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Sunday, October 8th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for carrying out some time and that Sunday morning force. Hope the out week has gone South Korea and Sundays off to a good start and what better way than to start talking about food and a Sunday morning at cancer nine. And I'm happy to say that the first segment will all be all about food. Bonefish grill the Bolivar model will be our focus to talk about that. And some other fun things today and slice of life to give any shower ideas please operator reach out to me. I have farm every year at the radio station my direct line is 84306. I won it for freezer of six. I've won pure frigate hit me up on social media whether it's Twitter or FaceBook organs to Gramm you can find me there are always happy to entertain some guest ideas and start people. About the happenings going on Iran Western New York this is the only. Lifestyle show and the ball plumber and we look forward to Iraq. Spreading the word all the fun things happening in our community and about getting the word at a different lifestyle topics while without further ado I it's time to lure in the bonefish grill. Matt O'Connor is with us man is the managing partner. And the ball over a mob bonefish grill. And he's been in the business for sixteen years is youthful appearance BI's 10 X 10 Matt welcome to slice of life breaking again as well thank you Brendan I'm really happy to be here it's a pleasure or displeasure sixty years this this year but babyface. Well surprise in this business you know sixteen years to Wear on you a little bit I doubt that I did start young and I started in college. And stayed with it and actually went into another career trying to keep my foot in the restaurant business. And then you know they always have to always remember my father tell me better love what to do he would do to rest your life. And I was is drawn into the restaurant business and and that's where I am a stay that's my passion that's what I do and and I'm happy to do it every day. Well or having heavy and the -- America because you certainly have a lot of experience is she just said you're a Florida native you've lived in Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina absolutely Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach and now you find yourself and in the east and Western New York now lasts a year in buffalo. What are your initial impressions of this bonefish grill. Locally man and of the buffalo and washing your dining scene in general. Well I will tell you that dislocation and celebrates eleven years this November while and what have what I can tell you about this location having them with phone for specifically for nine years. Is that there is we we built a nice footprint here. Anderson very loyal guests there's guest to come and tell me stories all the time about you know when they first came this phone is. Or what do you eaten in seen in the consistency they've been able to have over eleven years and I love every story. I love hearing the mall. And an amendment makes me feel really good about the what we've established in the buffalo market. Now as far as Western New York culinary it's opened my is to some newer things. Out in the market that aren't as prevalent in other cities I've lived them. And that's the neatest thing about having that is different perspectives is. You know in the cities have lived in there's usually something significant about the cuisine or you know a sandwich or style of preparation or something that was started in the community. 5060 years ago. And you know buffalo certainly has theirs as well obviously you know the wings. Our big have I've enjoyed listening to the input from my guest about where to best place to get wings are. I can I can honestly tell you have only gotten the same answer maybe once or twice which is unique. So and have probably tried wings that twelve different places. Gotta do I gotta I've got to do my again I can do my homework there and so absolutely and I'm happy I'm whacked. Had to see popping up on these menus are stuffed peppers stuff yes tempers absolutely he's become corporate be it seems to have become a buffalo brand. So my I had my first before whacked about 34 months ago. In that over the summer we had another one out of the outdoor event that my wife and I. And we we enjoyed it and then. To stuffed peppers I went to me food events for representing bonefish and we had was over the Summers a taste of the tunnel on this. And we are ten to was next door to another local eatery. And they had stuffed peppers their to tries so we did a nice food trade. And I I got to stuffed peppers from them and then absolutely love them so I thought it was great I think. You Hamas and native offline quite an honorary buffalo thanks I appreciate and a variety. No doubt about it while bonefish you know and frankly I patronized. Mostly independent local eateries. But exceptions and make its own fish and think of it is a chain chaining a strip. And a vehicle location testers on hand but there's about the presentation here place the figure yet. Outstanding teams service is what I call we'll thank you and I like the ambiance again I I generally sit in the bar area when we got to eat because like the action includes two under pressure on for a drink. And tech we G10 is sort of restrict the conversation about the folks worsening that's only allows a festive and parity thing. Unless I'm in the mood in a more intimate conversation with my dining partner efforts of the paper. And I want to say that it's almost like two separate restaurants in your place at the very busy Barre area. In those when it copies for cable's share menu and more traditional dining room and what trends do you see there you find more and more folks sitting in the ER Easter area at. Absolutely and it but does that in granite. Nine years with the company I'm accompanied I mean huge believer in a bonefish Bram the division of our founder and you could if you still with us today. He would absolutely of loved everything you just said because the vision he had. If you can think back to restaurants maybe twenty years ago. While instilled this day you see some restaurant concept she walks through the restaurant to get to the bar. The bars in the center might be use shape to might be something like that units in a back room away from the front door. While our bar is what we call big city bar it's been that way that was the vision of our founder. You walk they're rotating door the first thing you see hits you right now faces are bar area. You've got there at the mere with the fish you've got the line on display though the liquor set up tied for everyone's has to view. And that that's what it is it's a big city bar. But we don't want to alienate anyone's experience so if you like to come in sit at the bar have that conversation those Easter tails you describe I call them a community table. For the very sense that they're open seating and often times you'll find the people sit there another couple another individual whatever we'll sit there as well. And next you know to have the conversation. Contain in my parents the very first army went to bonefish and Florida based out of those communities hills and before long. They were meeting regular people there and sitting at those tables on a given night. As a social. Visit and so that's that's his theory what is it what it's there to provide now in the dining room you're writers don't dining room you can come in there. You like to have an anniversary dinner sit in a comfortable Booth over and coral with a nice globalize above view. And you know Taylor dominion near experience to. A wonderful dinner for an anniversary can certainly provide that he liked command see the bills on TV and I don't have wings I apologize. But feel like Democrat burger and a craft beer and what stability can certainly do that a slow. And I love having the choice of having an appetizer like embankment rapture. It satisfies its spicy meat had a hand in hand it's a little bit decadent but it's questions and it's filling. And you bring up there Brad with a dipping Ohio and I flew it pesto. It's fantastic. But you need some other you know obviously for meals here on May York not to bring me and some special that you recently featured. Not everything from oysters to steal had done. You write which is a milder and salmon that's in a different fish counts him a lot of restaurant and you sure you do swordfish any of pumpkin ravioli which is and not to the season of course not so wild snapper in shrimp and the nice thing to you always have handcrafted Martinis and cocktails. And I'm a big wine drinkers going into your selection hurt you in some call martini Monday. Yes we absolutely do so every Monday any of our signature Martinis honor on our record menu as well as our featured cocktails. Are five dollars all day long race Kenyan we also feature a couple of different signature cocktails during happy hour. So those are also five dollars during happy hour no they're not on the five dollar menu all day on Monday. But from four to 630 year it's our new revamped happy hour at five food items for six dollars. As well as you know 45 cocktails of five dollars discounted lines discounted Beers. And liquors Los premium liquors for five dollars great way to get every case of the Monday scenario absolutely and I have seen it's it's really. Been a great program for a restaurant Mondays are typically slower days in the restaurant business. And to come in yes the last three Mondays have seen our walk bar absolutely full of guests at me yeah absolutely great as it's fun. It is fun and I like to think it is a creator by the end now IBC you have many other choices what are some of the more popular items at the buffalo bonefish grill. So. Iowa State trial. We we feature in in its do we do feature any given time roughly eight to nine species of fish in Germany. Grilled fish is what we do we bring efficient press we cut it on the premises you know we could get over an open flame oak wood burning grill. You know that that's our signature that's what we do. I'm in the only try to bring in things that challenge you know what people may not have available I was so proud. You know this year at one point during the year we brought grouper and fresh. The first time in five years we've had grouper in this market absolutely. So it is because you know we bringing in fresh and during the last fighters been like conservation focus on grouper. In the you know in the gulf and in the Atlantic down there. And so you know when those supply you know it's goes down demand stays the same cost goes up. So you know didn't make it feasible to have that caused the kudos conservation efforts have been able to. You know keep the supply ready readily available in the and we brought here in that's wonderful they'll offer that in the end you know right now swordfish it's that time of the year for sort Fiske. We have and our menu we you know we bring a fresh we cut it there. In their weapon apparel with our pumpkin ravioli and says you know this is goes great for the fall season. Comments are very hardy you know meet like dense finished. You know as you get into the you know unfortunately that cold snaps coming aren't they get into the other colder months there yeah yeah absolutely look for more than Alex. Thank you absolutely. NASCAR Lulu and Abkhazia lobster on the eyes and fair and for those folks who are not fish robbers. You know winery in the this is poultry pork. Absolutely really appreciate you pointing that out because as I go into the community and I and discuss our restaurant menu I hear more often. Then not unfortunately as you know my husband boyfriend girlfriend fiancee wife. Would we I would go there more often but they've only T food and then you know I usually brings something non seafood for them. You know to try out in the community and I'm finding that are opening a lot of people up to be able to come and enjoy. Those and many that would enjoy the fresh fish but yet not alienate someone they would like to. You know come the lift that doesn't like seafood. It should never be mistaken it's just to see progress absolutely committed there's no secret that there's been some problems with the boulevard mall there's a lot of talk in the news and the national heart certainly about how malls are kept falling off the radar who. You have nothing to do in terms of your connection to the Auburn mall other than being located there right to your ear restaurant is viable and going green. I call going great you know our entrance is you know outside the mall entrance. And it's we do so would we have our own entrance in and out of the restaurant. You know we we we love to work with the boulevard mall were happy of our partnership with the boulevard mall. We want to see it does succeed I do believe it will succeed I'm confident that. But what I can rest to shore buffalo is is that bonefish is committed to being in buffalo. And you know we'll we'll stay you know. Paying attention that situations on its these mutually beneficial will be there if not I can tell you will be in buffalo. And half because you cannot find it easily right there everybody has of the older monitor built and manages money for parking absolutely silent you're dory it'll finish on the door yes we're not really later doing European auto industry are now. Lilly puts them at first and the fish handle and then. They stand and and a big city bars. Now I think it's a perfect your estimation and be full you close and I wanted to ask you to I am I'm recoup time girl I'm not getting bargains in rewards and I sign up for everything. It OSHA screw you if something called the dying rewards program. Absolutely so dime rewards in a tea. Every program every restaurant and or company out there has the program so bonefish you know wanted to stay in line with you know be competitive in that market. But we were slow to roll ours because we wanted to make sure we had a program that was the kind of vote but everybody else is doing there's another restaurant company out there. It has multiple concepts under it. You know and their concepts are operate independently with their programs. So that it's called dying rewards. You can go to dying dash rewards dot com and sign up all you need is a phone number and email address. And the password and and all you need to do when you come in a restaurant is simply give your phone number. And we'll attach your county your check so in a way it works is if you spend twenty dollars in food and or nonalcoholic beverage. It goes is qualified visit. Every fourth visit to the restaurant any six month period you get 50% off up to twenty dollars. So already I think a great program right well then do next they took it to the next level by including our sister concepts. Because bonefish grills a part of bloom and brands. And as you know that includes corral those Italian grow and Outback Steakhouse. So if you like to be a diamond awards member and go to engage your first qualified visit now back. Second Ankara others. Third at bonefish now you have a quote you know earlier 50% off visit accumulated. You can go to any of those three concepts and use of but I know you'll come to bonefish you'll be asked their favorite. Absolutely and an hour and you've seen me there absolutely kind of Kosovo now and beef is with it being something you've got some paper. Yes I was I was hoping you'd let me come background. So yeah brother listeners here today once they're done listening to a brand this show. Please come join us about this fillets we we do brunch every Sunday telling him to 2 PM. And it's not any of buffeting by any means I it is simply a part of our menu. On Sundays we still offer seventy to 80% over dinner menu. You know we don't want to alienate anyone who's not looking for brunch food. But there's a thirteen items I believe on the brunch menu. Features are Crum relate French toast. By far the most popular so let's go orange zest cut there French baguette them with them. Some Krispy apple would vacancy sign in you have things from you know. Organic oatmeal right down to three different types of eggs Benedict and three different types of Lama I was. So pleasantly surprised at their breath and scope of your menu for brunch you know plus as you see you can pick from the regular menu was not announced her chair so dinner and brunch and then you open during the holiday season generally man for a launch apps. Lou at least so will be opening December 7 this year. And we're we're happy to to do that for both. You know the guest losing the mall to to shop during that Christmas time as well as just offer our guests another way to enjoy bonefish grill. So be opening every day Monday through Friday for lunch we are already open on Saturdays for lunch. And that we do brunch on Sunday. Matt O'Connor managing partner at the Bolivar Bob bonefish drop that it's a pleasure having you here thanks amateurs let those icy again thank you so much for the opportunity. Always in policy over onto its very soon that great after this. I'm gonna get my facts I packed my son. Monitoring the attorney pizza voted best in buffalo today's deal of the day for my buffalo herds his attorney got a certificate to Tallahassee and they're bright and tunnel under her only ten dollars La hacienda Brighton serves up the best dinners jobs tacos and incredible homemade pizza or go to my buffalo per start. I'm gonna get my facts Hyperic ten. That's not good. 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Tune in Saturdays at 9 AM on ESPN 1520 we just threw it. Western New York's local restaurant week is back October 16 through the 22 with a new twist. Post a photo using the hash tag local restaurant week and you can see yourself featured on an area billboards. With over 200 local an independent restaurants it's your chance to beat your curiosity. And discovered something new. So snap and share. Think social beat local visit local restaurant week dot com for participating restaurants and menus. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. That's a 430651. And welcome back to slice of life and that Sunday hoping having a great weekend and hey would you believe an arts and crazy Tammy your for a lot of people there's a lot going on. It's party time for the fifteenth annual dine dining out for life event. The theme this year is choose to help dine out fight aids and choose a CH EWS. So folks can help raise funds to assist individuals and families in Western Europe affected. Folks who are affected by HIV by Danny out for either breakfast lunch or dinner. This Cusick Tor protect and it's part of this national fund raising event that's held annually in more than sixty cities is more than ninety restaurants participating. In hearing anger into chocolate counties and they want to donate 25% or more of their proceeds. On October 10 is currently a senior dining out for life so kudos to those folks at tip of the Shas had. To them and leaner more citing these covenant and the food or this is our our food focus show today. And I am happy to talk about local restaurant week which is coming up October 16 a week from tomorrow. One of the restaurants its participating is the American grill which is located just outside of Easter are on senate history. The owner operator and chef is here Patrick Starker is participating this year. And cantor I know it's a busy Tammy your appreciate you coming in this morning to you and things are coming in commodity is that you forget me it's a western you're outskirts of Easter break sir you are punching and into the GPS. Where they find the American ground. It is on 7901. Seneca street Basinger across almost across from the dog park in Knox farm. How are nice and speaking of the dog Carriker one of the many attributes about your restaurant is that you have a dog friendly back patio. During the summer months and it definitely call my and we are talking about different things connected to your restaurant well the idea behind. People just altered to Knox farm in the can walk their dogs are on the whole park. A lot of peoples as tribal there have fun with the dogs. So I decided to open for lunch and dinner during that time. And my back patio. You know we have volleyball court and during the summer that people are playing on that seuss so. Tom my my staff is very differently around dogs and pets in general so we decided to open up for the dogs to. And their murder for amateur I am sure that's her big unit. I'm there's a lot going on your plays including. The entertainment venue couple of the things that you mentioned in addition they have a stunning banquet room they can accommodate special mats corporate functions. How has that become. Very popular we at least have probably two parties a week. My my bagel manager Suzanne she's created to him I have nothing but compliments on what she does for us. We can accommodate up to 86 people. Your take. She just does a great job and Michelle Shelly does a great job with that so we we move forward that way. You certainly a major run on this racetrack yet you're the new owner is a July 2016. And the American grill is. American fare as you describe it but it isn't emphasis with southern cuisine what if your signature items Patrick. I'm that's correct I just recently brought in a gumbo that I used to he's been award winning gumbo down in Destin Florida and I learned from a little cajun man. Tom in Lafayette Louisiana and it takes about six and a half hours of make it as me from scratch and as the real deal. He has taught me everything I know is it was a little guy out of Lafayette like it says so on PCs he's really give it the craft of what he did. He taught me a lot of what he used to do so that's my style coking. Well you can't get much more authentic than had a spouse or to get a percentage he was from that area and and you feel like you've been able to duplicate it pretty closely. Oh absolutely he was a good teacher. I got it's it's something you say you cook for six hours six and a half hours yourself. Does it just stick and all the time and by the time you're done it's probably very difficult to get that label I think absolutely and as we get all flavor from. It's and I favorites so we've got some of the southern flared on and they're I Norman's crab cakes what makes it a little different bombings that hit the Louisiana flavor. It has more vacations place in it from a lot of my cooking does so we you're gonna get a lot more flavor a lot more on spice out of the food you're eating. I'm with the back of the palace specially. I don't like deceit so. But it is a little bit spicy than what people you used it. They're used to around in buffalo Tom we also do a blackened fish fry kind of com where it's a true blackened style. People are seem to really be coming. From to enjoy it. This beer really hot trends are allowed Patrick and now it doesn't seem as as prevalent and menus is that once last. But I think there's probably the right way to do it sounds like you know a hundred black and their what's key to that what's the key to having a good blackened yes. Having a really good pots are your cats are skillet. It's in every can't get around it connect to threading your Teflon pandemic or perhaps Catalina. And now you have liked to urge smokers out front of your place in you brother my visa from Alabama roll tide that's right as it was you name the smokers liberals Kaiser. Now ultimately hurt both have different nasal EST on his role. Why anybody who's Crimson Tide fan as the significance of roll tide. But you actually smoke here on the need that you used here in cherry lady her overture toward. And it produces very tender me and as it did it behind using that particular cherry what. Absolutely. Gives it that that's a superb flavor of that house looking for. It's a cherry wood is actually from salt will also from the area on freshly cut down but once a month. On the newest creation that we've just to added on the menu this past month was a smoke be found a way. It's turned out incredible people are really day unit from a brings a little bit of buffalo with a little bug that little bit of southern flair. So that's perfect marriage of the to the northeast and South America and you use the Kimmel at All Saints are absolutely I have that council literature so many other items you user you're smoke made bit the big bad wolf sandwich or parquet studio and smoked beat dynamic as you just mentioned. What's the big bad wolf San. The big bad wolf is we take a smoked pork butt end and we. We put barbecue sauce in it and then we put bacon on top of that with a little bit hand. And I mean we smoke that the pork for about six at six and a half seven hours just depending on if it's raining or not. Com turns out insists it's as good at sloppy mess if you can. That there aren't that alleged even in the business a long time that you moved back to this area urinate a pro Western New York. If Jordan for 23 years in the restaurant business if you noticed a real difference. And how people have evolved and off on terms of eating habits and menu choices. I have. Like a set so I worked on sells for about 23 years emerges from here so I know buffaloes are very foudy town we always have them that's what I've loved about it. And that's why I wanted to bring ups on this some of these southern style cooking that. Not a lot of people know around here but we're getting to a point that we're starting to get around to it. Yeah I mean it's. People are evolving for sure that there. I see it everyday two times I and a buffalo native and it seems like every time you turn around to new place opening. Now you're participating in the or restaurant week and you're doing that three different levels of course the first one is the one coincides with the year's out. You've got specials that Iran the week of October 16 2017 edition. And then of course one it's a little hierarchy and a little more food more choices for 3017. And then if you wanna call it a higher again you can pay 4017. You've got everything from. I jumble I had to had to act to difference damages one can choose from along with house wine beer or what you decide to participate in a restaurant week. I just people to come out you know lane I know especially of players above bottles of forty town especially in that. Peace or area more known as booties on so I just want people to come out in. Enjoying. Different style cooking that we had American grill offer so that's where I was looking to do. It's a great way to get your name on the map to you know there's so much competition back one of the things had about a restaurant week is discovering new places are we talk about it quite a bad. And how it's nice to have a special to go to enjoy for 2017 or if you choose to got a bit higher to places you know but it's even battery interest in new places. In energy use yourself to some new restaurants around town. Including one that sounds terrific like here's a look at I look forward to coming up to trying yours Patrick. And before we close ain't much to your hours are open for lunch dinner and also late night. Absolutely. We have late night menu from. On the weekends from midnight till 2 o'clock. It's always knew some neither American grill. On our question it sounds great in this nice thing to do to you wanna hang out. It got fire pits in the back the seasonal weather so far is incorporating you know we never sports buff Aussie I eleven. Flat screen TVs that your place are plenty of places. To sit down and taken a sabres or bills game in just hang out and may be an Alabama game and pitcher to darker it's a pleasure good luck with the thank you very much run of things are ME. You bet and they don't put a ribbon this addition a slice of life thanks to Kevin pair for pushing on the bonds ASEAN next week are back everybody. Listening Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.