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Think Again with L. Nathan Hare
Saturday, January 20th

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Welcome to think again with L made an error sponsored by the community action organization and Erie county. He if you like a participant on today's program called now 80315. To money that's 8031520s. Oh they're real hard right here we go think again. Our travel discussion program sponsored by the community action organization Western New York still fighting the war on poverty. Now in our fifty for 52 year or each week we talked about issues and events and trends affecting you right here and right now. In buffalo and worse in your community and in fact connect you to communities all across the country. I'm your host only can hear presidency over community action organizations. Make us a part of your Saturday every Saturday ESP and 15:20 AM on your dollar from 1 o'clock twelve noon each week. Today's programmers lines he call and you can join our discussion hope that you will. Our number here again is. Excuse me 8031520. Minutes 80315. Torre. The weather's two now it was very cold also if we have a little problem with the I'm the numbers you can always call 80315. Seized in 0303218030323. 8030324. Or even at 31546. To Maine number is 8031520. How wanted to talk today. What are the things that that happens. In in in our our discourse is that so many things. Are are being tossed on the table at the same time. We miss X what's more fundamental. One of the things that I think is fundamental. That that came about this week is all of the hype about the fact that the Dow Jones. Stock prices have. Klein to our 25000. On a level not reached in the history of the Dow Jones I think that would begin an 1890s. And so you know this is given the impression that Donald property in and that would be the height. Did Donald Trump is it's somehow causing. Just tremendous growth in the our economy. But the Dow Jones expansion is not the same thing as the expansion of the gross domestic product of the country. It's not the same thing as the expansion of income for people in the country. It's not the same thing as the expansion of job opportunities in the country let me let me work this through and help you understand where I'm coming from. We're going through these milestone numbers according to. Aaron Anderson senior vice president of our researcher Fisher investments ADP national employment report. That this is that this is a heightened this this is. Rulers giving you a article. Telling you about what is going on in the country right now let me put it into his concerts at the ADP national employment report. Showed that US private employers added 250000. Jobs. In December. The biggest monthly increase since March and much much above a 190000. Odd job additions forecast by economists polled by routier's. But a more excuse me in more comprehensive non. I affirmed our payroll. Out our report on Friday is expected to show the economy and 890000. Jobs in December. As opposed to the 250000. Gonna talk about here. Down from 228000. New jobs in November. World stock. Prices hit records on Thursday driven by strong manufacturing and services. I'm sector data in major economies. Across the world. A curiosity that it affects what people believe in what is actually happening. Skis me the actual jobs report says it from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that. The economy gained actually a disappointing. 148000. Jobs. In December as opposed to 250000. Judges gave you in the room was report. The real numbers were 140000. He recalled that during the Obama administration that record 78. Consecutive months of job growth and almost tripled. The stock market. It into an excuse me on the Dow Jones you what was being said during that time here. They continuously called it a jobless recovery. That the economy during the Obama administration was producing. Nonfarm jobs averaging. Approximately 200000. Our jobs a month for sesame minds from October of 2010 and through October of 2016. Which you would think is a robust rate by historical its standards. But that's not the way the Obama administration's. Economic performance was on what was picture. According to Mitchell harm and writing from marketplace. Just this past December he says in the nine months beginning in February 2016. The economy as an aide on average in 63000. Jobs per month compared to the 200000 jobs per month. And during the Obama administration from the end of our 2000. Ten to the end of 2016. Under the Obama. In the trumpet administration so far monthly job creation has continued much more slowly. And under the Obama administration that's not me saying this this is. What is being said. In in economic. Policy report. Excuse me in it in Wikipedia that was written by Tom Mitchell Hartman. A story in the marketplace support report written about Mitchell Hartman. If you remember the constant refrain during the Obama administration was 200000 jobs a month. Was barely eat enough if at all to keep up with the population growth. Yet the same clean. For Mitchell. Is by Mitchell Hartman efforts from. He says but with economic. Grow steady and unemployment low it becomes harder for employers to fill jobs and for all workers. In from the sidelines to join the league reforms nonetheless. The job growth that we're seeing this year is impressive and it's much faster than what what was what we need. To keep up with the relatively low rate of population growth. So how can both things be true somebody has to be in line I don't mind and or on line now. All of these statements cannot be true after listening to Rooter scandalous by asserting that front. On the top administration created 250000. Jobs in December. Along with the Dowd wrote that Dow Jones growth when in fact in only created a 148000. In December. And in in in. Hearing the PR drumbeat during the last six years of the Obama administration. Net 200000 jobs being created on average per month which was insufficient. To meet the needs of the growing. Population. And now in the first ten months or nine months of the front administration 163 jobs on average per month the supposedly. You know more than enough in what the economy needs to absorb. The new workers being being a coming into the market hazard as a result a population growth. I'm Natalie. Occur. Is your name Q trough. In an article entitled US and 840000. Jobs in December. Unemployment at four point 1% in New York Times this was this past week January 5. The Labor Department recently released the latest figures on how tiring it unemployment. With another game capping a year increasing opportunities. Four Americans 140000. Jobs or and it last month during an average. Over the last three months to 204000. But it is indicated for the past. Us nine months it's a 163000. Yeah unemployment rate as we indicated it was four point 1%. Average hourly earnings grew by nine cents and view this is being touted as as the big deal. But the VoS. A reported that average hourly. Earnings for all employees on. I'm non farm payrolls increased by. I attempt at ten cents to 26 dollars an hour over the course of 2016. However. Wages grew by two point 9% so wages group. Much faster in 2006. Team in the am in 2017. By 2016. It wasn't good enough. 2016. It wasn't good enough in 2017. Is the greatest thing since antigen issues. Real wages have grown faster or the current business cycle than in any. Since the 1970s according to Jason Furman chairman of the house a white house council of economic. Advisors. Look at. Pins since 2010 in the United States has put more people back to work and all the other G-7 economies combined. All of that was done under the Obama administration under the drug administration to take away if you look at Mannelly. I can trust report offers a picture of how the economy fares. In the first year terms administration that December gain is 87 consecutive month of job growth. An unparalleled stretch of good news for workers who continue to be in high demand as you recall when the Obama administration began to cut she was in the the monthly jobs are gain is below what the economy and it for most of the year but. According to her it's still way ahead of what the economy needs to keep up with the new slow. Reno are working age population growth. The number of people entering the labor force increased only slightly on continuing that trend of participation race and not buy it since 2015. That's partly be effective baby boomers heading into retirement and the fact that the rate hasn't gone down. Is a sign of the labor markets continued appetite for new workers as you all should remember. All we heard during the Obama administration was. Of the Little League before his patient rate you know was horrible on assignment the Obama administration's success in. Rescuing the economy was. That data on jobless. Effort oral or growth. And now we hear that well we didn't need to have any. Greater we were forced to the patient. And so on and that in itself it's a reflection of an appetite. 44 new jobs in the marketplace listen I gotta get to to Tony right now I just wanna help us to to get in our heads that. You know we lose track of history. Things that have been saying over the course of the past six or seven years. When you apply those same standards so what's being done what is occurring right now you find of people talking out of both sides amounts only get Tony real quick. Hi Tony Heidi out they're clear is how you doing out there. Oh I appreciate the other one of what you are saying let me just add something to a key is that she wants us how much talk on their. The importantly it's partly what I point 9%. Eleven million people who are clustered jobs during the recession that started and in 2006. And an eight. Dog probably at what you're saying is that what you're saying what critics are saying as opposed but when you lose a lot bigger army and giant beast. Now. And they said to utter opposite it was in an op. They weren't looking at that pop up why don't we try to elaborate millions dad had been brought. To new Orleans back in any counts. You have to put people it works out well. And then and gotten that part of it being. And the stimulus plan. They like we talked about oh actually it's. 241. Point nine billion dollars warned that didn't want urged. I was the import and whatnot but he will get credit because. I'm not where I want it. Can get a lawyer sandy was the desktop that Christie because it embraced them. By walking on water and paper that it just set it up here anyway. There's not a swim. Obviously Ali he could pop I'm waterway that. There has been getting much more serious problem coming up this week and I'm going to tell you Dell will be a bloodbath in Washington. Crushed all. It better eating at polling. Puppet army but it's like crime list in the state the F I looked up well why did you government has a long time. Except. It was congress that pursued. The impeachment. Of this president who exit remember. I'm the guy that congress didn't support. Protecting trump. From prosecution. We no longer gap three branches of government at all. It was announced yesterday does that mean. And I would still recused himself until I hit investigation. As we got the backing. A lot of the I do get all of the papers and probably do what you're investigation. I guess rule. Larry. My. What they're doing it had information on what's happening. They trumpet fattening is how well do it right. Absolutely right. Recession. And ride it again David he will be tired this week. Malaysia I'm glad I'm glad I got me racial and I thought. Throw it will be I will be podium. And he's a guy who is currently the EPA director. It got a little quick capture a lot of these like a little early and forest bits that were light blue. Band broke on the end. It's quite strips and and that he won't buy it tomorrow. The guys in the SE is not recruit big league attorney general and he did I Ramallah where does that gonna bring about. Constitutional. Crisis. It's going to be well what we thought let me error you. And compassionate I'm right. How can I don't think that we should think about. The president clearly that they got bit he uses. A technique that's psychologists call project get. Jack Kennedy being that I'm happy that he has seen what. I until little opponents. Why. Has our. Regional activity. Let it grow so eBay and it. Project kidney you know that these straits reg you're putting on my annual poll. Now I'm desperate that they develop what is crew. Yeah currently the EPA director at nine years living here. Back it was seeing Kerry attorney general of the state Oklahoma. That they that they thought well last night is that. You know we're just being there will. You know with church in. Society right at my list of things to Italy and in the end. And action. Well it could be investigated I ain't adjustments that. Claiming that he told I'll you know I'll lie in summer presentation and he made me come out and win some bleeding occurred or was that and I'm the even though sessions and all of the people and drug administration lied about what meetings they participated in and who was in those those meetings. I guess the thing. Let lately and that I am glad we are looking at. And don't iPods they have actually taken a look at. Aptly what it secret ballot that are true. Portman Graham on that little island sound truck that came out presenting was Olympic that the deposit. That's what he said then. Memo that was reports from guaranteed even put a bunch of money in his pocket you know through the this tax bill. We. Hope and then a problem. I would be information that Graham and gradually got about you know you probably Justice Department. That they are actually telling us this bit. Well we got this liberation belly laugh that they can have that I don't want to act like you haven't investigated let it sink. That migrate they gave it to last. Also keep did not keep in mind telling me that the steel dossier was actually initially acquired by the Republicans. And they didn't wherever they decided they were gonna you know focus on getting Donald Trump out they were gonna back off of don't. The Democrats got all the the finding about this does Darcy. And then they begin to pursue getting new information from that currency. Robert Bauer that we initiated as a Republican angels at. That's mandatory mound after the dot it was put out. Himself. I don't know if you would it appears a real thing that he actually can also help was killed because that you can march. We don't know this is the Republican Vince Foster case. Which of course is never gonna get investigated. And singing I wanna know how you can keep yes. Any huge and GPS and good you know hearing that adds well I'm on. 11. Course. They certainly. Democrats that he urged fusion keeping yet stepped up public. Republican street you don't stop and think going to be coming out because they don't want the people that come out OK don't kid yourself. But there's all this is that obstruction of justice. And that dollar annual I'd tell that respect and others they got from tropical relaxed didn't do that outfit an eighteen. The government did because split up. He has been quite apply to people remember about president and President Obama said in a campaign trail. We aren't they could be positive. Didn't remember being met with trump any problem teach women try it for it is a problem. Don't limit your cabinet body lowering it. That was a signal to try to be should hire foreign. And need to think that President Obama that are being tried invite them. He opened to interpret it in doubt I know better than anybody and I mean argue this plate and I couldn't believe that and how I watch what that's not how it works. It's early we got we got Ferrara thank you appreciate it we'll talk to him during the course of a week we got to take our first break. They'll gauge area on the phone you'll stick with those who was some senator break here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value and you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program and help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of month and too convenient locations. HIR piece that we'll help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application now you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. 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All right let's get Gerri on first minimum for a long time your area out there and all right good good good. And I lost your my screen there for a second we're. He had failed caller what could have been put into. Okay. You know what I don't understand Islam. In 2008 when the stock market crashed them who has. Bush is still has a little while 65 under. Right. It dropped down around 65 to seven under something like right. Yeah so and then and Obama to Covert operation restoration without it shouldn't do all our. So will 45000. Numbers show. Well listen what I don't understand I mean you know warned that went back market dropped out in 2008 we lost. Tremendous amount a lot of money and our pension because I know I was should go. And I approach now. Some pension fund for forty. Okay now he's immediately think. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Gordon. You know eight or nine years now to our American record numbers that money would come back well it didn't. It didn't come back yeah every year I was expecting a look ideal. Yeah you know how much much more than it was in there and every year Scott Altman on the phone and according Kershaw never came to actual question initially scheduled that morning I mean. It did get 111 stock market right decision. And it it seems like the rich get richer shall Wear collection on how to read or the wind not a reflection on how. There are an American worker doing. Absolutely and in just so so you know you know when when your pension fund is from a to superb strike mutual funds. So whatever your pension funds. Have been sort of are invested in you know in in an array of different kinds of stocks venture funds are invested. When the stock market crash in some of those businesses go out of business altogether says that in not only does that add value for a lot of your portfolio. It never comes back because accompanies. That those stocks were part of they just said that they completely disappear. At the same time. People who are so those sort of players in the stock market you know these stock market portfolio managers these. Investors to stock traders and so on. They're picking and choosing stocks individual stocks based on what they think is gonna win. You know when a particular. Market period or they've been on a stock falling to a certain point. And they put puts you know that's it's into a lot of detail but the point. Is that. Dare dare not in the same portfolio from one month to the next beer. Dear dear moving mere dollars around what they think is gonna move marginally up. You know from one period to the next so you don't benefit from that because you're in a static portfolio you've got maybe 400 stocks in your. Pension portfolio and your just in those same stocks you know all the time some of those companies fail. You just lost that portion of your investment altogether. So we even though the market rose and a lot of those companies did rebound. To portions of those companies that didn't rebound you don't have any way to recover you know from that and that's why the the that this sort of fat money people they benefit because their portfolios are not necessarily. You know I Nixon all the stocks in the stock market. You know if you're Dow Jones the owner of an object Dow Jones or video or general. Electric or for motor company. Most of Europe's investments are going to be and things that are around the Ford Motor Co. are around General Electric. Not to abroad. Market as a whole so you wind up getting hurt when a market as a whole falls. You get hurt in your portfolio. But people who are. Are only with a few sets of companies that they know a lot of brown and they're picking their stocks individually. They only get hurt if those particular companies don't. Of those companies bounce back like win. Our General Motors. Its stock fell to something like three or four dollars a stock from something like you know 10020. Dollars a stock. In a span of a three year period. But when they finally bounced back you didn't bounced back with it because they reorganized General Motors into a different company it was at the same General Motors anymore. So you got hurt. And there was no way for you to recover because you do have that stock that same stocking your portfolio anymore. It's an insidious game we keep telling us that. The average worker because you you have. I'll pension funds in stocks to your benefiting from the rise in the stock market what you know from your direct experience it that's not true for the vast majority of workers are not getting that benefit. Our vernacular that I. Either Clinton or pensions you know make up for. This seems like carriage they own. You know they did they can't take it that your reaction. My aunt and uncle and Gekko hard working American weekly. Big big Christian other people's money they and that's what all is gone and or. What restored valid ticket curvature. Do everything he does is he. You know it's almost like a pretty cool Michael OK you know he demanded the company doesn't colon waning goes written. And any little fire people because you really get going public the president that he. Yeah that's what the book I just ordered it from Amazon via fire and fury book. Wolf. And that really is why he talks about you know it's not that trump isn't an intelligent enough per cent. It's not it's not cute. He just doesn't want to. He doesn't care tone war he just has his pocket right he is it's his temperament any any has these populist. And it seems could even column populace he just has these opinions. And I think or what gets talked about. The really really really really rich people golf clubs you know and and and restaurant tables and where they just talk smack you know amongst each other. Trump has those kinds of ideas inside his head. And he thinks that that's policy he thinks it passed a framework around which. You can build policy. And and you just see him line all the time he takes credit for things that he had absolutely nothing to do with it. If outright did you hear about that that that that the airline industry thing you know that we've gone well he was saying that over the last year. We have had any. Odd deaths due to airline. Crashes and so on and he said it was because he had been so strict over oak. Rourke or over the airline industry were number one and he don't have anything to do it if he does know strictly is that he could actually do in the first when he has no control over the airline industry number one and number 200 hasn't been an airline debt. Since the objective is in its New York in 2009. And and crack was. It was those. Our families. Who put pressure you know on the system to to to change. How they were hiring people how long they were allowed people to work without I'm getting sleepy you know and that sort of stuff it's. It's this from buying stuff hit it it it's just. Jerry you know an art to strains and the New York. But really he's never experienced sort of what it's like to be at work and personal or person it would Clancy was born. Nor shall resplendent as well as other the year and money out there and so recently. Here is what it was like so the issue basically what he's ability in the picture as well you know. Now that's absolutely. Yeah. OK Gerri appreciate you Mara talked to charge you next week so let me just kind of lay something out that hits what Jerry was talking about. And this is a sort of headline that I or in my life and I had written in mind we are our report for this week. Where are the races are perhaps the most closely watched number in the the recent economic reports wants a change in wages. From the previous December. Year over year earnings increase by about 2.5 percent over what they were in December of 2016. Workers in financial services and leisure and hospitality sick sectors saw the biggest increases over the year. With wages in both ended in both industries ticking up. By about three point 6%. And just to come a little bit further. On instead of increasing salaries across the board employers are actually buying for pictures Packers and shippers are offering new perks. This is one of the things at the report talks about that. Bill revenue for his senior vice president and AMOCO are staffing USA says that employers don't seem to be willing. On to commit to wages or wage increase is on a permanent basis so what they're committing to our non recurring perks like. What are called offering from things like online or on site child care. Reimbursing employees who need to put their children in the cure while they work. Entry workers into raffles every week. To win laptops televisions and tablets or they're bringing food trucks to their warehouses and paying. For employees launch in other words nonrecurring expenses they're willing to commit to that. But not commit to fundamental increases in people's pay that you're gonna have to now live. Continue to pay. A week after week year after year so listen let me grab I think is it is it other John person who can yep let me get other job and we'll get cabin. And then we'll give frank outage. Are you doing there. Or sheer. And the Washington street beacon financed by guiding this year billionaire. BOB. Dossier. Also with respect to the employment figures as it turns out. He ever for his seventh seen 171000. Jobs per month. And 226. Scene. Or Obama created something on your Saturdays 1000. And as it turns out. Trumps. The other reason of them less than Obama's since 2011. The the question. So it just incredible and Fox News there are new research who admitted which said Burke. I'm note read to kill. Somebody probably prove front governments that will publish it if you don't prepare. For a I don't think Fox News does reserves I think Fox News just happened to read to receive recent. Five tons to they do opinions and. It it's the opinion of the people that managed to pull back ultimate back from well very sore looser and I think Tony right I think we're conferred constitutional crisis. Because what we have is congress. On members of congress that are conspiring to obstruct justice. And and that will be. That will be very difficult to resolve. Absolutely. Absolutely and of course you've got cuts to his constitutional remedies it did not anticipate. That you would have won party. Take over one of the houses or each of the houses. And then say that you nothing can come up in the house unless you give a majority of the majority to vote for first and in April 4 at a block. This is this is Denny essar essar group or rule and and they threw him out because he was a karma or are the so. Our I swear. I appreciate his. We got a lot of causing Oslo we take our yet our last break that we give her body sometimes if you just being with us. With some senator break Cavanaugh go away with senior senator breaks here think again think again. Would you like to increase your home's value do you want to lower your energy bills are you in need of affordable financing for your next home improvement project. This sail home improvement resource program can help. Just come to one of their monthly HI RP orientation sessions every first and third Wednesday of the month at two convenient locations. HIR piece that will help identify the resources you need to get finance. And they'll even help you would completing your application that you won't know to qualify for until you call. 3323773. That's 3323773. Learn a lot of home improvement programs you may be eligible for and ask about the affordable financing program that can help turn your house into your dream home. Call 3323773. For more info it's the home improvement resource program. Restoring value to neighborhoods across Erie county one house at a time. 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Buffalo Sabres hockey sharpen your swords and. These these Buffalo's O. Buffalo's home put on number one brand in world wide sports Christians. Clever clever little quickly surge would last this news just just for your words that are reacted as. This is your cousin president Donald Trump. He fares to president of the United States on my first try I think you meant to have been elected our president for army medicines on my first try. It. Via. Okay the first two girls actually throughout my life. My two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really Smart. Crooked Hillary also played these are cards very hard and as everyone knows went down in flames. I went from very successful businessmen to tops TV star. That's I won the presidency of the United States on my first try. That would qualify me as not Smart. But genius. And a very stable genius at that now the Russian collusion afterward a year of intense study has proven to be a total hoax on the American public. The Democrats and their lap dogs to fake news media mainstream media are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental. Mental stability and intelligence. Kevin what you thought about it but it. List what you thought of our bedroom if you have any thought about it and our. The experts including. That they'll throw would be successful. You know get going again. And you in. Our department post to move court scene. Were seen. But that's what that kept kept kept Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin let's let's do let's do a little bit of thinking. Let's suppose let's suppose that you were on a hill. And you're sliding downhill. And you didn't mean to go down here which is sliding downhill now you're three quarters of the way down the hill and you try to recover. To get back to where you were you first have to make up to distance that you fell to get back to where you were before you can rise again. So in the case of the Obama presidency. Yeah the economy going way way way down hill and the slide right back into slide up in order to be able to. To to rise. In the were in in our our true situation. The economy was already rising rising rising and is just on the same path that it already was on. In fact the economy what Kevin numbers don't lie the economy is actually generating fewer jobs per month now. And it was generating in 2016. Or over the course of the last period between the end of 2010. And the end of 2000 and in 26. 2016. The economy now is producing Tony thousand or 101000 fewer jobs per month than it was or the previous. Are suddenly two months. That's not a opinion that's just the numbers so taking credit card for for doing something that you're not doing. He didn't create that moment in the economy was already is increasing every month to a new high every month. Morton and I mean no one really come on. Either either either what I'm saying is true or even what I'm saying is true or it's not true. The economy was at sixty did you doubt jewels of the 67. Hundred. When Obama took office he was an 181001 Obama left office that's that would what does it to say come on about either that's true or it's not true. They keep you receive the numbers here you are pitching or its target you know nice references in quotes from the UV cured that nobody knows Apollo. But this isn't something you have to know about you could go on your computer right now and pull out Dow Jones growth. From 2000 intend to 2017. And you can see it for yourself you don't take my word for. You can see for itself weren't ready he didn't instruct parents and you'll and you aren't major industries. Given give people instant bonuses just lets see some. You have five or six companies who said that they were gonna do they were gonna give bonuses most companies are not doing that number one number two. Number two of these companies have hand over two trillion dollars in cash sitting on hand. In American accounts and another two trillion dollars in cash sitting in foreign accounts that they have not been spending over the course of the past six years. And Obama wasn't able to get to do not condone child was he able to do. This still not doing it there's still not doing. Don't soccer can I quote someone Belichick and gore and kill answered today. You do great support urgency fine or reason to say eight. Canon you know it's hard to have an argument with somebody who when we can't agree on facts I'm not giving him I'm not giving you my opinions. Good good good good good good two trillion dollars of telling you that are in. Our corporate accounts right now that's not made here's opinion. That's what the MarketWatch that's what will the Wall Street girl that's what business insider that's what they say that's not what I say I'm reading to you what the people who do the economic research what they say. Look it up for yourself just go on the Internet and say. You know. Out of corporations have. Two trillion dollars worth of cash on hand you'll CD reports just do the work yourself. Yes and yet the release at this point at this juncture why wasn't it done each year. Eight is right in that the. They were doing it over the course and eight years we. We talked about that every single one of the months over the course of just simply were not just now talking about it we've been talking about it month ended month. Here or give me an example went to deduct. Okay. All right Sid good because we're we're we are going to Wear this is the circular reasoning today I'm sergeant would try to pick this up next week. Can we give frank first that would try to grab Rhonda we'll get to get mark frank are you doing out there. I consider your roster today. There I'm out the door I'm just try what we're trying to to to to help ourselves see things. From made it even more. Evidenced based perspective that's what I think again is really all about you know that we try to center on. Those things that we know were true and then what what are the implications of what we know to be true. Matt doesn't seem to be the interest of some of the people that Karl on the program did you start out with positions. And they just keep throwing stuff out there to help themselves justified your positions regardless of whether it's your work. A gap now you know. The best we. Are. Oh I'm just sitting here today and all that honor dollars right now. Almost eight Indy pro haters are earning their built here right now. The way in western New Yorkers and ended up on the wrong side of history but I'm not use well I am. New here is the clear cool out some more. And assume oh absolutely the perfect for. Pitiful thing at twice seventeen. Was trump administration taking credit for our order book Obama bite. And the Democrats. To just stabilize our economy after the 20072008. Bush Cheney economic melt out. You know. It took eleven years to recover from the great depression and you know the most corporate. You know bush Cheney corporate crime wave was was much worse and and Obama Biden thinks things no less than eight years and they don't it and. Without having to take us without having to take us into a major war. Almost all of a recessions that we had sensed a 1929. More ended when the concert country moved on to a war footing. Not a finance. The cost of agree war where you have a lot of consumption and new production and sell. And we were able to recover from the Great Recession without having to do that we did have some military conflicts but no great wars. Yes and and then the second most pathetic thing is Trout that Republicans touting that Doug Jones Wall Street guys. You've just been rising for years now and say that don't get dang thing trickle down to average working class America. What that's what Jerry was talking about a year earlier and I think that's that's it that's one of the big things that people need to understand the Dow Jones itself. It's a good manager for certain in a certain frame of reference. But it's really not a measure of economic performance of the economy as a whole it's a measure of the stocks that are armed. On the market but stocks come and go in and they have different. And the. Our growth rates but your paycheck. You know what your paycheck is that you don't see your paycheck growing. You know year to year that's something that means it is tangible for you. Gordon your year at year's end and the last thing is is these companies saying they're giving raises and bonuses. As a catcher alarm. You know what in reality unions and workers and fighting in negotiating. It. For years now you know is that the rich guys get billions and patrol the workers from. And be up the upside a lot of this is. Is one sharp advances. You know after they're done with their soap opera no one will ever vote for Republicans again a certain athletes 48 seeing. Our attention or he. Let's give or are real real quick you get used us Ron are you doing out there. Well I touched upon a little bit about last week that the law. Means very little at the average person well it does to a degree with the world when he's an activist pensions. But even apple should have a lot of money in it remember back during the bush Europe they did this study effort was Wall Street Journal so this study. It's not that most of those things where you know would would wind up giving the average person double put a few dollars a week into a boat you're gonna get 25000. Dollars at retirement so. It'll to retire at 65 which means they plan and I 68. Well I think it's so adept it's it's largely for the big guys and 41% of China's capital. It used to pay. And that's why we saw the stock market drop in 1923 quarter points. Republican or the suspect. And that was effective while it's not the case that has been up there stocks. Ad infinitum not with less and less regulation under trump. That's the this is a little bit but more importantly he got out of his big economic. Programs through until the tax program very late in December. Let's see what happens when. When these skyrocketing health care costs go up. That because he got rid of that. Individual mandate let's see what happens when is that PX in the social programs would respect caught shipping activists suspect at this stage which two of them probably in the duke. Let's it would help with the economy does it take a year it was in 1990. When he made it. What do that was what's gonna happen that they typically it's a bush. Two or three years is to start destroyed in the Clinton economy is gonna take a few years and it's just you know. And then we would Ronald Reagan when Ronald Reagan did his tax cuts for the first two years you saw some bump in economic. Our growth in GDP growth on any growth in in taxes collected. And then you saw a steep share our our I declined that forced him to have to increase taxes to make up for all of that loss. And the big thing to. Is is is it. Is this a consumer group of driven economies 70% of the current and wages Jesus haven't gulf since the late sixties have not gone up. Far enough to really drive a totally full employment picture by the way. Double the record is go back where work to a record low I think was two point 9% this summer of 1944 so. The further employment from being that low. But. And that's interestingly enough because of the well the arguments against almost all didn't give up some of the depression or award trumpeted yet little. Okay elements of truth to that. But it was also the most socialistic time. In American history wage prices cost plus 10%. Those alleged that support it were the things you get the book. Fire and huge yeah. Is that reading Hillary as I got an audible on them assume audible dot com subscribers. They're up to accept the streets of the sub state. But that's what they say and it is is it's pretty amazing I can get believable. I don't know all I know is fair with his buddies bad it was it's because you know effect used to say when all the stuff came out of Hotmail afoot. Well you're only there a lot better as my dad bet all of a sudden they haven't Helen tailed out of school like. Trump is an idiot he never wanted to win and his wife didn't want to win you ought to be able. Why wouldn't attack in so seventh when he was fighting obesity was gonna go back to bright fire and and defend Trump's agenda we're now all of a sudden he's attacking themselves. And the only thing I can feel Randi Rhodes. Which few people ought to listen to if you think that. His whole thing with trump was he didn't get no respect for and never had respect for trump. That it would help trumps in your face kind of demagogue your style or. Would help him build the white supremacist movement and that step step step that's what you gonna do it from considering or what sink or swim weather though. And he's. He's gonna just ilk is gonna use. This populist kind of right wing racist kind of stop in order to continue to build public support this school. Enron keep in mind that just think about the white supremacist movement on leadership. Itself. The behavior that you see in Steve banning. Is consistent with the behaviors that you've seen with the David duke still grand wizards you know and so on so this is a personality. Odd trait or set of traits that seems to to go along with that kind of mindset. That these white supremacist you know leaders. Tend to be possessed by. And the people that follow them. Tend to be people that have varied two dimensional you know are all kinds of thinking very very shallow. I think he type people who follow stuff based on. What in it sort of impressionist kind of information you know as opposed to substantive information. Sleep and it's it's. The type of thing that that. It is. Been cultivated since the sixties but trump is now the ultimate manifestation of it and and whether it be. Survivors and let them something to write I'm not so sure about whether he'll survive but city. The Republican congress you really think that any impeach him yes. I don't believe that it. Buyers I don't think so that's what does that go to over the jet that was told here frank what do most think they're optimistic about that. I didn't think that if if he gets smaller fires some rumors all over the alternative process. There haven't been enough to to get the Republican leaders to go along we've got. Players Sullivan and so I mean not such an incentive and the new guys and fire Muller. If anything does that within the Republican just ignored in the congress there. Fantastic case that's appointed time was making earlier in the program that. Writes for all intents and purposes we don't really have three branches of government and anymore. Well it's the idea that. Don't you have such an ideological. Party in the Republican and Democrats ever real heavy Republican and so ideologically similar. They know there's some variation but between the keep party in the probably pretty much all the big issues exit together but the thing is. This I think it could blow over I think if they if they fire will be a big media thing for about a month and unless the Democrats really push it and make. And issue an honorable would take over at least one other houses of congress. I I think it could just fatally people have to keep keep focused and keep working for the for the next two election cycles when he in the 2020. They held. Any chance in every virtue it's another thing. You've noticed bears didn't get much publicity they disbanded. The crystal back there that there are elections a fraud saying. But but but the thing is based said all we're going to be careful they hadn't totally disband they. Except at two ditch VHS. And an element of redundancy with. If you're running that nobody quite know. The updated user rights are we gotta give mark on before you today in the hour thanks Ron would give back. Are on this like let's give mark before before we lose our time mark are you doing out there. They'd say there's. A you know there are Republicans are all similar because they're all not. And they got it he got the Klan member of the DR grand wizard would dove would do would be up orange carrot bad. Watch Ku klux clan. Well you know I'm not gonna blame then on him but but that it's clearly clearly he has those vote those. Never balls are from its about the and you know this thing would that would that rocket that went to ask the people usually doing. She. Was doing good. Maybe people lots and there's less jobs. Revised downward about where no amber all of a growing was all lies and you know being. An immediate playing you. Want to look because. His Hewitt they always say you know the things that are going good because I'm not getting high productivity. Crap productivity means you're giving more. Our pop up production for less cost. So lower wages and a same or higher our products produced. That's productivity. And that's what's fuels the dvd market grosso do exactly what you said what's good for the workers isn't good for productivity. Immediate end about it they just got a big Byron Scott talk kind of exploded on to what you want to adopt when it my best bet. He's going to be probably part of country but great for us in the room happening maker. Can use college soon and. You've got it mark our appreciation for our I've talked to you next week. So look we got a fresh new year in front of us who probably spent some time next week inventory what took place over the course of 2000. Seventeen but I think wrong. You know good a good start for this year look forward to talking on next week you're thinking again. Think again. You've been listening to think again would elevate them there response to by the community action organization of Erie county. Be sure to tune in again next week at the same time for more think again. To.