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Slice Of Life
Sunday, November 12th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to renders by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life take you so much for turning out some time course and this Sunday morning really easy. You not stopping nine you know hanging out with us and the only light sentence now in buffalo radio really proud to our camp this show. And appreciate your it was ownership and feedback by the way it is now on podcasts to Seve hit and miss this year now. And you wanna play attack at a later Gator check out some of the guests that we him that you here are a variety of guests from all walks of life. You can always go to our website yet to ESP and 1520 Dak. Look under the shows tab in the policies slice of life on our podcasts. I'm greatly ketchup and some find us we can't or the past few months. And also it's thirteen out of it in our always opening good guess ideas and different topics. If you have somebody you think would be a great fit for this. He can reach me directly here enter palmary. My direct line is 843065184306. 51 and welcome your feedback and comments and asked ideas. He can also hit me up on its to Graham Twitter at produced the last or on FaceBook Brenda lacy. Well without further to do it is a delight to bring in somebody who is one of the most knowledgeable people in her field. The genuinely wonderful person and her own right and I'm proud to say dear friend. Robbie rise with guys and isn't always tease her RB I can't get offered titles and a business cared so Hogan Harry rowdy. And now I have no don't ask him when he Brenda a good learning. I carrier registered nurse. You're the author of Iran's true to reach her. You're an integrated health and nutrition counselor practiced practitioner and you officer hosting cooking appliances your fitness instructors catalysts and I'm missing those the right. It's an ESPN radio here right now the ideas and are now of course is their first thing that Saturdays 930 and to be DCX radio and securities and right you've got some crazy busy scatter with a little bit you know Griese when you are crazy it is they are doing it's why we can relate to each other and it's been isn't that you during the rock street. And it's very serious and I almost. Half fast you know playing with exciting it's great to start your Saturday morning hearing you talk about different health taxing you for instance an interesting array of gas. How do you find your guess is it just all different walks of life people you coming content within your varied directory here he is I think honestly because. Forty years in the health and fitness and nutrition. Industry I just if you have a lot of connections related to health. And all of the topics that I mentioned in. You know what I know who some of the best people are. In the health field time in in the fitness industry so. Skyworks peony in him to feel OK but you know this month does that and I need to dock up. Right well do you Dawson yeah I've heard too often say about how it's in our guide Winger is meant to be where you meet certain people perhaps at a social event immediate church or in your work why everybody's different camps that you Wear. And it turns out that it's been a good think you can help people bring awareness in me here folks and her hair had serious illnesses are people battled addiction. This all about an hour eating carrots and working on at the Jen you talk about a lot of different things and years now. Yeah absolutely and you know it it was such gut thing for me to even meet you and in that Purcell sisters I believe because we lost our sisters. Two breast cancer. And you know it really because of that. It's all about your health I mean looking great feeling great losing weight on the things that go along with eating healthy and working out our in an added bonus but really I wake up every day to really help people to be healthy and and live. I healthy lifestyle was so they can go out of their purpose in their life. Sorry but I into this link yes and yeah and out there Friday I say yes because they Charlie green how we Matt and we have this unfortunate and gun but it helps to strengthen our resolve. And to strengthen our will to help people find a cure for breast cancer and other cancers and to live as hopefully as we can. In these very trying circumstances you know we're all busy working around. But when you think about it reliving this magnificent country and are there so much available to us and maybe is almost so many choices heard you know what's why. Ctrip educate people you try to make your choices. I certainly am not perfect when it comes to my diet that. But let me ask you about your last Iraq when it comes to the holidays because it's such a time of the year when people can easily fall off the track. What do you franks say now that were coming up by mid November is Thanksgiving is approaching and you hearing people say how what the hack at a impairment even airliner in the next 68 weeks to. I no and actually try to hone to you I would. May be people of every different Alley or they get it but you know really I I hear more of people who won two. Lose weight mouse with that they don't Kenya seven to twelve pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's. And so I really I kind of hearing more of that in the in the groups that I am in. And in Greeley I think most people now know that that I'm more about health and in debt is the awareness has to. A lot of then you know groups that I that I am. It's more about not just finding cures a fine means you know getting to the root of the problem really. You know getting to the root of the problem of disease including cancer. So let's eat healthy now so that we don't have to find a cure or who we don't take medication. And so you know honestly that is where my focus is changed over the years where it used to be all about the scale no longer about that. And I don't believe that you need to be deprived all the time aide to believe that you need to be clear what your putting at the end of your fork to either gonna Corey eight. And cause disease or it's going to prevent it and it's what motivates me. Right right and it's true you know that there's armies BMI index is now its stuck at your do you think every person so individual that it's really Margaret guideline that some people need to adhere to camps are stringent. Yeah that's the question I mean BMI is irrelevant to me because it's based on height weight. And you could be very muscular and very in shape up be overweight and opium my skills are I really go by body fat percent. It tells me more about someone's risk for heart disease cancer all of the other things. And we know that obesity is. Linked to sixty different disease has right now 66 our six hour hour and 40% of all cancers are related to in linked to obesity that's. Fifteen plus different cancers are related to obesity so. That by fiat percent number is very important yes yes but not so much the BM you've been very outspoken about the dangers of sugar and do you think your scientific evidence that shows that excess of sugar in ones diet can lead to cancer. Yeah absolutely I mean we use sugar and Palestinians to find where the cancer is so it goes right to the key answer. So we know that cancer is the sweet tooth and you know doctor Colin Campbell has done a lot of studies on the had his son Thomas is that the University of Rochester to a lot of studies and both sugar and dairy and it's linked cancer. And I'll tell you it's. I look it I look at sugar is a toxin they still have desserts what I want that but I swap out ingredients. Which is what I do for holidays too. Ray Herring and and let's circle back to it too because there are once you served to be some talk that putting his name with Africa how to hit your natural I would never now. And vowing to shock the putting it weird green tinge here is that it was actually do shows and hit in nice sort of add fuel to it. Because it was a healthy failing on you know let's talk about some of those swaps is we get back into our our conversation about Thanksgiving in the upcoming holiday season. What some healthy swaps it tastes good. Well any you know I have to keep my black bean brownies. Those recipes in my bucket. But there's so many things you know when the holidays are coming up right now. Instead of use scene only ill you can use applesauce. Leal is such a good week to. Take him out of your body in its nineteen in vegetable broth written and Leo. I mean an Italian lake use arrow you know my money's deport oil in the paean and she lived very long life. But the only has she was using as much different than me. I GM wow Leo that we're using today and we usage amount genetically modified organism yes which means not a good thing not a good thing you know our canola soy in our soy vegetable oil all of that's what you think vegetable oil will be healthy. But swapping out even those vegetables are those oils for coconut oil for avocado oil macadamia nut grape seed at one. While it oil olive oil. And cold press is always the past but really watching the hidden Fiat that's linked to obesity it's linked to disease like we just talking about. In making sure that you. You know use the vegetable broth chicken broth if you prefer although I don't first nineteen RA that really need Leo Ernie big clumps of. A water or you know poor memorial as you said I just epic from Europe and they use a lot of olive oil and Italy and Spain and we are. Italy Spain Corsica money parallel and you just fabulous fabulous food but I didn't feel like things are drowning in oil I think it's a different approach in Europe. Well and I I believe their oil is a much cleaner than we have here I mean Hampshire you know I can taste it tomorrow absolutely and telling. So you know the good stuff. But in terms of you know desserts like I have. Just posted on my website Robbie rod dot com. He green lists pumpkin pie cake. It's a pumpkin cake it's green list and it's only meet with com. All men. Copy the water. And pumpkin puree which is completely sugar free. And it's so delicious that. And coconut nectar of Coca during near instead of honey bee companies in its liquid yes so Coca this year coconut nectar tour of the sweeteners that I use. In my baking. It's so delicious and just swapping out those ingredients in terms of sweeteners. Is huge I mean you know. Gluten free is great but it's not always the best also beak users alike are Beijing gluten -- race and doesn't necessarily translate to healthy right just CG Atherton and free people may think I should order an even higher FC disease right it's the best thing to do you know you said the keyword Brenda it is ingredients you know reading the ingredients as with most important thing about. How much damage this summit that it's really the ingredients of you can if you can't pronouncing your body probably can't identify it. And our I just a while or died that no jacket you know it's it's a really important thing. You know in terms of mashed potatoes and things like at a night and as potatoes he just donated to rounded and potter. I can now sees Collie flower onions potatoes. I'm making for our cooking class this month he squash. That is stuffed with keen want. And from some wall mats in some chick peas and some cranberries. And things like that so be a little bit creative in using. Instead of traditional stuff fiend using keen wire something like that is he's an option and it's the worst. Stuart sharp picture and on your website looks absolutely delicious. And think sweet potatoes on the sides never realized to stopping its mandate is wariness and a lot of the stuff. Everything in moderation during the holidays you think that's good advice eat are really pigging out. You know I think that's fine you know I usually tell people. You know when you're looking at serving sizes the palm of your he and is about the size of what your meat should be if you're if you choose to eat meat. Which I don't but we can talk about it later. I'm it's about the size of your heat and you know three to six ounces of meat and then for your grain about the size of your fist. In which is usually people have a lot more than knack. In anger they act aegis cup European and it's about the size of the cup of your hands so maybe yours having some you know avocado or some knots whatever is just the size of the cup of your game because portions do manner. You see any beaches and he can and Dario are coming up it doesn't seem like a lack of appetite and now I. I wanna talk about your vegetarian Thanksgiving how you would you do. Because then everybody eats vegetarian here and now will get into that right after this. 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If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. I'd say 430651. And welcome back to slice of life and this Sunday morning thanks for her bring out the segment us and things haven't machine or not. Forest cake care always striving every direction we get to read or hear the rowdy Roddy noted guy. Nutrition counselor practitioners nurse author. And structure our united spend the next it team just. Those credentials are happy welcomed activists are thinking mum and amount and my quiet and a wonderful friend as well last you know you hear you nightlife is a system. We were talking just before the break about that Thanksgiving and send our pretty you know either can choose to eat Turkey now. And in case you and your husband eat vegetarian even during the holidays how do you. He worked in our view of others who are not eating a particular type of it has a good. Question you know first of all I don't eat meat. Because of the fact that the protein in the animal products linked to cancer. In so I choose not to eat meat but I don't try. And pushed in and everyone because bio individual. Into bio individuality matters what makes me feel better may not make you feel people feel better with me and that's fine. I would just say if you're going to eat me it should be organic should be hormone free antibiotic freeze there right free. Of course for Thanksgiving you know of your feeding forty people is very expensive to get it. Organic Turkey so I get it you know it it may not be the data go organic. However come for us you know my husband always makes this is not low of for us this kind of like a meatloaf but it's made with several different types of knots. And it is so meaty and so delicious and you can put it right there with your stuff beam in your cranberries. And you know your sweet potatoes and everything else and I don't miss. The meat but I do serve and I feel only. In eighty hour hormone free antibiotic free steroid free Turkey and I I have a lot of people. Coming prayer of Thanksgiving night the only thing is coming next and it. That's our great but certainly everybody can hear what they want. I was out after you do what you want it now when you you're cooking classes you're working out of you didn't. Are offering cooking classes for Montana you're working out ever relatively new facility he called the fountain wellness center on its share and interact very Harris County. I'm what do you do with those cooking as revenue due sight of him and make two or three different dishes and then people commoner how to do ordered they all interior with you in the kitchen has and I'll work yet. I him myself into other cooks and people observing its taste the food. I really you know we kind of lay out all the ingredients and together rate there. And you know really people. See how easy it is to me nutrient dense lenient strong. Plain and only in making vegetarian dishes. In and how nutritious and delicious it is you know. The nurse to flourish and so you know really Soledad it's all about healthy ingredients in making helping your body to yours. In Ari is it seems has its busy schedules and you need to. Flourished with partners and right to keep pace going from morning to late at night entity the stresses of life. Yeah absolutely I mean I every day you know it it I am thankful that I get to teach kick vaccine pretty ripe old age of whenever I am eating nine and you know obviously at my age or should not be teaching kickbacks by the pick of the theater is I feel so good. In really stems from the fact that I do exercise and also the fact that that I really eat. Food fuels in feed my body couldn't eat junk food into right every parent and her to rest now forget about Adams and so on they're going to be peace empire and big ball of ice cream every. To the point where it doesn't interest. You know it doesn't interest me anymore and although it did for years when I was trying to quiet quarter diet. But once you change for so long you don't wanna eat junk is you don't wanna feel like junk and I feel like junk when each. And that's the reason that I stay away from you know when you're deep tax scene. You beat new entity tax with me before that first week of tea tax. Is is rough you feel tired you feel I'm not issues like the flu. But. Once you get through that each action feels a much better well Wayne you are fine eating clean in you go outside the lines in eat junk. You'd start feeling. Those symptoms that you had when you were switching your diet do a clean eating you start feeling tired you feel sluggish feel sick you feel like this little. And so once you're eating healthy you don't eat junk is appealing to my biggest thing is maturity give up coffee do you feel about you know of one cup a day most days of the week and just yet. Organic I think that repeat taxing. It's the you're more likely to detox after when you're now having coffee. But I copies and has a lot of good properties for clarity and treat gas energy and that is what you like. I got into accidents in absolute and I drink it black yeah media I don't relate I look at somebody's some drinks and they look like mr. stemming. I know on the thing she see advertised now on the pumpkin spice this man and animal pitching hours and not Israel ankle for a pet I'd rather save my Taylor's inhibits hammer house and just him the benefit of actual black coffee neat too and you know what com you can if you are in it pumpkin spice and anything is your name any sugar in it but this punk its place is so much anger it's easy right now it is pretty scary when you read about the ingredients. I'm so. I'll come January when people seem to can't flip the switch to tea can't got to lose fifty pounds by march it's unrealistic right so why either right ninths and in your opinion writing about what to do com new year when there's so much pressure on those New Year's resolution. Yet you know I I'm thinking people really need I mean I've been doing this for you know forty years now working in the health and fitness industry and what works. Is people who are. Make the decision first default. That it's they're gonna get healthy and they don't have to wait until January 1 I mean you can make that decision today that the act is much better for you make it as soon as you hear this. Because. You know it it's slow and steady wins the race and then your height of the game. And really to focus on your health you know we offer for a week programs healthy eating programs six week in week twelve week at different. Medical practices in Tampa fountain wellness center in it catalyst fitness. And you know it's. People just need to walk in the air with the mindset. That I need to make a change and once you make that decision the rest is easy you just need accountability. Unita motivational. Coach. You need like minded people around you right you need a toolkit. With things that you need to do to get you know where your goal list. And you can't manage what you don't measures so we we measure progress and really that's what it's all about but I encourage people that two weeks of January you know. Still a go up outside the lines you're not gonna have to be deprived for the holidays start now if someone says few you can. You know decrease your chances of heart disease high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes. Cancer whatever are you noticing not a wanna do that today I'm await Yelp I weeks. Died out the ticker great market to. And it is you often say you can't out exercise habit night so there's no sir I am out now every epidemic on exercise doesn't it doesn't negate one property other now I tried. Back in the day not at. Now I think it's I can justify but it doesn't work it really works hand in hand in hand in the end I mean you'll get faster results if you exercise and and you exercise consistently. In the right kind of exercise works cardiovascular exercise combined treatment resistant training mean lifting some weights doing some you know whether it's done bouncer doing weights three during lunges body weight is against threes against your own body weight. So many different things he does a lot of information in your book rush through three chairs. But issues should be for a do you have these cooking classes in monthly at the fountain on the center is their feet. I guess so it's 125 dollars for. Or weeks and you figured you know everything you need in me every week. And you know it's it's really. You're with a group of like minded people in your mostly the five closest people you hang out right so you know and then it goes up from there you know in terms of the number of weeks we have that. People. Blues a tremendous amount of weight and if it now had not everybody wants to lose weight immunize people working and going through cancer or disease. The main thing as your blood chemistry changes the mini you start eating right. Exercise isn't it amazing and you don't have to wait long no you don't. My the other thing too that your offering this is so cutting edge answer typical abuser always beasts that are around me at the cost reports new and exciting and safe for them matter. You're involved in on DNA testing where people's genetic variations can really affect how they respond to foods beverages supplements. And exercised them matter so how does it work to somebody commend you and say OK am I detest my DNA because it may be different than the person standing right next to me. Yes exactly wide is why do you lose fifteen pounds but your friend can't or vice Versa. Well you know I gave us all different DNA and we can't change the DNA but we can change the way. The DNA express themselves through our lifestyle habits through our diet there are exercised. So I work with a company that tests 9218. Snaps is just the saliva swap. We types test ninety's to Gene Smith related to your health. Fitness and nutrition. And telling you and the results are mind blowing you can find out what he ever gluten sensitivity here now what do you electoral sensitivity more and more importantly. You can find out what your body is gonna respond best to in terms of specific exercises. Injured dietary habits and if you for propensity for injury and where that injury is. Along with easier for propensity to be lacking in some nutrients and vitamins. And so on it's it's pretty mind blowing and then I help them with a three. Day simple menu a twelve week program. Is also included in it and you future macros your press fats carbohydrates and proteins coming killers you should be undertaken in if you're trying to gain weight or lose weight or whatever is. And it's it's so amazing. It's remarkable and how does one go about getting the starter they call you directly yet so they can email me at Robby at Robbie brought dot com in to set up an appointment tonight peak. Appointments you know most days of the week in it takes about six weeks to come back and so. I'm writing a couple specials for the holidays so it's it's too. Normally if you landline it's 479. Dollars for the test. I offer for two and 99 in during the month of November December. And offscreen. It for 250 for two people. On us at 250 eat so it's it's quite. It's like calf price that's fantastic and you do this it around the center at listen it's great to us once app shopping at the well he adds it how well and before we ran appearing miner to ask you where people can frank your book because your book is just chock fall off recipes and advice. Can you talk about the whole picture is that just your physical being your spiritual. And meant to howl and all of that all ripped into line. Now the book is an hour for a little while but I think it's more relevant and every narrow with a pair of world of having him. Where can you find the spot so the run true to reach or some interest to health and fitness can be found on Amazon. It's also putting pharmacy. It's yet feel right at the chapel at cross point in benders bookstore. And yes that's the essential guide for fate feeling food fitness and it's some interest felt that this is time of recipes in the Beckett and wanna point out too. Your last name is Harry a UGH. Because everybody knows it's the rock truth and it that your website again has dealt with a lot of this information that we talked about Iraq Iran Larry UGH. Dot com Robby has always a great pleasure to have you in studio look forward to hearing shown Saturday and tune in every week. And thank you so much your being here this Sunday morning thank you Brenda. Will be Beck and talking with you again next week at the same time look forward to having you lock her rod Smart timely pass. Break here on the radio go bills and thanks for listening. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.