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Sunday, April 9th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition of slice of life in that we welcome Murat. Your time with us we really appreciate you tuning in if you have any ideas for guest me a quick collar I direct line here and her ham radios eat for three. 065184306. I want since we expanded the sharp from Brent is bites to slice of life because of by Stan. We're talking about everything under the lifestyle umbrella. And I am delighted to welcome back to the shark actor Jack Burton Leno who is in the house once again this week are different things connected to. His unique medical practice and the heart of Williams now Decker bird Leno is the app is at the helmets of Smoot solutions medical aesthetics. The office is located right on main street near Evans in blames we had actor Jack and last week. And there's so much toward get to the reaper and that this week or two bird Alina welcome back to slice of life. Thank you bread and again thanks for having me we were talking last week about on some delicate issues really and people are aging body obviously changes and sometimes. People really want to maintain their quality of life or perhaps restore their quality of life. And it's a big focus of your practice and hang out that you know he hit something caught your view that can help women. With different problems connected perhaps distressing parents finance and countenance. Drying is sexual pleasure. If you just give folks a little bit of a 411 and her Amy works in case you missed last week. Well the meat of uses radio frequency waves and for the longest time we've used radio frequency in the cosmetic realm. For skin tightening and force out your lead and way back these platforms. Call us a lot of pain. When I looked into their meat I could not believe you can use that technology like radio frequency to rejuvenate. A woman. But the new platforms that are out there and now the new technology. Is completely painless. And what it does is. There me about it with its radio frequency waves is what's called Ngo. When the vaginal vault. Is. Traumatized by childbirth. And the lack of hormone as the woman ages. Her. Circulation her vascular rarity in that region goes down. That is what contributes to her vaginal dryness that then causes painful and of course. Their meat that can take that away third me Vick can. Take away the laxity. That a woman feels the up by giving Europe of more pleasurable experience. The incontinence I think is the biggest quality of life. Issue. Because the radio frequency waves were shown to tighten the pelvic floor muscles once those muscles that tightened. That. Stress incontinence. We're leakage of urine. Cat goes away within the first treatment. The with respects to. Sexual pleasure. You gotta remember also that the G spot and the core terrorists have been desensitized over time. What this does is it pulls of those structures back into place. And re sensitized. That is equality of a life issue that nobody wants to talk about but it is part of life and these days we have enough to worry about. So I think it that is this is a great opportunity for women. To not only fix their hormonal status but to actually. Achieve what they had 2030 years prior. It's going to be great for their woman's partner and her own peace of mind and enjoyment of life and she says disturbing things that you hit Allen passed. I sir respected figure doing this year and MD obviously. And he worked in emergency medicine or your career your family practitioner and now you can in a functional. Madison. With this medical aesthetics practice it's an innovator of medical spa. That Iran actor Jack and I really appreciate if they appear opening doing this in educating people. I'm and it doesn't matter how many Keiko exercises are womanizer how my hunch. Natalie is different types of KY products that in no way can ever replace what you're talking about. Exactly if you eat it the way things are going women would have to stay. In. Diapers and use those products for the rest of their lives. None of the pharmaceutical products work to stop incontinence if anything they make a woman's mouth Trier. And then they drink more water and have more content robs it never circle that it has never worked. This is a quick easy way with three treatments to Regis self of those problems and they just spew maintained yearly. And you're doing charity and your office or you hit with our female patients command and administer the army the treatments and it's right in office is right there's now how. I don't yes we've done this now for about a year and a half with excellent success rates and our review showed that. It is a half hour procedure with myself from the nurse. There is no pain associated with it. It even can help you externally and in some regard take the place of of of the late be a plastic which of course is a cosmetic procedure done. So it it has the number of functions that are positive and I think once you linking it with the menopausal woman's brain. By eight fixing her. Her female hormones and possibly her thyroid. Then you have a completely. New person who. Not only wants feels better but wants to look better that's part of my advertising we want she did not only feel good that we want you to look good as well. Yes and you can happen Mary Carey tune because they know that you have done. Like a sculpture available it's your office and let's face it summer's coming. We don't wanna Wear the the cover ups on some room on area every draped in black on it's I hit he. So issuers you can turn back time mentally for a woman. But it's important to look good as well as few goods or what something like my pulse archer sculpture Dudek is it's sort of shave off that basically put in layman's terms. Well there are a lot of modalities for fat these states that can be huge market. Liposuction of course as is the old fashioned way of doing it and and for some morbidly obese people it's still the standard that has to be done and hospital. But for most people looking to achieve. The best that they have body scan each can can give them. We use. A technology called phase or high definition phase there it is not lays there it is an ultrasound. Is an ultrasound that will break up the fact. This is a minimally invasive procedure because we do we do go in there break up the fat. And suck it out and then the sculpture part of it is a learning curve based on. Based on the ski interpreter in the skin texture and be the your ability to huge bomb. Use your hands to create the anatomical line and the definition that person is looking for so. It's it's very novel and in that it got only get your fat. It actually shape shear your your body. And I think it it's a novel thing for the right individual again it's not right for everybody. But it does work and there's really limited downtime. They're really begs the question too because I know some women who are now having and they think they harassing you assess each person. And I would imagine to some degree psychologically about whether it's a good fit for them to do this and men as well as women yes. At that we. Also turn away people's hands we feel are not get a benefit from the procedure. The trick is to see what their what their realistic goals are. And then see if their body can pretend can give them. There is a an enormous amount of information out there on pacers that. Shows that is probably. The best body sculpting tool in the world in in what it can do. It also doesn't kill the fat so if you want to take that person's fat and transplant that somewhere else. You can add on like a laser that burns and kills. This kind of procedure doesn't burn you. You do have to be under some law degree of oral sedation. You have to be driven to the appointment and driven home. And like old body sculpting procedures the ones that are legitimate you do have to Wear a contoured garment for four to six weeks. Now this surface and you might hear about an LA Miami and New York for example on the red carpet and shows like this. But you have brought this to buffalo and you've had great success amen to what you track record and we missed. When we started using phase there. Probably dying years ago and I'm on its. I just five years ago took on the second generation. Technologies and we've been very happy with that. And current Jack. No just say that you know we brought it on all those years ago and I haven't changed. My thinking about using and other technology to this point what do you find most people in Western Europe are looking at him dawn. You know this is viewed as Canada gritty blue collar town and I think their perception. Rightfully so is changing that there's much more forward thinking how we have people coming back to the city this millennium was moving and do you see a trend where there's more awareness of these types of procedures in the city and it's a city that buffalo. Yes and it what you see even with things as simple as doing Botox or to sport type. Procedures which are very simple. You see a younger population. Of women especially doing them as a preventative means so that their skin. Looks better. When there in their mid life so they are more conscious of the skin which you remember is the largest organ of the body they have more conscious of that. In a younger minded these days because there's thinking about what what's gonna happen to them when they reach midlife. Yeah that's very interesting to Kenneth tee it up at a time so now. Actor Jack bird Alina are really a wealth of information. I wish you continued success in your practice smooth solutions medical aesthetics. Maine your hammonds and lions are you detected early alcohol just even as a consultation to get more information certainly go to the website or call 633. 6100. For smooth solution to medical aesthetics 6336100. Jack great to see you thanks for coming in this morning thank you Brenda thank you very much appreciated that with more slice of life right after this quick time out. From Oklahoma who work order do you wanna learn about home brewing. Tune in at 9 AM on ESPN 1520 for just threw it just we were hosted by Jeremy White advertisers from Niagara tradition home brew. Tune in Saturdays at 9 AM on ES PM 1520 could just fruition. Boom this. Is JAM time hello John likes to make things harder than they need to be due lighten. 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Get out of retail get into Geico new sales associates received a 2000 dollar sign on bonus they're hiring now for an additional 600 jobs to apply text the word bonus 230930. This is Susan mammoth event chair at the six and counting both fest on please join us on Saturday June 17 at buffalo river works as over seventy teams compete in the majestic sport of drag boat racing to raise funds for breast cancer survivors that competition doesn't step there still the best teacher and costume contest fenders and merchandise in a fabulous basket raffle. Join response your team and participate in this signature event and June 17 at buffalo river where extract teeth I hope chest. For more information visit hope test busload data Bork. It's the historic tavern in the heart of the village when the last time you visited the Glen park tavern. Established in 1887. Planned park tavern is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. With hand carved roast beef and Turkey served all day every day. Classic buffalo fish fry served every day two you'll love their full bar with a variety of Kraft cocktails and Bruce Glen park tavern on main your car you get to lose they'll. Book your holiday party now drop off catering available as well when's the last time you visited the Glen park tavern. And welcome back to the Palm Sunday edition. A slice of life and most of renders by it's been why it was not an out there we're delighted to have you join us here. A slice of life our newly expanded lifestyle Schaub. Much thanks as always weekend and week out to the cake carried the man who drives the bus as far as Kevin Kerr. As are staff photographer he has also taking care of business from a technical standpoint we continue to show without Kevin Kerr the cake care. Well it's a delight to welcome back Bernadette Pollack to slice of life it's hard to believe it's been a whole year. But what do you think of the name Bernadette Pollack I think of opting to stay Bernie good morning. No more Brenda your worst things to be associated with the suppose I suppose there are all stay with cutting it to eight. You're the queen of doing is to you think your biggest day diva at all or of games we can give you. But and next Sunday of course is Easter from those who are celebrate the holiday and commemorate it sacred day. For you Bernadette the next thing is very important tell us for folks who may net balloting estate is what it's all about. Well if you're new to the buffalo area you'll hear about things stay this time a year it's always the day after Easter. It celebrates the end of the Linton season much like Mardi Gras celebrates the beginning of Burlington season and it is a polish tradition at the polish rite of spring. On where it traditionally the young men and women chased each other attacking each other on the legs with pussy willow branches. And for god knows what reason scoring each other not necessarily with squirt guns but by years ago with buckets of water cheap perfume. It was your way of trying to indicate to the opposite sex that you're into Sudan. IC so now it's evolved into a daylong event. Death was sparked the first community to host to host a dentist and outside of Paul and Beck in the 1960s judge and Michael and her husband did to start the tradition in buffalo. And it was expected to bear tradition for a long period of time it kind of lost a little on energy for awhile. And then about 1112 years ago my late husband Russell and on his friends Marty being Ayres and Katie Douglas had reached were a little laden. Enjoying a little too much scrutiny one night and does thought about having some things interesting call the thing is they parade. Which we've they wanted it to be something very unique very different not your traditional marching bands and things like that to something out red tag. Group of individuals. You know just coming together to celebrate polish heritage isn't integrated DSL it's a celebration of sorts people seem to understand the significance of placebo as you see them out and about during the pre 100 per share for sure we see them on the follows we do give an award for best use of pussy willows for the floats. But we also people are caring and in the crowds and happy new job error and and oh it's it's quite interesting and the exact date time location and how it's too or are we from term rather trumpets on Monday on the sat April 17 and the parade begins at 5 o'clock. And it is held in the traditional polish. On the area of the city historic polonium which is around brought to market the place to stand on the broadly Fillmore area. Winds through just the streets of buffalo in and around the circle in front of central terminal. Was thinking Bernadette to do it did try cancer of people work they get out of where the majority are the evening's festivities and Seattle take care ripping it did you direct there's really Yang we tried moving it up to 431 time and that does said that everyone ablaze like no I don't know I kick out of work and time and that's still a lot of people do make it quickly from work. Ideally I tell people don't take things to stay off work I have to day ending Tuesday. And then take the morning of the next day that you have a half a day of being an update as an affidavit Tuesday he'll need yes it is quite a festive atmosphere and where she does the parade route frown on it it just winds this starts omni at the corner of a Clark Kent. And remember and harder we aboard the blessing of the freight takes place it goes on dumb broad way to fill more downfield more. Mom to putter ASCII how to rescue comes back up to memorial. And it's it's only a little over a mile takes about an hour hour and a half to complete depending on how cold weather is and usually it's pretty crowded. I know and some years you've been you've hit a lot of heavy rain other years the weather's been great of course Easter change of security years you never can really anticipate when it's going to be until you find out what the calendar false. So it's rain or shine however current. Definitely most definitely in the way and that calendar does not indicate anything either couple years ago was it was April and we still ahead hailstorm I remember that distinct Larry I think and hope are Bernadette is your boots I have. Have some thermal underwear. Now this strength to continue its unique flavor of being a very non traditional event. But it's I think there's a lot of for -- how does it play in tennis how do you mean well it it's. I try to put it simply that it we we strive to keep it family friendly. There are certain parts that are going to be very family friendly we have afloat from on the from upstate farms they usually bring cartons of milk for the children. And big children and then we have General Mills who usually judicially brings little boxes of sir of thinking of cereal and during the current excuse. And on their of course there are indeed the adult versions of the floats low. It's a little bit of something for everybody on we try to keep the I encourage families to go to the bodily Fillmore area where. All there is not a lot of on our activity going on so that's a good spot for the kids today it's hanging out. Yes and firmer I would just six San Fran you mentioned that is straight and heard of polonium but are there designated parking spots that there has it been taken into consideration about. People who are coming perhaps and mass transit are driving themselves. Ballpark is always an issue on there usually is a lot of parking in the broader market and across the street world sellers used to be there's big parking lot there. On if you are a part of the pussy willow pass which is a group of businesses that have gotten together. It's a ten dollar one time fee for a wrist band. You can use the buses now in Arab are free guys that you confine throughout the city you'll find the bus route which means that if you park on park in the outskirts. You can hop on a bus in the outskirts and we'll bring you to the parade. For free and then you can hop back on a bus and we'll take you back to where your car is or back to any of our participating venues. We're talking to the Ding estate diva herself Bernard F Pollack is in the house here and slice of life and I Ding estate is on the seventeenth a week from tomorrow. And burn into it it's really I am open to everybody I know this year in the parade you have somebody who is 97 years old yes there's a woman who was almost kissing 100 and then the other end of the spectrum you ever for Euro or out from multiple young children all. A lot of young children I did have one particular requests this year because they're five year old son will be celebrating his birthday right on ending his day. And they wanted out they could celebrate the birthday by having a float and he is so excited how that's fantastic up. When it comes to the pray now word just days away from the event can people so get involved and participating in the parade yeah certainly I have that what are the unique factors about this trade is there's no charge to enter. And we also take everybody you can pull up last minute I do always need a signed application however and those that it can be found at thing is Steve dot com. And you can still get him into me in time and if you really really really wanna be in last minute you can send me an email and just sign your application when you get to the fridge itself what's the best way to email your MIA. Actress Bernadette Pollack at Gmail account and its key AW Alley K and their power like Are there generally Paris people walking every bikes and part of shekels on entry is considered anything from an individual to a unit which could be over a hundred people and multiple vehicles on our only request is that you saw in some way shape or form. Celebrate polish traditions and heritage either use red white balloons or streamers or legs or principles or something. And we we tried it we we definitely stay away from any political. Rampages we we we are friendly to everyone everyone is invited. We ask that you that you be friendly to every at its. And to bring in any starters I assign already not doing anything political agenda for thinking of walking in there with some pussy willows and embattled crew neck with network that could be great how. And how is the root if somebody does one. Little over a mile an ironic about it now I am used to that its people and it's everybody's polish right again suppliers through our desires as our. Many none polish entry celebrate the polish heritage of course you even have entries from slow or buffalo which are now involved and I waking bank. City operation they rationed brings buff she heard the buffalo they always greater had red and white and she comes along to its or buffalo of course is the bicycle group that let's throw line if they were older drugs. In fact I took a bike ride with a group last year we went through Polonia. There you don't and after the program market you know an and app that the little bars along the way well it doesn't tarnish. And finally had to get growing artistry and then there's something called terror technologies there are reads we repeat visitors they are terror technologies is from Roswell park and they com addresses oddities they are a fundraising group. And they accommodate eight to pay their tribute to polish tradition printing it for you being I'm of polish ancestry this think you feel good the year is he spreading the word about some of the highlights of your ethnicity well and yes that that's part of it the other the other big part. I think is that for so many years on and I know when I was young growing up polish people were looked upon is less then. Regular citizens. Always kind of threatened very negative connotation. And it's really great to see not only the young people that are polish proud of their heritage. But that other people are arrested in our heritage and going he does have some interesting things going on in your in your history in your traditions in your culture. People want to visit Poland nowadays I mean it's it's really taking a huge turn from what it was like when I was young per it's. Redick has its perks Rodham I had about pollen to rock and a couple of different Arenas. Giving just watch the NCAA tournament recently at the championship game was between Kansai and UNC. And probably the biggest name and certainly the biggest player on his ex squad was a young man who emigrated from Paul Jasinowski Payer money that's emphasis percent. Hit it but did that conversation started about pollen how his father traveled 9000 miles to come here for the game. You know the culture of sports and pollen and act another thing and I think about is a friend of mine who is also opt polish ancestry who's going there with a group of other women. So it's become a trendy place to visit. Tell it really is into you have to look at at some of the reviews especially the city of bombed a cock up. Which was actually not destroyed during World War II so it's all authentic and it's a wonderful city to visit. It's great to hear it before we leave I Bernadette kudos to you you have been named the outstanding woman of Polonia by the Polanski association. And I understand the ceremony will take place in September congratulation. Just. Got that email the other day and there really are on congratulatory and I'm like while this is super but you know why did you Wear pussy willows in your hatteras maybe panic a little like wreath of you accomplice will crown in all the local bus and I'm there after the at congratulations and all your hard learning and as well deserved recognition. Look for Bernadette Pollack. I'm using is say Israelis I am sure will be at the Broadway market thanks to councilman Dave frantic who helped open at this at this time yes will be on hopefully allow the local TV stations and named base stations that anyone wants to show up. For a little taste of what's they're gonna see during the day they come earliest Israelis fighting and then if I PM the parade kicks off for a I wish you continued success in serving on the show this hour thank you Brenda. Appreciate everybody tuning in tech hair out another slice alive with the USC next week at the same tank about I. Coolest thing for a no we've back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen point me.