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Sunday, November 26th

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Welcome to slice of life because of fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for her bring out some time with us in for us this weekend partly due out. Heavy on board and we really appreciate you tuning in week in and week out. We're here every Sunday from 1030 to eleven and welcome your suggestions and guest ideas and topics you're free do I hit me up on FaceBook. Or on Twitter at print this'll last or certainly an end to Graham is well you and give me a blustery here at the radio station thus we reach me is directly at 843. 069184306. I want is usual we have not. Very lifestyle show we're gonna talk some food in the first segment and then we'll also talk about. Howdy cleaning whether it's for Europe Austria whether it's carpet cleaning. Whatever is gone and right now with that her but care services are gonna talk about this process that are happening. As the holidays get closer and closer. Without further ado it's a pleasure attracted Jim Carroll's Jim is that general manager and owner of dean is restaurant. In the beautiful community of delicate count Jim good morning welcome to the share. Good morning Brendon thanks for ebony. Always a pleasure and and what is charity about your location you're at fifteen Washington street in Alcatel and I can't just say Jim probably at this point in the season your mantra might be glad it's now. Are you looking forward to us some winter wonderland before we get off the ground here. Actually I mean this is at times a year where we. We're hoping to see some cold temperatures and some flakes in the air in both the skiers here really really good at making so as well but. We vote supernatural stuff common. Well we shouldn't disappoint Ethier opened year round eighteen is right to imagine there's it's at a signatures to seasonal location. Oh look at those become. More before she's in town. Certainly is open or open tree. Well not realistic effect is your world over Christmas and Thanksgiving but other now we're open all the time for starting at 7 AM for breakfast in right on through there. It's a thing to I think some people might be suppressing our that your corporate breakfast lunch and dinner. And I your food is made to order using her a lot of local ingredients whenever that's possible tell us about the philosophy of your menu. Well we do we dutrow uses much. No farm to table type. Food that we can get their hands on her locally. The distribution and allow that stuff is doing great shall. We do the best we can weather but everything is made to order old enemy we. We don't other than maybe some sauces you there's not and its. Prepared in advance and we wait for the ticket to come back we beat Camille. Fresh. When you walk in every time so. There's a little bit more that goes into it for that but. I think on the customer side they're getting a much fresher and to issue real. I think so too Jim and I also killed it's at people are much more discerning these days about their dining out experience. They want their type of farm to table food whenever possible. And certainly I think the expectation is that things are made from scratch for the most part because as mark competition and than ever in Western New York. And dine out here are certainly you folks Darren and Alcatel had some competition as well. Is there one of the prime reasons that you decided to take this this approach to both. Breakfast and lunch and certainly for dinner as well. Well that's certainly part of the reason I mean we're always looking through a group improv where customer base and you know having competitive restaurants or rubble only make you work harder as a business to. Is you know put out of their product but ultimately mean our philosophy is that we want to have. Quality ingredients. In and only bringing quality ingredients for customers Armon news. Little pricier than you know some of the average freshman news but the quality of the product is significantly better. There's a lot of I answered you go ahead. We have all of our all of our state Serb prime we bring him in whole point we cut them ourselves we trim them. You know say whether fish not a birth this fish is frozen. It all comes in hole long and we trim and cut Alder. Fish fresh and it now oversees the freezer. Are you can really taste the difference I think in a situation like that and you know the other thing too I notice many of your menu items have some have a bit of a healthy and two at ware that's consideration. For what you've decided to put on the menu do you find that people are opting for those healthier choices Maher mar. Actually Brett I mean I think that's the trend I think more and more people are trying to take better care of themselves and therefore looking for. Menus that offer healthier. Choices. You know I mean there's still some out choices that are menu that. Mean happy Telerate friendly but. Majority government users. A lot of very flavorful dishes that. You know that that are high in calories. You know the other thing I noticed huge amount watching the restaurant scene here nationally internationally it was in Europe I'll last month and even daring noticed that there are many other options for people who have diets sensitivities. Certainly you see that. GF symbol everywhere it seems the gluten free options are available in your place is well and and I know that dad if somebody is begin or vegetarian is that an issue are you seeing in general. The trend where so many options are available for people with diet sensitivities. Yeah it's a it's I think it's very difficult thing to decide many of these days that. Can satisfy a you know anybody that might walk in the door as you mentioned boot for usability thing right now and they're not allergies. Deacons vegetarians in to accommodate everybody. Is is critical to offer but it's certainly can be done and there's a number of the vast number of archer entries. Offerings are gluten free. If they're not in many cases they can be a wintry week in which we carry. We have a gluten free. Pizza crust that we can offer we have free breads as wells who preposterous so. You know you just there's a lot of folks out there that there are more sensitive to gluten these days and making different choices so we can go to try and. Absolutely. It's a competitive marketplace after Bernard Kouchner martek you're Jim Carroll who is the GM and the owner of dean has the well known restaurant. I know Washington street and Alcatel if you guarantee country I don't miss it it's a beautiful restaurant to weren't. You know when you walking your place chairman it's really striking to see the line wall to see that this year's you know that this decor is quite Jack impressive. You expanded what about three years Gary ever driver wine cellar dining room as well. Yes that's correct we did we expand a few years ago and it's back to square footage as well as he. And it allowed us to. Have another whole basement it and which we. Sectioned off a portion of it for proper winds storage climate control went storage and then we've built the truly cool private dining room off or wind solar that. Can be rented out for her private parties are gatherings of any kind of up to about twenty people little accommodate and its. It's been going very very well over. Yes I think agreed idea sir if you want some privacy Easter morning hand the the ambiance of dean has that's the way to do nice post. Heuer who over and this is it may be our gross night our show our our. May be a small celebration perhaps an anniversary for a couple well what have you seen lately. All the above but it is funny you mention a girl let out of it happens to be that. And we have booked a doubt a significant number of times for bachelorette parties downer. L look at bill seems to attract a lot of bachelorette parties as a sort of a destination overnight. You know get away and I and so we have booked a private room for a number of Bozeman but it can be used for any anything can be use that as well get. You know seven couples together and go out and have some fun in have a have a quote private dining experiences that can be just suppose that. Yeah it's a great option they have and how does it work in terms of the menu you just stare reduce their functions order off of your regular manual errors or special menu. 90% of the time people prefer just order off the menu but we. If we have enough time we can do special menus for you we can do limited menu we can do by of course men is there's lots of quote flexibility there. So. You know we can do it however you want most people what is so good preferred to just. Offer the impairment to our guests. You know you got me thinking this to be agree cannon made winter getaway with a group Acropolis it's about an hour south of buffalo its not that far. And it's a fun thing to do ran into some lovely community to walk around and right I used to be a downhill skier bats are a couple of Perry accidents if and unfortunately stopped me from skiing but I still enjoy you know being outdoors and dad taking him. Beautiful area like Alec can tell you feel like your fairway from home an eerily you know sixty to ninety minutes away from the routine of life. Actually I Agrium and to integrate little fund community there's a lot of great. You know residents here as well as the other proprietors in the everybody does their best and puts her best foot forward mature until four. Let's belly up to the Chris your movement are you participating in manner they. Items that people tend to order more and more as people become more educated about Kraft cocktails. Yes no question that that that is a movement it's a trend and it's not going away and it's something that we pay attention to social. Our wireless is constantly evolving in. When we get into the ski season that's what it it'll probably be at its peak in terms of the number of different bottles that offer to guests will be somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course probably 350 bottles. So it's there's something on there for everybody and you know we put a lot of time in restrictions to make sure every vote once for yes. This grades are you to you do some of the chasing yourself before you you determine oil stark. I actually do a lot of pacing the minute work with a number of different vendors in. So. You know they there's enough restaurants in town where they come down and take some number different winds and taking my and so on a weekly basis. Nice nice some and is there a benefit of the job bother opening of its I find but it's usually. Are a lot of responsibility because you don't want to spend money on something that wants Alan everybody is a different talents are I think it's a bit of a challenge sometimes you know what's going to sell. It is it can't be absolutely I mean. It just kind of have to trust with try to sell it and trust that you know what your customers want and you know maybe not by too heavy until you know for sure. Right right. Jim it you're armed you've got some congratulations in order is it 25 years that dean has been a business. This is the twentieth Europeans yes it started it 25 years ago. So it's it's been a long time and we've had an opportunity to watch and so community change immensely over that time frame it's been it's been pretty cool ever twentieth here. Our congratulations and our quarter century and had an easy gig in the restaurant business. And I don't give the bricks and mortar restaurant that you're Australian approved chart available. We do you have we're truck it's it's kind of it's a tow behind it so itself. Contained you know coking unit that. We use for various functions down here we do all the food beverage but how much the privacy resort and we use that would truck up there as well so on but. You know we're we're looking to do some more things went in the off seasons so anybody is down this way in the to a food truck we can certainly have duo. Good to narrow and before we close I must ask you about how I am I imagine it being a private ski club. And a lot of folks AC tie the knot varies so doing honor wedding catering their. Yes absolutely we like this that we do all the food beverage up there Parcells. You know. Weddings up there fantastic it would great resources great facility up there for ways to do. Is probably close to 300 people. You know you don't have to be enough to do way up there but. You just have to do it. Get a member to sponsor which is too much an issue with. So the what is we're gonna go great which you probably about 1215 weddings up there in. There very personalized way it handled a lot of it and for the customers shall. That's great option down yours well. And your wife we should bring art is Dina dean S name current path back. It's no coincidence there there is turn his name Diener Jim is always it's a pleasure talking with your hearing about all the fun things that are going down and act. They're going to earning your neck of the woods in ski country. I dean is is open year round and if you wanna go folks. Look for the beautiful restaurant fifty Washington street right in Alcatel and we still have a buffalo per available. If you wanted to try penis it's a forty dollar certificate for just twenty dollars. Great way to to make an inner dark turn into one of Alpenfels finest restaurants in one of the finest in Western New York Jim thanks so much here time. Brenda thank you my pleasure we'll talk again soon say and everybody will be back right after this. Make your home light up with joy this holiday season. 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It's the return of the prayerful hope before Christmas but the three night concert in the who works need to read on Sunday December 17 week. Tickets are. Now an alternative buffalo dot com presented by Seneca gaming and entertainment in curbing your destination for a better game with a special things did employees. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this will the most this Brenda how lazy. Welcome back to slice of life on the sunny morning things are carrying out some time forest we do appreciate it. In a forgiving things financing thanks to Kevin parent who is the day care driving us in the right direction and master control week after week. Hope you folks are wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and her to believe it's come and gone irony and if you drop some Turkey legs on the floor. At a gravy spell on or uncle bill you are him too much beer. You may feature care it's clean and perhaps your posturing to watch and we got the right person for you in studio Donna Scalfaro this year she's the owner of carpet care services. In you may have heard her commercials and some of her sister stations and their effort around with Dominique where. He's a WB and it. Donna welcome back to slice of life thanks for me Brenda I appreciate it nice to see you again and when you're I've listened to with Dominic can you charge at a 39 dollar. Holiday cleaning special first Martellus what your business does and then. How do people take advantage of this offer. So we are a residential commercial carpet cleaning company we also clean upholstery and ceramic tile grout. And I you can take advantage of especially I just come and telling the nice person an answer as the follow suit that you've heard us on WB. And what does nick get their purse and then when you're cleaning their house their carpets. Do they get something for freer to reduced rate her as an hour that's a free rooms so we do have a minimum service and we do three areas for 129. And then Lehman mentioned especially actually get four areas from 129. Or it's a great teal and I would imagine. Much like you know our shopping centers malls restaurants this ten year you've got to be busier than ever is that the case it certainly is the case yes everybody calling before the holidays and it's our holiday rationally injury it very much what's your arm area of service status and all over Western New York. A twenty mile radius from the gallery Amal although we do have clients and Alec it till we go into Wilson for some clients Ian we do travel sometimes into Rochester. Anything out of it twenty mile service radius would involve a travel fee a small travel a feat but are willing to go to those areas well let me to. I folks it is well worth it because I had a disaster in my home and it was funny because down I had just banana shall spring or summer. And I remember I was we have an area where we watched TV and easy you know I have a couple of TV Trace that happened in the you're eating dinner. And if you know me you know I pretty hot sauce and everything's had a big fresh bottle hats awesome coverage of two breaking our panel and retire. Break or is the operative word. Because some of the hot spots slipped out of my hand and it made it clean cot at I tried to do get a nine chanted down later this week. Broken in half and there is orange red hot shots all over my carpet and the living room. It was such a mass and it was just a huge amount of it because the super and you now. Mike Allen may and June were frantically getting tauzin tranda Sapp an op and whatever we put on it just wasn't working and I felt like it was getting worse. So I I'm a common friend and it was a weekend and you were kind enough to answer answer in Matthew tell me what to do. It mitigated some of the damage and then we had your company command. And the gentleman who came in such a professionally it was so nice and neat to cure the problem. If you look at their care for it the next day you remember now iris is just orange mass. Attorney for hours sooner. You must hear story after story after story about disasters think in somebody's home. We deal we do we have people calling him panic king asking what to do you know am. A lot of them are pet accidents that certainly mustard we had all kinds of difference bills and ink cartridges things like that might people's call. And that they asked am advice we give to people in we're lucky that they call it as you did when they spill it in the AC what do I do instead of trying different Starbucks products. So were always willing to give advice where where in feast with page managing Nat all the time an answering people's questions. We don't want you to try to use several product cement columns because it really makes it difficult to remove it sometimes is possible. Yeah I was tape probably makes the situation worse it does you cannot attack what's weirdest thing you've ever heard that somebody spilled there you know what's the weirdest senior season. Boy we hear new stories every day I am not even care what the weirdest one is we're just when you think you've heard it all. You know people have just. Am freak accident he an hour we get quite a few calls from elderly people that Aaron blood donors you know cut themselves and they you know. The amount of blood that comes out can be real big massing can be a challenge to remove. It's going to be dangerous to land how cancer dear folks. Wear protective gear of course I'm sure that they Wear gloves and volleys are telling us that they take care of themselves as well I had always thought about it and they are repaired. It also when we do things like that we have to come back and we have to decontaminate dollar equipment so we are back and have a strenuous screening process to make sure that our equipment is cleaned properly for the next call cell and then it's same vein Janet what do you do in terms of ecological health do you use products that are green has had a big concern our days we do we use safe products we have elegy. Free from products that we can use. He and to the products that we use their theory safe they our am not only safer cleans but we also about a technicians that are using an Hannity to day basis we want them to be healthy also sell. It's a win win the product suite to choose ahem who again we have to make sure at the thickening give escape cleaning results but we also want to make sure equally so that they say. Well and you do things that help keep those carpet cleaner for example using neutralizing rants. It eliminates the residues. And also a soft and water and difference very makes a big difference the softened water. Gives their products that we used better cleaning ability so we can use the last product again going back tier opening statement. And men in neutralizing product that we used term machines eliminates the residue that so many people worry about. They'll call on the sage in my carpet ski cleaner. It into the get dirty faster when I have a look and and if they're not cleaned properly yes they will. People are noticing when they red rug doctors or use home machines that they get dirty so much quicker announced so clean every couple months. And with a good neutralizing in the equipment in the products that we use you'll see your carpet state cleaner a lot munger. It just isn't worth it to during your Saturn my opinion because I remember doing an over the years and she liked that harper was Brett. And it seemed like for days now Ernest gross when it's wet blanket and who knows what kind of bacteria is forming. What you say is that average drying time now done. About four hours. And I you know going back to your point over 24 hours you run the risk the multnomah does start to grow so we worry about the did health. Health effects of the products that we used but sure what people don't realize is they're really creating more health issues by by keeping their carpets well outline. People with allergies and asthma it's feeling unsafe to leave them like that. So many things you don't think of off the top at those are great points returning Madonna Scalfaro. She is the owner of carpet care services here in western new York and you may have heard this lovely lady's voice she's on now with John and expertise quite a bit and I'm a number of commercial designer and her parents stations to reach carpet care services just simply cost 706. 0003706. Triple 03. To schedule an appointment and it's sound it for those of us who have pats big part of her Fam where three cats they're indoor cats. But hand nerves things that happen you know whether there's hair ball or something else that happens. Do you see bits and these chains offer an error result the guys that are in pet food. They can and they can be complicated by many things yes the die in the food the age of the cat led to the captain any medication. And we also go into the condition of the carpet at the age of the carpet. So there's a lot of factors in am trying to clean something properly and making sure that we can get the best results. But yes those are plea factor in their removal of the the spot of. Course we are sick and there furniture chairs are to where cancer and many other Friends of Animals it to you know sit with them mob attacked. US would do today and upholstery cleaning stat line it's important to us. If chairs and furniture and you know certainly we perhaps food and drinks and hair. And her furniture on going and interact hats are semi Mike I guess it could happen at any moment where they like free again how is it different than say the carpet cleaning. It's much more specific to the fabric so we makes her arm our technicians there are certified in all types of areas of cleaning. So we wanna make sure that we're using proper cleaning methods so the furniture cleaning is a little bit more time consuming. We wanna make sure that we're cleaning in his in the proper methods so that we don't have any problems with the colors I am running within the fabric. We're sleeping and it remained monitor our animals are drooling on it were eating and it. So I think you know equally so with your carpets at the its didn't just as important to clean different picture when you cleaning your home. It's true too because you don't wanna have a science experiment growing in your counts in our future chronic couple of yeah. Out to restaurants and I'm acted to answer yes you must hear all sorts of stories. Yeah I hear I hear stories we am happy hour we down like it's an abacus and when you think you've heard a dollar something else and then you're like okay here's a news story for the book yet and it makes sense of any of your carpets cleaned wearing after the applause at this time I write your house is somewhat disrupted and in particular time for her to drag. In a diet the same tine years it's less inconvenience of he'd do it Alan why. People like to spur a splendid up for different reasons of their Al Julian I wanna be to go on certain rounds or maybe their house found but. Now in your eating clock for dinner go go out for the afternoon a come home everything's Jain everything's clean. Where you know nobody likes the tedium of doing the tile and grout cleaning but it's something that is important that you Austin for health reasons and safety reasons very. Absolutely we're getting great results on tile and grout cleaning. We have some. Equipment that we used to be able to kill an impression that BM the grout lines. So is it tile and grout cleaning downing in the bathroom and the kitchen and is it wherever you see talent around basically and somebody's home yes floor only we don't just shower also okay really stick strictly stay to the floor areas. And you have Abby see that their mouse up to date equipment Erin imagine. To do it's it is the homeowner or the air. The tenant need to do anything or prepare had a timer aegis can take your business. We really committed take care of everything we just usually suggest to people to just the ad ran a quick acumen your floor. Ironically you know at quick for Rome on your kitchen floor. The around the equipment that we use the slot that does the vacuuming we don't have beater brushes on our equipment and the slot that is am vacuuming things up. Is narrow for that purpose have really taken the most amount of moisture out of the carpets that we do suggest vacuuming or sweeping the floor before we can meant. Radio whether chip harper it's trial and grout or pole streak. Carpet care services. Donna Scalfaro Xeon are down a happy holidays thank you so much for coming and seeing T Brenda thank you enemy Acer and that's returning and everybody we'll see you next week at the same timing go bills. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.