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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, February 10th

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031520. All right here we go think again and think again. Welcome to our top discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York. Still fighting the war on poverty now in our 52. Year. Each week we talking about issues and events and trends affecting you right here in right now in buffalo and Western Europe community and in fact connected to communities all across the country. I'm your host elderly can hear presidency or the community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday at ESPN Torrey ESPN fifty. 15:20 AM when you're down from 11 o'clock twelve noon each week I'm still suffering reform that. Colder Ellis Ellis suffered from last week so you for forgive me and my voice sounds a little horse put it'll it'll all work itself out as we go along. Today's program is why she colony can join our discussion now between real. Our number here again is 8031520. That's 8031520. And of course swap. Our president shows you again who and what he really is who promotes. DeVon knew this is nonsensical. Accusations. About the FBI and the Justice Department. Being in the tank for the Democratic Party that. He did just Justice Department is a bastion of democratic supports him our support and our supporters are progressive. I'll politics in this country which makes absolutely no sense I would wager that 90% of people than just department. Are either. Republicans or. Non affiliated. With the Democrats or the other Republican Party. But what you find with the I'm the newness of so called memo is that the children administration allowed that memo to be. Published to the public without any reductions at all. Art with its. Illogical. Off the fact free. Are our construct. And then when the Democrats put together a and an analysis of what units have proposed are showing the distortions in the factually in error errors in. How Wharton and that's put into his. Three and a half page memo. On the drug administration as we predicted. Refused to allow that. I'm document to be published on the basis and it and hard work he claims are classified. Local classified information I know that chart probably didn't I believe that you do need to read the memo he just. Tried to pretend as if he was doing something that he actually I had not done. What I think we need to be focusing on in my mind. Are the larger issues we we tend to get trapped in these discussions. About. Com. I hate to see detail little things is it really that little things with the distractions from the fundamentals. Whatever you feel about the republicans' behavior you always know what to Republicans actually war. They want more money in the pockets of the wealthiest Americans want fewer rules. Governing how the wealthy exploit our natural resources. Anyone much more money to go into defense. Are spending. And they want more off court hearing control over the net and on the nation's national resources. Democrats have to stand for specific things. About whether others like them or not this is where I think that the problem is the Democratic Party the so big tent oriented I don't know if you remember back in the civil rights era. The Boll weevil Democrats were a large chunk of the Democratic Party in the south. And you had who were perceived to be progressive Democrats were represented by. The faction led by John. Crock Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. You had that that faction in the Democratic Party. And so the idea nationwide as hard they were gonna create a party with a Big Ten particular comedy conservative Boll weevil type people. And also a commonly. Known for civil rights or any archives at people. To Republicans moved to take over or or or to become a party of those bowl weevil. Are Democrats. And the Democratic Party has continued since the mid 1960s. Trying to make itself. The. Appear to be a com are police. Where are the most conservative. The most. Fiscally conservative the most problem. How shall I say nativist you know conservative. Could still have a place within the Democratic Party because anyone lose their base in the south. The consequence of that is in their fifty years. That kind of by the Asian driving how Democrats. Construct your messages how Democrats construct. They're approaches. And strategies. About how to win elections in a what do you do when they actually win I'm the elections. When Republicans win elections you know what's gonna happen. If they're gonna do everything Nikkei and to reduce the amount of money gets spent. Armed services to people that are vulnerable. And to our lower taxes on people that poverty. Have very high incomes and to to to create a lower cost of sale if you will by reducing. Safety regulations. Console on for businesses to make it. Cheaper for businesses to be able to produce goods and services regardless of what the consequences. Are may be of their production processes. On the environment on the populations of people in this country that we're supposed to be. Caring so much about. So. Democrats have to stand for something and they have to accept the fact that they're going to be people who don't like where you stand for. You have to in my views is just not only can hear his view. That the Democrats. She should be deciding. What. They need to do to help. Pop people in ways that they can't do efficiently alone for example. We can't test the water Arctic to ensure we have water safety buyer sells. We need to have a national mechanism for testing water protesting food and so on. Are defending our borders Democrats. I mean MB. I'll probably legacy but most wars in this country have been started under democratic administrations. And interestingly enough most wars ended under Republican administrations. That's another story will talk about that another time. A national health care seems to me to be something that Democrats should be fighting for. Vary fundamentally Democrats should be highly to settle all. On non criminal. Are undocumented residents in this country as legal permanent residence. Even as we go through every process. That needs to be effective to ensure that we have. Control over our borders that we don't have people just plugging into the country without any. Controls on the process at all. Policy that we don't have something that he ruled the ability of the country to be able to absorb. New people in the country. By we should be fighting we got almost twelve million people that are. Said to be. Undocumented or illegal residents are in the United States who have been here 10152030. Four years instead of trying to throw all of these people out at one time and I go the other way and resettle these people in the United States with a sense of with a baseline of legal residency. So that they can take years to get police openly. Are in the American society. At the same time that we work on protecting our border. Working on making sure that we have an immigration system that is not so. Arcane and it takes you twelve or fifteen years to be able to get through the immigration door. Cancel the Democrats should be doing everything they can to reduced health care bureaucracy why do you wanna do that we spend three point 63 point haters so. Trillion dollars a year on health care. It only makes sense that if you take the bureaucracy. Down significantly by going to a single Payer health insurance system. You would knock out all of the costs. Our by the 11100 or 12100 different health care insurance from providers in this country to cost of having to deal. Every sing every every single one of them build the of other government and so on. Having all these different administrative structures you can just Mayo went down having one system you you you're the health care provider. You build one system just go to one place your bill to one place and and is the government's responsibility. Not to figure out. How to they pay for more sources. The remuneration to whoever provided elf. Our health services that's a simplistic simplistic way to knock ten to 15%. Out of the cost of health care. Out of the health care system altogether. May not seem like much less than 10% but 10% is 360. Billion dollars. 360 billion dollars that's less than half. Half of the deficit in 201016. You could knock them out in just one stroke. The Democrats should be moving the nation to non fossil fuel our sources of energy while maintaining our fossil fuel infrastructure. Just because you're. Moving to to 22 non fossil fuels for energy doesn't leave destroy you work. What can. Fossil fuel in infrastructure. We should be moving he made like this but you should be moving to universal conscription. Not everybody ought to participate. In putting our life and limb are on the on the line to defend this country. And we should be moving closer to two balanced budget. So I set a lot to I think we Los about it while we're talking. Com we'll. OK so let me grab Tony first and we'll get our conversation like Tony how you do not do forgive my. My terrible speech you what not my voice is just not back yet and I'm trying to trying to work my way through. How are you doing out there. Well first and I'll let me just hear lots audience. Pitching coach work. That tore two holes fine on your life that this president has told. The only silver com the lie. Believe it. Once. Again mr. trump a lot of credit because he'd look at the perception. And he I'll be able BI and the Justice Department. Eight or 8% Republicans. Believe that BI objects. Against this president. Has more. Each day that we are becoming. More like rush out and better we may lead story. Artwork out there are so that it could see that that make any. And you're it you're you're giving all of weaponry. But really. Good point on this is that no one can stop this. Ramallah. I'm telling you who are very they came out to call and presented it true. That not being elite. Massoud had brought it. To get the crap yeah the problem is that it's not that the Americans as a whole. I'm buying this you have what they keep referring to rest trumps the base which they write his basic 30%. This. Batter out and make it more important thing. Hi. Make it library that this anti American stationed. Here tell. Me true O'Donnell. Prime minister. A that's well last night. Very late. And what he is he. That it not only. He said the accident the United States believing puzzle probably damage. And an example. Here in July. I was the secretary and that area of the world won't welcome by the Canadian government and truth don't appoints. You can am and what we need to do wish because the people ought to get people but it. Underground where it will people and it operating people. I'm being serious. Because they're not under didn't want our borrowing right now. And what they're being proud that we departed. Husband could be trying to get kicked out of the country. Many people down and well. And glory as our kicking but the nature terrorism and this country it's actually diet. I mean as blog that I got my share compared to about the government that's the attitude of operation. And I am operate a lot as good as country as long pants in their pockets. All can't look at how they got it. Take a look at that dealt a top spot at. This guy he's got as they as this Beckett. Visual angle out Kelly. He sent a memo submitted by eight at my age at that ship's normal by the way the city. I have no IP nobody talking about you know. Not no one has any way to know about it because he says you can't know what it is that these things is not clean. So you can't you can't respond to everything you have you you you respond to these based on your believing whatever it is a trust people's side. Bright and didn't leak how they act up people again topped out at the end does anti the paper. What that was just after he was telling rob Porter that you have to worry about the fact that you beat your wife you're still cool with me. Well all okay I'm sorry I Al I was I was listening and not paying attention we can't use certain words war. On the air so we just got to govern ourselves like that that's that's what we get cut off remember we are governed by FCC rules are what actually got to do things you know correctly. So listen we're gonna take a quick break and then we'll get back into our sub you'll stick with us who since I don't see you on the senate to break you'd think again think. Again would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of the month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn a lot of home improvement programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. 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When he voted for the our tax and on the so called tax reform bill which are really attacks. I'll cut. Our vet them much favored are the most. The wealthiest in how our country. And so. That created a 150. Billion dollar hole. Excuse me. It's. One yeah one point five trillion dollar hole so over the course of a ten year period it's a 150 billion dollars. That was added to the annual budget as a result of this a tax bill. And that's if you believe what they say I think of that number is going to be something. Are closer to 200 billion dollars. But he voted for that. And that was that was fine. But he couldn't vote for the budget. That was put before the senate because he thought that that was going to be too much two to absorb. Are in terms of our deficit says wants to get that kind of context and had a in hand I wanna get detective Kevin. Are quickly in intelligence I don't have to go to sleep army hasn't he's trying to get on the spot we're. Well gentlemen. I can do that he thought. I think tonight I'm real you lose lift to the. And anything. Well yeah get a year yet Tony because he's such words are what I see in Greg Knowles at total broad belt on the left it yes it's ugly to you know what was on the left. Jokers of the right in the area soccer team that we used here only to hear icu you'll need. As Democrats. Are you you'll see it because you know what being in the middle. It seem mean or did you give you each user and I know a quick and just as much. Would this current administration. So until we week as the people would realize. That domestically. And want to view. The clones on the left under jokers on the right. However as we we are IE I don't tool applicable. Kevin did do something to me that I think needs to be I've done in this this kind of conversation. 'cause I'm I'm with you you know we we we've gone through. You know craziness you know on the hop on the left side we've gone through craziness on the right side. Although I don't think that the craziness on the web site was quite as crazy as a crazy and ads are a little bit of what little Saigon I mean I don't wanna go to that that that animal what I really want is for you to say outlawed Al. What you think. We should be taught what should we be electing what what what what are the policies. And strategies for. Our governing our union that you think would be honest. The first thing obviously here this is my bishop surely they're first I would instructed my initial. I was greeted as the week expected to win. In the 27 congressional districts. Because I know the people that we got what we're OK so but. My mission right right now arms and piracy are a number of people to. First thing we ought to do its six so electoral process until we fix that we cannot get credit institutions. Kabul and really and truly be represented to us. OK that's number one is number one can you got so much time. So that's number one mister excel at our electoral process. They should do it gets corrupted you know. So what's what's what's the next thing is if you sixty electoral process and you don't you don't have better policies. You don't get any better off right. The next thing we know up to do right. Really you're transparency. And what we get to where we we get enough right now OK I have a flu ego I believe we disagree Buddhist point here or two point here. There are things. I fully believe that we we get eaten right to its needs several mercker. Wheat to some extent are. He reached a little country all all or dead center ready would be people are certain things right. OK so guess what. If you gonna means. It you ideology on your list this year especially the majority of their army airfield west. Mean actually everything which you write really believes in you ideologies and other cold you'd think you should go what. Right if you can get artsy Google's kiwi is that we you water goal. California are are what you would you don't doubts. It's not what you're not you know getting too and I'm asking you to do I don't need to have the opinions about Nancy Pelosi and all of the Republican try and one. I'm just saying you say fix of the electoral process is number one you'd like to see done a second we need to have a much more transparency in government. If I'm fine with that. What's the third thing that don't think he you can't argue with the fact that this is a federal republic. A federal republic means that you are united as a nation as a whole but every state. Has the right to govern itself and every area that is not. Written in the constitution for the federal government to to govern is governed by individual states. Making the argument that if you don't like me would you like Nancy Pelosi you should move to me it's below sea state. That's a that's an opinion as leaving here and there but I'm talking about what is it that we should be electing because you can move them. Two to California by yourself you don't need any federal help to do that you can do that right so are you are if you'll electing a government. If we get the first two things you talked about was fined and the third thing that you you want to see done. Let me get an exit properly or receipt right. Okay. Obviously it's that each seat you should be right if you will you don't want to you don't comedy you'll we have this sort. Satisfying. Just just be careful when you say that you know I mean I hear that be careful when you say that equipment. That that means something. I just want to be clear that means something that we we used to be governed by states rights across the board. C user you said that you have to understand Caroline. Win win the constitution was created a tenth amendment was so supplemented. By the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment says that you can neither make nor enforce. Any law that would bridge any right to any citizen asked under this constitution. Yet in this country. We have states using the argument states' rights abridging. The rights and privileges of citizens. In individual states so you have to be careful when you argue the State's rights. Oh. What is being done in this country. Yeah I Gucci or saw Betsy once you want to of course that lie of all fundamental human. Right soaking. I don't wanna taking on Iran and all but I just will you be clear about that. Well I don't know what it Acadia argued that you're so great about what they ought to Richard is a misinterpretation talking about smiled appoint a cigarette to do very. Right children. We do Barrett with a cart system that we got out okay. It's in the wrong. People in there because you are your peace over there on the left and they have got beat so but you're right right. The rest of us we gets updated your creditors. OK let's see it again and here you're giving me characterizations. Of Europe far. But you're not telling me what it is that you would actually want to see done. If you were in power. What I I guess if you are gets given to this point does your. You gave me three points you gave me fixing electoral process transparency in government and I think some version of states' rights orientation. OK so that that's it that's that's what the story is and if you have got you you've economy with with the government. Yeah that Saudi partner just brought here. So those are simple we keep our. So we're we're we're gonna have to let citizens respond to what you say I appreciate okay thanks Kevin. Our. We may be having a little bit difficulty with our phone numbers so if you all I'll find yourself it not be able to get through. On 8031520. There's eight at 350 Tony our main number. You can call us on 803. 03218030323. 8030324. Or 8031546. So again our main number is 8031520. If you find it difficult for you to get through. Then call 80303218030323. 8030324. Or 8031546. Cell. What are the things that that that. I find arm sort of wrenching in this whole process in terms of how to get my mind around how we help people to go forward. I found that the Democrats are trapped themselves. In your own. He'll logic. On this Dhaka a situation in other words. The Democrats held out the position that they were they they. Our what we're going to hold out. On the budget. Until they got a vote. Armed. Preserving the legal residency of the so called dreamers the deferred action on childhood arrival our children in this country. Then I'll sounded good until. You've got down to a point where the only issue left in terms of whether or not the budget budget was going to be approved or not. Was whether or not you've got to daka legislation. Because what that did is it allowed the Republicans. To position the issue as the Democrats are for not funding defense. Excuse. Not to let's not funded a defense. I'm two not. I. A fund infrastructure. You know the Democrats were. For are bringing MS routine whenever it's supposed to be you know gangs in the United States. I'm not defending our borders and so on they got to position the issue as bad. And end it in in favor. People who were not American citizens. Holding up the DP government. And suspending the government or shutting down the government. Over people that are not American citizens as opposed to people who are American citizens. He had eight monitor several thousand people were not American citizens and the with the the deep posture that the Republicans were able to take. Was that you're trying to hold up service servicing 330 million American citizens over the issues that affect. 800000. Non American citizens and what happened is the public has a hole. Bob began to say well. I don't buy that comment doesn't make sense that Democrats are being shallow they're being anti you know when someone. So that was the last time we got to his British national town the budget showdown that happened on Tuesday night. They still blame that on the Americans somehow even though Rand Paul was the one doing the grandstanding. Over nothing for something that what he could even get voted on what he wanted he wanted to amendment stock to the budget resolution that he couldn't get enough votes. In his own party. Proud to be able to. To pass and yet he held the government up and shut the government down for a few hours. Hi as a consequence of that and yet it's still Americans. Which is seated at the Democrats who wound up being blaming the media. A sign on that you don't see any analysis. Palm being put forward about the responsibility to Republicans on this is all on the Democrats. That's something to me is I'm just having a hard time work in my mind around. But while we grabbed is Ron Ferguson and frank let me grab rock first of you to log in program frank Ron are you doing out there. That you know I think though and that's what I've it pains me to not have this agreement. Is probably strategically I get I was pleased with the power situation. The media's all right so it's it's it's stressing that Democrats Democrats are holding out blah blah blah so by doing this now. We literally have. About three weeks an argument that mass deportations. That will be these stories the budget thing for better or worse. And it could've been a lot worse summing the republicans' approach they're running scared. So they have in the in the house they overruled what they want it massive cuts they want like a 120% cut in social spending than increase it by a few hundred billion. It is it. Is that great but it could have been a lot worse so now the focus of activity off the evil Democrat stopping the budget process and starting at about three weeks. It won't actually one of two physically appear together which helped people are going to be a paper tiger and not support everybody which offered their base or if they really start doing that. The whole loot every day will be it'll. Whether people in Cincinnati got. I would arrested by ice. Silently pulled from her husband are somehow has been overweight for his children right. That bit of focus and people are predicting if that really happens if you look at it. 80% of the people. And about 4550%. Of Republicans at but 87 or 8% of independents and almost all the Democrats. That are registered one. Our docket solved if they don't want these people be booted out if that becomes struck the center of focus for months the tip where they can't help the Republican. What that's really what it Pelosi and Schumer are are gambling on. But she saw what happened three weeks ago. The support for the Democrats are tanked. I as a result of them being perceived as. Putting the dock. Our children. I head out the 330 million legal American citizens of the United States. Yes. And especially one that's not been explained by the media is why you might wanna take a strong stance. And we got thousands and unchallenged hours of Limbaugh and Hannity it. And it's what the rebels' bodies thereof. Savage and a threat that Democrats say they wanna make us unsafe they wanna hurt us they let. Which had nothing to do what we hope board of a book but Wallace a joke to see go to won't work. The Democrats were willing to give hundreds of billions more over ten years. More or six he. You know I'm gonna get through that from happening that rightwing media. Yep. Up soon so that's really needy that the crux of this thing you know somehow. The Democrats have in my mind Democrats have to not only. I'll be against certain things they've got to also say would do your four and they got to take it. When other people say well I don't like to hear for that thing you do is kind of being you got to look at that. And I'm not I'm not a fan you know all the in this case stuff that goes on to note the word game means anymore. But my point is that. If if if that's what's your four if you are for rights for everybody who was an American citizen if you're an American citizen. You get all the rights an American citizen gets. Then you have to stand behind there. And say it out loud and that there are people they don't like it they just have to not like it. You know I mean that that to me is what Democrats have to do when John Kennedy was our president. You can see and that these guys you know when he came in the civil rights stuff these that we got a mixed it. I may have been Moore's brother Robert in or was bush lit by. He made a statement. And he didn't accept the fact that it would cost us you know the top 30% or whatever of the Democratic Party in the south we'd we'd lose you votes. He said we had to make a stand. And so. It seems to me that's where the Democrats have to go they can't beat a party waffling. A party of trying to find a way to make everybody feel good. No matter what silent issues that Tehran. You got to decide which one which you believe. Which you're gonna stand for and then just dial in that sort. Right by the I think they have done that. As far as ideologically but the idea against the idea of of saying you're not gonna pass the budget. Leon I think BF you'll have big beauties issues I think they're letting this happen now let's say now before. Double footballs and and the Republicans won't they get a bill but stock I think you really an aside mass deportations let's say it would have what do they do. And I agree with you I think that. Now the ball really isn't a Republican score because both. Our Ryan and McConnell have committed themselves to put something on the table to at least give that to date on the floor. While both houses of congress which you know has not occurred yet. You know there's not been any debate you can't get a bill on the floor into the debate on the bill. I don't know about shortage but it's a lot of democratic leaders say if they'd ported on the floor. In the how civil asset backed up a reasonable stock up compromise will pass this is a radical party people on the is that 56 in the bottom controlling committee is there and the riot doesn't wanna across them so is that people bring it to a parent or apple. What he's saying that he's gonna get that done Ryan says. Did the day before yesterday said he would get that done. So that happens then what will be on. Will be on the march hopefully we'll get this thing before the public and you'll be able to vote. Probably got to take our break here and we're gonna get to our military causing Oz when we get to them. This was we can't be all stick with us who see this item to bring cure think again think again. 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Let me grab Franken our applause and get his thoughts for today frank are you do what I do run. Hey Nate then. You. And Democrats. Democrats they don't know how to flight or message. You know if I wasn't congress I would've brought them all of Europe has there hire you know that a young woman killed by the Nazi in Charlotte. The only and yeah yeah. But I don't know why do her work because she knew she would not have been able to get. Odds are focused because it's too Republican State of the Union Address so they get to decide what kids can channels she could have been here. But it may not have been any. Our public notice it. They would or shorter but you know artists that. But they better embrace her you know that Democrats can better embrace so progressives like me and fight for the working class but for the disabled where. Are there centers Nathan's. Is up. I'm come completely with you are that this is where I gave sole angst of I guess Hanks is the right word against the anxious about this thing. Is it's like we keep focusing on things are there issues with the new smaller issues. The bigger issues were not really focusing on how is it that we allow a situation to occur in this country. Where you claim you sold its concerned about Hillary Clinton. Exposing classified information to. Using her own email server. You've you've got all of these issues about that for you you've gotten literally dozens. People that have been hired by the drug administration. Who are wife beaters who are on molesters who have other kinds of criminal backgrounds who can't give it to security clearance. One of whom handled every single document. That was put in front of the president of the United States. This person handled and ran every single one of those documents over the course of the past year. And he himself is a wife beater he himself is a molest. How does that happen how do we expose. America to that kind of risk and nobody has a beef about that. I've McGann who wisdom number one lawyer for the the bill on the president's all of this had to go before him. How was it possible that this can occur in this country. You know ordered it under so much going. Well we can make the bill that I mean I mean just look at it you know and then he went to South Korea during the the peace process. Iranian side to me that George W. Bush and bring enough. And strong to a lot of military parade at ten million dollar middle upper. My guy you know what is shots outweigh. These farmers with. And in the Middle East and to the stall they. Senior. There are lots of Americans who were saying they want that they wanna see goose stepping Americans. You know with your feet kicked up high in flippant there are right rifles and some kind of I don't know what to do to this sort of stuff right by. I've got a lot of for a long time I've never seen that he's in the United States. You that kind of a military parade I don't even get to. All of money wasted a military. In the last thirty years but you know we haven't spent our infrastructure. That's why is car. Karachi is gonna yeah. And he and other. What kind that would they celebrating seventeen years of waste and abuse in Afghanistan. You know the fort trillion dollars Republicans are some of the China. The turn Iraq into an Islamic state. Yeah I would get a hit in yemen's. Army everywhere celebrating in the shop while the spurs I don't at all. You know what that the conservative ideology. Natan it to play upon America and the world. Universe. We're seeing that radiant and that does the propaganda news for. And jungles. In Korea. That's what I wanna watch fox know. You know we look and accepting a leaner look and. It's like to be real version of Baghdad Bob remembered him. A path. How are Tokyo all these every award these neo kind of got this and we lost including the war on giant snake that noticed how white kids struck by the opiate crisis Serb victims in need of medical out with the blacks and minorities at the crack. Smack that they work. Climate opened up by the reverend. You know it's it's a choke watching conservative is trying to part and they are now race. Not so we gotta we gotta work really Karzai had to grow up cut you off attempt at that point lead. Okay sorry sorry. So frank appreciate here here here here input we're gonna give back to you again next week. Is it. I can and eventually first and our grandma Tony only getting pricked on our new again are you doing. Well first overall tally than everything you that it is true. That there is one that they illuminating. You can't win when you're a man that you light up behind. What you got there and lack forgot one thing about that it has the power of the pen. He candidate I will not sign any bill involving dot com unless he gets what he bought. We don't have an elderly Democratic Party you can say it would split fine but we don't have any power. There one thing you said it was very do. About the care. And say 3%. All the work at a entire system out there riding out here. Social sixty I don't know about how trumpet shaped steel. I think percent. And other areas that. It it's ten point 0% at a minimum. That as we look at the difference then attorney general light. That the high bit. You and I she quit. I am. I don't know preserve life she quit my mind perception. He'll let me tell you why she quit because she wrote that and that it broke the bat but from all over it aren't. I heard. And then this guy can't sell. It definitely adds it becomes something in the NB a I Department of Justice is directly current plight has temporary. I temporarily. Get lighter smaller. This guy. No number it's not that that's not actually true the only per the person who can fire mall are. Has to be a person who had been confirmed by congress sought out and acting person can't do it and asked to be a person has been confirmed. My congress. And like that but it is. Everybody talks about how they opt out people signed up to become senator and the people saying that. As I that they try to be an important. Because it may make an immediate and and let them constantly applying to become his secretary terms of hours. 500 dollars minimum. Barack Obama period blanket to her. That's a ridiculous. You have no other income and you can not that the government so highly. As I that the Democrats are you a lot. More solidly. All right thanks Tony. But big blue gray above real quick and get his thoughts Bob are you doing there. Very good mate and I was watching the BBC and others with the Taliban about Europe's. All great Jewish options and need. Well there are a lot of people people in the world it's no reason why I called his Shahzad and I want to are trying to call them right local political officers. Fareed restructured repurchase certain. They have and defaults to sort of what tomko. Does Shaquille off such an actress what was but it was. All politics is local buses city local. Politicians. And I was basically told by a twenty year old she was there. Then that I was to return to the office and time again. Petition the government for redress grievances. That could considered at rest. It is a huge which votes like to the IO and the governance there's becoming. A lot of different weights and published article that there is I'm not gonna pick out one choice of governor because you know what votes should be. A very nice they made that got. God bless. I just want a picket that kind of reasoning for once I can. If you follow what happened in Colorado back in the 1980s. And 1990s they passed a law that said that the before you can increase taxes. You have to put the taxes to a vote. For the citizens in Colorado. They put a companion provision on that law that said that whatever the lowest our cost of government wise. You cannot pass taxes that would raise the are the amount of revenue you took from people in taxes beyond. With the lowest baseline level of government wise. Prior to that point. So what would happen is during periods where you had robust economic growth. The revenues it came into government would increase they would give refunds to the citizens in Colorado. Im gonna be much 3069 dollars per per person. But then when. He can't unleash shrank which happened in 2000. Then you'd end up with less money coming into government. And you'd end up having to cut services. When revenues began to increase you still had to keep to government debt lower level you could increase a level because a new baseline. Would be that lower who. A service lower expense on a level. That kind of reasoning that everybody has the same as all the same it's not really all the Sunni. If you believe that we have things that we have to do collectively. For our sales are citizens to cannot easily be done individually. You have to pay for that you have to find a way to resource that. You can't it's just taken out an anti government attitude is if the government is an entity outside review. And I think we have to stop saying that stuff that's what causes a lot of the craziness that we have in our society right now let's grab job. Sorry one let's granddaughter Rochester were quick and it is not Johnny doing out there. They need to do is doing great I. I love this story is an hour and forty places show and I just loved. You know you need help. Again NATO and NATO and it won't hurt me and I should've let us. We're gonna move a primary care operation next door he. Oh well it looked synopsis. I pay. Looked the part of your take earlier. The infrastructure for fossil fuels. Is that what if I heard you're right I agree that you know 100%. We should take advantage of this. Yes that. We can produce a lot of revenue for us. And the same time we could do I'd like solar I like. A wind power and it's great. It's great the only vehicle like a while those two are the tax credits that are tremendously letter tech review glut. Is that in the vault them and if it isn't it compete with fossil fuels fine but so let's take advantage right now what fossil fuels. Build up the revenue in the government and illegal for an hour. I mean let's just to let's try to be logical in a way that we think. We know for certain. That fossil fuel fossil fuels as good as the backbone of our energy system. Is is going to continue to increase. The CO2. And methane emissions into our atmosphere which is going to continue to hurt us over the course of time. Right emir and and they're fine I mean this is not unlimited resources. So we know we're gonna have to shift. Why wait until we have no coal left and then start figure out why why not start figuring out right now. But just because we're figuring it out right now how to use solar how to use geothermal. How to use wind power and so on just because they're figuring stuff out now and using public resource is to help us make the investment. In how to get that stuff done economically efficiently. Just because we're doing that. Doesn't mean we're gonna stop using gasoline we're gonna stop using oil we'll start using. On natural gas are gonna stop using coal obviously have to do those things. Continuously. Do them as best as you can. As you build towards a day when you don't depend as much on those. Energy. Our resource is. You can get to renewable energy resources but it's it's dumped it took to to think of this as an either or. Tyler Perry diamond chronically or parent right. Well I agree of 100 percents. It and also played tyra did what I thought Cyrus there. Monetary I have a lot of friends that are kind of circuits around two or malls 33 or four yards ahead of where people are a bridges outright missing the people we spoke to be. Toward the boxes will see it. Okay. I'll I'll I'll I'll not to director had a conversation with a look at. Arms so. Just getting us back on to. Subject here. You know we talk about this. This this so called that in fact. Let me just shift away from them for just a second you know we have this this conversation going on last week amount. You know the the unemployment rate now the Hispanic unemployment rate in the African unemployment rate there was so much better than it was. 2030 years ago. As if com. Trump had done something to help. Trump gets all of this lift amount. The Dow Jones and the standard and poor and NASDAQ. As if trump had done something that created the economic way that we saw are going on over the course of the past thirteen months. But keep in mind not a single thing that trump did up until the passage of the tax bill. Had any actual influence on on the market in other words you didn't put any more money in people's pockets it didn't take anything. Out of people's pockets. This is just from taking credit for things that he did not do. Just as he took credit for on the lower unemployment rates for African people in this country which fell to six point 8%. In December. But if you look at it in January it would practice and point 7%. So obviously. Trump doesn't wanna take credit for that because it was seven point 7% assembly percent. That the month before truck took office in December of 2000. And sixteen. And so it's important for us to. To try to get our arms around. What what really is that state what we really need to be talking about. In terms of of our American democracy someone to just take its next couple minutes of talk about. What I perceive our threats are to the American democracy. First in my list is the rise of tribalism. And in the deepening political polarization now you can give me this. The stories that I keep getting from people that it's everybody's doing that the Democrats are doing it Republicans are doing it I don't see it that way. It seems to me that this tribalism is okay. Is a how growth or manifestation. Of the backlash. To the civil rights movement. In other words you have people who themselves are the descendants. Of immigrants. Innovators of conquerors of the American. Our continent. Who are now proceeding themselves is being that may be used. And they perceive. Our African people are Hispanic people as being outsiders as being others and as a civil rights movement began to move. Our legislation to prevent discrimination against those others in the apartheid. Cock construct of the society against these others. You have this backlash has been going on. And that backlash turned into tribes of people moving away from the Democratic Party into the Republican Party because it's sought. Putting that tribe into the year can't as a way to guarantee. That they were going to stay in power. But the tribes don't seem to understand. That. Those Republicans are not using the air control of the government to be able to promote the interest of the tried they're using their control of government. To promote the interest of the wealthy class who's in this society. So you are. Actually injuring yourself. At the X. If you you're helping these wealthy people at the expense of yourself. And is more to what we can talk about just echo. I chambers betrayed by social media talk radio and cable TV to capture the political system by moneyed interest. Voter suppression and so on we need to be talking about those kinds of issues because that's what's. Affecting. Our future as an American society. So listen we're near our time we can only do just so much time so I appreciate all of your input we look forward talking about again next week. Here I think again picking against you on next week. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. He. Yeah it.