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Saturday, March 3rd

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that they don't 31528. All right here we go think again think again. Walking toward trouble discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty. Now in our 52 year. Each week we talking about issues and events and trends affecting you. Right here in right now in buffalo in the west in your community and in fact can it can be communities all across the country. I'm your host Al they can hear present CEO of the community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESPN 15:20 AM when you're down from 11 o'clock twelve noon each week. Now today's program his lines he call and you can join our discussion of that you will. Our number here again is 8031520. That's 80315. Torre. Of course we got a lot of stuff you know that's come up you know. Terror sooner or. The other gun control thing I just wanna I wanna try to focus on three or four things first. Why does Jared Kushner have any security clearances at all just put a postage stamp. My second point is I told you so. How that tax cut bill will only minimally spur the economy. But it will maximum we put money in the hands of those people who already have a lot of money. They want to talk again about true gun control we really mean it. There are things that we can do that other people have done that will reduce. The incidents if not completely wipe out the incidence. Of mask our guard shootings in our country. The last thing I wanna try to get too weak to get to opt out through this program. It is a little understanding about this this terror thing in their work. Our president. Wants to raise the terror foreign steel by 25% of them women by 10%. We'll talk about that as we go along so quickly arm Jared Kushner. I guess my question is there or from my observation is and this comes from an article by Jesse Drucker. Christians and read our business received loans after White House meeting. Or meetings. Kushner reportedly sought to establish a Covert back channel. I'm with Moscow. On he would acknowledge the long after the fact his contacts. We've been Russian ambassador to the United States are surging markets react. He he tried to establish his back channel to EV. I US surveillance that's not our characterization that's his own words. He also met with the head of a Russian banks under US sanctions had this discussion went on reported offer months. He attended in June 9. Not 2016 meeting with the Russian. Described as a government lawyer privy to Moscow's efforts to denigrate. Hillary Clinton and take advantage from. Our Christian was intent to allow his wipe out White House colleagues to make liars themselves as he left himself open to being compromised. Our by the permanent I was. Who almost certainly. I knew the truth about the things that truck cushion was lying about. In another article by Jesse Drucker talks about Josh where errors. They founder of Apollo global management having met on multiple occasions when Jared Kushner. Apollo on land. A 184. Million dollars. Two on Christmas family real estate firm. And even larger loan came from Citigroup. After he met it's a series of times. With. How officials at Citigroup. And Citigroup I'll let one of rock questioners partners. 325. Million dollars to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn. That loan was made in the spring of 2017. Shortly after. Kushner met in the white house with Citigroup's. Chief executive Michael Corbett. This is exactly why senior government officials don't maintain any active outside business districts or business interest. According to John Fox former acting director of the Office of Government Ethics. During the Obama administration he said that the appearance. Of conflicts of interest is simply too great. On the I told you so front. Sharpen the Republicans told you that the tax cut bill would be. The biggest in history which it was not. And then they told you that it would jumpstart the economy thirsty economy that was already near full employment. And having growing you know for the past it has been going for the past. Eight years every single year. GDP the last quarter I was already 2.5 per and 2.5 percent growth rate. But an article by Matt Phillips companies use savings from tax cuts to bond to buyback of own shares. This is the cornerstone. President Donald Trump promised that his tax cut would encourage companies to invest in factories workers in wages. Sitting Arafat's spending spree that would reinvigorate the American economy as if it needed to be reinvigorated. But so far companies are using much of the money for something with a more narrow benefit. Buying their own shares. In the company purchasing its own shares is a time tested way to both bolster its stock price. Basically three principals operate one overall growth is not nearly as important as as growth per share. Two when a company reduces the amount of shares outstanding. By declaring a stock buyback buyback program. Each of the shares remaining become more valuable and represented greater percentage of equity in the company. Principle three stock buyback programs really are not good if the company pays too much for its own stock. The buybacks were almost likely. From what almost. Most likely. Gone through will will also most likely worsen economic inequality. Because the benefits of stock purchases forward disproportionately. To the receipt richest Americans. The US company's investment in things like factories and business equipment. Over the last. Our on our year particularly the last quarter grew by six point 8%. That was the fastest growth rate since 2014. You know in the middle of the Obama administration. But it was. Far from the surge in capital spending that was promised before the tax or overhaul. Buying back shear are companies buying back shares of your stock is also at record levels. 100 US corporations have trumpeted such plans in the past month. More than a 170. Billion dollars in planned by pat buybacks. Have been announced the largest amount unveiled in a single quarter. In the history of tracking I'll bet that NBC in this country. I'm art and a few more minutes here are Cisco said. For example this month that it that in response to the pack on the tax pass a package. He would bring back to the United States 67. Billion dollars of overseas cash money that they had parked in offshore accounts. I think illegally. Overseas. That they were not paying taxes and they're gonna use the tax bill to repay tree. That my army at least six to seven billion dollars of that marketing and repatriate. Into the US economy but to get used 25 billion of that to finance additional. Stock buybacks. Note that the stock buyback. Now I'm buybacks decreased to supply a personable stocks in those companies. If the demand for stock in those companies he remains the same or increases. As people seek. I've been as investments the price for those stocks increases. No new productivity however has occurred. No fundamental economic growth has occurred to tax bill. Artificially works towards stock price inflation. Without any actual underlying growth in other words to rich get richer but they don't have to do you have to produce any thing to become richer. Therefore. You create greater income inequality. And you creek no impact. Are fundamental impact and expanding the economy itself. Just thought we. Maker make us pop rock are aware of this. Right now we're going to have an adjustment where you see probably. More dividends and share buybacks than wage increases are going for we're going to see a lot of capital formation. And wage growth. That's what happened in 2005. When a one time tax holiday allow our companies to repatriate money on the cheap under the Bush Administration. It's sold as a way to get US companies to invest more in this domestic economy the same sale that we were given on this tax bill. Some 300 billion came back to the United States that year. But as much as 92%. Of that 300 billion. May have been paid out two companies' shareholders. Mostly in the form of buybacks. The tax change shifted company's stock prices but did not expand US work forces. On this spot gun control. Again the issue is. Different culture it's it's our values. As I said I'm last week. Speaking got Dan Hodges a British journalist speaking. To our country he says in retrospect. Sandy hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable to debate was polar. What was over. He if we were if we really were serious and we just kind of get this through quickly any person possessing a firearm. Must possess a shock us to get or a license the only firearms they can be owned legally are shotguns black powered weapons and loaded. Not cartridge goes out pistols men knew loaded our center fire rifles applicants must be ovaries fourteen must demonstrated to have satisfactory. Our security and good reason to own a rifle application must be really renewed every five years anyone convicted of a criminal offense. Can't even handle a gun for five years. Long waiting periods mandatory licensing for gun owners. I'm gun owners pursuing a license must have third party references take safety training courses. Pass a background check that with a focus on medal criminal and addiction histories. Licensing agency would would be would be required to advise an applicant's spouse. Where next of kin prior to granting a license and licenses are denied to applicants with any past history of domestic violence. Are you simply outlaw automatic weapons or assaults opera assault rifles civilians cannot possess. Handguns automatic. Assault weapons semiautomatic assault weapons military rifles and machine guns. In fact in Japan and I'd even allowed to own sword citizens and are even permitted to touch a farm failure to follow this law. In Japan would result in imprisonment of up to ten years. And there's more if we wanted to actually solve the problem. We would go to places where people don't have that problem look at what they do in the image imitate that in this country. Obviously that's not what we're doing. I'm can't get through to their thing right now let's get to our callers. Let me grab Tony first a program John and Laporte Tony are you doing out there. Yeah. I are. Fired up because as the worst about president week and then relax oracle. But anyway. My contention today is that what the problems including president. All right can I a real support to our national security. Mobile. The White House I'll wait to. The list or something. There is another group here and operated as a business. And building sick sick sick. Yeah we're a bit. Civil. This. It's on this building at. One point. It's definitely and they can't paint or. Yes Kashmir comes in and push her as a distant security. Because sweet polite. And well. And I don't go our. Upbeat. At. Much but I knew what bit tired at. I think that we love our great. Only that we have we we have 101000 troops that are gonna located right. At 101000 troops there. But you know why people like that but I'm Matt eat because government that good I read you stick animal. People broccoli began. Bought that book black gate began every few understand and money. It has done. Well it is and I'm like I'll open overwrought. It's promised me it isn't that part of the country and especially in light called him and yeah. We have security. They are areas there is based out this way. And really almost at all between the saudis and the qatari. That's part of what I'm last night. You. Couldn't get into policy decisions. Based on a little. I don't buy or else they were right now is based on an expert on money. Doesn't even more and that's what what what Richard Engel report last night. We brought in that documentary Teddy as an adult show you that. And they. Get a basic notion that actually and in the White House strong good deal that rush up. It absolutely ovation it ludicrous. So why our shot deficit spending a lot and I are going out quite. Yeah. Yeah yeah it is. Not to say I'm using chips. Don't let it all and don't get another killing people. That is our ally. There's lots going. To our ally who. I'm making that statement. That I don't get people. It I don't think people don't hear anything I say on this program. Sorry to bring up that nobody soliciting. That at first poppy. You're not bearing interest bearing at all across country or not. Support and 8000 teachers didn't work out West Virginia is it strange that been on strike. Seven dates. Something that you are strike you. Let me say teacher. I'm seeing that. Every eight. Because it doesn't belong. Aren't. Horrible. Smashed into that person that can get us out. Property you. And adding it directly at the deal. Teachers. Who I'd like that don't understand it and I percent increase over hi we are. Yeah I mean does it and it's usually because I don't own pocket and he took it. We don't protect. At children were just. You know. I you. Can't like I wish I. Don't know I like. Outlets being opened the teachers optical and yet. Except this city honors where you know they did it. The food I was reveal a lot of prepare her food that they don't want clean up after the kids you know and that sort of stuff. As long as somebody else you don't fees accuser are OK with it. Last point. Tony but I percent Allen Spiegel. 10% a little and what. Wonderful. Well guess what China does not is not looking at them back into our neighbor to the Arctic Canada. And Mexico absolutely. And I'm surprised that they're. Just being isolated took up right where. I'm at today get ready to have a little break out. I'm distressed distress may get to him now. The stress may get to me you know we don't know. It can't control yeah. Make certain we're bringing out based terror. I look it up there I'm not a guy that does speak well against. Yet oddly we're on the topic but I can't itself now and well I mean yeah they're militias and that it parted at the apartment subjects. A dozen outcomes got you yeah. Terror plot look up a little late retouched would be done internally. And at the pleasure not to issue any elected in how. Well yes and I'll sit right now he midnight we have a cage. Yet. Got on an everyday agent. Got the instability of the light up the government. Don't lecture but one can't can and can't change that attitude. Or it shouldn't either. And it John sound so bad. That's what this president has done. Not a problem. Currently Soledad I that we never we never actually as I think we target people. Collapsed during leaked. Get your partner is listening and gotten on the right don't bring that year because what you tried to you but the other patent. Yet Orlando purposely. I speak. I didn't group based on a lot you'll get that lead to even get your picture at this. Well we're gonna gonna give some other folks who says I've talked to during the course of the week thanks Tony. Listen why don't we take out our first break and then we'll get to Jon able grabber of the callers should be our stick with this was in the senate to break here think again think again. Filling out a 100% correct bracket that's hard to. Animal getting yourself back to 100%. That's easy. Politics is 15 hour energy shot there sugar free vitamin packed in common wide variety of great tasting flavors get back to 100% with five hour energy so he could feel alert and energize alternative loan. And don't forget to play the funding and five hour energy real time bracket at five hour energy brackets dot com the five hour energy real time bracket is brought to you by five hour energy shots. Would you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sale home improvement resource program can help. 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Tickets and more information visit sabres dot com slash kids day we'll call one AAA go sabres Buffalo Sabres hockey. Sharpen your sword. It's a whole day every day. Peace is Buffalo's home for ESPN radio 50000. Watch ESP yen 1520. All right here we go thinking again I think again welcome back. We're talking a number of issues are talking about the terrorists were talking about the her gun. Well actually I'm gonna call to gun buyback program. Excuse me we were talking about. The fact that the tax bill that. Was was pushed and is and and placed into law supposedly to stir the economy. Really is doing me the exact opposite thing it's simply putting more money in the hands of people that have money. And it's not do any thing to affect the fundamentals of the economy this is all hype. How with no substance. Around the Hudson got a lot of things wanna talk about let's grab our isn't Nigerian. And John first and we're grab Gerri let's give John a not for John are you doing out there. I did and yet the act. Well you about the book that was typical politics is it like Groundhog Day is. Now back. And I am Eckstein was done in under Reagan and it it is. I did exactly what they're doing out the same thing. They think it being kicked out billionaires. In. It caught up kind of at a. And armor they said the exact same thing that trump and his people are saying right now. That this is garnered put money in the hands of people that have money they would then take that money they're gonna expand their businesses are gonna raise wages are gonna. Employ more people. And none of that occurred at the. What occurred if you if you every bit what Curtis said exactly. What's happening now but they didn't they took that extra money that they got that huge tax cut it up 1%. Think but it does that work. What people don't realize is that. Is it 85% of the stock market. It's controlled by 10% of the population. It is Emmys that 90%. People in the United States. The middle class. Control only 16%. Of the stock market everything's well my ire is in there might. 401K whatever. It is just the drop in the bucket compared to what we're doing so it it has very little effect and the middle class. Yeah I'm so glad you're here saying. Right I'm glad you're saying there because people think. That because their pensions are generally tied to the stock market that there are part of the show. But hey you have to think of any differently if you're 25 years old when you're just now getting started. You're making 4550000. Dollars a year you probably not put no more than a 1002000. Dollars a year into your pension account. So bad. 1002000. A year for you it takes a long time for that money to accumulate to the point. Where you've got say a couple of 100000. And you know you get big benefits you know from things that benefit stockholders. So the people who are getting most of the benefit our people that. Created to stocks in the first place and that the owners didn't hit the owners of everything they're the ones who get to benefit from the stuff. Break in and the thing about trap you know I know now I'm I'm I'm totally convinced. Their approach yes something. Comp. When that's when a foreign leader Elektra like who. Get that video which shows a missile hitting Florida. President United States says nothing. Why doesn't react. If he's he's got something that they're there. He's busy attacking other people on TV programs and stuff like that the. And and if we. They did. How corrupt practices justice and the national scale and the county politics is just load. You see out recently about media or are they out of his henchmen right down through that and it kind legislature itself. And then they're gonna play it as the cars. That the prosecutors and our county district attorney's office in Niagara county was well in this thing we've been doing this thing from. Seven years and so on you know trying to prosecute this we can settle for. A misdemeanor conviction we'll take that he's out of politics. And and walk away. And then they may ZR as people get to say see I told you this was not that this was just a misdemeanor like a traffic ticket you know. And and and who's to say he. You think Michael Vick and about to. Exactly is nothing to stop them when I. Larry here in an accounting and nobody could get anywhere or do anything without is so safe so you know self. Yeah I understand that's okay thanks. Our good talking T. Let's grab Jerry West Seneca new program run in Cheektowaga and Jerry are you doing out there. Don't let NATO I don't do. Yes so they would try opening at 6 o'clock in the we'd been through this quote Ronald Reagan and it didn't work back and work it work. You know there Ronald Reagan and trickled down yet trickled down under people's pocket network stay in the script say it ain't gonna happen this crisis. What would this thing I think for people would we be for people understand. Most folks. In there on state are gonna walk away with more money in their regular paychecks or if you're giving a thousand barrels a paycheck. Before. You probably getting a 1040 dollars and a paycheck now. So you're saying something some people are gonna feel like they got something tangible on this deal. What they don't understand. Is that doing this is gonna suck between one and a half and two trillion dollars out of federal revenue. That means what that's gonna become deficit. In order for you to address that deficit you have to lower expenditures. We're I don't know lower expenditures from. They're gonna lowered expenditures from Medicaid Medicare Social Security from the our various you know safety net programs and so. Schools absolutely. And so that's to price that you pay see you but see the thing is. You won't see that until next year and the year after. When you see the budget negotiations during that time period right now you're looking at an extra forty dollars is she getting your check. Every. Two weeks and that's really what people are focusing on so that's why. You've got a 51 a 52%. Approval. On in the public of the tax bill because people haven't felt the negative sign of that yet but they're going to feel it's company. All right yeah it's how well he basically taking care at all you know people just like all. A mile or something going I'm actually bit him in the Indian warships and how many people are pretty resigned or fired off a mullet he's. Fifty what do administration that we ever seen I don't know how old you are. I've been voting since 1968. I do not her car any administration. Where you had more than twenty maybe 25 people are even though there's been that many. In the first year of administration and I don't remember this at all. Yes it's crazy thing greatest thing I wanna I wanna say something about gun control and you know. They don't seem to take any less control what other countries do but I cast. I don't often many people know this book. Be it sandy hook you count should be okay they occurred on December 14 2012. What some people don't always hit I'm hit eighth day. In shine off villages school it is it Cherokee village. Primary school. Many men. That ticker. 36 year old you know crazy person. In my. Case so he did he see they have done 24 people. What victory children. Both came out OK and here's my mother ship in the same issue out now here's the difference between those Al. I would hit and then China and none of those people died in China. Mean. Right they survived the knife attack right. There was only tool. Really the two children were serious that you know educational survived but you know all the different this. You know assure there's crazy people and all concrete we'd all multi. And they worry or other weapons but the difference between them is and other weapons and weapons that we have available for crazy people here. If they want to know what they're crazy people doing here they kill everybody. Yeah I'll think they get a lot of people because they get the what country could do. That. That's a great point. And unfortunately. I'm not the Harry purchased there. You know they get what they want they don't want me is what they don't want their contracts they wanna. They want everything now warning any restrictions on automatic weapons during. And and then I'll probably will be the same thing that was before they. They make you know they they could be electric and that helped at least every time we had initially bought the result is nothing can stop. And that's the thing so are the only way you're going to be able to change this you got to change to people have to make a loss. Because that's where it all begins. That's right there's a lot of attention and had to be made. Share appreciation there. I'll talk to you next week. And listen if you guys are calling and you're having difficulty getting through our main number 80350 tornadoes in 031520. You can call 803032180303238030324. Or 8031546. Again and if you can't get in on 8031520. You can call 180303218030323. 8030324. And 8031546. And grab on and she door. Real quick game and keep the conversation going I you do run. All right. I think that's what some aspect that this whole. Russian investigation it really not being accentuated enough. It we've got a little bit of testimony before congress and that everything that beauty is an even if you put a lot of us. Mine to welcome our mind a lot of progress of talks that are even talked about and that is that paid the Russians. Everybody says now the Russians have to supporting sixteen election. There hacking it now. It's very dangerous. The people with a heartbeat of the talk that if they were doing very little about it. And this is stop some of that is beginning is coming to its house select. Our house committee on intelligence in the and the Republicans. Are doing absolutely. Nothing. Burned up twelve is not enforcing those sanctioned people Republicans pass them. He's not enforcing the sanctions. There's no extra money or extra investigation going and if a separate to do anything about them and wanna ask the police who. That is because the Republicans in congress and the White House are confident that they hope that the if they don't nothing that the 28 in elections are going to be read what the 26. There are the beneficiaries of what we're talking about collusion. Let's put market. Even then not polluting. I don't listen directly don't get back. Or what would you do that you're your benefit or. So I mean the lord they know the Russian club Republicans who went committed. They think that that's treason. Allowing. The destruction the American election system. Think for your own personal and that's the interesting thing holding here the Republican Party was the party. But if the same whale video again move with the progress of leopard they're infiltrated by Communists and socialists and so here it is like and called roundup. Fox News talking about an adult. Even if as if that's vulnerable even to whatever degree it was true that the Communists were in the union movement and that's that the thing. Think it will be we're doing it for something they thought would work that we would have an old world war double or property whatever. Republicans are doing it four or power and greed must eat and staying in pulpit. Nathan that's true and is it any rational sane system the people would rise up. And so what you guys are traitors they debit and these guys the incredible. Ed but it's getting worse for part of the reason that people are doing is getting very little coverage. And other intelligence. The two communities that most of my professional the most look at sort of Republicans but at least there bill was saying it. But the problem is enough being done. And then we allow the media allows this sort of narrative reconstruction to dawn. Where you know of trump says something that remotely sounds like you know he's paying a little bit of attention. You know to the hour. Russian intrusion into our electoral process then we say well you know trump is considering this is considering that and you know maybe something's gonna get done. As if there's any integrity in that conversation from this fellow at all. Not what he says you can vote you can believe when he was doing the immigration dance. On TV insanity was off for a you know the big dreamer children he loved him and so on he wasn't lying when he said it because lead the very next day. He said the opposite thing he said on Wednesday this this past week. That you know I'm I'm all for you know did of those kids in you know it was terrible what happened and wonderful kids you know we had to protect people Obama blah on gun control. I think he has a meeting the next night with the NRA and the next morning you know he's on the opposite side again. That's a classic bait and switch in that you can master people out of his supporters of the through the college that if they argue could do this is gonna do that. He does he makes a big public open discussion about I love everybody's good at doing this I'm going to do that I went and I've got to stand up to the other rail for the and then. It was brought up but but it doesn't give it doesn't give. It as much publicity because that's just kind of kept up what really happened and that is a part of it was reported gonna do something about it it would. And apple app and an end. But by the time they realize that we're onto another issue. That's the classic bait and if that's the the PT Barnum beatle circus barker way of doing the whole put and it an expert at best or think is very good. It's like he says producing a television program and he produces his own little merrier freeze program and people keep going forward. I just don't see why we keep going forward you eat you seen this did this play for fifteen months you've seen the exact same place. Obviously it's its support its zealots like the guys take standoff. In the face like he's gonna give the ball Lou remember Agilent and right that he serves so go left and he throws the ball to somebody in less I would feel war. After you see that 75 times maybe you should put somebody in OS out in the fields to recommend a. Yeah and another thing that's not been talked much about but it's getting a lot of exposure in the in the European press. Is this idea that the not National Rifle Association is being used. Who logged Russian money million Alexander course and is the guy who is sick in bed if you read some of the European press. That is you think that organization to. To launder money. Through through you prefer other purpose god knows what purposes but this may edit and having that kind of influence. Could it possibly be part of Russian intelligence success we noticed the NRA with my every single. They actually make it more radical what Perry prevent these things that the kids that protests that are all Communist bull so ultimately if you go radical it'll all white supremacist racist it'll. Neo fascist propaganda they didn't used to be like that is as conservative as they work. Say all the sixties to up to stick around 2005 or ten but they weren't you know they think they didn't continue to attack people all the time. The only bonus that you don't think that some how. They've that the status is part of the Soviet operation could turn America into an armed man Allison makes it's you'll just an extreme position like this so. The bigger and people are thinking that everybody who's outlaws any kind of control. Our. Anti American and and the people led the gun control people under the seat as extremists but the thing where everybody's Arabic. You don't think this could possibly be some type of book deals Soviet plot to do is totally destroy Americans. There and I just find it intriguing that we have so many trump supporter Thai people. Who you would think would be anti. Russia. That historically have been anti you know Communist and so on and yet they align themselves willingly. You know with Russian interest why or how does that even happen it just shows you how delusional people have become. Because they're they're buying into a narrative that actually makes no sense that there and doing things that are actually. Inimical to their own self interest. Yeah as mayor of that again is controlled largely by the mainstream media the way they emphasize the way they frame issues the way they. They cover things and so it it gives a legitimate for the sort of got that that they get out of younger people don't remember as a grown up. The Russians are not bad guys are bad guys that they're important and authoritarian he's got into cold tablets is not a Stalinist command structure. About the guy is learn how to go to cultivate a global list I'm capital the centrist. But he stole you know he stole his body to get what they called the princely let. At. About eight ideology and bodies. But it basically control 90% of. There. All right thanks Ron appreciate it I think we're gonna take our our last break. And then we'll grab I believe cab and then we'll grab francs of the all stick with us who see decided to break here is think again think again. 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All day every day these skis Buffalo's home for ESPN Radio One 50000 watt. It's one thing. You. Hate my. Me. Sorry. If you won't let me there's no way I can help us look if we don't allow ourselves to lose the house. But let me grab camera into income and you couldn't get his thoughts can have a brother or are you doing out there. I'm doing great I'm so I'm simply did you get hung up and all that snow. Yeah among nine and we all got one plate was Lira and I'm not a social. I didn't come from our homeland delivers seemingly good look at this is crazy. Column you noted that this court to go to public gardens and you'd you'd. I get goose being used it knows spins and biggest economy and because. Little didn't actually write sentence because I chipped in Europe. Okay what boost a country's. District has got Laura that they're gone much because I'm not an elite. I kinda garden right and right and yeah. Right. Killed in a book. And gotten it right in these different countries in the Caribbean look up proceed in Jamaica. She grow to people's right. I think I should go to court that you've been. Did a did you dictate. So. It is so so so Kevin Kevin kept it going into any in any statistic that you look at. The reason why they're called averages is because. They're going to be some people that are below the average and you're gonna be some situations that are above average is always going to be. Out liars and are the exceptions that proved the rule. But when you look all along that spectrum. Of the western carton just look at the 32. Largest economies in the country. You will find that there is not wind behind you man that is even close to the number of deaths. Heard gone do you gun violence per 100000 people in their population. And Yemen is only have to rate as the United States and there the next largest most countries. England for example there is 71. Thousands of a person's diet. Out of every 100000 people their country due to gun violence. So my point is not that. You don't art on either of you have strict gun laws there's never going to be a place where there is bad situations they go on. We're not talking about setting up IRS a structure that prevents all gun violence everywhere all the time. We're talking about how are you bringing the gun violence down. The gun violence in this country is just absolutely insane. We did we give you one more quick quick quick to understand or something gore got a guy named Frederick law Olmstead. A landscape architect from the buffalo area in order to pay for his schooling he went to a Missouri worked as a reporter for the New York Post. He did a study. Of deaths in this that at that time the territory of Missouri before became a state. And what he found an 1852. Was that their number one cause of death. For anybody at any age in the territory of Missouri was murder. That was how crazy. Missouri was as a state. When they became a state and there were laws governing the place and you start you have more strict control was going on there. That whole murder rate came down by a hundred fold so my point is if you have a culture of or of value system that says that. You know what we're just not pop along Cassidy gun you know arm talent in you know tiger you know gone players. We're not really indicated. You know if you take that out of your culture and you have laws that reduced the number of weapons of war dead in the hands of of people. What you'll find is that your gun violence will come down so much it'll become. It will become sort of unusual. That you ever have any gun violence are not as she won't have any violence that won't happen. But that doesn't make sense for some poker sit up in a hotel and shoot 59 people think and hugged it to death. Input for whatever people in the hospital that should not be occurring. Okay this an audit report given an order to our culture right number is certain magnitude that this team needs. I don't yesterday. We're not sure why I'm joined your are you Democratic Party maybe that majority Republican Party took on the. I know you you like to see what the Republicans are. I guess. Nobody is. The only guy I would Eric is supports a woman's right. Are done better Republicans right. We live it's everywhere you Georgia's battle I don't know. January that it would ships are not been stubborn and we're right at George you have to actually GI oh yeah it's been a political if you went out there. I thank you Nicole because it's called. I if you are are considered the. Talk about Niagara county called it Nigeria. I don't know why you beating up on our jury went OK at the. We're reported. That the guy. As. You stated it's going to make it look like corruption right. The commitment to. You and me. Quite the opposite of sex in Iraq. Right okay well what happens. And don't to chip op. Don't let down to a misdemeanor in a litter fine of a thousand now. I'm with you. Okay. What an illusion. I would let me just say real real quickly I don't know whenever Nick Cannon but I'm gonna just say real quickly. I agree with. The the angst and the irritation that you have with what happened in the Mazie arts case. I just want to look at it from a different perspective I'm not saying this is a exculpatory just a different perspective. They've been trying to do it took to fight this Mazie ours case for six or seven years. At a tremendous cost to not just him but to the taxpayers of Niagara county. And the state. And so when they really got down to the end of this in terms of what they felt that they could actually. I'll prove convincingly. In court. They decided that that level of our conviction that they thought that they were going to be able to get. They probably weren't going to be able to get something that being and for the amount of cost for what to gain was going to be. They felt that it was worth it to just settle for the misdemeanor. You get a conviction on the bad behavior it's not the level of conviction that you may have wanted. But it's what she's trying to do so. That that basically is it let let let me give frank real quick email program mark and brothel frank are you doing out there. They tell already. We here. That's all you want it was just what did you just say you're here and looked okay. The Manhattan property. You're Kirchner family done all the illegal foreign loans Lundy addresses. 666. Are you kidding me. Yeah overall rumors about it but at the the building they used to sell them the American Psycho. I think there. One Collins a few weeks ago mentioned in the late nights aren't conservative talk radio stations like the side of the list so one night. There was this show. Yeah reality radio and I thought to myself yeah that's all right blank Soria who lost touch with reality. And the conservative media call Bobble. You know make that at least some of America's so called leaders leave the solutions to. Mass shooting problem is more content. Right you know. At the same data that told the problems in the Middle East and Africa could be solved with more bombs as I look what our tax dollars did so that children up by Iraq and Syria. Yemen and so on you know witness the crop that how on earth. I was I was. What are your I was whining about the fictional violence in movies and video games and sire. You know when the kids can go I had to order or you'll chill and don't worry right Chad genes or war horror. The horror. Frank you remember we talked about this you know some years ago maybe five or six years ago we talked about this very issue. And we talked about the six to 800000 people in combined Afghanistan and Iraq. That were killed as a consequence. All of the military intervention into United States waged against them. A Afghanistan did not go to war against United States. It was people who bought or leased land in Afghanistan they were the ones who went to war against United States and Iraq and Iran anything to do with. On 9/11 and yet those two countries paid the price. Of 6800000. People dead lord knows how many people. War were injured as a result. And memo we said at that time was that whenever these people ever gonna forget. Or are are or forgive. Ensor and do the things that we see going on in the world right now are just the that the consequence of that I mean we. If you never admit to yourself what you do this wrong you're never gonna be able to correct it. And that's the situation that we're in right now we set something in motion. And we're still living the emotion of that thing. You know they're they're never held accountable for their crimes and you know in this time in the land I passed. How long does the US arms dealers. Think they can get away with their sins vs Matt. You know and I totally would. And god and angels in the process and I spent a few years in New Mexico I'm and I wouldn't the native tribes and. Local holy man and slash Lennon and you know real I was cast them out of stuff. Yeah he's real owners of jesus' peacemakers. You know and they shot on the conservative Christian right movement believing they were trying to Currie a lot Armageddon. You should step out. General Kelly. Yeah you're right about the anchors. And all Republicans blocked the person on themselves. And live your Arctic front like the Baptist. You make some predictions since 2008. An hour sermons were transpired. Times Staten dated by reverend Chris war. And the main focus predictions were that Republicans in the establishment that oh lead. What experience dot wrapped that they get yeah. Mexico predictions. Let me try it harder percent so far Nate then you know what are you better than anything else to Damon's. Yeah me. Just look at the wins in the slot in the trial in the viruses. Let states you know even in California wildfires in the market slide has been didn't. Local Republican neighborhood stronghold that led astray. And you know I don't watch how Republicans. Are expected pride in its first sick easier. You know who writes at Emory who I am propaganda. Coming out of the Republican outlook in their punishment you know exposing them his incompetence. And hypocrite. Yeah what's it like it vote like this you know the GOP told lies about Obama will take your guns that look what's happening now. You humble and he spoke it. They did theirs first they wouldn't do. It. And putts let's let this doesn't exactly workers are. It. Well. All right thanks frank that was great. Regardless. Who we knew we lose the rest of our our mark are you doing are there. That was part of the let's party what is that Barack. Yeah the army. All reverend run out Reverend Wright was right there. Comment on the rules that. You know we're going to Republican policies committed genocide. On the people. To come home to roost you know what I heard this week. It's a guy. I thought someone said. We created our own Taliban. You know what Taliban means is student. Student are all students are murdering their friends at school. That's that we created the Taliban and our country because the chickens coming home to boot up UK and I am older and genocide of people and don't think you're gonna pay for. I mean hundreds of thousands of people are dead I don't even have a number on the ones that were wounded. Disgusted me. Condoleezza Rice was on the view. Forward I know. Bennett had input and ask her. Why did you help lied us into war in order a million act innocent people no one of them you call an early stats are bad play. You can question that's out there. Yep and the fact that she's an African American woman does not count. Okay the issue is what did you do when a power was in your hands to do better. What did you choose to do you chose to do worse and. To allow. Talk to him and bring it into a genocide. Are committing a genocide against another and you know. I'll look at the economics have been revised lower to one point 5%. Our. Another lie ethernet 3%. Non good the new team and corporate media fortunate imply is that he changed his mind. The next step didn't you guys might have faith that there are he's lying right to them and then the next stage. He did come out he's not like he's changed his. And he's got Sarah Huckabee Sanders. To re spin everything they thought. Three and a berth are. Right on the Internet on the air hurricanes in mind. That. Are you learn and play well every time you hear these changes might just know that back. You know what you know what that means right. Thanks mark were reported talking next week. Thank you a lot to reclaim his support as we look forward to talking well every week here at think again I think again policy on makes. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. A. There.