. But my conspiracy. To actually helped that get done that actually is aiding and abetting the crime is not. Nick in the back. And I. I don't know I told you before about Philadelphia lawyer now or get out in the week with the legal stuff like I would like to do. All my sister's lawyer. And made it through. And he worked for human law already downed. I talked to Laura I talked to lawyers all the time I'm I'd ask you talk to your lawyer and ask your lawyer. If if you aiding and abetting a crime is is is a crime. As opposed to on YouTube could miss a rating with somebody who wants to commit a crime. It colluding might be considered. A lot of things in a word are colluding but the reason why it's coming up in this issue with Donald Trump it's not to collusion the word is a crime. The things you do to collude that's what declines. There was things that you would do would be to eat and a bag somebody who was engaged in a conspiracy to do. To commit a crime. In this country crime against the United States a crime against the American people aiding and abetting somebody committing a crime is the same thing. As committing the crime itself you have to go to lawyers just read it just just go to dictionary look at what the were a betting actually means. While they look big I wouldn't fight. If we're gonna have any semblance of peace in this country. Its lead in Google summer of 2001. Except the fact that Donald Trump's the president. Hit supporters are not going anywhere. Jim do what does that have to do with the country being ruled by laws just because Donald Trump has a president doesn't mean. That the countries are ruled by laws he doesn't get to live above the law just because he's the president he's a citizen just like when there. Are now. What's been going on the fact that he's a lot of us president. It's been going at it. He came down and yet the later. So let me not so bad loser that that means he doesn't we we shouldn't expect him to live under a law like everybody else because he's Donald Trump is that is that what you say. They've how little man now I'm 63 year goal our collective Social Security I've never seen anything like that in my life. How would that applicable. CB and I kind of like what I am not understand what is that you haven't seen in your life. I've never seen any flight attendant. How did this way you treated that way. Have you ever have you ever seen a president I'll have you ever seen a president. Being. Accused. Of the level of crimes that in fact if you go back to I work hard and you wanna go active members seeing this. They were gonna put Warren Harding in jail. For the crimes that he was committing. On the same thing with Taft in the crimes that he was committing I mean this is not the first time any time you have a president. Who was behaving in a lawless fashion. And everybody can see it. You seem depressed and everybody jumping down that person's throat. Donald Trump is not an exception to that he's a lawless president he's being accused of being able lawless president. Just because he's being accused of doing the things that he's doing. Doesn't mean that this is somehow extraordinary. The country should. It. Attacking him and holding to account for committing. One egregious crime after another or being a either in a better of the commitment commitment commitment to our commission. Of those crimes the country supposed to do that this is supposed to be a country of laws if you do that. You expected the world would come down on you of course it would come down on him if he's doing lawless things. I would think conspiring with. The arch are full of the United States the that this the Soviet that that remnant of the Soviet Union that that do whatever they called a Russian Federation. Colluding with them against the United States is something that every single American would jump and jump on you would not want to see their current. Well you're the average Iraq consider myself the beat the ever all of America out of a tree somewhere. And we didn't hear anything about Russia. Collusion. People so that they have to until the morning after election. And that shows you that that tells you what what tells you what that tells you is that elements in the Justice Department. And cosigned by elements in the media because some people in the media did talk about that but it was suppressed you didn't see our Jim called me. Come out even though he knew is he was he had these investigations under way. He didn't come out and and share with the public. All the the things that they had known at that time about what was going on with the Republican Party would download forms. Our campaign organization. And these Russian agent. He didn't talk about that he talked about it with Hillary Clinton but he suppressed it when it was at about. Our child and the Republicans he didn't reveal it until after the election that's not default. Oh. People as a whole world the fault of the press asked the fault of the Justice Department not sharing that information with me. But they didn't wanna do because he did want to. Tick off to Republicans and the Republicans claim that the Democrats. You know world war were rig in the election against him and the republic don't corrupt Republicans actually did rig the election against the Democrats next. Like they've been you know we can't go on and I about this but here here's the way I feel about this now that is the bottom line with me. Drop its president till the next election. What I'd. Tolerate it like I tolerated Obama three years. And because of the fact that you know frequently Nate and I told you before my mother and Tennessee. Her great grandfather would argue the confederate army your brother was killed by general Sherman's army at the battle of Atlanta. My mother's people are. Are the dependence of the people ought to the confederacy. Every weekend. Who fought and fought to keep African people enslave. Whatever they were fighting for however the that is my point. They're they have good fighters that never gonna change. Well I know how much you guys eight. People injured by them and wish they were bad but there's little deliberately set for you if you are a war without you're gonna alone. Okay we're gradually built right did you and that's. I don't know even know how to respond but let me get John and if we have time what would you tell me I'm John are you doing out there Rochester. Eighty I'm doing good eight insect I reserve like playoff ticket for the bill also playoff this year. You're feeling kind of good Iran and I think they did defense and they Kerry there are all very long way I don't know how. Even there office is going to be but their defense again secure him a long way. Yeah I know like the nice I like the quarterback situation really deal. And Ronnie decked in every single. John Muir beach are optimistic for. Well well look you are talking about collusion even though the real culture niceties. Israel from the Obama administration. Come on yeah. Do you want to come with just. What's the collusion or what's the crime what's the crimes. Please please what's decline. That Barack Obama on Iraq committee or conspire to help it get committee what's declined. Collusion by eight what did you tick you can't I don't know I don't know LC yeah you're doing the same thing. You first say that collusion is not a crime number one. Okay now so yeah so I'm asking you if they thought. If I ask you what's the crime. That Barack Obama colluded in getting committed you can't say he was colluding and that was decried what was decline. Ways to cry. I don't think grub I had been proved to us air. Colluded or. He just started out saying that brought Barack Obama you know is. And that the FBI. Justice Department CIA national intelligently usually the entities that what. Does it. I ask and ask the American citizens. Through our debt. Social let's take that as a fax so let's not let John let's let's just take one thing at a time let's let's take let's take it let's let's take yacht John John John John John John let's take this as a fact. It's a fact that America does everything in its power to keep up with and and and and I'll find out about. Any kinds of activities. Rock conspiracies. That anybody is effecting that would hurt the interest of the United States of America vastly. Poll excuse me let me just in the apartment in and there's no you definitely not that you're not even. As you're not listening. You've got a little little little Woodley just. We just can't just keep talking okay because this is this is a a talk show programs wearing my discussion so. What's the purpose of an intelligence department. You talk to other intelligence and partly inspired get to the list. I did ask this guy ask you want to say something else what is the purpose of the intelligence. Departments of the country. Met its match that does not sure you're making something that's not true purpose of the intelligence department is to gather information. Their job is to find stuff out they don't fight wars. They gather information. And so they want to know if they are people who were doing things that would hurt the interest of the United States are solely. Excuse me excuse me into the intelligence that. Intelligence department. Intelligence department intelligence department. Is authorized. Nor did our intelligence department. The talent since that time. Says that John that the thing is. You're just not gonna hear anything evident what you wanna hear you you're just gonna hear yourself right that that is why we do we don't get anything done. Because you just. It in to insist. On asserting things are absent factually not true and you just keep talking over and over and over people one and that's why we don't get. To the bottom line really grab market buffalo real quick and gives us marks. Are evil mountain. Hey you know. Don't be don't don't don't be double A Johns. Just just briefed on the that the. I just got to make a statement Spock who's the more you listen just to put you because. It is about to burst of drums or loses some of the different. You know as I listen to you I've gotten dumber or something like that that. The the don't know what would Tuesday it would though what battle would devote narrowed to they had. That. There camaraderie it's. On blacked out. I outlook the need you know you're just browser except a racist in the lighters in the White House. And you make Utah a mile round concert earlier this was Reagan sent. Reagan felt I was told by a lot than it was a crime but did my heart to. Alternate while ago and I don't know where he was sorry. David okay because that's how you felt. And he they're here well he lied and he genocide in the country. With what with American arms. But in about example also that was wrong but in his heart it was right and that that made everything all right. And that's it that's that's what's gonna happen here. I I love and appreciation of our thanks so they have totally real quick and we'll close out the hour. That would into what we're done. Sorry Charlie we we we we gotta we gotta roll siding get a chance to talk about. D'souza. What this movie the guy did his movies Jobe he's got a new document out now. Where he's claiming that Hitler was a liberal. He claims. I can't even get to all of the madness at this guy says it was Bosnia where Robert Slater was about grosses socialist principles and the Democrats have updated the cotton plantation. For modern times and he's getting love from the trump administration from I'm Donald Trump. I junior and so on this is the nonsense that is. Analysis has seized the people that are in control of our country the only way we can stop this. He's too used to power of our vote find people that I'm making sense and vote for them look forward to talking on next week here think again. Think I. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsor by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. It.