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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, June 16th

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Read and write here on ESPN fifteen point eight. You're listening to be crucial voice update your people's 50000 watt ESPN 1520. WW KB couple. Welcome to think again with film made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program call now 80315. To money that's 8031528. All right here we go think again think again welcome to our topic discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York. Still fighting the war on poverty now in our 53 year. Each week we talking about issues and events and trends affecting you right here and right now in Barcelona where some new York community and in fact. Connect you to communities all across the country. I'm your host Ellen they can hair presidency over community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESPN. 15:20 am on your job from 11 o'clock twelve noon each week. Now today's program is icing call and you can join our discussion of the two well. Our number here again is 8031520. That's 8031520. Of course. If you have some difficulty anytime we have a little weather sometimes there are some some problems with the frozen or. You may have to dial back in. If you're not able to give him on you don't 31520 you can call 80303218030323. Or 8030324. Again. If you can't get in on 8031520. Just called back. And now 80303218030323. Or into 30324. A little guitar. Initially about. What I'm gonna refer to as the terror track you are heard a parent trap. This is down on firms to our truck let's talk a little bit about that. No more take a look at the first quarter receipts. Our tax receipts. This is prior to the launch of the odds. Are trumped tax bill so called reform to our tax reform. Because that bill wasn't passed until December so it would it would only affect on the second quarter as to see you remember. For the federal fiscal year in the first quarter. Is actually October 1 of 2017. To December 31 of 2017. Because offense fiscal year is October warned. Are over year to September 30 and the following year. And so our troops and we're so he's helped me out as quickly as I get into interest. Just help me on this truck remove sanctions against Chinese operations GTE. Halting a threat. According to them to 75000. Chinese shops. Well okay great for the but trump is. Issuing sanctions. Against our our number one trading partner our most reliable ally in any conflict. Canada. Possibly helping. Stabilize. Employment 440000. American steel steelworker jobs. But at the same time threatening their jobs or six point five million. American production worker jobs gone up people who are working companies are bit use aluminum and steel to make your products. Not undertake. My beginning thoughts from an article written by Kelly Dimon. Cultural and stares the sequel this article appeared in global wealth magazine. In late march of this year. Taking a look at me I accomplished as an example of how the trump talked sheriff. Initiative. Plays out in the real world here's a company called the American can't company in May be your text. Located in Pennsylvania. They manufacture in the United States to employee US citizens to source all of their steel. In the United States. Day basically. Take a lower. Profit margin. In their pricing of their products so that they can compete with the German and Chinese. Our counterparts because your price point out is about twenty dollars lower per K. Then the American price points of the Americans. There's this American company has to lower its prices in order to compete with its primary competitors in Germany Germany and in China. It excuse me German and Chinese I can't makers found. Ways to cut their production to a combination of lower cost of labor and lower cost of resources. The American. Company on the American care company. Pays more for labor and pays more for now for. Four steal resources. Or blow. If the terrorist go I'll explain what I mean about America is and I haven't paid more for steel. It's a terrorist go according to plan the American companies should come out ahead but here's what actually happens. The terrorists punish American steel workers by giving the American auto industry. The opportunity to raise prices. While still undercutting. Foreign steel what do I mean. Let's just take a dollar as the price. Of Chicago Von. ST okay. Four for for beer whatever kegs are useful. If the price of that dollar. Also includes a twenty dollar difference between. American produced arcades and Chinese and German produced RK aegs. If you increase the price of the Chinese and Jerry produce case to. I dollar 25 because our dollar 25 because you and a 25%. Terror on the price that one dollar K. Did the American company is going to be able salad dollar twenty. And still be competitive. What actually is in his the American companies anticipating that the drug administration was going to effect these. These terror has already. Increased our prices. Amir can rolled steel. In some cases by as much as 35%. That 35%. Is then passed on. To the people who used to steal to produce whatever their products so American can company uses steeled and at a steel and foreigners. They did army manufactures steel themselves or mines steel themselves. Smell steal Harris steel gates. Made. Date they acquire roles and turned the royals rolled steel into. Okay and that's how they made their business so if the price of the steel goes up in the price that. American tech company past you on page in order to get the raw material. To make their case that price goes. And so that's that that problem has been traded in of course steer me anymore. People who were involved in this. Steel production or are up production activities in which steel and aluminum are used to make products here many more people. Who were involved on that and of the economy is there are people. As opposed to people who were actually involved in. Mining steel. Or mining iron two to produce deal. Let me just see if I can make this make. A little bit more sense according to the 2015. Senses. I'm data steel mills employed about 140000. Americans. And and and about 36 billion to the economy. In that year 2050. But steel consuming industries. Employing more than six point five million Americans and and one entering into the economy. In other words for every steel producing jobs in the country that might benefit from Trump's proposed tariffs. 46. Steel consuming jobs are put at risk. This is the what is going on here and just seem to understand now crass decisions. Right and just show you now how crass this news trump is appealing. To those states. That. Our steel producing states to a day mine iron in turn iron into you. Our steel into rolled steel. So those states like Ohio. West Virginia. Pennsylvania. A state like that. And trump. 2222. In in my view. To pander to them and get your votes in the votes or the citizens and families that are dependent upon. That piece of the economy. He is sacrificing. The peace in the economy where people are using steel to make other products. It is character are. I met refers to must pander in chief and and that is exactly the case why does he do it this way. Because. If you're the company that manufactures something that uses steel and you need to steal to manufacture your product. More than likely. What you do in relation to an an individual household. They may not feel household may not feel more than a one or 2% increase. In the cost. I'm buying goods. Better experiencing this increase in the cost of of rolled steel. Whereas the steel industry. They of course they get a larger share of the market in surrogate and. You know I was. 60% market aged 70% and marketed as a result of these stairs. They benefit immediately and they have increased their prices haven't increased profit margins mob guy at least the amount. Of the tariff increase that truckers and has placed upon. Foreign foreign sources. I'm steel. And so the net result is. Trump is picking winners and losers a small set of winners in critical states that vote for him. He is sacrificing the interest of the other forties six or 47 states in this country that are not going to benefit. Opt out from this this this chair initiative. He sacrificing their interest because he thinks they feel it last may well they will immediately feel it whereas the people that benefit from. On the I terrorist. Increasingly market cheer on American steel producers they will benefit. At least the companies will benefit. Immediately. And so we see this same situation taken place in housing according to a policy of a brief released by the trade partnership a Washington based op pro trade. Think tank trumps terrorists will wipe out about a 179000. Jobs. Including an estimated 20000 jobs in the construction industry mainly because the construction industries. Main piece of business is building on multiple story buildings that's where they have the highest efficiency of production. And cost but if you don't have. Affordable steal then you're not gonna be as inclined to build a multi story buildings. And if you're not doing multi story buildings you know meet as many workers. And so you laying off workers and that's why I'm here is a projection that we're gonna see significant erosion. In construction jobs as a consequence of the stare. Now realize that you know there people who were. Who who're gonna feel like oh no you know these foreign producers they've been Robin. You know America. And stealing. America's economy and solemn. I get all of what people are saying I would hope that people would make some attempt to actually researched the issue you'll find is that. On NAFTA is not a reason for optional. The lower wages and other countries and the changes in the tax law effected by. Effected by Republican administrations like to investment tax credit the route for his first year cost recovery he Americans. Rock costs our Recovery Act acres act. And so on. Those are the reasons why companies were able to afford. They became more liquid as a result of these tax hikes and use that liquidity. To be able to to finance moving your company's overseas. Where they can produce the same kinds of goods they were producing an American to produce. In other countries at a much much lower. Labor costs and here for a much higher profitability. To transfer our jobs to other countries and its Alastair products and from those countries back to the United States. And we're supposed to buy those. Products with fewer people working that's really what the issues and it was hard for people understand that it sounds real sexy awaiting trial. You know says it sounds very simple but it's not that simple. And and we need to get our arms are around let's take a quick look at. What's going on in taxes. What we found we look at the first quarter. Of of of taxes. What. Just in terms of income taxes. Excuse me the average worker in the United States has seen about a 131. I'd dollars per month in increase. Take home pay. As a result of the tax act it took effect January 1 of this year so I'm sure that a lot of people are gonna feel. I'm very good about that and I have no problem with that people feeling good about it here's Lebanese people understand. The consequence of that is and we get to this time next year. We'll be recognizing. How much less revenue has come into the federal government. Because last revenue comes into the federal government you're not going to be able to afford to do things that the federal government exists to do. Like inspecting your food supplies. Inspecting. Our water supplies inspecting the world inspecting bridges making sure the infrastructure. Is intact and is not falling apart. Ensuring that there is a medical support for people across the country. Insuring. That Social Security. Remains intact home and I'm menagerie of things that are funded. I'm not a federal government as that money that goes into the federal government is is reduced. You're gonna see a great deal. Controversy. Late this year and early next year. Over expenditures. Even though the problem with the expenditures was created by this government. So I'm so I've gotten a bit but not too long and try and explain these nuggets and the rest of the stuff as a go along in the program but let Lou Graham tell me first of programmer and orange and you guys hang on most talked as a second let me get Tony first Tony are you doing out there and Clarence. I'm mad as all of you just can't get. That aren't so they just they call and ask conferences which are betting that. And I mean I didn't say net by an inch. I would. Who worry that we are. Well I don't doubt that Christian will be here especially. Since NBC. That they act like it today. Moody's. They are able he went out. In the relationship we really pretty European Union and this cannot attend. It. At least turn into his standings or deny the. I can get as he and Obama are quick punch. Court the right here and that they are quietly up. So it is our it department and trying really look at. My ability. Obama in the treaty. That's president's debt. And is back. This Singapore and negotiate. A cup I'll tell you he has I think. That. We're being. And that's dangerous going into. He said he was he he said he had been comparing his entire life. You know for the cy. Probably app ever since she was a little child. And and I don't like Israel laying this key out and the app. I was able is that they at least court. He's as they beat the same guy that I don't know well that's and that somebody is a guy is yeah you'll. That's something bad about this other anyone at the top. Big insurance or that child. Or I don't. Call. This that he he had said that despite academic issue. He directs attention probably one thing. So I love it goes on that's. Barring an ambitious step back but he he demanded that. How can any precedent to how big Justice Department what they do. We haven't made brighter and rely on history aren't they shouldn't want that. Separated themselves from the Justice Department. Are they Affordable Care Act is bringing why this Justice Department. You what you encouraging states that Alan people mention. I'll bring it or they. It ended doing that but that the macro issue is it lists Justice Department is responsible foreign born in forcing. What ever laws are on the books they don't decide whether they lied to the laws and I. Even if they disagree with the law. If it's on the books and the ever responsible for enforcing and it's somebody else's job. To go to court to challenge. The existence of a law and yet that's not what's going on Jeff Sessions basically took the position that there was no reasonable argument. Not to support to continue the affordable. Care and veer four he was not going to. Enforced that law and is actually siding with people trying to undermine. And what is even more important is up 400000. People. At least our coverage under this guy that. 400000. And that yourself and I think. Like I said he did magician is. Well not being up there annual target underground into something else and you look I angrily broke. Why not about it it's still light. I don't think. I'm glad that he got Stephanie didn't read. A lot of LA than Clinton as I bet they are caught in a lab they are out there aren't what we're not going to leak being. It spent 2001. And to be George Bush. The site that the second George Bush. It Dhabi. And that credit Greg Hartley a month later. We just had to air waves crashed into two buildings in New York City. And when tried to fly once hit hit the Pentagon. And other it was time to fly into the capital and got up and down Matta passengers. It looked at bowling me. Look at it and Margaret I can't seventy. Doctor I want. To brush cleaning out his car I'm glad that I worry that about the sort out how. ET at an. Imminent. Lingering illness and going in the story. And that I recruited coming up and Uday. That's how they eat. Or eating record your key. The Canadian terror here war. He can relate. Our best. And he does learning that getting industry. That he was acting and it's quite put it. On purpose. And their parents really weren't that adjustment center are going on what this man. I believe these mentally. What police call and love what he's fallen in love and Vladimir Putin. All right I. Got it I bet it actually that truck pull bullets and acting and probably until they are. Like he did slightly less so than you remember. Exactly exactly. He only he only. Noble acknowledged as muscular power broker streak and he. Now that you point out where you can't let primary and Iowa. Usually. Your rights to. Am I your blood products and all of the studying at terrorists going to be. Oh the Irish girl too late. To stop. Yeah we're talk about them a little bit Tony got. I wrote I am yeah I'm nymex Franken thanks Tony. And I appreciated. Let's take our first break in and we're gonna get ramble on their mortgage area where senator he'll stick with us. 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The. Sometimes people put a pool all day every day that's that's what they do who. I just real quickly before program are Rambo Jim I just wanna hit you with. Something on the first full quarter. Four finance laws that was governed by Donald from budget. Was to quarter to begin October 1 of 2017. To December 31 of 2017 that was the first quarter. Of the current federal fiscal year. And interestingly enough the deficit for that quarter was 228. Billion dollars. On pace to and I met in twelve billion dollar deficit. Four I'm this year probably going to be worse than that wants to effects of this tax bill. On goes through. I want you were called at the last quarter of the Obama administration. We had a deficit that was less than 500 million already. The trouble administration is almost twice the deficit on the last year of the Obama administration. Yet you're hearing nothing in the press about it nobody's he's hammering away on this issue which was an every day troll. Under. About repressed under the Obama administration. A recruit Republican deficits I guess our deficits. It's just you didn't give as much money. As you thought you'd get from that computer was not really deficit so let me grab ramble Jim real quick and grandma got to excuse. A are our quick question not just about the fact Adam and Kanye potential didn't ammonia on Trump's name. Because mountain you don't have in my wife's name wasn't on me and I called her Melanie could be close enough ahead to 21. Syllables you know nailed down. But. Just focusing on. I'm sorry. The I. Right on the issue of the self part. I'd like to get your thoughts Jim about what you feel about the idea self pardons would it be would've been right. For Bill Clinton for example to a pardon himself or four. President com. Richard Nixon to have pardoned himself does does that make sense to you. Well its involvement and there's only want to drop. You can't compare all the president does this guy he's been equipped by himself right. What does that have to do with the legal authority to pardon yourself from opera now what are. He has said that he has the right to do that he said he hasn't done yet. Claiming that he's innocent. Therefore he doesn't have to pardon himself police pardoning a whole bunch of other people that were guilty. And opt people guilty of doing the very same things at trump is being investigated for right now. My point is that he's saying out of his mouth not me saying it's not my analysis. I'm just repeating to you what he said he says that he has the right. Any to pardon himself and beat. He says. That he is the one who rules over the Justice Department and the Justice Department exists to do what he says. Not to act as its own independent. Our agency. Every Justice Department since the 1960s. Has been an independent entity even though it's appointed by the president. It has been an independent entity in order to ensure you would not have conflict of interest and you have. Fair and equal. The administration of the law. But they elect these apple I can that you Nate and I ever write to manufactured chocolate ice cream whipped out alight. There aren't really know if you until I actually manufacturer the chart that I. Lesser light. There's no Google issued to do actually know there's no we should act. In which there's really no issue but I wanted to adopt. They sent we don't have media and might impede the newspaper wherever and so what sparked talk invoke residents slept. It is expected to be a buck up oh quite. That meant that it caught the body are locked in Gary. They've been hey we've kept people at. I wonder I was told me yesterday Italy said ordained kill themselves. But he was hard court for the Icrc president to drop it in people's heads of state but you're at that outrageous things. Think it's it's wherever the circle K and your OL and any lip and it's here. So so as far as you're concerned that's that's governing. Just because I was talking crazy this off the top of his head that's governing. The fact that we have a trading partner who has been our best. Friend of all even a better friend in England. Canada has been a better friend to the United States and England has. Canada's economy. Is intimately tied to international trying to thirty million person country of those huge. Land mass is only thirty million people it is only thirty million people in that country they live off of tree and any. Lying about the trade relation between the United States and Canada. Of our imports and exports between the two countries. And beat attacking. A fundamental part of Canada's economy. On the basis of a plan a plethora of long lines. But that's not the way you treat your friends. And why would you want a president who doesn't care about maintaining relationships with the people who are the best friends that the country is ever. Why would you think that that's okay. Because they think they've been that guy. He got the world ought built in nobody's gonna boy thought I'd give any apple talk all the bright spot the ball movement but bad. Two Russian bombers decidedly pro apart defenses. They've got about. A milder stolen by Paris based. And there were America united states air force planes take credible way he talked night. I'd like Bolton. I haven't quite pulled into the White House dot. Jim you do this all the time I ask your question about one thing. And then you go off on this this tangent about something that's on related. I'm talking about the fact. That this president. Is mounting. One initiative after another. That attacks Americans. And attacks America's best friends. And supports. People who are America's may keep enemies or why are we trying to invite. Vladimir Putin in Russia into the G-8. Our conference that we kicked him out of because of the air rogue behavior what are we doing that. At the same time were punishing. Are people in Europe who are trade partners with the United States and a bit actually partners for decades for centuries. Why are we attacking our friends. And kissing and hugging our enemies what is column. And remember what. What the godfather that all your friends close but your enemy. That has nothing to do with what they're talking about that's nothing to do what we're talking about. Oh if he knows exactly what he's doing it which I think he does you should be very concerned about that because what he's doing is inimical to the interest of the United States. To our people. He would like I told him when he said the Canadians Bergamo wideout he no when he that it he would that you guys all Turks don't. Don't know he knew he knew that he was so dumb he didn't know that there was no Canada. To burn down the United States. The good the the war he's talking about was a war between the United States and England. Where it was British sources were based in Canada who attacked. On the white and in fact the ones who attacked. On the White House we're not even based in Canada they were basically. I'm naval forces you know that that that came nearby boat. So this is just a dumb man saying dumb things. But he's pandering to people who were willing to accept dumb stuff being said by him because of police to the are made of this. You know supremacist. Our orientation that's what this is all about Jim I gotta run I gotta I gotta get our Gerri I'm gonna wanna give John on from off from lot four but please come back. I would regret Jerry West Seneca brokerage Jerry are you doing out there. And it inability goodnight till it. Guy Albert didn't sound too ugly when I do it but other leaders on every when I was speaking just test them just you know we're. It just say estimated at some point truth has to mean something we can't just keep saying stuff. Off the wall truth has to mean something in order for us to have a civilized conversation. Right yeah yeah rentals right about wanting Croat request financial. Yeah you know or are we were talking about trade. People don't realize that we need trade because we. We. Strict all the pressure low that we need from our country that caused the New York we will be in peak completely destroy your environment that we did so. Different or are there reasons that we meet. Trade and Donald Trump has always sent or agree or one of the things that think they're a little boost. Requirement. For the president for a only one here is change it truly a ground war go. On EU. Requirement shall there. Exposing your waters terror wildlife and all of our goal and we'll see. He Egypt. If you hear the it was good good out here. Appear ears national park would get there. It'd probably get by and large tanker requirement in warm and art history and he truly. Acres of federal late and then he he just open it up production of coal oil there and Hillary. And protected and President Clinton President Obama has a lot to protect this area it was just yeah. Wouldn't know it is you usually go well and he's going to narration he let it go and drill in and and he he is willing. I mean this is done I I do I it'll be it. His on his reasoning is so crazy the reason why he's attacking bear ears. Is because he thinks there may be valuable oil or other resources under the ground here. And he feels that the size of the park. Worst was too busy season and reduced the size of the park that's protected. By about 85%. And only be 50% at a park that's left. But not. He's not a war and job mentally enough to understand. That what makes to park. What it is is not just that particular. Native American artifacts in May be in a particular place in the park. It's the entire ecology of the park that makes it what it is that's supports all of the wildlife is still exist you know on the par. This supports the war. Supports the fish and fishing you know and so it's all of that goes together. And he doesn't grasp any of that he only sees this superficial. He never sees substance because he's on red on willing to read. Individual who should not be in a leadership position of any time. Hi all he cares about. I'm telling you everything that he doesn't. Yeah I nodded you know nine out of twelve members of the national parks system board is that they already resigned because CJ can't get any work. But I mean. I got a whole list this stuff that this guy is go to player than it does it I can only if I did talk although it immediately. You know what physical element in an Arctic national wildlife so it EG Asia's. Destroy everything I'm afraid they might trip startlingly greatly. From crazy like Dick he doesn't have. I'm certain if he thought he can get away would you do that stops him from drilling in the Great Lakes. Is that Canada will probably go to war with the United States or. Canada has fought tooth and nail. To protect the Great Lakes from the air satellite and they argued a position that whatever you do on the American side. Affects us on the Canadian side and so that's when you're gonna get. You know most of the push back fortunately for us states like New York State. And Michigan have been joining Canada in fighting for the Great Lakes basin hopefully that continues. It's the bottom line that said this before many times quote as patient is or. I all the interest trend because lecture they did it quality shall there in America. It's so that working people though it was if you want to be like king. My old willing to destroy the torture if it forward for profit or he did get. More industry trend to get get more because everything is go Italy extra day is. Oh. Yeah it's. Tier I gotta run I gotta you warmer Colin forge into doing. Okay we'll take a break first are you ever do little more little more time on his third segment CO stick with us. Ron and John Lewis in and I think as I see a broken line I don't know what that means. OK if we're receivers out of the break here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resource is you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn a lot of home improvement programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. Trustee by the community exit organization. Of Erie county. Derby and preakness winner justify races for Triple Crown glory on Saturday June 9 advance wagering on Friday June 8. Just western OTB dot com for the location nearest you port. Watched the Belmont into the TV downs Belmont party in the clubhouse with a birdie fest in the past group. While here discover why Batavia downs gaming and hotel as the area's premier entertainment destination located just talk through waves of 48 Batavia. Two of the biggest pop stars today together on one stage twenty. Best new artist Alessio Colorado. Most recent two female artist of 2018 British sensation due relief well. Nice June 21 can now side we're keys this summer hello tickets back tees 985 died come. All day every day peace is Buffalo's home for ESPN radio. 50000. YSP. I've done. Although I gotta tell you it the United States I don't think there's a welcoming back at the door for. For a lot of people that try to get to demonstrate. Just a question of him maybe see if I gave. Ron to respond to this may be John and lock for commute can respond this. Question. Which is. If a person comes to United States comes to a port of entry. Have they have whatever papers dear country allows a person to have the on the run from gangs or political you know persecution. How does that make them and illegal undocumented aliens. In the United States I thought that our borders allow people to come and apply for asylum they came to a reporter. A port of entry. So Donald shows people are arresting people Jeff Sessions is arresting people did come to the port of entry and takes their children away from them. Aren't so let me correct our isn't John person Laporte. Yeah regret John first in order Graham and John are you doing out there. And it's a you know you're attacking about the media. Just doesn't failing to enforce laws that they're. Sworn to enforce it definitely get. Three caddies involved and Erie county do the same thing that sheriff refuses to enforce the state says that he doesn't like it. Mickey Kearns before refuses to. Issue licenses to. Illegal aliens sure or order at altitude legally. Undocumented people worry column. Demented people right. And have my eye look at I don't know what he I don't know what he says but he Altria war. And I picked pictures newspaper when they are all refusing that. To do what they were sworn to do. I just don't understand how people can do that if you if you sort of debate and if you weren't doorknob despite debt. He supposed to to and force a lot. I know you know this began I forgot the ladies name I think she was in Tennessee she was a a person that was I think she was a city clerk in in in a town. And she refused to issue marriage licenses. To same sex couples couples even though in her state. The Supreme Court in her state said that it was legal for. You two are married same sex people. And so must they say that was that the case you were then responsible when you're required by law as long as people provide whatever idea and on payment was a car from the mayor's license you're required to tee initiative that parents are that the marriage license she refused to do so. And she got a lot of support in our around this country for doing something that is a lawless and illegal. She ultimately lost her her seat was an elected our siege ultimately lost her seat. But the idea nation of doing that has been given a four a footing in the United States sit there other people doing the same thing. This can't only cost chaos in this country if you have. The people that are responsible for implementing. The institutions of the government who refused to do what he's stooges of the government are created to do how can you possibly have any kind of order. Any kind of our control are and direction in the society that you have it. In any street guys just keep getting reelected I mean that they don't suffer any. Right that's the reason why these candidates. It was now it's finally happening. There. Cup is going after preexisting conditions he's gonna try to two bring them back. I just courtesy of the day we'll be done it yet but. He. Tagamet debt and you know in in reality. The only way to reduce. Costs for health care is to eliminate he has the most serious cases. As you can eliminate the most serious cases you can bring that the costs so that helped your dad I think at least trying to do. Right but it doesn't bring the cost of healthcare down it in May bring the cost of individual insurance. On it but at the cost is stillborn everybody. I think I think that's what he's trying to do I think he's trying to say hey I reduced. Individual insurance. Rent prices. But it courses they yet. The F people would think it was extreme conditions are thrown on. The tiger. Our of our analysts right this is like the death panels you know these are the he. He just picks you know who he wants to die and appear in the population groups that he doesn't like you just go ahead and die. If you're a population groups he tees for. Emergency bring it back again now we have got to be extremely unpopular to the American public. Health beat. How did you guys think hey you know I'm one I'm one in excess away from being on that list of a preexisting conditions. This is likely to be a critical issue this year. I think he I don't know if you recall you know during the first year of the trauma administration when he was campaigning to deliver on his campaign promise to destroy. The Affordable Care Act you saw these people coming to these town hall meetings trying to explain that this man and afterward not for the Affordable Care Act. That one around thinking about she said she'd be dead. She had her husband sit next or in a wheelchair. She pointed to him and said he'd be dead if it wasn't for the Affordable Care Act soon Carl obamacare recurrence you know she's of from a community of people that. You don't want it makes it. You know way to make it work. Just to to keep people but drug perhaps very. Should insurance prices down. To enforce the the really eliminated which was to make every. Mandatory. The only way. To do it it's it's you know it eat you do that you didn't do one way or the other and he's doing it he's gonna bring that the price of health insurance bound. By eliminating up I think Beck preexisting conditions. And of course always good doers is gonna include just continued as you've seen increased the price of health insurance and just to not ensure a lot more people that otherwise wouldn't picture. We go out of people without insurance so. Got to run our thanks and appreciate you John. Let's bring ironic Cheektowaga and them would give other John from buffalo Ron are you doing. All right yeah. What was my yankees win 32. Or what did you. And got a lot I still love and I didn't think it was going to be as good as it turned out to be. They need pitching but anyway. But. Don't think so distraught supporters. As his behavior maybe everywhere desire their their top political logic forward because some more. More and more it almost laughable I mean if I swear some relate Rambo. If if trumpet over murdered his family is also be very clear that he blamed for equitably Obama really would or somebody anyway as that but. He blames Obama for everything I know. How much did this Obama that the Obama violated the rule of placing your lateral Bob was violating liberal law that irony that the games. While much has pervaded she's been invited there is an Islamic conspirator also put. But apparently troubled combative trump insists he can do no relegated to Laura. OK he had that what they're doing it is what areas populated areas as I don't these other talking about. They're simply. A law allowing these Texas and other states with Republican radical right wingers. To go to the court and now they they can't complain about the individual mandate now because that was already ruled that they've already got rid of it anyway. But no they're going after preexisting conditions this is just another and I I want you to do things they never answer the question replica of data Rochester. Trump said he would that he could come up with a health care system that would cover everybody. And would not be cheaper. And it would replace the a pilot program. Okay and he said one thing he would absolutely not due east at this point one X seventeen during the debate but it would not. Would veto a bill that did not include pre existing at that so what are they doing now. And essentially siding with Texas and Louisiana and Arizona all the states. That's doing that wants to get rid of the pre existing text not their broken promise by truck. That he made both the during the campaign avalanche here. Just like he said he wouldn't social security and Medicare Medicaid and he's trying to propose massive cuts and all of them at one under them the elevator the trumps supporters of leveled German references and ordered to defend that. Want to go to Johns on the lines and let him don't know if. And all they've broken promises he can do Lopez stopped and he's not gonna hurt anybody and pre existing conditions well okay no one other thing here. If that political season and it seems to happen in the second year of what Republicans control things. It made itself heard of Reagan eighty and not oh to a 24. OW. And now here Social Security is going bankrupt. It would got to make mass of cuts it's horrible terrible problem if he lives throughout the blob blob blob luck same type of thing we've been hearing since release and off since 1938. Now they're talking about you know. It's critical bankrupt clear earlier that again nobody does that they. Assuming the actual little soft but they say is correct I believe it will start losing money. By 2034. And still wouldn't actually run out of money shall late night to elect when he 41 is Eva. That they ever give a reason for this which of course it's Friedman made economics. You suppressed wages. Haven't come up where it was built inflation also security was built on the idea. That wage earners would be getting fairway it will wouldn't have this race so the bottom. Of course we Karachi you put a cap on the wages that you. And up and do that that the fike attacks on. If you just put that fact attacks on all wages period and add in interest and dividend earnings. I guarantee you you would not only be opt out of a potential. Shortfall. US surpluses you know when you're not going out centuries. Well even more than that almost 25 dollar and our job to replace by the ten dollar an hour jobs. People even if you kept the details but 99000 now we can't pay anymore it'll it that you would still have a much more money coming but this is a direct result of trickle down economics. Killing bell and it sold its soul and air pollution and alt well we just gotta cut. We don't we can't that we all accept the article of faith that the top 1% dedicate massive tax cut. So we can do the job producers. Why the government any programs for middle class and poor people and it would put does that scare you thought about that as he seemed to be rising in the polls over the at the end and I think the Democrats are making a mistake. I concentrating on trumped the personality. They're not. Bringing out these issues about in the in this campaign Iraqi. Perry and talk about stormy Daniels were talking about trouble lies so that's true but that's not the meat and potatoes issues. That people are going to I have to do. If I feel like because they got a locker set an average of 131 dollars. A month in the air take home pay. That reason a lot of people felt something they got something in their pockets getting their dollars in your pocket every week. Is extra money is tangible you can see why are. Well of course old all of that's already ate up by the fact that this step in an era when it is increased the Pro Bowl player the bike 50% it'll every year. Premature for oil. Stocks are going through them for oh I eat the price of oil is going not full there you're there for thirty bucks a week ago I mean I've. I borrowed the city you don't see that big BC yeah slipped thirty bucks. Figure a way to blame general Ratko structure where Obama could the united gallant little bubble liftoff as well as about 306. 30 sixes he means so where you might get it for two 222 dollars and 96. Yeah way up top by what 91213%. What do already brusque about it. So I mean that the yeah I know and and justice justice forensic I cannot believe that people don't seem that. Yeah brought round I got around I gotta get short we're a tumor cause in this just break thanks Ron. Let me grab other John emotional first and program John and Rochester of the John are you doing. Pretty well actually that. A couple of quick artists deserve a counselor you're picking up in Kentucky here and it was campaign. Kentucky and a close Tennessee was close look at that. Jim Davis as the day. That and and the low of ignorance displayed by right wing nut job is truly staggering. Ma the Russians. Constantly pro US. Air defenses and Adam have been doing so for fifty years. And the airport goes up in Chase's chase them away. Routinely. Edit the. There's not a Donald Trump thing that's been always have to rocked the. It is absolutely. What what was that the interest was the fact that the indictments. That bowler hat or archived as the additional instrument or. Asked two to look. Okay and their two day ritual or keep track of how we think the lender wouldn't you argue access. And working with metaphorical. Running Trump's campaign that is the that is political right there in that sense is static. Colluded becomes conspiracy. And also Dominic Souter. Is another Great Britain. I was losing his situation. He is one of the people it says I don't come we don't know but wasn't that is what hurt a decade. Dirty player but that he you have to read up. About this guy he was working with Michael Collins. At some important at all facilitator is something for the things that Michael Cohen was doing. Well yeah he had an office in trump tower it's what. What the trump organizational would have liked that. But I think we're still a little is going to be able to do is society metaphor up into a nice little ball. And at that point that a formal look. He doesn't flip he's going to be a seventy year old man going to jail. Oh. It's it's a life sentence or no question about. I think I think he woke up and I think that that's the right side seeing and anywhere like to censor this week. All right thanks John great great information let's grab him. Yeah let's grab John and Roger as a real quick Ron I mean Jonathan how are you doing out there. They NATO doing doing great great. But you know like I got a two day. The trumpet administration and I got a chart there rambled you have. Bob trumpet letter came but he also wary of slack that a lot of this programs they have been very successful. Including that tax cut bill. It is the policy and immigration and on this side deregulating. EG they to a certain that several number 92%. Of the United States. It's undeveloped. We have unbelievable. And matches unbelievable resource discs trumpet is only CNET. They end. They were on our way don't they so desire by. It's a moderate on our raids is just too good I'll BP oil spill in the gulf. Mexico where were on our arena back kind of way because that's what's really going on. And then turning well remedied right now may actually end up. It has not been John John please I noted that's what they say on Fox News and so on. Dennis patently silent and that is not true that is not sure I will go on pooled their resources for you. There are pools of oil all over the. The low. This. A sea level floor. Where where was trapped has not been moved there are still animals that are being caught up in in in the oil. They are so many places along the coast that app on livable. Well now and wildlife. What you're saying is tired of it but. That's not any information that's not true that I would ask everybody don't don't take my word for it. Just go on line. I like and down to the acting and you're like been down to Alabama I've been down to lump. With a West Coast of Florida. So these and there are giving you reports and I assure you that so you have it's been remedied the natural environment. Right now. I'm saying people go on go online. And ask about the ecological. Damage that still exist in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you know to. What happened actually it'll swing out sites outline why is supposedly left you go online these type is that that search queries. Then. Emphasizing her Garnett I have done that. Look I'm really do. I'm gonna do it again for you John and really give it to you next week number actually give you champion first where you go to get the information. He says there is apparently not sure. But NATO don't give it to me please. Let. I. Mean we're not gonna. Just say stuff that's dead is into that that is easily a controversy so what I'm gonna give you that information to everybody okay. I appreciate you John I look forward talking you I'm next week as well. So you know there're ups are other things that we needed. To go through we won't be able to get to all these things right now it is important that we understand. That everything that we say. Has to be supported by actual facts massively trying to do on this program. I appreciate all of what you guys do I think thank. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsor by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again.