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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, February 17th

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Welcome to think again with the L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031528. I here we go think again think again. Welcome to a terrible discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty now in our 52 year. Each week be talking about issues and events in transit. Affecting you right here and right now in buffalo in the west in your community and in fact connect you to communities all across the country. I'm your host Al Nathan here presidency of the community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESPN 15:20 AM. On you down from 11 o'clock to twelve million each week now today's program is why she calling you can join our discussion over to will. Our number here games eagle 31520. That's eight till 31520. Before games you. Our subject today among gradually saint Bonaventure university who beat the sixteenth ranked. We've got some good teams in buffalo looks like you know UV is doing quite well commission is doing quite well so. Congratulations. To those teams into all of us in west New York for serving it to turn I McDonnell. And upgrading the fortunes of basketball in our area. I guess we wanna start out with the fact that the witch hunt. Donald Trump's claim that the investigation into Russian meddling into the 2016. Presidential election. It was made up fake news. Now we've had gates indicted man afford indicted puppet apple was indicted. General Kelley indicted now we have thirteen Russians indicted I think there's another eight indictments come and first of another set of people in the United States. In the just of our. Who is it. Yeah I was reluctant Berger the fact that Matt reminded me it was a nothing burger. According to to Donald Trump. So this will China that he claimed you know that this was all made up stuff for that matter Democrats explain why they lost. On the election are we can see indictment on top of the indictment on top of the indictment coming down on this. The Justice Department announced. It's more than a dozen individual suspects. As part of the special counsel's investigation into this. Criminal interference in the our 2016 election charges that the the New York Times reports that charges. That before foreigners falsely posed as American citizens stole identities and otherwise engaged in fraud and deceit. In an effort to influence the US political process. According to an article written by. Our coalition my passion Meyer and Ryan let's see Brian barber. In the national law journal. Do just that there was this troll farm that was created. And that the interview is working for that organization posed as US based activists maintain and operate these social media groups. And page is designed to attract US audiences. Purchased advertisements on social media sites staged political rallies in the United States to both support and the polls. President trump. That their whole idea was to defraud the United States. It was a conspiracy to commit wire fraud. And bank fraud and they were five counts of identity theft. In this indictment. What's important about this entire. A fair. Is that it would not have gotten legs they were not so many people in the United States who actually wanted to believe the kinds of of vitriolic nonsense that was being spewed by the Russian. Our troll farms the same people that kept believing that but our Barack Obama was born in Kenya. That Barack Obama was a Muslim those are the same people that were buying their vitriolic and and and and nonsense being spewed by. Are these troll farms and of course not we have you know it is our huge indictment demonstrating its massive conspiracy. Not to interfere. In the electoral process of the United States. Our president instead of saying boy we got him I'm glad you guys got on our government to make sure that we we identify anybody else was involved in his. Which you would expect the president of the United States that would be his reaction that's not our president's reaction. His reaction was seek it wasn't me he started just this this stuff you know two years before the 2016 election. That are on record earlier where are. But but but that's the that's the way that he reacted to when I mean they're very childish. You know self centered you know all about me nothing about the rest of us you know kind of dearest. Not so that's really important. Cotton number two today. Republicans pass bill to reduce the rights of Americans with disabilities. As eyes to spot on Simon to say before I suspect it is likely that the current that conclusive documentation. Will we merged that those rush control farm operators connected. Not what we're actually connected to people close to trial if not to trump himself. To plan and coordinate. They're disruptive efforts. So quickly. We learned that. The senate. Ask union and the house of resentment is on Thursday passed. The Americans with disabilities education reform. Just to remind you about the true mindset of these so called conservatives. They use civil rights reasoning to destroy. Civil rights and protect those who trample on people's rights. So in this legislation that was passed. By 225. To 192 to 92 vote. In the House of Representatives. Do you the Republicans approved a bill. That is aimed at curbing unscrupulous lawyers who seek profit by threatening businesses with litigation without actually seeking to improve. Access for the disabled. That was their rationale. For this bill if the bill what is enacted if it's approved by the senate. It would essentially got the America's disabilities. Act provisions dealing with public accommodations by removing any incentive that businesses would have to comply. With the law before complaint is file on the way to deal is structured. Those wishing to sue a business in federal court over a it ABA the American disability act. Public accommodations a violation. Those people would first have to deliberately written notice. To be business. Detailing. What the illegal barriers to access wise. And then give them. To give the business sixty days come up with a plan to address the complaints. And another sixty days to take action in other words. You have to identify. You know the barrier you have to educate the business about the barrier. Did you have to work with the business to help them come up with a plan and how they will resolve the barrier and you have to give them. Another two or three months for them it's two to start to act on it before you can even start the legislation process. This is what's going on for 34 I get to. Are our callers. We see again house so called conservatives value gun rights. As opposed to human safety. Chuck Grassley. On February 8 of 2017. Sponsors have billed to be able. Are people with mental health issues to continue to be able to buying guns. Yet I Grassley is why is he he's the one who sponsored the bill. Off for the purpose of repealing an order by President Obama to put these folks on any any. A watch list. It's in an article by David Schiff Hinske the senate approved a bill. I'm by a vote of 55 to 43 it reverses Obama's order that would have it would have added more mental health records in the background check system. Meant to keep criminals and unstable people from obtaining weapons. Republicans in the order trampled Second Amendment Rights Chuck Grassley claim that it results in reporting people to the gun ban. List. That should not be on the list at all and it deprives people of their constitutional rights in a very. Any any vary. In that very way violates her constitutional rights without even due process. The Florida. Park. It was a park lane Parkland Florida Parkland. Are shooter. Is exactly the kind of person who would have been on that list and would have been prevented from being able to arm to acquire Oregon. I guarantee you what you can hear right now our two truck operators. One is gonna be that the FBI is at fault because. This our shooter who had been reported previously. I'm having some odd behavior to the FBI and the FBI didn't do enough. In reacting to it since that Republicans are gonna make that to big deal likely make everything else. You know some tangent you know the big deal. And people that want assume we're gonna take the actual words of the Republicans and use those to be the basis for their lawsuits that's going to be the on the drumbeat out here not focusing on that reality that is because we grabbed his gun culture. Keep keep in mind. We've had seventeen school shootings so far this year. He has not been a single. School massacre in any of the 32 closest countries. Economically to the United States in the entire world. Over the course of this time appeared no other countries and has happened in the entire world. We had seventeen of these incidents in the last. Haas a six or seven weeks. It's somebody has to pass to agree to do or something wrong here. Quickly. Just I'll ask a scout your recently. I passed a judge I scallions. Scalia rather. He stated that like most rights the Second Amendment right is not unlimited I'm quoting here. He says it is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever. For what ever purpose. He wrote in his decision in nineteen there'd if in the 1939 Miller rooting a ruling. Those are in India in the Heller case. He said he did not overrule what the 1939 new ruling that its the sorts of weapons protected. Are those in common use at that time and that the historical tradition of prohibiting. The carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons was still permissible. Even our one of the modern era's most conservative justices judge Scalia. Says gun enthusiast are wrong when they claimed that any limitations on fire arms is unconstitutional. Governments can't place restrictions on fire arms with the intent on protecting our society. This is something that must be done. Of course we should talk about the the 54. Up to 45. I'll vote not to. I doubt any kind of immigration reform that would help. Those deferred action on. Childhood. Our arrivals. Of course. Donald Trump. Insisted that the legislation had to have things in it that we just couldn't get people to. 22 to agree on more you understand this. What Donald Trump is saying is I'll go for. Making a path for citizenship in some way that's not really talked about in the legislation. For those deferred arrivals. Our childhood arrivals deferred action chatter rivals are doctor Q is unwilling to do do do do that. At the price and we got to run at the price. Of our out hunting down. The ten or eleven million other residents in this country who arrived here either. By extended visa or arrived back crossing over the border. He would he wants to create a situation we would actually be spending. Billions of dollars trying to hunt these people down kick these people how. Ten and create economic chaos are in the country that's what caused on that immigration go to go to started takes a long MoneyGram Tony real quick. In milligrams is Steve refers you to tell me. Okay let me grab Stephen RR Tony first arrest Steve and took a Tony are you doing doctors are too so long I just need to get a few terrorism. First I want to personally say that we are blessed to add you on the air. Whichever comes site got an opinion. Out there lots. Totally in the history of college basketball what I was a paradox. Or seventeen years working for completions. And charge of ticketing it never been a night like last night. And it industrial college basketball in this area are fourteen. I watched the New York including probably. Just by the way a lot of our. But part of our glorious history here. That that it never walk on the same night on board changed it. Never in the history outfits and as part of that is because they never played on the same night. And I hope right that makes cents or. I would watch will be will be at the bottom entries and I would straight out of the representation. Of the coaches step. Are in charge of these players but let me get the main part here. I have a psychological explanation. We cannot control. What without outside of luck. Only what is what. We are citizens of the great nation. But we I don't responsible. To eat and four armed truth. In a Republican form of government. Because guys. Also were pretty. Does not represent not and it does not represent true. It's and it's up bits and will grow poppy pop book is going to look a lot talking. And take no action to protect the children of this current. Yeah and on and so. You as usual right now guys before here at fort childhood are rivals. Mention that the children were conceit. And we're here and he had little choice and it doesn't matter. Beat children born. There actually aren't even. Stand what the problem they came here I saw how in the world and the pilots couldn't stay at buried legal. Exactly. They may have a they may have an no status no legal status. That's not the same thing is being a willful criminal. You know man on the violated a lock consciously they were in a position to even know that that was going on there won't be responsible for. And added that you'll that's what they aren't brought here and there are no other country. I have no matter what our country. Mind you and all of this as well where Marla. My outlook. 'cause not because congress has advocated. Its duty to all especially the White House. Completely artwork. And you'd think god or not they don't received the White House. I have an article let me come January 12 2018. That any good lease obligation caught the week. There and eat on the cover. Leaks under why mainstream Republican not funny though we're presidential. Let me put something else do you. Anyone who tells me that brought this election and let me set this for two years. Legitimately. Had students probably. 71000. Boats in three states that calls it fiscal the election. Not manipulated I don't travel to. Do you do you mean you point out an indictment that was about. Many people actually stop as part of their signature injury. On how the protest. Well worse by the good thing that has. JL lives as well as being part you look normal person and that jail you know. Yeah there's a lot of Russian control. And that document that they got well luring illegal children in the indictment we haven't heard the end of it. At any day like. That that they pay like you and it actually have a 130. Outs that are out security clearance eagle out at the White House. No one else that you it paid for my whole day as taxpayers. We have parents disagree that conceit that commitment that our. Highest classification. And where we're at where is the Republican. Congress and going around giving the email servers of all of those hundred and some people who don't have. Are classified clearances and a walk and Roma classified information. In your hands every day. One additional body investigating that. Your web. Hit and now the jewelry little idea that I could not find it just ninety year old person. There's going a mile and parents. And he won't take it and I got out family. In the area that he that he went and high school. A little bit literate parents anymore because they. That would be absolutely no let it stick to locate it. Idealistic and a couple of people. It is I don't have any idea on the Internet. They couldn't even established a little bit screwed more. Accurately binding equipment at a situation. He O'Donnell and here's another thing it really strange. You don't have to do it again today at United States government met and that sort of that same Agassi in the week. On page 7042. Million dollars. Tracking down aliens. 42 million dollars. Tracking down aliens. How do you think this money could have been better. And I use other purposes Garrett as Italy 2008 and 2011. Pentagon spent 22 million. Secret programme and damage reports. Are that by flying object. Is it. Okay let you know that I Armani Google speak out. The war that George don't worry it's been. I worry Il and by the way let's put it. Savage. Show. You know there's a bunch of people like this guy and he had a portrait that was President Obama. So people feel that stacking up crap. When he was sitting in the pirates' staff host a lot of seek. We will have a story that crap and that but we're certainly can be. Yes he'll inherit site. Station and that's why I bought a new program we have no other chance to voice our opinion. He could be an stern who probably. Thought he slightly different people conspiracy. Figure out late and got what you. All right Tony you have a great week. Let's take our first break and then we'll grab Stephen and then we'll grab rock you're exactly right order. All right what's unicenter breakthrough think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. And this sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. 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This major National Grid can help you manage your heating and lighting costs with billing solutions. Even if your family cruise elevator. From budget plans to payment assistance to energy saving programs discover how you can gain greater control over your energy usage and monthly bills. Learn more at and green dot com slash bill control. Acts like fun and great. I'm thinking. We've got to get this please ready. Old age. Every day the east is Buffalo's home burned. And why. I mean. And I. Just to put a finer point on this dock deferred action on childhood arrivals this year. On the status of these individuals in my mind must be treated separately. From the treatment of persons who actually did enter the country illegally. These children did not enter the country illegally they were not in a position to make a choice. As to whether they would or would not and they were the children of parents who may have either entered the country illegally. And I need for us to understand that eighty to 90% of people that are in the country illegally did not enter illegally. They came on visitor visas on tourist visas. Our student visas on work visas and the overstayed their visas. Justice that's different than entering the country are illegally number one number two. Given the fact. That these children had no choice they should we should stop talking about this as if it's an immigration issue as it relates to this population of people. This is a status issue not an immigration issue. So we should we should treat that issue was one thing. Then we need to treat the issue of the ten or eleven million other. Residents in this country who came here mostly legally came here but stayed here illegally. We should treat that as a different problem and decide what's the best way to deal with that problem. Throw in that ten or eleven million people out hunting them down and so on I think is is is going to cost us more than. We're going to game. So just wanna make sure that we get that out here listen I just wanna make sure that we know are we we always a few you know I take us. Our on our phone lines if you're not able to give him on. Eagle 315 point there's eight of 315 to immigrants remained down on line. We have two lines that are open. 80303218030323. And that right. I'm sorry don't 303. 238030324. So I give us a call let me grab. Stephen first of program run the program Jerry. Steven are you doing out there and you. What's confusing. Annoying mentions. Stand and then there's on those homes. 1000 and buying them defending. Clinton had normally. When they went just seeing some but hey it. And one of them done shown one once going sinner and Saint Paul and his men have done. None none none of them then. It was Stephen just so it just so you understand. It would attorneys not referring to what actually happened. During the shooting itself he's just trying to help people understand. Why attacking the FBR. Are over this does not make sense in that the that the vote core point is that. This is a child whose father died when he was roughly six years old his mother died apparently sometime last year. And luckily for him or unlock we are we wanna look at it. A family of our our our fellow student in the high school that he was attending. They were willing to take this child in and let him live with the rams he wanna. Are living with another family. And so you can see where sometimes people can have. Mental illness because she is so much trauma takes place in their lives they get sick in their minds. And so ought Tony was talking about is you know having this big hullabaloo about the FBI. You know are the bad guys because they didn't identify this kid hunt them down and pull them off the streets you know when he was thirteen years old or something that's just a fake. And. Our run and be put outrage being awful yeah faux outrage being put out there. But people wanna do is distract. From the issue that we are a gun culture country and metal people with mental health issues are still allowed to be able to buy guns. Chuck Grassley and those people actually. Got passed a law to overturn. The Obama administration's legislation. Or executive order. That needed. Where if you had mental health problems you went on a list. And you could be investigated by the FBI before you could be allowed. To buy a gun to determine whether or not you were. A person was losing control yourself enough to be able to have a gun that's what this is really all about. Okay sorry Steve I know that. People have these little you know. Means and what Mac get around to and you just feel like you just need to get this off his chest completely get it can we care is Iran next but they grab Ron first that it would be Jerry. And then rule again I think it would be frank then Rambo jam. We'll begin Ron first Ron are you doing out there. You know I think they ask well for the accurate I don't Bonaventure fairly go back when I was a kid and I Natalie for the Bob Lanier stuff but I feel bad I don't you remember Bob what Collie or injure Ellie while I've been waiting mired in times. While you're you're you're in the early sixties I thought the. Everybody played paper like second in the nation going into like a Christmas tournament and they played a lay up. Would become Ohio's eighteenth unfortunately that adds. Oscar Robert yeah Lynne was at mile by five or. Anyone that maybe that was a great people. That was a super team verbiage has lost to a super super team ever. I have a picture from that time period but in light picture of that ultimate rip them a letter. And I have the picture up in my album book out of there that all the coal seam on the politically it is anyway. It's like to talk about more positive things like that I can go once forged from long period of time the US. You know what I deepest you'd think it would protect dot how you get these people who are not. You know is that what brought over. No control can will or without an age. Choice and you see what they just said that it AD it is cutting 88 in the house they're add edit and looks at statistics about the eighty that you hear about this. Apparently opener and I think that's what I think a lot of the real hatred out there amongst conservatives toward the disabled that's why. Maybe it's you know the because if it goes against their perfection that I believe in god. And it BP is god is perfect air force somebody's imperfect. In their eyes are somehow eat whatever it is I think there's some of the effects about the 88 was passed in 1990 accompanied an air out. These support the same title by and I'll enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of such sixty port though. Men and women. Past 80% of businesses across the country. Who were already in compliance okay. Only 3% of it was so appalled at ten years later. By the year 2095%. In the business there analysts at 1%. I didn't Republican sit around the hay in the house in particular entrance say who helped at least over this week is that it is. There's no doubt that they have no moral compass that we don't bad news that it's just. May I guess they're all southern southern midwest racist fascist policies bogged. The reported 5% the support that. Feel good we're gonna showboat disabled people they have got to know their place. How dare I wheelchair in that restaurant over there all I mean it's got to be some there was no real which is like that set an act of I'll I'll. Hatred at the house passed it is basically like. A classic case of a problem looking for a solution. I'm the only socialist look it up. It's no real issue with that life. It reminds me of the Tolstoy statement that they talk about a Star Trek movie in reverse that the needs of the war in outweigh the needs of the many. So one person gets through because of AD noncompliance. And they feel horrible about it. And so now we have to take away the rights of all of the 88 people so that that one bad loss in you know would happen to that one person. It's absolutely crazy wouldn't see this type of thing. At the same they would it would be guns so often at. At least I can about what little help but the opposite read all the right wing noise advocates mental outlook. And this is the budget if you if you. Look at what they get healthcare in this budget that basically wiped out most mental health treatment. I I would that your little in common Rochester people explain that how you explain that. How do you explain what they what they claim gonna try to do the ports to the food stamp program. All I heard for years on Bob right wing radio was. These. Poor people going to the store and buying junk food. You know is junk food it's a terrible bill and they should be it would get better and would say okay so what is in these nutritional patches is. Going to contain. Can't cropping meet and believe that it's just after the lake port. Equipment sector is an example getting fresh fruit and vegetables not the it range season's game oral factor. It's just a way to sell surplus food you know we were kids these have a surplus food stores. And are you get that peanut butter and it was so hard you can shoot bullets and it ended bullets would bounce off prominent like that. That's what they want it's it's this simple route they wanna give that to deport because that's their attitude towards the poor people. That at all where people are lazy in the of and a that's absolute and no morals no moral compass nothing but. Good putt but just hatred toward anybody who I don't know that great fundamentalist Christians and racist. Now thanks Ron we got to run. Appreciation and talk to you soon let's grand jury wants Americans to get his thoughts Jerry are you doing out there. I may don't no one. Yet here are these men shooting climbing mount. Terrible they're just getting to the and every. Three other real early on these are happening and I'm not. Ourselves. Congress has annualized. That would be armed. There would be good to be true choose to control some of this did it and get back to do it because stick so I mean this abortion and I mean that different. Defense contractors state they expand. The under about a 130 billion dollars a year. Ali unfinished and daughter 28 million dollars without court lobbying. And now the US government data biggest. They're the biggest customer for defense the defense contractors. Who should get the RAM. Yeah NRA in the pocket ticket and contradictory to a girl together that echoes. By a high percent of the very members say what they want stricter gun laws don't background checks and want. Opinion I'm oh it's just so most of the honorary members want what they don't get it. Because the country actors don't want that because different contractors. Would boost morning. At any laws. Yeah law OK they wanna sell constantly many people as they want visual character. Mentally ill or not. Okay and and and agents. How do you get 300 million on stimulus now. I don't thing is you got 300 million guns. But you only have on and ten gun owners momentarily and gun gun owners so. A 100% of the guns are owned by 343334%. Of the population. That tells you what's really going on here. You know it's the same mindset population of people. The ones that Obama talked about tickling their guns and in the religion etc. etc. and he was Leno castigated you know for that statement. Yeah you see it playing out day in and day out in our society. Yeah although it is and it almost. They pretty much good bit of a lasting just the thing with big farm series and we can't get. There's a crisis draw the court nominee they spent 2.3 billion dollars lapping congress over the last decade at all. It is it is about what I was at least while I was lobbyist in warships are now and an English and and and most of them. You know there from the service corporation and they'll calm assurance come on recruiting firm being permanently and sort of it it we know something about the way the Washington Post there's a circus before we don't get rid of this club interest and not think significant is never gonna happen. In this country and and and what we're really scrubbed because we got a monopoly is that the Democrats and Republicans and they both get paid off idol obviously get campaign contributions and it how they keep their. We all changed them. How we're gonna change that we get. Public eye on the ball pretty Green Party. Want to return calls you you've got to get different people in office that's when Charles downs or carry. You don't think different people often she's gonna keep getting the same thing. The whole thing are gonna. That the problem because of people for the Democrats Republicans nothing is gonna change because Google com portal. This great party wants a public or campaign and I'm. You know they want equal public campaign I can't. Everybody is actually it's so ignorant people that don't get paid a lot. By the big corporations that they have the chance they get their voice is out there to admit the problem that we get a lot of good people out there that we do a lot of good work in Washington but they don't have wanted to get their message out there. Because there are stifled by those tobacco lobbyists meat butter at all out people obvious culprit there rich people that actually on the score. General director Ron I got you one more column before to break thanks man we'll talk to next week he wanted to break first mammogram are OK we're take over a break for civil grab Franken and ramble and in my view ought to stick with us. Who seems senator break here I think again I think again. Would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your applications now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. 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All right I want to give frank up to bat first and we're give Rambo Jim McGee a bomb on Friday tell you dormant. I've seen in trumps logic guys may well anyway this Ash Wednesday crop. Our son's forehead it was a real who made. It. After stewing over that took that that the state organ are their least among us all the way across the board and two brain during the interview. Listen you what does he like smoke was commercial was for hitters on that. They you know I. I have my doubts about the Russians influencing. Black flies matters Bernie Sanders supporters. You know you want me to believe the Russians on social media influence the election more than Frist call box. The year Chris cope I cross check voter suppression plant and and GOP gerrymandering. You know. I don't think that's the event and that's not what Moeller were saying what he was saying is that these troll farms. They would actually creek eight web sites. And pretend that they were the black wise matter movement or they were you know some other movement. And then they would spout whatever there you know crazy you know it's rumor stuff that they were spreading in the world. And make it seem like it was a black lives matter people who were saying it. So this was this was the scam that they were running they were they were basically taking our legitimate. Armed progressive sites. And organizations. And pretending that they were them and then spouting stuff that was untrue. Are in their name. Well you know that's solid conservatives or spending and you know how they look to. To blame people but. Hey we have a Republican president and gas prices are going up because they got those Arctic natural resources you know who criticize back come. Here in the US air right now it. Like I was little alleged phone conversation last week as the gas prices are going up and there's no reason why I guess. We gotten a goal of gas why are gas prices going down. And trump wants that 45 cent per gallon regressive tax on gas you know they're your extra tax cut money. That sir. That's I wanna pay for it here there's 200 million dollar contribution to a one and a half trillion dollar infrastructure. Our initiative how how does that work he used to claim he's gonna build these beautiful rose and so on and always be bridges and stuff. But it's all based on whether or not your state is rolled in the put up you know seven or 80% and among themselves. And he'll get a piece of that seven or eighty. Percent from private industries are basically selling your infrastructure to private industry that they get to know Q you know for forever themselves aren't. So. On another note Nate and I don't understand why so many police and military irreconcilable. Republican and you know when when GOP policies put them in harm's way every day. Of the unnecessary war voters he is saying dialogue. Yet out of the nineteen year old kid with anger issues couldn't even buy out beer. You don't know women are sick seen hundreds around smoke gray. You know I mean Republicans there wind in the FBI and mental health professionals what. Every president from truck route Reagan cut funding for mental well Serbs were. You know essentially forcing police in general to do the match really well. And and on top of that order GOP legislator. Security person will make them. You know not to mention the fact that every network news burying the fact that the ordered a school shooter was trying with the Aryan Nation and I knew the moment. I saw the news video truly be an arrest it is this Guillen had from his signature black cat. Talked until I black boots in the I noticed it. Our anti police. Jelly movement in Southern California it was. Targeted by a white powers again as it there's a famous picture of you understand that much shoving match in the January 2000 LA times. And they may what would you get like two skinheads but there. Are there apple will. Our age bracket. Okay let's go everywhere board zoom in the military analog and get his thoughts a little more you do not doom. Expecting an area dark quiet about Bodden. And yet I was shipped off to wipe again on the career bureaucrat. This ramble you'd have you listened to the program at all if you listen to the program at all today. Then I worked it. Yeah. That would not talking about did you listen to this program at all before you column where you listen you know. Yeah I I correct part of it I thought. So very little unless it was going to occur is what you're doing right now because obviously that's where you know script you're reading from where you're giving your information from. Attacking the FBI is not the issue that's not to issue. The the Victor claim that the FBI. Got some warnings and that they went out and did some Reese to investigate this guy and he didn't follow up on it. That may or may not be true but that is not the issue here. Issue is that we have this gun culture issue is that anybody and everybody. Can get their hands on guns to issue is that Barack Obama hand legislation or an executive order. Put in place to make people like. This on Nicholas cruise guy. They would actually would have gone on to watch list if they tried to buy and gone to would have had to be in a special investigation of that person. Before that person would be able to buying gone. And Chuck Grassley annual Republican friends bay but they passed the law February 8 of 2017. To overturn. That our president Barack Obama's order that's the reason why this child was able to buying gone in the first place why was it with a bio these magazines where he was able to buy grenades smoke bombs and selling. I. I'm not hear what I'm saying the reason why he passed the background check is because his mental health issues were suppressed. They were not allowed to put his mental health issues into the database that's what. What about that the large personal. Lot of Bobbie you know lawyer I'm talking give you believe the our web site you can go to right now and you get the information for his sake let's take my word for. UIQ are you from personal experience. Or out of school campus when your hip op like what am I would tipped off by the principal ought to certainty I would like to cut Claire. With a mere golf you're not right part of I can underneath the bears are one of the fire at the wire would play well let your business people. What what does that have to do with whether I'm not a kid with mental health problems up here is on the list. At that. You've got what were you ever worked its air but I can't get back. I don't know what do what I wasn't dealing. I was good demeanor I was a dean at Erie community college ultimate what worked what I didn't do. I worked on a campus I was responsible for the opposite of our special programs at your community college I invented the office of special programs and Erie community countless but what I didn't do have done that. Tipped off economic and I caught the kids get the the plant. What did you did what's up got to do with this kid being able to get a gun because. I would get up there late he bought the their job. Socialist that's good thing right you're gonna blame the FBI you're not gonna blame the fact. Did that he's not gonna blame the fact that a child with a mental health issues was able to. All purchased an AR fifteen type weapon to have to purchase grenades and so on you're not gonna blame that you're not gonna blame the gun culture and allow something like that to occur. You're gonna blame the FBI because they didn't come and do what you know I'm because they heard they did investigate its out. In one of the warnings they received they went out to find the child nothing was happening at that point they can do anything about other than just know the fact that he was on. On. Your watch list but because they couldn't put it in the air. Background there there there are a background. David because it was a mental health issue. It didn't come when he went to buy guns that data was not their backs the point. Stop making up just because these people tell you I mean that you should be responding to don't just keep repeating stuff did people say. Think about what else have you wondered why there're so many. Nobody gonna exit result. I don't know I don't know why they're going to do more taxing countries and in general that's true. OK well. I don't know that that's true you you you have to give me something I can go read to see them. But whatever the case. I don't think having guns in church and having guns in school and having guns at at at baseball games. I don't think that sort of stuff is gonna help us and that's what the people that your line with our pushing. They're always protecting the soft targets buried in the there. Okay. Hi I'm trying to help you keep repeating something he did that's not really to the point where I get. Well let me grab Bob them or grab mark we have about ten minutes in the program let's give Bob first rob are you doing out there. We're good out of naked short you remember our culture that's nice eagle putts rebel it was November 13 2050. Lenders are very project or region at number social. Mission strictly and would show people walked into the catcher. Where AK forty sharpens and got down 89 people are saying. One of the doors. Plus sure the church of the these are questions at him club card free country shall. New York City we just such a guy or using up like. And that's doubly you know personal items in New York City show or dictate talks are more emotional were term and the bottoms are harsher cookers or racial vision airplanes into buildings and delicious supporting. Drinkers at one machine just talking about humanity in general and don't forget or Asian yeah it's a mystery charge you talk about to be sure well. People use other means to kill we can we can agree on to the the issue is not whether or not people use other means or can use other means. To issue is can we reduced the volume the reason why we vaccinated people is not because if we've actually people nobody's ever gonna get sick. We backed Sunni people so that we can reduce the number of people they get sick. Rather have an a 100000 people die may we only have 20000 people that die because we vaccinated population. Reducing the amount of guns in the system. That are out here in the world would reduce the number of gun usage and therefore the number of gun fatalities. Argue that because somebody can use a treaty kill somebody. Means we shouldn't have gone control. Makes no sense. I'm trying to help us to understand. That the reason why we have. The volume of craziness that we have going on in our society. Is because we are not tackling it Bob hear me when I say this to you. There have been 718. Different. Mass shootings at schools alone. In the United States. Up through yesterday. 17. That was through the sixteenth of February. In the entire world. Of the 32 closest. Are economies to the United States. In the world there was not one. Doesn't that tell you did viewers something going on in the United States that's not going on in other places. Doesn't it tell you that whatever beard doing. Would ever dale long's arm whatever their cultural orientation is that allows them not to have this kind of violence taking place in their country. We should be imitating them doesn't it tell you that why we keep trying to argue these nuances. How about you know you can take a bowling ball and kill somebody so we don't we do we shouldn't have better gun laws why are we what are we having economic conversation. But it doesn't make any sense. You've got movies like sleepless Jamie Jamie fox where they Joshua. But the CO in the bowl BO with no luck. Appear for like certain conditions looked at church are being exposed to a let me just say there's an electrical. Short I used to think we made a lot of progress and should Asian girl and went Christians used to be controlled to lions tigers the bears for a matter crops than in their best numbers in your call what we haven't changed so I'll let you go lately not Russia. Hiring take here have a good week. When they grab mark real quick you maybe we'll get a shot at ray before he didn't deserve with the programmers get Marc Cooper first marker he's doing out there. This project. For. It is commercial on TV include items that it didn't. It's. Over. Those YE a couple that with. I haven't another good Muslim and a little little bloopers and gently moved Obama can affect the public and yeah every other than it was a black shoes. Do these things. On the yeah you know yeah it really killed you know they all focused on the wrong you know there's more doubt in this country. From legal alcohol. And are from real. But we're not after alcohol are we you know that date do. Read why. They're going into gun free zone you're shooting up people because there's 350 billion gum on the streets. So that's why. It had nothing to do which had gone three yard out of guns resolve everybody can get up and. I'm waiting on him to give guns driver's licenses. But it serves or try Barack under. And what I want the president to after the Basque are he goes out and defend Oregon. Yes he did he could care less about the people because you know their agenda. Is standing up I heard. You know and yeah and Andy one less thing it's true that David Ignatius these guys are Americans should be worried. Foray as David Ignatius a wrapped up a respected. International columnists and Republican mind you more about recently be where. This is how countries fail. It would pop and would politicians' feet false narratives. That undermine the institutions. To protect the public. At donations that you know how often fail they fail. Remember remember one guy in his bid to Atlanta got brought this up when they were beaten a the be slaves to. In the coliseum in all their. Lives and I'll let. I think had the bets when they started bringing out parades were Nero. It up. Seem kind of culture. Market got a runner got to get get re real quick let me get ray on from Amherst in his eyes he's gonna close to program re are you doing out there. Good morning needs incurred. I'll just make it quick comment on your logic is. Right on. Chuck Grassley that let understand it from what he did yet be. In this specific instance has blood on their hands I I honestly think you're going to the trump. Many gay. A move against mental illness and gun. Concessions but it is. Oh the metro is Grassley cut. Let on its hands they roll back those regulations. An eighteen year old cage should never below. To get an assault weapon. Without the well I don't picket eighteen year old cage get missile weapons should be supporting Warren in and I'm a gun owner I'm a. I don't think anybody who is not in the military. Has no reason to have a virtual machine gun you know as a a personal weapon that you get to walk around the country I don't I don't get that at all. I don't see why you couldn't be there with. Dutch and and I would disagree review a little bit on net by. Your your logic your logic used is right on its cultural. He is the cultural problem when you point out that other countries don't have this problem and we do it it know that something's wrong and nurtured good logic. It. You know my logic is if you're sick and you don't know how to get well. Try to go back to the last time you were sick. What did you eat then how did you sleep and how did you dressed and how did you take care of yourself than just go back and do what you did when you were well. And wellness will catch up to you either of you don't know how to stop yourself from bids that I just think that if other countries are not sick. Whatever they're doing let's do what they're doing it would have to figure out what the science is whatever it is it works for them it probably would work for us. I'm just it just makes common sense to a crock. This it has a great program are we got a lot we're gonna keep talking about the most we can do is think it through make it through together. If we continue to think again maybe will will arrive at the best set of ideas reported talking on next week. Here think again think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again.