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On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, June 10th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host how many Wolfgang. Hi everybody and thank you so much for joining us today and and target and your host penny Wolfgang. And we are so it's talking to every week that subjects thinker interest seeing an important and topical for all of us who are living here in the west you know community. And is nothing like tap the Goldman to find out what's going on all over. Western new York and how are we going to do that well I found out that there is a company a group and Chile to college. Called stepped out to buffalo. And if you want to know what is going on anywhere in western Iraq maybe at any time at nights you're all you have to do is find out how to get ahold of step out buffalo. And they will. Tell you. Everything you wanted to note now recently we just talked to a person who wrote a book. About a hug the hundred best things she do and I think it was called in buffalo is an attempt to she code name calling in buffalo. And that list. Elizabeth from and she rose and a book. Hundred best things to do in buffalo and she is on the program and Allen's. The few people Tony after its. The thing really you learn something or listening to her you know that of the different categories of death things that they didn't even know. And what are the people is like hands and it county official and he said I didn't know a lot of the things that. She said she put in the books so I think that was really interesting and and also. Dale were just do it different categories of like restaurants or with the other categories it was museums right. In I know I was eating as we there was definitely eating bars but I am there was I do apparently hacked thanks Jim thinks it can do this and that is so. Anyway now. We can't finance if there's something similar and it on the Internet and that's what we're going to be talking menace he says it's called stepped out buffalo. And in the studio was a series Emily cleft cone crowns and yes. Coming in on them annually for Cohn is and has the title of director of storytelling. Which title I love her step aunt buffalo and thank you for joining us today Angel hating everybody knew who knew and when he said you're coming. Andrew and it was like a fun this and mass effect and my my assistant and friend Gina she says to me. She's been helping me books of preference and she said you know. You should talk to seventy from step out buffalo because I find out everything that's going on like and the weekend by checking with them. So she kind of recommended it and called do and thank you for coming thank you for being here thank you just as exciting and yes exciting. I don't know if it's sad yeah are excited that's the main thing. Continue let me let me just start out by being really really basic. About just step out buffalo. 101 what is it. So we are a media company. Com its staff as a web say it's a step up buffalo dot com is probably where Jean is going to. First and foremost kind of balance things restaurant listings guides for things to do. In the last generic area and and there are we've kind of grown. Tons to be out all of the social media platforms via an email newsletter that goes out every day of the week. Monday through Friday and then we've also grown to include events so we planned. And put and all around Western Europe throughout the year just kind of finding gaps in that. Event programming around here and things that people wanted to do more of for example we plan the thoughtful bloody Mary fast this past week images had. Thorough he faxed. I'm so things like best that we've grown until late. Have a whole events action. We actually have an apparel ads say to that just has some fun buffalo. T shirts so where are growing with and seeing America knows. Well I can't believe we miss a thorough. Yeah and it's my favorite and you didn't bring us any samples I didn't win big good venue anyway Jim did you know that that oh yeah so my diesel to cruise at river and river a lot of dad aggravate his Sutton thinks. What a great idea of can't it. Maybe next year you missed the rookie eating contests as well it's always there was that kind of an app now as the best tired. Well when you looking for judges next year. They don't tell me as a celebrity justice jamming and I volunteering right yeah I'll be Colleen I let I loan and so my favorite so let me let's go back to view for Sewell Emily fact I you mentioned that daddy started this company with your dad. I did yes I dad chuck and I started about five years ago are coming up on five years this summer. I can't believe it's it's done now on but generate around the same time as late cleric in squarely is getting up and running food track Tuesday's had. He via a few weeks under their belt or maybe year I can't really remember but is just around that time where there is a lot Santa happen and in Western Europe that maybe haven't heard of Leon knew about the taste of buffalo and big events like that. Pumped highs in games and sabres games. But there are these little events happening that it wasn't exactly super easy to find out about them and even if he knew about them what are the details you know what's included visits freed two it is it is ticket praise. Come waiter I go where to Hyperic. On so little things like that that we felt like there is a huge need for just that and formation sharing and all of that. Is skip is included in the events and you un information exams included. And this seems to be a job for a thousand people trying to change what we're doing before. I have was about eight months. Out of college so and I was where can manufacturing company wasn't really exactly sure what I wanted to do. And my dad it was still working and kind of like brainstorming this idea. We had you know we travel I as a family and use resource is like this in other cities. So we kind of got some and inspiration from that. I'm from our travels and felt light because. Volek and squares in the food check Tuesdays and things like that we're really saying to. Blast some here in buffalo that week had sustained a resource like best. And we kind of was born out of love of food actually more than abandons stats. There is that started as a favorite sad to see acts are exactly right I would prog is and where they have. A couple of working our way up although the food him off while the F that's where it started we kind of slide to talk more about restaurants and it's. Places to get their decision just you know places that didn't get talked about come as much as like the classics may be. And then from there it quickly grew into events too as we said to have more and more cool things to do around the region. So you had this idea and you get a decide it. And how would you go about. We really curious to know how he started getting all this information to get gas so that was a tough. Tough year that fact poly tech has about a year to figure out the best way to do that. But we started off I just kind of looking at the venues that exists in Western New York so there are obviously tons of music venues theater venues. Venues like river which actually didn't exist ami started best buy at places like that that have events frequently. I'm only started pulling information from their ads say it's we wanted to be a guy that was very comprehensive. Wee weed and wanted to just focus on. And events that. Where advertising or things like that will be really lion to. Show the big picture of events happening in last junior so we. We took it upon ourselves to go and get this information are not waiting for people to comment submit events. That part of the website has grown since we started we have a lot more about organizers coming to us with information directly. Adding events to our web safe and which has helped us grow a lot but BL we have freelancers and come. Five of us full time working on that so that we can make sure we have the full picture on our website. This a lose a lot of spies right around the if indeed have a good match. It's it's amazing. To me as he said have things have changed and grown here is since even since you started and you know mentioning. When you mentioned. Clark and bill I thought you said you by the director of storytelling for staff at buffalo us to keep that Leslie. Saying she is the director of fun yes at blackened billet travel nanny was she easy Sion yeah I tell you think that is under something differently. That and it needed something all encompassing because. You know running starting owning a business you do some anything's it's not just one little thing and we feel like we're trying to tell a story of buffalo and and Kenny just get locals excited about where they'll end especially five years ago now that's again then but. I feel like five years ago there was you know some work to be done on that and then getting. Younger people that are here for college to stay here and stay excited and stay engaged. In what's going on. Think because it's so much hit it you that are wary and aware of and it's hard to find out and you know in fifty to assist by word of mouth or something. I designed to rep from moment Casey just tuned in today you are listening to on target. With your host penny will scanning. And to add to alien talking to the director of storytelling for stepped out to buffalo. And only klux cone Rick and getting your name I didn't need it and connected except I think it's a tough so we really can't have it. Show and where we're kind of finding out at about how it. And how it was born step up buffalo and and what it is which is. A media platform for all events. Pretty much all encompassing which look which it going on here who events that are going on however. I was thinking to myself. Is this is only around it can't be is it is so hard in the off season and college and as it to find these events as it is easy now in the summer. Yet that's definitely the biggest challenge in every year it's an easy air which is really exciting and then leaves. You know in the past three years I'd say I think we've been doing the flooding may fast where this was the third year this march. Which is was definitely born out of the need for more events in the winter time. And you know it's not just a time to stay at home and do nothing there's you know people lying get out beginning in March so we created an event that. There is nothing like and we did down a Sunday in March. When there's literally nothing else going on cell. We've kind of started to scare on events to fill those gaps and I definitely think other people has. Seen the need for and have increased their programming even venues and different organizations like the TR safe for example. State they're just doing an awesome god seeing that people watch these Kansas. Events to happen and their and their meeting that needs that staff planning any easier which is super exciting but this is where it you know. Everything really takes off early June. And you can't you know you can't instead everything that you want channel. On social media and when you talking to and it ain't it during programs like this is it's hard to get everything and. Go back and if you don't mind for minutes you mentioned thank you were actually created some events and you mentioned. The so that's bloody Mary event a few times which Jim says he's heard of them ended I have not. But Depp there's some others that you came up with. Also yes so in the past year I would say we've been really ramping up our events on division and to include things like markets. And so we have like a vendor market during the holiday season on small business Saturday we deadline that hotel Lafayette. Clearly brought in like 85 different vendors. And just put it funds spin on and headed DJ. Had a bloody Mary by our yes I think for eighteen days here and I thought. I. We had things take unicorn memo says just just like making the experience of leaving your house in the cold weather. Making it worse and making it Superfund. There and there's tons of awesome local businesses obviously involved in each of these events we did the bloody Mary fast at all. Suggested the pines and pro you fast this summer we're having. A wellness event called live well buffalo. Graham by eating all these different wellness. Businesses and vendors to come and participate we're gonna have some. Exercise program mainly to hopefully Sanyo that kicked back saying on things like that on a stage out of the outer harbor. We actually do some fire calls we have a bills await game buyer Kroll. That's like the first away game Akron gets together and heard I have a nail. Dresses up in there football really rowdy Chile a set and it was such a fun time last year that was our first one actually. And it's just kind of like Sunday Sunday during the first away game a good place driver and to go. And grouped together. During the UA game we had a Halloween buyer Kroll either undressed. So we've we've tried at a bunch of different events and where it constantly thinking and new ideas. Come Ewart Diana. Whiskey festival actually list Tommy battered distillery. This past winter air which worked out really awesome are gonna do that again this fall. So we're always thinking of new ideas in just in taking feedback and listening to their readers and what they relate to. Read about on the web safe eggs brunch is a big deal also release you know bloody Mary is trying to make fast a lot of it. Yeah they've it's kind of a perfect fit again strike if so and when we mentioned spoke you're you know you're out of college and a sec so maybe in Chinese and your dad is older but I think that. And you appeared toy is a certain age group as far as the information goes in that they can get on step. In step up buffalo Wheeler on a tip in we laid to. Yeah my parents are you know in their fifties but there is looking for the same stuff to deal. As so I would say if I had to pick Arab. Heaviest and a graphic is tiny size of its authority probably. But that and that also includes anyone that's just looking into Don do you think so we don't have. Event listings we have all different types of an outlet stings. And then we carry that into different guides which do steal out of a younger towards Tony five to 35. But they are super useful for her. Fannie and volley agents for change so of the categories. IE 284. By a when they're taking place or by interest like they took me about a hundred things to do which the categories work. IE and activity rite I eight I guess you'd say yes I would hope that we would have. It's those of their abilities to search any any which way that you are thinking habits so we cheery guy N'sync contents. For our social meat did channels and four like our home page on our web saint staff just to kind of giant. On ideas and inspire people. But then we also have like a filtering says stamina search systems so that if you're looking for events in a specific area are date. Maybe just wanna know what's happening today or this weekend we have the capabilities to do that on our website. You know that's exactly how we got this idea to call and talk TO assisting you that's something. Connected to geno when is what. What when and where is. Whatever was sipping some activities and events Fiat and she says and she looked un however you do it which you then explain this concept that again. A sip at buffalo on and tell me so I guess who it is by me by death as he shook my date yet and finish issue looks bad today. Yes and we're getting better all the time I mean we are small company and somewhere learning what people line to see in how they alliance. You know get this information and comment and really happy we're really sang again more events. Sooner which you know you kind of have to work at the venues in the event organizers. To get better every year end event organizers around here definitely are. But you know the scenic views this as you disease events are planned we hope to have them up on our website so sometimes that happens sometimes a little bit delayed by it. For the summer for example people on the planet had. Come in the winter are not so much not as big of a deal their kindest looking what's going on this weekend to me as a true yeah delay announced yet. So the first summer people are. Give a full picture as anything that people need so we're working on getting an out as far advanced as we can. You went Errol it's tagged as managing the categories before that for a hundred things to do. What is what's an example of some of the ways that you divided up by categories of people. What's the most popular food. Yes in food and ratings don't just make a wild guess yes so our main categories for events are food and drink we have music in night life. Culture and arts and it's I believe we we keep adding categories all the time. I personally love the classes and tumors category that some lesser known. Things that kind of inspire you to do things that you probably wouldn't normally think of so those are Superfund the classes are it is actually really lame more fully knew it. Think you know people like the establishment has financial classes. That involves. You know lying or beer and and just like places like that such as have really unique offerings mused Chinese tour has art classes and a lot of places have DIY makers classes. And cheese pairings and things like that. Those are some my favorites I would say most popular is life music just people lining. Information that's sort of hard hard to come by Eva and into any team oddly enough but they just laugh all the you know I'm leaving my house I might be spending money. Is it going to be worth set and two and I want to know all the information I can before ranked. Kelly you're doing some kind of when you said and we may know semi have to spend money is going to be worth six. A like a either reading or. It's like three star is a four stars or suns down learn you know to sums up. Having I think at some version youth. Definitely consider that we we kind of go back and forth in our office all the time and is there feature for that at step up buffalo. We decided against it. For now. And leading up till now just because we think there's so many positive things going on around buffalo. And so we wanted to kind of just explain the facts and maybe give our opinion but only in a positive late. And what ifs if something's negative and we don't really like it that much we just won't talk about it and we're gonna focus on what there is that's good to do out there. And kind of also just share the facts about events so that people can make their own decisions and and we really rely heavily on photos to Italy through visual aspect so you can see for yourself sorry you know like it. How much is it ticket price what's included so the more information that we have on those details a batter and and people Yeltsin meets or on call on that stuff that. Yes because you wanna be the most hated like. They didn't TV critic glare from the movie trading up at the theater grip or any ready and food and it actually can end up being most hated the first half broke Friday they if they say something negative Haslem which I think critic means but it. People don't want you know so we don't think are out. I sat out. Guns the feedback Harris you rely next just mentioned if you get if it. If something is like gifted and review or people to people it you know and kittens and again holiness of this event was just the worst I ever went to all our thanks a person of course hopefully this is so much fun every when should have you know yeah we just played. A lot of positive feedback and I I think that's because we just keep that positive on our website and on our social media. I mean he and Mary might have some like slightly negative humor our social media but only you know for fun. And then most of that is positive I mean people definitely will reach out and let us now it's buffalo itself into the canyons but it. There is data it has legs overwhelmingly positive and I'm surprised everyday late how positive people act if it Wendy. Then these days being in New York treason you know and this journalist close feedback would be rated you know that gap filler greater around to ask or a lot of it would be best. I was so then when you get to you know positive do you like quote them or put them on the on line so people can see it. Comments or anything we haven't really in the past that we just played take the energy back in consideration and make adjustments on the web saying our social media. A balance in based on that stuff. And then I was thinking when you when you doing this. It's so hard I can say at the beginning to have to be a thousand view but there aren't. Are you relying mostly on. People call and contact you and saying we have this event or you guys are going down and looking for and yes so we have a huge team of. Well Bradley answers yes exactly it's definitely a combination and as we grow more and more people are coming to us submitting events coming giving us information to actually which is a huge help and it's a win win because. The information is that are on the photos are about and then they'll organizer gets. You know get exactly their story across to the consumer. How much is super helpful and I encourage everyone to it. You know email last were really easy to get ahold of one eye on social media had tracks message scheme mouth colosseum and but. We definitely have relied I and freelancers to grow and we're going out and actively getting this information and as classy cat and say give the big picture and and on comes in the year that ends in their region. In to tell me for the millions time exactly how chief. How would it have they should get a holy and how they can now only get a hold you with giving information that. You know about theory then but reading about others aren't flirting about it others. Yes so the first place to be stacked up busload dot com safe nicest on Google and on Google step out buffalo or are. Blake you guys are seeing early eighteen in just Google's fast things to do in western new Yorker buffalo and usually are let's say will come up. Pretty much at the top. Click through an army have a full menu of different options and like you're saying we have we really wanna be. There deteriorating information in every which way that you can think of so let's hear Marta person who wants to just. Kind of read through an article or skim through it we have a lot of lists to close there. They just lists of places like a hundred patios. Sons to go drink on and lesser and you act for example. And so we have guides like that that are kind of overwhelming but good to now keeping your back pocket for rainy day our sunny day. And then there's other ways to get. You know I want a restaurant near mile I run a restaurant a seafood. For a lot an event that's happening on the specific day so we have all of that information on the web say. There's a bunch of different pages. On the and then the next best places to go I would say in street Graham ran in Sudan at stepped out buffalo. Somewhere constantly post saying. Maybe even more than you guys wanna still. And information network kind of using the same type of content that's our web say. And packaging in and more I can't equate Friendster Graham so and it's you know palatable for Abby Padilla on there stays folks Twitter snacks chat. We have an email newsletter that we send out five days a week. That's really fun and we get awesome feedback on that too ill. Just sharing our organic contact and and information about our our partners our advertising partners things like that so. We're really all over the place where actually I and case any planes five on Friday mornings with Jan and neck talking about the best things to do this weekend's south British trying to be wherever. I everybody out is that fell last this information. And oink kids. Seven days at from six to seven which some people might be listening to a center so we go for it on time target. But yes I realize that and UConn and say the what's happening on the weekend yeah I'm on another ticket. You know there's do you notice. Of course you do notice how much more how much many more people. Are paying attention to you now that the newspaper. Conservative cut back on everything and you know it's not. Even online it's hard to find the information that you're supplying yeah I think I think the main thing is that this is this. For a targeted. This type of publication if you well. And so people are coming to us directly for that information where it ode inspiration for where to go out tonight a and then. What events are happening so there's just evade specifically coming to us for that. And we're not really doing anything but that's I think I think that really helps get our name out there because we have such a specific. Come goal in mind. Finally I think other than listening to on target. This is really on stepped up buffalo is one of the best ways to find out what's going on around here so thanks so much very. Enlightening us and analysts and I hope you've enjoyed their conversation everybody. And please. As they said chicken outs so we'll be participating in all these great things that are happening here in west New York. Join us again next week however for on target you never know who you who gonna talk to what you learned have a really did we have a fun week and CC and thanks for listening in to buy everybody's. You've been listening to one target with any Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please rate depending Wolfgang it's 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.