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Sunday, June 18th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for her bring out a slice of us out. This week we're here every week from 1030 to eleven. And hey if you have any ideas about function like to hear about or advanced. Topics anything under the broad umbrella of lifestyle in Western New York in and around and Niagara frontier. Let me know I'm always open to suggestion animal is that before or. New ideas and new things to educate myself in the audience about an hour ever evolving community. Traditionalists are real mix of a fun things it's impractical advice is well later in the show we'll talk with some audio folks from that. Taste of buffalo which is coming up next month July 9 as a matter effect is the case and I'm praying for good weather are ready. And it should be a lot of fun feeding frenzy is that last month the race down that far today at one irony. But first we're going to talk to a gentleman named bill Daniels and build. As the coordinator insurance our reach and counseling for the Erie county department senior services Ellis and enough to take some time out of a Sunday morning to join us this morning good morning nice to have you here bill and where you've got a long title and your parity at a when some asks you. At a party area now when your in the elevator of the 32 elevator speech what you do for a living. You describe what you're sort of main objectives are is the core Nader fund are reaching counseling. My main concern is to make people sure that people have adequate health insurance. Many people are underinsured. And they don't know that and tell us when they get sick. Most people it calmed the and already have insurance but something happened to macondo cancer. And they need fewer people than Medicare. Or looking for long term care needs. In an ounce on the fan out cheese I'm looking at thousands and thousands of hours of pocket. So I spent time looking at the situation. I don't sell insurance say must PM buys. He's arguably their options and that and send it would it would work best for them. So you'd united skin in the game right you look at every case objectively and figure out what's best for their particular situation exactly and they by the taxpayers I see. I would imagine in this day and age don't you must see a lot of changes happening now we ran from the Affordable Care Act that everybody called Obama care for the most parity and now we are dealing with the new administration. In our current trumped Kara mentioned. How to these programs affect where he happens hearing Erie county. Well pretty much it's can mean major impact. Expression and the Medicare population as well as he others under the Affordable Care Act. A lot of services said in a 20% coinsurance and Medicare are now covered in full. And you and sands are part of it many other things. So it's going to be a major thing I deal Khomeini was Medicare which is an largest insurer in the United States. Medicare is gets in major captions. For example if you end up in the hospital. In response to offer 1316. Dollars. And that's per incident Kunis. So you might in hospital for ten days out for. 65 days not receiving care and hospital. Or an skilled nursing facility and a Medicare annual call in others thirteen 116 dollars and I. Most people probably Erica where have there been unaware of that. You know how does one counter that incision just going to get their insurance or fill those gaps. Well to fill the gaps and and that's an apartheid part B is is for it is kind of 183 dowdy doctoral and 20% coinsurance. And there's no out of pocket. Limit to attend a pained expression was at 20%. Larry split over those numbers are staggering to me I had no idea of it yet you know he had this deductible corporate thirteen hundred dollars. It's going to be pretty daunting for a lot of people to face there and tap of perhaps being ill candy yeah. So you spend most of your time turning now Medicare and these gaps and and was so when somebody turned sixty that they automatically qualify for Medicare's current. Most people qualify from the security 65. If you have not been in this country for five years at permit residents he would not qualify. So people in this area under age 65 around from Medicare if they're receiving so street disability. For tweet for months. Or him who cares she sees it and see each community sees. So there are some specific examples where again it's no knowledge is power and gas. This is the gentleman who can help with an information to reach spell his number is 858. HIQ. Six and repeat that number a little bit later. As well now there are gaps in Medicare. Especially with supplemental plans right Siri you see the biggest gaps a current. I found the biggest gaffes and people I have nothing but Medicare and and because there's no out of pocket cap that can give very expensive. Before Medicare came into existence many people over age 65 and at the bankruptcy. Covering that on to their costs for medical care so Medicare's been around for about 52 years. In and but it took two years to get through congress. Operate opposition to. And where do you see it going now mean that political scene seems so I tumultuous at the moment. Well Medicare and Medicaid and the network costs for the federal government. Sells there trying to control their costs. And to is it's gonna be rough next couple years. I I would imagine that we'll keep you busier than ever that they are counting dealing with the potential changes that might occur. That the major changes last year. It it is skeletal Medicare Advantage plans right and they re in a contract with Medicare issue on the wrist that the government army half. And I share Renee Berry county 43186. People and make changes. Between October 15 and December's. How are you sharing how they become aware of and need to make those changes they notified either previous insurer or secure itself noted the Medicare eventually let them know how he changes in the plan for the coming year. So what about people who on the if you choose your retiree group plants. Qatari group brands that are becoming less and less available to people. In this area roughly 20%. Of people have health insurance from the previous employer. I'm doing this for quite a few years. And used to be about 5060%. But and it's unions don't have the power they used to as a cautious going up. Less and less people have health insurance from their previous employer. Yes he and even you know good stable companies. I hear this all the time. He had some health insurance fortunately for their place that many people complain they even there has been diminished or that the policies are so much higher than. You know that their deductibles and so forth you know it's not like it used to be back in the day for many months now. I've been used since 1984. Was that simpler back then. A lot of products are available today. Tell control the costs and provide adequate care Idenix Hispanics and. Know you have a program called high campus or right yes it's standard answer and your business imaging you see a lot of Akron and spouse had this high cap. Stands for health insurance information. Counseling and assistance program. And it is Kennedy overall term that you use for how you help people on the county sharing. That's correct itself federally funded so now and see what happens to a so they're very decent person may now Lance. It's a possibility that Iran and its issues so many choices out to people overwhelmed. Exactly. It's almost too much information coming of people it is set trying to pick out of breakfast cereal and might be going to tops market. He. These pros who rose a Syrian you know coach when the pit yeah that's right it's a good analogy. Were just as high can't provide. We are survived. Assistance with claims. Attained its united by the insurance company. Before a complaint against insurance company. We help. Make choices we do that choose to Fernando was a top U but the look for a plan for example. One of the way the company's control their costs as for prescriptions. Record step therapy. Baloney cover with a doctor prescribed case. In you try something else first of that quantity and they won't cover everything. And where the doctor in or prior authorization. Nick he's nation divided jump through hoops or two years thinness and that they wish to drive for so. I'm sure that doesn't make a provider happy and you deal directly with the providers and all we do it times. As I now live heard doctors grumble about the increase and paperwork and on the regulation is you say jumping through a number of hoops right in addition to everything else they have to you. Yeah made it pretty much hit the health care you guess it depends upon the insurance that you. Because as HO Oman free samples that departed has to provide service according to the guidelines of the insurance company. I say I say that makes perfect sense I can understand. The logic behind the epicenter easy for many people it's Andy's hit now I'm you do ever came with insurance companies repayment lanky center if somebody's tonight acclaim for instance. What are. Circumstances would result in you are advocating for those. People who Wear and perhaps having a problem with an insurance company. That's not what we do and they won't provide the daycare that to doctor watts. You know but the HMOs especially the doctor has to follow the guidelines as insurance company. In many HMOs to have physicians and staff. As costs go up its gain tighter. So let's say physician determines that here she lasted to a different pepper procedure that's that in this guideline. Their insurance company reach accent. The patient may lose out in the end I know you could cast on me because then you can help them we have a case in replicate how often very successful on the airplane now. It depends upon the insurance company. Primaries human rights to deal right if you come on number I'll tell you how the companies rated Medicare rates expression Medicare Advantage. And over thirty different variables. In military integrated from five being the highest 21. Three being an average rating in in this series there are no five star Lance how can you fine it's the honors at that the trend across the country. It's not. It's that's it's pretty much a trend. Medicare's cash high standards. When they they counteract these companies say they want the taxpayers get the best care. Great right well especially when she say it's true in this area in Erie county this you know the graying of the county there are a lot of folks who are senior citizens. Maybe more sound than in other areas I think over Seattle and Portland and San Francisco and you know cities have a lot of young people moving in and well we're seeing an influx of people in this area. Would you say it's still pretty much. I damage senior citizen community. About 20% as he heard this year oversee a very sixty. Operates sixteen year out of sight camera sorry so. You know well we get we furloughs any from the children to know the adult child yes you know that may not Davis area. I'm Scott insurance. Policy on the sick they felt they decent coverage now so they can. So you'll deal with the adult children who were calling humanitarian yes OK and they would call the same number in their regions. Of course it's area code 7168588526. And that's the best way to reach beyond his department 8588 tried to sex Phil what you are to our Medicare premiums and prescription costs. You can help folks applying foreign misting NH. Yes we down at the person is going come. Less than a 150% of poverty level which is roughly 1522. Month. And they got no assets. Are under thirteen 1680. They only eligible for its known as the low income subsidy. Which. His big break and their medicine. There's another program that can pay the Medicare part B premium and Medicare part B premium for most people. Is 130 for dollars a month and it's 25% of the costs of during the program for the front of a from. In and there's no resource camp in New York State near takes exception something comes under thirteen 77. New York State to a federal grant we'll pay their part B premium. The Aussie get a break and their prescriptions no more than eight dollars and thirty cents for example it's huge savings. Yes inaccurate at thirteen semi sevens and net income icing macro so they might buy a supplemental policy. To drop their income under thirteen 77. They have built before we wrap I have to give you harm saluting our kudos to you been doing this for 33 years. Wow and what keeps you don't. I like him doing among Medicare myself. Can just became eligible for Medicare in June 1. So it beeper acute. And a half from agers explaining it to people and the Kenyan funny amendment carrots or did you have any problems applying here no yeah there is there aren't. Now let's be very gratifying even now I'm sure it's tedious at times but it must be so gratifying. You know that you're really making a difference in people's lives and helping them I'm fine I mean. Batman and thank you for the work you do on behalf of the citizens of our county new Hampshire at makes life easier for a lot of folks. He gander reached bill Daniels who is the coordinator insurance our reach and counseling for Jiri counting. And it's under the department of senior services. To simply call this number 716858. 8526. Bill thanks again and wealthiest and thank you rent much sort of common faked out we're gonna check out the menu for the taste of buffalo. My favorite fast song of the year coming up next month. Our guests are coming right after this now. Feelings are so important to our lives the feelings of our family. Mom I love viewing at Sonoma. Slower co workers John you are doing a green job for us you have a bright future here. Those feelings can be destroyed in an instant when your family friends and coworkers learn you were criminal. Caught two leading insurance fraud. Each year insurance fraud because every New York combed. Millions of dollars in value insurance premiums and higher prices for goods and services auto related fraud is one of the worst staged auto accidents inflated the dream damage claims false registration. Faulty airbag the windshield replacement towing scams in an owner falsely claiming their car was stolen or destroyed our costly examples of auto insurance fraud. Fraud is the crime you pay for. Download our special report don't he had victim by visiting fraud NY dot com or by calling 844. Fraud NY. Kurt Carr called William guitar how do you know which will offer him only focuses on motor vehicle accidents. Easy go to the website. If you see that in doing anything other than motor vehicle accidents. You're in the wrong place at William retired dot com you'll find extensive information focused on one type of case. Helping people after motor vehicle act curtain card call William retired 4444444. Main street Williams so. You can now listen and learn from the dollar doctors anytime and anywhere in the world. The dollar doctor shows are available wherever you can get on the Internet just go to Sampras didn't dot com and click on the dollar doctor radio broadcast link. You'll be taken to the site we can listen live at 10 AM eastern time Saturday mornings or to their hundreds of archive shows any time. So if you miss listening live to KB 1520 some Saturday feared not Willard and Peter await you anytime anywhere in the world at satirist and dot com. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this with a Moses and Brenda I'm lazy. And welcome back to slice of life on the Sunday hip Brothers states all the guys are enjoying their day hope are hoping every finding you're getting hotter breakfast and bad start Sergio at this hour of the morning in and during a special day and thanks you to Kevin Kara for a pushing out the appropriate funds forest. Week in and week out on the sly select the cake characterized the carrier. Well it is a delight in a pleasure to talk about my favorite festival of the year July 8 and ninth is the annual taste of buffalo its attorney seventeen addition. And who better than the chairman of the addition the attorney seventeen addition to join us. Ralph basal this year along with Andy baker for on the on taps corporation tops friendly markets community outreach coordinator. And our man who knows is wearing meat and seafood rusty aims as yours while he's in meat and seafood specialist. Folks good morning thanks to permanent mark or mining ruff promised we Q you worked full time in the mortgage business what motivated you to participate and the taste of buffalo which lets face it Hampshire takes up a lot of your volunteer. And it certainly does about twenty years ago a friend of mine. Well as the chairman of taste of all fall and he invited me to help out and be a volunteer. Volunteer with the security. Committee and then. I just kind of moved up he had Letterman got elected to the executive committee. And that's when on her time to spears perhaps as full time job doing it but I love it I mean there. The that they cammarata the camaraderie with the whole board. Is amazing that the hard work that they put into it just be a part of it is amazing. Now I can imagine and it seems like it's so well organized and you know every year I think he had the honor being a judge over the past several years and it's probably the most coveted job I can tell you how many people come documents and how do you to be the judge terrorism. Gorging myself but it's so much fun this year is reset its July 8 and ninth Iran's Strom. 11109 and it's Saturday and eleven to seven on Sunday rough what's new in different about got the taste of awful happy keep it fresher freer. Well you know I have to give credit to that kept the various committees because they don't work hard all year long to put some the other. This year thanks to tops we're going to be presenting Emmy award winning television host and and cookbook author of the of Austria and that's. Who's gonna be doing cut a cooking demo Saturday at noon. Right at the new era. Parking lot and that's really exciting. So that's part of it to block public buildings that we have going on the taste of fun kids' zone things for the kids. We have and artists. Producing a large chalk mural. Be doing it all day Saturday people be able a couple of watchable over Niagara square and than sunny Helio illegal they're take pictures with that. I'm going to be fantastic ending a few pros and currently have 66. Out restaurants and food trucks and and a year with the high tops and how this how is when this major supermarket that we don't know about him which is really a big fair part of our community how did your company get in. All entities to buffalo. Not very question we stand and put this festival for about thirteen years now tiny cherry gets bigger and better we're proud to be part of it because it's really be a part of community and that's for about. I love the figure right there and anchors Mary can't miss the big taps. Tents and you hair. Food there that you're serving as well it's such as that you're there in your name you're actually participating. And you're kind enough this morning to bring in a whole bunch of burgers cheese burgers and so on it delicious. And famous Harvard circuit and in our people look for every year. What are you serving this very soon those are two of the I enjoy it at the top ten. Definitely where we're serving two of her famous pub burgers which are fresh made handmade in our stores and the Sheraton the black pepper with coffee infused. Now we're also joined healthier option too which should be the harvest plant organic chicken. Howard had backgrounds and an a in a sandwich and across offering it as the salad as well. And you know the taste of buffalo what can be without her famous Italian sausage and peppers and onions as well. And there is such a buffalo tradition too as an and I definitely and it reflects the faith in Europe buffalo company that you know. Employees a lot of folks and serves a real purpose in our community. My solution for you man I'm sure you get asked to do a lot of different things in this community but I always look for the tops ten because there's a lot going man and you can have it we'll again this year. I'll get out of it wouldn't be the taste of buffalo without the whale definitely. I mention cure ralphie you don't we start planning for the next year's tastes as soon as the previous year has done is it pretty much how rolls out. Yeah usually will do we'll have a wrap up meeting in August. And we immediately start and the following year. How do you decide how many restaurants and happening now they consider handing. Sixty this year the earnings of 80 year 40 am what's this magic number. Well we've been playing with that this year it's been a point of contention. Were trying to keep it reasonable enough that everybody can try a little bit of everything. But the other thing is space we're living in outer space we have. So we've been trying to keep it at about 55 restaurants but we have so many entries wanna come in that we seem to always have favors that we have to. Get a couple all the people in Bryant so we're I think we're capped out right now and about sixty. Sixteenth it's a great number and I think and and food trucks to we can't forget who charge absolutely it's become such a phenomenon now. It's unbelievable and rusty Ames is here is they said rusty is a meat and seafood specialists and Percy was it your contraction to come up percent of those burgers or like the combination of the ingredients. I would I would love to sail was at I. Not some different marinades that we're using live within our burgers and we mix them together we have like eight different burgers that we mixed earnings of men now. And a spicy buffalo when the chicken that is very good you know it's it's buffalo. Yasser Ariane attacked her for sure reflection Nevada home wing culture hair and and Ross I mean you know you think about getting your burner for now there's so many Hamas craft type. Burgers and rolls at the Brit becomes a factor as well as any citizen Rosemary and Cecil transparency saw their picked fresh Staley an hour baker nice nice. What do you see as a trend to bring our rusty that you think may. Reflect where people have if the taste of a flurry seeing a lot of burgers being popular and I seafood is issued last Sammy here. Lot of seafood actually seafood burger shrimp birders are right now they're coming around clambered Ers. Pretty much anything need to put in Ambon right now brain is is really become unpopular. The thing throws into every Terry turnaround garner restaurants he's a DC afraid ate a lot of different things if you noticed. Are you seeing any others out as much input from the he can't Iraq now sound where do you think that trend woke our do you think the burgers or continue to be hot for a while. The burgers will be happen natural organic continues to to just explode. And we can't keep up with a fast enough really so you get requests from customers on time clean foods. Or wears a compartment I surreal. Need and desire for firm to table to in this community and across I think the country in the world for primary CNN Europe a lot and I think it's coming here now. Rough you try to keep up with you know like the trends in bringing restaurants around. Well a restaurant committee. Does a good job with that. We do try to get. Different foods and be as we do check out all the different foods that are that are going to be presented to us and we do venom. And we are trying to bring new trends food in their surest of sure. Now time when people get there you hit the specific tables set up and better way for people who have been on her rocker on another planet. It's time. Delaware avenue right up through Niagara square and anger square and you can't miss it it's just they're a great place to hang out and just people watched you for that matter. But how it is a work in terms of the ticket and pricing. Okay the tickets are fifty cents a piece they're sold in sheets of ten so fight dollars per sheet. And thanks to tops you can pick up tickets right there at the register. And dumped almost all Erie Niagara topped it Niagara county cops are sold intention ten dollar certificates. And we have actually a really great deal. Fiscal fairly freebie for fifty dollars in food tickets. The redeem that that ticket Booth. And don't get 439 apple non alcoholic beverages it's it's nice for failing. I have surely makes it more affordable and yeah it's great tour now this is matches are Clinton's delight like me who lives to eat. That statistical flaw actually does a lot of Philanthropic thanks to Andy talk to you Hewitt about the our special salute to veterans that you're participating in the share. Well and it it's it's a great opportunity I had in fact all of our proceeds. From the wheel and firm through food sales will be benefiting the buffalo Niagara honor flight how wonderful and we've also taken. Our server shortcake up and not stick to show our patriotism and we've added blueberries to a so it's a little red white glow. How about a nice touch I noticed it too great because you're kind enough to bring in desert and it is quite striking to see their claim he can't mess and very symbolic of course growth which your opinion of the hall veterans benefit you must really be on board with that as well. And yet you know it's kind of went to battle. As the chairman I get to choose the color of the shirts you cheer so this year he says go patriotic and went red and blue. And that we found out what tops was doing it. And it was it just kind of really folded in real well and we're also participating by hinting at a veterans award as one of the food items so. For the first time we'll have a veterans choice award. And we're also going to be giving out some gifts to five lucky veteran families. How wonderful so they should be on the look out for that as well yes you know being right and there's going to be more to our insurer sure we'll talk about it is we get closer to the event. Again July 8 and ninth it's funny seventeen taste buffalo. We'll talk and critics always have more folks from your committee and from tops I so appreciate the three of you coming in this morning. Best of luck I'll see you down and Delaware avenue on the eighth and ninth. Yeah thanks to Ralph Andy and rusty and that reporter rare and this fathers say addition. A slice of life thanks for turning in ASEAN next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.