Think Again 01/20/18

Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, January 20th

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Welcome to think again with film made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031528. All right here we go thinking again and think again. Walking toward trouble discussion program sponsored by the community action organization the worst in New York still fighting the war on poverty now in 52 year. Each week we talked to about issues and events and trends affecting you right here right now in buffalo in the works in your community and in fact. Connect you to communities all across the country. I'm your host on the premier presidency over community action organizations. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESP and 15:20 am when you're down from 1 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Today's program is lines you can call and you can join our discussion of the two will remember here again is 8031520. That's 80315. To one we shall marched to unpack. Today. I'm I'm only gonna give you a little bit of monologue and is gonna give us into our. Our car to callers on the line already. On the short term issues. It's just important for me to help people to understand things in context in before our saviors I want you all to revisiting your mines. What you were thinking when Donald Trump won the presidency. In November of 2060. Further progress progressive people in our audience. They were saying to me to us on this program what they were worried about. Was that the correction was gonna move into chaos that this was chaotic person who was gonna creating chaotic administration. And that. We would be facing. Long term harm. Art to the structure. Of our government as a result of this person being the president of the United States. Well here we are literally. One year later. And chaos ratings and the government the United States. Here you've got a situation where the Republicans control the White House the house and senate and House of Representatives. The Supreme Court. The control thirty or 31 of the governorships in the United States and yet you can't pass obliged. Let's get real who is at fault here. It can be that the Democrats are follow Mitch McConnell claim I'm washed his stuff until about 1 o'clock. Last night. Mitch McConnell. Clinging. The a leader in the senate. He claims that the Democrats are the problem. Excuse me and that. If there was nothing in the existing. He would be the continue resolution. There is being put before congress to vote on that there was nothing in it that the Democrats opposed. Well this is a very one sided description eerie. He was very strident you know and very you know venomous towards the Democrats in making this assertion. But if you look at it from another direction. By Mitch McConnell own words there was nothing in the continuing resolution. That the Republicans are opposed. Simultaneously. He said that the issue that was. Preventing. Be a vote on the continuing resolution was illegal immigration. And that most of them and the members of his own Republican caucus. Wanted to see a resolution of that problem. So if everything you need to be continuing resolution was something that. Republicans and Democrats could agree on and the only thing that was left. Was this issue illegal immigration which really talking about the issue. It's actually just about the Denver action seasoning here. Daka. Deferred action for our childhood arrivals if that was the only issue now all of illegal immigration. Just those seven or 800 kids who were the children of people who may have come here illegally but the kids didn't come here. On your home they were brought by the parent and they've lived in the United States some for as much as thirty years. Half of these kids don't even speak Spanish so talking about put these key is back. Into Mexico. Is an extraordinarily cruel and venomous. Approach to the issue. Since the AB RR plus percent of Americans support the idea of providing legal status for these docket children. Why is it that it is the democrats' problem why couldn't the Republicans the agreed with everything else in the bill why couldn't they come to some. Our resolution to ensure that these docket children weren't going to be deported. Keep in monitoring the dock so our our authorization actually expired. In September. Trump has been holding. The legislation. Or executive orders. To keep the docket children in the United States about. And are free of our fear of being deported. I just because they were the children of illegal aliens. Our truck has been holding them hostage. In order to get. Money for the so called wall that was supposed to be being paid for by but I'm Mexico. And so it's really important that we understand this context trump has been holding all of these children hostage for a political reason. Everything else that they wanted in the air continuing resolution they got. So if there was a problem the problem has to be on his. There was a deal that was reached between Lindsey Graham and on our Chuck Schumer or Dick Durbin rather. On on Thursday or Wednesday or Thursday of this week. And charm back out on that deal after Tom cotton and the other representatives. Or agents of the white Nash since in this country objected. On to the it. The the extension of authority. On governing the on the docket children and so. That's important for us to understand I just quickly want on our I mentioned this in with regard to the Hawaiian situation. I don't know why. I haven't been able to see anything. Out of uproar about what happened in this missile alert situation with. Hawaii all of the attention has been on Hawaii's. Emergency management authority. But unless I'm missing something. If for missile is launched from a country to the at the United States it's gonna fall on a state in the country it's not gonna fall. And a country's gonna follow in the state in the country. So it wouldn't matter what state it was at the missile fell on it would still be an attack on the United States. Where was the United States' response. To the alert. Then on this I was on its way to US territory. Where was the stop being so everything that the federal government level and of the US. Homeland Security US Department of Defense everybody locked in you know in. I'll response is this thing obviously they should have been Colin US. Pop Pacific command and find out whether there was in this round action on its way and then responses to the fact that there was no missile on the way. All of that should happen within three or four minute period. If it takes a missile twenty minutes to get from North Korea. To the United States and took us 38 minutes to tell people that there was no missile. On its way. That suggested there's something very wrong with the missile defense system in the United States I just wanted to get down here to fact pitcher was playing golf when this occurred. He was told about it while he was on the golf course he continued to play golf. After he learned that this took place went back to use. Golf resort. And and learned that a crisis. Was over. But there was an enemy puffed around freely like a little peacock about the fact that Hawaii has taken responsibility for. The incident that it was their mistake and meant he felt very good about them and the fact can basically it was their mistake. And they would look into it later I mean the whole attitude about it I don't understand what the country's postures and on about this in line. We had not been much more upset about the lack of federal response. To what took place so let me get to our caller we got three cars on right now what's probably due to our cause real quick Q and and get the ball rolling here let's grab. Let's grab Steve first and program Tony Steve are you doing out there are. And the end there small. I did have a question about that medical Merrill why and now they want to imposed. Recreational. Marijuana. And supported. Debt that long. That's been gained weight or all of the underdog so I crack cocaine you know what's your opinion about status. Well I think that that's just a in all wives tale has been told for ever. That marijuana was a gateway to all the other drugs. That just doesn't make any any sense. And if if that were the case alcohol would be much more of a gateway to all the other drugs that that's not a case either. Other truth is that marijuana is much less dangerous to your health. And is less addictive and jackets almost non addictive. Ogden an alcoholic is so putting marijuana in the same class as these other drugs to me is just a posture and it's been taken. For reasons that are more cultural. Reasons and the scientific reasons so bad that that would be the issue here as far as the medical marijuana issue is concerned. Or the possibility of our licensing recreational marijuana. You see a number of states around the country that have already done this because it is created. More our tax revenue that comes into those states. And it eliminates the need for raising taxes on. Our citizens as a whole in terms of income taxes or property taxes. And so. Are given what has happened with the tax bill the Republicans have passed. In order for you to be when a balanced a budget in in states like New York State. You need to come up with new revenues and so they're looking at this as a way of creating new revenues without having to increase property taxes war. Increased state income taxes so that's really my answer. Do you ever heard we aren't you do the same. Let me grab Tony real quick you get these thoughts immigrant Franken and senator break tell me how you doing here. Blob I'm. I'm hoping that I don't have another power outage here because our hot air from the White House just to bring the country here and our line a lot about it be careful here. You just say that actually it's let's Daniel. Worst thing you can go out there are folks and it can act and look worse and you that they. They are undermining that development in you have hulks. And you start seeing that their rights. Mightily at the way it. That support foundation. The house yeah. What's happened actually it only took a now my Croats and some sort of single and doing I think ultimately won that at this. I'll call one worried that. As part of the investigation. That is heating up with Google are taking. Well I think even more than meant Tony I think patrol just loves to have everybody. Looking at him. He doesn't care whether it's a negative reason are positive reason he just wants everybody looking at him. And so keeping them to fortunes of 230 million Americans. Dangling at the end it was strained. You know people worry about what's gonna happen next and then he'll come in at the last minute you know once settle something and then you'll be given credit for. You know by these Nationalists that seem to support him. That's what Cha likes to do that that that's his MO and it just seems to mean that Americans have to stop gold for August this this thing. The large matter it's just action don't do your ordinary bully that you spent why you like Puerto Rico. He at least XP I think he at least that Hawaii like Puerto Rico support Eric. Or is it territory rather than the state. Like let's let's hear pale in the fifth. Can't seeing it from apple don't worry about it as important. And a couple of other things. Trump I don't think people don't sit I don't know or care that dreamer is he doesn't know what it is. And meeting that the rabbit and a bit angry and state like he would bite them. And Kelly were too quick didn't get deals at your base support. The net. Hello I have it I'm gonna tell you that you shoot at me out is that money it's that constant trawl. How about the money he can collapse about the contrary as Wanda says pocket outlined. First of all to look at that drop but not go commit a a plumbing operation they Europe all. Elected relations. Department six point seven million dollars. Com clients cooperation. Has got a little reluctant hit featuring million. And they had money LAPD would get that charity. De bate provision and charge the I welcome any didn't. Lightly as well you opened. Money we're going that hasn't spent. You know high tech yes it sure at this suspect that's what I need to. That's right it might get more electric engine. Just an is that going profile and chat just what happened to ensure. Gillette lights and commitment that I get an answer a lot of money comic book. And broken the they'll work and got a money that they opt. I mean weren't there mentally. This I don't think we just got married at any complaint brought anybody. And hookers. Because you look at that inspired a lot Powell's politics. Remember truck referred to these storms leave wherever name is. Are warmer and are referred to that is fake news he said they didn't even have. Now we know for absolute certainty that she wants pity we may not know exactly who it was that either are or where we do know who paid her about where the money came from. That seems to be. Right right I mean what we know that it was rather a primer with some kind of payment for services something like. I respect that company. Eat part of this campaign. Yeah on it and it's up solidly and it didn't let up on the and adherents don't stick I'm probably not. Talk about short term outback edition man it is done wrong. Get this government caused more trouble an hour. We let you get what came to try to expensive. Trip. What little. In terms of his. Our response. Right his action was to back out of the trans Pacific partnership. It created chaos and armor are trade relations are with the Pacific rim countries and put China in a position where they became the the new controllers of that of that Terry. It shouldn't want to learn English created a polite polite and can't get answered I. I don't know and a bullet hit the United States and dictated. Known to go on get up that element this year in May by incompetent. Odd that. Them all man. How else could you approach it. And I would say I'm so sorry court. And it can attend it's odd how does that get harder to seek out an hour dateline at night. A bit. I mean I've got to contribute. Or don't do this to the next campaign. OK. 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Buffalo's home put on number one brand in world wide sports 15:20 AMP WW KB buffalo ESPN 1520. We. There we go back to think again here at ESPN 15:20 AM on your down only grab. Frank first remote camera on the program Jim on Friday which it starts out there. You know our updates and I live in the paradise Southern California for years. So it's hard for me to get used to the fact that New Yorkers are still living under the the horror. Old rock of seller drug laws. You know legalizing yes we'll. You are I don't know why people can't get their arms wrapped around this stuff you know we're spending so much more money trying to chase something that you can't beat. When we can be benefiting from it is just not in the room. It's and it's sitting that the one year anniversary of that has sold each trump is marked by a government shut that out. I think that's good what people have to keep them and we we thought that this is going to be. We we thought this was going to be a a very chaotic it that administration. And it turned out to be exactly what we thought it was going to be on and I think that people didn't realize how little. Debt that I'm trying to hang on policy. On because he was in the public domain so much people assume. Because he had opinions and he had some depth to the policy positions. I'm that he was taking. But he really doesn't. And so he's driven by the people that are his so called base and his base apparently is this white nationalist American nativist. You know kind of orientation. And so he you have 800 or 700000. Children of people who came to the country illegally that's true they came here illegally. But the children didn't come on your own they came with their parents did they weren't even in a position to make a decision it just came with their parents. And now these kids have been here for all these years half of them don't even speak Spanish you know in any functional way at all. How could you possibly even a mansion. Taking those children and deporting them someplace where they have no wrong no base no way to re organized. On the airlines how could you possibly consider that one with it why would you make that. DeDe our so called rock cover for the overall immigration issue you have almost are our twelve million people court in this country undocumented. This group of people is only makes up seven or 800 plus thousand people. It just doesn't make sense you know for us to be approaching this this way no we had I'll Franco for just a second we have. A little glitch there and and so. I guess I have to try to correct that ultimately. Can we grab Ron real quick and get him on the air. We just get him Soro and it was too much time. On the program. Okay I see that our engineers talking to someone else. Right now. And we'll try to work through we give him now. Well frank with frank got back. OK frank you are okay so you you're your your bureau of our name went off to screener thought you got lost on me. Now and I got a frog in my throat I guess you heard some that I didn't say that. You know our government Aldrin by and for the people the only thing cheapened the stick or Terry billionaires and Shaq. And and that's what that. Right wing useful tools don't realize. You know shut down masses are trumps all making and don't let anybody tell you any different. I. Kramer's a point of contention. It. You know every like you know I met while living out west work that amazing wonderful wonderful I honest hard working people it. And by the way out front that Matt Mexican soldiers are also trumpet that damn oasis you all and end. Who the children's health care for our program something congress passed. Say. It you know I'm gonna work and try to work with these conservatives. You're a public hospitalized. In the first president that. Directly speak to the pro life he evangelical crowd. Movies you don't needs pandering just 48%. Basically doesn't tell you what the majority think he's a conservative place so there are so. To a corporate take over America. Or 2000 dollar tax. Matt Nate you know I'm not sure that I'm like that's our defense. Trial trumped up six swap. Yeah I'm gonna start with one corporation right here on the local level you know after the death of net neutrality. I heard spectrum able to connect import disabled people on the cheap Internet like flying it is not that the rate hikes certainly. And the genes in disconnection scenes you know so I decided that start like I respect him and I got activists all over the nation and our time and provider activity as a pro at me. No you know what the site of the world what I'd go back to the streets and a teacher walked for it. Volunteer work. And Henderson's one that's able dilute it a lot whose only contact with the outside world and the Internet. And heartless corporate spectrum maybe ex flat the wouldn't computer and cool to see these easements and look at who couldn't. Seem. Yeah here. Yeah. Yes that historic Wall Street stock market. You know his trickle down the hammer and the other. Good in the economy is struggling poverty and. For a guy got around I got to him were people on our appreciation and great great comments. But the grammar on first and we're trying to connect to ramble OJ and Ron are you doing out there. Couldn't come before Rambo. Is gonna ask him but yes that is trivial. Way. The Democrats. Paid a very bad strategic mistake. He let me tell you what okay. But I didn't of them have to call Randy wrote what was but it predicted it would happen they test the continuing resolution through the house the democratic senate quickly got to get its sixty votes only. The state Democrats enough now and we'll go below that. Now he. Remembers follow in the fourth rule. It was a considerable powers situation. We get out one hour of talk for week here. The rest of three under 167. Hours of all right wing talking. Across the country it got boxer got great by all the right when web site is very few. Opposition. Noble all right wing noise machine that Democrats close the government down causing chaos over 800000. Illegal immigrants should be opt. Doubt that's what the whole thing is in the next X number. To me what they should have done. What it would have been much better. Is to order for the continuing revolution another look goes about it. All the sudden excitement in this mass deportation. Then that would be the focus right now. The right wing noise machine that'll hold on cities cram it down everybody's throat. That is the democrats' fault and their condolences go mattered ought to deeply despised people bought real people look at. But they'll turn on the keep the boot to listen to the good news and that's what you're going to be hearing that was and that they should wait that one went. Of these Republicans refuse and it would probably would've been discovered depths where. The focus would have been shifted to the people of mass deportations started in March. I think it's terrible mistake also a concern. About this thing OK of the doctor doubt say it's. They may never really re open I mean it is hardliners. They never really re open it what what. In the meantime intrigue terrible thing happens like say a terrorist attack or something of that nature. Enable enabling acts right side fired I think. You know this is not out of this is theoretically possible the scope and the played with this white supremacists are these guys under the seat and everything like. I am concerned about this this is going to be very difficult. Those of various bad strategic mistake I think to as they this. Yeah I know that the Democrats look just listening to what they were saying. This was the fourth time around on this continuing resolution. And getting our support for. Doctor and be. The constituency that is really fighting to get to darker. Legalization status. Resolved. That constituency has really been. Like obsessed with the democratic leadership. Com because they have not held now even though we have the power of the filibuster. You know three previous times they had they had not held out. To defend the interest of the the the dock and children. And so bad that was becoming the story you know you kept hearing all of these. I docket children being put on you know MSNBC insulin and you're in the are giving beer sign and a story. And was making the Democrats look less progressive. And last. Having. Any real power and salon and I think the Democrats just felt that they couldn't go in and around. And not get something done at least on the doctor issue that. I agree it would your position that. It may have been better to go along with the continuing resolution and pushed this down the road another. Four weeks. Is that the focus will be when because they'll go to get used to how vital due to get where they go that's and you start seeing. Topping tonight's news. I hit 100 locations. Dot people were being grabbed by the ice people and deep support. Now looked at for the next lump all you're gonna hear is attacked Democrats attacked the Democrats said that it isn't here. Right and keep in mind that there are already darker. Children whose authorization to stay the United States legally has already expired at every day. Right that's the big thing but there listening to the people that we're talking on. NBC and MSNBC. I'm during the course of this week. We may be talking anywhere from 20222. To a hundred. Op people over the course of the next off for weeks would be losing their legal status steamy and be deported yet. But losing their legal status every day and so that that's why you you're seeing this this. My impression. Okay we'll sit down work site so for strategic and such mistake anyway. I don't think the question for example a chip. All right well he's he's he's on next door. That's just it. I heard this over and over references the Billy pushed it came out. For critical Access Hollywood think. He says that his locker room talk you know I think there at all times and he's he's he's if you look at it now I would say I gave it to the young guys. I would go to the locker or no debt paper talks you've seen that girl over there she's got big doubt that blah blah its own thing to say that. I Israel shouldn't telling me that. Can use in the high area that circles to hear people say. And that way here though I were rich guy that was liberty and I can all point blank blank with these women ticket because I'm as a boy I could that be a lot richer than they give you credit for that if the and and also it's a proactive it's not like what I'd like to do this somebody or. What you know how. Gucci lectures something and that of ups on the off colored and alleged knowledge what I doesn't do that meant always yeah gum you know that's at this point you know it's so therefore it. I can't speak for amber what I'm pretty sure that Rambo basically just blows off the stuff that trump says because Rambo was just in Trump's corner. As far as this American nationalist. To me you look good that he's his friends a lot of talk about how they proactively attack women and indeed get away because it's so rich and powerful. Let's give his thoughts are Catholic thanks Ron. All right let's give ramble on and ramble on just leisure objected to to hear you're the issue heard word what Ron's. When I'm home wanna get back to you on this issue. Chaos here we again you have control of the house. Short commercial and listen via the control of 31. Our state houses in control of the Supreme Court have control of the presidency. How is it that you can't count on with all of that in your face. That about not being here so much media over that it is we're back and relax. The Democrats get away with with creating a permanent underclass in this country. More scoring hoisting another permanent underclass we mean. Back and they'll go. Of course it wants a mere double vote Democrat felt notably Seattle number one. Minute statement. And I like me. You know profit from the permanent underclass who. May I don't think that I've got New York State pension is not a lot of the I'd die that they expect one by your god. Well under way. And world where are just what you gonna send him on that. Here's where you're at risk because I've seen this in my lifetime. They could turn around and decided they can't afford your pension. And they can just reduce to size a year pension to save people that you were supporting are the same people who have taken the pensions away. How other people already. And when your pension is also a threaten so you're okay with that. Automatic but at the moment there's a 50% share or 35% Q you're right he wanted to know I expected economic quicktime and do some real. Yoga but the baby boomers are reached retirement age at 65 years of aids in 2000 lab. 2000 Latin. 8000 people is that they are. Now take that and you multiply that times that happened for seven days a week. Court you might skeptics school mathematics. I sport for a week out of those bump. To order. 44 ultimately. All month retiring. At 244. Outs and mark items twelve for twelve month year there's two when he a millionth of a reaching retirement age every single year they're not gonna or route with approximate. Six million people in other vote got beat. I think that you're absolutely wrong on this screw around with Medicaid recipients right now obvious screwed around with Medicare recipients right now. They're trying to bite. Social Security right now I think you're absolutely wrong about that you're so currency you you were so focused on. That the white nationalist agenda. That you can't see that the very people that you were supporting our attacking you. Did not just. Issuing policies that are not good for the country that actually attacking you you personally are the one. Who was going to pay the price for the things these people are doing and I don't understand why you keep voting against yourself. Whopper of the ball I am an American. To say it was so they say the same thing the ID the ID issue. That I'm because these kids came from Mexico various under class when most of these kids have ended up with bachelors degrees and master's degrees in the air contributing. Are there is a good 8% of these people that owned businesses in the United States right now imploring men and Mexican American citizens. Didn't the people that come from Haiti almost all of the people that come from Haiti. Had a bachelor's degrees or master's degrees before they gave here the people that come here from Nigeria almost all of these people have advanced degrees. And post. A graduate degrees when they come here. And yet when these people are being attacked is if there's some only at literate hut dwellers and whatnot those are outright lines that are constantly being perpetrated by the drug administration. And those people who support to trump administration. And you keep Bahrain. That nonsense it's beast it's a spewed by these people that's the problem is what is the idea of facts and truth just doesn't mean anything to you. You just listen to whatever these right wing crazy people talk about without any testing the web and what they're saying makes any sense. And you just keep going along with it that's the problem we can have. Arguments about policy we can have arguments about best direction ago. This way at that point but we can't hear arguments about whether there's 365 days in the year facts have to be facts period. I ordered it there's too many of us. That they're gonna start morale of our. What you're saying that as if you don't realize that they are already doing what you say they won't. They're already doing it. We get elected. And every two years the correct. That doesn't change most of fact that just because there's a lot of baby boomers that are retiring. That doesn't change the fact. That they are still doing things to marginalize. The support for that being the baby boomer population. You're doing that right now asserting that because it was a lot of them. That the government trumping them wouldn't do anything to hurt them is a speech just a crazy statement they're doing things to hurt them right now they've been doing things to hurt of that population. Over the past ten years they've been on the hood to take money from that group. To shifted to their own group they've been on the hunt to do this. For a pre. It does. Exactly if you watch any corporately. Yeah I just upper third of those people all baby boomer. Let's listen live please hear me. The Republican Party. Has me it's my own truck. Paul Ryan. I mean is it as soon as he got in fact even before he got the tax bill. Past. He announced that the bit we're gonna wait about 45 months and the very next thing we've got to do is attack entitlement. Attacking attacking the entitlement programs has been a month for of the Republican Party ever since the civil rights legislation in 1960s. They have been on the hunt all that time. Ryan says and and Mitch McConnell said to gather. That the very next thing that they were gonna do now but they got there are tax rating transfer of money from the port to the rich bill passed. Now that they've gotten and on the very next thing they need to do to balance the budget is to attack and talked entitlement so. Look at what happened with the healthcare play out. Why it. You can't blow it up like is some truth this is the truth this is not something like this and in the you know about. It right. It. If it doesn't matter whether you think he's an establishment person or not. It doesn't change the fact that they have said that they are Montrose. Is to attack the entitlement programs. To radically reduced expenditures in the entitlement programs they're attacking Medicaid they're attacking Medicare. Attacking the cost of living in Social Security even in the obviate benefits. They're attacking the cost of living out our increments in our VA benefits. That have been. Going by what you're saying and I and a threat I think what. For sake of argument I don't agree with you at what we're we're gonna be it's going to be establishment right or republic rat against the trunk space. Will win the flight. What does that mean I'm I'm talking about where we need to go where era do you wanna go. What the benefit of the people that are product right. The fact it'll thirtieth space. OK I hear you saying that I mean I'm trying to help you understand. That bears the base of people that are American nationals abreast of where you like to I'd describe that you got that base of people. But there's another base of people who are the beneficiaries. Of health care who are the beneficiaries. Of Social Security who are the beneficiaries. A prescription drug benefits who are the beneficiaries. Of housing costs subsidies and so on those people are the people that are being hurt. That's an all time helping understands and Juliette it's gonna do some thinking about that I got Iran. Is gonna take a break and when Graham John and Rochester I'm sure is gonna have a robust now. Current conversation for us as a sort of give you numbers again is 8031520. 8031520. If you can't get into that number or call 803. 032108030323. 8030324. Or a note 31546. 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It's our Donald Trump and I mean from my point of view this is a man who just sold and the public a bill of goods you know he says he was. For for. For our choice. In regard to our. Abortion and now he's absolutely against abortion he said he was four. Providing a path to citizenship for the children were born. Where there were brought here by their parents now he's against it he said that he was. Against the war in Iraq now he's for you know and so on. There's nothing that has any. Right and then he promised us that he was gonna. Repeal Brohm my obamacare and replace it with a beautiful. You know great plains you know for everybody. And of course what he's done is he's fractured arm obamacare and if you don't know about this. We're now starting to lose enrollments in health care as a result of the policies of the child administration. Taking apart to supports. That people were depending on to be able to participate. I'm in healthcare so let me get to our Karl is real quick so consuming a little bit of time against fifteen minutes ago so let's get John first and we'll get you on a I was that rich and injury yup we get to John first John are you doing out there. They need to do a good column from flyover country here righteous. That's not a liar we're gonna and they're Syracuse Syracuse they don't ensure users. Good totally out. There urban Toby sued usually give all of this well there's an accident my that's the law would answer nobody wants to. Little wanted to go to Dearborn this they're accused of its most of the. Well all shut down cured shut down collider that are that currently there are new names. That's unbelievable that this. Shut down Schumer should shut down who. Utter Louie why are always our own severe the issue not not not Ryan in McConnell their mounties. Come and can become quite the lobster is it's humor always says that split up. I mean they're importing illegal immigrants over the good of this country. Not out not only black go. But T chain migration and the Republican who won and chain migration and they they wanna build a wall and natural hole. All right John John John John John John John John China to combat. Eighty plus percent of the people in this country. If if the Republican supposedly represented people. 80% of the people in this country lost almost 85%. Say that they are so supportive. On legalizing the status. Of the children are people who came here as children who did not come. Across the border because they made the decision to come across the border they were brought with your parents. For that population accuse him I talk about the other illegal immigration immigration problem that's not we're talking about. And now. They are illegal immigrant. They did not illegal immigrants what I'm saying is that 85% and of people in the country support. Al legalizing that population of people. That's that's the point so socialist to say to save that didn't the Democrats are the problem. If solving the problem is to do something that 85% of people want and then who was blocking getting something done isn't that the Republicans. Blocking something that people want. Well it's the play any netted 85% but troublesome favorably lightly. That got. Dot com recipients. Why did he backed out that was the deal goes to a lot street chain migration and it also built blah. It was given that. He was given. To John John John. On Thursday he was given that did the Schumer folks gave in on this and put at one point they put one point six and it would negotiate. If you're negotiating for something you can't always get all the what you want so. I'm Terry. All right so it's it's it's it's it's it's always mile where you're behind where he worked a okay let me a bigger average vs burger fault runs and. First of all I've been earlier. Thank you think they and I'm glad to do it for you to have a happy new year as well I haven't talked to you on here. Yes. About the people that orbit or drop and could be affected negatively. Remind me also and some good people Siberia in the thirties and forties and it turned right back to him. Not realizing it once and. It's their premiere of first place at exactly. That's what I'm hoping that rare road Jim doesn't want to have happening you know to him in the folks that he. The he's worked because it's really the constituency of people I mean it's it's my. That the the people that we think as. The right wing in the population as a whole. They tend to be people that are working class folks you know they're making though not a big 150000. Are making a 4050. You know 60000 dollar incomes with 45 you know people in their households they're the ones who were bearing the brunt of what's going on here. Exactly yeah. I didn't LG thank somewhat while I guess it's obvious that prompt that actually run against a Democrat to run against junior bush. Or no question about it. No question about it you know he put himself up as the stronger version of Boris. He presented himself as everything that bush was and that's what I am and of course. Of course he made himself the vanguard against Barack Obama because same constituency is just down viscerally bothers them. That Barack Obama became the president of the United States in the first place and have the nerve to get reelected. So. You know there there during his band we just have to take away everything that Barack Obama has ever done and remove his foot print you know from annals of history. And that's all that Donald Trump does he doesn't have any other policy positions his policy positions is to undo everything Barack Obama has done. And I think great great day here he'll admit Jacque Caron again happy new year. All right wrist would talk to again hopes and hopes are too soon. Let's grab Gerri first there program mark Jerry West Seneca you do rather. Well don't let nick I don't do. Yeah I really got a big crater rim torture and talks about the pensions can't because the public pension and because this thing that the credit conscious because I went through it. I've always people who Wisconsin they hired a guy you know in Wisconsin. And he just crucified these people. Yeah there really really well oh they're under the public country Arnold and I subtle about the shoulder fired the next trillion dollars under on nationwide. But it is examples one that happened the trillion bit cheap in New Jersey. Here there's so longer stronger with the public consciousness and every man woman and child injured you get caught up 26000. Dollars. He's in order to bring the country on up toward they're supposed to be a wild pitch well example there's a lot of states that are just as did the shape of the council. One thing in didn't belong isn't beer it's not beer and making caught their attention at all to get tuition initialize just what they did ought. And if the victim why isn't there I mean people don't realize it. It into it every every hour in the flesh color 60000 dollars guess what nobody beat tried been and well. If you get into the air war or or or disappear. And it's the same way it was with the cultural. Insurance and health care in this country shall I took great outlet. Eventually it was gonna get war because nobody going to be able to afford anymore. Jerry this is the thing that sort of I greats army. This whole issue about health care you could take 15%. Off the price of health care. I just going to a single Payer health insurance and leave everything else to say. You can take 15%. Of the price now we're talking about something in the area. 3.2 3.4. Trillion dollars this country pays out in health care. So you take 15% off the top you're talking about 450 to 500 billion dollars you can take off the top. That would balance or or at least bring close to balance almost every state made it a Medicaid budget in the United States. So why don't we do. We don't do it because where it won't were being held hostage by the owners of the health care industry the providers and insurance companies you know and so on and we are our. Are the lobbyist and so on they put money in the hands of these legislator legislators. And we're being held hostage or interest as a people are being held hostage to the interest of these private. I. Operators and it seems some right he you got a call something like you said you got a call it what it is. That you called it. That is just that's where a lot is compliment eight bit to eighty people get reelected literally all they care about getting reelected. And you know connecting upset about the people that old or twelve there's a lot of you know evangelical Christians or religious like this does for the opening of border war among and one basic issue because. Through this or would let the people at a church in their relatives and and and people are right and if abortions okay. And and welcome it's what I tell these people that think that can create advocate aren't gay is a lie because they don't really care. And if people can't apportion situation is that the people like Paul make the common cold here. Let me life it will not reward you know you're they kill a million pounds. What merit at all. Are the one at all that they cure bottle when they're born but they don't care bottom when they're adults Accenture an extra to get their old. And and and believe me believe me a lot of people just spoken at one short you can't Formula One inch. I think I'm as I don't like abortion they're what you're what you're gonna pretend as birth control. Can't pull Creighton personnel office just based on one because lately or illegally what they say it definitely. You're absolutely right OK I dear we gotta run I appreciate you we just recently that you guys real quick. And then again I'm gonna grab. Margaret grabbed market then program Tony. As we were talking about this issue on the who we were we're talking about this issue on the Hawaii situation I just don't want to lose track of what happened here. At 807 in the morning on Saturday a week ago today. And alert went out now whether this guy made a mistake. Our Oregon is neither here and there. This this actually happened here's the thing and I want you ought to have in your hand it's inside my cynical mind. And I know I got to cynical mind side lit them up for a what if this was not really a mistake. What if this was Donald Trump and his administration. Testing what would happen if an alert went out in the first place and they just got the Hawaiian. Our emergency management association and go along with it because they wanted to see what would happen if something came from Korea on its way towards the United States landing in. Our whole line. We wind things are so. How easily done. Seems to me that she got to start asking yourself different questions maybe these people are crazy maybe they're cunning as a fox. Let me grab mark growth quickened their program Tony we can't. Mark are you doing out there. Date it still might wonder who thought the simple. And contain it there. Mean isn't this isn't just because I can now. I think campaign because it's an island. It does Puerto Rico would order. To firmware to fly along with the way. But that's about it and I'll weeks and you know that is why this. Two to ram you know Fox News match just do it. Permanent underclass. You know what that's cold. Right it's bruised people. With that. Racist statement. And ending in you know. A rabbit to go back to leadership. You know when you don't want to be one. And and we haven't forced him to celebrate. Rid of them lied a year. Isn't that ever brought up. Is only economist mark. It'll go week thanks mark thanks mark has gradually record we got a government is Tony what your thoughts. Yeah I want to I was listening to last night right equal on each to be informed I'll dumping. It's not terminated. Our first ever needed in September. Michael okay. That it that power they. Or is that I recipient at about Jerry do Obama administration. Put up big time. That connect the met bill there they Democrat I'll hold firm. On the ninety is because apple that they don't lie. What do paperwork. That got to support those recipients. How people work. Because they help and human services organization. I think that you know certainly you and it ain't that bad to want to get it out situated out. People really apple people could stay in this country. And by the way every day eight that this I outlawed the party to our people forget about it would be slightly each State's capital. Or at least it did not deported there at least being put on the list of people to be deported so that's. Absolutely true thanks to RS we're trying to get our arms around here. Listen there's a lot more going on is going to be a very we Keener trying to go beyond this these are shut down. Hopefully this to get resolved over the course of the next two days before a tough new law. Next week will be here will be alive when trying to keep was plugged and we'll see you on next week here think again think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more pink again. He. A.