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Saturday, January 20th

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Welcome to think again with Phil made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031520. All right here we go thinking again and think again. Welcome to our top discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York. Still fighting the war on poverty now in 52 year. Each week we talked about issues and events in terms affecting you right here in right now in buffalo Norse in your community and in fact connected communities all across the country. I'm your host only compare presidency over community action organization. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESP and 15:20 am when you're down. From 11 o'clock to twelve noon each week. Today's program is launching colony conjures national that you will remember your game is 8031520. That's 803. 1520. So of course this week you know compromise proves he's the the racist or. I don't even know if I wanna call us racist either Portland and I hear people use a term like the you know term event that trump. Used during several times during immediately went. Senator Durbin and Grassley we have a folks Corcoran those folks in that. Leading. They weren't necessarily talking about a particular. Race country and they were just encourages it or not period and I think that was a good. Work with me Indians are trying to put lipstick on Tuesday February hurt so is it could have bid that characterization. But if that was what he meant. He should have the the courage and the integrity to say that's what he meant. The fact that he didn't see means that whatever people interpreted as it is is he's in his meeting. Lies. He must have agreed with that waited they were interpreted otherwise it would reacted to differently. So. What do talk a little bit about Panama also talk about. Characterizing how trump and his you know. Can say something that's true. But actually deceive the public. Help you with that. You know so it's a serpent is true. To deceive you pressure temperature right where it's awkward about that. And then I wanna acquaint you with those who have forgotten or who. Who may never have known that the same people probably in the ranks of the trump supporters. And in the Republican congress are the same people who designed to sustain. The current so called broken US immigration system so we'll talk a little bit about that. And other things you might be to get to during the course of today's program trump takes credit. Off the top four. Dump for low black unemployment rate in the country. With the assertion to Democrats did nothing for you. Trump actually said coral African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in our country to Hispanic unemployment rate dropped to four point in the last year. And it's close to the lowest in recorded history. He said dims did nothing for you don't get your vote. So let's let's kind of dig into that. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracking began tracking the rate for African. American workers over age sixteen in 1972. And since that time to read is never fallen below 7% until December of 20062. To 2017. For comparison. The into the white unemployment are certain 2017. When it fell to six point 8%. For comparison the white unemployment rate was three point 7% in December of last year. In the unemployment the overall unemployment rate was four point 1%. In December of last year harbor. Job growth is actually slowing down. In according to the the Department of Labor. In December of 2017. The economy produced a 148000. Jobs compared to 254000. Jobs in November. What's more if you compare 201722016. In Barack Obama's last year. On the economy produced 2.2 million jobs in 2016. But produce only two point one million jobs in 2017. That doesn't sound like growth from Aruba in on discounting. Detached. Either in a report by Michael Chapman. On this subject black unemployment rate lowest are in seventeen years. When you look at the numbers you find that. Black unemployment declined by almost 36%. During the Obama years if you go from January 12009. To December I 312016. The unemployment rate. At the beginning on January 12009. Almost four point 1%. Off four offer African American people and by the time we got to your December 312000. And honest I sixteen. Black unemployment. And operators have fallen to seven point 8%. If you were to look at this at the end of the if you do this for the country as a whole the unemployment rate for the country as a whole declined by thirty point 5%. During the Obama administration falling from seven point 8% for the unemployment as a whole. 24 point 8%. At the end of parked on December of 2016. So. We're talking about trends we're not talking about something that. Trump actually did but he's taking credit for are these patterns as if he has something to you to do with them. Do you unemployment progress is Knox was clearly is not specific to African Americans and as the power of a trend already are already under way. If you look at it in terms of Republican verses democratic administrations. It is even more it enlightening. Unemployment overall unemployment increased. Under the first you were the first George Bush. From. January. 1980. S in January 1989. To December 31 of 1992. Unemployment actually increase by 35 point 2% under the first. Bush administration. And increased by a whopping 85 point 7%. Under the eight year odd turn of the second Bush Administration. You know under the Clinton eight year term from. January of 91 of nineteen. I'm 93 to December. Are 31 of two of the year 2000. Unemployment fell by 442 point 5%. Under Clinton and under the eight year term of our President Obama felled by an opponent fell by thirty point 5%. I think if you look at the history you wouldn't be looking for the Republicans to be the source of rescue. Four year economy. Suggest are real quickly on this issue of racism in the US immigration system only got about three minutes and wanna get this through. The equal protection clause generally require strict scrutiny. Of racial classifications in the law in the loss. Yet the Supreme Court you know our. Supreme Court in quotes. Long ago upheld. Discrimination on the basis of race and national origin in the admission of non citizens into the country. The horrendous treatment for example of Chinese immigrants in the eighteen hundreds not federal state and local governments. Congress passed the infamous Chinese exclusion laws barring the virtually all immigration of persons of Chinese and ancestry. And severely punishing Chinese immigrants who violated are such a these these harsh laws. The efforts to exclude future Chinese immigrants from our shores can be seen as linked to a deeply. If negative attitude towards Chinese person's already in the country. In the case. I'll phone you teeing against the united space to court reasoned that the right of a nation to expel or deport foreigners. Is an absolute and on quality. Is as absolute an unqualified. As the right to prohibit and prevent their entrance into the country. The our Supreme Court interpreted. From the United States interpreted the naturalization law which allow white immigrants are as well as persons of African ancestry to naturalize. But also to bar Asians from being able to naturalize. In the United States just manipulation of the civil rights. I'll racial minorities hearkens back to our Dred Scott vs Sanford in which the Supreme Court held that a brief freed black man was not a citizen for the purpose of invoking the jurisdiction of the federal courts in other words he was not a man. We don't want one ago down at Rome and about a minute ago obviously national origins quota system in 1924 congress established a much reviled. National origins quota. System that permitted annual immigration of up to 2% of the number of foreign born persons of particular nationality. Based on the number of foreign born persons. In 1890s and a law was passed in 1924. But it established benchmarks based on people who immigrated to country as 1890. So you're not a part of the group and it had immigrated to country I parred 1890. You were on the low and if any I'll be able immigrated to United States. Just real quickly on this. I'll racial exclusion thing via the immigration act of of 1990. Created a new immigration visa program that effectively represents affirmative action for white immigrants a program for a group that benefited from a preferential treatment. Under the national origins court system until 1965. I during the Great Depression when the supply unskilled labor dwarfed demand Mexican immigrants as well as citizens and Max citizens a Mexican ancestry just feel just feel that for a second. Not only were Mexican immigrants. By people who were already citizens of the United States but who had Mexican ancestry. Were actually deported they were so called repatriated. To Mexico at the behest of government authorities. So this whole Haitian. Our issue that we're talking about now has its roots. In this reality. Something in real quickly the plenary was critical of the plenary pop up powered doctrine. A judicially created immunity forces substantive immigration decisions. Emphasizes. That the legislative and executive branch of the US government enjoyed plenary power. Over immigration matters and that little if any room exist. For judicial review just do you understand what the basis as we're talking about it let's grab Tony real quick and get his thoughts. And we'll get the ball going mammograms Stephen Voss who told me how you doing it. Fantastic. Aggression while we look at twilight sole. Right now mr. Spitzer should watch their twilight so come through Croatia. We let their war. I person up here. Nothing but perception anymore trouble to put in a good extra intro that we met at that bad but think about it. I bet there. After that there's terror when he reduced bets that he really it got out the shots making up performance. If that's how I perform and my to a nice story are just great. That. That was Donald. Yeah he producing reality show it watching there and we're doing our business and government to spend more. Yeah that there's. Definitely a show. That's as simple action does get reported it can be doing a guy that. Can't act I. Can't even spell the name of that back to order that he saw yesterday at cooperate. Yeah he thought his name was. It wasn't rose Ronnie spelled out with I ENT and as opposed to with a lot to. Exactly but it's not the first time Rachel pointed out that this is like unchanged in January 21. I'm almost. And also implies that it's a good point you make you Tony it also suggests. That the report that was supposedly written by him about what the results were. They've occurred to occur your results were his medical exam that that report probably wasn't written by. By his doctor because a doctor would have known how to spell his own name. Opening price tag at first they talked on TV you're going to campaign. Won't repeat may remember. We spectacularly and is an excellent health. Much better at seventeen is ultimately it acknowledged that you buy at night. And corporate. So I just tells you that this is Sarah Huckabee and the whoever the message. Masters are controlled administration we're just riding your own. Characterizations just of don't have anything to do with her what the doctor actually found. You apparently had inadequate. Reality wanted to reality check out. The technical oh why oh why did sit. Get good people aren't going to do you really look at that position. So it took a walk but yet. And two they're going to be more resignations coming up shortly in the White House. And that's because they can't quit you can't. They were probably said that it will trump. Let them talk weather a lot of sentiment that's what about legislation. That's what you got to assign it that you. He was supposed to hear that. They're here and the only words from what really works and eleven before ideas like a five hour work shift in the please call unless TV there. That's why do we really. Get up but then I am not just giving. Now here is something that's sad. Remember. The last 200000. Eerie one here is that that it ready remember that. So who wins. Isn't 2000 mounted. I don't know at Y yeah this is 2000. 2012. Future that it. Whose name Sheila Tate and they. Want. It. Beat Haitians I signed the whole speech as Smart. And not meet those. It's that that happened to your country. Called. Collect. Popcorn and kick step I want to know what they're got good support that you country. You. Don't. You com. Mid. You can bet that we don't. Want to meet our election did in 2016. Yeah eat what is cause and get. Art are worried that it won't hunt. And 30000 that they said I mean I know she's saying that they did. Last guy tells a news. If she got more than the actual banking literally hill and CN NCA and then had. Well I had agreement record a man to play and talk about the apparent lack English without looking good at. And you look at the agreement exciting. Not shy of their main. Right it's this it's your typewritten created by her man is not sign on pastor. I do that brought Bodine. And lower part. I keep telling people that I January 19. Paid cash could be. Actually start. That they that deportations. Are up beat the spirit. Everyday. It didn't dawn 200 more got out people are being. Did not aware that may get the country rocketed date. Now. Well Larry it. You can't clean out some kind of mentioning god did that I'd done it doesn't strike until. I mean I guess. Remember the challenges that they get. That I'm an English Patient get that split the country won't remember. What I should not stop there why not go to the well. Right did it didn't stop them from going around the 7-Eleven stores all over the country. And are granting people that they found that being on documented that you do and nationwide met a dragnet that captured 23 people across the country. He spent all that money to grant 23. 7-Eleven workers to deport them for being undocumented. Netstat now to trumpet administration spending on national resources. Yeah about this morning. Preacher went on MSNBC. And then I'd bet I'll sit and truck being there at all. And and I actually this morning hi. I'm worker was bare and said he he he didn't hear it. Even though. Richard Durbin said he said it several times. And Lindsey Graham said he telling the prizes and I want to study was little that I like. You go to their own Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham didn't come out and eating eating c'mon Republicans say it and and say would trump says. Right he just talked about what he's he's. The world that's that until I got to run and I got to take a quick break and we got to give Steve on so I'd appreciate it what we'll talk to next week or during the course of the week. Let's take our first break if you keep on talking to celebrate here think again think again it's. Participants today's program called now for would you like to increase your home's value. Do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. 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And main number of courses they don't 31520. But that if you can't get through on that number call 803. 032180303238030324. Or 8031546. And so I just wanted to kind of get you started on this thing you know what what when I talk about how. Somebody says something that's true but they deceased. Trump is saying something is true the black unemployment rate in the United States. Has fallen to its lowest rate since 1972. Six point 8%. However trump says that and then claims that he's responsible for he takes credit forward. Even though this is a trend that's been going on for quite some time. Leading to this point. And when you go back and you look at a Republican administrations over the past. Tony for years and you look at democratic administrations over the past. But 44 years what you find is that during the Republican administrations unemployment. Offer for our country as a whole. Has gone up significantly. Under the Bush Administration the unemployment rate went up. By. The firemen here yet or are dimple every winner. By 35 point 2%. And under the second Bush Administration unemployment went up by 85 point 7%. Under the democratic administrations. Under Clinton unemployment fell over his his term. By 42 point 5%. And under the Obama administration his eight year term unemployment fell by thirty point 5%. If you're looking for somebody to help you in terms of are providing employment opportunities for you look at the record. That's what makes sense to me when they grab Stephen Coughlin gives us record. I Steve are you doing out there. Hanging in there. Is usually I hit 28 is that in my mind that we. For 2018. Is it possible we could it into an act that and so. Nuclear war would start Korea. Or visas. There's more probable. That I brand or have its civil war. I understand. That they be incarcerated. Have won the previous president's televised rant and other than the younger generation. Are complaining. That I don't know that having a hydrants then there is no oblivion. And that I would like your comments on that. Sure I think that the idea that we're gonna have a it is a nuclear war with Korea. Is absurd. I don't think there's any possibility. As crazy as you might think cameo. Our own is. The out president of our of North Korea. Two to exchange and nuclear exchange between day in the United States. Would wipe out dear country I mean he would do tremendous damage to the United States. But it would wipe out your country so why would they. Robert de engage in something that would be so self destructive practice would make any sense I don't think there's ever going to occur. I think that he's just putting himself in the position where he can threaten. He he can threaten the United States by saying that he can threaten other countries. And use that as leverage to try to get. Whatever decisions he wants to be made by the United States it's as far civil war in Iowa and is concerned. We've been down this road many many times I don't think that is going to be a civil war in Thailand in fact. If you read what's actually being said. I give the impression that the Iranian administration is really becoming more. Accepting. The modifications to how they rule their country. That are being put forward by Iranian citizens these protesters. I gave the impression that. You probably going to see some. So some some change some progressive change taking place within Ireland I don't think they're gonna go and on the war and the role of a civil war. That's my thought. Army mark you're most welcome take yours. Let's grab John I'm also real quick to get his thoughts hey John are you doing out there. All I'm notre yes there are good year for me. And all I but. It is about element to me earlier about other. Racist nature of these decisions to deport round people. Tom you really be a big prize and I'd like this so that at all from the 95% what are. The former slave owning cell. They just don't I didn't war is always been this way. And they've been slowly coming out of the closet and just being open about it last. Though spectator so. Then now they all are you electorate in an I forget about what about the welfare. Yeah oh yeah. So they vote and speak erases coat. And their parties represented in congress is 95% white. So there's no longer minorities currently anymore we want our. So there all white party museums and remind trump. When he says governor declare something an all white. I don't remember the picture of I think it was Ryan's the congressional staff members eighties. And it was Obama's. Since it's such a rainbow. Labors and collars and Obama picture and so literally what. Picture in and unfortunately. In the open did step back and it is so. Huge step in forward by. And hopefully the last gasp of the racist people in this country mr. Gillick are losing. I don't know are I think what we have here though is a normalizing. This. This behavior. And to have. Senators sit ms. meaning that Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin were and with trump. And to have. Two senators and congressmen and Ryan. Stated they were in the meeting but they don't remember they need they didn't wanna say the biggest justice I mean about people who. Write this I mean how disingenuous people can be and get away with it. How can you sit the urgency that you didn't remember. Something right below says you you were there. According to arm Richard Durbin he didn't see at one time wasn't like. You sort of have to cough you know remark. He says several times Emily didn't just say that he characterized. What he meant by saying and so on guards though are. Exactly so so how can you see the years say you don't remember that. And and so it it's in even with a Lindsey Graham they're trying to lift him up as if he's some paragon of virtue because he at least acknowledge the fact that trump said these things. But he didn't say to the press what child actually sent. What he said was that I personally said something to trump about making those kinds of comments. But he didn't tell you what the comments or. So it just left it all on Dick Durbin to be the one who actually reported what what actually was said. Paul Ryan had the nerve to get on TV and say well you know I thought that those comments world war on helpful. Tear virtualization is it just purely that it's the rest of world. Place and a you know reopen till you go I didn't recorders and I didn't but there is written out and obviously epic. Right out in shot. So. Well finally coming out we can score some. Our hopes and I appreciate you John thanks men are tucked in next week let's grab prodigy do want to get his thoughts Ron are you doing out there. Well that's too bad I thought seriously. All of a sudden rather than saying anything else of Chiming in right away with a sports stormy bite the classics or but I. This is exactly. What I mean I I turned out that it is this such scandalous data out I I turn on TV after. Thinking that all are going to be about trump and is now. It is Burma referenced Africa and the like I turn on the TV it has all the stuff about this news portal start that it paid up. Right I forgot the lady's name she had known that that was her stage name I. Its closeup and Clifford. Includes. Some. Hand. I think it has serious scandal at the eighties. Well I think it's more like us it's a scandal every two or three hours. I thought the idea that this is absolutely crazy that at all in the thick of all. All of that attacks they did against that Democrats about being. The party of immorality and knowledge my god I just just so incredible and they level million dollars. The yet until they're about to feel McCollum and talking and I'll let you know he's just one of these little things. But I mean you know what would it depicted this whole thing with the racial stuff. There was a ball thank you remember the offered a hundred books written since the November 20 sixteenths my what was I think it's called. Twenty campaigned twice 62 reporter's notebook from they would. It I don't know that one. Okay well at the very end to the talks all about trump in the racism but it's a fair and then to the tragedy of the whole thing you know trump. Maybe he'll be in peace may be ice sort of doubted that but and they failed to be out of office eventually but what this has done its mainstream white supremacy. And what that the very end of the book. The author says. The once dubbed them probably the very long lasting casualty of this is Martin Luther King street. Dream. Born August 28 1963. Died November 8. 2016 that's the real tragedy of this whole thing would it this is because pre is so divided on race now that it's I don't know what is it gonna take. To reunite to give people least tolerating sellers. But you know I don't think that the country is being did divided on race per say I think that the divide that we see. Has always been here this is not that's why I tried to go back to your. This whole immigration stuff and what has underlined the immigration laws in this country. Over the course of its history. This just has been a RR under current use and that is just be up upfront. That this country perceives itself to be a white Anglo Saxon country and that they designed the immigration laws. To reflect the idea that they were gonna bring white Anglo Saxon people into the country as immigrants. And anybody else you know very very small if any immigration from other. Other countries and so on there was a period. Excuse me there was a period of time. When there was only 200 African people that could be admitted into the country in the entire in an entire year. Just 200 have to be from the entire. It. Of Africa. That's I don't. I'll racists to our race oriented. This country has been. So even after the Civil Rights Act. They pass laws. And immigration naturalization act in 1990 that undid everything you've been civil rights acts. Are you EU were prohibited from doing. As it related to immigration and silence on this is. This is whom the country actually has been and we keep talking about us being a nation of immigrants but it but the people who rule this country. Think that we are a nation of white immigrants. Well except that except that it seemed to me that the real parents. Virulent nature of it was sort of on the fringes so that kept the thing. And it seemed is that the young people were starting to acceptable little bit more symbolic it was changing now. What would this whole Tea Party trump movement has that brought it like like it now you're hearing the all the right wing radio and I heart radio what is and his. Mandated commentary and there are. News talk stations and now they're they're like justifying it. They're like they're making it mainstream. And it's you're not gonna have a if it's somebody comes out as that I have betrayed now that will all join hands and be one great nation. Don't ridicule now it's almost. It's like. It's sort divested the so divided now and and people have talked to him to have talked a lot of weight people in the these these throughout right when the Egypt. Have talked weight people into believing that they're somehow the forgotten martyrs of America or something. People are believed bit unfortunate. Right that's the best this scam you know what here's what really underlines this whole thing. Excuse me in my mind what really underlines this thing. Is the reports that suggest that if the country continues on the pattern and it's on right now that at a time you get to around the year 2050. That this will be a majority minority. Country. And that's already taking place in schools. I think it was two years ago they reported that 51%. All schoolchildren public school children United States were. From a minority or. A minority group. We're not outline and Saxon. Person. And that that number is climbing. On the expected is over 55%. This year and by the end of 2018. And so what that signals to people that are so concerned about. What they think the permanent character of the country. Is going to be I think they believe that if you had a majority minority country that the democratic. Character of freedoms the the room that people have to move around in his country and so on that stuff is gonna wind up becoming EC in a lot of these Third World countries. Dictators and you. If you have a history of you'll look at the technical you know people were saying that a bulk. The state to what's called the new wave of immigration. 1980 in 1910 fact I just read a book a few months ago I can't remember the offer would say so let me these conversation they took notes. It was called it missiles the case of all woman in Virginia. And it was what it was it was about the eugenics movement here early is set in that you keep an ad in the states. Even liberal icons like Oliver Wendell. Holmes on the Supreme Court. Siding with these Genesis. But what what it whether Tarik say hardly mentioned the blacks and because the blacks. When go to their place they were in the incident don't segregate itself 80% of but the type script is just before World War I. And they were targeting then I can't get as the old and that you must face said that they were genetically inferior. And I wish he'd or circumstances awarded the groups like their heads to be genetically sterilized. Actually that's exactly what when I came across as I was doing research on the stuff that. Did they weren't that afraid of African people who were already here because they were already here. I am. Only when they started getting quote true up but he is one rights and stuff like that then they came. The bill that the Nixon's southern strategy in a debate but the point where they had a history. All of this fear all. When these other people came into these these that they can it was Italians Jews and and slobs that that they were gonna change the old carpet and then they became. But collar middle class working class. Some local truck supporters. Think the idea that. The idea that that's that's that this is such a fear mongering game it's it's a shame that they think that's why I don't know what does it take to reverse this. But they've they've got other got to twelfth fighting it'll 21 century total information. Supper where they just brainwashing people into believing that this is the end of America. They're not. Think you're actually right on. So a lot of our appreciation and Mozart you next week. All right while we take our last break and then we'll get back into our subs and you'll stick with us Muslims have to break your think again think again. 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Buffalo's home put on number one brand in world wide sports 15:20 AM WW KBE buffalo ESP. What he's. Everything is all right we're gonna survive this thing I don't know how we're gonna survive this thing. Let me give you our numbers figured just in case you're having difficulty getting through the numbers again are 8031520. That's 80315 toy that's our main number it's a bad number but if you can't get through through on that number or call 8030321. 80303238030324. Or you don't 31546. Once again our main numbers you don't 31520. He can't get through college eagle 303218030323. 8030324. Or 8031546. Let me just take another. I'll cut it something that I wanted to get through today. I'm gonna call this you know one more lap around Donald. OJ trial lying arena. This or two from an article written by Steve Benin on the Russian scandal trumps trump salon start to pile up. This was. Published by MSNBC. On January 9 of this week. Almost immediately after Donald Trump met with the US intelligence officials on the Russian hacking scandal the president elect issued a written statement that claimed. That he learned there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election I found that interest and his for that he said. Actually no collusion no collusion no collusion. Now he's shifting that to say there was meant absolutely no effect of the right right right there endorsed Specter of the Russian meddling on the outcome of the election. The next morning. Trump argue that the intelligence he receives stated very strongly. That there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results and see how subtly he's changing what his argument is. However in this report. That trumps the lines about intelligence report on Russia easily spotted. About racial man Al points out that because Americans can read the declassified. Version of the intelligence report on Russia. She explained. On that Donald Trump clearly lies she said here's what actually is in the report. We did not make an assessment of the impact Russian activities had on the outcome of the election. So so our president is lying to Kostis is an inspiration and a talking. He says this report concluded that Russian hacking had no impact. On the election to report did not conclude that and now we know because we can read it for ourselves. Kellyanne Conway. And she is soon to be a senior advisor to O'Donnell charms are wired house elaborated on the same line. She's told CNN's Jake Tapper if you read the full report US intelligence officials made very clear mr. clapper in his testimony made. Very clear on Thursday under all. Any attempt any aspiration to influence elections failed. That is just spectacularly on troop to report does not say that. And the Director of National Intelligence James class clapper did not testify that two of the Senate Armed Services Committee. What the intelligence does say is that Russia's alleged cyber attack did not spitz affect specific vote tallies. In other words Moscow stole American materialism has to propaganda campaign put Russian agents did not literally hacked into voting machines. Worse are state election offices to Alter their quantitative results. So let me get mark on real quick and yet his box and now we'll get to move and I discussion marker you do out there. In Dayton. You know law. And remember last week. So you could you add the grand wizard in the White House yet. You can. Do away. The right to remind you about the apple. Are there. Answered brown and is grand wizard constantly. Out and on the back. Then. The and how we got it now and I didn't sell the eleven Maria in almost. Was on television yesterday and that it should. You wouldn't it Americans. I never thought I think. But that and they get their guy it was taught on you hit that. You can't ask yeah. I think it's fascism. When you see. Federal agents marching on to 7-Eleven stores all over the United States. And so on and exactly you know what these nineteen foot guns and you know and that sort of stuff I mean how can be anything you perceive that to be anything other than. Fascism ruling the United States. Riot helmets and it only unless you don't. It's only acting right now orient you know they they think they think because people are here they're vulnerable Democrats. They're trying to purge the rolls rocks to fascism. And this is not the first time this issue against Hispanics. Has arisen you know as I indicated after. The Great Depression. They've literally deep imported. Mexican American citizens people that were I mean tens of thousands of people that were already citizens of the United States. Had voted in elections you know I've been here for. You know 2030 years. They literally snatched these people up in your communities. Put them on buses and trains and may do imported them out of the United States. You know another funny thing is the reason why Merrill wise to schedule one drug is because they pay 92 Mexicans. And that they're the Mexicans are coming over to love your children. Admitted racist thing and they made this schedule one drug. And marijuana it is Mexican. And I just so we're clear about this this isn't just you know Republicans. For Obama has it's still supported the idea that marijuana. I'll be continued to have to be listed as a a schedule one drugs he. He was he wasn't a position to lower this down to a scheduled to were scheduled three drug he didn't do it. I can't believe is us dollars little cocaine and marijuana were personal some political. And I'm. It's just it's just a politics it is. Brainwashed people and you know how one word this is important and you know date they judge did away with the dissent decree. In America. And that opens up voter suppression. For the right point. Because in this dissent decree held them in check. They had to lock they had to up. Are proved that there was voter fraud. Some guy who look it up there's some kind of think. And that knowledge judge allowed this don't agree to expired rather right wing will practice all the suppression with nothing that. This this is what judge were John Roberts to it he got on the Supreme Court with the expressed. A goal. I'll wiping out the effect on the voter rights act of 1965 and that's exactly what you're talking about. Now. Today that was a big big bigger and bigger so much a bottom put it was I heard a blurb about it now I heard it again. As good descent to create has do with voter suppression. Now they can practice voter suppression without any fear of of being hauled into court. Because there's there's no board that you have to go through there's no court that you have to go through. To validate that the decisions that you are making are not race based decisions so since there's no filter. Did his dorm back to doing what they were doing and I'm I'm surprised and I don't poll taxes and our literacy test. It's absolutely you don't defy the courts the album now you don't you don't need wants to spy on you. They just get away with back to. It was funny because trump initially his his initial instinct was to oppose. That that opera preserving defies the court. Even though that's what he and his Republican's campaign to keep. This actually attacked his own policy position. How do you change. Obuchi did. Are you think what we think they'll ever get him back to where life. I don't know America we're with this is gonna take us fifteen or twenty years to undo the craziness that these people are doing to our country right now as this is gonna require a lot of dedicated effort just like trump isn't from tones only policy. True policy position is to undo everything Barack Obama did he doesn't really have any other policy positions so. It's going to be. And comment on whoever we get economy and if we can get somebody else in. Who who has a different orientation. To go back and visit everything that trump has has on done. And try to figure out you know what is what what what are things that need to be redone again and get that stuff redone our otherwise we're we're and we're in trouble. Why is it would go right to it. Bet they're so worried that someone somewhere. Will be happy. I really where are her. The I don't quite. I can't put my arms around. What this orientation is. But I do know this. We are slipping down a key role that is gonna be hard for us to recover from these the democracy that I grew up in the in the 19191970s. That democracy has been slipping ever since Ronald Reagan became the president is country we've been sort of going back and forth and back and forth but it's getting. Worse and worse and now we have you know that did the tip of the spear you know. But those fifties but I like I was born in the fifties that was raised up to 67 it's so beautiful vase. You know and it's all gone. Except on the often but I hate filled. All right Mark. Cuban talked too soon okay take care but they get. Let me get ram or Jew who's who who reports in his. Are unchanged at a program is as trump is amazing cell. Rambo tell us how amazing it is that trump feels that people that come from these African countries are. From. And I can't even say a word in please don't say the words that he. Get paid a word we're just a blank. Whatever it is I mean I know you seem to be trying to give me about it saying that that. You kind of came out. Brittany and it's being critical for academic practical. Means it is miles and we have an example on my family illustrate my point. My paternal grandparents came from Sicily. And the program through and and its values that are in the proper. They came from the dollar revenue. In the province of urgent. That's how well Michael Roberts. It's that I was educated in okay. When I was a little boy I've by the way my grandmother was a feminist was not cool to be. Okay. And then. Bridges around a feminist you know a supporter feminism now. I am I'm. Maybe you don't quiet get to my left for. Bettie Page. You'll Bettie page's. I suggest you go home school. How about you just tell us who believe it's if there's a. He was dot inner days he would stop. But it model and an accurate and there was an actress named Gretchen moll Hooper trader in the movie the notorious Bettie Page. Beckon her case was investigated and because it was considered to be pornographic United States that it investigated her. And her date back anyway. And I've been in the email supremacy. I was a little boy in my. I don't agree with a lot of minutes left when things but I agree. With the concept that women are the superior. Donald Trump doesn't think that. The league doesn't. Quite. Merrill is his wife and his daughter in fact his daughter actually said the exact opposite of what you just said. Clinton and anything he loves women. Hit off him and. The issue of whether you did it this year whether you love women or don't love women is not what we're talking about. We're talking about whether or not you see women. As. Equal human beings that you would not grab women stick your tongue down your throat a force it down your throat that you would not grant women. And snatched them in their crotch and so on you wouldn't do something like that you would even think you're doing something like that if you were somebody who. Actually respected women. And I live girl I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wish like shoulder picture her name was Katie. If you know don't piper looks like victory helped wipers are. Okay. What are and I and her sister was the Playboy bunny. The girls told me. When I was little and we weren't live I was actually living with these girls they who do not taught taught in any way to. Me pretty pink. If you do that I will not watch. It live by site. So we're what does that have to do with the Donald Trump testify out of his own mouth. On our recorded. It he recorded a statement. Coming out of Abbas saying that. That debit that he's a star and because he's a star he get away with anything he wants to get away with that he can grab women stick his tongue down your throat they won't say any thing. He has maximum by her crotch. He said out of his mouth. That he. Are assaulted women and that he was that this was cool weekend. Think I get one director alone like you know this from. Think I like when weren't the men's locker room and it's only man or were out on the ball field and it's only managed security. Look let me let me help you sort of look when you look let me help you with something let me OB was something -- I'm an African person who okay. When I'm around. Caucasian people that make remarks about polish people. I stopped him. So you can't talk like that or army. I don't accept that I know that you all think it's funny and it's some tile you know it some some some characterization in your mind. But you can't say that stuff around me because I know you're saying that. How about them are characterizing them that way in front of me. When I'm not in the room I know that you're saying you know even more vile things about me behind my back so I don't play that game. So are so I'm just say to you that you know locker room stuff. Just reflects was inside your heart just because you do don't locker room doesn't mean it's not inside your car it would come out of your mouth. If it wasn't it is inside your EP it wasn't it in guinier in your heart. Oh. I like you know like my younger opponent what do you do yeah. I don't want game. Okay what about the other allegations. I'm not down to I mean you got twentysomething women that have accused him. Assaulting them. We just had a woman and it just a day or so ago. That the reports are that he paid a hundred and in 30000 dollars to. To show her up about. You know his believers she's actually has another person who. Heard her talk about this to another person at the time. I'm that it occurred. Is there are always people lying he's the paragon of truth a man who lies two or three times sometimes five times a day. You're telling me that you accept his words. But somebody else you don't accept their world what you said a word about professional. Up pathological liar. Make it opt out it took to put this is correct. And women. What if possible and maybe just sort of a polygraph that. How about we have Donald Trump take a polygraph test. Since he's the one who's a Senator Obama is how about you take a polygraph test. Well let him in. Where three of the women. Oh I don't have any problem with that assertion but he's the president of the United States. They're just citizens he's the one who has the oh that that does the big stick he has the responsibility for the country. Jim my appreciation man I know that we like we always talking on opposites on the schedule when I love talking to you. Let's talk again next week. Thank you all do for your support to support us. In our work here at the station reported talking on next week here I think again. Think again see on X. You've been listening to think again would elevate the hair sponsored by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again.