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Sunday, October 1st

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of flight was not enough. You listen to Brandon Spikes for years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your post right. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for carrying out some time for us this morning a busy Sunday nerd out with the bills in play and now a topic and have another big upset against against the falcons and it planets in India. A tough ordered Janet how Atlanta but I didn't think they'd be Cooper Erica us on net and makes it fun to watch. Well if you're in the mood for some good food and god knows I'm always start our food and thinking about food and wine. If I got a week for you local restaurant week is around the corner. And I we have they eat local organizer our friend of the show Chris are Hubbard is with us in my house so give us some details about what's happening how many places have signed up. And it's coming up the week of October 16 to read literally days away from it. And later in the show we'll talk to one the other participants. Gentleman named Greg meg Graham from. I'm Dan alliance restaurant in Amherst and my favorite spots but first we're going to talk with another participant but our restaurant week this gentleman is making an encore appearance. Here and slice of life and as always it's a pleasure to see Antarctic jolts track firm's share which is located on main street. In the village of blames good morning to all nice seeing it in Armenia. Great to Haiti on board and Chris is always thank you for happen into the show this morning good morning I love being here it's always a pleasure to welcome Sunday morning Hewitt Helmand at least at the -- blow up a restaurant we. Which still an exciting major you've got to hunters and us. Right right it got over 400 are signed up several new lines such a share that here today on. We've also got some I a new campaign or running or doing eleven digit mobile billboards the week of local restaurant week. And you might be able to be featured I'm one of the billboards on it by using social media and news and plastic local restaurant week we're gonna pick some. Photos that we can get from social media news on the billboards ads that he pretty exciting. So the idea is somebody is perhaps in general spider right next they're having a wonderful time not enjoying the the value a club or restaurant week along with some signature items at the restaurants are serving up. They take a picture right they hash tag it. Local restaurant week. And next thing you know you see forcing you might determine their person would be perfect for the bill were exactly that's exactly leverage on so you could be featured your friends years that the bush there having the restaurant that you're reading at Kandel will see out does its first time we've ever done something like this so. It's pretty exciting well it's the age of the Internet rating does that lock around their foreign and economic use Twitter user in followers or keep this is a unique way to get the word that Chris and I like to think he's thinking and incorporating the digital world that we events are prevalent nowadays. Now for people who aren't from higher proper answer week the concept is that you met the year. With the value of a neo any given restaurant wanted to participating crisis at 2017 obviously and in this case Joan you're offering. A salad and a small plate feature for 2070. However there are some other ways to enjoy some food by upping the ante of that. There's offerings for thirty dollars and seventeen cents and forty dollars and seventeen cents you determine what to essar for these great restaurant week prices. What we wanted to make sure we had a lot of items that. People come in regularly for our signature meatball is a full one pound veal pork and beef meatball. Has little fresh mozzarella on the senator sauteed banana peppers. Com it's. It's truly a sight to behold because it's so big. And it's definitely worth sharing. So it's one thing that we wanted to have on there are roasted artichokes. Another favorite I think people come back and just have to have that one when they come into its not. Too big of a dish that they can have that along with some other things. Column Mari. The chatter tots is an kind of an old favorite we had on the menu and it's made different appearances on the menu currently but. We thought it might be a good thing to to bring back as we've been asked to launch for that I'm sleeping with the tricking Collison and a couple others. He just wanted to go with things that if new folks are coming to a restaurant for the first time given that its restaurant we can trying to south. When wanted to give them a sense of basically with the restaurant has to offer. Are having me your place many times I always had defaulted the eight think you're crazy I can't resisted so I end up getting an even highlights rather her sugar but we've tried to stop hot peppers and I'm a big artichoke fan you see it a whole lot. So it's nice to have an option your place as well. Yeah it was one of those things that was I happen to be an afterthought on one of her first couple of menus we change it every three months so happen BMO menus and it we got so. Such an overwhelming response on it that it has it. Not common sense and probably won't have her it's gone up to the other permanence and yeah I got fully and the permanent status. Turn your original Shrek firm's share restaurant which is located at main and east spring rate in the heart of blames on. Jill always fascinates me about how certain things are chosen to be on a given restaurant menu. When you return at the artichokes to send like it was a group effort perhaps you Larry you're shops servers does not come together. Absolutely is it's actually collaboration. First off with a chef and I we look through the things that we Letterman you know things itself things that don't things that were asked for on a regular basis. We tried. We go through a few weeks in between. Taking the menu from things we'd like to see to actually printing the menu and saying these are the ones that. That really will fit now us aren't overlapping other manual items and really just fit the style that we're used to share some things we love but just don't. They're not easily share Abel yeah zero and talk and that's the concept so we'll do like to try to keep with that and trying to. Every new menu item. And we should pray your restaurant share SH area and talking like sunny and share here though some have mistaken for their rent and you can't. You know people say. It's several times. Aviation and vice chair it if she's an hour luncheon and invited for currently active on this journey politics right now I'm happy. But the whole concept is that and again having Chris and I talked a lot of food all the time. But the intent is to enjoy. Different dishes together right I mean. And and very Leland my husband Dan and there I'm poking my fork in his playing and he's. Plus I'm ordering mine or use our hearts it keeps him away but we're always sharing each other's food and so sort of the the impetus for you to name your restaurant is to have come up with these plate ideas as. Right it's not really just about the food Vietnam it's from me and we hope to put out there is this about the experience people come in and groups of you know 468. And they'll this year. 461012. Plates just. Talking about the food enjoying the company of others come and join summer craft cocktails and as finalists and things like that happened that's really what it's about as the experience of. Well I can attest to the large group the last and we try to get in your place sound we we all consider them our purpose and so was our problem to do their theater very busy night and you're running around yourself and I'm sure earning a few calories back keeping everybody happy with that share Patricia and what is it to Joel's point about. Creates new people entering restaurants is the main benefits to take a club or restaurant week is handing. Restaurants exposed to people who perhaps would not know about it in different regions and different parts of our county and nagger county. Exactly and that's kind of what we would it suggest that people do is to pick a place that they haven't read too before one of the places that they drive by all the time they keep hearing about what they mean to get there haven't gone. I'm grab some friends grab your mom grab a lunch date had breakfast data front stated dinner date. And just try some new restaurants that you haven't gone to before of course the old standbys are great to but the whole idea to just get out your comfort zone a little bit and try some new places on. And it's always and the restaurants always do really good job of putting their best foot Florida that week so you have a great experience. Now with this being October 1 and restaurant restarts and Amir fifteen days do you worry about getting those other hundred restaurants are you going to be working nine okay. Usually the two weeks before look around Charlotte I barely sleep the sister of gathering many using getting the last of the the restaurants registered but I think the warm weather too has played into it it it's hard to believe that. It local rush Alec is and just to feet you know its cut it out artery and it and it is still you know at the guy had nice weather at this whole time so. Asked an unbelievable and to get point Dow Jones who doesn't like to address and to dying Alfred scarred me. You hit a patio that was set up last year and die down and I burned by your place of chaos packed. Do you find people to seek out those places where one can eat outside. For sure in buffalo when you get the opportunity it seems to everybody wants to take it. Were on the corner of main any spring where there's a lot of foot traffic as well and it's great for people watching so people come. Come in have a buddy come see you it's going on the village sits really see and be seen. Yeah see after a share. You talked about your meat on the signature me pumping and things that are most popular you're in the meat brawl recently right how to pick offer for. Fantastic column it was our first time down there. We had a mini version of our our signature meatball com and it's got a great response is actually our first rule load of our food truck. Which will have. Probably wouldn't roll around the neighborhood within the next few weeks here. And it'll have some different selections from their restaurant. Now we're excited for that and it'll be it'll help us move in this and catering large parties and time and he's having events home parties and the offices and things like that we will be. Moving in that direction. Congratulations on the Troxel it's just quite an honest man will you be actually on the truck at times as well I do have a full staff to attack. Is pretty much assigned to the truck. Hum de fer sure I'll be on the truck as well as the show off organize it as we. You know use it more and and a fine tune them tweak our news that the items are news isn't just the whole flow. Analysis we get it up and running the right way though move. Will be okay handing off to the right people are. Right I'm sure there's a few Kingston are kaput meals on wheels everybody loves. Yeah it is about lunch and dinner they'll be our growing this year truck out for. I'm you know what is it we're gonna do we're gonna kind of taken choose different different things will do some lunches that office parks animal do some some dinners that other events. Mean there're some food truck Tuesdays and things like that we we might meet you things along that's sort nexus summer. Sounds great increase of food truck ran impact. Local restaurant week does that hurt viewed as a how is it another reader to gain exposure for restaurants Racine. I'm mobile restaurant literally yeah I think it definitely helps with exposure for the restaurants you know we haven't had it. Off food trucks participate in local restaurant we think it's hard to track them down it just hasn't been our focus but that's not to say that maybe one day we would add them. We just have to. We have to think about how we would get them into the next certainly but yeah its it's so our knowledge shops has an awesome to rock. There's so many restaurant to participate in local restaurant like that also have a food truck it's just fun to see him driving around. Well you know I never speaking to about this because if that Internet we have heard a local restaurant week is it stands at this moment. For somebody like chill for instance he's just growing his out or for a one it's a little more established like shafts of the policy not to once have been around for awhile. If your protesting in the upper restaurant week it's a great way to expose people to think he ever try to your breath because then people come near bricks and mortar. I'm sure you make them aware of the track absolutely get it how do you do it dollars or sign each other table top. I'm not at the moment but I eat try to talk to a lot of tables and I ain't in it just comes up in conversation what's new in the restaurant. I'm in lot of our customers have been very excited about it. That's terrific now we should also mention news EG you know wonderful our staffers by your bartenders and instance we'd like to order food and are they become servers and bartenders. You describe your selection and say handcrafted cocktails. Local Beers and the types of wine that you I used to market share restaurant. We like to have some cocktails that can reflect the season so one of our most popular cocktails during the summer. Was the pair lemonade. We have a great for refresher that's that on any year round even though it's very refreshing for Summers those are some cocktails and try to go seasonal. Coming up in the fall are old fashioned will definitely be one of the more popular items and we're a little more parity in I guess a warmer feel to it right. In his first though winds go but we do serve all the wines by the glass in the restaurant. From error how solving a blonde which is a nice late summer wind to a the taken LO a few. Like a nice party Italian. Patent for me no matter how hot it is a major rain girl you know I can have on its ninety degrees rockets hit the past few days. Still I'm right you're right well do you feel about essentially ask you because. You've been in the business a long time and you and I first met when you're that you raise the bar manager grant them an 800 maple and you certainly had a following we were always happy to see you there. And but I prefer my reds a little chill what's your opinion on. I definitely think. All of them should be the red should be at the 58 to sixty degree range. I would not suggest serving a room temperature. We do have our wines by the bottle in the two minute which food would have that slight chill on them right were always happy and shall the poll if if some would prefer I think opens up the flavors. It does if it's not too cold bright and it doesn't anywhere mutes the flavor sometimes we get that at that. Point of the 5860. Gives you a lot of the flavors of the wind and that can easy to drink. Yeah I I could do hosts are with you online handle on and you're not doing anything at pumpkin spice Gerri because it now is anybody really isn't very gritty and your brother an all out on the spices and yeah. And we did a cocktail last year they Wear that as a special yeah that would wrote. Use the pumpkin spice. And around the semi here you get some demand for that. Yeah yeah it's everywhere is an Krista I know I got Santa like at the twilight pumpkin ravioli and different pumpkin you know your rays that you frank do you find Christian without proper restaurant week on being an October. That there is some seasonality to the menus you're seeing Rolen. Certainly there's certainly as a result there's always things use the seasonal vegetables on soups that butternut squash soup and act. I look at almost I look at all of the menu is I don't read them all super careful except to check for spelling mistakes but I do notice all the seasonal items that are on. Some restaurants to really great job of doing Natalie what's gone on in seasons and. That's the fun part of beating to Western New York Joseph Shrek the owner of share kitchen and in the heart of Williams L and look for Jolie had the real of the share food truck is well. Best of luck with a restaurant we can a couple of weeks and with for continued success with your restaurant and uninsured children. Always a pleasure Chris is gonna hang with us and we're gonna talk with Greg from damn airlines another Amber's house property after this. From Oklahoma who work or do you wanna learn about home brewing. 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So snap and share thinks social heat local. Visit local restaurant week dot com for participating restaurants and menus. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this when the most this Brenda how lazy. And welcome back to this edition of slice of life. Many thanks as always to decay Karen man behind the glass making sure they were driving in the right direction Kevin Carey at the controls here. Well we are what better topic and food and this addition of slice of life is very food focused in the first segment we talked to Jill Shrek and Chris home are jealous that shared kitchen bar. And Chris of course is our local restaurant week organizer coming up on October 16. And we have a virgin and your worth Askgreta aggrandizement as he is the honor of Daniel Hynes at a restaurant when my favorite spots on another 1%. At the corner of maple and forests in the plaza and maple on forest and writer in the corner from our live Greg. Welcome to slice of life you Maureen thank you nice to have you here this morning and tell us so what motivated you to. Decide to jump into the local restaurant we for the fall addition. I just think that it's it's always. A good idea to have your name out there and and it was about time that we did and you know I know staff was always interest in and I mentioned and I think this is a good lady here. People that that aren't familiar with your food. Interest it. Didn't you give us certainly a lot about competition. Natalie and general with the restaurant scene in the buffalo area it seems like every time you turn around there's a new place opening. But even in our little corner of the Robin Williams now there's a lot of places from which to choose bush somebody come to can't aligns very. Lol we offer a lot of minutes so that's a large many that we completely offered and you know it's been their since 1983. And I think that true test of time is that we are great food great service and there's not actually allowed in that area. In that small little pocket there so I mean it will work and off the beaten path of main street men as diligently as they'll let you know if as you work your way there's you know. Those certain pockets or restaurants that are there and present them. Right right but if you save on your fighting to return. They're very bustling main street corner gas price that you're sent back here who can pull and that's plenty of free parking. And the parking lot. And I was here recently was some tallies from work and I had an order. On the side of some candlelight Tim is actually two questions. I'm Italian that's a real cat and Mediterranean dish. You know you don't see and a lot of frogs. Menus but you're saying that the mistaken candlelight sandwich is a really big seller along with the pizza that stake in channel line pizza. I prefer just as a side desperate tell me how can people order. Always some you know as surprising as it's grown through the years because people there are realizing it's not just on the pros and along. Hand. Yeah it's Sam. There's a progression it's easy if if if spinach is kind of mushy in and it progresses up to you know. Dandelion and then to Collard greens so it's it's in between that. The coarseness of Collard greens in the machine hasn't. Spinach and you know we kind of who put up a little bit where there's there's some garlic and olive oil race now special seasonings in there and it's. People are live becoming a more. Educated on it and they know that you know those true. Hurting your greens are good Korea so yes. Act I think I think about it it's a great description that that texture. Because it is a little Matsui but it's that time off. And it's mushy I guess intention of expanding Jeter to inside bitterly that like the greens are yes exactly idea it's a great thing out you have a full array of menu items on the air. Seeing images Allen's dinners what are some of your other top sellers are what you consider signature dishes in addition to the gambling chips. Well the menus that stemming knee you can go now from your basic chicken wings to you know. And the taxes which case and he has a lead we have heat as we have you know large burger selection we have. A number of pasta is the stakes and pork chops and yesterday and I you know if you bring a big group in the area there's some for everybody because he has secure at that hunger if you don't feel again a generating an appetizer or. Smaller meals are so there really is a man Irvin says that but there is something for everyone on the money. Yeah I think sour and it's interesting to me to be issued so many choices it's going to be tough to keep up. You wanna be able to kill the children now adults in the girls Irina and her big happy meal right. And the pop tunes are you always hear an appeal right yes well this is a flustered me because you know I am admittedly a popcorn OK if it's broke a few months ago people were were. Quite upset and I believe I can't sappy and mean it is like an addiction from some of them that are getting near that. And as I said in the first second Greg my husband and I like to say that the are generally means we don't execute and your place through. In its size is a couple of TVs there's a huge eight. And it kind of encourages conversation among other people used to get some privacy. So do you find it more and more people are her kind of jumping on the trend of eating a full meal at the bar. We've always served on them meals over the bar just because there's. And I say nicely that a lot of interest in people come through that place it's it's definitely interesting and down. Cast of characters well it's it's it's great for people watching I guess you know. But. People do we've always serve a lot of food over the are and then we just remodeled the dining room and it's got in a high top table so it's it's in little more relaxed atmosphere. There's TVs in the dining room there's so here almost if you're sitting and I tapper Washington. Them. Whatever footballer news or whatever is on the TV's it's almost like here. In that bar area without having the bar. Problems. Are in your season ticket Holler for the sabres usually here at the sabres into. I got up and are already given up close a sports towns and or whatever whatever sports are on the matter and Arnold here you're gonna hear it into sports and. Foods to my favorite things in life Christians do mine too have you become a buffalo fan I know you're Minneapolis native but you've been here for a while I do and you aggregated into it I. You know I have to admit I'm not a huge sports fan and I never was even in Minneapolis too we had the twins or when in the World Series back in the days so. You know it's never was a giant sports fan my husband's appalled by it by. But his masters and I do go to the sabres games I love the sabres games. The football games I'm not such a fan I have to say you know of the plug your current period in it and this is to try next to me I always tell everyone I'm ran up to buffalo was like moving to the trop. McCain's south I don't know. So it was somebody like Greg coming on board for a restaurant week I'm Chris and is the main motives you here with folks are saying. It you know. Restaurants are harboring now there's a lot going on in this town where we're undergoing this fabulous Renaissance man this is a way to get my name out there where did you hear it as the organizer. All the time app so I'm I find it especially interesting for restaurants like DN EI who have participated before and have banned it it you know is set since 1983 as a veteran restaurants that are and so. That's always really fun for meeting here because it means that. They're here and lots of great things about our imagine that they want to be part of it the new restaurants on. You know they note know about local restaurant that they're looking to get their name out so they wanna jump on board but it's always exciting for me to have the ones that have been around for awhile decide that they wanna participate sound. Right now you say you're still finalizing your menu right Greg for the restaurant we've with the playing seventy DOR eat your lunch or dinner or. Are now offered the whole time in the area. Will. We're gonna try to get them. The highlight enough five or six different items that you that kinda hit everything you know Aurilia some steak and constant position when I've but not south. My head chef has to come up with some. It's great and I noticed he had some pretty long hours is at millennium to deny the era from. Well depends we don't kitchen hours or you're talking about our hours. 11 AM we open every day except for son in law actually with football season we open at 11 AM. Kitchen lies and are wise you hand them. During the week the kitchen snaps serving at nine but the part stays on until midnight race. And on weekends the kitchen opens his nose is open till midnight. And the barrel and closed it to. Sir nice long run and such a typical buffalo and Taylor that. A lot of hours in the ability to get food at the now I was looking your FaceBook page this morning and I noticed that town. You know people can see your different specialist year wings nationals and rolling in here and so forth. Is Q Greg you know that that restaurants and their longtime social media changed what you Q and how he cured his sudden impact and what you do. Of course it does MZ that's that's how you get to the younger crowd. Unfortunately but it's it's it's it's not the am. Typical. Media blitz that just you know ZE had a certain. Type of person in the paper he has certain type of person on every area at a certain type attend a person on the TV and many had a certain. You know kind of person on social media here and you have animal nowadays because there's so much competition. Yet we can't multiple touch points now in an hour business radio digital even an easy call tremendous social media as well. Chris it is we ramp up working people find formation about the participating restaurants. And and the difference socialism and you diners at their offer it is so easily make it easy for people it's local restaurant week dot com all the restaurants that are participating are there are along with their locations and their mind so that's the only place you need to go. Best of luck with your initial foray into this Greg and embassy over there and talents. Thank you perceive as always thanks very much your coming in today thank you better putter rap on this edition of slice of life go bills we'll see you next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.