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Sunday, December 3rd

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for hurting us some time on this first Sunday of December vertically it's December's issue and the weather was like. Off whether Lance Tuesday. Love and it's now and hope your Thanksgiving holiday it was a fun one you've got digested by now speaking of food are going to talk about. The iconic anchor our and it's newest location in western new York and also later in the show Barbara Oliver jewelry will be here to talk about. Wedding season and engagement seasons now we're gonna do wings and rings if you well peppered this week and slice of life. I don't worry if you have any guest ideas are you like to see guest on the show this is a broad light snow Cheryl. We obviously talk about a lot of different things. We begin in week out you've critic you call 843065. On his right direct line here after Camry DO 843. 06 pipeline or hit me up on FaceBook Twitter or mr. Graham. Well it's a delight to talk about some perhaps shots flying over the bridge here. Would you believe that the anchor chair has opened a location in Niagara Falls or when you're talking about two iconic brand you can't get much bigger than Niagara Falls in the anchor bar. They opened on November 16 just a couple of weeks ago. Inside the holiday in Niagara Falls hotel and we've got some of the head honchos here to talk about it. Burke dance is with us Mercosur partner in VP at the anchor our franchise and development company. His marketing director for the company Michelle Buchholz is here and representing their hotel the VP of operations for the Bernie group is my marriage folks good morning. More emotionally you're while by the town reader used to argue with all your titles and the shows on Starker threaten. America I must start with you the idea of having an anchor our nagger Austin's like slammed on what was the impetus behind them. Well the Mary any group approached us. Quite a few months ago and said you know they were interest in speaking with us in in getting started in. You know being from higher posed myself I thought it was a great idea originally from Niagara Falls. And those great idea and we talked a little bit and now we were able tough port deal often we're very excited to be there. Michelle what makes this location different and what people now about the anchor prayer in buffalo and in surrounding suburbs. I love the location number one because it is in Niagara files but. You know we have a breakfast there because subside at a hotel it's our first location that is an haute house that was a very exciting for us to to start something new. And it includes breakfast lunch and dinner right now so late night. Late night we have we serve wings from morning till night knowing you can eat wings for breakfast lunch or dinner known name. So we'll keep boy she commencing at 8 o'clock in the morning in order of some hot wings. Yes absolutely it that they Leo until he currently serve breakfast at 6:30 AM so yeah I was cursing your menu and I ER I noticed that you have a chicken wing it is well now how often do you incorporate the signature items into your food especially for breakfast. Well we try to do that a lot we try to make the Camara destination and try to give it some nuances that all the restaurants don't have so. I have that she cooing omelet using the chicken. With the hot sauce with Lucci is actually in it. Is that that. All the world. He'll. And they don't keep it going the rest of the day order manager. What's your reaction Ben and these were two to three short weeks that you been opened so far. Micron to handle a question yes sure. I am and its attack at section entry amazing album were off two really good start. And since you open cup weeks ago. I'm very little in the way of advertising thus far so once we can start marketing campaign I think we'll even had he he'd be much more successful but. See you know it's it's it's been great because not only. Have lead attract the tourists. And some of the groups and and and corporate folks that stay with us. But also allow local. Folks from the Niagara Falls in the north towns areas are a really really excited to have an anchor bar up in the in the Niagara county area. Where sickly as the holiday an anchor plus hotel located Mike it's at 114 buffalo avenue so you know right rate spread across in the state park entrance how easy enough to find. And Dan when it comes to the decor America were fortunate to have an anchor our every here on maple road across from the station practically and then there's of course another location on transit. But the original home of the anchor errors and main street downtown and I think about those license plates for motor cycle is just the whole kind of vibe at the place. Do you try to duplicate that in some of these other franchises. Absolutely we do you know we have a number of how photographs that appear in all the restaurants at that and our publication. Also a lot of license plates are going in there Ralston minister first responders patch there are so. All you folks are first responders we'd love to have your patch for the year from. Niagara Falls or Rath killed Toronto or or Erie Pennsylvania where you may be Miami Beach come and bring your first responder patch in there and he'll get that started. It's a great idea so you replace those pictures on the wall please that in the significant spotter on the barrio. On the Walter signifies the diverse. The demographics coming into the rest right and went to appoint Michael who do you see coming and it's. You are people with families couples is an important right now. Well it it it's all the above quite frankly you know guests of the hotel tourists coming in from you know either across country or across the world. In its anchor bar is a known commodity so ruling and you know when people come to me that policy that area day they wanted to work they wanna have the original love flowing in and we can now provide that. Similarly. You know we have a lot of locals. We the basically. Attracting a lot of people wanting to watch sports because it and a felony shall packages. So it's a great venue whether you're a family it was here group with guys just wanna watch a game. And and also is very family friendly because we have the great American arcade rate next pillars it's it's just a really great. Great attraction. And yes I think continued do extremely well would you be the VP of operations for the hotel group how is a project like this take I'm sure everyone is unique and what does this one like you edit it was interesting. We kind of abstract it which was probably unusual. But I think with marks and the shelves assistance in the nicely into our folks. It was it was easy transition. In a lot of planning went into it but you know we executed. Flawlessly and a you know as with our other restaurants you know what are we expect to run first class operation and I think we've proven that thus far. Parker Charlotte love your take on this and there's plenty of competition out there and whether it's local folks in scenes and there's a pizzeria on every corner in Western New York. Are with some of the bigger chains everybody seems to sell when it's what makes the anchor are the icon it is. With all this competition out there. Well to start with everyone wants to try the original but I need you try to rest I'll try to be original. So our wings are one of the large swings that you do get their sixty don't winged. There are have the best sauce aisle there on on the swing sooners are family friendly atmosphere. That second to none so. You know there and Napoli wings but I mean you know we got we agree and other food agree posture Greek pizza pizza is phenomenal be fun way. Awesome cell line great burgers so who really the first menu. But of course featuring on the original. Right right would you agree in the Charlotte that original carries a lot of weight absolutely people. From all over the the world's content to the income our you know our wings I'm I take and the emails that comment from. You know from the Internet. And the website people just can't wait to get to buffalo says it's the income are. To eat the wings so I'm excited about Niagara files it's it's it's an icon for Austin I think that her files going to be just as great as buffalo peaks people becoming there. If visiting two C. You know to taste our wings. I was in Europe for about ten days last month and everywhere we land I sob either wings or buffalo style in your real heat it's amazing ice. Attributed to rule where a guy he banner discounted many many years ago. When he took over the franchise and really hanging franchise and a broad sense of the word and really put it on the map. And now it's a worldwide from governor and lease and the parts of the world that are bent and do you folks see there when you're traveling I mean you're on the road a lot you're right. We are mark and I actually go to the difference of competition to just chase the wings and and taste the sauce and just to see what's out there you know work we're constantly. Making sure up on top and and we are you know we're very proud I'm very proud to be part of part of the anchor bar. And no matter where we go I I I I know are we had to bust. And Mike from your perspective it's probably doesn't require a whole lot of selling and people are now the product unlike some irony here introducing its brand new perhaps. It makes it easy and you know that the franchise that we hadn't previously I don't think it had a market niche and you know when you. Think of anchor bar. You know he think wow you know the wings and you know I said when people come into the Niagara Falls area. They they didn't say we know we're like hit the ball pulling a. And now we can say breakdown at all isn't it great you sell the soft separately. We deal with I'm we sell merchandise as in the stores as well so we shall mild sauce as well as as well going cats. Job where you would be complete without a wing and a I can just imagine how these people operate era and anger phones that the wearing an eager and the NATO announced it keeps a bit wetness review. Where do you see this going Mike in terms. Growth in the Euro continued you've do you feel at this point there. Your breakfast lunch and dinner served as well as late night menu. Absolutely our guests is required but I think we're all so attract a lot of against the other hotels. You know in during season in outside of that the tourist season. But Eli I IC is being very successful venture obviously this is the slower period of time four Niagara Falls. But I'm very excited about you know there are progress thus far and as we hitter summer months I think we're gonna and is knocked out of the park. And how was the business in general market Michelle I mean I know that you fly around the country you're looking for other venues. Is there's still a lot of interest in the franchise of the anchor our name in a brand that that you've built that equity with. Absolutely you know we're we're looking at additional location in in Ontario Canada where we have our location in San Antonio. We have locked down a site in Manhattan from an Alley not west 57 street. And we're looking at a site in not in Michigan as well so. The the interest is there the the desire is there so we continue to see it grow. You've trying to show that people think well minor operation eat wings it's at the healthiest thing. But at least to offer the option of having salads are grilled chicken and tell where there's a concern to people think of a hat like that I'm gonna go enjoy some wings and throw caution to the wind. Let's find the US and it's quite amazing because we have our owners you know we're putting money together. They're always saying you know we have this type of client Howard eat salads meaning the free we need these so we we obviously put on the menu what the owners wanna have but you'd be surprised. Those people that seek the good freeze the sale of the company that makes no doubt and he can't up and I think America ultimately. Darling just knowing it's just the Iran might get to the martial law and I love affair that you folks arrayed across the street here and maple road is another location and transit your shared and of course. You've got one at Darien lake Raymer. Materially the airport in the airport in three locations in non in Canada. I'm on Ontario southern Ontario and San Antonio Texas. I remember an integrator and our rate of restaurants and I remember coming down to meet with you folks at the original location on main street and looking out the window and seeing people just taking their picture are fraught. It's just heater to stand there and see that landmark you'll see that all the time. We do that sits on them to be so proud of and I think their falls into the same way I really feel that people are becoming to Niagara Falls location just as they do buffalo taking pictures and and saying hey we were here. You know we were we were at the income. Aren't there's no question where your air went out today might when people rocket is it readily accessible as a red on the first floor where think that the setup. Yes it's it's a the brain go a noble lord's side of the building. But it's accessible from street in the parking lot as well as from the hotel directly so you know against them that's outside. And you know two point of being an attractive location. You know if you drive by there and see that the site engine night it's it's just spectacular I think let's and it's gonna it's gonna attract. Lot of visitors throughout the year less pressure entry about the new location what he'd do from social media standpoint. There are a lot of FaceBook posts are answer Graham pubs Twitter. Saying that your in the hometown evening you know it's an open now since November 16 at their building for you it internally exodus. You know when actually. Based upon our grand opening. There's been several posts that. A lot of followers. Likewise linked in a lot of you know a lot of views and connections which is it's pretty amazing so it's. It's it's definitely taking off. It's great up congratulations on you for winging it in the cataract city our really exciting to see the growth. Of this franchise development agency. More and more businesses opening up and our neck of the woods Merck Dempsey partner and VP Michelle Buchholz marketing director for anchor our franchise and development. And Mike nurse who is with BM VP of operations for the brownie girl thank you folks are coming in this morning and strategy at bank different. We'll have a gem of a segment coming up next stay with us everybody. The forward maneuvers around the goal. Are well this player has total control on the ice he looks like Honda out there absolutely no sliding it all just like the Honda CRV don't settle for sliding around Western New York this hockey season busy your greater buffalo area Honda Buick and test drive and all wheel drive Honda CRV pilot or HRB named best SUV brand then go to WGR 550 dot com to find out how you can when the three year lease on any Honda CRV. Hashed out Condit dream goal promotion of don't settle for less than a Honda Accord between seventeen SS UV brand and US news and world report. 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I'm gonna get my facts my parents and my son. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week they'd board three. 0651. As they scored 30 say. I've been back everybody and we go from wings to greens yes this moment his tubes down her name is fair. Oliver. And servers are under Maggie itself. Forever however jewelry on main street inside the Caldwell building near happens by the Wayne Williams now is the place to count you're looking for any kind of jury. And the type of personally server shall find nowhere else Barbara good morning I'm Brandon that he might I always a pleasure to see you weren't. You know we talk about jewelry I am so clueless if you've had a child recently tanks air nice down. And given the beautiful ring my husband rock for me sit trees can never remember it literally write it down. But I was reading your biography and you see they have a knack for jewelry when you are just younger when you're just a child. When I was. I think about seven. On the other girls are reading Nancy Drew Mysteries and I was going through the brand names catalog oh my god just dated myself they had all the pages of joy and I would just sit there fascinated. And you just what look at it and think about did you think about arranging stones in a certain way here how something might look and in actual answers to step then you know all stunt it was pretty and I wanted to play with it. And here you are just a few years later doing just that yet. This tour is really remarkable barber and I want you pay tribute to your day or two because he was a salesman and what did he teach you about. Nationally the jury business but just sales in dealing with people in general. My dad Tommy the selling is actually good listening. And when people come in and they give you a position of trust because you are at the expert in your field. They never take advantage of that Annie also Tommy that you can light everybody wants. Like you can take care of him fifteen times. Isn't that great advice it's little it different and our business you clean out my full time Jack here of course is here now. Is in sales and marketing and that I ascertain the shell but you know we're talking to prospective clients it really is about hearing their story and hearing what their pain is and how we can help our common pain how we can help them grow their business. Your creative marketing techniques using radio. So we yourself right because the worst. Technique anybody can do when they're selling is coming at you with what's so great about them considered is what you need. So when you're incorporate that into your story to your business. What do you hear you must hear stories. Their target your hurt all the time. Well we we hear everything all the time but. Graciously and gratefully most of the stories that we here at these stories that we help people celebrate life's moments and that's. Mean the best part of my job is when somebody comes in to pick the piece up that repeated crafted their we've we've worked with under from the showcase. We opened the box and it's the book and then face for the moment of presentation at bets that the best parent I. It's going to be incredibly gratifying for you how much you think you put in your town how much of what you would you put into those particular pieces Q&A big influence. Where do you talk to the person and say US and make specific as you know work. Only sit down and we talk about what their needs are what the person's taste is I typically if they're vying for someone else. It helps me to see picture of the person so I can I can get their flavor. What they do for a living how they're gonna Wear them if it's. If it's a necklace for a woman with a new baby I know we better put a nice strong chain and their cause it's Condit have done her turnaround if if she's a nurse we're gonna set the stones a little lower make it glove friendly. That's a great idea to just little things that you when they got and it's cancer restrict necessarily yet. In a big box store I mean you have those personal touch is that makes a difference thank you that's like a little girl's killer if some movie players are under. You know you speak from experience. In very when I was reading about your credentials at least it figures out many times and it hit the pleasure of wearing many beautiful pieces from your place. That never failed by a way to garner comments I was at an event about a month ago. And I hit and the beautiful house to train ring that we talked about and in his little diamond studs all the way around I mean you know how to describe a much better and I went for it even tonight untrained it is actually stunning piece of jewelry and so proud underwear. And I was reaching for something and they were passing around our jurors and the woman said to be. She starred opposite arm my goodness it is a beautiful beautiful ring. And of course I told there were redone it and it just it really is eye catching in different. With that in mind you've been the most people want things that are customized. Because they know that you know how to do these things because you're rich richer mountains. I do find love it's that's one of the things that and without breaking happy to say that's what sets us apart right. I don't really carry bread and butter kind of commercialized jewelry. We all want and we all are unique and we want a piece of jewelry which is so very personal to be ours and we don't wanna go and see everybody else wearing the same dress at a priority either right that's exactly Howard FiOS. Now Richard your nonsense pretty lofty to me what exactly does that mean. I'm I'm a doctor diamonds and gemstone it's actually. DD it says that's a specialty of the sciences geology. And it is all about gemstones precious metals. From. How they groaned under the Earth's surface to other kind all the crafting it takes to making a piece of jewelry. That. The ins and outs of everything jewelry if you. Yes and when you walking to your place it's a little bit different because you hit beautiful showcases with rings and necklaces earrings. Other pieces I've got my husband her ring their last year he he did he too gets a lot of compliments and it was very expensive. It was a beautiful you know what would you call it a slate gray. Green. An alternative Matalin recently it was inexpensive usually have a friend in the business asks him Al Ahmed explains it so I guess everybody's my friend on because of our location and I don't have the overhead. And also the way my did did teach me how to run a business. He just take care of everybody and they keep coming thing and it's. Exactly yes well let's talk about the location is still blows my mind how many years how are you with Eleanor machine they're lucky thirteen game. For arbor Albert you Larry. So you may say well where is it an remember walking past storefront with a name her brown ever to Horry. Well what you see is the Caldwell building which isn't you know sort of nondescript looking office building in my name's Hal. Radar and busy main street not far from heavens and the third Florio frankness. Beautiful show room with our router at home and by the way she's there to think it makes it different that the owner they namesake of the businesses then sign me. And it's rice are appreciating Tamer your busy schedule Berber. Well the thinking behind there are pretty you know you've mentioned that you don't have a lot of overhead because you don't hit the typical candor retail outlet what. What attracted you to look at third floor office building okay. You know Cano and continue that you with a big grin on my face could be genius behind the location of opening up for you and jewelry store in the third floor of an office building. Was actually the fear factor of going out on my own that I picked a location that in the event that I didn't make it nobody would now. And of that last thirteen years and and two expansions ago. Two expansions means businesses get. We've been blessed absolutely well and you've been bless her Gregory's and now this is the timing here is we approach our Christmas and Chanukah. New Year's Eve. And you've named a lot of guys perhaps are coming into your store and they don't know exactly what they're looking for what do what do you find when it comes to holiday shopping particularly with Matt. We read specialize in men and holiday shopping. Opal. And then there's the beer which they go and help themselves out of the fridge kind of also helps bolster a little bit sounds insides right stones insides and then if I see it gaggle like a deer in the head lamp like I do when I went home people go I I don't even know what I need yaks we just kind of narrow the choices down just from from talking to figure out. Comfort zone budget wise style is just what he had in mind and then instead of showing him 3000 pieces. When narrow it down and my case it just takes the fear effect two H is easy and it should be fun and it cancer goal. It is fine and I should point out to the US can't I'm unique setting its near the couch and chairs. You have almost a living room type setting its handling some formal thing Maria to stand around or feeling comfortable. If you can show up in a pair of jeans are work boots or suit doesn't matter I've seen everybody. In your start locking in with all sorts of outfits and a. We don't judge by the close we don't judge by anything it's the least intimidating and comforting welcoming atmosphere and that's what I wanted to. To camp for my clients. Too many other stores are almost adversarial with counters in between. An and a one piece at a time rule and it's just. That's not wouldn't jewelry buying experience should be about what it must package their pieces right now where her. Everything. You wrote. Sir how are you know it's a star and I stack everything you pain in my Shattuck and it among they don't murder if it's beautiful I have to hand it in there hit a good hair but I guess my staff keeps yelling him because they're running out of displays but. I can't help but if it's like I said I just love jewelry it's my passion. And it turned it in in my profession. Great suit feels like you're never gonna work ground game is critically it was hanging out it was pretty think in all lawful and hope it. The aptly named opal of course who receive as you indicated your white standard portal. Who is such a delight when you watch it because it's just can't take it your way in and makes it stress free. Do you have anything coming up any advice you might give folks who are thinking of popping the question perhaps I'm. For the holidays or maybe for New Year's Day has come in Simi. It was another trainer Al Gore currency O'Brien C. You have different price ranges. We have pricing is next everybody it's I it doesn't matter what you hang out. That you're comfortable with spending there is something beautiful for everybody and that's also what we specialize in it doesn't matter if you're spending a hundred. Or 101000 it's it's the same service the same treatment and you still gonna get something beautiful and unique. And they should really anybody's interested in jewelry shopping should check out her brown offers web site. Is that your your worst you're waiting gulf. I trusted Jewelers worth to wait Google's service. More weight I gain it's a wind and is here our rob just a righty got the third floor office you've got it all down Berber. In terms of the the website now we're pretty suggest people about should they coverage here website look at the different pieces for hips can take you. If there's type of look they want. They can go to the web site there's all the different flavors it's just disease he did come on buying and to see every saying. In front of you you can touch it and and and look at it and get the ideas. I'm kind of old fashioned and a lot of ways so I I just I wanna go to that place and I do wanna be taking care of and that's what we offer because that's what I would want. Absolutely and if anybody is putting the allocation into their GPS. It's 5820 main street near Evans in claims now Barbara Allen particular area on the third floor occult book building. An eighth to give a shout out Barbara TU obviously you're there focal boring at the corner greater the team you have some excellent support staff resigned her county has been a long time and you go on another lovely young woman who's working there everybody makes you feel welcomed the mommy I want him. Thank you that's that's Sam she's she's new to us and we also have Dan whose our Goldsmith because we do all of our work in house. Your jewelry never leaves my chat. It's of these safety actor he's going to worry about it being outsourced it's going to be on the right way. Beautiful I can speak from experience I have some beautiful Barbara offer jewelry pieces. And so belligerent flip and it has brand name books back in the day I was looking at menus here looking at ground. Gerber a pleasure I hope it's a busy lucrative holiday season for Q and it's always my pleasure thanks everybody for tuning into another edition of slice of life we appreciate her ring up attack lustig Kobe knows. Ruin the patriots day analysts in next week. Listening friend will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN 1520.