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Sunday, October 15th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for curving out some time with this this Sunday morning and you know it's a bills' bye weeks are kickback you know in any pressure Iran this day Amer. Let banner at the other end of the dialogue we can talk food for the next twelve to fifteen minutes and then in the show we'll talk to some of the folks are people ink. Your local human services agency that helps how many people literally from the womb to the room they help kids elders and the better we're gonna talk about. Elder care companion to folks from. People anchor reference now. And you're right now we'll turn our focus to breakfast in food and also would you believer on the cusp of a local restaurant week. It kicks off tomorrow it's the ball addition. And the quote the guru the organizer the woman behind them thrown behind the curtain. Kristall third isn't. Here on the owners on the night actress and welcome back to slice of life Chrissie as we. It's the fault it is parity we've got over 200 restaurants participating. On all over Western New York so it's a great time did make plans this week and blocked eaten dine local Christopher are now about how how the restaurant we work. The 411 and then. All of us that are participating first can be found at local restaurant leaked icon. On each restaurant is or what each restaurant needs to be locally owned and operated with no ties to franchise so that's how is kind of fun we just keep on the local mom and pop places on involved in the restaurant week. Almond each restaurant is. Offer something for 20173017. And or 4070 kind of depends on what. Works for the restaurant so he just go to the website find out like what is near you or where you wanna try check out there many years and go eat pretty easy you know. I had to say it's almost like a sport for me I love looking at the nine years and it doesn't matter whether it's preference its launch its dinner there so many choices nowadays. Chrissie you're doing a local restaurant week overseeing for how many years now. Well this is the eighteenth local restaurant actually so I think I've been doing it for us eight years probably around it's incredible how quickly it's gone. And I ask you though that you know it seems like everytime you turn around there's in your restaurant opening and have every L united everything from ethnic place issue. Places that are really cruel like the new moon cafe in tiberi there was talk about it just a moment. What do you see in terms of the evolution of the eateries in this town in this area. Well we've got 21 new ones this time so one of the cool things about local rush Alec is there's always something new to try so whether it's you know I knew. On Asian fusion kind of a plays are new German plays or Newt type place or steak and Ian steak and seafood which is always popular. There's there are still many new restaurants to try and that's the really cool thing about local restaurant which is it changes. You know it changes every time because we've got new restaurants that participate like new moon cafe which is a brand new grass. Absolutely and our Blanchard hears she is the owner Newman carefree she's been in the business a few years where you say to participate in a restaurant and we just open barely two months ago. We're thrilled to be on hurdle avenue and part of the resurgence that the holes cities feeling. And I'm. Honored to be sitting here next year interest. And restaurant it was something that we were gonna miss being a part fits great are extremely small business. We've got 25 seats in size in about another twenty outside. January tiny cafe that puts out super tasty food we've got to act twist on the traditional breakfast. And we would not have missed being part of bluegrass what are you featuring for an up or restaurant we leverage on for twenty dollars and seventeen cents is kind of sweet and savory option. We've got our waivers to eleven which is of flour tortilla it was scrambled eggs. Black beans Jack and shattered seized and then our homemade Colorado green Chile. That my chef makes here he's mastered their speed it is so. Flavorful. Your taste but it's will be dancing. We my interest and have a little music theme in. Protecting. Witnessed daily and and then our Chris on French toast we maker for instance with Chris Francies goddess saver I don't. This week I don't. And then along with that you get to our fresh squeezed orange juice into cost. I was just gonna say that's the refrigerator and started the wave I was one of the men and you have this moon thing going on to me as a scene. So is there some significance to the moon receive just wanted to say new moon. Well you know we get and we get a new moon every month so we have an opportunity for news. And a new opportunity in new experiences. And new culinary July through an irony I a lot of this is kind of our little Spanish version witnessed it in his. Exit them yeah it's an eclectic it's my favorite. It's it's up cod LP in its got a lot on you could go to new moon cafe buffalo dot com and take a look at these trees that are wrecked justices. And I assume everything's customer I serve I said I prefer not to have bacon no problem that we make everything to order. Everything is fresh we've got first Ben Turk and it. Ingredients everything is made to order and make difference. Never use your home earlier from this area originally that you aren't Colorado and worked in the restaurant industry out west for a while. What you brought back from there from the Iraqi area I mean and I was out there back in March and so much great food out there not to mention a pot dispensaries but it's a publisher now how. What you find him. Would really play well in Western New York that what you sign Colorado. You know I'm so thrilled that the Palestinians are lobbying our menu because we've got breakfast burritos with trees or saw chp got. Breck is Casey. We're not Mexican restaurant by any means but we do have some Colorado inspired ingredients especially inner breakfast items. From the rest of the menu we brought back just. For fund for buffalo all of our lunch and cheneys have fun rock and roll names we've got a nick Jagger and Jerry Garcia nice guidance in his. Up. To date though. Early 888 overtime paddy. An hour and a half two hour and a half to matter what would be it would be nice tribute. Definitely it. Were targeted are Blanchard who is the owner of Newman campaign and he are on hurdle avenue and specifically Berber people are. Putting it into their GPS assistant 1685. Hurdle in your cross in the new Lexington column. Wear red crescent election co opt to egg whites aside with a so ever tables upfront we do practice and launch all day were hoping. From Tuesday to Thursday 7:30 AM to 3 PM so come on and before three regional lot of take out so if you look at our web say. Give us a call college in early can grab and go with the acts. Or tying him. We've got a great ambience inside it that are really amazing staff. Here to serve do it and to. We're just excited to be part of the resurgence at helpless feeling excited to be part of local restaurant week. Speaking at rates. Great way to Iraq the block yeah no doubt about it and it's a big black and speaking of their parent if it is one busy corridor and our hurdle avenue on alma mine downtown on these areas are coming alive itself encouraging to see there. Why somebody come to your place how do you how you deal with the competition in a very crowded category. She now I think. I think we all bring a lot to the street you know I can more restaurants that are going in and more from grocery stores everything is going in that block. Just brings more exposure for us so I think it's authentic competition and I think we all support each other. And I think that there was a and eat for a little more pissed. Always right Chris. Hackett report our dinner breakfast place on the street and we. We bring business to each other and I think we're one big happy family work together. You can't transition as it in the ferry humans NFA NT RI group here in the competition agents are better YTR rated NC coffee bar. So we've got about forty different hot teased right now and every day we. Fresh crew of five different ice t.'s. And we'll probably do that all through the winter we've got herb I'm not saying that he can drink on Chinese he's got different flavored fruit cheese we've got some. It's kind of trending cutting edge he still does have to come in and keep your eyes peeled to see that's an tiberi changes daily. We do you have fresh coffees but that he is much more accentuated people. Our. And sometimes just looking for options to coffee. You know I love my coffee addict trying to drink about de ice switch to tee because I know it's healthier option in nine high trading in and getting. Common in urban my tastes is Stan natural energy and the other ones are all natural we don't add any through very. Syrups or anything towards DC you're getting a nice healthy. Option and that's better choice in the eighties. To lower them. Energy drinks are bragging rights it's Richard it is natural as possible we fresh squeeze our own mortgages make Christmas lemonade to order. So that tees a big part of our. Our healthy alternative. I listen McCarthy Hala but I can't during and after 3 o'clock sound I often. I and their before they show I had a couple of greens he'd get those ads and you know while I try their needs or plans I think spent and whether to charge you about your current weekday specials as well you mentioned your accomplish that gave. Yes and you come up I assume you ended collaborating come up with these weekdays. Who else we do he does it different special sandwich every Thursday any dozen different special role right each item every Sunday. And Tuesday squeegee to for born French toast French tennis Tuesday it's. It's so much fun arc Cyprus doses delicious you can add anyone ever six different fresh fruit or nut or talk to toppings to on the but our French toast is something unique. I don't think a lot of people use Chris on bread to make French toast with and it's out of this world so we do that every Tuesday it's two for one. So coming with a friend or just take went to go arches feast yourself. On Wednesday we do waffle Wednesday same theme tune for one waffle Wednesday and that's our homemade. Waffle batter that ship date has treated with Carter militants and other secret entry. On Thursday as his special sandwich it changes every week. Friday morning we do free coffee. Every Friday morning from 730 town name and it does and Tony and but if you come any order practice from Friday morning for 730 to and you get free copy. My eyes cius. Nothing wrong with your free copy now it. Comes as. You know Chris and ordered his shaft is maybe it's imminent mystery tee into the batter and then. Actress Brooke and our plan and you're going to try new moon campaigns he went in the news. Odds for our Natalie on hurdle avenue to the great north buffalo area that's thriving with retail and restaurants and boutiques. Closer to local restaurant we can Christa kudos to you and your crew your team has an incredible job. Getting the word out bringing out the restaurant to announce a ton of detail work you have quite a few new ones this year again right this ball. When he won brand new once again a kind of all across New York so a Western Europe so if you go to our website we've noted on which ones are new to our nights of them and happy new to buffalo with their new retirement and so. We're excited to have them and and I'm telling after. After HUIR breakfast right now. Yeah always in its when he won restaurants and just Shia power isn't a pitcher and yes are you coming back right time. When did you come back to pump about gosh it coming back for three years I think is here this has always been wrong. I've been trailing seat but it come back with lots skier an experienced. Bring back great to have you act and act and the Bob thanks so much for coming in his eighties. And it's a pleasure will be your neck where some folks are talking about the new. Senior program and how you can volunteers about each and everybody. I'm done again. My Max Hyperic ten. Thanks doctor. Wondering what the future holds today's deal of the day for my buffalo purse is a 100 dollar certificate for assist with internationally renowned psychic for he's golden for just fifty dollars. Can be used recession in office or over the phone. Good to my buffalo perks dot com. I'm on again. My Max Hyperic ten. Western New York's local restaurant week is back in October 16 through the 22 with a new twist. Post a photo using the hash tag local restaurant week and you could see yourself featured on an area billboards. With over 200 local an independent restaurants it's your chance to beat your curiosity. And discovered something new. So snap and share. 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Would choosing the right mortgage lender means choosing more than just to rate this calling the company with eleven JD power awards for client service matter does calling the company that embedded rocket mortgage industry's most innovative technology matter is working with America's number one online lender matters to you call Quicken Loans today at 800 quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com equal housing lender and analyst number 3030. Welcome back to slice it like I hope your Sunday is going router to believe that week and a half almost half over are pretty but it does go by quickly and once again thanks to Kevin parrot her pushing the buttons horse. Here and slice of life he has a master control in the K Kara striving as a director accent. While we're gonna shift from food to human services. And did you out of people in this western Europe's leading nonprofit human services agency. They provide services to more than 121000 people with special needs their families. And seniors off through our senior in Rochester Q there's and about 121000 people served in this series they said and it includes the nine counties. And almost 4000 employees across the area so people think as a major player and there are so many things on and in the people ain't world including. Senior companion programs and I'm delighted to welcome to the show. Melissa McMurray who is the program coordinator for people and senior companion program Melissa good morning welcome back to the share thank you good morning. And checking perks this year. Jake is a senior companion program volunteer Jacki great unity on port. In Q listen to know about your term you oversee that is the coordinator. Sickly. Does the senior companion program do you. On the senior companion program has to Wear on seniors 55 over volunteer with other. Seniors in the community are homebound and isolated maintain their independence in the home by helping them with them some light house keep paying. Area and they might go shopping together on the community a whole variety of things to help them maintain their independence and. So it's a great way to stay away from perhaps facility where somebody would not want a guy Nasser layered doesn't feel like they need to now but yet may need some assistance yet. Boy that it's got to be such huge population nowadays Melissa and our aging population certainly in Western New York. We have a lot of seniors in how often do you have people call you and say can you tell me what makes it we can you do are people constantly looking for information. Yes we get several calls a day on for both for people to become volunteers and also. From seniors themselves and family members that are looking to have a volunteer come work with their loved one are themselves and their home. And this new service. People incorporated has been providing services for seniors are more than twenty years. So it must be encouraging free to step into a program that just continues to grow yes. It's great now to check heat you're Arab volunteer and I commend you for doing them all here. What is likely you do for example when you visit with. A senior year as part of the companion program. Well basically. Whenever they need that. We still. Light housekeeping. My crying and I run a parent's. Grow she shaft and she's healthy meals sought peca healthy mills now wants a weak we take nice walks the apparent. She likes to goals outdoors we do show up at malls. Doctors appointments. Whenever she knees like housekeeping and I keep parent Landry done for. I don't have to be peer her meals because she still able to compare males and Michael. How will use it with Ayers she need to re sharing a meal at the same time and I can companionship we do we do that quite often and sometimes holidays. My birthday how it would do something special she is cheap meat to a male I'll treat. You get some particular restaurants like to go do some special spot that you both enjoy Sheila anchor back action cam hard right. Nicer ring says he's yes. She gets a chance especially full on season. We make sure we got there and Iran. And everywhere and we do we was so happy to see that the one on you know. Is that right across the street firm and her radio we're very happy about to. Show you where you assigned to this woman and then you see it with your cursor and period 10% from concerts. Than almost two years and yet you buildup a relationship. And they like for us to stay with the same mind let something come up and they have to go to a nursing home or they known around the key is it like for sustained little hesitant used to us. Familiar with us and everything like that so now like it to switch and you weren't person Jakarta Post agency to Alter with this. And are there certain things that you can match you maybe from an insurance and liabilities and for example do you anything here and now we don't do it tells us for the eighths today so if they have aid come and we have to excuse ourselves we can't be in a premises 18 days. So we just basically to mind out cookie. Of the howls and everything and taken them when they need to need to be each sport Millicent heading east tonight who to pair with them and it's now our. Well one and we keep our volunteer is close to their home and also like similar insurance. As we do ask only do the intake what are some of their interests and hobbies. And it firstly do I'm meeting with myself. The volunteer potential climb and they'd talk and see if it's going to be a good set. And then. If not we find a new volunteer. Florida man a new client for the volunteers we want to make sure it's meaningful for both the volunteer in decline because they do spend. Anywhere from fifteen hours to forty hours a week together up to forty hours some surf forty hours a week but it has to be at least fifteen hours. The at a Monday through Sunday thing is it seven days a week I'm and they serve the on Monday through Friday between hours of 8 AM and 5 PM IC and no holidays holidays they get off right so. The volunteers you're always accepting balance here's I would imagine right of the companions here to be 55 girls there. B income eligible on that an eerie crowning him but this is off balance here writes who's now payment. It's under reimbursement it's a volunteer program but there is a site then which apparently to 65 an hour. And you do get mileage reimbursement as well ice into a meal reimbursement and mail reimbursement rate. Surge it would mean TI mean it's nice to get reimbursement for some of these things but what does it do for you as a person TP with. You are companion you're all here. Is agility is so originally I keep to get out the house every day. I was. I'll stay at home moms have race for Cilic and help my daughter raised four granddaughters. And after everybody went to school I moved out. I need something for me to do soul at La I had my grandmother I was very closely and Eric so the first thing can in my mind is I wanted to be a blessing. To a CE. Upgrade. Emmys there must thank you feel. The giver purpose every morning and bring it up and get out and do things and do you both and decide what you're going to do on a given day are you answered her routine. No all we can switch it up and she likes to do we know we watch the weather. Ass this is buffalo it's tough guy and so that plays a big factor and it's a week you're Zia. Schedule activities. On how to win is going to be if the weather is ban will stay here and and she likes to watch TV a little bit or something all will play carrots. Or if she's at the top. Very good talking you know older wisdom. Teaches me a lad has helped me. Eat a little healthier because she's very organic and health. It's interesting he even over the new whole foods not to literally their eyesore they apnea you can spend about four hours every. I. Well listen what's this challenge for you was it finding folks to understand the role of the senior companion. And just many people with attempted students. Yes that is because as we all know on people like to stay busy they might be busy with grand kids other family members so it's finding. On the volunteers that arrow can put enough. Fifteen hours a week. It any tour I think we should point out how. People in senior living you've gotten nineteen locations yes widget did you go to one of the people and locations is at the idea Melissa permit it wouldn't be going to somebody's. Private home ports we do things that they did they going to harm it Jackie actually works her client actually lives in one of our buildings but some of them do. Summer volunteers live in the buildings but. There on seniors that live all through out Erie county weather an apartment buildings are in their own home. So it's almost like a double whammy if your senior you could perhaps call it living in one of the senior living facilities. And you might be able to get a campaign to commend yup yup it. How who usually cause you recipient person as we said earlier who's and the cost of perhaps leaning up. It almost sounds like what Jake he does is very social movement but you have others perhaps you need more care. You know which actor's apartment Sunday she feels like it balanced and accurate to actors it's time. And it takes some pressure off of family members of people where and I missed it which you see a lot of moments and yes to some of them do provide. That respite for caregivers who to some of our clients to live with the caregivers so it's a very. Well rounded role that the volunteers placed some Obama are in open right now arrested get enough. Companionship to the clients so they're not isolated and depressed physically home buying. It's ice UConn to private homes to Dickie do you foresee yourself doing this for along time. That you're ready to hang about panel and an Melissa how does somebody get involved. They can give us a call at 768. 2381. And either myself or the other step daddy will answer the phone any answer any questions they have and get them started. Melissa that Mary was the program coordinator for people and senior companion program again if on number. It is 7682381. Thank you so much your being here again this morning thank you and thank you for coming in this morning thanks so much there reporter rap on this edition of slice of life Christian attorney general Turkey next week. Coolest thing Randall we back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.