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Saturday, June 16th

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Welcome to think again would tell me that there are sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that they don't 31528. Here we go think again I think again. Welcome to our topic discussion program sponsored by excuse me the community action organization Western New York. Still fighting the war on poverty now in our 53 year. Each week we took we talked to about issues and events and trends. Affecting you right here and right now in buffalo and western new York community and in fact are connected to communities all across the country. I'm your host on the failure presidency over community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESPN. 15:20 AM when you're down from 11 o'clock to twelve million each week. Yesterday's program is launching Colin you can join our discussion that you will. Our number here again is 80315. Torn then it's 8031520. If you have difficulty getting hit it. You can always call 8030321. 8030323. Or 80303. To force our main number again if they don't 31520. K deployment on that line. Call you know and 303218030323. Or eight or three. 0324. Benelux talk about. And we just got an hour work hard so. Let's get to a. I'm so so many things talk about a merger China. Focus us around for our basic things progressed accepting and I just came across in the course of of this morning. In just a thought process for us regarding the I'll trump administrations. On now on again on terror and are in position. On on aluminum and steel imports from Canada. Talk Canada. I would blow I think I believe on May be wrong but I believe. That Canada is the United States most trusted. Our defense park. In the world. And so. Not any form. And in Canada is not any form of security risk to the United States. Canada hands or at least is is. Being reported by the drop administration to have this significant. Trade deficit. I with the United States. However when I did some research on this the US archery office. They indicate that if you count. Goods that pass through Canada. But come from other countries. Says Canadians get the you know whatever the transfer fees are for something and he's on voted unanimously to me as it assists and ruled in Canada and assists in Canada. It's United States there actually exports from another. Or imports were ever to the United States from another country. That gets counted as if it's important. I'm from the United States. By the US trade office that's what gives the impression that there's a fourteen plus billion dollar trade deficit between the United States and Canada. But the reality is you can't double count the imports if something is said. To Canada from Germany. It goes it's intended for the United States but he goes to camp in the first inning goes from some transfer point in Canada and abroad into the United States. Canada is basically like the railroad slightly trying you know it brings the goods but it's not the source of the cards so. He you know this is how you know the audio we say you know. Figures count numbers and numbers figure. Themselves. I'm simply saying that there is no significant trade deficit if you don't count. Those transfer. Art imports a couple of other countries that passed through United States in the United States actually has a surplus. Trade balance of over two trillion dollar or two billion dollars. With Canada. I think if that's important because the drop administration is constantly promoting. I don't wanna call this guy. But it is clearly a deceptive were deceiving. A solution. That. Beer or is this significant problem between the United States and Canada in terms of the balance of trade. That just not is is not the reality. Let me get on to something else. This someone a title it's got just incompetence. It's just staying. You all heard the report hopefully you heard the reports I'm brown. The reality that nearly. I'm 4600 may be more. Are people died in Puerto Rico between the hurricane that happened September 20 of 2017. And today. What stat that October November December January February march. April and may so in his eight month period. We're talking about something in the area of 46. Hundred. I'm Puerto Ricans die and we don't know how many people were injured. As a result of that hurricane. And yet the trumpet administration wasn't bragging. About the incorrect words he's an original administration's word this is Donald Trump's words himself. On that it was incredible great job. That he asserts. That the trumpet administration did in handling. The consequences of that hurricane. In my view the trophy administration completely boxed out their government response to the disaster similar to. I'm Michael Brown the former Bush Administration FEMA director. Trump was busy playing golf in two. Repair record and short was too busy playing golf and tweeting angrily. Not at the NFL. So so much so that he ignored the crisis for nearly a week. It was only after he was getting a lot of negative press. From the media. He began to react in any significant way and all and then his reaction was more trying to massage now people understood what what he was doing. As opposed actually doing something. I wanna give into that do that or seen of him. Holding. A meeting with FEMA officials and some people in the public. In throwing rolls of paper towels at people people are being hurt him with the hurricane it's killing several hundred skews the several thousand. Puerto Ricans and he's throwing them paper towel so we're supposed to do just. Why two. The water stacks that tiger is gonna respond or how he did responds. Much of the situation trumpet. Was essentially bragging. Even though we could see with our own eyes the devastation that was caused by this hurricane. Try it was intentional himself and not just his administration. By himself he was bragging about such a great job. That. That that that have been done and actually attacked. I'm the Puerto Ricans. Asserting that. They weren't taking enough responsibility. Four responding to the crisis themselves. This is a place that was completely devastated I'm not obvious that this hurricane mayor. Mayor you lose common human crews. I'll buy San Juan Puerto Rico did her best not to tell the real story. I on the Puerto Rican crisis is not Donald firms Katrina. Because the Katrina disaster was only about 17. What to disaster was that was caused. Pot in Puerto Rico in terms of his failure to respond. I'm Katrina. Excuse me on the truck. Maria hurricane disaster was seventy times as bad. As what took place. In. Louisiana. What trump demonstrated was not leadership. I when he demonstrator was not making America great again. Teens. Or trump in the Republican. He's a Republican allies. Always attacked President Obama and the Democrats for policies. That they claimed pick winners and losers. Yet this is exactly what to trump. Administration has done and does all of the time. In terms of terrorists in terms of taxes in terms of disaster response. In terms of health care and so on. They're always picking winners and losers along as the winners are the people that trumps administration likes it's fine. If it's winners who are people that today and it did that the democratic administration likes. Then it's a terrible. I'm policy because just picking winners and losers. A fish it's Tuesday that if the analysis that we are seeing is correct it's it means that for every hurricane related death. That is currently on the books there are at least seventy other fatalities. That have gone on. On county new study adds to the growing consensus. That the deaths have been undercounted. And not a moment too soon according to Carmen you have a cruise Amir Puerto Rico's. San Juan. She said it took too long to understand the need for an appropriate response. And that and that the response didn't need not be about politics but it needed to be about saving. Our lives and that these deaths and the negligence that contributed to ban cannot be forgotten. Instead of solving the catastrophic problem that was in front of them to children administration tried to fake. A successful emergency management effort. And Republican Party and its sympathizers on the island tried to gain trump administration assistance by placating. Donald charm. So let me just move from there. To another. Point. At this point penalty and like a couple of minutes birds of a feather flock together. I wanna speak in about this situation which trump and Rosie and Barbara wanna put this in a larger context. Not trump has built his administration run on base of people. Who believe that they are the real Americans and anyone who does not meld into the idea of what an American. I'm an American. It is and other unworthy of their rights and privileges according to according to American citizens. Roseanne Barr cast herself as a somewhat more modern. Female version of Archie Bunker when she came on the scene of that portion of the American population are deeply resented the fear the very idea. I'm an African American president let alone progressive. Or anyone. Felt legitimized by the election of someone who openly pandered to those American nationalist beliefs and sentiments and you see them littered throughout. The trumpet administration to people that he is tired. Cheered me on any hole. I've been Donald structural was America's response of the twice elected Barack Obama. This is what is meant by the assertion I want my country back. Charm tries to make in just you know PP the the issue arose because Roseanne Barr made this assertion. That the Muslim Brotherhood. And planet of the apes had a baby are. Equally. Valerie Jarrett now why would she would even bring Valerie jurors may opt. Win Ballinger was not in. Headlines it was nothing that was going on around her. Roseanne Barr for whatever reason had somber intersect about Valerie Jarrett and shoes and chose to express it this way. Trump tries to make an equivalence of a very personal racist. Unprovoked statement. Concerning Valerie Jarrett Lee about Roseanne Barr would be clearly political statements made on the hosts of the view television program. I am ESPN's sports host Janelle hail and Keith Olbermann. Charm tries to make himself the victim because the ABC executive about Igor who fired Roseanne Barr. I'd or fire were Roseanne Barr after apologizing to Valerie Jarrett. Rock claiming that rob I gore or was trump an apology for the political commentary. Of these other on the air personalities. Janelle hail on the view broadcast. Called the president and anyone associated with in the white supremacist. Fancy clearly political statement. Joy Behar called christianity a mental illness. Was christianity offended. And then. Why would you apologize to Donald strong because the statement that was made about. Somebody's assessment of christianity what is what is truly deserve an apology for that. I would I would say that the assertion made by Kathy Griffin. I'm of the view one on a profane kind of ran against the president and showed a photo of herself holding president France decapitated head. That does deserve an apology and as very personal. I saw him on awarded kind of a thing for someone to say. And so on but it's it's not as it bars behavior wasn't one Rosenblatt a Twitter feed in 2013. She made the statement. Or excuse me she made the statement it's about Susan Susan Rice. Bet she's a man with a big part with big swinging eight balls so this is. A continuing pattern with Al Rosen and it's not like a one is actually created audience and it sympathizes with. Pop pop did beat the audience that sympathizes with war. Sympathizes with Roseanne Barr is identical with the audience that you are most seeks to appeal to. Not that anybody who likes charm. Ease someone who's like Roseanne Barr but the people who were like rules and seem to all like Donald truck that's the issue. I wanna get to our callers on. Visit to break first okay. All right we're gonna do is take our first break telling hang on so we give you some time with senior senator break. Here is think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value. Do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sale home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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By calling the addiction rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery there advisors are ready to match you with a proven five star treatment center and we'll help you and your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all don't waste any more time with drugs or alcohol your future is still a bright place let the addiction rehab specialist help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late this call is completely confidential and if you have private insurance they'll be little or no cost steel even if you've already been into treatment give us a call there's no need to lead drugs and alcohol ruin your life take the first step now called the addiction rehab specialist at 1804177740. That's 18041777401804177740. Ol' days every day. Just a little bit suspect there are Lou Graham Charlie real quick and get his thoughts and we get ourselves Gordon on the air you tell me how you doing. Glaring. Who raring to go. But I want to point out to help haters governor Deval. And he is the only person that has been champion. I have I don't recall. Three trips are cool and Heatley quite a big hitter pot and bring our. He gets credit I look I think that Ricoh. Eight for the people care. He. Could be done in order United States government has done. That we call. That is our governor. Credit absolutely. He's the only one that. They're. Absolutely correct our man in fact if you look at all of what. On the chopping administration has done and you compare that to what the governor RAM in New York State is done. You would think that'd be our New York State was the foreign. Our horse is what what was the state department for the United States because they're the ones who really been stepping up. To help the people of Puerto Rico but there's just not enough resources available in New York State. To me didn't need in the fact that I'm Donald Trump has been so reticent. It is clearly suggested the reason why he's been so reticent to do something to help to people of Puerto Rico was because he considers it to be. A democratic on clay. And as I said before the trumpet administration believes in picking winners. And losers. The only time I got an objection about picking winners and losers is if the winners are going to be people that are poor. And people that are under represented to people are are are privileged. The trouble administration has all kinds of all of our support a lot of you know for that population of people. Trump basic Imus got disparity is that the Puerto Rican. You also there's been. I'm again and that he didn't care. And it was a while premise based on a false belief I'm pretty confident. He didn't need a narrow. Right he didn't even know. They're Puerto Rico. He had no idea and yet that plan tool because that people on strike now. That inmate taken to charity thing. Simple omelet go to our administration don't you. People out there that they expect quashed it. Won't get eighty. Trump does that urged to get caught up in the UK and Asia cup outcrop. It's it's it's it's Stephen Miller and Steven and been in John Bolton in those kinds of people. And so it's not like he doesn't have people who were in a position to tell him what what's right and what's wrong key hire people who. Had these very horrid. Attitudes about. These different sets of people. He hired those people for those reasons he hired and pandering to the people who saw these other folks as some people as others. And that that's what he's built his administration around. Like. I'm I know I mean out earlier to actually do it. Okay oh. Heat and pressure that lag putting and I mean look at North Korea. I only beat and he got that that language got him. What other canceled but actually they believe that meeting. Because he was angry and Haas. Angry at the at the White House yesterday ticket that aren't that get double thumbs and exactly. Built right that he delivered letters get bad. Different candidates running and he didn't carry actually president of that country basically. He won and that's right where you look at. And luckily out. They attacked Tyler donate lecture caught but Indian state. It. Strikes 70%. Of bigger puppeteer at Sony. He also ordered. That aren't legally published. And that's how can I know he. That would kill for any outgoing and the bank diet that he had a murderer and we need them I want you out. And he got an impromptu meeting. One on one and this is between our Kim are young you all. The demand you're talking about Ghana is it an impromptu meeting that lasted almost two hours now with Donald Trump. Now how does that make sense and and and no recorders from the. At some. Artillery is lower. Court just like what (%expletive) ebitda. And that actually cut. We got this guy thinks he's smarter than the last seventy years don't let it. Let's. Look at the yeah he's got a gauntlet. And what he'd gotten to be accurate or toward that remembering Nixon said it. I say is don't. What I think is. What that constitution. Does create they had. Little bit I'm trying to sell himself well as. I am the I'd be permanently is right or wrong I be termed a little. It could be at stake it is. To. Give it you know. Why is that Google election night appointed by huge gap that National Security Council. At temple I payments. What I like. Correct light. In the end he couldn't better. He 18%. Of them I'd get in the United States assert ourselves. He certainly hit stricter censorship of people. We can't quite general there are some. And this is not an opinion he wrote this in a book. So yeah you'll have to do to take people's werder or are about to your opinions about this fellow he actually wrote this in a book. You know they contain all of his other conspiracy theories and and and crazy fear and or or or theories about. What really is going on in the United States. I guess about that at bat an operation. Elk and he's got this idea at all last night. Considering beats Washington and operating at Saint Petersburg Russia. During a rally to support any trial IQ fourteen eat that apple out. At. Well yeah Hannity and I really age group in the united state seriously at this and they'll. Point 2%. Lower wages that go on. Urban and there's going to be the next door to Oregon running and he's more Carl's. I'm thanks. Let's grab Nigerian Wes I can get Starks Jerry are you doing out there. Oh yeah. Odierno radial arm. Got to do got to turn your radio Los that we can hear you. OK. So bomb. I don't know if it in gear was able to pick up there. Okay we'll only go ahead and quickly charge you about this issue with this or Indonesia. SuSE there's I don't know that we we we we've talked about this I just Susan. Donald Trump has pardoned. I'm Denise d'souza along with other folks you know the he's easy to talk about park pardoning. I'm Martha Stewart you know and so on. This d'souza. Is the producer and author of a film that he entitled the innocence of Muslims. That led to the protests in at least twenty countries. That resulted in the deaths of four Americans including ambassador. I Stevens. The d'souza movie deliberately intended to provoke a firestorm. Among Muslim peoples of Republicans have campaigned furiously. To characterize the attack on the American mission as a terrorist attack. Advanced. State Department secretary Hillary Clinton are should be held accountable for in the first place does it matter if if spontaneous protest. Grew into a man Rourke and are in an attack on the compound. Or whether terrorist units used the uproar over to Susan's film. To launch a an attack on the compound. Why is this Danish just SuSE so completely spared. Of any criticism. For producing a movie. Knowing that it would spark the very kinds of protests that led to the tragic deaths of four Americans in Ben Ghazi. He YouTube users samba silk uploaded this Mohammed or the fourteen minutes a trailer this Mohammed. Oriented or Angela Mohammed movie. They're delaying samba still sounds a lot like. In this though you got the same inference that I got it Washington DC. Based anti Islam activist anymore see that sort of promoting the left the movie trailer to journalists and social media got picked up Bryant. An Egyptian. Fire branding sheik Khaled. I'm down he got here on a air channel called I'm not us. And they began to rally against this and it got picked up dead across the I cable. Internet. I channels anti Muslim closed a man pastor. Terry Jones announced that he was going to show what is a part of his judgment or judge Mohamed day. Opt protesters then began to. Emerge in Cairo. Egypt scaling the wall. In the American Embassy replacing the American flag with a out a black flag with the Muslim slogan on it. Inman Ghazi Libby a protest outside the US consulate turned. I deadly and that resulted in the deaths of ambassador Stephen. US diplomatic. Our personnel. I believe that. Our ambassador Stevens died of smoke and it's inhalation. I've got to actors and crew from the movie say that they were doomed in condemned. The trailer saying that the film the film they thought they were making was a pretty Islam historical action flick. That this it's just SuSE. I dubbed over what was originally being said input in this anti. Islam. Language so let me grand jury were quick and get his stocks and we'll move along Jerry is that it wasn't like are you doing out there. Thought that I lose and again. Okay. Okay. I grabbed your one more time Jerry there. Are good at the facts are it. He's in my mobile I'm there. Aren't. Our performance. Yeah you're talking about in before. If I don't think it crazy that you are saying that that the purpose style ally in the war ally who's one of late yet it only. 880. And it is hard to church school people don't relate what is definitely right for us because we get a lot of oil and people. So little bit I guess that we can actually get most of our oil. And I'll. Whatever makes up our deficit of oil that we produce ourselves. We've got a most of bad import from camp and you're right. 83540%. From Canada and we produce a lot of that ourselves in many other. You OPEC countries like Saudi Arabia will it feel like 11%. So that there oil and 9% so these other independent candidate is one of the major problem. Countries that we should be concerned about because they pay at Opel within natural resource. There are some that this is what I mean by picking winners and losers. What truck is doing is trying to appeal to voters in West Virginia. In Ohio that may have. The east is still fairly robust steel. Industry and the a mining industry here. He's appealing to them bad if you raise the price of Canadian imports to the exports to the United States. Then the US. Our consumers. Will buy less from from Canada and buy more from on the United States and I would help those producers. In the United States. But the consequence is going to be that the price of those imports goes out as the price of those imports go up steel and aluminum products that are there that that amnesty and a woman you need to make. Products to price of that stuff goes up and who pays that price is zero or consumer so basically you're favoring. Iron. Miners and and so on in. A couple of or or out of three states but you reduce favoring the vast majority of the American public who wind up paying higher prices. So this is picking winners and losers. Eight and something else to think about I mean this imported steel. A lot of content and in the US and the and that's important you know because we're not producing left hook that right now sort it. In order ticket picture where we used to produce will have a steel would take years a lot of these companies going to do. And they're building. We need to deal and it could they can't get it works too expensive political work wouldn't it cost us jobs here and you look. Right and and keep in mind most of the job losses that most of the growth in capacity and the reduction in jobs. Odds are our jobs that we have is going to be the result of innovation. You're not gonna do a develop more capacity to produce steel. Hi I just hiring more workers they're gonna do that by employing more innovation in a closet attached to use fewer workers and get higher productivity. And so you're still not gonna end up getting the increase in the workforce. That you desire that's this is just wrongheaded approach. But it's what Donald Trump is doing he's picking winners and losers in these use in the politics of us against them. You know the others against the week that that's really what's going on. It would light it and might hurt a straighter and awful because they don't take it there right now Delaware have a parent and I am Sunday. Lou buildings and things are going up in the instructional or racial. And then and then intellectual. Growth saying you know that they're going to yes but there did it wouldn't be a good trade if they couldn't afford that. So we'll deal that they needed sales. Now. Harwood thanks Jeremy in Iran I got a grandmother called freezer to break appreciation of fort Pataki next week when they give Ron I'm real quick and get his thoughts and Ron are you doing. That this salsa character. Your member we during the 2012 election he was part of this Obama 20s16 Little League you're looking over familiar with the I was so we it just sort of collected your reelect Obama and his second term. It BP be able to turn America into a minority dominated. No left wing authoritarian government which would be enforced by the United Nations at all was it. You know its system is that real coup preakness get a goofy character is all we know what. He gets hearts and loss and Republican parties. Well he's always fun I'm a Christian the Christian global. People don't people are diagnosed at the church is that they always shall play his lectures into movies and all of that this stuff so. This second here this guy in charge of its intercept deputy Homeland Security. That was it was a labor. Flight ridiculous numbers aren't. I. It is is so horribly anti Islamic it's does it occurred to any of the terms supporters. What country did Donald Trump's gold to his first overseas trip in February of 20s70. Which word was. Saudi Arabia something you know I don't know how come those. Muslims are OK. I mean if there's a legal sense for the trump. So called idea if you can call it an ideology I think if at all I hate to say this but as you go to sleep eat the dead horse. Bacon is dictatorial comparison but they want to ask Adolf Hitler. Back before he became really powerful what is the overriding ideology of the Nazi party he said I can explain it one word anti semitism. I I wonder if that's the is that the that's episode but in the case of trump as them. The whatever I there's no ideology it's just. Race hatred. I think that they were nothing that they believe makes sense if why do you. Suck it up to Saudi Arabia it's the love what wrestle war era and allowing your administrator and I are always the club awful. That's an Islamic country and as for the poor could radically conservative or do I add that to meet. You only like today they have no answer they'll just call you names and it. Right as countries are ruled by either king or a monarchy in the dust in a desperate kind of of our government our organization. Apparently. Linguistic favor they favor or stuff that the United States favors in other words. They align themselves with American interest that they didn't align themselves American interest they would be attacking. Even Muslims to. Another if you're an authoritarian Muslim girl okay if you I don't feel bad is your boot so or if you're out of your no good and girls club book if you're and I. Coming up with this stuff where. You know where the Muslims don't. Oh condemn attacked America look American local council. As a task as a fact and condemned every single. In all terrorist attack in the United States outside of debt. If you look at the Fox News and right by Aaron these rightwing hacks even down the local dial here. They'd they'd never bring that topic is always some bad days if they'd never ever bring the fact that the Muslim mainstream Muslims always condemned that it's like. We it's it's kind of we have. The epic beat the anti communism of the nineteenth century was catholicism. I all the applicable period if you if you follow American history and apparently not communism's pretty much not a threat so the anti communism look toward a poorest countries going to be. The Muslims. Hate the muzzled well donating economies the dedicated Catholic we got to think about. And this flight fellow wants to resurrect the McCarthy commission. And now together lesbians right exactly. Yeah I appreciate that all right talk to assume. Let's could do was to take a break you must you go off on Friday was what's good prank on first. I'm sorry what did you break first okay Frankel offers a couple minutes. We're gonna take our last race we give you a little bit of time so we all stick with us we will sooners had a break here think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. 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Manchester orchestra thinly of the year Robert Duvall Mary. And Taking Back Sunday. Tickets are on. In buffalo dot com. No home who work or do you wanna learn about home brewing. Tune in at 9 AM on ESPN 1520 for just Bruins just who hosted by Jeremy White advertisers from Niagara tradition home room. Tune in Saturdays at 9 AM on ESPN 1520 could just ruined. It's time for your bachelor's degree to pay off guy goes looking for leaders to enter our management development programs starting annual salary is 45 to 495 with a potential to make fifty Judith 55000 dollars within a year this guy got out Johnson slash buffalo to apply. You're listening to the official voice of that you people's 50000 watch ESPN this. Into the Oval Office. It could be a we'd order our act together. I just wanted to to speak to someone who who often calls would doesn't wanna be on the air who always seems to sites. I don't know where she gets or data from but I'm what you know where I get my data for so the information I've given you about Dinesh D'Souza. If you go to adjust our type into your. You your search engine. The anti Islam film riots Colin. Timeline. This was by the week magazine the anti Islam film rights. Colin timeline. It's by the hour week magazine it was September 18 2012. In this article. Ryan you will see the article you can look at the information in the article you'll see. That it was due in these d'souza who was the producer of this movie called. The innocence of Muslims on this Nicole. I'm vastly. On Nikolay. Apparently was a promoter of the fourteen minute trailer about the movie he was trying to push. And and and ramp up. All of this antique. Or reaction from Muslims about this movies and that's that's the truth that's how things. Actually got going there that led to. The protest across the Muslim world that led to the death. Our Chris Stevens and the other Americans. At the US embassy so I just what you don't know where argued the information from you do with it as you and you will. Let me grab frank for that mortgage on analog for frank are you doing out there. Well the Americans so up could pardon picks some former agent trying to import passive lithium of the America. You don't. They the trumpet his cabinet. Is ridge type group breeze is well liked all. Are some of the most grief stricken disgusting racist people other than witnessed. I don't know why it's always a Democrat expected to take a higher pat and all of our own. Yeah unsteady give Republicans that say that well they're medicines. I think they get to that at several levels the only thing these maniacs so I understand. That and that's what little child that WP and the reality. I have actually proven track record of getting through a conservative little language I can understand. Because we don't know that they don't have to go at it eclipse that. You know facts statistics and rational stance. Republican column members start gorilla that people like me you'll get things done I'm not a ma means locals. You know I'm proud progressive Democrat I'm sick about it jet that important step back they'll spot I am millions of progress or lack HM well ought. But the weak democratic extra apple Smith and the silver spoon but in the media all of that back. I'm very angry you know I can't take much more there's you know this conservative. You know what I'm shocked shocked shocked shocked. But nobody stick to that issue will we better stick to that issue preferred candidates Nate and. And and it's it's really important that. Exactly as you say we have to if we have to figure out what it is that we want to see done and fight for that. And whoever wants to join in doing what we'll get accomplish what needs to be accomplished for the for the people in this country. That's what you gotta stand would do that that's we got that's the note that's always gonna talk about. On these issues. And and and not get into this tribal kind of thing that. The country seems have been centered around we we sort of made it it it is almost like a you know a game show you know we're different teams. And you know in this country got progressive teams over here conservative teams over here to libertarian teams over here you know and so on. And people are being pitted against each other. But the real interest of the masses of people are not being represented. That's why you gonna have eighty plus percent of the people want health care and you have a government to claims are doing to people's. I'll I'll work and doesn't support on national health care. We all know congress is soak throughout the year they don't do anything the American people. Our vital issues the things we stand for you know. One that is being done like like you say at the numbers are pro. So expect you know it. I appreciate different banks and let's grab. John and Laporte and then we'll try to get on Jon and Rochester on John you do not there. That made the you know I think. In previous caller brought up a good point but when you went in 90%. Radio is talk radio is. Right wing it's kind of hard to get get your point across. You know and it in the same with the general media initially web site real. People who are five organizations to control all the media in this country. But major major anyway. And so it's it's it's tough daily but it wanted to talk about rules that was. You had mentioned about Mario Cuomo. I know I know people have a lot of people hit their. Problems with him but. You mean Andrew Cuomo I'm sorry but I. They went thing. I have never in my entire life seen. Anybody. Help buffalo. It as much as as Mario Cuomo you know he get billions of buffalo however much has been spent there you look at Iraq. Members Andrew Cuomo he did give Jim credit Mario Cuomo is is a product. I think I did at Merrimack and quote but let you know take a look at on the PS governors and can anybody else for that matter. That did this this city's been sitting in dying for years now all of a sudden. With this infusion of money and this yeah health care area and everything else. And a lot of it is to do was call now I know there's corruption involved in the administration now at. And I I just would hate to see him. Lose an election. And all all of us to stop you know. And go back to be our New York City oriented you know government out of New York. Right and I you know bit and then he's being attacked from the left to with this. Woman and I shouldn't you know or Buffalo's I mean it's. Since sooner or Lipitor. And. Species whether people that think that buffalo must mean we're real close in New York City. And I. Or she doesn't I've met her she's a matter in buffalo immersed notes were powerful or as. It's just regularity. You you get into this echo chamber and and you are what you year so what she hears is the downstate you know New York City. I'll spin and that's who's around around the time zone you know that's for sometimes you see coming out. Right and I just thought I just think this heat as he at least opposite he's defeating either by. The last store I hear there's no Republican's gonna come down care bit about possible. So it's you know I hate you can say what you want about him that I don't know there's no other option right now. And I hit it is and goes the same thing that people said when when it was Hillary vs truck you know with the better actually up better option was obviously Hillary can. People are allowed themselves to get caught up in all of this Haney and you know this this email stuff. Which really boiled down to. You had a population of people that were really not too keen on the idea of a woman being the president of the United States. They were able to align themselves with the people who were anti on the progressive movement and they were enough of them to create disorder of what we used to call your warm you know where you just you know give these tapes going off in people's minds and entity ruled the enthusiasm. For her and you gotta admit. I'm Hillary Clinton was not a terribly effusive candidate she didn't release inspire. You know a lot of clapping and you know he she just wasn't that kind of inspiring you know person. It is a combination of all of those things led to a dampening of the vote. For her and he created enough margin. Along with all of the misconduct was going on in the election on the them follow stores were promoted by the American Media who are trying to act like they were not in it. What they promoted on this stuff and they promoted Donald Trump for free. Donald Trump got six hours of free media every single day. Before he ran during his campaign even now. You know he gets Oliver's free publicity. That other people don't get it there's no reason for other men and they think. That it gets the attention of our listeners and your for the intense attention of advertisers and that's what does is really all about. It. All right I appreciate you Johnson. Let's talk to John. There let's talk we're very Jon and Rochester and John talked to me about these if you can't about these pardons you know what's what's going on when these these pardons of people. Who we're actually big day big. And we have to despicable they confessed. You know are due to their crimes it's not like these were. People that were in some confused situation that you don't know for sure who was the bad guy who was a good guy these are people who. Are openly said what they did was wrong and they were responsible for what it is. Why did they get these parks and and and people doing things that are similar to us to the kind of things that each of administration being investigated for. Right now. Well Joseph Arpaio opened admit to describe the Easter by his. Plea and his innocence and I agree was that Joseph Arpaio not Iraq's long. You agree with Arpaio that that he wasn't engaging in crimes. I agree with Colombia EU was and he he was as equally views and as a and I I stand by you hope I don't know the other ones like Martha Stewart she admitted he's so law. Yes she hasn't imparted yet but DC's on the pop up on the cusp. I want that are an expert Herbert while he tropical one point after he got elected but. Indy governor former governor of ma Illinois. You're listening right now. Greens. He's Democrat. He he's old and a trial put the most current. Yeah I agree that we're the losers. I agree but look at. The clock to. There are other administration. Obama clearly. What are you Andrew Cuomo. I'm criminals prosecuted for murder and things like cancer. It's you know I think it's. Master rich you rarely see all pardons given that appear to be for political purposes so literacy Scooter Libby for example. I ask you know whatever you feel about it than do the the rationale for the pardoning of Scooter Libby. As well as the hardening of others that I trumped. I d'souza is another. Not a party for others seems to be to create a our framework. For future pardons. That would seem justifiable because he's casting them as if they are these people are committed. Political crimes rather than criminal. Our actions and I think that's what's going on here. Well I think it's Scooter Libby case I think he he got in Italy Joseph Arpaio I think he got railroad cars the governor of Illinois I agree with you there and Martha Stewart she technically committed the crime. Archie she with a consistent sort testimony the FBI. And words. Falcon prosecutor and of filing a false it's or something but. She did she she was she was a person who actually says she served time. She's he's loyal I have it right Richie oil audio trump. But that's not the best not to point she should serve time what are you what are you pardoning her fork. Well I think I think G he's he's back back urged do it's. Righted it I guess he's also Porter trop and it is also the belt former governor bill why he's also ordered a so from that simply announcing light that would be political life it's neat it's Scooter Libby and. Could see why this thing would Blagojevich is political because Blagojevich is clearly guilty of what he did he's on tape. Talking about how he's got a a valuable asset. Which was the appointment that he was gonna he he he I was going to be able to make. To I think it was the senatorial seat. And he hit being in a position to make an appointment he saw he saw that as a valuable. Oh. Asset and that he wanted to traded to get the most of the current four he wasn't trying to traded to get a a new law passed. Teacher he wanted to traded to get something that was beneficial to him he said that on tape so you can't agree with the person tells you themselves that they are they're guilty. So why was he. Being pardon me was being pardoned because that's the same deal that you're gonna try to do with Michael Cohen. Here's a guy who's probably gonna be guilty of a whole lot of our corrupt actions and whatnot but you can take the same. Primus it's you establish with. With Blagojevich and use that as the same justification you can use for Michael Collins. Won't want to firms. Colin he is innocent right now so it is to do convicted of any crime. Is the outlook redouble my original point. Every administration. Has done. Clinton though the Obama administration into formal. On the bush years you know pardons people and I agree overall I agree with you and at points but we don't want they wanted to bring up. Patent is the terror situation I I I guess that the terrorists because it really represents a acts. The American public but the one thing I'm adamant about like thank you we agree amnesty for. The Chinese with the Robby ever technological. Expertise. All in their abuse of you know the trade deal we have with China. There has to be stuck and likely get a permit to a certain extent to some of our more friendly ally for yes I'm on hopi. So bad off. Can go on May be compromised. And full service possible ordered analog because it will hurt us but for China. Steve is there and we we got to get them no doubt about it. I can't argue that need the the issue with with China because I think it's it is really unfair. For the Chinese to say that in order if you do business through China you have to turnover. All of your patents obvious your are our trade secrets and allow you to have a competitive edge I just seems kind of bizarre that you would be forced to do that. I wanna do this and I. Follow me any example in all I know copier in Rochester area did a built a plant in China. And he he found out he ordered the company found out this general manager there who was the Chinese citizens was embezzling millions of dollars. BP hired expert outside expertise. And they have to the only evidence they went to the Chinese authorities and that they were last. Out of court but that they basically told us. You expect us to classic American companies gonna prosecute. All day Chinese citizens and it was left I record stand up. Wherever tribunal they had go to ridiculous it's an abuse and Chinese they're off the charts and they got to be dull. So I absolutely agree regret and amber and how much you don't understand something else on this this whole panorama. At least this is my my thesis now you just follow me for being on us. I remember back in the 1960s. When people were talking about these. Third World countries in the United States in Western Europe having these developed economies and the idea was supposed to be if you transfer some of these. Our economic. Structures into these Third World countries. Pot and help them to join the twentieth century. That you would reduce poverty and into various complications in those countries. And therefore you would build a bigger pie you know for the world as a whole and what I think happened. Is the United States essentially transferred. Some of the economy of the United States and the employment and wealth. Accumulation it would have a crew to Americans want them going to these other so called Third World countries. And you know what you when you take. 88 an approach like that you never know where it's gonna lead. And so I think that the Chinese are just the most extreme version of what happened you know with all of that does that make sense to you. Yeah it does yeah right I agree yeah insect when Ross Perot ran against Clinton bush. I ate I didn't I didn't vote for us plural like my good life to the duplicates stands. This exporting of technology in America no hops in a dream team he would he turn out to be right and it's. Now so maybe we'll start to come home start doing herself at the all right thanks Darren Collison the next week. Listen folks who got a lot it's on our plate we look forward to talking to you all we haven't really good conversational that we continue to build on it. Look at Porter talked to you on next week here think again think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. To.