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Saturday, February 10th

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So you know we had our state in the union address this week. And I didn't really have a time and and they got a lot of time to budgeted to do need mildest our Deborah numerous. Latter so called. Not expose a on how he feels at the FBI abuse its authority to. Launch an investigation into. On the activities of people associated with the Donald Trump. But I think we're gonna try to do this in a blended where wanna talk about the new newsletter first. And they're not trying to wean himself about the state of the union and although I just bother to do some fact checking on the State of the Union Address and of course. It would take me three shows just to give you all the different things that would serve or just patently untrue. But let me start with a new and as memo which is crafted by the Republicans. On the House Intelligence Committee. Not shared ride on DeVon knew there as a Republican I'm a California. Which alleges that there were abuses by the FBI and Justice Department against. Campaign aide. Carter page. And they voted to release what should have been have been reclassified. Document to release that are too republic. So let me just coming into his room at the Supreme Court has recognized him as the president's responsibility to classify our declassified. And control access to information. Bearing on our intelligence sources and methods and national defense. The executive branch Mahan trust in our case doesn't trust. Rock classified information to appropriate committees of congress on the assumption that the committee will be a responsibly. Protects us classified information consistent with the laws of the United States. But I guess when you've got political considerations and a way you're trying to protect somebody from being exposed for having done something terrible and you're the party in power abuse to control. Who gets to do those invest those investigations. I guess we don't have to be so concerned about classified information after all. So the lead and it comes from. The newness committee. Provides members with an update on its what they say there are significant facts relating to the committee's ongoing investigation. Into the department of justice and the FBI new use of foreign intelligence. Of a foreign intelligence source or Surveillance Act. During the 2016. Presidential election cycle. And what they do is they they raised concerns about what the legitimacy and legality of the interactions with the foreign intelligence surveillance court. And second. They say that there are memorandum represented troubling breakdown. Our legal processes established to protect the American people from abuses. Related to the phys the process so you would expect it that's what this memo would be talking. So going to the the memo it asserts that on October. Our 21 2016. The FBI and Department of Justice sought and received a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act probable cause order. Authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter page from the fights a court. A volunteer Karen pays a volunteer advisor to the I'll charm campaign. The FBI and and on department just obtain one initial. I'll find so warned targeting to our current page and then three subsequent fires that renewals. From the finds a court. Each renewal requires these these renewals have to be done every ninety days if you keep me. And in any electronic investigation. Going. Excuse me and he's renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause of words you can't just recite what you said the previous time you got an authorization. You have to come up with more information that you are getting you're getting more than you for you know during its ninety day period. And I may be renewals necessarily. Are dependent on the government's production. To the court of all material and relevant facts. It should include information potentially just to be reading now from newness is memo. Should include information potentially favorable to the target of defiance application that is known to the government. So the don't see here and steal our secrets for steel Darcy here. Formed an essential part according to the new in his memo. An essential part of the current page funds application. A member of the initial application in the October 2016. Application nor any of the renewals disclose or referenced the role of the of the Democratic National Committee. Rock Clinton Campaign any party slash campaign funding. Steals our first Christmas steals efforts. The initials are B the initial price application notes Steele was working for an unnamed US person but that does not name. Fusion GPS. And its principal Glenn Simpson who was paid by US law firm represented to Democratic National Committee. Count the current page phys application also cited extensively. From a September 23. Published report by dousing it in Yahoo! News. By Michael Issaquah. That focuses on pages 2000. July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate. The steel dossier because it is derived from information. Lead by steel himself to Yahoo! News Steele has admitted to British court filings that he met with Yahoo! News. In September of 2016. At the direction of fusion. GPS. Steele was suspended this is what did your writing this deal was suspended and then terminated. As an FBI source for what the FBI defines the most serious violations. And unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship. With the FBI. Is on the sign on that it's not illegal for somebody who is a source of information to the FBI. To tell somebody else that I provided information to the FBI and us not illegal. This is. Steals numerous counters with the media according to these units memo violated a cardinal rules of source handling. Maintaining a confidential and dumbest. Demos and confidentiality intimacy that steeler becoming less than reliable source for the FBI. Let me get into some analysis real quick excerpt of I wanna get to our callers in a couple of minutes our kicker our our question what. Especially over further and Democrats on the house intelligence pop panel issued a statement. Saying the investigation would would have persisted anyway. On the basis of wholly independent evidence heads out Crist for steel never into an end to the picture. Not page. Was on the FBI's radar long before the dossier in 2013. Russian spies tried to recruit page. According to the FBI criminal complaint that was filed. In 2015. The page ward was renewed three times steps that did the former US official said. Would have required the Justice Department to show defiance accord that useful intelligence had been obtained. Each time it was that this fine so I warrant was a renewed. The claim that the newness. People that of the loudest and Republicans on the committee are making. That the FBI is biased against trump is specious at best the FBI has traditionally it extraordinarily. Republican friendly institution. Former director James comb he's handling of the Clinton probe is widely believed to have helped try to win the White House in the first place. So how can an organization that is almost always conservative. I almost always Republican in his orientation. How can man organization be perceived. As having been. In the tank for the Democrats as opposed to Republicans when everything they did. Supporter did the republicans' agenda against the democrats' agenda as to specious. The Republican memo focuses almost entirely on the fight so warrants for page suggesting his his civil civil liberties were violated. Are already Mueller. The special investigator has secured indictments against former trump campaign officials Paul man afford Rick. He he's also one agreements to cooperate for Michael Flynn. Charms initial national security advisor and George Papa topple as another of the little known off foreign policy advisors who. I volunteered for Trump's campaign. Quickly the memo says information on Papa topless was included in the price of Warner. Application despite no evidence of cooperation on. Regarding the conspiracy. However struck in and Lisa page. They were just as critical of Clinton as they were of trump and it's but did nothing to suggest that their biases towards one or the other. Have anything to do with. What what was surfaced in the investigative reporting that they were doing. On behalf of the FBI really get our callers on real quick I wanted to get to be. They're don't have enough time to do it right now but we'll get into it the estimated to union stopping a wanna get this new this stuff out of the way let's grab Tony real quick and we'll get to bill Tony are you doing out there. What about the they. Leave Republicans responses that I possibly lead which is exactly what it is. A press release. The lie that you. You do it too good to eat. The entire reason partly at a special prosecutor Muller. It's because they can pop a couple of met quality Australian. Up pretty well. And I can't say. And that triggers these. Investigate. The cause of it is that didn't they admit it and that particular. Press release that it is that we wanted it. I was the most ridiculous. I've ever heard in my whole life I think there is that everything they're being there. I can't pick up my mind right now going on this country and people aren't aware. The United States. In doubles I will pick up a apps and Russia. The United States will be axed by lush as this administration. Is a lobbyists. You. Let me explain. Mr. trump. This we're asking our national security every day he isn't white. Is the national. Security US. I think called me. You remember that would bring an 8060. I mean 2017. That next day he met lipped. Get his laptop. I can't really act in a horrible optics. And that day. He'd be trying desperately analyst got. Like giving them an arrangement. That secret. Project. That was going on he we train them well actually I'll. I think and count against Carolina based on trust. Watching. And it can't. There. Recently president of the United States giving that's it England Ian. Asia is clearly. Intelligent project. And that you know like we thought it. The last week I'm able. I'm able. And they probably that was on TV this morning good putt and end up. Alpine world. Beating up three blushed and Kremlin that talent didn't stop there and let them contain all. The United States like actually. About this memo that you met this actually get knocked it. Couldn't tell you that it is absolutely I'm excited about it didn't do. I had IE eight on the FBI. List at these are people out these three people. Am legend. From entering the United States. That person has gone to sanction by the United States government. The only thing that personal look at that the contrary that it twelve and a pull that. A meeting at the State Department. We'll look a little bit before I think it shortly ample and it. Can't get at me. And beat more sanctions ultimately implement it. And of course you are there and refused to actually execute the sanctions approved by congress. Against. The Russian. Yeah maybe not the most important part. I'm now on so I don't know and then again at that sank into. I got it I wandered incitement and I don't know how its weapons that. Well below you'll pay this president is going to go Cotchery. He's using his foot and cook to basically go to lecturing against in state. I think it's clear that that truck. Receive something. Value from either the Russian government or people that or highly important to the Russian government. And that they they wanted something in return and bladder Vladimir Putin wanted something in return and I think that this. Watering down and not include implementing sanctions that were approved by congress almost by a 100% vote of both houses of congress. Him not implementing that. Is a power of the the pay a fee you know what what what did he Russians are getting out of whatever they gave to trump in the first place and you know the short run in a position where he could borrow money. From many places in in the world. He was able to borrow money from you know interests of their odd times these Russian Oleg ours. That has a lot to do with it. Absolutely I want an up front about that fuel is what he got January 20. Can't duck 2017. Adding products and docked at least I know I'd go to upload the constitution of the United States he has violated the constitution's. Luke he saw a Palestinian cause I bet you signed into. He violated what about you because I know you're gonna get ramp OJ as somebody else. Cesspool on his old gather information. And sources. Students who are highly respected. And getting the job that spoke to intelligence that they eat the British government. Just. As luck would be easily I numerous occasions. Mr. Steele. Here at this trip for Malaysia and get together because he was likely a probability this country. The extent that it didn't call. I the United States government partners mark. It didn't pay anything. That they interpret that as at the base at. There's an article got me. He was not important he was not employed by DOJ or by the FBI he was just fun and I'll the FBI. Actually everybody strident analysts and that's probably the reality out. What we added a constitutional. Crisis like you have great product that. Oh probably not it course a lot the country. And becomes a lawmaker. This man in my opinion. I don't have an open at least committing treat certain period don't I wish it and they got the at this particular announcement. Do you mean like that you know it didn't just completely let like betting that. Right a son. So he's he's campaigning for something that he says exist that he doesn't even know himself whether or not exist. You don't and he did he got thirty. That took every bit document. And then make a contribution and still is bad. I was lucky that I need to build a sequel to it. Either way. Now that that account but let's talk secret. That's not true. But that's truly pages put it on the air. Well that's what may indicate that at that debate cannot claim. They got the status secret government. It's a document. And brought it up prosecutors that would set. That. They can't because restraint that would try to look like fabrications. OK we got were obsessed or we got around Rihanna gets our break right now and I was going to toot toot Bharatiya listen folks we are a lot we're going to be talking about sadistic with us. There was some senator break here I think again. Think again. Would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you wouldn't completing your application now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn about Oklahoma proven programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. Trustee by the community exit organization. Of Erie county. Just days ago before this year's WGR celebrity roast of Fred Jackson Thursday February the fifteenth at the grapevine banquets. Tickets on sale now it might buffalo perks dot com great lineup of roasters this year should be a very special Mike Barrett would. Ryan Fitzpatrick Darrent Williams Brian Scott Fred's brother Patrick Jackson. And more don't miss it. Did you know one of our previous throws you know what a great night it is what these guys taking jabs at each other and swapping stories you may not hear it anyplace else had a great dinner to. Plus if you buy the VIP experience you can hang out with friends in the other roasters are the exclusive VIP reception. We'll be broadcasting live from reception as well also get your tickets now at my mobile coach doc brown VW GR celebrity roast of Fred Jackson Thursday February 15 at the grapevine banquets. Presented by liberty cabin senator pulled her inside the Seneca Niagara casino and support from Bud Light with some events you've just got to be there. All day every day. These skis Buffalo's home for ESPN radio. It's one game. We will hopefully you and that's what's happening right I mean. They didn't close it hit a I think they're really recovered for these guys listen we got collars and aligned apps are going to be about three or four minutes per call. China sea whose worth his bill he went to grab bill first and it program John and John Enron. An Internet or how you doing there. Good. So think you know recently about chain migration is. I wanted to know if some chain migration has anything to do which. The trick they African American came over in change. No doesn't have any guy that's just you know how people come up with shorthand for explaining some things go so if you came over here legally. I I think and I know what it means they get their groves is that it's. This or that. I have like what I wanted to say is that trumpet so polarizing that I think that some. Democrats say some really dumb things and as she so polarizing. People that are Democrat will build it sank and I don't know you know it by Richard Durbin said that he told trump. At trump shouldn't a year that term chain migration because it is and split people. It and I showed I showed this and you 22. I'm a good Democrat. And remember and she just. She just didn't make anything up it's like. I even at sites if you can't say that. Durbin is an idiot seized key at least something idiotic. I I agree I think their whole agenda. It is best that kind of stuff that that that impinges. Or impugn his credibility. When you know you see these are just because the word change and change you know in the historical sense. Base alike but they've really have to do with each other chains are links. It will be your connections between things too it's. Our pirated. Margaret Cho at our hearts they care. Or help me out on the move the only regret running knobs are Jon and in in Laporte first and we're used to John are you doing out there. Good Dayton. You know I think they're missing the point on this whole thing here raid that that the truth is that. It's actually nothing today and it all goes back to the beginnings of Fox News. You know 60% of what they say is an answer the call it's all fake news really and so much so that I think one of their commentators said that. If Fox News was around when. When Nixon was. The resign that he would never resigned in the article gave never happen because they would have thrown out the smokescreen a propaganda is crazy. You know effects mean nothing these people. I you talked assembly it's something on the Internet it's another thing you know and it's terrible what does that mean nothing anymore at all impression. And and have. I look at something and an email and an analysts think it's usually probably propagated by the Russians. And they'll say something stupid that they they've heard from Fox News or or from this from the Russian email. And I think that they they think it's hectic. It's true and then when I send them the to fact check dot org insure that this is the big scam by the Russians or somebody else but don't. They don't care do you believe that you know. Not talk to these people they will not listen they don't care 66 mean nothing to them everything is about impressions. And what Fox News spiel down all the time is hate. In. Fear is fears only ever get they look Rush Limbaugh and all the rest of the rights they give up that they've put up hate and fear are. I saw this on Hannity last night and he was coming out of his skin. He was so vitriolic and what he felt less treason and people ought to go should have been hung you know and so on and you read the members of what does he reacting to it. It it's it's it's all a performance to its its its performance TV. Great interest in the side door but it is it virtually impossible. Two. 48 conspiracy. When you hit I don't like what especially the edge in this instance it's free fight a war difficult do so. That's three on top of the in this two warrants it taxied for demonstrations. Conspiracy among and among mostly Republicans most of these people in the eighth defeat Republican. This could conspiracy in the judges to the that this conspiracy it would have to be between Republicans Democrats. Would have to be among not conservatives and liberals. And and all along three fight awards is absolutely no way that they could ever uttered could ever be a conspiracy here. Absolutely right. I appreciate she's Henri on Iraq. That you. I immediately regret right you to log in next Ron how you do learn. All right okay in the W this conspiracy that is is being alleged by the fake news people at Fox News and right wing radio you have to believe that age. Call me. Most esteemed McCabe all lifelong Republicans and some are closet Clinton supporters. Believe that John Roberts and forest fire support people. Are all. Somehow a class of Clinton's supporters yet that we would suffice to coach says all conservatives at that time period has been rotates. You'd have to believe. The at all plaza Clinton supporters if it would have to wait. Roberts is a guy who wrote Citizens United. That was against Hillary Clinton's. Cases that I remember that you have to believe in somehow supports Hillary Clinton. And you'd have to some of figure out that. Gave Coleman who attacked Hillary Clinton publicly and. Why didn't loosens it. Or. I think they and then the thing you'd have to believed that somehow or another inlet. Our former notorious sixteenth that cult label on the 28 of October 11 days before the election. Openly. We don't stick or. We noted that email investigation right. You open investigations. And if you look at the poll numbers at this point Hillary Clinton the 27 of October was leading. In the polls seven point 7%. And saw her collect her whole poll numbers after the Cole. At ten a settlement to 8% over the time here yes. Doubt about the one perpetual present and then it became a real cliffhanger and all of battleground states that from managed to eke out small victory. In anyway you have to believe that he's somehow won it. Trumped Lou this the end of another aspect of a bit hardly ever mentioned is this all business so how that. In that up. Rea real investigation began out of the New York FBI operation up. Rudy Giuliani. And Fox News back up just a few days before they reopened the investigation talking about how. On this would be they. A big bombshell that would have that would go off because a real. He was aware this is gonna get us. Effectively downhill from. To be testimonials. Are Coleman after it was fired. That the New York FBI office had bet that the very. Our latest on the third of October. All Torre sixty possibly as far back does act others August and they sat out and and waited to dropped this bombshell. Before just before the election adaptable that all of those people were pro Hillary Clinton. So I think that the call conspiracy theory is completely but it's it's why is it makes Oliver old look like and what you describe. The conspiracy theory the point is that that it's that this state is system. Smoke to be below the F. The FBI and a lot of people think too that it is trop trying to discredit. The FBI and the by itself because it wants to be able to bog and all of by and it will also it has to follow eight you rather corruption investigation it also. Let trump go back to the good old days of FBI. Two separate legal after all the political all of. What's what's good for trump is good for America. Yeah they're so. So I literally anywhere if you area but lately it's rampant with respect despite the absence in the mid eighties this kind of dropped out of sight. Because apparently calmly was investigating that that they are so before you fire to. He began to open that a minute they got players so. Is after one of the major reasons why it got fired was investigating that whole thing with the New York FBI and. Clinton did have a lot to do. All right I got Iran Iran appreciates humor NC next week. It's easy John and buffalo. Yep Lugar and John Russell real quick John are you doing out there. They would have been made and. All right good deal for me. It all through the and a home I'll Bruins wore little I'm not count as it moves are. Gonna win. Well I guess you know little watched a bit of cable news this morning I guess wallet dot CA building confirm anything they wanted to confirm. It doesn't really say anything lights. Tony said it's a it's really big melting murder. It does it does confirm a few things about how stupid there it confirms that. They knew. Read up page was a foreign agent when they made amendment and national security guys that are afforded ties or whatever he was. So they knew he was a treasonous traitor. They knew he was deported and that's one thing the memo proves. And it also lets the Russians know I guess exactly when our intelligence became aware that page was born agents and it's a nice set to the Russian. It's two GB Erica via. B warrants. In that lets them though. So that the new is in the trump administration or Clinton their bodies over in Moscow know exactly when. Our intelligence agencies became aware that page was there agent and then and then of course. Or are doing an idea about doing okay. Eyes are knowing knowing he wears. Afford agent and actually rose and seeing signs one of the FISA warrants while trump was president and. Right by doing that they also enable the Russians to figure out what was he knew about. Age if it if the FBI knew about page at that point. Who were the people that we were talking to that they would have been listening to it would have allow them to know that. That in wires them on who's listening to who and how they're doing the listening. So you're actually empowering the intelligence sources. All of Russia against intelligence sources of the United States that's why you're not explosive. To reveal this stuff. And of course some of the Republicans. Hypocritical is they the distance so insanely typical. Cold they are the champions of warrantless. Wiretapping they want those things. Please sign them into laws you know so so that you need to make it easier. To wiretap them. Without a warrant to you know just what the FBI do with the FBI is gonna do of course served there. May make a mockery of the blue light is everything okay these are top blue guys the F. Yeah he's the only man and a and politically. The blue slice of the blue slides in the big picture issue or you're out. They will throw that any blue light under the bodies and that's their political narrative as to make it's it's sickening. Our job precision and we got to run. The care let's grab Jerry West Seneca and then we'll grab Friday. Jerry how are you doing about it. Jerry illusion. Are we're gonna go to Franken we'll come back to Jerry franc in Niagara Falls right into the big guy. People who don't follow where are involved with politics protesters campaign. A I think they thought their friends state of the union speech than. People like got some most of your Pollard does make them. You know I like he says there isn't enough trying to explain. Bush while iron goes like who are led by the news has mammals. And this Republicans so up well. The real deal is that trump parents from administration is ready it's now our nation's vital interest. Why aren't sure exactly. That is exactly right. And it's saying people don't fight back in the next week are critical road bridges so worse. Yeah aren't powerful go to the highest bidders and in which in today's market is the Saudi royals and Japanese government. Government you know funneling monies to our front companies and venture capital law. And you'll be paying tolls. To the royal house of Saudi Arabia. For Procter. I want to hit it. And exactly you know what consent of genius circle and a dollar short access. In the near future cost of dollars in all. RTC's. Enforcement. Find higher Internet water power operates. You know it. Crazy. As pretty you know that's what I would say Republicans turn the American people in the United Steelworkers of America. And you know thirty years. I'm GOP waits at the abuse of power. Yeah profiteering in the curious you know missed allocation a wealth and resources. You know they then went when I look at Chinese. Are China's. Sure I mean lighter at the the structure and building you know the ice saying I wanna years of our factories in order down and most of our recycling. Being shipped post sale at wholesale prices that China. Yeah. We're abandoning. Using our X collective resources to invest in our future. Which is what you noticed the Chinese don't do that. The Chinese knew that they're gonna have to get off for calls they've been investing in solar you know and that sort of stuff wind power geo thermal they still have called go on but. They're moving aggressively into. I cleaned. Energy because that's where the futures. In the United States saying where we're fighting. I think about it all the medals. And other recycling materials our ancestors mine invented and built. You know our so called leaders let slip away a bargain basement price. You're you know the same conservative ideology has spent the last half of the twentieth century waste. Trillions of tax dollars an hour anti Communist anti Muslim crusade. But let's let the flag to the very same form big money interest. And now. Our Francona had to Iran that's a barrel last break for you Don appreciation and we'll talk to next week. Listen we have John and ramble and MJ says that you'll stick with those who was seen as out of the break here think again I think again. Would you like to increase your home's value if you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your applications now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn about Oklahoma proven programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. Trustee by the community exit organization. Of Erie company. I don't know. Save your next oil change when you purchase five boards of Pennzoil high mileage motor oil and Michael board filter for the price of Pennzoil conventional for 24 bloody knife plus get a five dollar O'Reilly auto parts gift card after mail in rebate and earn double all the rewards points with this purchase O'Reilly auto parts better cars better prices everyday limits apply see store for details. Goldman. Okay guard. Or crashes don't happen swooned. They happen facts. In a crash there's no time to check of your child's in the right car seat don't think you know no you know is it safer car dot gov slash the right seat message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. If he's going to paste senate seat unseat. It'll just mean hold historic moment excuse me only see none of its gradual release technology they hold 75% stronger and only day this is leading east without the use sea island stronghold know who's an all day. You're listening to be a crucial voice something you'll people's 50000 watch ESPN this. Each one telling you WKD. Buffalo. When. Then. I can. You don't drag. Her. All right listen I just wanted to just hit you with a couple of quick facts before we we roll on. We talk about this State of the Union Address I just once you understand you know the trump claimed that. They have the elected the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history. It turns out bad. In terms of a dollar amount was only the eighth biggest. Tax cut in terms of percentage of taxes it was only to fourth largest tax cut. Another big one you know each claimant. I think we've talked about this if I go to the event when I'm he claimed that the bad. While wages has gone up so much you know as a result of his administration. But of course as always these shaded truth. It is true that wages do door for the first three quarters of Trump's presidency because they were going up during the last two years of the Obama. I'll presidency but the fourth quarter of 2017. From October warm. 2017 to December 312000. A seventeen. Wages not only dropped the drops so much stay wiped out of early gains that we got in the first records to pass the Petit. He would tell you about that right there's so many things I can talk about it in the state of the union. Oh yeah and Hannity flip what I'm watching you this real quick before we get back into our conversation. You retire tonight for example that trying to change the story. At this hour the New York Times is trying to distract you may have a story that trump wanna Muller fired some time last June. And our sources and I checked in what many of them they're not confirming that tonight. And the president's attorney dismissed the story and says no no come out we're not going there. And how many times as the New York Times and others got a wrong. I'm so we have sources telling just confirming Ed Henry that yet maybe Donald Trump wanted to fire. The special counsel for conflict does not have the right to raise those questions and no we'll deal with this morning we have a shocking video of the day to bring about the latest footage comes to us from Arizona where. You see that red SUV high speed police chase ultimately the suspects. But not a I mean I can't believe these people they have. Absolutely no shame at all there's nothing you can see these people that would make him be embarrassed about. To back up and David did just outright lie. It's so listen let me just do our guards. Jack eluded the job first I think you'll be is that Jason and then Rambo. Okay I regret John Rogers roofers or are real quick John are you doing out there. Rebel army so laughable case in terms of people are just outright embarrassed themselves I laugh we'll hit our. Well it they might might be stands right now is saying Tyrod Taylor and awful that's what Iowa but only to the I don't know what they get big gigantic in play and edited or no respect they'll believe it let. But anyway I got it today I love trumps state of the union sect in like July night I watched that are on tape of it. A couple days later and I get a time after reading the newspapers he would decide he stopped. I thought it was an excellent speech. If if my concern to you my analysis of his speech. I can point to you forty different times that he just outright lied or radically distorted stuff just because people say words that sound true doesn't mean a that it telling you the truth and be doesn't mean they mean you well. And it didn't write this speech in the first place. Well I got to try has the worst. Well I'm not gonna spend the time to go through your all the way to disagree and that because my my point today is that really we do have a constitutional crisis. The constitutional crisis is in the higher ups and the FBI. In the Obama played Justice Department stating their higher matters there hailed infiltrated. We tested. To mature and I'm constitutionality. Of the surveillance that was gonna drop. Do you do did you hear anywhere I said. Did you hear any of what I said in opening the program only to. I went through all of that how can you how can you call illegal. How can you call them illegal. The loser. I idol audience but I do steal it jeans. You I'm gonna say you're a liar you're looking at the door and watch it it'll definitely. Don't take my word what leads us do you analyze and. Let me give you sources that you can go to and then you can just decide for yourself you don't have to take. And my work you know for. You know offer anything just. I look at a lot of sources USA today New York Times Washington Post. There they're laughter. Just OK so any time somebody says something different to what you think. That makes them leftists ran. Not at all not at all I agree would you today when you you would disagree with the color who was talked about it. An issue lists. The chain migration writes I'm viewed you'll. Are you of your time was bad because that was distance about it it was kind of raised this kind. You occasionally you'll occasionally do it it is great. It. I implement the I would consider them. I'm real world on both sides of liberal so today they call themselves liberal. I'm just gonna ask to do this go to fact checking the GOP Russia memo just noted that. Fact checking my you can go arsenal and I don't know. There and it's not the act or act a lot at least fact checkers are leftist organization. So so you re under read numerous Susan memo that does not tell you a single thing that they say was wrong it was presented to the fire sykora. They were just attacking practice with being presented to. C and yet most aid. By the Democratic Party deserved to why don't you talk about the fact that Washington the Washington apparently between Russia and. The Washington freed the Washington free deacon. Is the original source in the dossier they are the ones who actually financed the opposition resource. They were there are Republican conservatives who didn't want Donald Trump to okay. Air drops seen armored higher ups to drop. It's completely and out and get a paid their dues now. Hold somebody does the Jews blu rules and is doing well also earned him a little while. I'm sorry I got I got our our average investor you you'd you'd do it again and you just spouting about responding would not been the foundation. To fund found if found that on I'm telling you where to go to get actual facts and feedback can rely on facts it's hard am. A conversation takes its anyway. That's that's that you so let me grab I think he's rambled Jim first demo program Lejeune in north town wanted to program Jason lamb are you doing out there. Good a one year off. Our callers earlier he brought up that thumping about. Recycling. Exit door and it was from yeah blank a blank with enemy. I balance your on Monday afternoon on Monday night take all the recycles. Roll across the parking lots of occur. What I do that on Monday and I'm not make him off. We re cycle and are. Spoke to the top. All the right wing in America is alive and well people are participating and I know could I rolled out. You're you're you're you're you're missing his point that's not what he was talking about where he was talking around. Is that we built this country on the backs of people that win in mind all of these metals and ores and things that we take out of the ground. That in that energize our industrial revolution in this country. What had been happening before this who later this latest thirty year period that rain right now. Is that people were taking some of the public. Resource is tax dollars and they were using it to pay it forward to invest in the Internet in the creation of the Internet to invest. In our solar energy clean energy investing in the future so that new business could grow up. In the future it will replace the businesses are going to die to day. But we stop doing that in the last 2030 years we've been so loyal to those people there were already giving money out of doing something today. That we missed the opportunity just to do things are gonna create the new money for tomorrow China hasn't done that China paid hated for that's why they're ahead of us. In solar and wind power. And geothermal power right now that's why you see high speed trains in Japan in places all over the world you don't see that stuff. In the United States because we have not paid it forward. We paid to the people that were already getting money we just paid more to them just like this tax law puts more money in the hands of people that already had more money. And it doesn't really help us to pay for. The future that we need to to to create eight for our children that they have the same kind of opportunity to grow economically. That we had when we were kids that's what he was trying to help you understand. Yeah hard to tell you what I think they've been defect caught. Is gonna put money in the hands of people let me thank it was just went when I got when me ever to work control. And work and change is gonna notice that extra money or nature like two days. Before payday would mean yet money lunch money. I get down I mean that the average person in that 50000 to 90000. Income range is gonna do average around 930 dollars a year in taxes that they're gonna saves and ask him and about eighty dollars a month. Onto the air I'll take home pay or least your gross pay I don't know what to take company is going to be so I get to and I understand. My point is that the price that you're paying for that number one to top 1% are gonna get more than twice the net returned and that there in the middle. Our income people are gonna get they're gonna get somewhere around 51000 dollars apiece. In net tax saving number to. The tax savings for you at the middle income level of gonna expire in seven years. You're gonna continue for those fat cats in business who got that tax reduction of 40%. Not in the in your business taxes. And number three. Because you and me another 200 billion dollars two year deficit. And you are not doing anything to to reduce your overall spending. You've actually taken a 700 billion dollar deficit and turned into 1900 billion dollar deficit. And the only way you gonna be able to bring that down he's injured the very people that you claim you were trying. To help to take money from Medicaid take money from Social Security take money from. Kind of lost much and has brought. But you know that that. I'm sorry app lets you say something. Right rice and so the Big Three entitlement programs you know met Medicaid. Medicare and Social Security taking money from those things is where you're gonna actually have to go to get them on and you have to take my word first in my opinion. Your home boy Paul Ryan. You know I don't want to characterize have to feel about this element but my point is that he told you before the tax bill was actually passed. He said that we get this tax bill Don we're gonna have to go back about 45 months. Later and we're gonna have to find ways to reduce the size of Social Security Medicaid and Medicare he already told you that that's that they were gonna do that means you're gonna pay for the attacks. Deep crease on the backs of the most rural people in the country and you still haven't done anything about the 700 billion dollar deficit to two already. This is just crazy I'm just trying to get you to understand. You have to be willing to look at factual things you can't do things based on. Oh they're gonna you know helped me get my country back you can't do it based on that kind of a thought process. He got to have a thought process that's based on character reality embargo jemaah gotta run I gotta get some more calls we get to the and his arm really got about seven minutes gladly give Jason's first first and we'll grab mark Jason are you doing out there and I know you're not out Yonder anymore you're probably working someplace in the city with a certain time. I am ambler archer and adopting an expert but what would there's foods like. The whipped like the last in passing yards in the league and manages three point entry game yet negated any pointers thereafter. But a hundred. About is that the literally fiddling while Rome burned to the new cycle out. I mean we're talking about all my gosh can you believe that there are politics being played in our government. Yeah I cat and so does everybody. The whole point of the thing is. And that got back here. I'm pedaling while burned I mean so many things about economic they're now that the U. And market like. It is going to be the beginning trend. We can't the bond slipping a dollar thing at all these. Little war raging with Russia and China. People don't realize that countries now currently from the dot org by royal with the wind and everything else. Your adjacent UEU says this he said this several months ago. January elbow were what what you were saying at the time you defend what you were saying you said that debt it used to be that the dollar and some solid value behind it was gold it was the value of the a total. Until now these and any country that want oil and do you let art. Right but right now the dollar doesn't really have any value Miami assistant speculative dollar and we're really no better off than. These countries that are making up bred that costs you know 1000 Congo franks has put. Look at what we do we have to leave our credit limit every few months. Jobs can borrow more money to keep things afloat that's partly due out having no income coming in and you're living off for raising credit card limits. And never being able to repay only your whole plan is to just keep borrowing that will come to an end. So we're just borrowing your future and now we borrowed so much. Sleazy and I and actually the indictment by America. Now I'm just saying and there's that hash tag I'm about an abatement for women I think of those signs saying times about the economy. Well I just what are their technology you know because you you were pressing and he said that this is what was going to occur. And were in the beginning I. I could January Glenn you know Lauder I mean countries have another choice besides the dollar and had a lot of concrete. They don't like us pushing ourselves all over their business so they bet their way to fight back and they'll never take that militarily. There way to fight back because debate the question dollar. You're you're an idiot son that's right. All right Jason appreciate your man from hope hopefully talking next week let's grab market buffalo real quick before we get done mark are you doing out there. And a sin. Wherever he today it is closes all of the. The rest in peace 4000 music via lives this guy in. You've got about fifty. Don't break eighty bucks Armonk home from fifty to 90000 dollar it. And nobody in buffalo makes 50000 the year. Anymore for sure and aren't we. Sir tell you if you're below the 40000 figure. You just don't know yet there's no meta facts for you at all. Would pay it will pay. And up and I don't want have been listening to Hannity job. Some of resistance and he's. He tells me he just can't hear you you know I mean you can't fight our argument. If you can't settle on the things that are true. An attack on an analyzed. He's in a lag bet all bet all Australian unit it was a tackle run. And it's amazing what a PP Capel grew up if I go to dripping dot CA. I mean I'll I'll went through this speech and I mean it. It took me ten pages just to write down all the things that he says that weren't true. I'm I'm talking about it this dossier now that. Are the dossier again is another you know specious thing again as I indicated before. The dossier originated with the Washington became a free beat him a very conservative Republican news organization. They're the ones who pay for opposition resource our our our our research against Donald Trump when he went reported 63 people run for president and Republican Party. Right now but it's amazing what a little PP yield to a zero. The PP and that Wal-Mart thank sir I different food different the number of Republicans weeks. Every Tehran retreat trying Hitler in particular trying. And I hit that you only one run them the most good god and the market is down six. Look. More on the list isn't super expensive you bet at least. And I am superstitious and Oprah are. All right thanks mark. So folks would do the best we can't try to get to a lot of these issues next week there's only so much we can get done in the course of an hour. I do wanna give back to the State of the Union Address we look quarter talk to you on next week love the conversation. We'll see you on next week here I think again think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. Home. It.