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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, April 14th

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Welcome to think again with the L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031520. All right here we go thank you again and think again welcome to a terrible discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York. Still fighting the war on poverty now in our 52. Year in fact in just two months. We're gonna starter 53 year fighting the war on poverty each week we talk about issues and events and trends affecting you right here right now in buffalo Norse in your community and in fact. Connect you to communities all across the country. I'm your host elderly can hear presidency on the community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESPN. 15:20 AM on your job from 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Not cities program his lines she'd call and you can join our discussion of the two will our number here again is 8031520. That's 8031520. I guess I got three core points or more try to get through in today's program first. Will corruption be their downfall. Of the trump administration's second. The Affordable Care Act continues to survive despite everything that stroke and Republican administration has done and continue to do. To try to exterminate. Finally. Private prisons. Should they be considered. Unconstitutional. I don't know we'll get almost done today were gonna make an attempt I took my first. Far from. On this issue of corruption. From an article written by Paul Waldman called the trump presidency on track to becoming the most corrupt in US history appeared in the Washington Post. On January 16. And it's revealed itself so what's gone on since that time. What we found is that as examples. Are truck paid me or worse his surrogate. Katie performs porn star 130000 dollars in hush money to keep her acquire. Foreign governments corporations and trade associations and patronizing Trump's properties. In violation of released an apparent violation of the Moly it's clause in the constitution. Review by a bus feed. Of all Trump Organization condominium sales since 19101980s. Shows that. Thirteen hundred sales made by the trump organization of condominiums. Totaling one point five billion dollars. Were made in cash. By an anonymous shell companies. These two characteristics. Cash. Not anonymous shell companies. Signal usually. That the buyer is laundering money. Excuse me the Treasury Department has said in a series of state statements since 2016 and just see you and see what I mean about laundering money. If you make your money in drug sales are. It's theft or whatever it is you do you steal money YouTube use you illegally acquire money you can't show that money on any record you can't put money into the bank. You you know you can't let anybody know that you've got their money because somebody within wanna know where the money came from an aggregate view into legal difficulty. So what you do is you take your cash from crime and you go by real property. Then you may you may pay more than that real property is worth. Then you turn around and sell that real property let's say you get fifty or 60%. Return. It means that you take a 100% illegal money that you can't show you can't reveal to anybody. And you turn him into 56% of their value has legal money. That's what money laundering is all about and that's what appears to be going on in the trunk enterprises. According to an investigation by USA today. Trump's companies sold more than 35 million in real estate in the year 2017. The first year that trump presidency. Mostly the secretive shell companies. That obscure buyers identities the use of these shell companies exploded. One stroke became drum up Republican nominee. For president prior to that time 4% at his house sales were to these are shell companies in cash. Once he became lead the the Republican nominee 70%. Of his condominium sales were in cash from these anonymous. Shell companies. Trump's son Eric claimed that his foundation called. I cure activity was holding fund raising events at trump properties for free when in fact curative lead paint. March from properties over 150000 dollars to host these events. Money that went directly either in Trump's pocket or into accounts that were controlled by Donald Trump. Foreign governments in countries where trump owns or is. Building properties have donated public plan approved permits and ease environmental regulations for trump branded. Our development. In the old days you know when quote unquote America was great. We used to call this graft using the offices of government for financial gain whether through bribery or other means. We also talk about. Not corruption in a broader sense than encompasses non financial doing as well obviously. Richard Nixon is a classic example him participating in the authorizing of the break in of the Watergate. Complex was not a financial. Op our wrongdoing but it was clearly are. You're preparatory error our wrongdoing. What distinguishes from from all his predecessors is the fact that you won't barely conceals. His intentions. That's not to mention that the Republican tax bill could barely have been designed better to maximize the benefits to trump himself. Particularly the dramatic our archive. In my taxes on pass through companies which will be worth tens of millions of dollars to the president. Because of Trump Organization is essentially a collection are hundreds of passers. I'll pass through a company's. Trump has set a tone. That conflicts of interest and no big deal. Ethics are for losers. And you should grab all. Are you usually grab what you can't. Historian Robert Dallack put it in in these terms. He says like Nixon trump has created a culture in his administration in which people feel comfortable with corruption. Trump himself emotionally complete indifference. To democratic norms to rule of law. And accidentally pretty clear signal to the people beneath him. Going on Jonathan Shay you know in an article on corruption not rush is terms. Greece political liability in the daily intelligence intelligence or quotes Donald Trump in a statement during a 2016. Presidential campaign. We're trump says my whole life. I've been greedy greedy greedy. Grab all the money I can get I'm so greedy. He told you who he walks. He'd hidden Heidi he's this is why am. And the people in this country hired isn't anywhere. Exactly but even be an even filing for bankruptcy was a part of his greedy news. In the sense that. He refused to pay back people really borrow money from so much so that he couldn't get loans in the United States has start giving loans outside of the country. And we think many of those loans were financed through interest that are controlled. By the Russian government. Trumps racism and misogyny for example. I just talk about who this fellow is. Perfectly apparent in 2016. Did not dissuade voters to abandon him the Russian scandal. Is. May become convoluted and too abstract. Offer many of the voters to be able to wrap your minds around. The reports about. Trumps affair with stormy Daniels and other. Women during the course of his early. Mirrors with Milan your truck. Even the possibility that he hired goons to keep stormy Daniels quiet. Didn't disillusioned trumps supporters because they heard about all that and they hired him already knowing that tax to kind of person that he is. Trucks core proposition to the public it was a business deal if he became president he would make them rich he would make America great. That. The fact that truck was able to reduce to present he just presidency to such. He Kress exchange for seeking such niceties as simple decency and respect for the rule of law exposed. Terrifying weaknesses in the fabric of American democracy. There is a law of American politics that may possibly I'm not sure doctors are I don't know we've gotten as low. As we can as we can go in America but. There is a law at least in my understanding of American politics that may still ring true for those who support Donald Trump. To be out for yourself. It's probably the single most disqualifying. Flaw a politician can man. Now. That's what we have believed I don't know that that's actually true because truck. Basically says that's who he is Larry Kudlow trump just hired as a an economic advisor. In 2016. Professed that tranches surround himself with successful. Are translated rich. People on the theory that wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption. While the graft and opportunism that swirls through the senior. Official ranks are of this administration. Set what Carlos. Asserted on fire. There's so much more can get to I can't get all of the stuff right now lobbyists are seated in every agency of the government. Appointed by Donald Trump. Regulating their former employers and designing. Rules that favor bosses over employees. And business owners over consumers but the problem a former government officials being paid by. Foreign governments has been superseded by the far larger problem of current government officials being paid. By foreign government this is just way over. The horizon. One we get our our calls are going now we're trying to pick the rest of our. Our points as we go along what's it tell me first mammogram ray and hammers Torrey are you doing out there. Wonder why they did just that might birds and am happy to get to. Help. The if you're quite. They're getting we're. Getting from the White House is a critical criminal and a bite I got what we. Light that was at the presidency is it mainly on the presidency. And a lot happening here. A lot better that there's I didn't. President agenda you'll get out of that. Yeah teaching kids. On it's it's good at it and that's exactly what. I'd pro wouldn't let our environment. Making it so everything is that was kind of what is it out why and how calling it would be dumped that they were immersed. 400 people at. Could be apple is sacred Indians to being mentally at all against company. Actually. Violate a lot like taking a trip to support that lobbyist he was actually backed deal. Paint that beat out an odd and you know they. Right right it was only your six week least comedian paper that. Well here here's Stephanie. What an hour by the federal government spending a lot of it is servers. Picture not the opportunity in I brought your position. Cabinet officials and the only day during Obama's administration. Well our top active pro at how well there appreciate being said why can't stop in the trial. Yeah. How many that officials like. Put their money and stop in the lots. I doubt that they did net. Never did that. He would know he would everything. About being the president. It appears that you hit it about. I've heard it's been running quite that simple. I mean it like it's Saturday morning. Public statement. A thousand troops on the border. Okay. Hi and I bet that that the 2000. I am for a thousand President Obama at 12100. Mile Border Patrol agents. Right. Date saying that the people. And the statement. That it would be on the basis. Against the principal. Kyle top economic. At turn. Dot economic. Dunlop netstat 1879. Were. And then can't edged out the light. Central oops. It's in the constitution. And it. And the only authorization party or comfortable congress outreach tool. A lot. It's actually eight. First to see. Congress just do. Like I think that my question actually you don't want them that you lenient. Supply and acumen and talent Asian. I don't bitch at the end of this money Umpqua. They're gonna take her own. Right that that's a good point Tony because what what he said last night. Was that he was gonna take the money out of the Japan Defense Department that it was gonna pay for these troops on on the border. The problem with that is you're in a budget you know budget year are ready more than half its ups and months into a budget year. Where something else has to be our our killed. In order if you spend you know the kind of money you need to be able to pay for 4000 troops you know being diverted to the border. I am according to its. Did that we have Obama into account that a little member name is. Stupid person I've ever seen in my life. I mean that he can't answer yep there's no question. Yeah on top of well actually got a camera and support coming from the front doors you remember that excused. That's why. Because he'd come every year. Uttered in a desert there's definite downturn in immigration on those Larry and this particular group. Out like go to Asia and what style matchup ultimately dispersed. And that old and archaic and I at force. And there are actually American. Reporters. There are embedded with those. People that were coming in that that group that's on car care of there were down there talking to people meeting would be so we know everything is going on with the group these are not you know I am 1500. You know our actions I hope. And then it will spell out his group and this statement but agree that person according to drop. They've just been. Like that I had no idea what that the government Diddy I'd just how. He said quote unquote up has stopped as little balance of taxpayer dollars. Well I'd gotten support from. He knows nothing will stop as. And it hit an independent practiced and 1980. Guy. And it added to our every bit as it doesn't sound money. What's it like this ever since the United States government. Has not hit the United States stopped. At eight. And did an additional two in addition that the Republicans and a measure passed that required to post office to pay. It's going 75 years in the future to all of the anticipated retirement are. Fontana and exactly. Who in the world who do business model like. I guess the topic but mr. Powell. As a preacher college life. Well let's let mr. partly why he has this president and a three trillion dollars. To our national bat. And million dollars. National debt. And relaxed I got my diet. I just watched AM until like. The IP so who. Got this storm. I had a bit. Parts are luckily. Itself pointed out that they have pop out and has let it cool eclectic. I and maybe. At least as a statement. While I wanna hear that. And here's what they the president. And polite he had a lot about this agreement. You not think about anything look at it makes you agreement. And he. Can't. Looking at it I wish it don't priority. And that's what I exactly. I call it not been my henchmen. Are. We don't know who got sick at my yours. Now. The thanks Charlie appreciated there would talk to during the course of the week. While we take our first break him get re on a given some good time since you all stick with us are who was in a seven to break here I think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value or do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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Does your dog it scratched anchor shed like crazy come to dynamite for help order a ninety day supply of dynamite bigger two bottles of liquor jobs at the third bottle free. New improved liquor jobs for the mega a six a mega three by many and now six extra director at micro Beatles. Even better that I just attract an immune system and dogs look at try the good shots by to give 13 this is Henry the pathetic productive. DYNLVIPO. Capital. All day. Every day peace is Buffalo's home for yeah. It didn't look. I got a call from Mark Burnett he did the events this season and bring them. We did not like coach this is sail alone and until Buchanan. Didn't use. This raises a walk on the moon there were unbelievable. Over eighteen. Million people and it was about us. They have taken it out the fake hasn't quite been. It out. So that was right. And then. The girl mr. fake news himself that. They're real quickly religious is something introduce a thought on the Affordable Care Act more than eight point eight million Americans signed up for the Affordable Care Act. Health plans for 2008. Through 2018. In the 39 states relying on the federal health care darker room where a web site despite an enrollment season that was cut in half. Other moves by the trumpet administration to undermine the law's insurance marketplaces. The numbers include an all time high for the number of new clues consumers signing up. In a single week for the seventh and final sign that week ending December 15. The report says four point one million people had signed up for coverage or have been automatically renewed. Federal health officials had previously said the automatic renewals would not take place until after the federal marketplace is enrollment on deadline. The one million new customers who picked up health plans last last week. Come in the last week compares with the previous. One week record of just under 900000. Dollars two years ago or 900000 people two years ago. This remarkable result given the administration's efforts to sabotage enrollment by cutting and gutting out outreach. Creating chaos and confusion. Cutting out subsidies for low income families and shortening the enrollment period. According to representative Frank Pallone. Democrat of New Jersey. The administration cut by ninety purse percent federal spending on advertising and other outreach activities to urge consumers to sign up. I got cut off funding for enrollment navigators by about two fifths. In spite him. We've seen record almost record numbers are our assignments. For the off renewal of the Affordable Care Act let's give god. All the beautiful and original Greek again I know sometimes it just have. A little bit issue here but if you can't get in on Halo 3 fifteen Tony that's 8031520. You can call 8030321. They don't 303238030324. Or 8031546. Regional more time. If he can't give in on you don't 315 point. Call 8030321803032380303248031546. I'll let you know what I forgot just just to mention that because we got all of these. Sort of preannouncement you know from the so called you know Republicans advertising. Our media buy matches then we also got him on CNN and so on that they expected the jobs report to be very robust. Robust means it was going to be over 200000. Were good. I met order job numbers. 1151000. Can you imagine. When Obama and a month we only get a 1151000. Jobs. They need is that the economy was in recession and so it was just a complete. Are terrible thing to talk about a 115. Thousand new jobs under the mutual administration. As if this is continuing a sign of robustness in the economy. Let me Graham. A 103 com or not I don't know under 15103. New jobs. I'm just a good point right so let's Gregory and Amber's real quick and it is not a kept on race are you doing. Good morning. Good a year for the eight bit windy we came up with that. This is to win this. I went up yesterday morning Anders ditto when it came emanated. Had in my bush used with the arbitration that would pit barbecue tongs and but I didn't cash. From there Francisco where that figure it. It windy and believe it. Indeed. Some content. On my gosh we been had senior bush is you know in these. So. Educated at that simple music that's like some. Stormy Daniels and zero. Like I likes stormy wind and I like storming would. Okay let's get it merger are subject she reported that pulls up. And now. Now now I think I think what we should be talking about it this Chinese trade war that's going on here. The trade what do they swears not taking place. Yeah. True. It is and I think this is what what happened in this week in and the American people are really fed up with this. She. Chinese goods coming into the country for so many years and put people out of work. Where's it. The way the rest of this. Everything else is just extraneous. Noise. For this to this issue because that's where the American people. Elected trump now that trumped supporter now met with the social Democrat not a narrow trump supported military support him aren't. I I don't support trial as an individual. As far as the the trade issue is concerned. I think they were making a mistake. Number one. By putting a large tariff on steel imports. That's not gonna prevent. That's not gonna cause American oil companies to get more share of the market because only about 6%. Of steel imports to the United States come from China so putting a tier fund that is not gonna create. You know they are on a larger market share while for the for America. What is gonna do was is gonna put burdens on our European out there are other allies now the exempted those European countries. In Japan and salon if they exempt them from the terrorist then there's gonna be almost no effect of these these terrorists and also this is some distance. You know starting a fight you know putting up your dukes and and not throwing any punches. So that's that that's that's out of it now trumpets talking about another hundred billion dollars. Our tariffs on a variety of other goods that are sourced from other countries that come into the United States to consequence of that is likely to be. That the countries that are affected are going to increase the terrorists on American goods coming into. It into them. And so what we end up doing is hurting ourselves what I would suggest. Not if if it were me operating a policy of the country is to figure out ways to make. American goods more competitive if you gonna cost these taxpayers' money anyway. Why not take the taxpayer money that you were going to lose. I'm because of what you're doing and and and it's instead. Use that money to make the American companies to American companies and at that that that make American. Our products to make them more efficient. So that they can produced the goods at a lower cost while still keeping the air. Employees. That would be a way for you to keep our money circulating within the United States. When I think he'll America first it says to me that we should be building our economy about a round what meets the needs of American consumers. Through American sourced goods and services if we operate from that platform. Can only sell surplus outside at a country will be fine. We we generate something in the area. Top ten to a lab and our billion. Barrels of oil a year I think that's all I'm saying that right. Pop up out of oil. And yet we only a man in Wimbledon more than that and yet we we sell. Three or four. I. A billion barrels of those oils overseas. And then import oils from you know from from somebody else that's just crazy why aren't we just taking. It is crazy Eddie this. I don't think you can be efficient when you're dealing with countries where you'd like Mexico you got five dollar day. Wages and in China Vega. Which. A dollar an hour. You can't be efficient at that rate. But we can be. But we can may we can make ourselves more competitive in this way. What we can do is we can treat the American companies who have shifted auto production. Too low low wage countries like Mexico. And then sell that stuff back to the United States is if they were American companies would no tariffs on and we should say no that doesn't work anymore. Yeah. Either there you go that you get when you get 25%. Tariff on American cars going into China. And you backed currency manipulation going on that there is out of their air field is this as well as support trump I'm on the trump supporter now from it was a social democratic. And I'm gonna reform. And and and I think you to open the American people with me just extraneous noise. The out. Aren't ray were we we I have a right to have our own positions and whatnot you know I can't be a single issue person. So a person who does so many militias horrible things who may do a particular thing that I am OK where's. Can I I can't let one thing truck dozens of things that person is doing. You nervous there are correct just remind me of a broke clock keeps the correct time twice today. So that's my view of that went to grad Kevin and penalty and get his thoughts. Kevin are you doing out there are good you probably haven't heard from the. Now. Here's a slew of what you said. Since then again you know. I haven't heard from for little ones loaded you been doing. He's just really didn't. They have as that you've got people think does Schumer let's not screw. Up they're not good at all. Here are. You going to accept that the American people. Rule from two years ago there was not a cloud over it except I just don't like. And she did mine. The majority of Americans did not vote for Donald for three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton and voted for Donald Trump. He did win the electoral. You know. Air but you know something else to it that the industry should you eat your heart horrible parity here had a horrible legacy. Ali and into your pocket he hasn't horrible legacy that cheated on breeding a you guys were so public action. On a pretty great I mean. I don't know where it where it where you Dora where it is or a very. Ugly kid lets out it was Kevin Cameron. Let's let's actually be honest and are thinking the Republican Party. And it's. People some of whom were 41 person who was a candidate and Republican Party some more work for another candidate in the Republican Party and so on. All of those people. May up the apparatus. Of the Republican Party itself so how you used the Republican part of to get access to enrollment. List you know to arm. A voter preference our roles and things like that. You know all had to come through people who were Republican Party regulars that's who makes up the Republican Party. So of course they're gonna be people in the Republican Party. Who were supporting Donald Trump some were for supporting our Pawlenty some horrible were supporting someone else and they would have correspondents at top like. Willie your democratic party of course you have people that were Hillary Clinton fans you know the people that were Bernie Sanders fans you know the people were somebody else to stand. And they supported those people they did stop being fans of whoever was that they were supportive just because. They were are all members of the party machinery who did the you know vote tallies who sent out mail he you know and that sort of stuff so of course you could find people you know in the Democratic Party. Who said things were favorable to Clinton and who said things were not favorable. To Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders wasn't even a Democrat he was a social Democrat he wasn't a member of the Democratic Party. Yep and a leash speed and I mean just to cannot serviceman Tutu who and to make sure that you don't you don't. You know total what some of your years your sort of Democrats enemy. Cohort. All I'm saying is that that that political parties operate like political parties to act like they don't act they don't like they don't operate like the amount. They're not functions of government to political part Republican Party the Democratic Party degree party etc. they're not functions of government and our civil servants. They're private organizations. So to sit here and say that. There's something corrupt about the fact that. A member of a private. Corporation. Supported another person who's a member of the private corporation as opposed to a separate person. Who was a member of a private corporation makes no sense this is just to Republicans trying to make something out of nothing and getting people like you to buy and it script. This is Vegas is a nonsense. This is a nonsensical narrative that is just crazy. We approach at the convention you sort of start that he did ignore it went. Don't try and it'll cut social forward. I mean let's airport authority are all people we're just fortunate. To vote. For trump didn't have a following before he he he he announced that he was gonna run. Would trump ran on. Is a campaign. That when he talked about America first when he was talking about wasn't was keeping a miracle why begin. Why why nationalism. That's that's what he ran on what let's look at the people that are around him. Steve abandons the Stephen Gillers and so on it this is this is who made up the war of his or are up his base. Which comes to merit more same. If you eat even old man whose support what you or I mean you know it is. Are you are you trying to suggest to me that trumps core base is not white nationalist. Is that what you're trying to suggest to me are you telling me that you're reading the newspapers you were following what's going a lot going on. And you do not leave you do not recognize. They're trumps primary bases corps base is. White Nationalists or American nationalist. You're gonna tell me that's not. Our young minorities. Either it is currency and Sarah activists. It is of course in order to note that was the first of all nuclear assault on pedestals for arm. You know it is a golf course. And he was among the K he was among the continuing glad that the continuing people that deny black people the ability. To rent apartments in his in his apartment complexes. How does that. What do you mean how that's that's a court record he was sued over this not once but 43 or four times. Took two dollars and tortured or patience. Again I don't know what you mean by that by that term I'm simply taking your statement. You asserted because Donald Trump allow water to black people to play golf as his. His golf course that that's somehow mean something which you set aside the fact that Donald Trump was assumed. Two or three times over his denying. It wasn't just him. I Jared Kushner also sued for denying African people the ability to rent apartments in his apartment complexes. Well I think we would be if I ever told you three years man. The track throughout the deputy Democratic Party and Republican parties. The there are pretty political parties created the air and coats start staring at a formal or stroke. Okay and if you door except that just look at the tip your chicken history with the clintons. You know this is this to get these are human history we if you couldn't do whatever you can do if you think about being speak to do. Ten times more steroids but we don't. All right we're relieved that right can pick certain things government. Kevin doesn't make allude to appoint enough probably guess that is to match before that my father. And tell me when I was young he saves you on elected government that you want. You get the government that you deserve and I think that makes Gibbons for that let's dredge area where senator real. Silas Graham or Jerry Obama second route to take a last break in and really give you some time so. Oliver you the numbers again. It's 803032180303238030324. Or even at 31546. That's if you're not able to get on 8031520. Number that's our regular number eight at 31520. So again. If you're not able to get an army to free 1520. Caught 80303218030323. 8030324. Or 8031546. Who was inside and a break here think again think again would. Do you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. 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Has been pursued as a solution for strained state budgets others view them is no better or worse than public institutions. These are wrong considerations much more important. Are private prisons constitutional should be exist at all in the United States. I mean we found for example that separate but equal you know I can't be in the law in this country until something happened. Experience. Experience demonstrated that separate but equal was alive because it did not actually work private prisons the country was. Are incarcerating ever larger numbers of our our our people and was pushing. The privatization of governmental functions. By 2012. The federal government had 31 states contracting with private. Pop pop pop pop prism contractors. Our growth is this is the Corrections Corp. of America. Are bragging about themselves they said our growth. Is generally dependent. Upon our ability to obtain new contracts in development managed new correctional and detention facilities. Factors that we can't control including crime rates in sentencing patterns in various jurisdictions and acceptance of a privatization. Affect our business model. And so it's as when it becomes profitable. For you huge corporations and their political allies to put people in prisons. We will put more people in prisons. These corporations already command twenty year contracts in Arizona that guarantee payment for 90% occupancy. If they're being. I guarantee. I'm 90% occupancy and he's private prisons doesn't that mean it is going to be 88 correction system it's gonna be focused on trying to put. Enough people in those prisons to make up that 90% occupancy rate. The Corrections Corp. of America pitches itself as a unique. Investment opportunity and as I value the existing prisoner market think about this what does not leasing that's what we're saying. Corrections corporation America pitches itself. As a unique investment opportunity. And has value the existing prisoner market at seventy billion dollars. This is what's going on here. That the taking of life and liberty to our criminal justice system is an inherent. Governmental responsibility. In. Court decisions. And I think I have this one real quickly. The Supreme Court ruled many decades ago in Tommy vs Ohio that judges compensation cannot be based on the fines they Levy. Because such a system of financial reward for rusty integrity of the justice system. That is exactly what's going on and as privatization of prisons let me grand jury first that would give Brian in town want to. Jerry Jerry are you doing out there. I'm doing great hopefully I'm making some sense here. I make in the latter and Charlie make. That's while it was yeah yeah yeah. Well we're glad calling it per out there and Amber's you know I think that's a good thing. Can I feel out of virtually. Nature preserve my properties randomly eating animals. It's actually got to duke again dollar. We as humans is destroyed so much. They're sure resource poor etiquette is animals that we should do something don't try to help them. Crazy thing you know. I got neighbors around airedale legalization for all those horrible chemicals those police no real big chemical trucks they cammarata you know. I try to talk to let you know Ali gluten every day at Goodyear is so cool and everything or kill everything. It is. So mostly been on you know I try to set an example for mission look alike are all natural generic Democrat is that a lot of trees and bushes the law. Everything is credible disability gotten candidate be it and you know it out till everything is sort you don't have the weaknesses that was a business that was created I mean. People in this country had a little. At least 3040 billion dollars a year just brain though. And everybody wonders why they have cancer and all these other diseases like cancer it. RE diseases. I'd be it quickly Ali who is that they never had before and they wonder why they got my whole life and they just sold. And then made a bit variety beat at destroy your interest or just. It's it's unbelievable that our economy in this country and the bad. Early and really get. A war against chemical we got. We get there at the local Communist sickle or a little bit. I mean should they should go and just go crazy but anyway. One of the big points I want to make is we have a president now is did want to destroy what little we have left in this country. Little initial resource as we have up to me that's what you were you know I'll also the I had this little world looking. Even rocket ignited a stagnate as they say that it won't be long introduced sixty years from now we don't change course dramatically. And they're doing thing different we're gonna you know a lot of credit the guys that we just didn't. That they're growing popular. It because we're in general. Well again over certain glee and now they have eight and I can. The highest twelve billion dollars but it are a welcome back a billion people way to look at this century. And it and it cannot explain it so we got a president and of protecting. What we can't left. And of course fresh water is probably the most importantly Patrick or so left. Maybe 11 and a half percent we get it still because searching glaciers and Irish get out where it didn't go to protecting. What little we have left is destroying it in the name pocket. I quickly put in charge these agencies are good the PPP eight what you gotta make it. Scott. I don't hope life is located at destroying the EPA eight deregulate. So he hires somebody to lead agency that guy whose whose goal in life is a destroy the agency. Actually dusk and it's all in the name of profits help people just why can't lick people that wanna get richer. On the big picture working people and there out there willing to destroy. What do everything on the planet a little bit we can't left in order to do it at what what went through the next generation bill. I felt I felt sorry for the next generation because. We unfortunately are going to be handing them a real mess. I'm I'm I'm hoping that this generation of young children that were woken up by what happened in Parkland even though. This may be sort of a narrow cart you know. The youth. The big got the attention of a lot of people people saw them as. Like. Not just victims but people that should not have been victims and I think that's what provoked. A lot of Americans and then they'd be and so strident in their support. That period the jury refusing to air fervor are throughout the youth population in the country and it's not just the youth it appears that. Something in the area 44% of the people that have come out of these demonstrations. Were people that were fifty years of age and older. Yeah so Gerri I got to work cause I got to grab during the segment someone let it go and right what we're trying to pick up on this next week let me get Bob Bryan and Tom on the first mammogram. I believe these are John that other John right so while. Any town along are you doing. All of outlook live image and not a girl we're always in the village religion we wake up there we're living. It. Could outlaw it I'm there for our caller on the posters up there are awful. And particularly whether it's I'd slide negate your opinion counts on. So which rob requesting service members or protect the border. I always thought about this I think as well. I would like in your opinion on on what. A better use all of states such as members be helped rebuild. And the structure that is held. Breaking out. America like I was in the Marine Corps and a lot of my time was spent sorting. Supplies that it sort of debate before. So let someone call answer and you wanna rebuild. Am our bridges our and I applied jumped on the. Hendry to secure the border minority that. I agree with the basic premise of that I would organizing in a slightly different way. If he's studied what takes place in a country like Israel. When you get done with high school you don't go directly to the university. You go into other two years of military service or two years of civilian service. All paid for by the deed to the Israeli Department of Defense so you go through boot camp you know and all that stuff but instead of necessarily going into. A a military role you would go into a community service role if you wanna go on to the military. I think that if we organize ourselves that way when accomplish what you just talked about. You get millions of people in the country. Who are first learning how to be Americans. Becoming socialized into a cons concept of what it means to be apart of sort of the American team of citizenship. And then using everybody to either perform military service directly. Or perform community service. Under the same cloak. Are being a part of the defense of the interest that a country. That you could work on these infrastructure projects you can work on supporting schools you can work on on whatever you know. Structured campaigns you wanna work on that are in the public domain. And I'm not necessarily products that you produce for sale in the country does that make sense to you. Yeah that that dog and I was thought about that as well like that would help bring unity America and make us more American bonuses helped her defense. Let me give about six weeks of your life to go through boot camp or eight weeks of her boot camp is. In order for us to become sort of I'll socialized into a similar framework of what it means to be a part of the civilian. Force of America as a community of people. I think that that's worth it to us that if the debt that's gotta be worth it. I think you're here you onus on them and that's something we should be working. I always thought the moment I never they had somebody Smart to run but it's so effective. All right I appreciate you Brian keep listening. Let's let's grab John in Rochester and then we'll grab other John and buffalo big John are you doing. They're doing good nature and it's been a number leaks they have the quality Bolden. I. I don't know if you are elite sports fans like a lot. A leading all the knowledge and gag rule still in. And that they get a good year in year. I'm called on flyover country and I gotta say you brought the issue the president and whatever. The last statistics site saw as a crime rates there down the United States and you bet that the increased population in Portland so keep. Keep incremental improvement we need more presence. I'm pretty sure if I'll I'll. It if you look at the numbers of people imprisoned the increases in in in in in the rate of people being imprisoned. And you look at the decrease in the primary you'll find those or not. The same slopes OK so so so what what one is not one is not gods are on dependent on and on the corollary to reach out. Well they are but low Poole who pointed next topic the legacy of cancer it was in the context at all well there are millions of companies out there that benefited from military troops police small companies like mine are. Seriously I mean it was a big boost to corporate America and I'm talking small corporate America all still so all of that would definitely apostle who won't blow up the trump textile. So I'm pretty sure choke things like that because he's got 500 pass you companies and he's created. Then all of them get to benefit from this pass through legislation. While these American citizen also that you I think I read recently totally out. Sorry what do you know Biden went to China when he was vice president. This is solid and in John Kerry's side started eighty. All companies. Are they're benefiting get a one point five billion dollar contract like two from from China. Two weeks after Biden's visit to China and also to beat a nonpartisan here. Mitch McConnell. I've gotten involved with it easily it is why east family are Chinese. It and or benefited from these huge contracts and I know it's unbelievable the option out there. There's more to do know that John Kerry doesn't have a son so that that could map feature. Well well so it's fine since there's no place is what you saw saw soldiers are so. Anyway I think at one point five billion dollar. Hat trick from the Republic of China. Nobody. Can master button he can actually knew what Biden to China and the same place. John John John John nobody nobody home nobody in the United States is saying it's illegal for you to have. They are contract with a prom private entity in inch or even Republicans tea in China about it that's. My point is let's try and get to trumpet kill all the time because what was company's recent as well. There were small place so that's that's my point. OK that's good point. All right thanks John we're gonna pick this up next week really got a minute left so when they grab the John and buffalo did get some response and the other John are you doing. Pretty well they've been pretty well all right a couple of quick points. Not only did extremely more people. War Hillary and then the principal. And that it might have voted for him. Word content by Russian propaganda. I think they've missed that point at literate otherwise they relative that they. Like banker. And they should be ashamed to acknowledge. Which is quite evident now. But he's oh as a smugglers that is basically running a criminal enterprise take a look at what the rocks. Is. There like what losses are over navigator holdings which is doing business workflow sort of law. Right. So let's eat immediately should be John big John here is that Wilbur Ross is doing business with Vladimir Putin's son in law. So are you worried about Joseph Biden's you know having some kind of a contractual relationship with you know somebody in China what about the situation and let. A exactly right I mean this is this is completely preposterous and trump himself is is using the presidency to line his pockets yeah. Without a doubt. What did trump tell us when he was still running for president he said I'm greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy I want all the money I get all I can't. He told us that going and so. We absolutely do that and the dummies disregard it. Yep absolutely. All right good John I appreciate you there. We'll we'll catch up with you next week Carl little bit earlier in the program re talking a bit more this so much out here you know for us to be able to you ought to talk about. It's just important that we continue to talk. There's one thing she should not be afraid of and that's facts. We should all be really willing to hear the facts we can put whatever analysis on the facts we want who we should at least agree on the facts. I appreciate all of you look forward to talk you all next week here I think again pick against CR makes me. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again. He.