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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, April 14th

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Welcome to think again would tell me that there are sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that they don't 31528. All right here we go think again think again. Welcome to our topic discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty. Now in our 52 year. Each week we talked about issues and events and trends affecting you right here in right now in buffalo in the worst in your community and in fact in particular communities all across the country. I'm your host elderly can hear presidency over community action organizations. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday at ESPN. 15:20 AM on your dial from 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Today's program of course is lives you can call and you can join our discussion hope that you will our number here again is 8031520. That's 80350. To one. Sometimes when the weather gets a little crazy numbers get rules were not sold that happens. You can call 80303218030323. 8030324. Or 8031546. Welcome back to back during the course of a program. Obviously. We've got to the trump administration's authorization of a. Attack. Are on Syria. On what they called on the perceived to be. I'll weapons stash is. Research facilities a chemical research facilities and so on. In Syria we don't have Aldridge each element minister general characterization is being provided to media. I know that we're gonna have two different scientists. Of our public it's gonna be responding to this is going to be once side of the public it's gonna say. It's the same thing you know Bill Clinton is a wag the dog you know scenario China and to distract from. What's been going on in the Mueller investigation and Oliver. Things just seem to be going on around the the the trump I campaigned. In the charms. Charm campaigns. Action since he became our president. And and on the other side. You know we're gonna have people saying no series of horrible country. They use chemical weapons on the air citizens they are terrible and it was the right thing to do for the United States to attack. Those are the same people who objected when Barack Obama. Attack quote Syria saying that or or or was about the attack Syria saying that. He had to go to congress first and get authorization from congress to be able to do it. He went to congress at their request and congress refuse authorized. Barack Obama. Not to attack Syria but he worked another strategy. And I'll work out a deal where the chemical weapons. That Syria had replaced in the trust of the the Russians or supposedly that's was what what was supposed to have occurred. And so supposedly radically reduced the amount of chemical weapons or eliminated him on a chemical weapons that I Syria had. I wanna just because my job is to help us to think again. Just to Pomona are thinking caps first. Warranted desk caused by chemical weapons more important. Then the multiple times more deaths that are caused by conventional weapons. If its second if Russia was given custody of serious weapons. In I believe was 2013. Excuse me it's a series what weapons stash. How how was Syria able to keep mounting. More and more of these chemical attacks human rights watch on that organization reports that at least 85 chemical attacks have occurred. Around the world since 2013. About 90% of those attacks have been attacks carried out by the assigned government against people in Syria. If I hurt it it is Russia Europe actually releasing. Back to Syria. Or did Russian never take. The stash is a chemical weapons from Syria in the first place in compliance with the deal that was struck. I'm between the Obama administration. On Syria and on the Russians. The third. Are we on a slippery slope I think we've been on a slippery slope for a long time. I'm Dave may come when these smaller countries may also have the ability to strike remotely. I'm from long distance because of technical capability going to be a I've developed within their nations are the United States' actions could become a justification. For other countries. Our actions. Or other countries actions fourth. Will trump and his surrogates I'll be happy if rice is leave Syria and soggy aside administration. Remains. Just a few thoughts we still don't know the tactical or assess strategic effect of Trump's attack and of course we're hearing. You know opposite things we saw an interview last night. Pop for a person who was actually on the ground. I think it was in the city. Out of Damascus. And he was saying that. There were at least thirteen missiles that were. Actually knocked down. That were fired. Are onto the city but obviously they were more than a Harvard and actually he's succeeded in hitting. Heating the air did your targets. What we're never gonna we're not gonna know for a long time if ever. What actually took place looking at the images that on our television of Damascus all of these cars were hundreds of cars you know circling around me. I mean a circle in the city of Damascus. There were. Hundreds of people you know are in cars and on the street walking around. Didn't appear that anybody was a terribly. Upset there is that didn't seem to be a lot. Disorder you know going on in the city at that time I would have to believe. That if somebody dropped a hundred pound bombs on the periphery of buffalo. Even if they didn't directly east a touch people inside the city. Did B a lot of people on the streets with something to say you know about its own this probably more to this story than men and we're hearing. I can't give an all of the stuff that we wanted to talk about today because this story sort of took over. A lot of just wanna hit real quickly this FaceBook. Story. And I'm sort of talk about this in the context of FaceBook talking circles brands is all talking circles around each other. Facebook's massive trove of user data. Is a reason why it became a 400 billion dollar company. Which made forty billion dollars and revenue on last year. Everybody keeps talking about the issue being. Facebook's. Business model. But Zuckerberg. And his allies fail to adequately describe. What the business model actually is. They try to portray FaceBook as an innocent and you. That really connects anyone and everyone with anyone and everyone. That. He asserts that the possibility that evil minded people would use access. To the profiles. Of these connected people to engage in nefarious activity was considered to be Menem. I believe there's FaceBook. Made hundreds of millions of dollars selling individualized customer data to whoever was willing to pay for that data. Or more importantly. Sold the keys to enable access to favor our FaceBook users day. To whomever was willing to pay. If all FaceBook was doing was creating a platform. On which hundreds of millions of people were visiting often and so companies advertising space on that platform. There would be no problem. FaceBook would create reasons why hundreds of millions of people would visit FaceBook site advertises with pay Facebook's that they can market their products. To those people visiting the FaceBook site. FaceBook users become aware of the advertisers' products and services and choose to buy or not by what PC. Advertisers would place and where they would be seen by high numbers of people creating product awareness and hopefully sales. Bennett is no different than what happens when managers sold on television. On radio platforms but I want to ask yourself this question there. What if radio or TV. Recorded and stored data about you. About your eating habits while when you left home when you return home who visited here. Your conversations in house and so on and then sold at dated anyone willing to pay. How would you think about. How would you feel about it. That's exactly what FaceBook has done a FaceBook created algorithms enabling buyers of their customer ax. Buyers of their customers or excuse me enabling buyers of the year. Our customers access to mine. Or announcing an Enron. FaceBook created algorithms enabling. Our buyers. To access customer data about mining individualized data about FaceBook users. So they they sold access to the Hindu individualized information on FaceBook users to companies like Cambridge analytics. And others allowing them to manipulate the data. So that they can send follow some stories frost depictions electoral I depictions of electoral candidates. Various strategies to. Distort the reality FaceBook users were seeing through through the medium FaceBook and Zuckerberg did not innocently leave the door open. Through which predatory companies will walk through or could walk through and compromise people's privacy. They deliberately sold keys to those doors for profit that's the reality so listen where at the end in my truck and be able to jocks or me get to. Our cause we got Tony did you come and actually get to reverse or would you John Terry are you doing out there. They. Prepare. Or politely what that role under god gives us. That's like being I don't control Anita does anybody else. I am a question. What benefit allowed into the constitution. For eight president elect or president. Can war on the department. A bit. I never stop at the Department of Justice as a separate entity from the White House. Well actually the Department of Justice is a part of the executive branch. How bad air that I love where it is an upbeat about it as delight in the appear. And they worry you the Justice Department has he does Scott. Well if you look at custom how we run ourselves as a country for the past 230 years. That would never be allowed to occur. But then we allowed Donald Trump to become president. And we allow all these people that artists surrogates and allies. And fan club of Donald Trump and the people that wanted him to be our president we allowed them to get control controlled media they control. You know our core institutional processes. And they have just declared that as long as they're getting what they want the okay we're done what you want to ask what's really gone. How well out the president issued this about Torre yesterday. That's and that they are more afraid of calling being. Condom followed pearl. That. Because Collins behavior. He gets beyond just electoral you know make chicanery and so on. Coleman's behavior gets into actual crimes these are crimes of distortion. Or extortion are crimes of graft. Truck crimes of bribery crimes of money laundering. I mean did the Jersey really. At least my sense is there there is a a sense in the Moeller. Investigation. That we're looking at mom type. The around Colin not just manipulation of the voters. To gain the presidency. I'm Michael about an app by boat sent that first port of outcry and a little trial. And and recording and there are. What the court on Monday. And so I told me attorney for our outcrop and pitching has to do to quiet the list. He is considered by the court could be your. Critique of the excerpt where Isaac can do about it. And therefore their clients. Your relationship. At the court this. And they are really not ordering. We need term. He advocates are all those people that your audience it would probably be trying to. Team that old question. How have the bit about that watching last night well this story. That. It didn't try chuck also yeah. August apps that being. Being more or. He looked upon Cumberland and other people out. It is something that he would be medically. Never had. A score out there a problem it is. And you can call it Germany's. Upper interpreting upon. Because you don't need a passport. And that means he. Went there isn't gonna only yet. Didn't working on the F unpleasant. Lot. Why unity candidate on the debt like anybody that starts (%expletive) It's good for her client. And Orlando. Police. Let me say that these strikes. He liked and not gonna get a bit less urgent look at how. Be the acts on him different angles. He's got membership. At a question like you'd just bit. I've got a thousand people there and thank you and Harry are sold at fire. And that they'll work out how they got killed. The original question I don't I don't think. Don't strike that they pointed out this morning that I elicit that I'm certain that. It's not about a couple of portray this. How can you tell me. From the we're going to say and do this on Tuesday. That stepped quietly but getting them the chance that moral. And local. The market. Does he was allowing. The Russians are what are stuff out of the way. So he can hit buildings in that hit it any Russian nationals are run aground. It's. Not like that spot in the western China at all. And ads stir up question. What does strategy in February. She. Put it out aunt Betty I'll kick it out I'm so. I sit. It's a strategy. He did that help the people seeing you out how are you helping the people out there. Lobbying contact 18 cruise missiles in this country and by the way how much and that that act caught the United States. And what you think that it's like that you shouldn't danger. Well at 2000 children they're. Not that he attacks occurred. I'll have to work on this and that's why that they. Yeah no humanitarian. But are they paying at the United States government today in that press is. But not I don't know why voice Aaron get used in the forty by people that work well. Yeah. And Tony that's a great point because yesterday I was listening to Haas I am PR. And they were talking at that this had to be about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. They were talking about the fact that they are still trying to figure out. Whether or not it was a chemical attack and what kind of chemicals were being used. So you've already made the decision. To launch a attack. Against a country without already without knowing for certain that what you're launching the attack for actually took place I'm pretty sure it took place. But you get my point you know that. Like exactly. And the next thing at this point the president can't not allowed to adjust to pick in the other country. Mightily during that country. I don't. Yeah I think it stood still still listed you know. As the country has a seat on the UN for. And he finally got my opinion I am looking at the kind of duplicate as I'm glad they're finally got it. He could not only put aside Obama and get our that intersection. A lot of heat at elementary. And they are single rhetoric he doesn't eat. But let me stop talking about he talked about the same thing won't work work work. But it got it well I have I don't vote Obama Barack Obama. Can't god anyway all right and Syria progress not combat that that you didn't opt out. And then say you're a problem. Yep that's a domino dementia tour I gotta run I got to take our break and I wanna get to John and models we get too far. So hopefully we're making some kind of sense you're going to be on honest. Or or with us as we go to this discussion we'll force talking on the senator break. Here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value or do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll have identified resources you need to get finance. 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I'll be like you right. Egg including shelved. And the dynamite supplement another coach up. Try to let the chops by to give one free agent Belcher doubters by the end as mine and his spear. Adding that epic there diet has. Everything about my camel looking better than. They have ever look your skin is so much better now that there are on the raw diet I don't even give them cable anymore DYNLVIPO. Capital. All day every day. These these Buffalo's home for ESPN radio it. 1000 watch. And other. Taking the Fifth Amendment. Taken assessed. So they're not prosecuted. When you have demand that set up to illegal server taken the shift. I think it's disgraceful. Fifth Amendment. The mob takes event. This year what is it like you take in the system and Fifth Amendment. Horrible. Horrible he pleaded the fifth that was CN whenever I heard about them again this is like quarter again. Only gets worse because here but our farm and animators were in a position to hack. Our most sensitive. National. Security. Secrets. There. And just what you just just feel that let that lick that percolating in you for just a bit. Trump is. Are acting as if it's the most horrible thing for the attorney who are set up by Hillary Clinton server. To plead the fifth. Yet Cohen. The lawyer for for Donald Trump he's about to flee to plead the fifth today. So that he can hide. Not just our election. Manipulation and payments made on behalf of a truck to individuals out with regard to the sex scandals. But also money laundering and a whole plot plethora of other. Kinds of crimes there are a different class a crimes. He's gonna be pleading the fifth against testifying about those things but also want you remember that no matter how hard he pleased to fifth. Whatever data. The Mueller. Investigation has been able to collect through those subpoenas and the just department going in and taking computers and phones and and that sort of stuff. That's not going to be trumped. Skis department does not gonna be charmed. Bide our Cohen fleet completing the fish. So let's get to it you know we got a lot we need to talk about today. Yup and and I know I talked about this before you're not able to give in on 8031520. That's 80315 to one you can go. And yeah I think your two lines open 8030321. And 8030324. So you know 30321. And 8030324. Let's grab I believe it's John Laporte first and then we'll grab off Franklin Graham Ramon Jim John are you do your airlock for. I think they can. You know. Zuckerberg. Went when he gave his testimony to angriest of course our congressman talent he he he was totally satisfied with what Zuckerberg. Now. How he's gonna improve. The situation. Buddies that got hit the Republicans are scared that the regulations so netbook or really need there. But as I really like called you know I wasn't a few months away from this neck and next election and I. I really. Kind of disappointed democratic Chanel and maybe instead of coming up without. 88 platform for this next election and what they believe in it's it's like hey hey you know you don't I don't think it's important to. Impeach. Trump right now. In an application within an agenda I think this year we have. Start believing in a middle class party. Where. Although a lot of things that Bernie said should be part of their platforms like free college. I mean the millennial art are the biggest would would be the biggest supporters are Democrats I'm and kind of a shame that that that the baby boomers into. Just being locked in with the Republicans. But I. And you've got DM. You know it's pretty freaked out should be one of the point in the agenda. Public option. For medical. So that everybody can get and Medicare. They've got to get rid of the gerrymandered because two in 2020. If the Republicans gained control these houses these big palaces then. It is bit don't control the everything for years also warned that they get is something about voter suppression. It's you know and it sticks that was ridiculous I mean it is at its all going into the stock market. And as we've said before 85%. The stock market is controlled by 10%. The top 10% of people and so most people don't profits from. The increase where they stick and all the money is back market. Also. Yes I think those guys mention too late it. Is this thing that same player did this Sinclair media I think that's pretty scary to. You know I think you know at a time about forces the Sinclair controls what what 40% of all the media loves. In the United States up. Right and 52. To hit them and yet you know all all of it in the hands of the yet they're the write its candidate that I think it's pretty dangerous. Keep in mind you got between eight and ten companies. They're not as big as Sinclair but come on you have eight and ten to 1010 companies that control about 90% of all of the media in the United States today. That's dangerous and scary it's it's it's a big closer and closer to what happened in. And now Nazi Germany and they you know and fascist country where. And don't everything turned around the state media as you know you're only having one voice and it's you know let me say I'm ashamed of what he had baby boomers. They listened most of them listen to Fox News itself propaganda there's no troops involved there's got X. Itself but that but just hearing things that they have what you went over four is what Zuckerberg did. The end what distinguishing their media it is very very dangerous. At the Lilly hit the Zuckerberg paying just one quick point before I let you go. Ask yourself this question asked audience ask yourself this question. What do you feel radio or I think I talked about that. Now what are your radio or TV recorded and stored data about you you're eating habits when you left home when you return. Who you visited with who visited you hear conversations and so on. How would you feel about. Right and also that that's the issue that I and Zuckerberg. In his people created algorithms. And then sold bulls algorithms to lots of people and not just Cambridge analytics Cambridge analytics just used it to do. Something you know very nefarious. Other people were just using those. Tools to be able to market stuff to people you know I remember back when I was a child. On TV was very very young and ties to the company that produces tide detergent. They would flash on your TV is it's like attempt of a second and they would just say tie. They would have like these little circles it was tides. Logo and saw. And it just. Right exactly and it would it would sort of seduce you when you go to the supermarket you wind up picking up the box and targeting did even though you did it so that's what's really going on I got to run our appreciation to. All right thanks. Where's your brain don't. Oh French I think you misunderstood let's go Franken our policy on how he's doing frank are you doing out there. I'm great candidates immunized by Smart TV is watching you right now. You know like me who worked Newport and if there's a camera inside the secret if you look at that you are the. Camera everywhere. You know what seriously it breaks my heart there's no real anti war movement in the USA. I wonder I wonder how much of a gallon of gas should cost that we had in the Spezza volleys oil wars and bombings. You know it if there wasn't pipelines to be built you think the military units helped me to India just sit and Syria are. Any of the seven nation EU US states currently bombing. You know children back all over Africa and southern Asia every day we don't see the threat host Barbara whose war mongers out. Cuba in my we have 500000. People since 2013. Died in Syria. Not count them two or three million people that are refugees that are flung out all over the place. And there was no military response you know to Arlen that we weren't jumping up and down on our horses to do something about that we have forty people Diana chemical. Our attack as horrible as that is and we believe we vote we behave as if the Nazis and come in there and sell it. There's something wrong with this story we have to start asking ourselves better questions and when we've been asking us. Let's talk to divert public detention unit but I may Malcolm illusions about well or we're literature since January 2017. You know this this sake. I reality show trump be. Yeah he realized it was over his side looks forward sayers. You know he's a probable. Even though like I Chang not a killer. You know. So he's a real vicious chicken pox the backed up the demand to tweets. So you know proper sorted giant ball then and then eat there any partners who have previously you know what this means night then you know. Dick Cheney in the neo cons are bad. You know. In military and are Smart fox they take then is about and heartbreak Rick grandchildren and still be plans for all the debt and military spending. And and you know well probably have another Great Depression sleep and get Americans working change to rebuild our infrastructure like last start so. So back or not they're Republican voters. And I go out there and today in the album in the same mistakes over and over expecting different result. It may. Our frank thanks man good good hundred comments. The there absolutely get Rambo or Jim arm in from north tower on Enron about got to ask you a quick question as you get started. The the whole issue of Michael Cohen. Pleading the fifth that's what I'm understanding he's going to be doing today. Where he gets our question about our or from the Moeller administration. And yet Donald Trump. He knows even as he launches presidential campaign claiming that. Did a lawyer for our Hillary Clinton who is the one who helped her I set up her server. And he wouldn't testify he plead the fifth. He claimed that was worse than Watergate was worse than Nazis it was the worst thing since you know. Hell for for froze over and so on. What are your thoughts about that why why is that so. Who what why was he Clinton's lawyer you know the horrible horrible thing in the world but Trump's lawyers doing the same thing today that's our great anger. They care about most are that's where I can answer your question is for. From that he's always going to be well. But slot no matter what story you gotta take what that's with a grain of. So are you say that we should not be listened to whatever charms says because most of the time he's just line. Why not watch his accomplishments. Congress and get it right I mean I didn't really doubt and compared it got. So you're saying that trumps ends justify his means. I want results from our leader yet. So that's what you are what oh okay so we're probably what I could easily resolves on and what you mean by these results we talk about that. But I guess not much I am in the core what you just said some were clear. You're saying that the ends justify the means that when at what I'm understanding. Basically it means imply that you have a sliding on the whole world. I mean the state is doing everything needs it is for a guy that keeps sliding one step that it and I ignored that. So what's the deeper what is. Oh and who has the deep state and what are they doing. To a truck these are things that trumped doing himself a stocks of a sudden somebody is doing them it's what he's doing. But what. Truck trump is trump is constantly tweeting nonsense. He tweets or he he he you know he he tweets a rise it's not that he's being ignored you know and so on he tweets outright lies and people. We actually Dole's long as they say you can't. You if you you just can't keep saying stuff like that is just patently not true when I talked about opinions we're talking about factual statements that are not factual statement. OK General Motors too big to fail juvenile who's an adjustment recorded due I'm ceremonies and oh we're. Working class people be they white or black are too because. The unions. Outsource the good paying jobs and now diet like you'll I want to know how things went dead just that perhaps it was. I don't get it and then get why why why. Hoot interview what do you heard me say a dollar felt the so popular. I don't think he's popular. I know they. That prop eight they were talking elected president what happened putted it alone while. I get old Hawaii. You know but listen to what you just said you talked about you know are breaking the unions it's the Republicans have broken unions it was the Democrats about it. How come whenever it's something negative it's always. How come whenever something negative you always say both parties do it. There whenever something positive it's always good to Republicans to. They say it I think both parties are terrible aren't that bad aren't expecting quite gotten both parties of what they picked up about I'd give it ample. Yeah after years of Bill Clinton happened to be a Democrat. After years of Clinton we edit your support back at what happened to be a Republican. Basically. Put the base stopped. I would I'd expect in jobs board at its Clinton hit back after it here of all of a Republican. Bush to back it. We get it at the Obama gets when he or here it make then I'm not a big in the top you can protect your help we got out. And I'll bet that caught and well worked so we would cause the whole democracy. A lot. But here's what you don't. Where he knows what to do two things first out of our trump is is actually helping us to do that and I want you understand since you're clear about this most of those factories that were shut down we're not shut down because. I'll outsourcing. They were shut down because for the most part because of automation in other words automation was gonna shut down those factories anyway that's why would those companies set to repatriate. For those that did begin to repatriate your productive resources back to the United States it didn't really had to and new new jobs because those companies were are using automation to create more productivity with fewer workers. That's the reality you can't stop technologies you have to you have to adapt. So that's that's the reality blaming that on the Republicans are blaming them and Democrats is is barking up the wrong tree. Whatever whatever you want it to about ought there's some sort that it you know the new technology you know and I can view it however. What is the first thing straw and what you talk all agree with that aren't elitists are that he told or you wanna go to Canada and Mexico you keep your. Didn't start the practical he. Don't put your conditioning and that's what Americans out of work that you will double our investors and back to help you will not on the market. Ed I got that way it. I feel that your your your in the rent. Without recognizing that. Ford didn't actually closed down stuff in Mexico they kept what they had going on in Mexico they shifted some production. To the United States and other production is shifted to to Mexico General Motors just announcing going to be laying off. I'll somewhere between eight Herman a thousand you know workers because they don't have enough demands and for General Motors cars and so once I just want. I just want us to be focused on facts but I got Iran. Appreciate you know a huge amount of sort of talking next week we take our our our our last break. In that I wanna get to we've got four closing Oz we ever get to and it's Kevin. When you do celebration of your stick with us there was some senator break here think again thank. Again would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. 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If your vehicle isn't stopping like it used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the spring break fields event take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts do it right rebate and get a twenty dollar O Reilly gift card by mail would you buy a set of break best select pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. It's. All day every day. These skis Buffalo's home for ESPN radio on this. Here. All I. We got our lines are live that we had a lot. It's going on so let's get to our colors you'll quickness and what did you did you refers to programs run the program Kevin mammograms and Jerry are you doing out there. I Nathan I'm doing good I can't. I'm doing great. I'm glad I'm not in Damascus or thumbs up since. It merely illegal gatherings. Yeah well only thing I had to say is this you know war. It always I mean you know read the book is always. You get Lee into our culture really or planning. You're going to look at history that problem right. So what you look like. A war movement you mean daylight and and Atlanta wreck in a stand. I'm an exam papers and George W. Bush Cheney lately but everything on me actually. What do you really believe I mean I hit. Alfred with the general and and and and public. Purse what did you. It reminded me about the same old thing you really don't know controlling it which we are maybe a little bit as a and that's why you don't know. You really I mean you're really you're really don't know every carrier I joint called island. And I Ignatius think in the you know all the people that clear that there exit. Or what are things I want people to to try to focus on is. You know it's hard for us to filter you know what's true what's not true about you know trump and his generals and what they're saying it's. But fears of another aspect of this that seems to me to be important. Why is it that we need to despair that I think these these missiles cost like you know hundred million dollars a piece and one activities cruise missiles. You can fire 120 of these missiles for half in the order wherever Costa is you can fire. 500 B was 500000. Of these missile you fire 120. I've been into a country he just spent about 600. Million dollars or what what was that. So you'd be killing forty people in the chemical attack. That that precipitated this. Why was that so important but the 500000. People that were killed between 2013. And today. When those two were being killed how come we didn't need to mountain missiles to. Defend those people why is it more important to defend. People that died because of chemical. A tax. But not defending people that died because of cluster bomb attacks or other kinds of attack any amount and I by the aside administration that's. I mean didn't did your policy questions here that would guide our behaviors we passed more. Pertinent. I hypocrisy questions. And then senator ourselves on things that we at least felt we're we're true. That we could stand behind you can't stand behind you know these nebulous depictions of facts that you don't even know. How to assess the facts unity you don't really know what happened on the ground. Tactically in Toms and and I Damascus we're not gonna know that for a long time and we made it get the truth. At all you know entering what actually happened there. Like you say you know that is it's so horrible and yet who I like this question about them. They say it did it I mean maybe that maybe didn't put it that are quietly to see you can't be achieved. It would have to older that you are Great Britain France is gone that comment go. The whole world going to be as many you kill bit deeper into capital they're they're finished Iowa. Why do you keep does it because you did because he's been fighting the war remotely. Is a lot less taxing than fighting a war on the ground. So if you dropped chemical bombs from the air and you'd guess the whole bunch of people and then bringing your troops you gonna have less. Forced to fight. So I think they learned this from us that's how we fight wars you know we we do push foreign wars we don't fight on the ground. You know as much anymore but yep I got a rock I gotta give Jordan a circles who got a lot of calls and urgent important it is our. Our procedure was talking next week. Let me grab Ron first Barack Kevin Ryan Cheektowaga you do around. One that got almost no publicity the last couple is probably to the Syrians saying. But although trumps support than ever have always just been attacking about it the anti trade in terror effort. It has been dipped that this is disclosed through the secretary of trigger Utley was Wilbur Ross. It's said that Donald Trump after all the whining about trade agreements and about how terrible. Hillary Clinton was this year may initially supported the TPC. What you. Think any. They are I look busy acting magic especially the last couple looks like couldn't call it the guy who says he was a social Democrats had talked like with. From the ultimate the other guy out then. What do you think about that guys what do you think about you want to go back and it. And I got his stuff from. From 26 here and campaign. Yeah right being asked if that's what people are staying a step that racing still being raped me that's an Hillary Clinton's. What she saw me getting points from this issue all the sudden opposes that they'd they'd be loud he's back in the let's go back in the PPP. Good and this whole thing. He's broken every promise don't they didn't promise he's kept. Think it was sunny with a member of reforming health care system with. Get rid of obamacare repeal and replace it every but it would be covered beach. Cheaper to try to do that and and he was gonna. Not console security Medicare and Medicaid food stamps almost programmed to be protected because he knows how to manage a his budget that came out earlier this year which everybody ignored because Republicans are running scared. That caught all the programs massively hundreds of billions. The economic and another one you never heard of hundred best Obama last fiscal year 12 October 1 foray. 16 October persuades them that doubt that came at about 458. Billion is going to be over a trillion where these deficit hawks went all the people. What are probably better running these type deficit that's a direct result that is tax cut now. I'm not a guy who lives and indicted Jack emphasis that we don't live and die out all through the balanced budget but you can get this this is simple want nearly doubled it. It would work at a slow course as we were under Clinton to. Take that glove that was at the George H. W. Bush deficit of 800 billion. We got it down to a surplus low last year of Clinton's administration. And and we're we're on that route with Obama's second act that would feel bulk Boehner compromise which was still running under was not aware of the 2014. Since we've got a series of continual revolution we haven't had a one solid year budget the thing they just passed what they call kept saying the committee can call their budget is and other continuous. It was only one point three trillion right exactly. It added that the deficit because this is gonna comment over trend where Italy's deficit clock now. That's same old words and I still think that's the main reason the Paul Ryan. Quit he's gonna is it up quick after a January because of that it's just absolute. Incredible. But I wanted to order all this talk supportive of us do what they say about this PPP thing that he's going back into. I think you're right let's get on that I appreciate you run. Yeah absolutely give Kevin intelligent person and then we'll grab. I mean that write it to build that program John Calipari do out there. It didn't know about this article. Picnic at company three point integrate local court there we get rob Jim you work eat you know. And then gets beat Hillary and by the congress and in the picture really. You don't. Know it's a bit of but you know what the congress yeah. To be a you know that coach you did that contribute to. I would be to be under the other. Right and as you heard my point I mean this was not a Republican or democratic thing I'm saying that Mark Zuckerberg. Was willing to sell access to your in my information. He was gonna sell it to anybody. At whatever price he can get forward. And all of this mess about his so called you know business model. Is just us. Our subterfuge. His business model was he created the ability for these people to do it and then he's he he he he he's so that ability to pay. It did I even hit a I did blog about it. I was not a big does not Democrat or Republican. This is salesmen this is salesman with a product and people want about a price despotism as. And by we I'm I do and I don't doubt that goes through each hole they are right then you guys it's just and try to beat right. I'm sorry say that again I'm missing. A home. What was he objected to an energized from space. That's a good as your support corner street at that you can. Launching an all outside the wag the dog thing. Know what I what what what I didn't try to give my opinion about it I simply said that you're probably two sides to this story we're gonna hear today. Once silence and once I can look at as wag the dog and the other side is gonna look at it. As this was an appropriate thing you know to. There are psychological thing like Esther reed could me and make article prior are also members of trumpet come on spoke at. You sure you're that far but you are eagerly she won't strong. You don't trumpeter crystal and you know that break but they really are last week each state. In the east man he is completely unique is these it was no doubt. Including. The US and you know flight. Each season. You know I hear what you saying camera that's not what they mean remedied stay within me about it did not use of anybody deep state. 90% of the people that work for the federal government and for for that matter for any state or our county government or city government. Our super as an excuse me are our civil servants. They took a civil service exam. They're not it doesn't matter whether they're Democrats or Republicans they took a civil. They took excuse me they took a civil service exam. Those people get to state. What a Republican or Democrat wins and is the only due to control the appointed positions. You positions that are civil service and are controlled by the executive administration. Those people. That big hit Graham probably they keep their jobs they that's who he's were destinies were out of referring to. As the deep state he's saying that all the most people that work for government. Are Democrats and progressives and so that's just nonsense that's just that's just an outright lie well. It. Exactly all right thanks Thanksgiving and -- get done in Rochester I got a would have few minutes we can talk from the time John are you doing out there. A date and I'm good flyover country here in Rochester. Chester is not flyer regardless falsely. I don't failure Roger hasn't been to become the ridiculously sales of the uglier values is not say that. Well reality that I go to buffalo Eagles soar we county Genesee County ranch while hurt. That is not flying over currently those aren't thousands it is our right to our next door neighbors stop him. I guess I'd say flat or unlike Mallorca. And it'll certainly serious thing. I helped valid. I'm not gonna say I'm critical of what happened on in this response but. I've I agree totally here earlier callers who said why would this side. Do lists. In the Russians. To me it's national. On May be in the rub the rebels or are racists. We're trying to make them make a point and tried to put it we would re actually going after the wrong people that's what concerns me about it so we actually see. Truly given the good. What were his own logic in that aside would. I attacked or are you ask why would aside do a chemical attack so that we would go after the wrong people. Don't know I don't know there the reversed. These I think there's a possibility a shot in the Russians were side up by eight paces or so look rebel groups or who knows. All you think and you think it was an aside you think it was you know on my. Yeah I think the possibility because so many good side hit to what saloons and so there. The Russians did the last thing they need is number one aggression by are the number two home. I cannot do and I appreciate you Eudora or do you appreciate you let did a big 85 different chemical attacks. Since 2013. In the world. At least 90% of them have been done by the aside administration against his own population. This is not. You know some current organization that's dropping bombs on themselves as fast. I don't know what occurred occurred so I'm immensely it would be it would be sought the public. I'm just under the under is using them as an example if there's a terrorist in Syria it's it's Bashar Assad. He's the terrorist. And it they have evidence. Quote poor man but I'm. You know I'm sitting here in flyover country and who knows. So. I wanna get you what a slightly different issue. Hopefully you can work premiere this Michael Cohen is the lawyer or supposedly a lawyer for. President charm. Although I'm understanding that the courts. Are taking the position that. Although Michael Cohen is a lawyer. He was not practicing law in his relationship with Donald Trump he was doing other stuff that was not the practice of law. When he's being that he's easy and all of this stuff has been taken from him is telephones or difficulties these iphones and you know his on his computers and our staff is email has been taken from him. He's going from what I understand today when he is interviewed by the Mueller a Mueller investigation. He's going to plead the fifth. What's your thought about that. Well number number one how much they have Michael Cohen. Even though Michael. And are now accurately if you don't. Want trumps. Attorney during the camp he's in the Hewlett he was interviewed numerous I think the guys have a smaller guy is fired up. The courts say that he Nat. Practicing while he. And his plea he was out front. All into. Trapped attorney during the campaign for the campaign. An excellent campaign so the art are way way I don't know I and that's why does not support him to the equity in. Our I'm sorry John I got warmer caller came on but I knew you were gonna go there and find a way to majors made some kind of sense do you. Let's get mark real courts are we should we we shut it down mark are you doing out there. Lose any innate and then. I just got a or ram goes Garrett taking Matt's fifth at the end in you know to form Iraq. Former us secretary of state yeah fascism or warning. Or new book. We got to know that's that's that that's still do that took that doctor the lip of the cup that we're standing on right now. We're ready we can go either way but it looks. And Loeb what we if we get four more years this guy we're going to be right in T. Well I'm trusting the American democracy that there are more American people that have good sense I'm gonna react to the craziness they see going on right now. So mark I appreciate you we gotta get out get out now because they only payers for firfer of the hour or so well. We've got a run on thank all of you for octave and listening to continue supporters can afford to talk you all again next week. Here I think again they genius. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. Home.